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  1. Poor work in cebu

    Yes he is very well travelled.
  2. Shotgun Accident

    Would depend on how much they are offering for the ammo!!!
  3. Electrical outlet tax ?

    Well this is a very enlightening subject.
  4. I have found that we can live comfortably for less than that Old55 but as rightly said, it is all about personal preferences. Living in the provinces makes it easier cost wise.
  5. Get Off Your Butts... Learn Tagalog!!!

    Could not agree more mate, too old.
  6. PHILPOST. I am amazed Today

    Yeah I thought that would be the case. Jack. I just thought they may have gone to the other islands on row boat????
  7. Beer kegerator

    I drink enough now, don't need anything else to encourage me. But go for it.
  8. Get Off Your Butts... Learn Tagalog!!!

    I lived in Thailand for 8 years and was no hope of learning that language, other than a couple of dozen words. I got nye there and I am sure I will get bye here. My wife speaks excellent English and looks after the communication division in the household. I will gradually pick up a little here and there, just to get me bye. I have met a few Filipinos whom I meet from time to time socially and we communicate in English, no problem.
  9. Another Newbie Introductuion

    Welcome Rom from another Ron, good luck this time around.
  10. I have only ever bought a few new cars in my life and they were tax break purchases. When I got here, I started looking for a used car, Dave H rightly suggested sticking to Toyota for reasons of part acces. I found a Corolla Vios only 2 years old 14k and immaculate. Government worker owner, no issues. Saved 300k on new car price -- no brainer for me.
  11. Hotel Essencia, Dumaguete: A Review

    I stayed at a hotel opposite Robinsons Supermarket when I was there a couple of years ago, Nova or something sismilar. Sonjack knows it as he booked it for me. It was just ok but reasonable in price. Very old complex, but right in town.
  12. Hotel Essencia, Dumaguete: A Review

    That pretty well sums up accommodation in Phils I regret to say. Whilst staff are polite most of the time, that is where it stops, i It is as if they have been taught programmed responses attached to buttons 1-5 but present a problem that needs fixing and good luck.
  13. I got asked at BKK airport when we were coming here. In fact they have asked me virtually every time I am going anywhere except Australia, also KL same a few years ago. Same going to Vietnam earlier this year. I bought a $40 ticket to HK when coming here.