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    Well, I have been formally retired now for 15 days and its feeling good. I have now reached my destination of Dumaguete, I got into Manila at about 1AM Saturday morning, lashing with rain. Got a cab over to Makati and spent Saturday there catching up with friends and trying to avoid more heavy rain showers, even managed to catch some streamed footie in a bar, actually my own team of Westham United, that was a bonus as I cant even get to see it live on TV at home. Took an early morning flight out of Terminal 3 today (Sunday) to Dumaguete, flew with PAL, all good as we left on time and arrived early into Duma, it was definitely a better experience than flying over with Cebu Pacific which I did for the last two years. I had already rented a studio since last month as I knew I was coming out but was just unsure of the date, Hermagina Apartments. I stayed there last year and the year previous but just short term as I was on holiday then but of course it is all so different now, I am here to stay. Tomorrow we will begin shopping for the many items we don't buy when we are on vacation, microwave, toaster, fans, rice cooker for the missus, etc etc lol. Its a nice feeling I am enjoying at the moment, I have read articles on here over the past year about retiring and how people consider what it will be like in taking that big step, i.e. retiring and relocating to the Phils, in particular money worries and will it ever be enough etc. For me personally I did a couple of private messages on here to forum members that I have met and trust and got a breakdown on what I would need per month on a reasonably tight budget and I consider that to be good information. I don't have any family back home in the UK and apart from giving up my dog it was an easy decision for me, I have nobody to miss and apart from a few friends nobody is going to miss me so therefore no emotional ties back home tugging on the heart strings. I am totally committed to my new life as an expat, its what I want to do and the Philippines is where I want to be, sure there will be bad days and maybe even bad weeks at times but not really a major problem, I had plenty of them back in the UK as well! I think Dumaguete is a good starting location as there is a nice little group of forum members already here, a bonus of that is that there is a wealth of information amongst them, many collective boots on the ground so to speak Lol, but I do believe that the Phils is worth travelling and exploring and over time we will begin to do so, initially it will be to explore the whole of Negros and hopefully as we gain confidence and experience we will venture out further and explore much of the Visayas. I would like to maybe get out to some of the more remote islands that have less foreigners and see if it will bring different experiences, I mentioned before in a previous topic that I would like to do some voluntary work in the community, perhaps to try and give back a little where some help is needed. So, tomorrow Noime and myself will start chipping away at an ever increasing shopping list and we will start to slowly build our new life together here, it is a new and exciting chapter in my life, actually to be truthful it is a new chapter in our lives not just mine. Regarding finance, I have what I have and it will have to be enough, life is too short to stay at home any longer worrying about it, the time to live is now, I am newly retired and I am a new expat in the Philippines. What more could a person want?
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    Well, I finally got there. Saturday 30th September 2017. Retirement Day. 4 months short of 30 years working for British Telecom (BT). No more working outside in all weathers, no more dragging through the London traffic in my BT van. Today I woke with a smile, to be honest since I had my retirement confirmed 2 weeks ago my own little world has been a happy place to be. In the past 4 years since my ex broke our marriage life has been challenging and to be honest, often quite lonely. BUT THAT WAS THEN AND NOW IS NOW!! I am SO looking forward to the next chapter of my life. I truly cannot wait to be in the Philippines, to meet Noime again, its been 1.5 years since we were last together. I know that there will be challenging days ahead, after all it is the Phils, Lol, but in my opinion it's far better to have them challenging days relaxing in the sun on the beach or amongst friends having a beer or two on the boulevard. I was in Dumaguete last year and also the previous year, I have a few friends there already plus I also count our own forum members living there as friends, hopefully the friendships will grow in strength. Steve (Always RT) was living a couple of doors away from me last year at Hermogina Apartments and I also had the pleasure of meeting DaveH, Jack and Kev for a beer down on the boulevard, I am really looking forward to meeting them all again asap, plus I believe Davewe has also joined them. Hopefully the boys monthly meeting will have grown from 3 to 6, Lol. There has only been one big negative in this move for me, I had to give up my dog Smudge, an adorable old Cocker Spaniel I had since he was just a puppy, he will be 13 years old next week. Very sad.... but it is what it is, it had to be done. We all know the old saying "Is a glass half empty or half full?" Well, for me today my glass is overflowing with joy, bring it on. The Philippines and all that it holds, good and bad will be my new home. Can't wait to be there!!!
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    I hear you about the problems Jack. My wife is currently in the USA and I am "taking care of business here at home". The internet has been extremely slow, when it works at all, for the past few days. She has tried to call multiple times and the call is typically lost within seconds of my being able to answer. I was up at 5:00 am this morning to the sounds of singing from several blocks away, not sure if it is a birthday or a local fiesta. The roosters seem to hate the competition and have really increased the volume on the crowing. The pressure tank for our home water system failed yesterday, corrosion due to poor materials. This is the third tank out of four to fail in this compound in the past three years. Finally got my permanent resident visa this year after perhaps 10 different trips to Cebu City. Had to be finger printed and interviewed by detective after it was discovered a person with my name is wanted for multiple offenses to include homicide. Hearing that will definitely put a pucker in your boxers. We are seven years into the effort to title the first property we bought. No one is protesting or making any claims, it is just taking forever. Had a stroke in February and when we got to the local clinic 30 minutes away; "Sorry sir beds are all full." And I almost forgot, good ice cream cost about 500 peso per gallon! I stay because I love it here despite these problems. The people are warm, caring, and friendly. I appreciate the care and concern that is shown to the elderly. Where else on earth can a person from the USA go in the world today and actually feel welcome and even appreciated? Last night the extended family were over for potluck dinner and to swim. I supplied the beer, Coke, and that gallon of ice cream. They supplied the other food. Truth was I gave my niece 1000 peso to buy the meat, fish, and ingredients for pancit. NO ONE IS TELL MY WIFE about the 1000 peso. Anyway it was wonderful to have the family here, especially with the wife in the USA for two more weeks. At the end of the party all the ladies pitched in and totally cleaned up any mess. I just love it here and have no plans to ever leave. I am even storing up coins for when the children come to the gate to sing Christmas carols.
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    Since I already did leave once (to go back to the good 'ol USA), the real question (for me) should be: Once I was back home: I became stressed-out from the quicker pace of living in the West, since I was no longer accustomed to it (plus I realized that I just never did like it anyway). I missed the respect for senior citizens that I was getting in the Philippines. I saw that my retirement money was worth more back in the Philippines than it was worth in the USA.
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    Funny, my neighbors say the same thing. So we closed the bedroom window
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    Now that's the way I want to go,,,a pain in everyone's rear end right up to the last
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    I see a number of "issues" with the accuracy of the study. 1. Are "steps" really an accurate measure of the overall activity of a population. 2. In a hot humid climate it make sense that people are less likely to walk than in a cooler climate. 3. The study was based on the use of cell phones that contain GPS accelerators. People that cannot afford a cell phone of this quality are less likely to afford public transportation and more likely to walk. Any results would really suffer from a financial bias. If the people who did this "study" actually came here and "studied" the people, the results may have been quite different. I am always amazed at the number of people that I see walking, especially when in Cebu City. How many countries have street vendors who spend the entire day walking through intersections trying to sell water, cigarettes, fruit, etc? How many countries have men carrying a chairs or other furniture for kilometer after kilometer hoping to find a buyer?
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    A week ago I posted about the death of a friend, well yesterday was funeral time. I will try to explain exactly how the funeral went, many whom are not living here will have problems accepting what I write. Firstly his partner organised a catholic funeral, first of which I have attended. It went well not un similar to an Anglican, prayers some hymns and the Father spoke clearly in good English. After, our small group proceeded behind the hearse to the public cemetery about 1km far. Upon arrival Big Phill in his coffin was removed by 10 of his partners family, prayers were said and they proceeded to place him in the cavity of the mausoleum.. For those unfamiliar with a Philippine public cemetery the coffin is placed in a cubby hole in the mausoleum which in our case is some 5 or 6 high. There was a lot of grunting as 10 Filipinos lifted the big guy to head high to finally lay him to rest. Unfortunately there was an outpouring of bisayan amid shouting and grunting....The coffin was specially made and just would not fit......Down he came. Suddenly a hand planer appeared, after 20 minutes or so with handles removed and one side planed up he goes again, this effort was better as the nose of the coffin entered how ever in spite of the vigorous effort he still refused to enter, back down he comes. At this time the discussions become quite heated, only easing up with arrival of the Jollibee boys handing out hamburgers..... So... fortified with a burger and soft drink we start again, miraculously from no where a hand saw appears, now begins the mammoth task of sawing around 10cm lengthwise off the coffin.....Such a waste as was a beautiful coffin... Further one little guy was inside Phills resting place with a hammer chipping away the concrete. My immediate concern was perhaps the big fellow falls out as they heave up again.. .At last after an eternity its done, we await with anticipation for the final departure. Up he goes again amid deafening chatter and instructions from them all. In he goes, at last I am thinking great, suddenly halfway in he stops.....My goodness what next.......No he would not go in or out.....Stuck fast, the noise was increasing and it was eventually explained to me the cavity was tapered so no way he would fit...... At this stage I was pinching myself....at last after a particularly sterling effort they were again able to heave the big guy out and lay coffin on ground. There was apparently some talk of just putting Big Phill in without coffin until some bright guy had an excellent idea.... The row of mausoleums further down were far larger......So he was wheeled down there in his planned, sawed. semi destroyed coffin heaved in with out a problem.Finally at rest. Guys this was like an episode for Only Fools and horses........
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    Next he should ask the single Filipino mothers in the neighborhood how many of them were abandoned by their handsome Filipino boyfriend/husbands and how many were abandoned by their fat old foreigner boyfriend/husbands.
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    Today was actually the 2nd scheduled Brown Out since we moved to Dumaguete, but we were out of town for the 1st one, so that doesn't count. My wife was out of town this weekend also visiting the family and thanks to Kevin I knew a Brown Out was coming today from 8 - 5. Janet kept asking me what I was going to do and I kept procrastinating making any kind of decision. Sure enough the power went off about 8:00. I spent the 1st couple of hours productively playing the guitar. Usually I don't play this long but with nothing else to do I got a good musical workout. I also spent an hour organizing my shop in the house we just moved into. Amazing how productive I was when I didn't have the Internet to interfere. My laptop was fully charged and with a ton of movies loaded on external drives I watched a movie directly from the laptop. That took me till noon. I went out for lunch at McDos. It was crowded but not unusually so. I then headed south for Dauin. I had been wanting to find the Marine Reserve/Sanctuary where I'd heard there was a decent beach. Google maps guided me to an unlikely place - surely, I thought, this couldn't be it. But I parked my car behind a row of cars and walked to where people were heading. And there it was - bigger than I'd realized. I had my bathing suit on, got in the clear water. It was so refreshing and I was glad that I'd been forced to take the time to find the place. So all in all, a pretty productive and fun day. Maybe I should do this once a week. I doubt the wife would agree though lol.
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    Well this bike is causing rows in our house as my wife and daughter are fighting about who goes on it.I have to take my hat off to my wife as she is on it every day and sometimes twice. I said to her to give away some of her old clothes and she told me no if I put weight back on I will need them,skinny carrabao. So far it has been a good investment she has much more energy and is feeling much better in herself. The only problem we have now is I keep doing a Benny Hill chasing her around the house when my daughter is at school.
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    Sat on the terrace a short while ago I heard some rattling from the side of the House where "Shadows" cage is located To my amazement he had lifted himself up onto his bent front legs and was cleaning himself (Well he was Licking his Wounds on his side) Good to see as it means he is regaining a little strength. I fully realize he has a long way to go but each day brings more Hope that he can overcome this, He is taking more Food daily now and wanting to drink more as well which the vet tells us is good as Keeping Hydrated is good for him
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    As I mentioned earlier in the thread, I did not realize it would be a divisive topic and I am sorry for stirring some people's convictions. But since it has developed a life of its own I should update the result and consequences. I did obtain some Amoxicillin as Jack mentioned earlier in the thread. I am already feeling the desired results so its either an amazing co-incidence or I was right. Of course it must be the former I am a fan of the KISS principle. It suggests that the simplest solution is often the best and should be tried first. It seems that many other members here are not. Some of us westerners have a way of making things complicated and I realize it is one reason I fell in love with the Philippines. In most ways, they embrace the KISS principle. Kisses to all I'm on my way to recovery.
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    I once was talking to a doctor friend who admitted to me,(as if we didn't know), say, " with all the education and experience that doctors have, we many times have to make the best educated guess based on symptoms and what the patient says. On a side note: A mechanic was removing a cylinder-head from the motor of a Harley motorcycle when he spotted a well known cardiologist in his shop. The cardiologist was there waiting for the service manager to come and take a look at his bike when the mechanic shouted across the garage, "Hey Doc, want to take a look at this?" The cardiologist, a bit surprised, walked over to where the mechanic was working on the motorcycle. The mechanic straightened up, wiped his hands on a rag and asked, "So, Doc, look at this engine. I open its heart, take the valves out, repair any damage, and put them back in and, when I finish, it works just like new. So how come I make $40k a year and you get the really big bucks ($1Millon) when you and I are doing basically the same work?" The cardiologist paused, smiled and leaned over, then whispered to the mechanic.... "Try doing it with the engine running."
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    So on we go, Over the Weekend we had to sit and do some soul Searching about our " Lost Boy" we decided to leave things a while, Shadow has take to his new meds well and the penicillin has done wonders, he is on Liquid Antibiotics & His Sores have penicillin coated Gauze Covers after he has has a dose of Penicillin Powder on the wounds, these are now drying up nicely This Morning when I went to him he had eaten a large Bowl of his Soft Diet and Last night he was chewing lechon. Tomorrow we will turn him if he lets us ( I Say this because we won't try if he is still comfortable) he has moved himself around so that he is comfortable (well as comfortable as he can be) His daytime is Sleeping in between meals and we have not heard a Moan from him in some time now days & nights (4) He is responding to all of us and the Vet told us that things are looking Good (well better than she thought they would be after 4 weeks) , and many other Poor Lads would have gone by now So she said that our Decision to keep him with us is OK with her but to keep her informed if he starts to get in pain. So our Lad stays and whilst it is not a particularly good Life he still has Life and each day is looking better, he wants to Stand but I am sure either his strength or the wounds are keeping him laid but he has turned now to get a little sunApparently the Sun in small doses is good for him and now he can move around a little he can when he has had enough. So my friends on a little lighter note although still a little sad We Jack & family Thank you for reading and all the encouraging Comments
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    I'd be more concerned that you've never been to the Philippines but already have a fiance than about being on the blacklist.
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    Hi to everyone. This is my first post after following the forum for some time. I live in South Africa. I've been a dog breeder and trainer for many years. Specialised in dogs for service, police, protection and protection sports. Been lucky enough to teach and supply dogs to several countries over the years. I'd like to answer some of the questions asked about dogs. Inbreeding as such is not desirable if close up, eg. parents to progeny, or even closer would be siblings bred together. Many dogs have inbreeding a little further back, say with common ancestors in the third or forth generation, known as 'line breeding'. In fact without this little success will be achieved in creating some sought after quality. All breeds of dogs were created by inbreeding. Now more often line bred in an attempt to retain some feature. It is safe to say in general only persons knowledgeable enough to identify highly desirable qualities should attempt close inbreeding, and be ruthless in culling lesser pups. Many breed clubs simply will not allow it, by not accepting pups for registration [though there are always those in power in the organisation who do, and get away with it...politics] The problem is that so many undesirable characteristics are hidden and may come to the fore with the pups of an inbred litter. All breeds have problems carried in their genes, those that are ''show popular'' as in beauty/confirmation showing tend to retain more..as opposed to work lines within breeds. As far as hip dysplasia is concerned, it occurs in all breeds except the racing greyhound, less in those breeds that work, more in those that show. The German Shepherd breed [I've had them all my life] has in fact less of an HD problem than say Labradors. All breeding dogs should be x-rayed and certified on their HD status at not less than 1yr of age. To perhaps confuse the casual reader more, those inbred dogs that are from excellent dogs and themselves are excellent in all aspects, but not limited to health and temperament, could be highly prized. Although this with any breed should be for active enthusiasts. If the dogs in question have never been x-rayed and their parents never either, it's just pot luck. Please insure they are vaccinated, at least with the 5 in1, especially the Dam but before the last trimester to provide maternal antibodies to the pups. Some vets will allow a hormone injection within 24hrs of mating to prevent pregnancy, others wont claiming it risks cancer, I'm unsure of the level of veterinary standards in Philippines. The new born pups should be closely examined for deformities and culled if this appears. I fear this may be a too long a post and would like to comment on those other dog health and security issues posted recently but will wait to see if this is received well or not by members. Bye, Terry
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    Thank you! I lived in Baguio as a little girl many moons ago. And I actually lived in Rosario for about 2 years as a young adult where I met my now hubby. (We went on dates chaperoned as well, dad is retired us army lol) but during my time in Rosario I think only visited it once or twice. And I do recall how cold it it. Which is the main reason why we wanted to move here because my kids will like the temp. I have been watching YouTube and looking at different forums to get a feel on how life would be like there. My husband assures me that it will be good especially with our income. It still makes me nervous but I feel we are both still young (I just turned 35 and hubby just turned 39) and raising a family. We have the opportunity to retire (although it wouldn't be enough if we were in the states) and live well in the Philippines. Why not. We are both natives of the Philippines even though I'm a us citizen. I was born in clark afb so I get the privilege of being both Phil and US citizen which is a plus. We considered living in Rosario or Pangasinan where our families are from but we decided it's best to be close but far enough. It will be exciting to celebrate our 20 year wedding anniversary where we first met (2001 we got married)
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    A nice holiday back to see her dad and the rest f the family , that's where Emma is going on the 22 of this month. Asking her what she is looking forward too ,well first I think it was seeing her dad or it could have been going to jollibee for some chicken, then it was putting up the Christmas tree in the house . I did mention that it will be the first time in years she can visit her mum's grave with the rest of the family for Halloween, that did bring a smile to her face. She has meet ups with friends and the family too I just hope it all goes well for her and our bank account does not take a hammering, but she has a budget she has been warned many times already.
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    I recently took part in a discussion about contentment, being happy with what you have or what you have achieved. However, not everyone one has the same opportunities and before the more successful members start shouting life is what you make it. Put yourself in the other fellows shoes.....America might of been the land of opportunities, these days it has never been more noticeable in the World, than the rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer. So that brings me back to the OP by bows00. Young Filipina's are going to be attracted to older men who can offer them comfort and security, that includes plenty of older Filipino men too! If I was a hard working Filipino young man, but poorly paid, with no foreseeable future, seeing this happening, I might just have contempt for those guy's. Most successful Filipino men tend to marry Filipino women and vice visa for successful Filipino women! Everyone else survives or succeeds by whatever means are available. My philosophy, treat others as you would like to be treated yourself, bless others as you have been blessed and never, never, give cause for others to envy you. ( in other words don't throw your wealth in front of their face ). One thing I don't see on the faces of young people in the UK very often, is the smiles I see on the faces of the young kids in Philippines. Give them hope for the future, a friendly word, encouragement, it all goes along way towards determining their future point of view and how they perceive us foreigners. I have been poor and I am never going to be rich, but I'm sure glad I made this far. I have always had full employment, food on the table, roof over my head, a pension in my older age and been blessed with the love of my family, all of which I never take for granted, how many Filipino's can say that? Opinion of Filipino Men???........no different than anywhere else. As my signature says Always consider other peoples point of view
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    Mr. Clean? And I am not FAT 4 months ago I was Obese at 6'3" 255 now I am merely overweight at 210, with my striking grey/white I am fabulously handsome and desirable. Any woman would count herself more than lucky to land a modest man like me. Got a new hat too.
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    Couple days ago received a text from a friend advising a good companion of mine had passed away. From my understanding he died in his sleep from a suspected heart attack. He was an American unfortunately dead broke, next to no friends. He had a wife and two kids, one resides in Cebu, they have refused contact with him many years ago. Phill was somewhat of a hermit, although had a semi G F staying with him it was more a flat mate arrangement, in all honesty I was probably best friend he has. I understand he has a brother in the states although not close. Now why......well he was obese extreme, ate stacks of cheese and drank soft drinks all day. Had aulcerated legs which we were treating, my guess is just to much to weight on the legs. Phill survived by teaching English on line nights. Just survived only. We tried to get him to walk, do some exercises to no avail, weather this would of helped we will never know, suspect it would of. Unfortunately I was, am, out of town when it happened, whom will pay funeral expenses is unknown, perhaps American Embassy, doubtful family will contribute. Guys as we age must pay attention to diet and exercise more so than before, at least my view. I will miss chatting with the big guy and hope he finds more happiness on the other side.
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    Jack--I have good days and bad, but still can't picture myself being anywhere else now. On a good day nothing really gets to me. I have more good days/times than bad.
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    Count your blessings a sleeping woman doesn't make trouble.
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    I don't know Old55--68 isn't like 80 and 35 isn't like an 18 year old. Here at the malls in Cebu you see many older guys with a gal about that age with a stroller or a small mestizo looking child in tow. It doesn't faze me, but I'm not sure how that would be looked upon by Filipinos or other foreigner observers. Movie stars, performers are in their own rarefied universe. and anything that they do seems to be acceptable to the general public it seems. Look at sixtyiish Dra. Vicki Belo the famous Filipina celebrity plastic surgeon had a child through a surrogate with her thirty something husband- to- be famous doctor celebrity Hayden Kho. Recently married in Paris with a huge extravaganza. The young daughter and parents have millions of happy and supportive. FB followers Not quite the age of Billy Joel, but similar.
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    Lots of deer here. Just don't let your honey see you with a dear.
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    I'm sorry you're not feeling well but It's hard for me to understand someone arguing against Dr supervision for antibiotics. The great majority of common illnesses are viral, not bacterial. Antibiotics are useless for viruses. As JGF says, you build up resistance and they can't help when you really need them. Antibiotics also need to be taken for the full course of treatment, not just when symptoms lessen. If you stop taking them too soon the infection will return stronger and resistant to the antibiotic.
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    The luxury of no real structure here in the Philippines, and that time is your own. Not to have to get up and go to work, anddo all the related tasks that surrounded the work week. No more cold winter mornings. Island time. Dreamy.. I always felt that work was highly overrated anyway..
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    Former president of the USA from 1953 to 1961, Dwight D Eisenhower for those not familiar.
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    Four score and ten years ago my grandfather worked in Burma. My grandmother would take a durian with her whenever she travelled by train. It guaranteed she would get a compartment to herself.
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    Grow some face fuzz and half the filipinas out there could not tell the difference between you and Sean
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    That may well be true up to a point Dave. I can relate to that. Even for myself now, if God forbid something happened to my husband, next go round I'd probably find a bright, handsome Filipino boyfriend/s with the traits that I'm interested in. I can support myself, so rank financially wouldn't necessarily be an issue for me. Also being an American woman who by birth had more advantages given to me, could never judge any Filipina seeking to improve her lot in life. Aren't we all humans hopefully seeking love and affection and trust companionship with a partner in life? Amy unions where both partners are happy and content should be celebrated I think.
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    Today "Shadow" let us turn him over so we can treat the Wounds on his right side, so very encouraging, He is still trying to get up but is not quite ready, Digestive system is working Fine and now his Home needs cleaning everyday. To keep cooler he now lays with one front leg outside the cage, we have discovered that this also helps his shaking. More as and when
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    I use to wear a self winding watch as long as you keep your wrist in motion. It's called a "sal-sal" watch.....he, haw.
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    My grandfather was born in Cuba. He started from next to nothing, sixth grade education, raised in a slum with 10 siblings, and that's it. He worked at a printing operation, repairing the machinery. They printed everything from magazines to cigar labels. It was a good job. My grandmother could type like nobody's business. She won a national competition. It helped her get a job at the national bank as a secretary. My father had everything when he was a boy. Lots of toys. They had a TV set before most American family's did. They had a good life. Grandma bought him everything and could afford to. My grandfather also had a gun. It was just a revolver and for basic self protection. He was a person who obeyed the law. When the Cuban government required people to register their weapons, he followed the law and complied. Then Castro took over. He lied when he said he was just fighting to restore the Cuban constitution. He hid the fact that he was a Commie until he had acquired enough power. Then the monster made himself known. And, thanks to the previous regime's gun registration, Castro had a list of every armed citizen in the country. Those filthy communists went around and disarmed the country off that list. They collected all those guns, including my grandfather's. In the mid sixties, he had to surrender a lot more than his gun. They made him turn over the keys to his house in Havana's suburbs, as well as the keys to the 57 Buick that belonged to my grandmother. So now the family is in the United States and has been since well before I was born. Others weren't so lucky. I'm not a long time American, since my family is only a relatively recent arrival to this country. But I am at heart. I strongly approve to our right to keep and bear arms, and not just revolvers, but much more than that. Because never again folks. The people must be armed.
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    I think I just got dumber by reading that.
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    Is it just me or does she sound like a keeper ?
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    Maribel is the smart one. David W should be charged with felony stupidity. Additionally, his writing comprehension needs to be overhauled, starting at the turd grade level.
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    Well we are at about 7.000 peso to date and the results are good, "Shadow" is reacting well to medication and at this time is attempting to stand to pee. He can now turn himself around to get comfortable which according to the Vet is a good sign he has a will. Thank you for your thoughts
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    Last week was the twentieth anniversary of my devorce, totally forgot until now. My wife has made our lives so loving and good today there is simply no comparison to the past. I take it forganted sometimes. Just had to share a happy thought this Friday morning..
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    The other day my wife and daughter were down town with me.She said I want to go to a shop near holy child hospital.So we walk up to the road.I was about to cross the road and my wife said oh it is not there oh I say yes she says I was wrong.What the hell is all that about,in my eight years coming to the philippines I have never experienced this, a Filipina admitting she is wrong.Do I need to take her to see a doctor or will she get over this on her own.Is this going to cost me in some other way.Help is required lads and Ladies.
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    Here's another solution......
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    Once your retired you have to keep the old brain ticking over. My father only lived for 3 yrs after his retirement, all he did was sit in his armchair and watch the tv ! Myself i play games on my tablet which i have to think about. I also go to the yard sales and buy a few things that are not working,clocks,radios,toys etc Which i take apart and try and get working. We also eat out a lot as im retired and so is the wife. But she being a Filipino she still washes clothes by hand even though we a newish washing m/c She also Sweeps the garden and the road ! Every morning. You have to keep the brain tickng over .
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    Everyone needs to live his life as he sees fit. Some need lots of friends and constant companionship. Some find solace in solitude. Myself I am content to go read my paper and have coffee sitting by myself, Once in a great while I will invite someone to accompany me. Having spent the better part of the last 8 years living out of a suitcase and in various work camps, I have come to very much enjoy this lifestyle. Could make for a small funeral party. I remember my old dad saying best to have six friends, you never know when you may need them to carry you. Which is why I will probably be cremated.
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    Solution for short period brownouts? Generator. Cheep, small, easy to set up and use.
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    I just don't know where to start my intro so my fingers and eyes drag me in here. I hope you guys wouldn't mind if I stumble here. Hi to y'all, I'm Bryan Filipino runs in my blood, I've learned a lot here already just by lurking around and then decided to join in. Please excuse me in advance if I seem blunt or terse at times. My English and grammar are not that good enough though I'm trying to learn and fix. I look forward to exchanging ideas and discussion topics with all of you. Thanks for keeping me in.
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    Well one minute everything is swinging and the next the lip is dragging on the floor and they are off upstairs not speaking, you may wonder what could have caused this. Just sitting here enjoying the silence and the door opens its Emma just woken from her nap. Do you want anything to eat, "fish, rice, pizza " , no i am fine i said, the next minute the microwave is on and then she walks in with the biggest bowl of popcorn. Well for the next 20 minutes all i can see is her hand going from the bowl to her mouth and all i could hear was the crunch crunch too. I said Ems you will get fat eating all that so quick and look its all gone, " do i look fat " she said, quick think i thought, "no" i said , but eating like that you will and if you get fat i dont want a fat wife . I am now sitting here alone in the room and i am thinking could i have said it a little better.
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    He is doing quite well, Today he is shouting for his food, Seems he has found his voice again, feeding and turning him every 3 hours seems to be working, Thank You for the Thought Virgin Tonight he starts on some steroids to help calm his shaking