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  1. JJReyes

    Commemorative weekend

    It's Memorial Weekend in the United States to honor those in the military past and present. This weekend is the official start of summer and many families are on the road. So, oil companies jack up prices. California has the highest prices averaging nearly $4.00 per US gallon.
  2. Whenever there is more advance technology available, Western manufacturers purchase new equipment to manufacture. The old equipment is sold, along with licensing agreements for the older technology, to countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh, etc. This could be one reason tires and batteries don't last as long. Another reason is some products are designed and manufactured to breakdown soon after the warranty expires.
  3. JJReyes


    My wife and I try to keep a low profile starting with our appearance. No watches, no jewelry, no expensive clothes. Our attire maybe described as something you can purchase at Walmart. We both carry day bags that look ordinary, but they each cost over $100 to purchase. They have anti-theft features. Someone from behind might use a razor blade to cut and steal. There is embedded steel mesh that can't be cut. You can't unzip unless you know how and it takes longer. Sophisticated thieves purchase readers that can collect data from your credit card if you keep them in a wallet in your back pocket. The bag has a feature that counters these readers. We seldom go out at night and keep away from higher risk areas.
  4. You have a big advantage because the American passport provides assurances of being able to depart in the event of political instability. This does not necessarily mean returning to the United States. Many countries are now competing for the business of global retirees after realizing, although they don't spend as much per day, a retiree is a 365 days tourist.
  5. JJReyes

    Proof of life form time again !

    This is a good precaution to keep your money safe. But what happens if there is an emergency like an accident and you need the money? Consider having a fiduciary like a law firm to access the money in special circumstances. If the amount deposited is sufficiently large, ask your bank about personal or private banking services. Someone will be assigned and that person becomes the contact to make withdrawals with your written or verbal instructions. The private banker representative is a fiduciary and you have recourse if he/she withdraws funds without your authorization.
  6. JJReyes

    Proof of life form time again !

    When I retire to the Philippines (2 1/2 years to go yay!­čśü) I am planning on keeping my credit union account here and transferring money to my Philippine bank account when needed. Will a proof of life form be required in my case?´╗┐ The Proof of Life form won't be required except maybe if you list a foreign address as your residence. Let's say a relative in the United States continues to use your benefits after your passing away. The recourse for the Social Security Administration is to file a criminal complaint against the relative and get the money back plus penalty and interest. If the fraud happens in the Philippines, what are the chances of the US government getting their money back?
  7. JJReyes

    Proof of life form time again !

    In the United States, the mortuaries are required to inform the Social Security Administration the name and Social Security number of the person who died. Same with hospitals and morgues. Monthly payments are stopped. There is a one-time death benefit which I believe is $1,000. If you reside in the Philippines or another country, and the benefits are forwarded to a foreign bank account, the requirement is you need to communicate on a regular basis or the assumption is you have already passed away. Otherwise, the local dependents won't say anything and allow the benefits to keep coming after your death. Philippines does not have a central, computer based registry for live births and deaths.
  8. JJReyes

    Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort

    Hi lobojohn, Thanks for the information. As the saying goes, "The worst that can happen is their saying, No."
  9. JJReyes

    List of visa free countries for Filipinos

    I read that Singapore tops the list with the most visa-free countries to visit.
  10. While there might be a desire to return to your home country, reality and circumstances might persuade you against it. Cost of living is probably the biggest issue. Another is the realization that you have changed perspective about life while those left behind have remained the same. This realization happens after the first return visit. I suspect that 50% of expats in the Philippines, after a five years stay, are highly unlikely to return home.
  11. If you are denied entry by Immigration for whatever reason, the responsibility is yours (onward ticket or the purchase of a ticket). The alternative is the airline that brought you.
  12. Reyes is a very common name in Spanish, similar to Smith. Add to that my first name which is the equivalent of John. The gate agent at Manila International Airport sometimes has to contact aviation security. They check my passport, realize that I don't reside in the Philippines, issue a clearance slip to the gate agent. Someone with the same or similar name is on the checklist. Recently, we returned from Mexico through a Los Angeles Airport terminal for incoming flights from Central and South America. I got flagged, first time this happens, possibly because of my Hispanic name. The immigration officer asked a few additional questions. Usually, they just wave us through.
  13. (Please clean. We are in a remote section of Idaho and our connection is constantly being interrupted.)
  14. JJReyes

    Moving soon and looking for fun

    It should be very easy. Join clubs, professional organizations, etc. If you enjoy Yoga, there should be studio near you. Tennis? Bridge? Photography? It all depends on your interest. Your daughter's school is another good way to meet parents of a similar age and background. Another is through the Embassy of Pakistan. The embassy will have a cultural attache who is constantly searching for volunteers. Manila is an international city and there is an active community from Pakistan. At the very least, they can help in sourcing ingredients and spices from home that you will need for cooking.