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  1. going from memory, to lazy to google it. It is the combination of actual heat, wind and humidity. I am more familiar with the cold index. it might be 32 out but when you add in the wind chill it "feels" like 20.
  2. scott h

    Choosing a place to live (expat)

    How to answer with out writing a book lol. BF homes is one of the original subdivisions in southern Manila. It is now its own Barangay. In fact it is almost a self contained city. It ranges from two bedroom apartments and older homes along the main roads (so only one guard house between them and the outside) to more exclusive subdivision inside the subdivision (takes an additional window sticker to get into these) with their own guard posts. There are restaurants, coffee houses, supermarkets, nurseries (the type with plants) private schools, banks, 7-11's, car washes you name it inside the gates. It is also one of the few places I have seen a real estate agent office (if interested I will try and get a card next time we are there). But my first stop would be the main office I am sure they would know who is selling, renting or lots that are available. Or at least point you in the right direction. Taxis are not allowed to solicite in BF, but their are trikes all over the place, that is the major mode of transport inside As I sit, I can think of 5 condo towers that are either finished or going up in Paranaque. But to be honest all you really need to do is to go to a major mall in the area your interested in, walk around and sooner or later you will be handed a flyer from a person representing a condo tower. If your are looking for more upscale go to mall of asia (just outside of Paranaque) there are towers galore going up around all the new casinos. I am really not to familiar with Muntinlupa. I know that it is near SLEX and ayala Alabang which is a very exclusive area Now this is a generalization. If you are in a mall, get a flyer and are interested, most of the condos which are being shown are actually with in walking distance of the Mall in which they are being advertised. (at least in the Paranaque area). So I think you can take a taxi from mall to mall and then hoof it. Now for BF homes, I would take a taxi to the main office, gather intel then hire a trike to go from house to house. Now these are just general ideas and info. As you get closer and get more specific in your questions, we can develop a proper 5 paragraph order
  3. scott h

    Exchange rates and your budget

    As a side note, inflation, though minor to most of us I think, is starting to eat away a tad at our advantage of the weak peso. The new TRAIN tax is starting to show in small ways. My barber for instance is raising his price 10 pesos. There are other small examples but as I said they are minor to most of us,,,i hope.
  4. For me the decision is extremely easy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,where ever the wife wants to live
  5. scott h

    Choosing a place to live (expat)

    4-6 million peso 1 bedroom condos are all over the place
  6. scott h

    Streaming Sites?

    my one prob with Netflix Geoff is that they seem to be a year behind, I am trying to get the current season, if that makes sense
  7. scott h

    Choosing a place to live (expat)

    Ill give some detail Kurt. BF Home is one of the original "sub divisions" in southern Metro Manila. Quite large in area, but gated. Inside there are sub gated areas, so in effect you need to go through two guard posts to get to your home. It is near the Air port (traffic permitting lololol) Mall of Asia and the new casinos. Also at each main entrance are big SM Malls (3 major entrances). It is right between NLEX and cavitex. so getting on the freeways south is pretty easy. NLEX, going north is a bit of a pain, but hey, its the Philippines. It is not far from Asian Hospital, (ayala alabang) (where my wife and I get treatment) which is one of the better hospitals in the country. Now Muntinlupa is a bit further south, right on the SLEX it is near Ayala Alabang whih is the most exclusive sub division in southern Manila. As for close to the sea, are you sure you are not looking at Laguna de Baie? That is really a huge inland lake that is very polluted and almost entirely taken up by fish farms lololol. Personally, if my wife had not inherited property in Paranaque, we probably would have lived in BF homes. hope this helps, please ask any specific questions you might have
  8. scott h

    Streaming Sites?

    The last few months I have been using Netflix, when I went to see some of my fav US TV programs, seems most of my streaming sites are either inop, or very slow. What sites are currently the best to get new movies and tv shows on. Thanks ladies and gents
  9. scott h

    Choosing a place to live (expat)

    google BF Homes, Paranaque
  10. scott h

    Health insurance

    A lot will depend on where you settle. If you are in a large city with private hospitals, such as Asian Hospital in Metro Manila. They have an office that does the coordination with foreign insurance companies. If you are in the province, with public or small hospitals they might only accept Phil health or cash. As with most things YMMV, I would strongly suggest to either do a boots on the ground looksee or do a web seachI know that the hospital I uses (Asian hospital) has a web page that diskribes its insurance programs
  11. hell, when I was in the army, we used to do that to sailors
  12. I am going from memory here so don't quote me on anything or tear my head off. If memory serves, UPS might be subject to VAT tax. I do know for a fact that several years ago, I ordered something from Amazon. It went UPS then ended with the Philippine postal service. I had to go to the post office, open the box and pay VAT. Just a possible reason.
  13. First of all Ian, welcome to the forum, you can get lots of info here. First of all, if your Wife or her family can not recommend a trusted attorney or agent (most likely a relative or close family friend) you are just asking to get fleeced. Let me explain. Due to the large amount of overseas workers this is the land of proxy actions. Almost anything can be done for you with the proper authorization. For example, I have a brother in law in the states. With a photocopy of his government ID, account information and authorization letter, I can make deposits and withdrawals from his Philippine bank account. So if you hired an attorney you would need to give him lots of info and authorization to act on your behalf. Trust would have to be explicit. That trust we can not extend to you. Now I could recommend my wife's cousin, who is an attorney who has acted on our behalf before, and since he is family we are confident that he will not cheat us (at least not much lol), but you and your wife, not being family, might be fair game for him to pad his bill and drag things out. Since we do not charge for advise here, I strongly suggest that you and your wife get boots on the ground and do as much coordination in person before handing over personal info or money to a relative complete stranger. Again, welcome to the forum
  14. scott h

    Foreigner convicted.

    You would have been eating fish heads and rice for a long, long time
  15. scott h

    Expat-to-be...A few questions

    A good idea, but needs a lot of research, Guam is a territory and falls under Federal law. I am not sure if they could legalize some things even if they wanted to, just a thought