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    A little old lady of 95 Avoided the Occupation during WWII by walking the length of Negros with her US Doctor employer and his Family meeting her to be Husband on the Way, Hard Times then but she survived that, She Lived through the Marcos years and others that made life so difficult here at times. Unfortunately after a battle against a foe she could not Beat (Pneumonia) our Lola passed away at around 4am this Morning, Corazon (My Wife) said to Thank all that wished her well here as many had met this Lovely old Lady who I admired greatly. Many things have been said and much will be said about Health issues here but Personally I have Thanked the Doctors and the ICU at SUMC ( Silliman University Medical Centre) for the care they took of our "DULIA" Gone now but will never be Forgotten I guess I will be quiet for a little while
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    It has been 15 years since i have been to Vietnam and SO never before. What a change in HCMC buildings/apartments going up everywhere, I am sure every person has two motorcycles, they are swarming here!! I thought Pattaya was bad, but not in the same game. The con artists are here in abundance disguised as as 'tour guides'. Stay away from the guys with bike cabs- dudders! Yes he got me m but not for much as he hoped. Food here very good, reasonable but not cheap. First hotels had bed of concrete so moved across the street and i am happy! Recommend the War Museum, seen it 15 years ago but worth 2nd visit. Sad experience and feel for the Vietnamese people but just as much for the military personnel who had to fight there. SO has gone to Cu Chi tunnels today, i am resting back and knee has gone on strike - if i was a horse they would put me down I think. Overall a worthwhile experience. Off to Vung Tau tomorrow and hoping for a less hectic experience there? Or am i dreaming?
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    I spent the last few days in prep work and putting down the primer coat to get the pool ready for new epoxy. The color is called "Clear Blue" and it looks really nice. I did learn a few things about working with epoxy pool paint. 1 - Plan your work and work your plan. Have a good idea of what the coverage is for a full gallon of paint. That stuff is expensive and once it is mixed it has to be used or thrown away. 2 - If you get near the end of job and you have a little of that expensive paint left, be creative with the plan and maybe you can use up that last little bit. 3 - There is an art to getting out of a pool if you paint yourself into a corner, even if the pool is only three feet deep. 4 - Epoxy paint is REALLY hard to get off the bottom of your feet. 5 - You can grab one of your wife's not so new T-shirts out of the laundry basket and use lacquer thinner to clean your feet. Who would have guessed it was one of her favorites. 6 - After the lacquer thinner you can use that soap that has the small volcanic grit in it. In the USA they call it "Lava Hand Soap". I have no idea what it is called here, it was what I found at the outside sink. That soap is just amazing, almost like sandpaper, and it will "grind off" anything that the lacquer thinner missed. 7 - If you accidentally step in some more epoxy after following steps 5 and 6 above, and you decide to repeat step number 5 . . . you are in for a world of hurt. Remember how the soap "ground away" that last little bit of paint? I think it may take a little skin at the same time. If you think you "can just tough it out" and still move on to step 6 you may be dumber than a box of rocks. Just don't do it! 8 - If the bottom of one foot is kind of a splotchy blue color, keep both feet on the ground at all times and no one will ever notice.
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    A Harley Biker is riding by the zoo in Washington, DC when he sees a little girl leaning into the lion's cage. Suddenly, the lion grabs her by the collar of her jacket and tries to pull her inside to slaughter her, under the eyes of her screaming parents. The biker jumps off his Harley, runs to the cage and hits the lion square on the nose with a powerful punch. Whimpering from the pain the lion jumps back letting go of the girl, and the biker brings the girl to her terrified parents, who thank him endlessly. A reporter has watched the whole event. The reporter addressing the Harley rider says, “Sir, this was the most gallant and bravest thing I've seen a man do in my whole life.” The Harley rider replies, “Why, it was nothing, really. The lion was behind bars. I just saw this little kid in danger, and acted as I felt right.” The reporter says, “Well, I'll make sure this won't go unnoticed. I'm a journalist, you know, and tomorrow's paper will have this story on the front page. So, what do you do for a living, and what political affiliation do you have?” The biker replies "I'm a U.S. Marine, a Republican and I am voting for Trump." The journalist leaves. The following morning the biker buys the paper to see if it indeed brings news of his actions, and reads, on the front page: “U.S. MARINE ASSAULTS AFRICAN IMMIGRANT & STEALS HIS LUNCH” And that pretty much sums up the media's approach to the news these days!
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    So you guys said you wanted updates over time. We're going on a year here in April...a lot of data points. This girl is the real deal. I'm lucky to have found her. I'd like to think she's lucky to have found me. Next week US embassy interview. And then, not long afterwards, I steal this sweet girl from the Philippines. I'm a nice guy however, so I'll return her from time to time. But who knows? Maybe in a few years I'll end up here for good. I like it here, although a lot of that might just be because I'm here with her. Her sunny presence seems to make the most mundane daily activities pleasant.
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    The thing that many do not consider is that the bar girl is a human, most do what they do to feed their kids and if you had no choice and your kids screamed in hunger what would you do ? So easy for us westerners to say that what they do is wrong but lets try this for arguments sake. you are out of work no matter where you live in the world you are desperate as kids need food, you are born and living in a country that does not provide help so what are you going to do ? If you love your kids like most mothers you will do what you have to do. In Australia for example you are a woman with a child you will get goverment help, this is the Philippines so what do you get? I can tell you I have a bargirl friend and her story is sad, her partner and father to her 2 children died, he never said he was sick, he hid the fact and was a shock of what come next but he passed away so the mother had to do something as kids will also die if they dont get food. So judgment on this lifestyle or work is in my opinion, put the shoe on the other foot ! By the way, she is just a friend but a very nice person caught in a trap of doing what she has to to survive. Very shy and does not bar fine but survives on the 200 peso a day plus ladies drinks.
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    You can tell I've retired as I've just read this thread from the start and it's great to get an insight. From my perspective although I tend to be a calculated person I still fly by the seat of my pants now and again. I'd half heartedly decided to retire when I reached 55 and my Military pension matured. I used to discus it with another ex forces guy and we decided we were going to pool our resources and head east to go out with a bang. When I hit the big 51yrs I was going through a dodgy patch at work and in my social life. I was fed up working with idiots and was getting serious grief from my soon to be ex wife. I decided there and then that it would be in everyone's interest if I just dropped everything and left. The minute I finally got my divorce I told my boss to take his head for a sh@t, pretty much gave everything away for peanuts, sold the house and jumped on a flight. I'm now two months into living here and can safely say even though I've been laid up with a knackered knee I wouldn't change a thing. Long term I have no intention of heading back to the West. I was fortunate in that I got enough for my house which is a nice safety blanket for me. My pension from the military is commuted so I barely get 48,000 php per month but in 2020 it should almost double. By no means a fortune but from my perspective once I decide where I'm setting new roots, and buying a residence I'll be more than happy. Even now in Manila my tiny condo in a nice area (oxymoron) is only 18,000 php, with dues, utilities, phone etc I probably spend about 28,000. I don't smoke and rarely drink so I get by with just dipping into my savings a little. Next month an endowment pays out and that would cover everything up until I'm about 58yrs old without touching my savings. What I've gained by retiring at 52yrs is my sanity and life back. It's gave me time to think and I wouldn't swap it for anything. In the mean time my mate who was planning to jump ship with me has discovered his kidneys are packing in and he's now wedded to the UK health service. He's 52 and pretty screwed. I've also lost about 6 good mates all under the age of 60yrs. Most to cancer. One in his sleep. As the saying goes " We're here for a good time not a long time." Some hang on and work until they've saved more but for every year you save your medical insurance will increase and health will certainly deteriorate. Property prices will continue to rise in the decent areas of the Philippines and society will become more Westernised. You'll basically be leaving the West to join the new West but in less of a condition to enjoy it and paying for the pleasure. My current plan is to look forward to my pension maturing at 55yrs and by then I'll have a property and touch wood more than enough to see me through until I'm 67yrs when my Government pension kicks in. If I need more money than that I think I'm doing something wrong or if my health deteriorates I'll be heading to the UK to get my moneys worth out of the system that's shafted my pensions.
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    Man, it has been a very fast 6 years since I originally posted this. I have decided to go for it at the end of this year (2017). My plan is to travel light, and move around from hotel to hotel for the first year, until I find a place to settle. My travel plans start off in Makati, then venture to Tagaytay, Baguio, Angeles City, Subic, and Dumaguete. I cannot express my gratitude for this website, the information I have gathered here was truly invaluable. Mahalo to all the members here. I will continue to lean on your experience as I venture forward...
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    JJ, a long time forum member managed to save up some extra cash and made a donation to the charity for the poor out on Samar. The charity, depending all on donations, funds minor renovations or improvements for schools, pays school fees for those kids who are not able and keeps rice and basic staples on hand for those with no food and show up at the charity building. As the charity is very small and depends on the generosity of people like JJ or Sir Tom and others to keep working, used JJ's donation to buy rice and basic food supplies and then gave the food to several widows and families with small kids and little to eat. Pictures were taken showing the food donations, multiple proposals of marriage for JJ from the widows were passed along, (screened by JJ's wife and then rejected for clerical errors) and together, they survive for another day. Smiling and not complaining... Interestingly, these widows range in age from mid 60s to mid 70s, each applied locally for SSS or whatever government assistance program there is, and each were rejected as not old enough. Between elections, there is very little government assistance so if they do not work or beg for money, they very well may not eat that day. Thanks again JJ! (School supply drive in the 1st week of June, save the date...)
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    Here is the finished hole. Here is how small the door will be for me. But as you can see, its just the right size for a filipina or a hobbit.
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    I don't see what the big deal is. You can adjust the opening or the window during install. It is done all the time.
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    Under the topic of rational thinking, here is today's lack of it. I want to enlarge the window in my bedroom and change it from jalousie to slider so my first stop was at a decent quality window shop. The window shop sent out a man who measured the wall for the maximum practical size window and sent me back to the shop to discuss details/price. I found out that the window price is fair and the quality is good but they will not supply or recommend a man to enlarge the hole in the concrete wall so I had to find my own contractor for that. I also found out that it will take them 2 days to build the window for me. So I found a man to enlarge the hole to the exact size specified by the window maker. It will take him 2 days to do it. I went back to the window maker and said: "Start making the window as you said it would take 2 days and the hole will be ready in 2 days so take my deposit and schedule an install". What do you suppose the logical response is? I'll put what she said in a spoiler so you can take a guess before reading.
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    My experience, with any girl I have started out in the load selling business, is that it is a money losing proposition because the girl can never resist 'selling' loads to her friends who will 'pay her later' and never do. It is very hard for these ladies to be strict when their friend, auntie, mother, father etc need a load and will "pay her later". She will make a lot of enemies if she refuses to "sell" a load to all her friends and relatives and will make very little if she has to rely on strangers as customers.
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    Retire? Heck at that point in my life I did not even want to take too much time off work. Make hay while the sun shines and when you start to feel aches and pains and burnout then you can come join us old cronys.
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    The incredible suburban sprawl and new/expanded/improved infrastructure, but much of it is now tolled. Retail growth and new car mega-dealerships. Major intersections in most suburban cities are mirror images of those in other surrounding cities - same big boxes, same grocery and pharmacy chains, same banks, same fast-food/restaurant chains, etc. Ha, so similar it becomes somewhat disorienting just driving around the area. More new, sterile, cookie-cutter subdivisions, but rarely any kids outside playing and basically "just being kids" as I remember. SUVs, new Mustangs and Camaros out the ying-yang, and a ton or Harleys, too. The convenience of literally anything and everything is nice, but it doesn't take me long to think of that Southwest Airlines jingle, "Gotta get away"? IDK, I guess it's all good, but just not my cup of tea after being spoiled by a simpler life in the PI.
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    Today I went to my daughters graduation it was a nice venue and went without a hitch.
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    I admire your patience. Mine also questions everything I'm doing and who I'm talking to. Everything I do she doesn't ask why I'm doing it she asks who did I meet? I go to the mall or the gym and it's the first thing she asks. Not what did I buy or was it a good work out? If I get a text she asks if it's a girl? I just tell her I met loads of women and girls text me on my secret phone so don't worry. She's slowly getting the message Especially when I told her I hadn't thought about meeting other girls but thanks for the idea.
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    This is a joke. It is not meant to make fun of American rednecks. HUSBAND: My wife is missing. She went shopping yesterday and has not come home. SHERIFF: Height? HUSBAND: I'm not sure. A little over five-feet tall. SHERIFF: Weight? HUSBAND: Don't know. Not slim, not really fat. SHERIFF: Color of eyes? HUSBAND: Sort of brown I think. Never really noticed. SHERIFF: Color of hair? HUSBAND: Changes a couple times a year. Maybe dark brown now. I can’t remember. SHERIFF: What was she wearing? HUSBAND: Could have been pants, or maybe a skirt or shorts. I don't know exactly. SHERIFF: What kind of car did she go in? HUSBAND: She went in my truck. SHERIFF: What kind of truck was it? HUSBAND: A 2016 pearl white Ram Limited 4X4 with 6.4l Hemi V8 engine ordered with the Ram Box bar and fridge option, led lighting, back up and front camera, Moose hide leather heated and cooled seats, climate controlled air conditioning. It has a custom matching white cover for the bed, Weather Tech floor mats. Trailing package with gold hitch, sunroof, DVD with full GPS navigation, satellite radio, Cobra 75 WX ST 40-channel CB radio, six cup holders, 3 USB port, and 4 power outlets. I added special alloy wheels and off-road Toyo tires. It has custom retracting running boards and under-glow wheel well lighting. At this point the husband started choking up. SHERIFF: Take it easy sir, we'll find your truck!!!
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    Morning All, Ok, so I suppose this post could technically be viewed as an advert but it isn't intended as such ..... am just trying to share some valuable information here and to create some awareness to members here as alot of people simply aren't aware of the laws on this topic here. As part of my day job, one of my specialist areas is trust and estate planning (mostly in the UK, but internationally as well). Last year, I became the first and only foreigner in the Philippines to qualify as a Chartered Trust and Estate Planner here (I believe this is still the case). I have been holding webinars over the past six months specifically on this topic. I dont have any more of these webinars scheduled at the moment, but I would be happy to to host one for members of this forum if I can get enough interest in it. I have all of the slides done already so not a huge amount of work on my side, and I really feel this topic would benefit members who have family and/or own assets in the Philippines. Main topics covered are as follows: What happens when you die in the philippines (e.g. bank accounts getting frozen etc) Forced heirship laws Wills, and how to do one without getting a lawyer involved Estate taxes & Donors taxes Estate Planning tools I promise there is no selling angle here or anything like that. Im just looking to share some valuable info. I have had really positive feedback on these webinars so if anyone thinks they would benefit from this info then please reply to this post and I can set aside an hour or so one lunchtime or in the evening to host this. Jamie
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    I'm moving for many reasons Snowy, I see where Australia is going, the retirees battle, cost of living and property prices are out of control, can't really see my 27 and 21 year old children purchasing property now, (when I die probably) I could retire here comfortably but realistically I have to keep working until mid 60's so my super is adequate to keep me in the life I am used to. I know this is off topic but for me I look at the changes here but really focus on the changes and realities in PH. Our family are there, our family are here, for me family in the Philippines has a lot more meaning than in my home country, I rarely see my kids as they live 2,000 odd kilometres away and they are busy with their lives,,,,,,,,, no different to my own life and choices. Retirement is easily achievable now in the Philippines for me, my better half will work, I will be the donkey at home, for all the time I have spent in PH I want more, the people, Filipino time and the mere fact that I can retire there and have a simpler life, family, friends and an affordable lifestyle on the beach that I could not dream to have in Australia unless I could come up with another million bucks. Changes in Manila where we lived 4 or 5 years ago are amazing, the smog is thicker, the taxi drivers are cheekier and yes the prices are rising, the earthquakes seem to have become a weekly or fortnightly norm and between you and I the Mall of Asia or Robinsons in Ermita are no different to any other shopping centre in the world, wet markets are my choice and something we don't see in Oz unless you are in the hub of things,,,,,,,Sydney, Melbourne etc. Where it is so expensive to live, Philippines? Every province has a wet market and affordable food, and realistic property prices, lower cost of living and a great climate including all 20 odd typhoons annually. Personally I am looking forward to the change in countries and watching/learning the changes in my new country, thank God for expat sites. Sorry for the ramble. Cheers, Steve.
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    My wife an I have been doing it, on less $1,000, for over 4 years. I budget p40,000 a month, which currently is $800. I was paying rent (p6,000) for the first few years but we built a house last year, out of my savings. Now I pay myself p5,000 in "rent" each month to pay myself back for the house. We cannot make budget recommendations for others, without knowing more about you and your comfort needs... but I know quite a few guys that live on less $1,000 a month. I live on $800, but recommend $1,200.
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    I have not left England yet , so really i am not a expat , but i do feel like a expat living in England these days
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    The short answer is this; you cant! The BIR will freeze the bank account (even if it is held in joint names). It will only be unfrozen when the estate taxes have been paid. This applies regardless of whether you are married or not. What you can do is plan for this eventuality. I cover this in more detail in the webinar, but for the benefit of everyone I have outlined some solutions below: 1. Blank Checks/Access details - I keep four signed blank checks made out to my partner in my vault in my house. I also have my bank account log in details sealed in an envelope in my vault. The theory behind this is that it will take a few days for the BIR to be notified of death and instruct the bank to freeze the account. This would allow your family time to access the cash. Its not without the obvious risk of having your bank login details documented on paper. 2. Overseas bank account - you can set up an offshore bank account (again in joint names with your wife/partner) that the BIR would not have any authority to freeze. I personally do all my banking in the Isle of Man. However particularly for the US citizens among us, this is no longer that easy to set up. 3. Irrevocable bank trust - you can 'donate' P100K per annum into an irrevocable trust without paying donors tax (most banks offer this). This would be exempt from estate tax on death and as such is immediately available. You need to ensure when making the 'donation' that you respect the legitime/forced heirship laws otherwise you will be hit with a 30% tax. 4. PERA - 'Personal Equity And Retirement Account' - the BIR have ruled these as exempt from estate taxes. 5. Life insurance - you can set this up quite easily. Most banks here will only allow you to nominate your wife as a beneficiary. Note: the beneficiary needs to be irrevocably nominated for this to be exempt from estate tax. Alot of life companies wont allow you to nominate a common law partner as a beneficiary so for those of us in a common law relationship (myself included) then an offshore/international life insurance policy is the answer. Ultimately, there is not alot you can do to circumvent the estate laws in the philippines. There is even a clause in the tax code to say that any measures taken to avoid estate taxes are not allowed. The key to estate planning in the Philippines is ensuring that there is sufficient liquidity in place to take care of your loved ones after your death. Hope this helps. Jamie
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    Buy stock in Raytheon maybe?
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    Some of the responses on here beggar belief. We are all on more money than most of the people at that graduation and some of you say waste of time just an excuse for a party.Well when some of the people at the graduation live on 2-300 pesos per day it is a welcome break for them from poverty.The gowns are all rented from the school and there was no food at that graduation.The venue it was held was a no smoking and no alcohol establishment.
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    My current partner just keeps getting better. My knee is shot and I need to get it sorted. I've lost count of the times I've told her to listen to me. I explained I've got two friends with contacts in the medical profession here and they are doing some homework for me as to who would be the best specialist to see. I also explained my friend in the UK has just had two knees replaced and he's giving me a complete break down of the service and after care. I told her I would listen to them then weigh it up with costs etc before making my decision as to where I'm getting my knee fixed. Hand on heart she kept asking me when I'm getting my knee fixed? I lost it a bit and told her to """kin listen to me. I've got it in hand and doing my homework first not just rushing in. I came close to drawing her pictures to make sure she would understand. Ten minutes later she's on the phone and when she came off it she told me we can go to a walk in clinic and wait or we would have to arrange an appointment. She'd only gone and phoned the hospital to try and get me checked out. Needless to say there was a bit of swearing. I might pretend I've got an appointment at the hospital to get her hearing fixed and whilst she's there see if they can do anything about her stating the obvious. My phone battery is flat " you should charge charge it?" I'm hungry " why don't you get something to eat?" We've ran out of coffee. " you should get some more!" The bank has screwed up one of my payments! " maybe you should get in touch with them. " No shi@ Sherlock.
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    Little did I realize when sending text messages while sitting in my computer chair that someone behind was reading them. Sometimes she could be on the other side of the room facing the other way and still can tell me what I wrote. A few weeks ago she was sitting next to my phone when I went to take a shower, I turned on the water, pulled curtain across but stepped out of the bathroom to find my phone in her hand trying to unlock it, ah caught you I said, no was just trying to see the time,lol. Even today she can recite a message I wrote to a female friend months ago.
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    Last week I had the biggest problem in many years where I blew a fuse over being Controlled. It has got better but it will not last, Control freaks (this is how I felt she was getting) just do NOT know they are in fact trying to control, If we (as in men normally) don't nip this then we condone something that becomes stifling and is not good in any relationship. Jack Morning All
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    I bet a nickle that he is just deeply in lust.
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    Was at the mall one day, at the checkout, in the line waiting patiently like I should, was my turn next and this older woman just pushed in front of me and the line saying " I am senior" pi$$ed me right off. I asked to see her seniors card, then showed the cashier my ACR card I was older than her and she wasn't even a senior, told her to go back to the end of the line, looked very sheepish at me, cashier just smiled.
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    We recently went to Hong Kong and experienced everything we could in the time we had. My wife had a "wake up call" when she found out there was no "dipper" in the bathroom. The Philippines may be the only country that a "dipper" is used. They have "bidets" in some countries but not "dippers". She has never used toilet tissue. She had to improvise. So, she called me and asked to bring her the coffee pot (empty). "WHAT?" was my response until she explained. Next time we leave the country, guess what will be in her luggage" She did enjoy the double decker buses, the train rides, Disneyland, the malls and the dining in many fine restaurants. We didn't have time for the tram up the side of the mountain. Maybe next time. This was my 3rd visit to Hong Kong. I love it. If you ever go, try the Sky City Marriott. Free bus every 20 minutes to and from the airport. Free bus to and from Disneyland. The breakfast buffet is like nothing I have ever enjoyed. Don't forget the "dipper" if your Pinay has never been out of the country.
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    If you are only spending 3 months in the Philippines surely you will be travelling on a return ticket, so why the throw away.
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    I've just returned from an interesting weekend away with my current partner and her friend who has a new British boyfriend. The guy has not long landed, just over 30 days ago at a rough guess. I got chatting to him and my old spidey senses kicked in telling me this guy was full of @hit. He was telling me he had just picked up a new job as a financial adviser and wealth management expert for a World wide company. He was rattling off serious wages he earns and how much maintenance he has to pay his ex wife, at least £8,000 per year. He was dropping names of all the top locations he's lived in and how his last condo was over 200 sqm etc. I just looked at my partner and smiled until we got back to our room where she told me her friend and him had gone to a resort two weeks ago and when he went to check out his credit card wouldn't work. There was a bit of a stand off between him and the resort and in the end he left his passport and Ipad behind. My partner told me her friend had asked for 96,000 php to cover his bill but not to worry as he'll be paying it back. She had even the cheek to see if I could lend the money but my partner told her where to go. He then told her he'd wired money and it'll clear in two days. He was cagey about where he lived and told me his employer was sorting out his accommodation and work visa. By now the alarm bells were ringing as there was no way he'd get a job until they had cleared his visa and sorted out accommodation. I told my partner to have words in Tagalog with her friend as the guy in my eyes was well dodgy. I noticed she was paying for everything and tried dropping subtle hints but she was blind to it. We were having breakfast in the morning by a pool bar and saw his credit card on the bar so pretended to charge my phone in a nearby socket so I could see the name on the card. It was his name and I clocked he was with Llloyds a UK bank. As we were having breakfast the two girls left to go to church and I continued talking to him. After church we all went back to our rooms then met up later to hit the beach. After we returned from the beach my partner said that her friend had lost the guy's credit card. I asked what she meant as I'd seen it on the bar when they went to church, so she asked her friend how could she have lost it? Her friend tried to convince us he gave her it to put into her bag when he went swimming but I quizzed him as I said I'd seen it. He then said he'd put it in the bag himself, inside her purse and then tried to convince her. I was fizzing but never let on so I pulled my girlfriend aside and basically told her he's a lying @as@@@@d. I waited until he was there and said we'd better phone Lloyds and cancel his card and he started making excuses not to, they'd went through all the motions of checking bars out etc. I then said why doesn't he just transfer money to her account and get her to withdraw it for her or to make a Western Union payment. Again lots more back peddling. I told my partner there's no way that card is lost or that he's came into the country with no money and only one card. Later on in the day they left the accommodation to go to the bar and I told the girlfriend to check their room out. She found a letter from the resort dated the day before we arrived where we were saying the bill still hadn't been paid. She quizzed her friend who admitted she was trying to get the money together but not to worry.By now I wanted to rip him a new ars@hole. There was no sign of the card and all they'd left with was what he was wearing and a towel. We met up and went for food and more beers. Again her friend paying for everything. They headed back to the accommodation earlier than us as they'd had lots of beers and when we returned I saw his training shoes by the door. Something made me pull the insoles out and sure enough he'd hidden the card in there. I pointed it out to my partner and told her the guy is about to be picking a window to leave through. She pleaded with me not to do anything until we returned to Manila. I wanted him arrested and as his passport was at the last resort and as he had been in country over 30 days he's illegal. She pleaded with me not to tell her friend as we were returning today and then when he was dropped off she'll tell her everything. I pretty much told her she'd better warn her ASAP. Luckily she told her in the morning when he went for his swim and you could see how gutted she was. I noticed his shoes again and told her to look if she never believed me. I'm glad she did as the card was gone. Luckily I'd took a photo of both sides of the card and also it inside his shoes. I then told my partner to check his backpack before he returned and sure enough he'd moved it into the side pouch of his bag. I was glad she did as I said he'd probably suddenly remember putting it in the shoe for safe keeping and he must have been mistaken as he'd been drinking. I've deliberately not named the guy or company he's meant to be working for, but stand by for what happens as I've told my partner she'd better phone the last resort and explain everything including seeing if he has a visa and if it has expired. If so leave the passport at the nearest police station and inform immigration. I'm fuming as vermin like him give us foreigners a bad name.
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    I got some boric acid, mixed a tiny bit with peanut butter and in 2 days, no more ants. If your ants are drinking coffee, then they probably could run across water.
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    I'm 64 and just stopped working. Someone just told me today "you seem very young to retire." I can't say that I feel that way. I wish I had the option to do it years ago and strongly considered doing it last year, but realistically this was the best time for me and my family. My father's about to turn 88 and uncle is 92. I'm hoping to get some of that longevity. OTOH my mother died at 40 so I tend to think that I've been blessed with extra years already. Whether too old, too young or just right - Philippines here I come!
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    Family ALWAYS come first with a filipina, even if they hate them.
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    I retired at 56, married a filipina and had to find another job sharpest! Finally retired again at 66, now I am the oldest houseboy outside the Philippines! Enjoy life while you have got your health and strength, if possible retire early, you never know what the future holds.
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    So many filipinas do this when in a relationship, some worse than others. They will stick their face right in front of my phone or laptop to read everything I am typing or what is being said in reply. Tonight I told my gf that it is considered rude to read over my shoulder and that I have the right to a little privacy when sending a text and whoever is replying may want ONLY me to read his message. If it is something to share then I will gladly let her read it for a chuckle or to learn something. I told her how it feels like I am being "monitored" to be sure I am not saying anything she would not approve of. I told her I would not and could not do that to her as she writes in a language I do not understand and writes in slang that would not even translate if I plugged it into Google Translator. So I tried to very calmly explain that I do not like it or want it and she stormed off upstairs with her phone to do her own little 'secret texting". I think this is not going to last. Its not about age gap, its about maturity and culture gap. Time will tell. Does anyone else have this problem and does it bother you? For interests sake, I was merely texting a fellow expat about my blood sugar levels and there was no big secret that she could not read, but what if a buddy was texting me about having a problem with his wife? Would he want to know my gf was reading over my shoulder? I find it rude. What say you all?
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    Brings back memories, I remember one Christmas my girl asked me to make Bolognese for the family dinner so I cooked up a batch with white wine, bacon, celery etc etc in a big pot. We went to the family home and her sister had made filipino style same, so instead of having two pots to choose from the sister just mixed them both together. I just drank more SML's and tried not to blow a gasket.
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    I also re-read the entire thread and found it interesting. Some members that used to post a lot are gone, and 1 or 2, at least, have passed on. Which gives more weight to the "retire now and enjoy life" opinion, as you never know when your time is up! I'm very happy I pulled the trigger at 56, and my savings have held up reasonably well. The saving took a hit to buy my long term lease here in the freeport, but it looks like that will be a good investment. I'll start SS at 62 in about 18 months, and it should be smooth sailing after that, as long as my health is good. In June I am going to buy some Pacific Cross health insurance to cover any serious health issues that might arise, and I will probably choose a high deductible in order to keep the annual premiums down. I think I have commented in some of Bows threads before that I was in a similar pickle as him at a similar age. Hated my good paying job and what the company had become. Single, lonely guy with all the toys; big house, cars, etc. Like so many said here, all that doesn't mean sh*t in the long run. Now I enjoy a happy family life surrounded by my loving wife and 3 daughters. Yes, like any family we have some ups and downs, and life's challenges will always be there, but having a solid family unit and seeing my girls grow up has provided me with real, genuine, happiness that I would never have experienced in my old life. Now we are going on our first "meet the family" trip next month. It should be very interesting to be back in the U.S. for the first time in 5 years.
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    It is great to have a resident expert on hand because all of us will experience this event at some time. Perhaps we could "sticky" this thread and keep it on topic (yes that is hard for some of us) so you could give specific answers to questions that affect all of us? The one that comes up a lot, and really needs an expert to weigh in on, is the topic of bank accounts when living with or married to a filipina. Most of us foreigners will die before our partners. We want them to be able to get at our remaining cash and it is a time when they will need it most. Most of us know that bank accounts get locked at the time of death until BIR gets some money and it is determined who should get the rest. So the question to the expert is: What is the best way to set up a Philippine bank account so that the surviving filipina can get to the money as quickly as possible in the event we die OR are in a coma/incapacitated. We need answers for the legally married guys and for the "living-as-married" guys. Can you sum up this one in one post?
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    Those two destroyers launching their salvo of tomahawks gave me a boner check. Not only the deafening noise but the extreme vibration every time a missile leaves its' cell. Here is a photo of an Arleigh Burke class destroyer making high speed turns: It's about time we did something, probably made the Russians, Iran, Syria, ISIS and NKorea think what other aces we have up our sleeve. I did not vote for Trump but I'm glad he made a decision about any use of chemical weapons is against humanity. The Russians were suppose to clean up Assad's inventory of these weapons and now they're eating chit.
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    When walking down the street together point at other Filipinas saying 'I could have that, I could have that... see, I can read a menu and know how to make a choice'
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    What did you think would happen when you came here with your mate? Blame yourself, you took a kid to a candy store with a fist full of dollars, we all understand your concerns but now you have to sit back and let it run its course, as mentioned earlier point him in the direction of expat sites to let him learn about cultural norms, he may pick up on the serious stuff but doubt it. I'm sure we have all been down this path with good and bad results. Cheers, Steve.
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    I had a very similar problem here in Pattaya about 5 years ago with a long term friend. Despite all my warnings before he came over, he did exactly the same thing. The end result was, he is no longer my friend. My advice, if you have already advised him of the dangers of the road he is taking, then do no more, back off and wish him luck! If you want to keep a friend.
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    Well Jack, it's nice to know they are respectful enough not to harass frail, petite, old men by cutting in line?
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    For those who knew I was recently engaged, well, let's just say i became a member of the (ahem) club... At least I got out before it cost me more than a p20 load... Jake, my friend? If I saw a lovely young lady at the beach dressed like that..? Either she's under 16 or over 30... Or she's looking for another member of the club..!
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    Leaders of Troops that are willing to get Stuck in. This to me has always been the problem at the Top, they all want the Job and the badge but seem sometimes reluctant to actually do the Job JMHO but............