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  1. intrepid

    Homesick for good Pizza

    Okay Queenie thank you very much. We have about everything needed here except the yeast. I guess some homemade pizza is in our future. Gotta go shopping now. Thanks again
  2. intrepid

    Homesick for good Pizza

    Okay Queenie you got my ear. I could make sauce to my liking and no problem with the toppings. I fairly sure I could find the cheese. But even after searching I cannot find out to make an easy pizza dough. How do you make yours? I prefer thin crust so I would think it should not be too difficult. My wife and daughter want thicker like pan. Oh its only 10:40 not even close to lunch and now I'm hungry.
  3. intrepid

    Homesick for good Pizza

    The problem with pizza for me in the PI is the sauce. Or should I say the Lack of sauce. Most use so little sauce you can hardly taste it and hence the pizza is dry. Even when requesting additional sauce, if they do agree, they still do not comply by adding extra. My wife has also asked to no avail. So any way, another option I have not seen mentioned is at many of the malls, Sbarro's Pizza. Along with pizza they serve Stromboli, salad, and pastas. And don't write off Domino's Pizza. Domino's was on the end of my pizza list back in the US. Could not stand them. However, here in PI after two years I finely gave them a try since I could not find much else closer. I'll have to admit before trying Domino's, Shakey's was my number one also. However, Domino's tops my list now. And Tuesdays & Thursdays they offer buy one take one. Their specialty/premium pizzas seem the best and still cost less than many of the other brands.
  4. intrepid

    USD or PHP for credit card purchases

    And don't forget that many credit cards,( Not Capital One), charge a foreign transaction fee which can make those good exchanges not so good.
  5. intrepid

    Rain, rain, go away!

    We've been getting our share for the past week here in Sta Rosa, Laguna. Orange weather alerts every day. Finally saw some sunshine this afternoon. Maybe a little more rain before it continues out of here.
  6. intrepid

    Good helmet, bad driving!

    I guess next time he should heed the words on the wall. "Spatial", Have more space and "Breathe more. Live more."
  7. intrepid

    Cash Or Card?

    Just a current note on my Capital One credit card I used this morning to purchase several sheets of plywood and some other items at Wilcon. The total price was P7580 . My card charged me $143.20 . That's an exchange rate of 52.93 and that is what XE showed at the time.No reason to go to the bank or money changer.
  8. intrepid

    Cash Or Card?

    JJ, Many places here in Laguna and Manila are taking credit cards. I have used mine in restaurants, gas stations, department stores, fast food, and many other places. Actually about the only place I can think of where they do not take cards would be street vendors and very small privately owned shops. I have been using mine off and on regularly for the past two years and have yet to find a place which charges an extra fee for using card vs cash. Although I have run into several places which have a minimum purchase price when using a card. These usually are smaller stores and the minimum is like p500. Has worked for me well. I will caution anyone using their card to verify they are not charged foreign transaction fees. Of course hotels almost always accept credit cards.
  9. I did not take the time to read the warranty paper. However, when my battery was replaced with a new one, the receipt was kept and I noticed he taped it to my old battery. My thinking was I still had 7 months warranty. Since I wasn't paying anything for the new battery I thought best to keep my mouth shut and exit. I am also hoping this battery lasts more than seven months. Maybe it will last 21 months!
  10. I would not say it is easy to blame the younger ones. It is the parents and adults around them that has not taught them correctly. I sure was never allowed to wear a hat indoors. Although not the same, still goes to manners that are either taught or not these days.
  11. Tim, I agree 100% on the bank deposit fee. Since you do not use a PI bank, and are using USAA, what method and fees do you have sending yourself money from the US?
  12. Don, thanks for the beach report. Unfortunately many of the resorts we have been to over the years have left us with the same impression. My daughter is a swimmer like me and loves the water. However, because of huge tidal differences here there are fewer places with our type of deep water swimming beaches. So now we usually try to find a resort with nice beach views and a good swimming pool. From your pictures and description it certainly appears Tondol Beach would not make the cut. However, Treasures Of Bolinal sure looks like a nice place to relax a day or two for us. Hopefully we can make it there in the near future. Thanks again.
  13. intrepid

    Philippines Toilet Etiquette

    Just a little off topic. In 2015 I went to the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC to apply for my 13A visa. After waiting a while I needed to use the CR. It was located in the basement and required using outdoor stairway to gain access. While standing there using the urinal I noticed there were no paper towels at the sink. Got me thinking and looked into the empty stall and found there was no toilet tissue. Just empty dispenser with a missing spindle. Just sort of made me smile. I did take a picture to send to a few friends
  14. We purchased of Ford Everest used shortly after arriving in the Philippines 2016. We had to replace the battery within a few months and was able to purchase the 21 month Motolite. Although it started the car fine, it seemed to be a tad sluggish. I was thinking maybe the starter will need replacing in the near future. Fourteen months later that new battery would not start the car one morning. After a jump start and returning to the garage where we purchased the battery, they first tested my charging system. Then removed the battery and did a load test which failed. The worker then went inside and came out with a new battery and started to install it. I asked my wife to ask him what the cost would be because in the US they would prorate the replacement. He asked her if we had our receipt which once he checked it said,"no charge". Wow was I happy. However, he kept the receipt so no more warranty. The next several starts of the car I noticed this battery was much stronger and turned the motor over much faster. Looking back I think the other battery may have had a factory defect. Never felt myself as lucky but this time I feel I was.
  15. intrepid

    OH BOY! I wonder if he is trying to keep it QUIET?

    Let the party begin!