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  1. UK Beef back in the Philippines

    I had to Google that. I'll give it a try. There seems to be several recipes including an "official" one Ghee and their "Brain" oil made from coconut oil.
  2. Colonoscopy

    I think this is a clean joke?
  3. UK Beef back in the Philippines

    Steak. Did you know all those cattle farts are the reason for global warming? Timely topic. I decided yesterday to go on a low carb diet and I will be eating a lot of meat. It has worked great for me before when I really needed to lose weight, such as now. Several months ago I bought these: I thought it was on sale but when I checked out it was not. They have singles that were on sale. So this was very expensive. I can't recall the price. I grilled them the first time, back before we went to the U.S., and they were not very good, mostly because I over cooked them. They are thin. Today we were planning on grilling but had not grilled in quite a while. Opened the grill and everything was covered in mold! We had so much rain and we had not looked inside the grill. I will clean it tomorrow. So my wife pan fried a couple tonight, with just salt and a lot of pepper, and they came out much better. Still a bit well done but more flavor this time. I will try and sear them on the grill tomorrow and not over cook them. I will stock up on meats tomorrow at Royal Duty Free. Even though it is expensive, I will get some US beef and maybe some Aussie. I'll be looking for UK beef when it comes around. Eating out can be challenging on this diet. My first eating out was today and I resorted to my old stalwart: A burger king double whopper with only mustard. Don't eat the bun. Cost: p200. When I live in Florida and was doing this diet, I would go to lunch at BK and order the same for 99 cents, which is currently about 50 pesos. That special is long gone and I don't know what a double whopper costs in the U.S. now.
  4. Philippines - one month later

    Toyota is known for good after sales service.
  5. 51.46 now, really zoooming! Just think of all of those extra pesos you would have if you waited! Oh wait, I exchanged last Thursday No one knows the tops and no one knows the bottoms!
  6. Wow, this hits me hard because that Honda Brio is exactly like the one I bought 2 weeks ago, it contained a married couple and their 3 kids, same as me, and I think (not sure) the owners are members of the FB Brio Club I joined. Apparently the driver died and the 4 passengers have survived, but I'm not sure what condition they are in. They were just minding their business and this misfortune happened to them. Very sad. http://news.abs-cbn.com/news/08/15/17/1-dead-4-hurt-as-cement-mixer-crushes-sedan-in-qc I wonder if my Trailblazer, being much higher, would have survived better because it might have been strong enough to prop up the truck before the full weight of it fell. This is a freak accident but it still reminds me that you are safer in a larger vehicle.
  7. Dinosaurs Island

    We went to Dinosaurs Island in Clark Freeport Saturday. If you have small kids, it is worth it. Our 13 year old enjoyed it too. Filipinos in general probably love it for the photo ops! The setting is probably an old USAF park. Actually there are two main sections, Dinosaurs Island and Insectlandia, on two tickets. Dino Island mainly has robot dinos and insectlandia has robot giant insects. Insectlandia did not seem as well kept as the dinos, and the live butterfly exhibit was closed. We just took a quick look there as we already had the tickets. I wouldn't bother next time unless they have the live butterfly exhibit open. Additional, there is a smallish zip line (another ticket) and some fairly nice looking playground areas that I did not get close enough to inspect or for the kids to use. We went late in the day, arriving at 3, and they close at 5. That is enough to see the two main attractions which include a show in each venue. Allow more time if you want to do other things. I almost did not go when I saw the weather forecast: 35.5, feels like 47! Extreme humidity and I was soaking wet in the first 10 minutes! Luckily it did not rain until we were leaving, and there was one of the worst downpours I have ever driven in on the way back to Subic. The setting is kind of nice. Huge Acacia and other large trees give the whole area a lot of shade, and give the dino exhibit a nice jungle feel. The entry fee includes a free guide (we tipped him) who happened to be the guy who sold us the tics in Subic. We bought the tickets at Harbor Point mall several months ago when they were having a 50% off promo, so it was fairly cheap. I think p175 each person for 3 of us and the small kids are free. Here are some pictures and videos: Katy was scared of them until she figured out they were not real! My 3 girls Katy holds a newly hatched dino Leila sees a dino for the first time and says "What's dat?" https://goo.gl/photos/F2Hj9xzK6zPMTpy76 Here is an example of the rob-dinos: https://goo.gl/photos/mNqjQAjkbxGFdaM68
  8. Power Boats

    Sure, 5-6 pm is fine. Text me when you get close. Keep the p10,000 bundles intact so it is easier to count. Thanks!
  9. Your link only goes to an index so we don't know which announcement you are referring to. That website probably primarily deals with Filipinos travelling to Korea, I would think??? We transited Inchon on the way to U.S. in May, both directions. Although they look at your passports when you go through security into the transit area, they don't stamp or look for visas. I was with my Filipino wife, Filipino daughter and 2 dual citizen daughters.
  10. Power Boats

    My dad always had power boats when I was growing up. Most of the family called them "holes in the water that you throw money into". If I were able to afford a speed boat here in Subic, I would like one like the one I saw today. I was going by Petron and saw this one filling up, and noted the huge outboards on it, so I pulled in to take a pic. 2 X 350 hp Yamahas, 700 hp! I looked up the Yamaha website, and those are both 5.3 L V8s! The hull is an 33 ft. Airship and I had never see one like it, so I looked them up too. Interesting design! http://www.airshipribs.com/airshipcms/ It holds about 750 liters of fuel, so at p35 / liter it would cost you about p26,000 to fill-er-up! We noted that there was not a tow vehicle hooked up. It probably takes so long they disconnect and go do errands! Bottom line is, does anyone have $100,000 I can borrow?
  11. My first trip to PH was in the mid 90's and I see the exchange was around 25 then. I remember thinking everything was dirt cheap compared to the U.S., so I guess everything is relative to your current circumstances.
  12. Connection fees are fairly common in many countries. Even when it only involves throwing a switch. Just change the wording to "Express Lane Fee" and maybe you will feel better about it!
  13. Dollar zoomed up to 51.04 right now on XE, a new 10 year or more record. XE only has charts up to 10 years.
  14. Rates were moving up today. 50.76 on XE right now. Tomorrow might be a good day to exchange if you need to.