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  1. Subic Bay Freeport Zone is a bit provincial but we are lucky in that we get a version of PLDT FIBR here. Subictel is a subsidiary of PLDT and the plans are a bit different that the normal PLDT areas. We pay p3500 for 50 mbps service + Cignal digital TV with around 100 channels, ~15 are HD. +p200 rent for the settop box, total p3700 a month. There are no limits. We have had it over a year now and it has been outstanding. When we went to the U.S. for a month I let them know in advance, and they did not bill us for that time. I think I have called them twice because it was down or slow, and they fixed it really fast.
  2. 50.58 right now on XE. 10 year high!
  3. I was ignorant of the geography here. I assumed Marawi was nearer to Zambo or Gen San, but it is way up north. 100 km to CDO and, as the crow flies, only 150 km to Dumaguete. Clinton News Network was just reporting the 300,000 people are displaced and the city is a wreck.
  4. You may have done it already, but test out any 65 at a store for the reading and typing aspect, from the distance you need. It might not be any better than your current 50. Good luck!
  5. I have posted about Fidelity almost locking my accounts due to a Philippines address. When I bought my house I transferred money from my Fidelity account to my Chase account, then did wire transfers. I never attempted it from Fidelity because of the foreign residence issue. I thought I could do one large wire transfer from Chase, but I was limited to $25k per day. So I had to do that 3 times. BPI charged a small amount on the receiving end. If you search I have a post about this.
  6. That is really cheap. Too cheap. And you have to take a chance on Lazada, sight unseen. Do they have a warranty? Do you really need a 65? That should be a big room for proper viewing. A lot of people might put them in a smaller room but that is far from optimal. Maybe a 55 would be good for you but of course, I know nothing about your room! If you haven't done so, do some research on screen size and optimal viewing distance.
  7. Ditto! Also, even though I try to be optimistic most of the time, the forum is a great place to dump a rant when something is not right or something is frustrating. Even though it is an "almost anonymous", it is a great place to get some empathy when all is not well, and you need to get things back in perspective.
  8. You never want to leave anything dangling around a snake; they look like eggs! Same caution for going to the beach; don't leave them exposed! http://www.foreignjournal.com/nude-sunbather-injured-townsville-eagle-mistakes-testicles-turtle-eggs/
  9. Ron, are you looking at the Blue Royal Premier plan? That is a worldwide dollar plan that is more designed for worldwide coverage. Probably more suitable for someone who travels a lot to high cost medical countries like the U.S. You are allowed up to $300 a day for a room, etc. etc. Look at the peso plans.
  10. Here in Olongapo / Subic, I never hear "Hey Joe". I think maybe once in 5 years. Possibly because there are a lot of foreigners here and because of the former Navy base? I don't know.
  11. Ouch! I'm not going to hit the LIKE button! I guess the only thing to do is write bigger checks, less frequently, to keep the % down. Still a better deal than other methods, but not good for those who like to write 1 check a month for smaller amounts.
  12. Make sure you list Yoko Ono as co-author and share the profits with her! (recent news story about Imagine!) Here is my favorite Yoko Ono:
  13. If you pre-pay at current rates and you end up having to top that up to the new rates, you need to consider the hassle involved in doing that. I can't recall if you are talking about prepaying your wife's policy with you as a dependent (that is my scenario) but if that is the case, you also then have the hassle of splitting out you as a separate policy. The prepaid money will be for her, not for your separate policy. From what I have read, I think the chances of pre-paying at current rates and not having to top it up later are very slim. I don't think you enough weight to "is Philhealth worth 17,000 per year"? I think the money is better spent on private insurance. Philhealth was a great bargain at 500-600 pesos per quarter. p17,000 per year is a no go for me. My wife and kids will all still have Philhealth, but I am thinking about getting them private as well, with high deductible, for the worst scenarios. Even with Philhealth, a bad illness or accident could impact my life savings a lot. Same for me. I will get a high deductible emergency policy and self insure for smaller stuff. If you look at the Pacific Cross plans, you can save a lot by taking a high deductible. I'm not pushing Pacific Cross and I hope some others can post the names of other private insurance they are happy with.
  14. My last check deposit at BPI was in February. I have never had a charge. Here is the list of BPI fees and I don't see a check deposit fee there. https://info.bpiexpressonline.com/bpiprod/produpd.nsf/Deposit+Rates/BankServicesFees I have had to make cash deposits at Metrobank and BDO in the past. BDO charges something if the amount is below a certain threshold. Metrobank always charged me p50. That is one reason why I don't do my banking there.
  15. That means you, your self, sharpen them.