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  1. But just think, you can't have those brews now Sander - bad move!!!
  2. After he bit you Dave, did he roll over and die!!!!
  3. You left off the Philippines No. 108 - Mr. DU30 is trying to rise on the list and doing a good job.
  4. We have marshall law in Thailand for the past 3 years. It has not affected the currency value greatly, although it has dropped to some degree, but for issues other than military law. Such as poor governance, lack of economic ability on the part of the military and emergence of 'Nationalistic' policies. The military government here uses the same advertising company regarding its financial situation as China, ie it lies and gives misinformation. There appears to be an underlying dislike for 'farangs' (non Thais) in this country that is growing. Greater restrictions on visas, more stringent reporting conditions of Visa holders and more stringent financial requirements for visa holders. I have been advised indirectly through Embassy sources that there is to be a complete overhaul of the current 'retirement visa', that will disqualify many retirees from holding such visa in Thailand. So far no official announcement, but I am assured it is coming soon. Whilst SO and I were eventually headed for Philippines, the current situation has hastened our decision. Many long term Thailand expats are leaving for other countries such as Philippine, Vietnam and Cambodia.
  5. That is very expensive health cover.
  6. Wow, that was a big gap.
  7. I think this legislation is just a big bag of wind!!!
  8. I wonder if the insurgents have read the article that says it will only last for 60 days????
  9. Read my post again slowly, there is a full stop. Then I mention Merkel who happens to have admitted over 1m refugees and is urging the rest of EU to do the same! What a great idea!
  10. Thanks Steve. Some very valid points you make, many which I have considered, but it still does not unfog the thoughts that we all have when we are considering this path. As you say, sooner or later we have to make the decision to put the toe in the water or not! It seems to me Steve that you are far more on top of the legal situation in Phils, I really had not given it proper attention until entering this topic. Just glossed over it and absorbed bits and pieces.
  11. I think this topic has raised the awareness and pitfalls we all face to a new level. I am sure many of us, I am one, were not aware of these additional pitfalls we can face. We are all deeply indebted to our very learned fellow member for his time and effort.
  12. I agree a very sad day. UK wants to hope they keep the current Prime Minister at their election shortly. Merkel would have refugees invading all over Europe/UK.
  13. As much as I love my SO, it is a big step and I agonise over it regularly.
  14. Hi Steve, Yes that was how I believed it to be and all the information on this discussion, seems to enforce that. Viz why there are so many stories in Phils and indeed Thailand of westerners being 'screwed'. From what I can see, buying a condo is indeed the alternative, but I seem to remember some discussion that also can have difficulties relating to ownership? The condos that I have seen advertised (mainly around Manila, Angeles etc) seem to be too small and too expensive, I have not looked at the corporate fees but imagine they are up there also? Where we are headed, there does not seem to be a great variety of choices in that area? But I assume the same problems would apply there? As many of the members seem to be asserting, rental might have to be embraced as the only alternative. Which of course goes against everything I have strived for in my life. the other of course, is taking the plunge and putting a house in partner's name, but against everything I have ever been taught?