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  1. OnMyWay

    Has rainy season for 2018 started?

    We finally had thunderstorms two nights in a row and last night was a good dump! Hopefully the drought is over here!
  2. OnMyWay

    Birthday boys. Jack and Dan

    Happy birthday guys! 64-55 = 9 I'm guessing Dan has been on this forum for 9 years! Hard to believe I have been lurking around here for almost 7 years now!
  3. OnMyWay

    Subic - Road Rage Incident

    I had a sneaking feeling there was more to this. It just seemed too odd that she followed him to his business. As lobo said, cutting off, etc. happens all the time here and is accepted. Unlike the U.S. were real road rage exists if you do something completely selfish, like most Filipinos drive all the time. Look at her FB page. It appears that she is some kind of activist. Translate and read some of the related comments about the incidents. https://www.facebook.com/mytfashion?ref=br_rs If that link is not good, search FB for Rodalyn Bonifacio Guinto. The guy obviously has a temper problem, but I think she incited him by barging past security at his place of business. Not many would put up with that, although most would handle it better than he did.
  4. OnMyWay

    Subic - Road Rage Incident

    I have never driven in Dumaguete, but I find Olongapo proper to be much better than Manila. However, I have driven here for 5 years now and I know the ins and outs of the traffic and intersections.
  5. OnMyWay

    New Tyres

    I think, in general, tires are slightly more expensive here. What I did was compare to pricing on Tire Rack . com in the U.S. and that would give an indication of if the price was fair. Size is big factor in the price. Larger SUV tires are going to cost more. I shopped around a lot for 265/60 R18 for my Trailblazer, and Goodyears were very expensive everywhere, around 12,000 each. BF Goodrich, the OEM tire, was also expensive and I don't thing they are that good. Michelin is only available in Manila. I'm sure my dealer never rotated my tires and that contributed to early retirement of two tires. The other two have 56,000 on them and I need to replace them before the heavy rains start. The two tires I bought are the Yokohama Geolander G056, p8400 each + p600 for alignment. I bought them at Yokohama. They have a more heavy duty heavy treaded Geolander off road tire for p12,000 and I'm sure they are noisy. I want quiet tires.
  6. I'll have to ask about that. I don't mind much for the dollars, but if I have a peso account there I would like to withdraw at any BDO ATM without a fee.
  7. Yes, funny you said that as I was reading that list, and it says Interbranch Withdrawal, "No". Is that true for dollars only, or also peso accounts?
  8. Yes, same at BPI now. I found the corresponding fee on the BPI website, as a SWIFT charge, like for wire transfers. I guess the SS uses the SWIFT system for the international direct deposit. https://www.bpiexpressonline.com/p/1/695/inward-remittance This kind of sucks because I will have separate accounts for the kids, so we have to pay this X2 every month. All of our accounts are at BPI now and she wants to open the new accounts for the kids at another bank, to save a few dollars. I will probably agree so that we have some bank diversification. BDO service charge is $4.50 as opposed to $6.50 at BPI. I had thought about opening an account at BDO anyway.
  9. Yesterday we applied for SS benefits for my kids and I. I will have my SS direct deposited to my U.S. bank account and continue to use check writing to transfer money. For the kids, my wife is the custodian and we will direct deposit the dollars to a PH bank dollar account. SS gave us a list of banks and the fees they charge. See picture. I know several of you have your SS direct deposited to your PH bank account. Am I correctly understanding that each month, the bank will charge the "service charge" for the direct deposit? I hope I am mis-understanding this. In the U.S., direct deposit is encouraged as it saves the bank money and makes them money when they get your money every month.
  10. OnMyWay

    Has rainy season for 2018 started?

    An hour after I posted this we finally had a thunderstorm pass through and got a bit of rain.
  11. OnMyWay

    Subic - Road Rage Incident

    I posted that in another thread as a bit of a joke. I didn't know it started as road rage. They are in the gated Subic Gateway Business Park, but most like the road rage incident took place outside the gate. Not sure how she could follow him in through the gate unless she works inside too. Ms. Blue Hair seems to have a bit of a temper too!
  12. OnMyWay

    Has rainy season for 2018 started?

    Our forecast has been like this everyday for weeks, but it never comes! We are bone dry, drought condition 1.
  13. I was trying to upload this picture but I am getting errors again, so here is the linked picture. The point of posting it is the statistics. Over 7 million BB boxes per year! I think I know Filipinos well enough to say that if there was a cheaper or faster or better way, they would find it.
  14. We went to the U.S. Embassy Outreach this morning, to meet with Social Security. Everything went well and even though it is a bit early to file for benefits (My B-day is Sept. 15th), the applications for my kids and I are now filed. They make it fairly easy and fill out the forms for you. We have to follow-up with a copy of my wife's annulment, and our banking information, by e-mail. My first full month of eligibility is October, so our first payment should be November 1. The outreach was super busy. I have been to 3 or 4 now, and this was the busiest. They have cut back on the number of outreaches, so they are packing in more customers. I got there about 0715 and was number 17 on the SS list. Start time was 0800. Went home to get the family, and when we got back at 0830, they had already called my name. No problem; they helped us next. There were lots of old fart foreigners with young kids, taking care of CRBAs, passports, SS, etc. Oh crap, I'm one of the old farts. IMHO, most looked a lot older than me and had younger wives than mine! There were several PNP there, walking around asking if anybody knew somebody with a nickname "Hounddriver". I'm very surprised how many go to these things and seem to be totally unaware of requirements for what they want to achieve. I probably over prepare, doing lots of research, reaching out to SS beforehand, reading forum stories, etc., but many old guys don't seem to have a clue what they are doing and their Filipina partners are not much help. This old guy (would guess 70) and his young girlfriend with a baby sucking on her tit sat down next to us at the SS table. I heard the first part of the conversation and my wife filled me in on the rest. I think I recognized the guy as he is tall, dark tan, and has a long white bushy ponytail. Condensed version... "I'm on SSDI and I want to get a payment for my son." Is your son a U.S. Citizen? "No, but he is my son." Have you applied for his CRBA and passport? "No, but he is my son." Sir, I think you will need a DNA test. "He is my DNA, he is my son". Yes, but I believe a DNA test will be required to prove he is your son. "He is my DNA. I have no money. How will I pay for it?" I'm not sure sir, but I am certain one will be required. "Who is going to help me? He is my son!" (Angry) "I'm going to talk to so and so. Somebody has to help me!" The girlfriend was very dark skinned, flat nose, etc., as was the baby. My wife said there was no way that baby was his! As The World Turns.........................