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  1. Too much information. You are obviously not tapping her hard enough on the shoulder.
  2. Thanks for the post Steve, was considering putting one in the house but will follow your suggestion and install insulation. The guy across from me has one in and says they are fine. But no point in testing fate when there are alternatives.
  3. You are right but be prepared for the flack.
  4. Subservient behavior

    Same here Kev and often it is not.
  5. My wife and I have the same sleep patterns, occasionally she will lay down for an hour (as I do) for a snooze. But she is very active and always cleaning or doing something around the house. Perhaps by coincidence, but since we started having fruit smoothies and vegetable soups with a Nutra Bullet look alike from Lazada, we seem to have much more energy. I have not checked my weight but am sure I have lost some, as I am at the last spot on my belt and have never been there before? I am just trying to find a scale that I think might be accurate to confirm. The last sentence in your post does not cover the real reason which I think we all know is for 'security' and their future well being.
  6. Laziest nation?

    Interesting Scott, probably agree, but was surprised at the number of Asian countries in the figures.
  7. I love dogs, but only small ones but have not had one for many years (since divorce) no pun meant there!. Now we have a home would love to get one, but regrettably, no yard or fencing at back allowed as it is a walkway. So I am thinking it would not be fair on a dog to have no exercise area. Not a cat person.
  8. That is my understanding. The guy who has one is a 'builder' of sorts, says there is a new one on the market which is supposed to be whizzbang, did not know the price when I asked him. But he will install for 500 pesos, bargain!!!
  9. I am not sure it will end the need for air con, that is a personal thing. We dont use ACs much as I a happy with fans. ACs are a bit of an institution here now it seems. Getting the whirlybird will be the biggest problem where you are, I would think. Your question about Phil logic is a good one, but I don't have an answer.!!!
  10. Customer Service Huh?

    Agree Ken, that is exactly how I saw it. Whether it makes a difference is problematical. I was amazed when the 'Operations Manager' told me there was no staff training whatsoever????
  11. Good one Jake, don't you like watching 'cat fights'.??
  12. Good post Snowy and sounds like you are on a winner with this lady. I wish you every success and happiness. We have identical views about children and marriage criteria. Too old for children and not a child person anyway.. Whilst it might be great to wake up beside a young beauty, for me there is more to a relationship than that. Not saying that some do find both attributes and good luck to them. My wife is 52, has a University education and could not ask for a better partner. She also has a sense of humour, which she needs to put up with me at times.
  13. FOREX Currency Trading

    Hi Paul, I did the same with demo trading when I started trading shares. Have a good friend in Thailand that was my mentor and he was so helpful. But what happens when it is your actual money going on, you seem to take off the head and slip on the pumpkin!! Much like punting on horse etc. I really see little difference between the two and I am a long time idiot punter!
  14. Yes my neighbour where we have just move to has one in his roof ane I had them in Qld in Oz. They certainly do lower the temperature in the house. They are available in Philippines, don't know how you would go in Leyte, but would think you could get them in Cebu. I am going to put one in here once we settle in. Been too busy fixes problems, painting, drainage problems etc and nearly finished. Now want to sit back for a few weeks and saviour our new place. You won't regret installing them, but suspect you already know that. Philippines think they will leak and they will if not put in properly = that could be the biggest problem.
  15. Customer Service Huh?

    Yesterday, wife and I went to CSI looking for a bathroom cabinet, which we call in Oz vanity cabinets. But there is only one living in San Fernando that I can find and it was a rirdiculous price. So were looking for just a small cabinet to put toiletries etc and found one that would work. Then found to have no stock, but could have floor stock cabinet, but 200 pesos delivery or they would pull it apart and put it back in assembly box and I could bring it home and put it together. Chose last option as I think I may be suicidal! Pay and leave store to return 1 hour to pick it up. Just after leaving, phone rings wife yak yaks, they say they can't get it apart (what they meant was they were too lazy to take it apart. So delivery 200 pesos. So I say, tell them to keep their cabinet and we will get our money back. We had just spent in excess of 85,000 pesos on appliances at this store, so I was not impressed with 200 pesos to facilitate their laziness. Back we go to pick up refund. I ask to see someone from Administration as I wished to lodge a complaint. Now this threw the place into chaos as they do not understand such things. Woman just looked at me and hoped I would say don't bother, but I insisted. Then the offer came for the free delivery. I accepted with thanks, but still wanted to see senior management. Would you believe they would not come down and meet me, as they were too afraid???? I had to go to their office. Nice woman and I did not attack her but merely related the debacle. She was 'so sorry' and for a moment I thought I was in the United Nations sorry shop. What amazed me was an admission that staff receive NO training whilst working for this very large organisation. I did see one employee walking around with thongs and sox on - really??? Is there no dress code? Anyway I probably wasted my time but I did feel better after letting off some steam.