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  1. OnMyWay

    good mail forwarding service from US??

    I am not a tax professional so consult one as needed..... FEIE only applies if you have a job in the Philippines. If you open a business and make money, that is not "earned" income, and is treated differently on your U.S. taxes. https://www.irs.gov/individuals/international-taxpayers/foreign-earned-income-exclusion-what-is-foreign-earned-income I don't have "earned" income. I also live off of savings and investments until my SS kicks in later this year. I pay U.S. taxes on any investment earnings and I also include the interest earnings on my bank accounts in the Philippines. It is not much but I like to do my taxes honestly, and my U.S. CPA says it is taxable income. If you are living off of savings, then you likely have a low income and may not have to pay any taxes. If you are married filing jointly, the tax rate is 0 on the first $19,050 of income. It is a good idea to prepare your taxes each year even if your income is low. You might qualify for a credit of some kind and get money back. The IRS does not require you to file taxes unless your income is over a certain amount. https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/deciding-whether-and-how-to-file-heres-what-to-remember
  2. OnMyWay


    Always shirts! Duh!
  3. OnMyWay


    For those interested, another update... I have 3 shipments in the cart now, I have some more insight into how their dimensional system works and billing system works. What they do is measure each SHIPMENT that comes in to them. Then they add those up to get your total dimensions and charge. For instance, my lipstick arrived by itself and thus was measured alone, 4" X 2" X 1": I suspect the minimum dimension is 1", and as you can see they have rounded up on the height but rounded down on the length and width. I wonder if they use automated measurement or it is just a warehouse worker? So, right now, I have 4 X 2 X 1, 8 X 5 X 7 and 5 X 5 X 5 in my cart. That is a total of 413 cubic inches, well below the minimum, 1728 (12 X 12 X 12). Now look at the second shipment, which they measure as 8 X 5 X 7: In this case, the 4 item sizes don't really match up well. They really had no choice but to put the little jar on top, thus raising the height for the whole shipment. What I glean from all of this is that you can somewhat manage how they receive the shipments and dimensionalize them. I have free shipping at Amazon so in theory, I could have sent those 4 items individually, and they would arrive individually, and be measured individually. I don't think I will micromanage it to that extent, but it would pay to send like sized items together. For instance, I have 3 identical shirts in my Amazon cart right now, along with some other things. I am going to ship the shirts by themselves, so they will be measured up together. If I send everything, they will have to haphazardly stack the other items on top of the shirts and measure like that.
  4. OnMyWay


    True for many many companies! I'm giving them a try and I will keep y'all updated.
  5. As mentioned above, when I got mine 13a permanent at Balanga the guy there told me to phone BI Main in Manila and talk to the ACR card people. He seemed to indicate that could speed them up.
  6. Wow, these minimums seem really low. I wonder how many earn the minimum? https://subic.morefun.ph/news/central-luzon-workers-to-get-p20-daily-wage-hike-starting-august-1/ Central Luzon workers to get P20 daily wage hike starting August 1 Minimum wage earners in Central Luzon will receive an additional increase in their daily pay effective August 1 this year. This, after the National Wage and Productivity Commission (NWPC) affirmed the newest wage order by the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board 3 (RTWPB 3) that raises by P20 per day the minimum wage in Bataan, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Tarlac, Zambales and Aurora. Under Wage Order No. RB III-21, the new rate will apply to minimum wage earners or workers and employees in the private sector in Central Luzon regardless of position, designation, or status of employment and irrespective of the method by which their wages are paid. However, those who are not covered in the said wage order are household or domestic helpers and persons employed in the personal service of another, including family drivers and workers of Barangay Micro Business Enterprises with Certificate of Authority, pursuant to Republic Act 9178. “We are happy to inform our workers all over the region that a new minimum wage is taking effect this August. This means that the additional daily wage increase will enable them to provide more take home pay for their families,” DOLE Regional Director Zenaida Angara-Campita, who chairs the RTWPB-3, said on Tuesday. Under the new wage order, minimum earners in Central Luzon in the non-agriculture category and establishment with total assets of PHP30 million or more will receive a PHP400 basic pay per day. On the other hand, employees working in the non-agriculture category and establishments with assets of less than PHP30 million will have a PHP393 basic pay per day. This new wage hike adjustment applies for minimum wage earners in the provinces of Pampanga, Tarlac, Bulacan, Zambales, Bataan and Nueva Ecija. For the province of Aurora, the daily minimum wage increase will take effect in two tranches—from P329, a P10 increase to P339 on August 1 and another P10 increase to P349, six months later. Under the agriculture category, the new wage hike for plantation and non-plantation workers in Bataan, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Tarlac and Zambales, will be P370 and P354, respectively. Workers in the plantation and non-plantation in Aurora, on the other hand, will be P334 and P322, respectively. Meanwhile, for the retail or service category, with 16 or more workers – P389 and with less than 16 workers – P375, for both six provinces; and, P284 in Aurora. Campita said the new wage order is a result of the RTWPB 3’s consultations with labor and management representatives from different industries in most parts of the region. She said the RTWPB saw the need to help workers in the region to cope up with the rising cost of living brought by the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law implementation and fuel hikes. “The Regional Wage Board deemed it best to increase the minimum wage at reasonable and equitable levels in light of the regional poverty threshold level vis-à-vis, average wage, along with the need to promote performance-based incentive schemes under the two-tier wage system,” she said. In issuing the wage order, the RTWPB 3 has encouraged establishments to adopt productivity improvement schemes, such as time and motion studies, good housekeeping, quality circles, and labor management cooperation, as well as to implement gain sharing programs. The RTWPB added that any person, corporation, trust or firm, partnership, association, or entity which refuses or fails to pay the prescribed wage rates in accordance with Wage Order No. RB III-21 shall be subject to penal provisions under Republic Act 6727, or the Minimum Wage Fixing Law. (PNA)
  7. I thought this topic was going to be about me!
  8. OnMyWay


    For those interested.... I ordered a lot of stuff on Amazon the past few days, during and after their Prime Day sale. Shipping Cart e-mails me when they receive something, and so far they have processed 4 small items, and this is what I see online in my cart: So as more items arrive, they will add them in. I'll place my final order on Amazon tomorrow, so hopefully Shipping Cart will have it all ready to ship next week. I'm sure I will be over the minimum and it will be interesting to see how they stack everything up and give me the final dimensions.
  9. OnMyWay

    US & Philippines tax expert?

    Not exactly. The Embassy holds "outreaches" in various locations and they usually come to Subic Bay once or twice a year. For us, it is much easier to go to an outreach than travel to the Embassy in Manila. I think if it is just you, it is possible file for SS online, but double check that. I was also filing for my two kids, and kids living here must make a physical appearance, so we did that at the outreach. Everything has gone smoothly and we should start receiving our SS in November.
  10. OnMyWay

    US & Philippines tax expert?

    The IRS and SS don't care if you live in the Philippines. I file my U.S. tax return with my PH address and have filed for SS here. If fact, if you want to get your SS sent here, you should file here, through the U.S. Embassy Manila. The reason for keeping a U.S. mailing address is helpful for other reasons, including banking and investments and voting. Many U.S. banks and investment firms don't want your business if you live in PH. Texas is one of 7 states to have no state income tax, so it is a good place to have a mailing address.
  11. OnMyWay

    Digital Multimeter

    I had 4 bulbs in my recessed ceiling lights go out in about 10 days! 3 were older LEDs and one was a fairly new Philips CFL that I was using to replace the LED. So I went out and bought more of the Eurolux Wide Range LED 185-265. I'm going to track the dates this time and see how long these last. Jake, I tried to get into one of the old LED to take a look, and I couldn't get lower section off. I think I would have to use a hacksaw or Dremel tool to get it off.
  12. I was wondering, do these Asian cruise ships allow smoking? I know one of the big draws is the on-board gambling, and it seems like gambling and smoking go together!
  13. This sucks! Used clothing is illegal to import! https://news.mb.com.ph/2018/07/14/boc-subic-destroys-p-8-m-ukay-ukay/
  14. No, they give you the BI Clearance Certificate there. You don't have to bring it.