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  1. Buying a condo to rent out.

    If I was a tenant and that was the policy I would rent elsewhere. Most people like their privacy in long term rentals.
  2. With the recent outbreak of bird flu chicken might getter harder to find more so if it keeps spreading. Philippine troops to help cull 600,000 fowl in bird flu battle MANILA (REUTERS) - The Philippines will deploy hundreds of troops to hasten a cull of about 600,000 fowl, the Agriculture Secretary said on Wednesday (Aug 16), as part of efforts to rein in the South-east Asian nation's first outbreak of bird flu. There has been no case of human transmission after the flu was detected on a farm in the province of Pampanga, about 75km north of the capital Manila, but it has spread to about 36 other farms and nearly 40,000 birds have died. "I have asked the Philippine army to provide us with additional warm bodies to help us in depopulating the farms," Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Pinol told a news conference. "Six hundred thousand (fowl) is no mean job. Our personnel are facing a difficult task and we lack people." Mr Pinol said the government had about 200 men in the area, but fewer than 20,000 birds had been culled since the outbreak was reported. Brigadier-General Rodel Mairo Alarcon said at least 300 soldiers would be sent to the province on Thursday (Aug 17) to assist in the culling of chickens, quails and ducks. "The Philippine army and the Armed Forces of the Philippines are 100 per cent in support of this effort," Brig-Gen Alarcon said. Soldiers will be given protective gear and doses of a drug, Tamiflu, to guard against possible infection. Two sick farm workers from the area have tested negative for the virus, Health Ministry spokesman Eric Tayag said. Although the Health Ministry has yet to identify the specific strain of the virus that hit the Philippines, health and farm officials say initial tests have ruled out the highly pathogenic H5N1. Samples are being sent to Australia for further testing to determine the presence of the N6 variety of the strain. The Philippines is the latest country in Asia, Africa and Europe and Africa to suffer the spread of bird flu viruses in recent months. Many strains infect only birds, but the H7N9 strain has led to human cases, including deaths, in China. http://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/philippine-troops-to-help-cull-thousands-of-fowl-in-bird-flu-battle
  3. UK Beef back in the Philippines

    That's because it marbled with fat thought the steak. This keeps it moist when cooking. The wagyu is a breed and breed for the marbling in the meat.
  4. Service With A Grunt

    Have no problem here in Cebu. was at the bank the other day and all worked perfectly.
  5. Bad Cookies

    Ad blocker wont do anything but block ads. This is all good but remember that sites like this that pay for hosting and software licences etc reply on members clicking on ads to gain a small amount of revenue to pay the cost of running a forum.
  6. Balikbayan Box Major Rule Changes

    Lets not go around calling people names and making assumptions.
  7. I disagree about preventative maintenance on electric supply. This example is Cebu but I'm sure the same goes on in other areas.
  8. Dinosaurs Island

    Just a reminder that images can be dragged into position in the editor so rather than make a long post best to place them in a horizontal row.
  9. Are people changing/becoming more honest.

    That's all I would be worried about .
  10. Personally I think the job problem or not finding one has to do with one's social background, education and also where one lives. If you are out in the sticks then basically no work and if you have no money to move to the city you are limited. If you can move to the city you need accommodation and again if limited money very hard. Most employers pay monthly or every two weeks so again no money you have a difficult situation. If you're born in a squatter area then all of the above applies so to break the cycle you need some help or you just follow the way of life from your family and their family before them.
  11. I think you are right but as the restaurant over the road does after 6 months is offer you a permanent job or if you have not performed well on things like attendance etc then 6 months of training is the end of it but you get a certificate in hospitality or whatever its called.
  12. Of course as you are not leaving the airport.
  13. Holidays, vacations

    9.39 PM, you got it down to a minute.
  14. I wonder if it will be expensive? New UK beef deal struck with the Philippines A new export deal worth £34m will soon see UK beef on dinner plates and restaurant menus across the Philippines, Food Minister George Eustice has announced. Beef reared in the UK, already worth more than £350m in global exports each year, will now join pork, poultry, lamb and dairy on the list of UK food and drink shipped to the Philippines. Market access for beef was withdrawn in 1996 due to BSE concerns and the ban was lifted in 2001. This latest deal, estimated to be worth £34m over the next five years, follows a visit to the UK by a delegation of inspectors from the Philippines last year. Hosted by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board (AHDB), the deal was awarded when inspectors saw first-hand the UK’s high animal welfare and food safety standards, the government said. Food Minister George Eustice hailed the deal, saying: “Securing market access for our world-class beef to the Philippines is a huge vote of confidence for a sector that already exports more than £350m around the world, including Hong Kong and Canada. “The UK beef industry is the envy of the world and this strong demand globally for our traditional breeds reared to the highest welfare standards is what drives our exports and creates opportunities for our farmers.” He added that the Government is committed to driving exports for UK produce and that Defra’s Food is Great campaign was playing a key role in this, driving the demand for UK produce around the world and increasing positive public perception of UK food and drink. Defra and AHDB worked with UKECP, the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), DAERA in Northern Ireland, the Food Standards Agency, the Scottish and Welsh Governments and the other UK levy boards to secure the Philippines deal. Dr Phil Hadley, AHDB’s international market development director, said: “We are delighted the Philippines has approved UK beef exports, a market we already export pork to. The decision indicates future expansion for UK agriculture and our growing export markets globally.” The Philippines is the largest food and drink market in south east Asia with meat consumption expected to grow by ten per cent over the next five years. The country first opened its doors to UK pork more than a decade ago, with the UK’s market share increasing substantially over that period. UK pork shipments grew four times between 2015 and 2016, with pork offal shipments rising by 40 per cent in the same period. The taste for UK dairy has also increased, with UK cheese sales more than tripling between 2015 and 2016 with a 37 per cent expected growth by 2025, likely due to low import tariffs. Read more at: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/new-uk-beef-deal-struck-with-the-philippines-1-8698085
  15. Yes the link took to a job search site but your post said nothing about any job fairs or anything so that why I asked as a job finding site is normally for looking for a job thats been listed.