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    My daughter Katy turned 4 today! Hard to believe that so many years have gone by since I joined this forum, retired at 56, 5+ years ago, moved to PH, got married and had two beautiful babies! Life is good! We had a party at her school with her classmates. Most of the parents will hire McD or J-Bee to cater, but my wife spent the last few weeks putting together a really nice My Little Pony theme party. We hired a magician / host to keep it moving, and the teachers helped as well! My wife's hard work! The birthday girl! Presents are good! Leila had a good time too! She can hold her own with the big kids!
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    Hi, Sean, this is Alex from next door. I have a confession to make. I have been riddled with guilt these past few months and have been trying to get up the courage to tell you face-to-face, but I am at least telling you in a text as I cannot live with myself a moment longer without you knowing. The truth is I have been sharing your wife, day and night when you’re not at home. In fact, quiet likely more than you. I haven’t been getting it at home recently, but I know that’s no excuse. The temptation was just awesome. I can no longer live with the guilt and hope that you will accept my sincerest apology and forgive me. It won’t happen again. Please suggest a fee for usage and I’ll pay you. Greetings, Alex. Neighbour Sean’s Response Sean, feeling so angered and betrayed, then grabbed his pump rifle and shot his neighbour Alex dead. He returned home, poured himself a stiff drink, and sat down on the couch. Sean took out his phone where he saw a second message from Alex. SECOND MESSAGE* Hi, Sean, this is Alex from next door, again. Sorry about the typo on my last text. I expect that you figured it out and noticed that darned Auto-Correct changed “wi-fi” to “wife.” That’s today’s technology for you, hey? Greetings, Alex.
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    Having lived here for over 10 years please allow me to offer my experiences to new expats considering forming a regular meeting. The benefits of chatting to your own alien species one in a while is just wonderful, subjects such as daily comparisons with foreign life, memories shared about original country living give so much pleasure. We all have our standards and its not uncommon for us to choose similar Filipinos as partners from the same standard of our lives (almost). Meeting a new expat is great to offer the meeting place and discuss timings etc. I accosted several expats in SM or round about San Pablo and they in turn met others and welcomed them to the group. I began with us 4 UK guys and we got on very well. Then some other nationalities arrived and meetings expanded to peoples homes for events such as the Manny Paqiou fights. Problems arose with the wives who joined together and gossiped about weird stuff that should not have been talked about such as who got the most pensions and who spent the most money and who had the most expensive house etc. Despite this we had some memorable events with Kareoke and jokes etc. I WOULD SERIOUSLY RECOMMEND THAT EXPAT GROUPS ARE FOR JUST THE EXPATS AND WITHOUT WIVES. Our group in San Pablo split up 3 ways and if something was said that a wife didn't like, she would not let her husband attend the meetings. We lost 3 nice guys because of gossip by the wives and it was the guys who were disadvantaged. Blokes can usually get on with other blokes what ever their background and its very enjoyable, even if you wouldn't necessarily be friend back in your home country, a regular monthly meet is welcomed.
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    I have only tried internet dating once. Or would all 4 be considered as..? The first one I met (and the reason I moved to the Philippines) was a beautiful too young woman I met on a pen pal site. It wasn't for dating purposes but for her to practice her English and me to learn about the Philippines. Before I lost that 40 kilos of baby fat, we met and my size scared her away. Lol! (I saw her brother lately and he told me she hasn't dated anyone since me... Too late!) Number 2 was on DIA. She was always honest with me and never asked for anything. The only reason we didn't stay together is her Korean husband (who had abandoned her) refused to divorce her - even though he is living in Canada with a new family. She felt too guilty for us to be together so... Number 3 was someone I met on Facebook. We went out a couple times but we agreed it was better as just friends. Number 4 is cousin to number 3. She saw my profile on her cousin's Facebook and sent a friend request. We started talking and didn't stop - even if, once again, she's too young for me. I have to admit though... I saw her pic on Facebook with her cousin before (after the cousin and I decided to be friends but before her friend request) and thought she had to be the most beautiful woman in the world. We are now living together and will be married soon. If course, our daughter (who will be 7 months old on the 29th) is our pride and joy! Life has worked out very well for me!
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    The best thing in the world is to grow old with someone you love. Nothing beats that! Happy Sunday to all! !
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    It depends on priorities. In the West, the obsession is making money which is equated with time because life is short. In the Philippines, the Americans tried to instill such virtues as promptness to overcome 300 years of "tomorrow" mentality from the Spaniards. The Americans were unsuccessful. What you need to do is sit back, relax and be a keen observer of the local life and culture. Don't try to change it because you will become frustrated.
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    All the stories you hear are TRUE. After spending the past two months here, I have found the Filipina's here are so much more approachable compared to the women back home. In the US, I wouldn't even think of walking up to a beautiful girl and striking up a conversation - but here, whether it is in the malls, grocery store or gym, I have initiated conversation, exchanged phone numbers and dated 11 Filipina's - all within a span of 2 months. These women range from 21 to 28 years of age and reside in various locations from BFG city, Dumaguete, Bohol and Subic. What worked for me was to learn a few Tagalog phrases like "Nakakapag salita ka ba ng Ingles?". And I have screwed up my Tagalog many times, and it works even better when I do. So much fun... I think the difference on this trip is that I am now retired and much more time to spend here. Coming from a mindset of abundant time, i'm not rushed or pressured to find anyone and I tend to meet more women (I don't really understand why things happen this way). I highly recommend any single guy to come out here and check it out for yourselves.
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    Wife and I are driving to the bank the other day. For whatever reason I remarked that I had never seen anyone (Filipino or foreigner) receive a parking ticket here in Dumaguete. Back where I lived in the US you could go downtown and see ticket after ticket on windows, but not here. Parked next to the bank in a small area clearly marked no parking. I've been parking there (as do many others) every since we opened the bank account. Well you guessed it - we came out and there was a ticket on the window. As Janet read it I asked "how much." There was nowhere on the ticket it said the fine, just a notice in small print to handle it within 7 days at City Hall. I mentioned it on FB, I thought humorously. I was amazed at the comments about the authorities going after foreigners and wondering what percentage the police get. Monday I went to City Hall to take care of it. Found the desk for the tickets. Within 5 minutes I was done. Cost: 300P. I figure back in Portland that's the amount I would put in the meter just for the privilege of parking there.
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    Some foreigners feel "picked on". I know it happens but I am not one to complain about the rare times it happens to me. It is my observation that many of the foreigners who feel picked on have an attitude of "if the locals can do it then so can I". My opinion is that foreigners who follow the rules do not get picked on and it is also my opinion that setting an example is a better policy than stooping to the level of a person with little education, little money, little knowledge of the law and a citizen of the country I am visiting; but that's just me. As to parking tickets, I have observed (on rare occasions I admit) traffic wardens going around Dumaguete giving tickets to illegally parked motorcycles. What I found interesting is that they write the serial number of the motorbike on their ticket pad as they know the plates, if there are any, are useless as a source of information. I thought that wise, and as the owners of the vehicles are not in sight (when I have observed this anyway) I do not see how they can be picking on anybody except illegal parkers. I wish there was more of that level of enforcement. Let me take a moment to admit I have been picked on. On 2 separate occasions I have had filipinos come up to me and complain that I was making too much noise late at night and people are trying to sleep. Once I was using an electric jigsaw at 8 PM and the other time my gf was singing, at 9 PM, in the house on her personal Magic sing that attaches to the TV. In both cased the "complainers" were locals who thought themselves "high" and did not like most foreigners. In both cases there were loud filipinos close by who were making more noise than I was, BUT as i mentioned before, there is no reason for me to come down to their level so I turned off my electric saw and went to join the party of locals next door, who were singing and drinking. I bought them a litro of beer and encouraged them to enjoy themselves louder if they wanted. I informed them it did not bother me. Funny how the complainer never went to them to complain.
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    My friend has recently returned to Dumaguete and didn`t know about the smoking ban.Well he got caught and the enforcer told him it was a 500 peso fine.My friend asked to see his ID and took a photo.The enforcer asked why and he said well you have just given me a fine but said nothing to that local who is sat there smoking.The enforcer said but he has no money so he cannot pay.My friend told him he was going to report him as he now had his ID photo in front of the other man smoking. The enforcer told my friend not to smoke there again and no fine .Targeting foreigners does go on but I am not sure how many times it happens and how prevalent it is.
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    Time is much the same wherever you live. Jack. When I tell my wife I will plant the shrubs, trim the trees and paint the shed, fist thing she does is ask why is not done. I need to keep telling her she does not have to harp on it every two or thee months.
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    Growing old together, i think me and Emma are growing younger together.
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    Or just wear socks with your sandals. Cheap socks that you can use and dispose of.
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    Jake and I are willing to check all that stuff for you no problem. PM us details for our airline ticket expenses, pocket money handling charges overhead costs incidental coverage beverages surcharge meals and “other”. Don't expect any alcohol in your house leftover just sayin.
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    Unfortunately things have taken a turn for the worse here. Lucky I dont have to go out for my San Miguel light.
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    Here is one for the members.
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    Okay all thanks for your advice, l am going to rent, and wait and see how my relationship with her and her family develops. thank you.
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    Most definitely. Once settled, I can see it eventually coming to fruition. But heck, I just retired so I'm in no rush. Personally, I decided to take my first year to concentrate on myself - to find my true purpose and passions... it's not that easy after spending 31 years working the grind.
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    Filipino time has saved me a few times from others Filipino time. I'd say about 2 flights and half a dozen ferries I'd have missed if they departed on time. Every cloud has a silver lining.
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    It has been writing that the traffic is getting bad here in Dumaguete here is one solution you can use when you don`t want to stop.
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    Nineteenth anniversary this week.
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    Something you don't often hear Unbeknown to me until just before Lunchtime one of the Witnesses to last night was our Local NBI Officer and with him and his wife was our local PO3, they did not intervene at that time because they are family of the Lola but would have if I had pursued the issue ( I did not as it was a wake) anyway talk was HUH! Those foreigners. to which I am told was quickly dispelled bye Both Officers. So when you get an Electric problem where do you go? ( my wife as many know is with Noreco II ( Electric Company) and she deals for you, added to which,They paid for the road to be mended that you all use. Now when one of ours was clearly at fault you still speak Discriminatory. I remind you that Sir is NOT a Tourist as many think all foreigners are but is a Legal Permanent Resident. having been here in their House some 5+ years & doing nothing but Good as you all know, So sit and think on. (His words to me not mine) Yeah! a little bit of Recognition, Much Welcomed and gratefully received + the car owner has submitted to pay any Damage which as I said before was so slight it matters not ( Scratch on offside mirror) So I certainly will not say All Doom and Gloom
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    "Why do people buy SUVs they can't drive?" My impression has always been Status and Safety. If it is the most expensive vehicle then they want it. If it is big and strong and has loads of safety features then they care not who else they kill. THEY are safe. Perhaps that is cynical but I honestly believe that is why.
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    It depends on the size of your A/C units which will probably be your biggest draw. A 1hp unit will draw around 1kw whilst running and possibly up to three times that on start up. So you would need around 5kw just for those. (Assuming you are not going to start all the A/C units at the same time). Or more if they are more than 1hp. Another 1kw should cover the rest as you are not cooking by electric. As Doc suggests, you really need to do a power audit to be sure. Do you really need such a large generator? How often do you suffer brownouts? How long do they last on average. Large generators are expensive to buy and expensive to run. Especially if you want one that will come on line automatically. Will it produce a pure sinewave output or a quazi or modified one? A lot of electrical items do not like modified sinewave output. To say nothing about the noise. How will your neighbours react to your generator? Another alternative if brownouts are not that common is a much smaller generator to power just the essentials. Here is CDO we tend to suffer brownouts about once a month, generally for around an hour. For that we have a small Honda invertor generator (Honda eu10i) which powers everything we NEED except A/C. It outputs a very stable pure sinewave form which will run any type of sensitive equipment up to its rated output of 900 watts. It will run several fans as well as things like TV, internet and lights. It will also run the fridge freezer as well if the outage is going to be prolonged. What more do you need? It is exceptionally quiet and economical and the neighbours won't even know its running! It will run for about seven hours on just two litres of unleaded petrol. Just a thought! Ken
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    Yes, my wife is handling everything. I didn't mean to imply that I was directly involved. The 26 yo is about right in the looks department, for a maid: Nice smile but a bit heavy and I guess you could say "stocky". Our 1 year 9 mo old already weighs 16 k and the almost 4 yr old is slightly less! Last night she was carrying both around at the same time, without a problem! That is one option. Our "experience" with C is only what she told us, so we really don't know what her actual performance will be. She has a rather cushy job now, p7000 a month to take care of an empty house and she has a much nicer living quarters than she will have at our place. I wrote the above a few days ago and never had time to finish it up. Thanks for all the advice! The decision may have been made for us because the younger one G may not want to stay. We had told her that it was temporary and she had planned around that. Her son's (I mistakenly said she had a daughter) 7th birthday is soon and she wants to be home to plan and give it. Some other soap opera things with C came up after we agreed to hire her, but nothing too serious. When I have time I will try to entertain you with the neighborhood soap opera!
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    You made an bargain with the first lady. Best to keep your word.
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    We live in the wife's home town. Both parents, two siblings and their families, still live here. I really do have mixed feelings. On the one hand I have grown very fond of the extended family. On the other hand I feel that the family has taken advantage of my wife. This really came to head a few months back. Both parents are elderly and we were having to pay caretakers 24 by 7 to help them. I finally had enough and told my wife that I realized her siblings have little or no money and I could understand why they could not help with the expense. What really pissed me off was they would never come over to help with house keeping, cleaning, cooking, etc. The only time they seemed to visit was if they were looking for a free meal. Apparently the message reached the family because the siblings now take turns helping out and even spending the night. The house is cleaner and the parents and my wife are now happier with the new arrangement and schedule. I think your Emma may be exaggerating just a little with the language thing. That being said, family bonds among Filipinos are incredibly strong. I would suggest you and Emma have a long and serious talk about your respective expectations and concerns. The best time to reach agreement on where to live and how much help to give is before you move, not after. Just my own opinion of course.
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    It's funny, I found myself on the other side of that coin a few months back. A sudden bout of Pneumonia put me in the hospital for two weeks. I had a problem with my bank card, so I couldn't access my accounts to pay for it. So my wife's family chipped in to pay an 80k hospital bill. I paid them back a week or so later when my bank access was restored. But I was really grateful that they were there for us in a really bad situation. That being said, I've told my wife to always blame me if she ever gets hit up for a frivolous loan by one of the black sheep (tarsiers?) in her family.
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    Personally unless I was spending quite a bit of money I wouldn`t bother waiting for the cashier sorting it out,I have been stood behind someone getting a discount and the 10 minutes it took to save a few pesos is not worth it.Time is getting more important with each year that passes.
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    We have a twice a month meetup in the city (Iloilo). I used to go but some of the Americans ruined it by always wanting to fight about politics. Not discuss, fight, they just like screaming ha ha (and I am also American). I have not been to the meetup in over 2 years. We just had our annual barangay fiesta and I had 6 foreigners come over. It is nice to practice my English every now and then. When someone asked why we don't get to together more often, one of the guys commented that most expats are 'hermits still in society'. He made some good points about it taking a different type of person to leave their comfort zone and social safety net to move 1/2 way around the world. I have said much of the same thing myself, so of course I agreed with him. I enjoy going to meetups and talking to other foreigners...but in small doses ha ha
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    I would be willing to bet that the sister is up to her eyeballs in debt. She probably already has credit cards, maxed out. She probably already has "loans" from other family members or friends. Probably has loans from sharks. Her new borrowing is going to pay the old lenders. This is the first time I have heard of a Filipino OFW coming to family for money. After the way she and her husband have treated you and your wife, I wouldn't give her the time of day.
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    Yeah it happens but how did it happen is the question. The answer is tell the husband to get a job rather than spending the money. The other thing if Ems works and has her own money then she can decide but mention you are cancelling your holiday due to hardship.
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    Men's shorts in pink and lavender do carry a premium price!
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    thanks for sharing such nice photos of you and the love of your life, guys! and I am beginning to think that this will be like a photo album of pictures taken by all of the lovely couples here
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    Hi Paul, I've shipped service dogs into and out of UAE and many other countries. Getting them used to the flight crates is the most important thing, if you are able also travel with them confined in the crates in as many varying conditions as you can dream up, in open pick-ups, securely tired down of course, take on drives in heavy traffic, to noisy places, airports are also good if you can get close enough to the aircraft noises. It's all about how noise sensitive the dogs are and how sociable too, if they can be comforted by a human voice it will be easy....[if like some of my early dogs, want to bite the crap out of everyone the whole cargo area grinds to a halt with Arabs scattering everywhere.] With the dogs in the crates get someone to help you carry the crates onto and off the vehicles. It can be upsetting for the dogs being carried through areas in the airports otherwise. It always helps to have a sign on the crate stating ''owner on-board'' with the owners name. The dogs should be used to walking on a leash and being put in and taken out of the crates at anytime in any place. As you are doing sleeping in the crates inside the house is good too. Feed food that they are used to that form very little stool, like meat...start that long before. No need to sedate if they are regular pets. Just make sure, double sure, ALL the health requirements are met wrt vaccinations. I can't help with the arrival in Manila side unfortunately, usually a pet shipping agent will be able to help. I would appreciate hearing your experiences on arrival. Feel free to ask me for any further advice. Terry
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    I carry a notebook with me and if I get caught short I will take out the shopping list page and use that.
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    Pick the oldest and ugliest one. The younger, prettier one will eventually run off with a guy, or if she is married the husband will eventually tell her to quit and come home because he has no one there to fetch his beer. Such is my experience and thus my advice.
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    Most of the people they are talking about are not expats, but the tourists that like to come here and think they own the place and that the rules don't apply to them. Dumaguete has a high volume of tourists and is a college town that brings it's own problems. I'm sure most of the expats living here in Dumaguete agree with the Mayor, and would love to see these trouble-makers gone.
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    You need to have a long talk to your wife Steve. You both need to come to a clear understanding and set some rules . Steve, you should have done this a very long time ago. Emma needs to make some choices. This is not going to be easy they are using both of you because you let them.
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    I thought the gecko's were great until in the middle of the night one lost it's footing and landed in the middle of my bare chest
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    Good chance that the welding shop cylinder killed him, that’s not medical quality oxygen. Not really sure someone with medical problems leaving a a first world country with great medical care moving to a 3rd world country with questionable medical care at best is a good idea.
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    I decided to apply for my SS at age 62. I did it online, no appointment necessary. I received confirmation by letter and will receive my first benefit the second month following when I turn 62. We have a newborn baby girl and I have now applied to receive SS benefits for a minor child. I waited until I had her SSN then called my local social security office. Did everything over the phone but I have to show up at an appointment in person to show a valid ID. That is it. We will receive the benefit from the time she was born since it was after I turned 62. Pretty easy since they could verify everything on the computer by only asking me a few questions over the phone. We also applied for a passport for our newborn. Pretty easy to do at the post office, only issue was she didn't like being woke up from her nap for the picture. Should have that in 3-4 weeks.
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    I'd probably also look into a social skills course just in case you get interviewed prior to adopting. Just saying.
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    The mother in law received a text say she had been sent 60,000 pesos from my wife by name giving a phone number to contact, no reference numbers etc. My wife does have a newish Remitly account but the MILs phone number is not attached to it. Luckily the MIL contacted the wife to ask why she had sent a large amount of money as we will be there in 3 weeks anyway. I suspect if the unwary were to use the phone number given someone would be asking for money to release the funds or bank account details etc.
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    Brings to mind a wise line from The King and I: "In foreign country is best you like everyone until you leave."