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  1. I have had one of these for 6 years , if you get the fan model it is very good for baking roasting etc.I have no experience with the other type.
  2. I was also considering the pneumonia and shingles vaccine.I do not get in close contact with many people but my daughter does in school.
  3. That is my first thought but sometimes I can be soft and if a person was going to lose 100 or 300 peso from their paycheck I would think twice.If like you too many prices were out of line I would not buy any of it.I feel sorry for a person who could lose a big chunk of their daily wage.
  4. Consider what you do very carefully as it may backfire on you whichever way you handle things.If I had family like that my initial reaction would be to tell them where to go,but you have to consider what they will do by way of getting back Emma.Just don`t send any more money.Good luck Steve hope it works out for you.
  5. It is not worth it I have known a few people who tried and gave up as the profit margin is so small.
  6. I have been considering getting the flu jab as there are so many colds with flu like symptoms going around over here. What do you think is it worth do you think it will help.
  7. All my Stering is in the bank so no need for me to do anything.Thanks for the tip about Stering
  8. I seen this on FB and thought might be relevant here. UPDATE on screening for "onward" tickets. Yesterday - PAL 153, LAX to Cebu. When checking in, I was asked to present my onward ticket out of the Philippines. Fortunately I had booked a ticket on an Air Asia Zest flight; Manila to Hong Kong, May 22 - for $39. Not only did the counter agent call Air Asia to CONFIRM this was a valid ticket, they brought a "supervisor out from the back office to look at the booking, then grill me on how I was planning to get to Manila, and why no flight there? I told them that my meeting with the US Embassy had not yet been confirmed, so I was unsure of the date I would leave Cebu to get there. Also told them that pre-booking was un-necessary and Cebu to Manila flights are cheap and plentiful. Just an FYI if you are planning a trip back to the Phils from the USA anytime soon. The "make-believe" ticket sites might not hold muster any more. Good Luck out there!
  9. Here is a list of countries that don`t require a visa. Anguilla – 21 days Armenia – 120 days, visa issued on arrival Bolivia – 90 days Brazil – 90 days Brunei Darussalam – 14 days Cambodia – 21 days Cape Verde Islands – 21 days China, Shenzhen – 7 days, if crossing from Hong Kong, and is valid in Shenzhen area only. Colombia – 90 days Comoros – 21 days Cook Islands – 31 days Costa Rica – 30 days Visitor’s Permit issued upon arrival Djibouti – 30 day visa issued on arrival Dominica – 21 days Ecuador – 90 days Fiji – 120 days, Visitor’s Permit issued on arrival Gambia – visa issued upon arrival, but must get prior clearance from immigration. Georgia – Visa issued on arrival. Preferably with invitation. Guatemala Guinea-Bissau – 90 days visa issued on arrival Haiti – 21 days Hong Kong – 14 days validity India – 30 days, eTourist visa online. Indonesia – 30 days Iran – 15 days, must obtain an e-visa pre-approval code from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Israel – 90 days Kenya – 90 days visa issued on arrival Kosovo – 90 days Kyrgyzstan – 30 days, visa on arrival Laos – 21 days, visa on arrival Macau – 30 days Madagascar – 30 days visa issued on arrival Malaysia – 30 days Maldives – 30 days visa issued upon arrival Marshall Islands – 90 days visa issued on arrival Mauritania – visa issued on arrival Micronesia – 30 days, entry permit required for stays over 30 days Mongolia – 21 days Morocco – 90 days Mozambique – 30 days visa issued on arrival Myanmar – 21 days Nauru – 30 days Nepal – 21 days visa issued on arrival Nicaragua – 90 days visa issued on arrival Niue – 30 days Northern Marianas – visa issued on arrival Palau – 30 days visa issued on arrival Papua New Guinea – 60 days, visa given on arrival Peru – 183 days Pitcairn Islands – 14 days, entry permit given on arrival Rwanda – 90 days Saint Helena – visa issued upon arrival Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – 30 days visa issued on arrival Samoa – 60 days Visitor’s Permit issued upon arrival Senegal – 30 days issued on arrival, invitation letter required. Visa available online. Seychelles – 30 days permit, must show sufficient funds & proof of accommodation. Singapore – 30 days Somalia – 30 days on arrival, invitation letter by sponsor submitted 2 days before arrival. South Korea – 30 days, if arriving at Jeju Island or after visiting Korea 4 times with visa. Sri Lanka – 30 days, but must get an Electronic Visa Authorisation prior to departure. Suriname – 90 days Taiwan – 30 days, if holding a permanent residence certificate or an unexpired visa from: Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Schengen countries, United Kingdom or United States. And must register online at prior to arrival. Tajikistan – 45 days, visa on arrival Tanzania – visa issued on arrival Thailand – 30 days Timor-Leste (a.k.a. East Timor)- 30 day visa issued at the Dili airport and seaport Togo (Togolese Republic) – 7 days, visa issued on arrival. Requires yellow fever vaccination Turks and Caicos Islands – 21 days Tuvalu – 30 day visitor permit for tourist is issued upon arrival Uganda – 90 day visa issued on arrival at Entebbe Airport Vanuatu – 30 days Vietnam – 21 days Zambia – 90 days visa issued on arrival
  10. Have you looked at Spain I have heard they have an agreement with the Philippines.
  11. They get you one way or another it seems.
  12. I missed the5 year licence by 6 days what a downer haha
  13. There are 3 meters there mine and next doors and the LL so yes it was a mistake.I wont be kicking up a fuss about it.It just seems so easy to get inside a meter and do this.
  14. Yes Just by PP control so I have been informed.
  15. I am watching the TV and the power went off for about 30 seconds 30 minutes ago. 10 minutes ago the same thing.I looked outside and the workers in next door had hot wired their welder into my meter.I went out and told them to stop and they did. buggers.Hope fully it wont cost too much extra as I do believe it was a mistake and I don`t want to bother my LL as he is very ill.Now I know how easy it is to hot wire a meter I will keep a closer on it.