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    In all my time in the philippines I have tried hard & succeed until this Morning, that is to give in to aggressive beggars and wanters However my heart was turned when I walked the Dog after his lunch. a Little Lad (about 7 or 8) was sat outside his house crying his eyes out, Now I have seen this lad growing up since I have been here in this House full time, ( about 4+ years now) so it is not as if I do not know him or the family. I know how some of the Locals get offended at times but on this one I was given to a little shame. I asked what's up Din Din? I can't go to school today, OH! why not, I don't have a notebook he replied. The Mother came out and said oh don't bother sir with our problems, it's Ok I said I don't mind listening she smiled and she said that the money was late from her Husband (he works in Cebu) and that is why he has no Book, I have to feed them all first, so I asked what book is it, OH! number 3 double lined OK, off I go to the sori sori and get him the Note book and 2 kilo of rice for mama. So Din Din, go to school this PM and learn plenty. The Mother was so grateful that she was near to tears, as I said it is not the thing I do as a rule but the Lad wanted to go to school, I am happy to have done it the Lad is over the Moon and the family are fed at least for today, I don't need thanks from them as the smiles on their faces was enough That was me & my Pooch not that long ago
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    I am putting this here because it affects us all as Expats trying to get on with Life as normal people in a strange yet fascinating place, either Living here or closely connected by our loved ones or those that would consider moving as a retiree or just fed up with home. PEF (The Forum) used to be a quaint family oriented forum full of Fun and Friends; Just lately we have gone to a face book type thing in my Opinion, with Sex, Drugs, Killings and Political angles on things we would have rather left at home. It is not, I am sure, what anyone else wants either, we see personal issues rising again (We had some a few years back) For me it is not a blog Page ( and JGF will agree I am sure) we do not need to be taught things that mean little here today. It is what it is here on the Fantasy Islands. it is our Home now and most of us love it, Those that don't or just want to put the PI down have no real place here. There are more than enough pages out there in the Land of the Spammer, Troller and Bloggers that anyone can vent their anger, insecurity call it want you want Yes I am having a go at these types and I am sad to say it. I am not a MOD or Admin, just a member of a few years now that would very much like to see this great Forum get back on path. Guided by the Boss and his gang it is we the members that make the forum either Fun and enlightening, educational for our needs here, not sales Pitches, Political Dramas from places we left that are not sorting themselves out either. Sorry JGF & Jamie but I am sure it is not just me. I am only one voice, but fellow members if we are not careful we will become one of the many Spamming, Trolling Argumentative Forums that are plentiful out there that many left to be here. No! not spamming, just pouring out my Heart here to Friends Sorry but that is me this morning @Jollygoodfellow Jack Morning all
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    Today in the US it will be Thanksgiving Day. I'm sure that in every other place in the world at some time of the year there is a day that people that although in in a different context, might also give thanks for many reasons. Please allow me at this time to thank each and every forum member here today, may you be a constant or sometimes contributor, or just one who joins in quietly here to share the collective experience that we all share called the Philippines. I'm almost at the four year mark here in my new and old adventure living here permanently. Thanks today to you all for sharing your experiences, and being there to hear and take stock in what I have to say. Even though I've never met any of you in person, I feel that you're friends that have unknowingly helped so much in getting me to where I am so far here. Whether it be honest insights, general information funny life stories shared, frustrations and heartbreaks, high and low points, and love stories of all kinds, and at some points "a voice in the wilderness", when I need one the most. For the folks that we don't hear from--just the collective feeling that you're out there and share some or all of these things along with me too, I thank you. Your experiences are mine now too, and I'm very grateful and will continue to be glad that I have such a wonderful resource as you all. For those who celebrate Thanksgiving Day today, I hope it's a happy one for you. Just know that you're all on my list of people and things to be thankful for today and every day.. Queenie
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    It’s a big adjustment coming to a faraway foreign country with different rules, culture, norms, etc. My wife has come a long way in the 14 months she has been in the US. She’s working and passed her driving license test Friday and I was thinking back to last June when she first applied for her “Learner’s Permit”, a probationary driving permit that allows her to drive while a terrified licensed driver (me!) sits in the front seat “teaching” her. She was standing at the counter at the DMV while a female employee and a trainee asked the usual questions. One of the questions was, “Do you wish to become an organ donor?” She froze and looked back at me in terror and quietly asked the woman, “Do you mean NOW?” After they stopped laughing they quickly assured her they weren’t going to remove anything right then.
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    What would I do with my beloved fridge? I can't exist without one, but when I am not here my Mrs. unplugs it since she, the very young nephews and hired night time, sleep over lady (for security and night time companionship during my absence) all seem to exist on daily bought and cooked local food. When I am home, I need my coca cola and occasional beer chilled along with the western veggies and protein sources. But in my absence she makes do without a fridge to 'save money'. Guess they are happier with dried fish, bought and cooked right away fish/chicken, rice, local produce and vinegar preservation. So she tells me. Then she mentions that she had to improvise the failed door gasket with an old inner tube and tie the door shut, and it was easier to just unplug it and go with the old ways. So... ... benevolent and generous, loving husband that I am... I advised her to go to the appliance store where we had bought it five years ago and inquire about the cost and availability of a new door gasket seal. Well, for P 2,500. the store tech came to the house, installed a new one, serviced the compressor and put in a new part of some sort, and we're back in business again as usual. Where else are you going to get labor, service and parts at a cost like that these days in the modern world? Living here does have its advantage ! Meanwhile, back in the coldland, me and my buddies are watching Youtube appliance repair videos and ordering parts on-line to keep things operational at price we can afford. Repair men are so expensive that it usually much cheaper to junk the appliance and buy new if you can't repair it yourself.... with lots of sweat, time and frustrating effort. Repair costs are so insane, that moving to the PI is often the sane thing to do for an older person of limited means. My auto shop charges $125 USD / hr. book rate for labor, and its a bargain compared to the shoddy dealership services. That's one the advantages to living here as an elderly man with limited income..... things that ought to be repaired, can be economically repaired and not just junked and added to the immense material waste stream that plaques the globe.
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    Our daughter Katy, 3 years and 8 months, started at a pre-school here in Subic Freeport Zone today. We like the school and the teachers a lot, but it is not cheap at about p133,000 per 10 month year, 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. We are hoping that she will only go here for 1.5 years, and then she will start Kindergarten at our local SPED-G school, which is almost free.
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    Hello oh fonts of knowledge I thought I would share the Pool Installation and Garage conversion to home bar. All ready for our arrival for Christmas and New Year. We opted for the above ground pool option and shipped this from UAE. Total cost for pool, shipping and installation Php 35,000. We also decided to convert the garage to a bar area as we have bought a Chevy Trailblazer and a bit of a squeeze to fit in the garage. I think now, along with the 6 Kabayan boxes sent, we are now ready for Christmas and New year. Only got to survive 11 more work days. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and if you are passing mine feel free to join us. My home is open.
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    As a new expat one of the things I struggle with is my relationship to what is going on back in the place I was born; notice I am trying not to say "home" since I have a new home. I have unfollowed a ton of my FB friends since their posts are all about the politics and social issues occurring back there. Frankly, unless it involves money (specifically my money) I don't much care. But it's hard to stay away from. Someone brings it up, a topic is posted here, or my wife asks if I heard about the "x number of people shot in place Y." I don't want to be one of those old curmudgeons who says he doesn't care; but I think I am already one of them. All this said it is inevitable that someone come on the forum and want to talk about the latest news, latest terrorist attack, or what famous person from our youth just died. And sometimes if it interests me I will comment. I am not sure if it is really a problem specific to the forum. But I do think it's a struggle for all of us to decide what's important and what isn't.
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    Staying alive and out of Trouble
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    As you may know Queenie, I spent my HS junior and senior year in Rhode Island. My first time ever being mesmerized by the autumn colors and the chilly nights which brought on the white stuff the following morning. Thanks Giving in New England gave me an opportunity to learn and appreciate the history of it all and now, a bit of self reflection about the less fortunate that are still struggling for a bowl of rice today and everyday. For those in wet, muddy and cold foxholes......for those on deployment out in the middle of nowhere......and for those families still suffering from love ones recently killed in line of duty -- may they find peace in their hearts to share just a little smile on this special day. My warmest regards to you all. Respectfully Jake PS -- Queenie, since I'm on your list (assume it's the Christmas list).....all I want is a 65" smart TV with 4K ultra HD with 12 speaker surround system. You might as well throw in another turkey dinner, OK? And please, no baluts. Love ya mucho!
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    A small number of religious fanatics fled England for America. They started a colony but being more or less clueless nearly starved to death. The local indigenous peoples (misnamed Indians) feeling pity fed the hapless intruders and showed them how to grow and harvest local food. Later colonists aided by John Wayne and the 7TH calvery massacred the majority of the Indians for their good deed. Americans commemorate the event by gorging on a large bird with their family members then watching violent team sports on television.
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    You shouldn't. Read about another foreigner who spent 5 years in jail on a bogus rape charge after he foolishly filed a charge against a local woman. He would still be there were if not for the efforts of his US congressmen and the U.N. to get him out. Filing a case, though sometimes necessary, is an absolute last resort. The deck is stacked and it's not in your favor. The details of your situation aren't important, walk away while you can. Not that I could find but do you have several years to fight a case involving the equivalent of $80?? It's a 3rd world corrupt country. It is what it is, accept it or stay away. Sorry to be blunt but I can't help but think that the trouble between your ex-gf (or whatever) on the drive down had a big effect on this whole situation. That's understandable but now it's time to move on.
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    We have a stand mirror between the computer desk and TV cabinet. Last week I was measuring up the space where the mirror stands. Joy says why are you measuring that and I replied that if you bum gets any bigger we need a wider mirror so measuring to see what would fit in the space. The bruising around my eye is slowly fading.
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    Small acts of kindness are all that allow people to survive in many low level economic situations. The life altering leverage of small amounts can have out sized effects. That's what i look for when it comes to local acts of charity. As an old man with limited income, I do not contribute to organized charities for a large variety of reasons (high overhead and immoral administrative perks and salaries, for instance) and prefer to sniper my small, light weight .223 piso shot where it can be truly effective. You hit the target with the boy and mom. Well done ! I like hearing stories like this, instead of how the relatives' business that an ex-pat funded at great expense, failed and caused more harm than help.
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    I wonder if that is true in all cases. Many of us have had kids who are (or were at one time)18 to 22. How many of them are truly capable of loving anyone, other than themselves? How many of us, at that age, even really knew what love is? So if a youngster finds a Sugar Daddy or a Sugar Momma are they any more or less likely to love that person than someone they "marry for love'? Many of us got married when we were 18 to 22 and how many of us are still married to that person? Did we really know what love was then? So my argument is that having a Sugar Daddy is a more honest relationship that being "in love" at that age. My point is that a Sugar Daddy and his baby who stay together for many years may be more in love than 2 young lovers who don't know what they really want in life. So while Sugar Daddys who have a mutual love relationship with their babies are very rare. I submit that marriages between "normal folk" that start at a young age and go to the end of life are equally rare.
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    Fellow Members I am sometimes amazed at people who say they are being bullied online and in a similar fashion to content of some posts within this forum. For me the control lies in my hands (or eyes). If I don't want to read something I won't so no need for anyone to determine what I should or shouldn't read. That sits with me. I believe the forum is a great place to share experiences and learn a lot so long may it continue and if I see something I am not interested in I shall skip on to the next useful post. Congrats on trying to please everyone. For me I am a happy bunny and have benefited time after time from the forum. Thank you. Paul
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    I think the forum is fine. Good mix of old timers and some new ones to ask the questions. There are enough ppl that there is representation from several different idologies about everything. I have seen that the mods and even that JGF person seem to stay on top of problems and shutdown silly stuff, and even through out trouble causers. I like to see the answers and ideas of the old timers as well as the new, it makes it real. I am not quite retired yet. But looking forward to it. If you just want only old-timers or only that currently live in the Philippines or that have lived there for a certain amount of time that all have the same ideas it could be easily screened at the time of account creation with a few questions. Being in and from the US I can attest to the fact that the political issues are completely over the top and in everyone face all the time. I can still remember times from being a kid where everyone sat with respect when the leader would speak. Jack, you seem (from your writing) to be a good family man, with nothing not to like. I can see you dedicate a huge amount of time to this forum. I don't think everyone else in every other place is in the same good position, albeit you have likely earned it. I only read about 1 in 30 of the threads based on available time. This one really caught my attention. I can respectfully disagree with anyone, or are we looking to have everyone agree ? Best Regards,
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    I thoroughly agree with you Jack, I like to keep up with world events but I do that through news sites. If it doesn't affect me here I'm not interested so don't really relish having somebody's spleen vented on here. OK, I know I don't have to read it but if a thread is hijacked then I cannot help stumbling across it. I read up on 4 different forums before I settled on this one and the reasons I chose this one is what you outlined in your post, good information and a relaxed easy attitude from members who actually like it here. I like to count myself among that membership. I have my own personal views on things but I try to keep those off here and share them with friends over a beer. You know it makes sense
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    Sorry to hear about your trouble. Honestly speaking, is it worth the hassle? What would you achieve? It's probably one if those situations where you take it on the chin and move on. Fighting the system is tough anywhere, more so here as far as I can tell.
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    A filipina's "prime directive" is to get a better life, however she views that to be. That means she will continue to steal guys from other relationships or allow other guys to steal her from the relationship she is in until she reaches the top of the food chain. Once she is there, the guy she is with will be so happy and telling the world what a good woman he has, but the truth is she has just found the man who she believes will give her the life she wants. Caution should be used when the girl is young as she may change what she wants when she gets older. Disclaimer: This applies to all girls, everywhere. Cultural differences in some areas will have the girls more discrete about it though. Guys, in general, tend to stay with a girl as we don't see a girl as the source of our "better life". So when we have one we are happy with we stop looking (a very general statement I know - just summarizing my perspective on this topic).
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    Similar situation Jack, here when walking our dog come across a few weather beaten guys pasturing cows. No English but always smile. My partner made up some simple bags of small treats, mostly few chocolate bars and a can of drink. To see the faces upon receiving same is priceless.
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    I don't know--If we didn't do something it would be rather dull and uneventful I would think. I found a very big but not expensive white Christmas tree that just came on display in October at Metro, so I grabbed it. I brought some favorite ornaments/decorations from my past life, and purchased a lot of inexpensive little decorations and light sets from the Chinese discount store in nearby Bogo City. I really did it mostly just for myself, but my husband enjoys them lit up at night too. I've had plenty of time to set it up and will take them down at my leisure too--not under duress and in a time shortage from when I used to work, and was always pressed for time during the holidays. The past couple of months we've been picking up some clothing, small simple food baskets/cookie containers and little girl's umbrellas for some nearby neighbors and children, and some t-shirts and inexpensive watches, dresses and toys for some immediate relatives (6) not including us, that will come by for lunch a few days before Christmas. My husband will cook. All service people--the newspaper delivery man, water guys, mechanics, trash pick-up people and my hairdresser and staff will get a yearly thank you gift of cash. We have candies and change ready for the many carolers, who get given on a sliding scale based on the look of the group. We have a few electric stars hung outside ready, but not lit yet, and so far no carolers yet. For my husband and I, we'll just have a nice Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day meal that I'll happily prepare. Just a box of imported chocolates for me that I want, and something from Ace Hardware for my husband. Mellow and and intimate and what we want for ourselves this year. I'm learning over time that I don't have to give up part of my past favorite traditions just because I'm in a new time and place now. Everyone does things differently, and no right/best way to do the holidays I guess.
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    When my partner and I walk around the neighborhood we see some people with Christmas decorations up. She always comments on how pretty they are with a wistful look in her eyes. I would love to decorate the house for her but I no longer see the beauty. I see the expense. I see the work of putting them up. I see the work of taking them down. I see the addition to the electric bill, the house being targeted by carolers who see me as filled with Christmas spirit, and the expectation from my partner that since i bought decorations then the house will be filled with gifts on Christmas morning. And lastly I see a load of junk that will need to be stored away somewhere in my tiny house for 11 months out of the year (well 8 months in Philippines ) In short, I have become Scrooge.
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    Your significant other was trying to keep you out of trouble. The tourist police was trying to get you out of trouble AND was able to convince the owner to give you at least a partial refund. The police tried to find an equitable solution between you and the owner to defuse the situation and keep you out of jail. Now you seeking advice on how to turn a disagreement over 50 peso into some kind of major incident with the courts. A battle you would certainly lose. Life here for expats with a low tolerance threshold just does not work out in the long (sometime even short) term. Are you sure you want to live here in the Philippines?
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    Really good on you Jack! I've got the same rule but I did let it slide a couple times. It feels good to help sometimes. There was a little boy in Manila begging. I didn't give him money but I gave him some food and he was so happy to eat. He dug in right away. I don't mind bending the rule for kids sometimes..
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    You know what. Sometimes I think after all the years I and the members including the moderators and different admins have put into just trying to present a good forum with little praise I take my hat off to your post as mostly it's not so good from the feedback we get from others but surprisingly we have lasted about 10 years. I can actually recall a post here and can find it that said something like we won't last very long just after launch around 10 years ago so somehow something was done right. . Thank You for your support with the forum and understanding it's a difficult job to please everyone.
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    OK, I intentionally have not replied to this topic to see what members say. So now it's my turn and anything I say here is not directed at anyone in particular but from observations. Firstly this forum hasn't really changed, what changes from time to time is the active members and they come from all walks of life, nationalities and personalities which often causes a misunderstanding or just does not come out in plain English when in text rather than vocal. Therefore one member may interrupt another's post in a completely different way which is just how it is. Best to re read if you are not sure what the other is saying. Topics, there are some forums on this board with special rules to allow those interested to debate, add to or discuss but if it's not your cup of tea there are ways to solve that and I will add that to the bottom of the post and to be honest I think many members do not know how to use the forum or its settings to give themselves the best set up. Moving on to what I have repeated so many times over the years, cant please everyone all the time, lets go to the comment in the OPs post more so about what should be on this forum; example a few months back one member said this to me privately. So the above example someone wants more topics about world events which are allowed in the correct forum but not added in the middle of a topic thats more so related to the Philippines. Trump, gun ownership etc do not belong in the generall side of the Philippines topics so please dont disrupt a topic. Another example of a different opinion from a now ex disgruntled member of his own choosing.. Another example of how one thinks the forum should be. Family orientated friendly fun forum. Yes we still try to be but at times we all have issues, bad days or need to rant to let of steam, myself included but is easy to forget that we have done that ourselves at times. Fun is fine but at the same time topics go far off track like this topic is while I type ( just to add this is mostly a new version of what I spent an hour on and accidentally wiped out all I wrote so it will now be a compressed version) Moderators, admins and rules. Over the years there has been a lot of disruptive or chip on their shoulder type members. Often they are banned from other forums but what they have in common is they dont like rules or to be told to pull their head in so they gang up on the moderating team for the fun of it or to push the boundaries. Often they do not read a thread correctly and have their nose out of joint because of it. Somembers I believe many have no idea of how to use the forum for example they think their topic is deleted because they forgot where they posted and dont know how simple it is to find it so they blame the team without justification instead of contacting myself for help. I cant remember the other issues I addressed in my unpublished posts so if I do I will add later. Anyway I hope that the membership continues to enjoy the forum and if anyone has an issue with a topic you can hit the report button or PM me and I will try to sort it out if I can but I think I mentioned we all have different perspectives of what is posted so what I see or think maybe different than the one with an issue. Now for those who do not ever want to see particular forums or wish to only view some that interest you this is how to do it. This will completely remove the forums from your viewing.
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    The series entitled "Rising Above the Storm" was about the severe hardship the Filipinos endured after Mt Pinatubo devastated central Luzon and both US military bases (Clark AFB and Subic Bay Naval Station) and of course my hometown of Olongapo. The Gordon dynasty (mayor, governor and congress) and being the first head of SBMA (Subic Bay Metro Authority) was the motivating force in the massive recovery effort. Unfortunately, the senators under Gloria Aquino voted to kick out the US Navy which affected the economy of the Olongapo while they were still digging up all the lahar and ashes from the eruption, located some 40 miles away. Clark AFB was severely damaged and was abandoned by the US air force. Those senators were labelled the "dirty dozen" and one of them later became president (Joseph Estrada). The Gordon family had a bit of a falling out from the central govt of Manila with subsequent SBMA's became more and more corrupt. Freeport could still be a deep harbor world class cruise ship and resort enterprise but the corruption machine in Manila has too many deep pockets. I would still consider living inside Freeport in spite of that. It is relatively safe and quiet with all the western amenities within the base. And once in awhile, I would have the opportunity to interface with my fellow US military personnel as they make a port visit. It has been awhile since I said "hey Joe, throw me coin" under the bridge that spans over Chit River......he, he.
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    I find the women here abuse their power to try and get my money
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    Happy Turkey Day to all my US friends and forum mates
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    Hi Jeff, I think that MikeB mentioned that, in thinking about ideas on learning the local language or not here,(that Bows posted about), and I was a little surprised by that too. I think that it might be a popular gauge or milestone marker for some, not knowing how many, that might might cause some expats to gradually find contentment over time, or call it quits for the many reasons Dave, Jack and he mentioned. For myself at almost the four year mark, and can track the personal changes and happenings that I've gone through each that have gotten me to where I am now. Finding contentment and comfort in many areas has been a gradual process, along with many personal changes that have gotten me to more happiness and contentment. On any given day though, I can be unhappy or frustrated or blue for a particular reason, or for no tangible reason that I can pinpoint. Other days I'm happy and excited for different reasons. For the most part I can have strings of days that I'm chill and just sailing along. The weather can affect me measurably too. Overall although, not five years for me yet, I'm not gauging or expecting anything special when that mark arrives. I know in my heart though, that there isn't any other place that I would rather or will be. Maybe this is a little off topic--maybe good for a new thread instead...
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    50 peso, less than a dollar US. So reality you had an argument, a visit to the police station, a threat of deportation and a threat of being detained and possible lost hours doing so. It may be NOTRIGHT but you will live longer without filing any case.
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    As noted philosopher Mike Tyson said, " Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth".
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    Tagalog is good only if you live on Luzon middle to south, it is of little use anywhere else Trust me
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    Expats dealing with those little things while living in da Philippines 🇵🇭 may forget your “old” life back in the West. 4:45AM 29deg heavy thick freezing fog. Start car, scrape ice off windshield warm up car then off to work. Dealing with icy ❄️ streets huge pucker factor as traction is fleeting. Thinking of upcoming challenges that will occur in the workplace while trying to stay out of the ditch. Just as I enter the campus a Coyote darts into-under my car. Some how it didn’t damage the front spoiler or anything else, well except for the Coyote. Expat members you are all living your dream even though there maybe a bump or two remember what was. Having said all that what good things have you experienced while living in Philippines the past year?
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    I think I've told this story here before - apologies if I did - just call it beginnings of dementia. Four years ago Janet and I were newlyweds and she was still new to living in the US. We talked about what we might want to do for Xmas for her family. There was no way I wanted to go to the trouble and expense of sending gifts so I proposed sending the princely sum of $100. I actually made the "mistake" of asking the forum for your options on this. Let's just say that in the end I chose to ignore those opinions and sent the $100; at the very least it made the wife happy. I did not want to know nor care how the money was used. As far as I was concerned compared to normal Christmases in the US, it was chump change. Some of the comments I received here were that the amount would only increase and in a sense that became true. The next year Janet asked if I would consider sending $100 again. "Sure, it worked out last year so why not." Since by then she was working, she proposed that she too would send $100 - so now we were up to $200. No problem - I'm still shelling out the same tiny amount - and I don't know or care what they are doing with it: gifts, bills, booze - who cares? Everyone's happy. Last year we were in Alcoy for our last trip before actually moving here. A neighbor came up to Janet and me and thanked us. Why? Because for the past few years Janet's mom has been hosting a Xmas dinner for the barangay, announcing to everyone that it was sponsored by Dave and Janet. That's what they did with some or most of the cash we sent. So for me they deserve a good Xmas. And since it continues to cost us chump change, I have no problems.
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    Whinging may not be virtuous, but it has its purposes and serves to soothe a bit of our frustrations in life. So...... whinge on, my good man, and ease that oft' tormented spirit that exists in us all. The older I get, the lower I re-calibrate and reset my expectation standards in many areas that I thought I never would have. Especially here. Of course, these are not in critical areas of survival, but mostly cosmetic standards of things about the house. I figure that its pretty much my wife's house, and anything that doesn't bother her I'm not going to let bother me. She's the major domo , and since all she knows are PHIL. stds., (plus I don't want to shell out my hard-earned pisos for things that only provide short-term psychological payback to myself) she can do as she pleases, and in most cases I will adjust. I am fortunate that she is a most capable person and I count my blessings and good fortune everyday for finding her. If I was actively involved in the construction or maintenance of our home. I'd probably be whinging all time since my standards are so different than local ones, but I decided a long time ago, to put trust in 'going native' as much as possible since most peoples have always found the most efficient solution to a common local problem set. It usually pays to examine their solutions and the reasoning behind them, before plunging ahead with other more familiar solutions from another culture or latitude. I come to the PI to relax and enjoy this stage of my life, so I delegate most of the non-critical survival elements to my Pinay wife. She has earned the trust over many years and our fates are linked. Our interests are symbiotic. I hope many others have arrived at the same place. If so, there probably isn't a lot of whinging going on in your home, since little problems are handled easily and without much after thought. I don't know why I write these silly pieces, but for some reason, I feel better and it beats the boredom that I have embraced through high humidity laziness.
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    I am sure that will make for a Merry Christmas for you. I did a similar thing the first Christmas I was here. The thing that soured it for me was: I bought a TV and antennae for "Gramma" for that Christmas. When the family members put up the antennae (because they were the ones who wanted to watch TV, not Gramma) they told my partner it needed a booster as the signal was not strong enough. I told her that I was the one who gave the Christmas gift of the TV and antennae and if someone else wanted a booster then its up to them to buy it. So they did . . . . and sent me the bill . . . which I refused to pay. I was never thanked for any Christmas gifts but I was constantly reminded that I was the cheap prick who would not pay for the booster. That's when I became Scrooge.
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    What drives me crazy is when they use my shovel to mix concrete and then let the concrete dry on the shovel. Several coats later and you can hardly lift the shovel. Then you have to pay them to chip it off. Good day for rant as I did not get enough sleep last night. Pouring rain, thunder, and the new puppy had to go out twice. But she is a little sweetheart and I appreciate that she wakes me when the "urge" hits in the middle of the night.
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    I think as long as those that go completely over the top are wound in it's healthy to debate some controversial issues. Too much of society is getting sanitised these days that people are frightened to vent their opinions in public and sadly the same people at times are in a position to influence younger family members. I don't mind someone coming on here and stating facts or being educated by facts, just last week when on a great tour around some islands my friend got talking to an American couple. You can safely say they were from a certain political bias and were practically spitting venom and quoting straight from the general media. I asked if they had actually listened to the whole live interviews or just cut and pastes made by their station of choice. True to form they'd only watched the cut and paste ( or stitch ups). Fortunately I had internet so showed them additional footage. I'm not from any one political side as I prefer the truth and I'm aware both sides can manipulate words but unless I've done my research I tend to wind my neck in. That's the good thing about this forum. There's enough intelligent adults about to wind the idiots in or at least to re-educate them. Keep up the good work.
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    Did you forget your mighty hammer Dan?
  44. 7 points
    I possibly had an inkling As to the report itself.. Lets just say it's a work in progress
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    I don't mind the "cons" of any given situation, that's just being honest and I can't see this forum being anything close to some others out there in the amount of crap that goes on. I've been a member here for about 5 years now I think and yes, I've seen it evolve, but that's just the nature of all things. I do agree with you on those that do post negatively constantly with regards to The Philippines banging on a little too much occasionally but perhaps this is their only outlet, as annoying as it is for the rest of us sometimes. I take such posts with a grain of salt and as much as I they annoy me as well they do sometimes point out some pitfalls that I certainly hadn't thought of as a non-resident there. having said that I do tend to skip over the repeat offenders' posts. But if they genuinely don't like it in PI, as you say, they should probably just go. I don't want "rose coloured glasses" but neither do I want to continually whinged at either. Given your blog comment Jack, I'll refrain from posting my latest trip report
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    One problem I see and have experienced is the double standards of some of those who are most vocal of those carrying out so called sexual acts. We've seen it lately with some of the liberals in hollywood who gave the Presdent abuse and now it's turned out some of them were ten times worse. I even saw a photo of Ellen Degeneres ( I think that's her name) who was one of the most vocal putting her head towards a famous singers breast with her tongue hanging out. It Tfump had done that she'd have been all over him like a fat kid and cake. In the UK I've a few liberal friends and a couple of staunch feminists who have left themselves open to double standards. They post a lot of stuff online pretty much blaming men for the problems in the World. I take great pleasure in reminding them that its predominantly women who bring the young men of this World up as Mothers and teachers and that maybe if men took over that role the young men might grow into better people as obviously women aren't up to the job. They've even got the neck to post previews of an up and commig tv series where the lead male actor always seams to have his top off and they comment on what they'd do if they had a chance.
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    When surfing the web clear cookies between searches as prices increase due to an algorithm that detects what youve searched for. Give it a try by searching the same site 3 times during the day without clearing or just do a search. Pick a flight but don't fill your details in. The site will time out and when you refresh prices will have increased.
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    Ah yes, the great American Christmas dream - buying things you don't need, with money you don't have, to impress people you don't like.
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    Get the bags at Divisoria ha ha. For christmas we are going to Boracay, so my wife says we do not even need to decorate the house or buy gifts for anyone, because we won't be here. Makes sense to me. The week in Boracay is our present to each other.
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    There's a big difference between what many of would like to do and what we can or will end up doing. I would like to learn enough Visayan to get by. But as a student growing up (and a good student) foreign language was always my worst subject. Studied Hebrew for years; if I'm lucky I remember 5 words. Studied Spanish for 4 years and forgot most of it; that is until I moved here. Since so much of Philippines language is based on Spanish I understand a lot more than I thought I would and am constantly telling my wife "that word's Spanish." So I can follow bits and pieces of conversations based more on my Spanish than my knowledge of Visayan. And of course many Filipinos want to speak English with you. I take a walk in the morning and passers by say "good morning." I respond with "Maayong Buntag."