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  1. sonjack2847

    Streaming Sites?

    So what do you use for streaming music do they do both?
  2. Feed the Turkeys to the dogs and then sell the dogs problem solved,go back and pick up your paintbrush,nah only joking mate.
  3. I wont say that I wont go back but if I do you can be assured that it will be with me kicking and screaming.I am here and this is home.
  4. sonjack2847

    Blood test back

    I had that blood test a few years ago and it came back fine my cholesterol was 4.1,everything else was fine except low iron count I took multi vitamins which sorted that out.
  5. sonjack2847

    Our(well her) new house

    Well he has done some work for another member on here who is also happy with the outcome.
  6. sonjack2847

    Our(well her) new house

    Yes I see Larry going in to see him most days.
  7. I just use my driving licence for ID.No point in spending a couple of thousand of peso for nothing.
  8. Not my experience when I witnessed this kind of thing they were insistent even though there were 3 of us.
  9. sonjack2847

    Birthday boys. Jack and Dan

    I`ll catch up don`t worry.
  10. sonjack2847

    Subic - Road Rage Incident

    We know!
  11. My ex boss was a good employer so not me
  12. sonjack2847

    Has rainy season for 2018 started?

    We have had rain the last 4 days,not a lot but enough to dampen down the dust.
  13. sonjack2847

    Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    Not us we cant drive.
  14. sonjack2847

    Our(well her) new house

    I will show you sometime.My wife has chosen the roofing sheets,floor tiles and bathroom ware.She still asks me questions like what colour tiles and what kind of roof are we having.I told her well you chose the stuff you should remember no chance haha.
  15. I have seen it turn nasty when expats refuse to buy beer for the locals.The best thing is to get out of the bar and the locals way,situations can turn in a second here.