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  1. Jollygoodfellow

    Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    The end is nigh ?
  2. Nothing wrong with Jollibee's for a wedding.
  3. Maybe if the OP could give a more precise location and approximately what he is willing to pay would be better for all. There a lots of venues by searching google but possibly in the high range. Many hotels could accommodate small weddings and I'm not sure if the OP is planning on having the actual wedding ceremony there and reception afterwards. The other thing is we do not know where his fiancee is from and surely it would be easier for her to arrange something close to home and also the guests, where will they be comming from?
  4. He did say Manila so I assume he wont be out in the sticks. He also described the type of place he was looking for and I dont think a basketball court fits the picture.
  5. Jollygoodfellow

    Just a Heads up for chrome users

    Probably has not signed out and because you accessed it, it shows as online.
  6. It didn't show when I first read the post but does now.
  7. No, I just checked all my conversations with them and their previous answer was no if staying over 6 months. That was the answer in May last year.
  8. OK, Just like you say. One source says yes the other no such as ask the BI on their Facebook messenger and the answer is must get it from their office. Even when Huggybearman asked at Manila airport the answer was no so up to individuals what they want to do as this might not apply to all airports either.
  9. No I meant the BI in different places might misunderstand the rules. Lets see if AlwaysRt is on a tourist visa.
  10. You might be right about not understanding the rules but the BI told me just 30 minutes ago that a ECC for tourist who have stayed beyond 6 months must obtain the ECC at an immigration office. Are you and AlwaysRt on a tourist visa ?
  11. Jollygoodfellow

    Ukay Ukay!

    You mentioned selling used clothing and flea markets which is against the law to sell imported used clothing. I dont know if its against the law to sell used clothing that was bought new from stores such as malls and after you are sick of them or out grow them possibly sell them. That is not imported used clothing so l dont see a problem with that in the law.
  12. Jollygoodfellow

    Ukay Ukay!

    There might be no law against selling used clothing that was bought new in the Philippines but the law is about importing used clothing.
  13. If you have a RCBC bank go there. You will probably need a proof of living here such as lease or such. My friends have used this bank and have accounts. From their site Foreigners Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) Immigrant Certificate of Registration (ICR) https://www.rcbc.com/General/BankRequirements Now as this is a visa topic lets start topics in their correct forum such as banking from now on.
  14. How many would be doing that? As far as we know he came as a tourist with a visa waiver and started from there. Beats me, sometimes I give up on visa questions because its not rocket science and everyone's induction of fun just blows it out. Just a waste of time trying to help. Ask immigration from now on might be best .