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  1. Waiting for a plane

    There were a few gusts of wind here yesterday but nothing major.
  2. Window security

    No just security conscious.
  3. Foreigners and Filipino children act

    One thing that has changed is that if a Filipino adult is there you`re ok where as before you both had be related to the youngster.So maybe it is a little better for us because it could just be a doorman,waiter,waitress who is there and you are covered.Who knows what goes in peoples minds anywhere who make laws.
  4. Window security

    I lived in one place with bars on the windows and doors I felt really safe.
  5. Waiting for a plane

    Well I just saw this so that would not have helped you.
  6. Waiting for a plane

    Maybe you could have gone up the coast and got the cargo ferry.That`s what my wife had to do one time.
  7. Foreigners and Filipino children act

    This is not very well thought out.Perhaps they should get someone to pass laws that are feasable.
  8. Don't Answer That Question!

    I think you should start lessons now because if you move here a tactical withdrawal is better than confrontation.Plus you will live longer haha.
  9. A bit more grit is needed i think

    What else can you expect they are on the wrong side of the road.Idiots.
  10. Probably the media whipping it up just like I have seen so many times in other countries.
  11. Whinge (Moan of the day) any day I guess!

    Another holiday at kindergarden. My daughter has bee for about 6 days in the last 3 months,she could have gone 2 more days but her Asthma was playing up.How lazy are these people.
  12. Twice in two days

    I am not quite sure on that one as a brit was put in Jail a few years ago in Argao and when he came out he was not deported.I think it maybe who you know.
  13. Running Out Of Money, is your pension secure?

    You should sell yours Dave
  14. PhilHealth rate increase for foreigners

    I went to Phillhealth a few weeks ago and was told in no uncertain terms that if you are on an existing policy as a husband of a Filipina then you are covered.
  15. PhilHealth rate increase for foreigners

    In the UK non eu nationals have to wait a certain amount of time before they are covered.Even 17k for PH is worth it.