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  1. What?? No Toilet Paper!??

    Bad memories of my first trip to the Philippines. Used the HOT tap water from the hotel to make a cup of noodles while waiting for my gf who was very late. Two hours later we left a party early due to stomach pains. Told the driver to find a CR anywhere and it was a mall basement CR which had of course no TP. I left with no socks or front pockets in my good jeans. Fast learner, never leave home without a stash of TP.
  2. Busses, Jeepneys, Tricyclcle,..Oh My

    So it seems it is still much cheaper on one's budget to use public transportation. However, you can only go when they are available and are at the mercy of their routs and traffic. I would like the savings but not being available when and where I want and being able to carry larger loads is some of the issues for me. Also as I mentioned before the head and leg room is almost too small for me and have to ride with my head down and banging into something. Just not worth it for me.
  3. Busses, Jeepneys, Tricyclcle,..Oh My

    There are times in Manila also. But they are small windows and still Sundays are usually much less traffic.
  4. Busses, Jeepneys, Tricyclcle,..Oh My

    Haha, your right,...the ShoeLeather Express!
  5. For those that do not own their own car, for whatever your reason may be, what are you spending monthly for transportation? Include also if you have school age children that you pay either private service or other transportation. With the rising costs of fuel we are now spending about P7,000. per month in fuel alone. Of course there is maintenance, license registration, insurance, and don't forget I have several stickers for private roads and subdivision. that we pay also. However, I don't think we could manage without a car too easily with school and many other functions. But at times with parking and traffic, I sometimes wish we had no car.
  6. Am I considered a senior in the Philippines?

    I'm always learning. Thank you Tim. Must have missed or not paid attention the English classes through the years. I had only referred to those commas as "series". After looking "Oxford comma", I now feel more educated. Thanks
  7. I have noticed during my life, mostly the working part, that about 1 in 10 of my co workers were just plain down right jerks. And that is being nice. I then noticed that translated to the general population as well. Maybe not the exact percent but close. So, of those,(Jerks in society), what percent become travelers to other countries,(Philippines in this case). I think it's agreed most of us would not want to be around them here with their attitudes. So let them go being careful the door does not strike their backside.
  8. Western union

    Sound advise. I have been doing just this at least ones every month without any issues. One other thing we like to do is receive our cash in dollars and then exchange at the highest rate available as we need it. IF you decide to go the route getting dollars, I suggest to check around at the different WU locations first in your area to make sure they do payouts in dollars. Not all WU payout in dollars. We went to at least seven WU before we found one paying dollars.
  9. Divisoria Manila

    After reading all the responses and rereading mine, I realized I let out an important point to my post which also relates to my displeasure of going to Divisoria. PARKING. Now I understand most here like to or need to use public transportation to get around. However, we have our own car and I am the driver. I don't like standing and waiting in lines for buses or other transportation. Then add my height and size and most any public transportation is so uncomfortable that I'd rather just stay home. Hence I drive. While driving we can stop along the way wherever we want for as long as we want. When we make large purchases, Like we did on this trip, we can transport in our SUV without worry. The materials my wife bought weighed at least 90kg and five heavy duty rods were over 2 meters long. I just don't know how we would have managed this on public transport. Now back to the trip to Divisoria, we left Sta Rosa Laguna before 6AM. With traffic it still took about two hours. After arriving and looking for parking about 30 min. I dropped off the party of 5 and I drove around another hour+ waiting for parking. I finally was finally left into the Chin Mall parking only to have to wait longer until a space opened. This is my biggest complaint in and around Manila and also Laguna, Parking. I'm sure it is just as bad in all other locations in PI. Even with all said and done, the trip to Divisoria was worth it for us in the savings alone. Besides, with the selections is just not available locally. So, when and if I go again, like many places here, I will consider myself the driver and find a place to wait as the others do their happy shopping.
  10. Divisoria Manila

    expatuk2014, Glad you had a good time. we went there about a month ago for the same reason. Wife bought some nice material for making curtains and rods. Really good prices which made it worth the travel. However, when we were there it was so crowded you could not take a step. Only half steps. I will say also anything you may want could be found there. Although I have no desire to return any time soon.
  11. Items from your old life

    Well I'm sure it is a little different in England. But I had a similar experience with my tax lawyer in Maryland. Remember all US citizens are subject to US taxes. Additionally each state has it's own tax. Maryland for example is 13.5%. To avoid this he told me to return the Maryland drivers license and voter id card so there would be no ties to be subject to Maryland taxes. There are several states that have no state taxes. Florida being one of them and since I have family there and a registered mailing address, I can choose to be a resident with Florida voter ID and Drivers license and yes it is legal. So Jack, it may be similar for some in England to avoid some taxes. Maybe
  12. Breathe Right Nasal Strips?

    Many to choose from here. https://www.lazada.com.ph/catalog/?q=nasal+strips&_keyori=ss&from=input&spm=a2o4l.home.search.go.239e6ef05pGFDM
  13. Items from your old life

    Yes, and when you convert they do not take your old license. So, you can maintain your old country drivers license as you see fit. That is what I will continue to do.
  14. Postal Service

    Was that because he did not want the mail or he could not be located? I could understand either. And did the post office make a note when they returned it to you? I'm guessing you were trying to send to Mr Jordan? However, for the most part, we are wanting to receive our mail.
  15. Drafting/Drawing Board

    I prefer a board and T-Square. But if you must have, try this.... https://www.lazada.com.ph/staedtler-drawing-board-drafting-table-661-20-a3-intl-80559097.html?spm=a2o4l.searchlist.list.3.408736c6Yx9CqV https://www.lazada.com.ph/martin-pro-draft-parallel-edge-board-drawing-kit-extra-intl-79999202.html?spm=a2o4l.searchlist.list.77.cd8336c6Zkcqlfa They have others but you will have to search.