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  1. If you do the NBI at the main office they give it to you then and there? At Olongapo NBI no appointment was needed and if you are 60 you can use the senior line. However, you don't get it for a few weeks, at the same office.
  2. So I arrived at 7:40 and they started at 08:00. #51 came up at 0945 and my transaction was all of 30 seconds.
  3. I'm at the outreach now. I am 51 on the SS list but SS has 5 people processing so it should go quickly. I'm applying for my daughter's SSN.
  4. I took a quick look at Lazada and it seemed that most are "bulk up" types with lots of carbs. I want the low carb versions. I'm going to the U.S. soon so I will ship some back, but it would be nice to find some here.
  5. Any protein powder fans here who have found a source for it that will no break the bank? Everything I have found is super expensive.
  6. It is funny how the topic is about retiring at 56 and it seems that several members, including me, did retire at that magic number!
  7. Sorry, this was a new one for me too. If you look at the ECC link JGF gave, there are two types of ECC. ECC-A (regular): For tourists and other types too, done 72 or more hours ahead of departure at one of the BI offices that does them. ECC-B: For 13a and some other types of visas, done at the airport. Funny thing is, Tacloban BI says they do ECC-B in that office directory. I don't quite understand the 6 month vs. 1 year issue that Dave and Robert are discussing, but that is for tourists, which I am not.
  8. Thanks for asking! So this all kind of relates to some other thread on 13a where some people were not sure if you should leave the country while on probationary 13A. So I can leave, but I have to pay the piper!
  9. And they paid it at the airport? The BI guy didn't know for sure. He was just guessing.
  10. No, they do not keep your passport during processing. At intramuros, the basics are: 1. Submit all the paperwork and pay. Interview date is on the OR. (I submitted Jan. 31) 2. Go for interview (mine was Feb 8) 3. Waited to be listed here: http://www.immigration.gov.ph/information/application-status/agenda-verification Mine was listed in the March 2 file but they did not post that until the following week, so it took around 5 weeks. 4. Go get the visa inserted in your passport and pickup your ACR. I had an agent do this step and he left the passport with them overnight to get the visa. He said that is normal but I'm not sure about that. The timing was bad for me. I wrote about it in another thread.
  11. Yes, almost all offices offer ECC-A. Before undertaking any long travel based on the list, I would suggest to try and call the particular office to verify they can do what you need. ITGeek is reporting that Angeles can do 13a now, and that is not listed. I hope he is correct.
  12. Dry sugar? I have made some syrupy concoctions before. Sometimes they worked to attract the ants and sometimes not. I just dropped some pancake syrup by the ants and they seem to like it.
  13. I bought some welding borax at the hardware store but have not tried it yet. Any simple and good recipes for making bait? The recipes I found before were a bit tedious. We are going out of town for a few days and I will leave bait around the house.
  14. That is why I'm hoping that some other 13a travelers speak up. Maybe this is one of those things that is in writing but never actually done.
  15. Well Dave, you may be exactly right! I went to BI Olongapo and talked to my go-to guy there. He said the ECC is no longer the same as when you are on tourist and it is not paid at the BI offices. So when I go to the airport, I have to look for a window where I will pay the ECC-B and the RP fee. He said he thinks it is about p2170 but I neglected to ask him what the breakdown was. Any 13a holders out there with further insights?