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  1. Being agresive and knowing when to leave

    Soccer fans at it again.
  2. Norton security warning

    I had Norton in the UK and it would stop getting onto sites I had visited many times so I chucked it.
  3. Do most Expats have cars?

    Wish I had a car today it`s pouring down.There was enough rain to wash away a bridge last night down by Hypermart.
  4. I would expect the usual comments along the lines of being a Pedophile.Or huh just another Thai bargirl I have heard that a lot of times in the UK.
  5. Life in paradise

    No it`s cold rain today I had numb hands earlier today when I rode to and from Hypermart.It was dry on the way down and no sooner than I got inside it poured down.
  6. Do most Expats have cars?

    A car is convenient if you want to visit places which are off the beaten track.Buses are ok to a certain extent but transport to where the buses don`t go can be a pain.
  7. Stolen from Facebook and edited :-)

    Best guard dogs you can get
  8. Depends on how strong her will is some relatives over here can be pretty incessant when asking for more handouts.Money comes out of an ATM didn`t you know that.haha
  9. Do most Expats have cars?

    Well Dave you and me don`t mind walking a while but some people wont or cant walk so I think if you need to go to town get as close to where you want to be and park.If you want to park outside of Lee plaza or some other shop/place then maybe you could have a problem.
  10. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    Exactly why were no less attractive females in the video.Sex sells is why.
  11. An exotic flower makes a natural curtain!

    Well 2 out of the 5 Lillies I bought have died and 2 more look on their way out not so cheap now haha.
  12. Reliable philippine charities?

    Why don`t you ask the local expats for a small donation it will get it a little further along.Then the Barangay captain may help as he will see his popularity in dougbt. Well maybe.There is a group of expats in Dalaguete who donate to a different school each month.After they started the local businesses/prominent people helped (a few I might add not all) so now it is going quite well and lots of children benefit. But because the expats took it upon themselves to start the other prominent people in the town joined in.It gave them a jolt in their conscience or their re- election status.
  13. Do most Expats have cars?

    If I used it to go into town I would park in front of my bank and use the atm then tell the guard I will only be 5 mins I have to pop over there done and dusted.Either that or leave it at home as it is much easier to park the bike.Or I would just call you and tell you I have a bad ankle and could you help me out
  14. Life Starts Afresh as a New ExPat.

    I don`t live far from you and I agree with what you write.Stay out of town during rush and if you need to go North or south along the national rd you can avoid the town by taking the back roads.You then miss all the traffic fumes. If you look at Dumaguete city from Valencia you don`t see the smog hanging over the city like you do with a lot of other cities I have visited.
  15. Do most Expats have cars?

    I will be getting some kind of car here soon but I don`t think I will be putting anything like that amount of miles on it.Only time will tell and who knows I might run it into the ground with the new found freedom.