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    Fellow Members I am sometimes amazed at people who say they are being bullied online and in a similar fashion to content of some posts within this forum. For me the control lies in my hands (or eyes). If I don't want to read something I won't so no need for anyone to determine what I should or shouldn't read. That sits with me. I believe the forum is a great place to share experiences and learn a lot so long may it continue and if I see something I am not interested in I shall skip on to the next useful post. Congrats on trying to please everyone. For me I am a happy bunny and have benefited time after time from the forum. Thank you. Paul
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    OK, I intentionally have not replied to this topic to see what members say. So now it's my turn and anything I say here is not directed at anyone in particular but from observations. Firstly this forum hasn't really changed, what changes from time to time is the active members and they come from all walks of life, nationalities and personalities which often causes a misunderstanding or just does not come out in plain English when in text rather than vocal. Therefore one member may interrupt another's post in a completely different way which is just how it is. Best to re read if you are not sure what the other is saying. Topics, there are some forums on this board with special rules to allow those interested to debate, add to or discuss but if it's not your cup of tea there are ways to solve that and I will add that to the bottom of the post and to be honest I think many members do not know how to use the forum or its settings to give themselves the best set up. Moving on to what I have repeated so many times over the years, cant please everyone all the time, lets go to the comment in the OPs post more so about what should be on this forum; example a few months back one member said this to me privately. So the above example someone wants more topics about world events which are allowed in the correct forum but not added in the middle of a topic thats more so related to the Philippines. Trump, gun ownership etc do not belong in the generall side of the Philippines topics so please dont disrupt a topic. Another example of a different opinion from a now ex disgruntled member of his own choosing.. Another example of how one thinks the forum should be. Family orientated friendly fun forum. Yes we still try to be but at times we all have issues, bad days or need to rant to let of steam, myself included but is easy to forget that we have done that ourselves at times. Fun is fine but at the same time topics go far off track like this topic is while I type ( just to add this is mostly a new version of what I spent an hour on and accidentally wiped out all I wrote so it will now be a compressed version) Moderators, admins and rules. Over the years there has been a lot of disruptive or chip on their shoulder type members. Often they are banned from other forums but what they have in common is they dont like rules or to be told to pull their head in so they gang up on the moderating team for the fun of it or to push the boundaries. Often they do not read a thread correctly and have their nose out of joint because of it. Somembers I believe many have no idea of how to use the forum for example they think their topic is deleted because they forgot where they posted and dont know how simple it is to find it so they blame the team without justification instead of contacting myself for help. I cant remember the other issues I addressed in my unpublished posts so if I do I will add later. Anyway I hope that the membership continues to enjoy the forum and if anyone has an issue with a topic you can hit the report button or PM me and I will try to sort it out if I can but I think I mentioned we all have different perspectives of what is posted so what I see or think maybe different than the one with an issue. Now for those who do not ever want to see particular forums or wish to only view some that interest you this is how to do it. This will completely remove the forums from your viewing.
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    You know what. Sometimes I think after all the years I and the members including the moderators and different admins have put into just trying to present a good forum with little praise I take my hat off to your post as mostly it's not so good from the feedback we get from others but surprisingly we have lasted about 10 years. I can actually recall a post here and can find it that said something like we won't last very long just after launch around 10 years ago so somehow something was done right. . Thank You for your support with the forum and understanding it's a difficult job to please everyone.
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    I think as long as those that go completely over the top are wound in it's healthy to debate some controversial issues. Too much of society is getting sanitised these days that people are frightened to vent their opinions in public and sadly the same people at times are in a position to influence younger family members. I don't mind someone coming on here and stating facts or being educated by facts, just last week when on a great tour around some islands my friend got talking to an American couple. You can safely say they were from a certain political bias and were practically spitting venom and quoting straight from the general media. I asked if they had actually listened to the whole live interviews or just cut and pastes made by their station of choice. True to form they'd only watched the cut and paste ( or stitch ups). Fortunately I had internet so showed them additional footage. I'm not from any one political side as I prefer the truth and I'm aware both sides can manipulate words but unless I've done my research I tend to wind my neck in. That's the good thing about this forum. There's enough intelligent adults about to wind the idiots in or at least to re-educate them. Keep up the good work.
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    I think the forum is fine. Good mix of old timers and some new ones to ask the questions. There are enough ppl that there is representation from several different idologies about everything. I have seen that the mods and even that JGF person seem to stay on top of problems and shutdown silly stuff, and even through out trouble causers. I like to see the answers and ideas of the old timers as well as the new, it makes it real. I am not quite retired yet. But looking forward to it. If you just want only old-timers or only that currently live in the Philippines or that have lived there for a certain amount of time that all have the same ideas it could be easily screened at the time of account creation with a few questions. Being in and from the US I can attest to the fact that the political issues are completely over the top and in everyone face all the time. I can still remember times from being a kid where everyone sat with respect when the leader would speak. Jack, you seem (from your writing) to be a good family man, with nothing not to like. I can see you dedicate a huge amount of time to this forum. I don't think everyone else in every other place is in the same good position, albeit you have likely earned it. I only read about 1 in 30 of the threads based on available time. This one really caught my attention. I can respectfully disagree with anyone, or are we looking to have everyone agree ? Best Regards,
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    This too has happened regarding myself. This is not usually concerning behaviour good or otherwise but tends to be more about how I mix in, stop to chat, socialize with locals etc. Rather that some foreigners can be aloof, which gives off the vibe that they feel superior even if unintended. My German neighbour a case in point. What does it take to smile, say hello and treat with respect, my parents taught me that.
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    I find that filipinas cannot resist "free" stuff. No matter what it is and no matter what it costs, if it is free then they will find a use for it. I am suggesting that you put a cosplay outfit under the Christmas tree for her. Once she has it, she won't want to waste it
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    Did you forget your mighty hammer Dan?
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    O/P What is happening to the Forum! Say it as you see it, I thought we were all getting along just fine, did I miss something? Having reached page five I've forgot what this Thread was about It must be my age.
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    JGF, no need for me to quote your long response. You detailed out some of the things I had been thinking. I have been here on the forum a long time. 2011, I think? Over the long term, I don't think the forum has changed much. I have gained a wealth of information that helped me before and since my move. And I try to give back as I gather "boots on the ground" experience. I post quite often and many times the only reason I post something is because I remember my promise to "give back' or "pay it forward". A story about a visit to the LTO or Philhealth might be boring to many, but I post anyway with the thought it might help just one person. I post about my kids and family because they are my joy in life and I like to share that. I know that many on the forum are not in a "kids" period of their life and don't care much for those posts, but that is fine. We all have different interests. Sometimes they cross, sometimes they don't. As you said, members come, members go. Members get active, members go dormant. Negative posters come and go, positive posters come and go. Members have life changes that impact them and their presence on the forum. However, in the long run, not much changes. I agree with Paul B. There is so much you can do to control your online experience both here and on other internet platforms, like FB. Heck, I had to stop following half of my family of FB due to their political posts!
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    I called an old classmate and asked what he was doing. He replied that he was working on "Aqua-thermal treatment of ceramics, aluminium and steel under a constrained environment." I was impressed... Upon further inquiring, I learned that he was washing dishes with hot water under his wife's supervision.
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    I take offence to people posting Christmas posts.
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    After nearly twenty years of married bliss today my wife said "No'. Without sharing too much information she has always been very accommodating. This morning while shopping at an outlet mall we came across an Anime shop. Of the many items were some Cosplay girls costumes. Anyway that's not gonna go down. I guess so Filipinas do have their limits, is that what you guys find?
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    Ahh yes, but then they shoot the messenger.
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    If only the world were like this... Great Video - Great Little Girl VID-20170905-WA00131.mp4
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    Ouch , I think that person or persons was on about me and my sphelling and pictures and my asking to many questions, never mind . Anyway did anyone sea the extra large moon last night, pictures to follow, plus do eye need a licence to be able to fish over in the Philippines just like needing one here in England.
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    I'm enjoying the drumming practice next door that starts at 7am every day.
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    I for one have read all comments on this issue and although I have written on controversial articles in past, I think on a few circumstances this little story might explain a few issues on this site. When I first met my wife she told me something that wasn't quite right, my response was bull sh---, she burst out crying, I couldn't see anything wrong with what I'd said, a common word here in Aussie. It took me all day to get the PI meaning out of her, I'd put her down, demeaned her and made her feel useless, didn't I feel a real mongrel. Now seeing were from all corners of the world and with different worldly views, maybe some of the text written is taken out of text by cultural and language misunderstanding. Like one post said, skip it and move on if it doesn't agree with your train of thought or try to understand the wording in the post. Tis that time of year so let's all join this jolly old fellow.
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    I'd certainly make everyone aware that you just don't mix with politics or any sort of demonstration over here.
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    Hearing about it and getting angry about it are 2 different things.When somebody writes on here and gets angry over something in their old country,which they can do nothing about,and gets angry with other members then it is time to pull them up. I am of the same opinion as you in that when I hear how bad parts of the UK are becoming I am more than happy to be here.
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    OK Kevin, it's that time of the month so I took my valium, vicodin, oxicondin and morphine to calm my PMS induced hyper-tension. I'm good to go now........reffestively Jak-Jak
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    I tend to stick with Agoda, AirBnB and in a pinch Booking.com. Never had any issues with them. I only ever use Booking.com if I can't find somewhere to stay on Agoda. Those two sites, whilst having a lot of common properties, do actually also have places that aren't listed on both. I tend to only use AirBnB if I'm going to stay a week or more somewhere. I've never had any issues with Agoda at all. I've even found that they tend to be cheaper than booking direct with the motel in some cases. Blue Palawan in Puerto Princessa was 800php a night cheaper through Agoda than direct when we wanted to stay an extra couple of nights. So after inquiring at reception, went to our room and booked it through Agoda, not a problem. I shy away from Booking.com mainly due to some venues asking for a security deposit set at about 80%. They debit this immediately and rather than you just paying the balance on arrival, or in entirety when you book, you have to pay the full amount on check-in and then wait up to 10 days for the refund of your deposit, despite everything being paid for with a credit card. AirBnB I love. Had to cancel a trip to Baguio recently and despite the owner/manager having a "strict" refund policy she refunded the entire week's accommodation cost with only 2 days notice of the cancellation. I still copped the Airbnb admin fee that was paid upon initial booking but that's to be expected.
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    He originally said window type, possibly inverter type. If he is going from window to inverter, there will be additional costs to patch the old hole, if desired, or just cover and seal it. If you put plywood on both sides of the hole, they make a great rat house! I have two old window types in bedrooms that I would like to replace. When I priced window type with inverter, they seemed very high. I think also 1 hp inverter window type is not common. Most are more powerful. I will probably go with small splits when the time comes. Splits are so much quieter inside and good for bedrooms. We did not have a local Daikin dealer when I bought my splits, so I bought Carrier. There is a new store going up here, and they already have a Daikin sign up, so maybe I can get Daikin next time.
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    My operational understanding here (mostly for my own peace of mind and survival) is: Once my pisos leave my hand... .I will with 99.5% probability, never see them again. Business transaction, friend, wife.... no matter. 12 years ago was an exception when, while in Kalibo and transferring to an FX, I had already paid the driver our fares and we were waiting for more passengers before departing eastward (opposite direction from the tourist destination of Boracay that most foreigners are going) and my woman tells me that the driver needs more pisos from us. No explanation was given as to why. The stink of greed and exploitation was in the air. I was pissed and took our luggage from the back door behind the last seat's open rear door and then told the guy that I had changed my mind and wasn't going to take the trip with him. I demanded my money back forcefully. He could see that I was riled and hyped up and he gave me the 500 or whatever it was that I had earlier given him. We had an audience of old geezers playing checkers with bottle caps, so it was in a public venue. He gave me my money and we waltzed off, jumping into a nearby cab, who took us to another FX terminal. It ended OK financially, but my composure was riled and it ruined what was until then, a nice trip. In retrospect, now that I am 12 years older and wiser, I would have politely joked him and offered him a P50 bonus or something so that I wouldn't have to deal with his sh*t and throw a mental snag into my day. Its usually better to offer humor and a little something unless the matter is very serious indeed. We do NOT share the same perspectives in what is right, wrong, correct, incorrect, proper, improper etc., so be very careful in your assumptions in these matters. Few consumers rights here. Its caveat emptor .... buyer beware..IMHO
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    The best case scenario is a few years down the line after paying lots of money to an attorney you will get your day in court. The police will admit to being corrupt and the tour company will appologise and give you your money back. The next best scenario is you'll spend a fortune and still not get your day in court but might find you're detained in the mean time on a seperate unrelated charge, where you are the only witness on your side against a few policemen. The rest I'll leave to your imagination.
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    Sounds good. I was anticipating that your friend would do the electrical. That would be over and above the installation of the aircon outside unit, (including having a bracket welded up and installed) plus the install on the inside unit and the linking of the two with the insulated copper piping that will run many hundreds of pesos per foot, so keep the outside unit as close as you can to the inside unit and you will be find at about 6K for the parts and labor of the install. Mine cost me 6.5K to install. Like you, I also bought a 1 hp Daikin split unit on Lazada for 19K. Fortunately I had existing electrical supply there so there was no charge for the electric hook up or it would have been about 8.5 for the install. You have an electrician friend for that part but unless he is an air con installer, DO NOT let him install the aircon. My friend is also an electrician and all round contractor but he knows enough to get a pro to do the plumbing install of the split unit. Mine is working great 9 months after the install. EDIT: I forgot to say mine is not an inverter type. I have not seen one for 19K that is an inverter type. Its too late for me now but if you got an inverter type Daikin split for 19K you should share the link. That's a good deal! Or check the fine print as it may not be the inverter type you wanted.
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    Cheers Dave, cannot see it for sale doing simple on line search, would of preferred buy in Bacolod but guess it is what it is. At P19000 plus say around P6k for extras be acceptable, my electrician is a friend and it's the up to me scenario. Not sure the other extras you refer to.
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    My point by showing everyone is that many members think different. That came from an Email possible over 4 months ago and trust me there was more in it but again I used it as an example of cant please everyone. Just to add, that person is still a member but wont post here but says he might look in once in awhile so if he does reply so be it.
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    Not wanting step on JGF's Toes in his mid thought but this I can't let go. Sorry JGF but this what the Topic is all about. YES? some will tell us the things we should do and not do and then do not think before they send. Even in private without knowing how your Forum works I think this particular member is living under a misapprehension, while Hidden in his barrel I hope there is enough light to read this. GJF went to a lot of trouble to make that leader board by introducing the reaction icons and making the forum a little more member involved. The Owner the Boss or the Mods do not give out the points for the Leaders Board, it is not on post count but by us in member votes via those Icons, If the member wants to get on the Leaderboard I would respectfully suggest he/she Starts a topic/posts here that members like, understand and would give a like, a thanks, a laugh, a confused and even a sad vote too So my Friend whoever you are, clogging up the Leaderboard is really down to yourself just not getting on to it. I don't take offence at much but your remark was to me a little childish and uncalled for but it was never said to us on the Topic. So if you really think some of us are Diarrhea posters that is only your Opinion. some of us at least are getting the points. Of course we don't expect an answer to this from you. Do we? Again Sorry JGF but I honestly felt this one had to be answered Of course JGF did not say this it was a quote in private but now we have seen it well
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    I have heard great things about Hitachi but its out of my price range (about 30,000) The link goes to one that is for sale on Lazada. It looks like this:
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    See it's working already, the post I posted, got a laugh out of a (grumpy or humbug or scrooge Mcduck, )
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    Only now? some have been doing them since the Start of the BER months, you been Sleeping too much
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    They don't do Christmas like we do, they follow the true way (To them in their faith) the 3 Kings of January 6th is the true Christmas to oh so many here, as it is in Spain Gifts are not really in the budget of many but I have always found small token Gifts are well received. Unlike we would maybe not like. We find that a little envelope with a couple of hundred pesos in (well we give 500) to all our Staff is very well pleasing to them ( the Live in Girls) get a bonus from "A" as well any Live out guys & gals are always fed well around this time. Azon and I don't do the Gift thing as we tend to spoil each other most of time anyway Each to our own but always remember, if you over spoil them this year watyer goin to do next year Oh nearly forgot, plenty of bags of candy and soaps etc for the callers on Christmas day (And they will come to the gate) we split Rice into 1 kilo bags as handouts, "A" gets lots of goodies (Candy) from the Traders and we bag them like a party Bag. Ours start about 6.30am and it can go on till 3 or 4 pm the afternoon, Mate you can count on at least 30 callers to you gate
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    I agree but here in the PI we have to be so very careful in what we (the Foreigner) have to say and most certainly how it is said. Venting in Public (and we know that these Forums are read by those that need to) is getting to be somewhat controversial itself. Social media is not Private and of Late I have heard of 2 more people that I have met have been served with summonses based on the Anti - Cyber Laws here, Both are Foreigners and complained badly/wrongly about Globe Communications. It is what it is so why make ourselves our own worst enemy.
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    My Friend, Thank you for this observation and the comment, When the time is right and I have sorted out the wheat from the chaff on some issues I will tell people ( those that don't really know me that is) why I dedicate time and effort on behalf of all members here and it may bring to light why I opened the Topic but that is for another day
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    No way am i ever going to say this , what I am saying is there are ways and ways of disagreeing, many times i have said as others have it is not what we say but the way we say it Jack Morning All
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    Board seems fine and friendly to me.
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    Personally I would go for something like a small Honda. We have an eu10i which is a superb piece of kit. Extremely quite and economical. Around 7 hours on a tank of just over 2 litres of petrol. The invertor is pure sine wave so it will run anything up to its rated output. (900 watts) The cheap ones you get in the likes of Citi hardware are not very economical, very noisy and use a modified sine wave. Some types of equipment, such as fans with timers, don't like modified waveform. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Ken
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    From what he said 10 years ago an application 'without grease' would have rotted on the bottom of the pile. Then a new BI boss came in and swatted fixers away from the program and reduced the number of BI officers with authority to issue quota visas down to two. Another hurdle people who are interested will run into is the investment criteria. Similar to the standard SRRV you need to show a US$50,000 investment in the Philippines, unlike the SRRV, once you have shown $50,000 in the Philippines and you have your visa there is no requirements on the money or where it is. You do not have to maintain it in a specific account nor are you limited in how you can use it. Once you have received the visa you have a 5 year I-card and an annual p360 renewal.
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    I don't mind the "cons" of any given situation, that's just being honest and I can't see this forum being anything close to some others out there in the amount of crap that goes on. I've been a member here for about 5 years now I think and yes, I've seen it evolve, but that's just the nature of all things. I do agree with you on those that do post negatively constantly with regards to The Philippines banging on a little too much occasionally but perhaps this is their only outlet, as annoying as it is for the rest of us sometimes. I take such posts with a grain of salt and as much as I they annoy me as well they do sometimes point out some pitfalls that I certainly hadn't thought of as a non-resident there. having said that I do tend to skip over the repeat offenders' posts. But if they genuinely don't like it in PI, as you say, they should probably just go. I don't want "rose coloured glasses" but neither do I want to continually whinged at either. Given your blog comment Jack, I'll refrain from posting my latest trip report
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    This topic was suggested by an Filipina-Foreigner online discussion my wife read over the weekend. An offshoot of the TV series 90 day fiancé. I bet we all know a few Foreigner guys with Filipinas in happy relationships the common denominator being cash 💵 and gifts. What surprised me the number of Filipinos that were not only accepting but thought that under certain circumstances they may be interested. If those involved are happy is it so wrong?
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    Many years ago (about 5 or so) Booking dot com DID give me a $10 refund when I later found the same hotel for $10 less on Agoda. Shocked the heck out of me. One time anecdotes are not designed to show they will give OTHERS a refund, just to say that it can happen. It was a hotel in San Francisco on a one night stopover that I got the refund on.
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    Feeling smug or vain? Sweat the small stuff? Believe in 'juju'? This will put us in our place! This excerpt from Carl Sagan's book Pale Blue Dot (1994) was inspired by an image taken, at Sagan's suggestion, by Voyager 1 on Feb 14, 1990. From a distance of about 6 billion km Voyager 1, which had completed its primary mission and was leaving the Solar System, was commanded by NASA to turn its camera around and take one last photo of Earth across a great expanse of space, at the request of Carl Sagan. The accompanying words, written 27 yrs ago are still so relevant today. 2017-07-05-VIDEO-00000014.mp4
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    Oh yes they are a very large supplier, I believe you can buy online; but for some research read the link; http://www.daikin.com.ph/ Best of Luck in shopping Bruce
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    I've just had it booking a room for my partner. I logged on and it was £18, by the time she'd messed around it had timed out so I refreshed the page and it had jumped to £26. I cleared browser history and cookies and looked again, this time it was £24 on the exact same site.
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    To be considered in the 1% nationally here you need a salary equivalent to 25000 USD. The average person makes about 4000 USD a year. Oncer you get outside of the NCR and probably Cebu/Davo those numbers are probably lower by a pretty good amount.
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    I have found that it is better to try to contact the hotel concerned.I went to Iloilo in July and the booking wanted to charge me an extra fee for a bed for my daughter.My daughter would not sleep in a separate bed in a hotel and when you started booking children under 5 YO were supposedly free.They also wanted me to go to BDO bank and pay or if I used my UK bank card there was a quite hefty charge.I contacted them on FB and paid the money straight into their Metro bank account no problems.The reason I don`t like to go to BDO around here is that you have an hours wait to get served and no seats.
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    Well at 20 mg a day I don't think I will worry too much "Damned if you do and Damned if you don't" comes to mind I am 70 and am alive, So! She has been a Good Doctor over these last 6/7 years, I am sure she would not give me a Killing Agent
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    50 peso, less than a dollar US. So reality you had an argument, a visit to the police station, a threat of deportation and a threat of being detained and possible lost hours doing so. It may be NOTRIGHT but you will live longer without filing any case.
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    You shouldn't. Read about another foreigner who spent 5 years in jail on a bogus rape charge after he foolishly filed a charge against a local woman. He would still be there were if not for the efforts of his US congressmen and the U.N. to get him out. Filing a case, though sometimes necessary, is an absolute last resort. The deck is stacked and it's not in your favor. The details of your situation aren't important, walk away while you can. Not that I could find but do you have several years to fight a case involving the equivalent of $80?? It's a 3rd world corrupt country. It is what it is, accept it or stay away. Sorry to be blunt but I can't help but think that the trouble between your ex-gf (or whatever) on the drive down had a big effect on this whole situation. That's understandable but now it's time to move on.