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  1. Latest is, I went to buy a new bike, they don't have the model mentioned earlier in posts. The only 'new' is the Honda Beat upgrade and that is very superficial, mainly introducing a couple of new colours??? Delivery is ok, but 2 month wait for registration. I just cannot see myself on those bloody Jeepneys for the next two months, have nearly knocked myself out a couple of times and bash my head on the roof. With my bad back, I can't bend over far enough. I am looking at a Yamaha Mio tomorrow, 3 months old 3ks on the clock, about $50k should buy it. Seems like a fair deal, but alas it is not the FI model. I can't find one of them 2nd hand and just need to be able to get around. So have to accept what it is.
  2. I have never been really convinced about Nuclear energy, simply because they have no ability to secure it when there is a problem ie. Russia and Japan.
  3. That RT for the advice, but I have been driving a MIO in Thailand and had a Honda Air Blade, so am aware of the performance of each. Not a lot of difference between them but the air blade may have been just a little nippier. The bike is only for going to shops, markets, short trips, we will buy a small car for longer journeys. They go fast enough for me - I just want them to muck up my hairdo! lol.
  4. Thanks Robert will check that out.
  5. See you point Dave, that makes sense. I had a honda air blade in Pattaya and a great bike. I have not progressed on the Kymco and am now not really inclined to stay with my original targets, Honda Click/Yamaha Mio (MIO's seem more prevalent.) Thanks for the sound advice.
  6. The Kim Co Is a scooter similar to Click. Mio. Flat floor buy not fuel injected.125cc.
  7. Sorry everyone this is not right location but have limited internet access. Looking to buy a mcycle after our arrival. Anyone know about Kymco mcycle and if they are ok.? Can get new 59k pesos drive away registered? Thanks everyone.
  8. Ohh that sounds interesting Snowy, in that case I will tell all and sundry she is my SO and maybe get lucky haha!!!!
  9. That is the very point Steve, it all depends on the life style we all want. We live in Pattaya very comfortably on 45k bht month ($14k US) close enough. That fits our budget, but it also give us th type of life we are happy with. That is the main point of the whole exercise.
  10. In Oz, Victcoria races anti clockwise, the rest of Oz races clockwise - trust the Vics to be contrary.
  11. Hi Paul, many thanks, Isabela is a place on the visit list, so perhaps we can indeed get to meet you and share some time. My good friend lives and works in Doha and he has the same opinion of the place. But it is his retirement plan, so he just puts his head down and ar..e up, works long hours and planning for his early retirement.
  12. Yes on reflection, you are probably right - very confusing as they are not that far apart. Tomorrow is the first step, looking forward to getting there and settling down. In La OOnyon!!!
  13. I watch a lot of CNN Philippines news, I particularly like the traffic show, the guy who hosts it is very good. But I also have a chuckle when I am watching say DU30 talking in English, then throw in a few lines of Tagalog, then back to English - but it is a lot better than sitting trying to listen to Thai and not understanding anything.
  14. Yes, a big rude of them Jack, don't you think?????
  15. Happy birthday Steve.