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  1. Christmas Decorations

    This just makes my mind return to my childhood Christmas' also. Sorta sounds like the making of another Peanuts Christmas or Norman Rockwell paintings. I hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas.
  2. Lost Luggage

    That makes since. Thinking back, my wife cleared customs & Immigration in Detroit before her final destination in Washington. However, in my case in Manila, they didn't require me to return to the airport to retrieve the 50 lb luggage. But, this was around 2012 if I remember. It didn't appeared to be opened or searched either.
  3. Lost Luggage

    Happened to my wife when she first arrived in the US. Next day at 530 AM they had it delivered to my house at no charge more than an hour from the airport. It was my turn to have one lost at Manila 4 years later. Again, they delivered to my wifes house in San Pedero Laguna where we were staying. This time it took two days.
  4. Marines to the rescue!

    Yes, I remember reading that a while back and loved again today as much as back then. Puts a big smile on my face.
  5. Use The Power Of The Forum

    CMI,(Count Me In). I too would be interested if this gets off the ground. Do we have any members who were in sales that could help out?
  6. khill, I have an American friend here who has an uncle teaching in Brent. However, I have no personal knowledge of any students at Brent. We live in Sta Rosa Laguna and Brent is about 6km away from my home. Our daughter attends DLSU School which is about 10 KM. This is her second year there, now in the sixth grade. She has adjusted well and all classes are taught in English except the local tagalog course. I would guess maybe 1/6 of the students are from mixed parents. Mostly Asian but many from Europe as well. One of her classmates lives in Brentville which is a very high end subdivision. However, her parents choose to send her to DLSU. I was just there this evening dropping my daughter off and will fetch her later. If I can, I will try to ask why they chose DLSU over Brent. Might be as simple as the cost is about a third the price as Brent. There are many good schools in the Laguna area to choose from. With that said, you had first asked about schools in Baguio. My last trip to Baguio from Laguna took six hours leaving at 4AM. I have no knowledge of schools in Baguio. Hope this helps a little.
  7. Thanks Queenie. Very well said and I'm sure most if not all will agree with every piece of your statement of thanks. Now, since my wife takes care of the turkey and ham, it is my duty to make the stuffing. I need to get started so the oven will be free for her to be finished for dinner. Guests arriving around 4PM. Happy Thanksgiving Day to all who partake in this celebration and for those who do not, I wish you have another year filled with joy and peace.
  8. Shotgun Accident

    How many security guards do you see wearing their uniform with gun belt and holster with bullets around the belt,...and no gun?
  9. I was having some fun talking to a LTO officer this evening and we had a few laughs about the enforcement of the traffic laws here. I was about ready to move on when he told me about the "headlight law". He said all tricycles are supposed to have two headlights, one each side just as any four wheeled vehicle. That's when I really started to laugh. Two? I said. Many don't even have one working one or for some reason don't turn it on. I asked him if he could provide a location where I could look up the "headlight law" and he quoted R.A. 4136 Article 4 Section 34 (c). So when I get home I look it up. Sure enough there is another one of those laws that was probably only enforced for a few days if at all and still remains on the books. (c) Headlights. - Every motor vehicle of more than one meter of projected width, while in use on any public highway shall bear two headlights, one on each side, with white or yellowish light visible from the front, which, not later than one-half hour after sunset and until at least one-half four before sunrise and whenever weather conditions so require, shall both be lighted. see the full Act here; http://www.lawphil.net/statutes/repacts/ra1964/ra_4136_1964.html
  10. Our House Construction

    I guess it is time to finish up this topic which started about a year ago. We have moved into our new house almost month ago which was about three weeks past the expected completion date. I don't recall if I mentioned that since the work started, the only time it stopped was on Sundays, and one day each for Christmas, New Years, and Easter. Any other holiday, they were working. Always at least ten workers and for a long while twenty plus. When we moved in the only thing unfinished was the glass for the showers, landscaping, and the garage and entry gates. However, still so many things to do when moving into a new built home. It took over a week to open all the boxes of "stuff" we sent from our home in the US for our new house here. We had already opened many boxes while at the rental and discovered nothing damaged in that part of the shipment. But now we had 13 large boxes and 28 smaller boxes. Sure was nice to see so many items that were almost forgotten about. As a side note, we were really amazed that things like sets of wine glasses china plates and drinking glasses were unbroken. Also a collection of decorative display plates were undamaged. After the last box had been opened, we took a moment to think about all the packing we had done and realized either we did a really good job packing or the ship moving our goods must have not hit a storm traveling across the Pacific! Anyway, everything turned out well and we are very happy and excited to be in the new home. Even with all the work of finding the small things like curtain rods and having the curtains made. I have attached some photos below of what the house looked like the day we moved in. It has already changed somewhat since the gates are now on and the landscaping has started. Also a lot of furniture as been put into place. We are still waiting for our bedside night stands and family room end tables. Otherwise the house is coming along and really starting to feel like our home. Further, for those wondering, we were not charged anything extra than the original price agreed upon before starting construction.
  11. Are all families the same

    You are so right on this and I think this goes to many of their other problems and issues outside the family ones. Actually now that I think about it, most women everywhere are like this. Usually want our support, but not help resolving their problems.
  12. Hello and good morning Sir

    I totally agree davewe. I will add to this by saying, when I talk to locals, including my wife most times, I try to use proper English, without any slang words or terms commonly used in the US. Even with a long explanation it is hard for them to understand. So, I have learned the best way to communicate is by keeping it simple. Yes, you don't get to use your humor when doing this, but at least all will be more understandable. In time, you will learn how to joke with them.
  13. Another Successful Halloween Haul!

    Looks like a fun time for all. Although they have T-R-T here, my almost 12 year old had to skip. Just been too busy with moving into the new place. Seeing all that candy reminded me back home a dentist in our subdivision would give a tooth brush or toothpaste. The kids didn't think much of it but the parents enjoyed it and just maybe it got some of the children thinking. I really enjoy watching the littles ones having fun.
  14. Dave, not with the Capital one card. However, a have a chase card with which I have several reoccuring charges such as health insurance and another one back in the US. A few months ago I received a call from there fraud department via magic jack. Somehow my card was used in the Ill.at a town I had never visited for small charges of gas and food. They cancelled my card and issued a new one. I explained I'm on a "extended vacation" in the philippines. They sent the new card via Fed-Ex and I received it in two days and no charge to me. As for the Capital One, no issues yet. It is addressed to my Florida account and I get paperless statements.