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  1. I had downloaded the manual when mine quit and it said this was the first thing to check. Sounds like your water pipes are in bad shape. Not sure how to solve that long term.
  2. I thought I posted a summary of my 13A experience a few months ago, but maybe not. There was one small annoying surprise at Intramuros that maybe you can avoid, or be more prepared for, or maybe it won't apply at another office. I think the website says you need 2 legal sized folders, so I had them. What they neglected to say was that you need those 2 hole metal holders and all of your documents have to have the 2 hole punch. Of course someone is selling them and you can use their 2 hole punch. Also, the documents have to be in perfect order and that includes a few you will not have in advance. This is the type of fastener, but only on one side.
  3. Today I exchanged at a changer for the first time in almost 5 years since I have been here. We had 100 euro lying around that we received as a gift. The changer has 4 or 5 shops in Olongapo and I park right outside one of them often, and they usually have a good dollar rate posted in the window. They made me fill out a form with name, address, nationality, purpose, etc., etc. A bit of a pain. The rate was 53.15 and the XE mid-market rate right now is 54.67.
  4. The cashiers office here in Subic Freeport has a little machine that read the serial numbers and then prints them. However, it does not usually read 100% so they still have to double check which ones were not captured. It still seems to save some time. Do any changers use these?
  5. I think I recall some people saying this was a fairly nice direct flight in economy. Any experiences to share, either direction? Is there a difference in seat / leg room in budget economy vs. regular economy? I don't think budget is available anyway. Why? You may recall that I posted about buying tickets for my family on Asiana, from Clark, connecting in Seoul. Given the North Korea situation, I am having serious second thoughts on flying my family to Korea at the beginning of May and again on return at the beginning of June. Maybe that deserves another thread.
  6. We get clear round bottles for our dispenser, for p40. You can find it for less but I like the taste of this one. There are lots of cheaper ones down the hill in Olongapo, but only a few are allowed to deliver on the base, so I would have to pick it up. Not worth it. We get ten at a time delivered.
  7. Search You Tube!
  8. For the tiny sugar ants, Terro used to work well for me in Florida. I will probably stock up on that in the U.S. as it is much cheaper there.
  9. The one I have is PIC brand, not the one shown. The PIC brand is only 60% boric acid and I see now that on Amazon, several are 100%. I'm not sure if it was the PIC or another brand I brought from the U.S. that worked for ants. They all seem to work good for cockroaches by simply spreading the powder around in cockroach areas. For ants, the last time I used it was a few years ago. I found a few recipes in the Amazon comments. I think I boiled corn syrup and Karo syrup and mixed the powder in. Then put it in bottle caps around various places. At our first house here in Subic we had a lot of the big red ants we call Mango ants. They were more of an annoyance outside because they rarely come inside. I would pour larger amounts on those trees. They would feast on it and then the next day they would be gone. The problem was, I would make a batch that seemed to work, then the next time it would seem not to. The recipes I found then were not very specific on ratios, so I may have put in too much or too little. I just searched for "ant killer recipe" and there is a lot out there. I will try a new one if I find a good one.
  10. I was in a hurry Friday before we left for Baguio. so I just sprinkled the welding flux / borax on some pieces of cardboard, poured a bit of pancake syrup on it and swished it together. Didn't seem to work. The tiny sugar ants in the kitchen seemed to ignore it and are still going strong. The sugar ants in the bedroom were eating it but are still around. The black ants around my desk were eating it but it seems to have no impact on them. I still have a little bit of a type like this one shown and it works. I guess I will have to use it and get some more next month in the U.S.
  11. If you do the NBI at the main office they give it to you then and there? At Olongapo NBI no appointment was needed and if you are 60 you can use the senior line. However, you don't get it for a few weeks, at the same office.
  12. So I arrived at 7:40 and they started at 08:00. #51 came up at 0945 and my transaction was all of 30 seconds.
  13. I'm at the outreach now. I am 51 on the SS list but SS has 5 people processing so it should go quickly. I'm applying for my daughter's SSN.
  14. I took a quick look at Lazada and it seemed that most are "bulk up" types with lots of carbs. I want the low carb versions. I'm going to the U.S. soon so I will ship some back, but it would be nice to find some here.
  15. Any protein powder fans here who have found a source for it that will no break the bank? Everything I have found is super expensive.