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    Morning All, With the fairly frequent posts about our partners/spouses and their families repeatedly asking for money, i just wanted to share something which I think is rather nice: A bit of background .... about 2 years ago I helped the missus and her family set up a business (water refilling station) in her province. It started slow, but eventually, with a bit of western business logic, it is now making good money to the point it pretty much covers their life down there and they have also started renovating/extending the house without a single contribution from me. Anyway, so i turn 18 again today (for the 39th time lol), and this morning I was presented with a scrap of paper which turns out to be a bank deposit slip. It turns out that, in addition to saving for the house renovations, Papa had been busy saving money to buy me a birthday gift. Apparently, when it actually came to buy a gift he had no idea what to get (he told my missus that he thinks i have everything already!) so thought better to just put some money in my bank account ....... P10,000. Of course, i would much rather they put the money towards the house renovations as its alot of money for them, but the missus was insistent that I 'taste the juice of the business'! I was incredibly touched and kind of restored my faith in humanity a bit (not that i had lost it, but Filipinos and their families can be testing at times!). Anyway, something nice to share for a friday morning. Jamie
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    Ha! I knew it! That's why I insisted on two P5,000s!
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    Recent conversation: Me: Honey, I know you say "init" when the water is too hot and you say "bugnaw" when the water is too cold. What do you say when the water temp is just right? She: I forgot because I never use that word.
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    I've got to admit the World Cup has kept me away from the bar so I think it's a great thing. Grown men tripping over blades of grass and rolling around in agony doesn't flick my switch.
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    Haven't seen it mentioned yet so i'll comment. An Expat in my area had 6 apartments with his wife. He was stabbed dead around 7 years back because he wanted the rent money from a tenant who ran out of money, and the guy still has not been found. We bought a 1k sq meter titled lot corner lot rice paddy years ago for 500p per sq mtr. Over the years we land filled it & it's now worth 7k per sq mtr and land prices is skyrocketing because there is less of for sale it in the area we live. We had plans to put 3 story apartments on it. Almost 30 total was the plan. We don't need the money but I thought it would be a good idea as an investment. I decided the risk of being a landlord in the same town was greater than the reward so now the land sits idle. If the wife wants to put apartments on it after I die then so be it. Expats get stabbed/shot over things like a parking space or not buying someone a drink. Asking for thousands in rent per month from someone who may not have it could too get one killed. Risk/Reward should be considered when an Expat wants to be a landlord in the PI. Something to ponder.
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    Notice this one @Jack Peterson ? Now I know where I got the taste for sarcastic humour. JGF is the master of it.
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    "Be honest please." If it is total honesty you want then: Opinion: I like it some days and other days wonder if there was a place I would like better. Connectivity: People who plan where they are living manage to find an acceptable level of Internet service. Those who build first and worry about that later often have problems. On average, Internet "connectivity" is good. Immigration: The majority of expats have very few troubles with the BI office in Dumaguete but there are always some who don't like it or have troubles. Street dogs: Everywhere, but they are usually "owned" by someone. It's just that the owner lets them wander around the streets. If there is a dog catcher I have not seen him. Is it safe after dark? Those of us who are still alive will say yes. The few expats who have been killed will say no. Your mileage will vary. Bottom line: It's not Utopia but a heckuva lot of expats enjoy their life here.
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    For those that don't know the game... this is pretty accurate
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    This is probably better suited for a blog entry but I just thought I'd share this on here: A little background on Aines, AKA The Short Angry One (SAO): She comes from a relatively well-off family of tobacco farmers North of Dumaguete that made a killing when they sold the farm to a well-known international tobacco company in the late ‘90’s. In the interim, fortunes have waxed and waned, just like many of us. She fell pregnant at 16 and out popped Jhona, who is now 20, she eventually married the father, but he was killed in a motorcycle accident when Jhona (AKA Mini-me – and this is so true) was 4. SAO ended up as a PA to a Dutchman and his Filipina wife who exported traditional Filipino jewellery and as a result, travelled the world with them investigating new markets. She’s actually better travelled than me and I served 20 years in the Australian Navy so that statement is a big call. We met on an online dating site in 2013 and were together for a couple of years but due to artistic differences we split. We reconnected last year mainly thanks to Mini-Me and I spent October/November with her there, jollying around PI. She’s now here, on a tourist visa and we’ve finally worked out we’re in this for the long haul. She is way smarter than this ex-Royal Australian Navy Chief. She calls me her “man-child” and I just go with it. All adult clothes are too big, even adult size 6. She watched game of thrones, absolutely loves it; gives us another thing in common. But now wants a boob job. Her new thing is “You know nothing Brett Jordan” (no relation to the worm that ripped Tom (JGF) off). I’m clean, but a little untidy at times. You can eat off my floors, now there’s nothing on my floors. Ever. If it doesn’t move, clean it. If it does move, stop it and then clean it. Hot water shower is a novelty, I’m dreading my next electricity bill. She’s a 10th degree blackbelt in the ancient and deadly art of “Filipina eye roll” and can deliver it with varying severity. She loves her some Jesus. I guess I knew this intellectually and it was on display on for the month we spent together last year. This time she’s here for about 3 months and one of the first things we had to do was find the local Catholic church and service times after which I had to sit through an hour of mass – something I haven’t done voluntarily since my teens or when my mother nags me enough that I give in and go occasionally with her. Weddings and funerals excepted of course. Needless to say, my mother and SAO get on very well. More on that later… I now have a bidet installed. Nuff said. I now wear “slippers” inside. All the time. Always. Nuff said. I love watching movies or TV series with her, the completely unself-conscious audible and physical reactions to funny, sad or thrilling tickles me, even in the cinema in public. It just makes me happy. I now have “at home” underwear and “out” underwear. I’m a tad confused by the logic as to the criteria how what ended up in each pile but I’m just going with it. She’s a sports nut. It’s amazing the things you don’t know about someone until you live with them day-to-day. She now screams as loud as I do for The Blues in the State-of-Origin and the Swans in the Aussie rules and had a genuine tampo attack when Australia was kicked out of the world cup. Yes, I’ve brainwashed her with regards to certain codes 😉 The cost of living here compared to Philippines is now a harsh reality. It didn’t matter how many times I told her how much more expensive it is here compared to home, until she lived it, I’m pretty sure she didn’t quite believe it. Her previous travels were funded by her boss so not really impacting her as to the actual cost. The size of Australia is still a little beyond her – She’s travelled extensively around Europe and Asia and to a lesser extent Africa. She’s finding hard to grasp the fact that it’s at least a 5 hour drive to the next major town from Cairns (Townsville) and ever harder to accept it’s a 20 hour drive to the Gold Coast to see my parents and still be in the same state. These are just my observations so far.
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    A lot of popular jeepney stops have self appointed barkers trying to coax you into the jeeps. There are some that work parking spaces... anything they can think of for a tip. Most of them don't really seem to be trouble makers, though...
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    This is a pic of a UPS I 'built' with a standard computer UPS in front. The blue box is a 170 amp hour battery, the grey box is a 1000 watt pure sine wave inverter/charger/AVR, the brown box is the UPS I replaced. The setup runs my 65" TV with soundbar, laptop, wifi router, and 18" floor fan for over 8 hours. I see no reason to mess with the cost, noise, maintenance, and taking the time to decide going outside to setup and start a generator. Low power I'm good, power surge I'm good, no power I'm good... The unit switches to battery power in a few milliseconds - so fast the TV does not even blink. When the power goes out during the day I don't even know it. If I wanted to power more devices and/or have a longer duration, I would add battery(ies) and solar to keep them charged.
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    The best ever Video ever, well i think so .
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    I doubt if they will say anything
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    I was once told that the only thing worse than being 'wrong' in a relationship was being 'right'
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    Hmm......"the ambiance of Silliman University"? I would fail big time with all those distracting ambiance:
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    I call it Wendy ball , big bunch of softies , go play a man's game , RUGBY
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    The ones they should arrest are the guys who hang out with their shirt pulled up over their beer belly
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    There are quite a lot arrested for that horrendous crime of half naked but no laws are enforced in the Philippines so no need to think about it and nothing ever changes. Anyway got to go burn my rubbish.
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    Bleach is good too but don't use your finger......... I went to the dentist....he said your teeth are fine but your gums need to come out!
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    I take your point but there is a large Difference in that any Visa granted would have had just this thing, investigated, they would not necessary fall without anything, oranges and apples comes to mind here. In the UK any property would be shared and if it is a divorce then the law would provide, if Single, that will have been looked into at visa stage, Here! we (the foreigner) are not even on the Radar. Such are my thoughts based on previous members fall outs after relocating their Partner. Foreigners in the UK (Or US) have far more rights than we will ever have here. I tend to think that this is the reason we take more care of our Current Relationships. I hear less from the UK than the US about marriage failure after relocating but then If it does not affect me I just pass it off as Oh well they tried. In Short, as the Boss ( JGF) stated recently, Newbies really do need to read up on the PI and it's Laws so we don't get caught with our Pants down
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    We have sponsored a number of children by paying for their tuition, but this was at a private Christian based school. It would be more of a challenge for a public school where you would have to buy supplies, uniforms, etc and give them to students. We also paid 4 years of college tuition for a young lady who now has her degree in criminology/law enforcement. Putting a non-relative through college is a risk, but we are hoping that we can break the cycle of poverty for her. We were able to attend her graduation this April and to see her tears of joy and appreciation was truly gratifying. So yes, sometimes money can buy happiness . . . . even if it is for someone else.
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    But is she really complaining about the heat? Or about having to walk?
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    There are some great drives in Philippines and there are many places that will drive you nuts with traffic and pedestrians etc. Sometimes it helps to just pull over and go skinny dipping in the ocean. Don't worry. The photo does not show any skinny dippers, (this time).
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    Welcome to the forum Two. Simply put, if you are not married to a Filipina there are two basic visa options for you. Tourist visa, and SSRV retirement visa. There are many topics about them in the Visa section. I encourage you to browse through them and if you have some specific questions we will try to help.
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    There you go...that’s the living room, there’s a bedroom one level up, the stairs are just visible. Plus I have washing machine on the balcony.
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