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  1. I lost a ball

    But we are not talking about an overcharge. We are now talking about someone giving change to the wrong person accidentally which easily could have cost a few days salary. I would hate to work for nothing.
  2. I lost a ball

    Good thing you didn't as usually mistakes made by staff are deducted from their salary.
  3. Mactan dentist

    Guys , the OP is coming for 24 days. Many people take advantage of cheaper dental work while here and I have done so myself. By the way, all members can state an opinion or give advice as to what they know whether they live here or not.
  4. Hotel bookings online.

    Definitely in short.
  5. Hawaii Beauties?

    Mall shops employ Filipinas
  6. Waiting for a plane

    Been raining in Cebu for the past 4 days including now but the forecast winds did not eventuate or have not yet.
  7. opening bank account as a tourist

    No I dont think so as rules have changed.
  8. Mactan dentist

    Welcome but who really knows if the date is a problem? If you want a dentist on the mainland I will tell you but have no idea of one to recommend on Mactan and or why your date is so important to you.
  9. Foreigners and Filipino children act

    Good question which makes it hard for everyone to know the exact law. I would have thought it should be a nation wide law not some half cocked rubbish. "Seen in the company of a minor", Mc Donalds off limits?
  10. Wasn't said in this topic by our contributing members.
  11. Although this reads to me as almost the same as the existing law it appears that one needs to be careful for example just stopping to talk to a kid on the street if it is approved. Law vs sexual predators pushed TO PROTECT children from sexual predators, an ordinance punishing any foreigner who will be seen with a Filipino child unaccompanied by a Filipino adult was proposed by Davao City Councilor Avegayle Dalodo-Ortiz. Section 3 of the proposed ordinance passed on first reading states that: "It is absolutely prohibited for a foreigner or group of foreigners to be seen or to be in the company of a Filipino minor or children when such child or children are also unaccompanied by a Filipino adult." Section 4 of the proposal states that the law does not apply when the foreigner is a relative of the child up to the fourth degree consanguinity. Persons to be punished include foreigner or foreigners violating the Section 3 of the ordinance, and any Filipino who knowingly places any child or children in the company of the foreigner without him accompanying such Filipino child or children. Section 6 penal provisions indicate that each person violating the ordinance, shall, upon conviction, be imprisoned of not less than six months. Having been approved in first reading, the proposed ordinance was referred to the committee on women and children headed by Ortiz for the conduct of committee hearings. Read more: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/davao/local-news/2017/12/14/law-vs-sexual-predators-pushed-579800
  12. No you wont find exchange booths prior to immigration. If the whole thing is daunting you can just take the 30 day waiver and pay a travel agent to extend your visa for you. Of course you will have you pay them around P1500.
  13. Sending money back home

    Most remittance services will send to India, Western Union has India on their list for transfer out of the Philippines. I am not sure but you may be limited to P50000 at a time without BSP (Central Bank of the Philippines) approval assuming this new law is still efective Quote from 2016 Source, http://www.philstar.com/business/2016/08/27/1617514/travelers-now-allowed-bring-out-p50k
  14. Grounding Appliances

    Yes if a pole out in the street gets struck you will get a surge of electricity blasting through the wires which pretty much nothing will protect sensitive electronics or appliances. When lightning hit the TV antenna on the building I lived in in Australia most people losts equipment. We had this conversation before about this happening and there were some non believers but if you google it one will find out it's true that a lot of damage has happened through lighting strikes passing through the electric wiring of a house.
  15. Funeral Photos?( just not into this But!)

    Steve, have you had your glasses checked ?