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  1. I believed they are concerned because on of the attractions for hiring Filipino OFW's is the wide spread use of English. They can easily meld into an work force almost anywhere. If they lose that skill they might loose probably their most valuable export. Few other Asian countries really speak English widely. Onse you get outside Tokyo, Seoul or Beijing English is almost unknown and those economies are thriving.
  2. heath insurance

    There are a lot of topics here about phil health, I am not an expert on it, but I believe it is only used when you are actually hospitalized, not for routine matters. The search function is really good here. There is no law here mandating health insurance btw welcome to the forum
  3. Postal Service

    the op has not and might not return but I think he was thinking of shipping stuff out
  4. Now at S&R

    it was the real deal, but when it hits it doesn't last long on the shelve so get all you can
  5. Postal Service

    NO! Mail is notoriously slow. I personally have never had anything stolen or lost, but fast it is not. They do have LBc here the Philippine version of UPS. I sure hope your business partner is Filipino, if not that will open up a whole new topic welcome to the forum
  6. All you can eat buffet.

    it all depends what you like really. Like at Viking, if you are sashimi lover or sushi lover you can really pig out. One of the few places I have seen mutton served also. They try to have Mexican food but they fall far short of the mark lol. What it really comes down to is how much is food that you miss and/or really like worth? Like others, I no longer eat like a 24 year old, so I never will bankrupt them, but the variety is nice sometimes.
  7. Frito corn chips (except at duty free in Manila lol)
  8. All you can eat buffet.

    In my experience buffets run by restaurants that only have them on Sunday mornings are pretty bad, and only offer the basic Filipino food, we normally order off the menu. However as mentioned before Vikings has never disappointed me and has a large variety of international food, the only draw back is they are usually crowded and quiet noisy. For a real treat though the casinos around MOA all have some really, really good buffets, a bit pricy but really good.
  9. I am sure you are right. To be honest I really cant blame the government on this. Like Mexico and a lot of central and south American countries, 3rd and 4th world countries tend to draw some pretty unsavory characters. If I was asked I would cooperate freely. I have nothing to hide and if gathering this information gets rid of some foreigners that make the rest of us look bad...........go for it lol
  10. Casino Junkets

    I have not Paul, but let me opine this. It sounds like an investment, and any investment can go south, its your money so gook luck lolol. I will say this, Don't get involved with a junket outfit that would involve locals. The current administration is death on gambling. Let me explain. I live within a 30 minute walk (or 45 minute drive ) from the 4 major tourist casinos here in Manila. The wife and I swing by every couple of weeks for a meal and some fun after shopping. Now we all know that Filipinos love to gamble, and in our area at least the authorities are kraking down on illegal street gambling. With the casinos so close, some local money men pile a bunch of barangay types in vans, take them to one of the casinos and stands with them with a fanny pack of money and a notebook. They are very easy to pick out, they try to dress nice but just do not fit in with the usual Chinese or wealthier Filipino casino goers. I have talked to some of the dealers and they have already been chased out of one of the major casinos. I have also heard, but have no hard evidence, only hearsay that like the Indian money lenders at least one of these guys got shot. And that some of the officials from poorer barangays are looking for these "junket" operators. Just thought I would throw this into the mix
  11. I am sure your right, what did he ask you if that's not to personal
  12. Where to find good head.

    we get ours from SR
  13. Growing Rice #2

    one of the reasons is that after the Marcos reign they started breaking a lot of the large plantations owned by the rich families and distributed it to the folks that lived there as workers. The small land owners did not have the resources to afford the machinery, fertilizers and stuff like that, and the production fell accordingly