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  1. I wonder if pressure from the family has anything to do with it.Money is a bad one and if a lady is in a foreign country and lots of younger men give her attention she could quite become tempted,especially if she is not really at home.
  2. Funny things they say

    Wont fit you

    My friend in Dalaguete bought his wife a vacuum cleaner as she was sweeping and most of it was going in the air so it was pointless.
  4. Funny things they say

    Well I take comfort in that in the sense that I am not the only one experiencing this.
  5. Cooking issues that maybe there is a solution to ?

    Some people don`t like how they cook the food with either too much salt or sugar and sometimes served cold.Some eateries have no real sanitation.
  6. Funny things they say

    A while ago my wife said she was doing the lottery as she had good numbers OK no problem.She never won and said it was my fault,Why I ask well you said some numbers in your sleep and I should have won with them.OK sue me. My wife was sat with her friends and I was there having a bit of rum.They were talking about some bloke and asked me what I thought.I answered well I don`t know him so they explained he was an actor here or TV presenter who all the girls had the hots for.Then they said he is now saying he is cross gender ok who cares.Then my wifes friend turned to me and said straight faced what does it feel like to be a cross gender.My answer put in a polite way should have been well I don`t know as I am not one but I`d had a few drinks and I don`t think it came out exactly like that. Funny little things aren`t they.
  7. Cooking issues that maybe there is a solution to ?

    I can get pigs kidneys at the main market in town.If I want meat to be tender enough for a stew I cook it in the pressure cooker first then use the juice as a base stock.When I cannot get fresh herbs I will use dried.
  8. Buying a condo to rent out.

    Yes Ron you would but some people just don`t care about other peoples property.I like you will leave something(borrowed) in the same condition I got it.Renting out property is a good return but you have to be prepared for the possibility of damage being caused.Being an absent Landlord on a long term let for me is a no no. Short term fine as long as they are checked out by a trustworthy person.
  9. Cooking issues that maybe there is a solution to ?

    If you use SR they used to do kilo bags of frozen veg Broc was one of them.
  10. Cooking issues that maybe there is a solution to ?

    I seem to remember them being their brand in a yellow packet,it was 5 years ago.
  11. Buying a condo to rent out.

    There (for me) are a few things to consider.I don`t get a pension for 10 years so I will have to invest some money to get a return to live on.I also want to leave my wife and daughter in a comfortable situation.If the money was too easily available how long would it be before people want to Barrow some of it.If it is in bricks and mortar it takes a while to sell and they may leave my wife alone.So many things to consider and I think you just have to look at the situation and your circumstances and make a decision based on that which will give the best outcome. I do actually think I will build to rent but we will be here and not 7000 miles away.
  12. Buying a condo to rent out.

    I rented my place out 3 times.Only the second tenant left the place in a condition where it could be rented out without work.Yes there are some good tenants but there are too many bad ones.I used to do maintenance for a letting agency and some tenants IMHO opinion don`t deserve to be housed.On the other hand some landlords need a kick up the behind.
  13. Barcelona

    The first thing to do is stop anymore coming.Stop the boats bringing them over to Europe and send them back.Then we can concentrate on the ones already here and if they don`t follow the law of the land they go back or to a prison camp.
  14. Buying a condo to rent out.

    My ex MIL had her house turned into a drug factory.