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  1. Sometimes I wonder where these sort of wacky stories come from
  2. If it is, Jack better chain him up otherwise he will be hauled in by the law every time he lets one rip.
  3. Looks like someone has been caught
  4. I think people; more so the media get on the bandwagon and use anything they can find whether its true or taken out of concept. Shame the world is like that.
  5. It is a bad world we are living in now but according to witness or concert goes there was no security on entering other than checking tickets. If this is true I fail to understand why. Surely in these times strict security has to be implemented in large public gatherings. Condolences to victims families and friends but also these terrorist acts also hit hard at the citizens of any country they occur but rest assured it is felt worldwide.
  6. I really do not know what this will mean. My wife is from Mindanao and if she should go back with my son to visit family is there more danger than before or should it be safer ?
  7. MANILA, Philippines 5/23/2017 – President Rodrigo Duterte signed on Tuesday, May 23, the executive order (EO) on a nationwide ban on Flatulence in all public places. Palace sources also confirmed that the President already signed EO 27. Ubial said they will now proceed with crafting the EO's implementing rules and regulations. "We are happy! It's really comprehensive and [the designated flatulence areas] are very strict!" she added. EO 27 sets strict guidelines on designated flatulence areas and bans them altogether in schools, including universities, and recreational facilities for minors. Designated flatulence areas or DSAs are defined in the EO, obtained by as an "an area of a building or conveyance where flatulence may be allowed, which may be in an open space or separate area with proper ventilation." The EO also specifies that a "non-flatulence buffer zone" be established for DSAs not located in open spaces. The buffer zone must be between the door of the DSA and the rest of the building. There should be no part of the buffer zone that will allow air to escape to the flatulence-free area except for a "single door with an automatic door closer and automatic pressurised air fresheners. ." A building or conveyance can have only one DSA of one square meter. Toilets are exempt. Minors are prohibited from entering the DSA or its buffer zone unless an approved mask or breathing apparatus is used. The EO lists the following as areas where flatulence is not allowed, hence no DSA shall be provided: Centers of youth activity such as playschools, preparatory schools, elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities, youth hostels, and recreational facilities for minors Elevators and stairwells Locations where fire hazards are present. Within premises of public and private hospitals, as well as medical, dental, and optical clinics Food preparation areas or serving areas such as restaurants , bars, karaoke places or road side vendors to name only a few. PNP chief Dele Rosana also said that the Philippine National Police will enforce the new law and pursued the public to help bring offenders to justice. He also said when asked for clarification on how the law will be policed he stated that PNP will use sniffer dogs to find violators of the new law. Source,
  8. yes
  9. Yes thats what I said in an earlier post that when l unscrewed the head from the hose a lot of silt and stuff came out.
  10. Of course you can not own the land. Im also sure you will find you can not lease off your wife.
  11. Back in Australia the laws you talk about are strictly enforced. Of course there are people who break the law. My guess in the Philippines in time you will find it will be enforced to.
  12. huh ? As I said there is a filter in the hose where it screws onto the shower head. Maybe yours is different but what I am saying is that if it becomes blocked enough to stop the water flow to a certain point then the heater will not come on as it senses the tap is off.
  13. A few days my water heater would not come on so had to investigate why.It was simple after unscrewing the hose from the head. So much black crap came out which was stopped by the filter in the end of the shower head. Also a lot of coarse stuff that looks like and feels like metal shavings. Again today it stopped working so did the same, the filter is blocked so the heater thinks the water is off if there is not enough water getting through.
  14. Hopefully you live a long time yet. My reply below is not directed at you but just a generally comment to all. To throw a spanner into this topic. Yes I know there are many smokers on this forum or anywhere for that matter but let's thinks about the non smoker who has to put up with second hand smoke. ! The workers in the bar have no choice but to breath it in. My mother breathed it in and the walls of the house were stained yellow from the smoke. I recall when I split from my first wife my mum did my washing which was good but I had to tell her I could not do it anymore as my washed and ironed clothes stunk of smoke. So my point being if you want to smoke do it somewhere in private . Consider if someone farted in the elevator and understand what's its like for others.
  15. I assume the question is for me. I have never had an ARC card before because I only stayed a month.