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  1. A few of the changers in our area now require a photocopy of your government photo ID kept on file before they will change any money. I suppose this may be for their security.
  2. A few of the changers in our area now require a photocopy of your government photo ID kept on file before they will change any money. I suppose this may be for their security.
  3. Sometimes you even have to list the serial number of each bill you are exchanging! Same old same old!
  4. Thank you Jamie for taking your time to do this for us. You are a great source of information on this subject and gives us a lot to think about. In my case I now have the information I'll need when talking to a lawyer.
  5. All this talk of ATMs taking cards, giving receipt, and keeping the cash,....maybe I should just start writing many checks to deposit on the same day. When caught I could just say,"Sorry Sir, there was cash in the account when I wrote the check!" Wouldn't be the first time that excuse was tried. Then again, maybe be in for an extended unwanted vacation.
  6. I have yet to find an airline to or travel agency to quote a price, let alone sell a ticket more that a year out. What will the happen then? Maybe BI will require airlines to sell high $$$$ tickets when more than a year away from initial travel.
  7. I was wondering and wishing the same thing as I'm sure others were!
  8. Here is what I have used and had no issues when the airline checked it. Cheaper than a throw away unless you get a refundable but that is a little more work.
  9. I wonder why my license is valid for only two years? Is it because of my birthday? My wife and I applied and completed all requirements on June 15, 2016. Paid the 750 peso. Received a paper temp and told to come back in August for the plastic. End of August told return in November when they will have plastic. November told to return in Feb. We returned in March 2017 and finally picked up the plastic license which expire first week September 2018 on my birthday. Typical is the word I used to reserve for where I worked. Now it is for here. No matter what or how it happens, it's just "typical".
  10. Yes, very interesting. I was able to do it at age 55. Eight months later, we are with no regrets and blessed with a family who take care of themselves. This makes me feel good and often on outings I will help out the ones who are not as well off but still working and trying. I really like helping more when they don't ask and I know the need.
  11. Okay, now I'm a little confused. In another topic we read when exiting on a 13a visa the ECC and RP fees could be paid at a window at the airport. So is this true and only for 13a holders? Tourists have to pay the ECC at a BI office?
  12. Keep us informed Don. I'll need this information next April when we visit the states.
  13. I agree. If you must use an ATM here, this should be the only way. My wife's case she had an account at the bank she used the ATM. However, since we were not at the time living in the Philippines, there was less in the account she needed for the final days of the trip. She had to withdrawl from her US bank account. Oh well, live and learn.
  14. I have not had this happen to me. However, my wife had the same thing happen to her account here on a visit four ago. Her account was at BDO and was using their ATM. The same thing that happened to her, no cash, just a receipt. Take it up with your US bank they said. Of course they said it was the Philippine bank issue. When we moved here last year we opened our first bank account with PNB. Because of their high fees that account was closed quickly and we have since been with BPI. Been good so far. The issue she had with the ATM at BDO was the last issue we ever had with an ATM. We will never again use an ATM here in the Philippines. Fool(GET), me once, shame on you, get me twice, shame on,..... Now, cash at the counter only!
  15. WOW, Sure am glad I'm not thinking about buying and driving a theoretical car! I'll stick with a real one.