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  1. Your best bet is to start your marriage they way the rest of your life will be,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,LET HER Decide
  2. scott h

    US & Philippines tax expert?

    DJ, unless you have some very, very complicated situations going on, I would just use the tax prep service you are using now. My wife and I still use the "tax lady" we used for years. We just email all our w2's and bank info to her, she mails back a form to sign, we sign it and send it back and a few weeks later we get our refund . If you are not aware, unless any income, such as pensions and investments that generate income in the states are not taxable here in the Philippines, so you shouldn't need a Filipino tax preparer. Been here 6 years and the only PI tax we pay is property tax. Having said all that, my one piece of advise is that if you are moving here permanently and if you currently live in a state that has income tax, is to change your home of record to the Philippines that way all you pay is federal income tax. (if it is possible without jeopardizing your pension income naturally) Hope this helps and that I did not misread what you were asking for.
  3. scott h

    Ukay Ukay!

    One of the reasons every so often you will hear of a BB Box getting stopped or taxed when it has a lot of like items in it. They assume it is for resale
  4. scott h

    the king is back

    10-1 he runs for president,,,,,,,,,,,takers?
  5. scott h

    Mega Shabu Lab

    if you notice the dates, most of them are probably dead by now.
  6. hmmm, a whole lot of Chinese whose parent company has money invested in it!
  7. Not really surprised, if I remember my biology and other long forgotten college courses, the earth has a miraculous way of healing itself. I think sunlight breaks down the chloroform and other pollutants,, add that to the prevailing current. If true lets hope that they have put into place the needed sewage reclamation systems and USE THEM !!!!!
  8. scott h

    Express lane fees

    Sometimes I wonder if is not that the Government uses a second language (English) as their official language and when they translate or put into English their Tagolog thoughts. I know that Brits use whilst and us yanks use while, but the root meaning is understandable. I can not count the number of times I have seen signs or words used in English that we don't normally use, like: No parking ON the driveway, instead of IN the driveway. So if "express" lane fee had been called, "extra personnel cost fee". Because I kept looking for an express lane on my first visit. But as Jack says, just roll up the fee in the cost and we would never know and be happy as clams lolol
  9. scott h

    Good name for a motel

    Hot Pocket Place
  10. I don't care what government it is, and I have seen examples of this in the States also, this kind of BS just really pisses me off . They admitted originally that they started the express lane fee to pay for overtime to speed up government services. Then it was a no-no. akin to corruption. I could understand that, even agree with it. So they stopped it and we had to wait longer in line. No worries, its the government! But to turn around and say, stop using it for overtime, but continue collecting it!! If they wanted the money, by god just increase the fees across the board, but don't out and out lie and charge for something that you don't deliver. sigh, ok, off my soap box The Bureau of Immigration (BI) lost P869.24 million last year after it stopped collecting express lane fees starting in June — because of a misinterpretation of President Rodrigo Duterte’s veto on the use of the funds to pay for its personnel. In its 2017 annual audit report, the Commission on Audit (COA) said the bureau should have kept imposing the express lane charges.The President, in his Dec. 22, 2016, message, stopped the bureau from using the charges for the salaries of its casual, contractual, confidential and job-order personnel. The bureau terminated the collection of the charges effective June 2017. Only P568.52 million ended up being collected from January to May 2017. The COA stressed that “it is only the use of express lane charges collected that was vetoed by the President and not the collection from express lane charges.” Read more: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1008661/bi-misreads-duterte-order-loses-p869m-in-express-lane-fees#ixzz5Ko74DmSw
  11. scott h

    Choosing a place to live (expat)

    In the area I was suggesting to the OP is enclosed, exclusive sub division with wide roads, intersections with lights and strict enforcement of laws. Besides, take a gamble on a trike, or walk and get sun stroke. One is a gamble the other a guarantee
  12. From what I gather, Pampanga is sort of like Nebraska, it is a great place to drive through
  13. scott h

    Quality At Cdr King

    Hmmmm contempt prior to investigation??
  14. Our pleasure. If at a later date you are planning to move here permanently we can toss around the different types of visas for you to live here. IMHO, as a spouse of a Filipino citizen the SRRV is not the best way to go. But that is for a later topic
  15. scott h


    I have neve used these types of services before. So my question is are shipments such as these subject to VAT taxes? I know when I have used Amazon I have to pick it up at the post office and pay a VAT before it is released. (for books and dvds for example) or are they more like balikbayan boxes and not tax is owed?