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  1. Dating Life Rejuvenated at 56

    Enjoying our nice weather? The mornings have been great recently, cool and windy.
  2. Yes, you need the GCP Certificate from CFO before DFA will change the name in the passport to the married name. My wife called DFA about this. Good news from CFO. There are now 3 offices that do seminars. They now have an office in Clark where they will do the seminars. However, they are not part of the online registration yet. Only Manila and Cebu have that. Call the Clark office for more info. My wife plans to do this at Clark and we will let you know how it goes. http://www.cfo.gov.ph/news/cfo-news-and-events/3445-cfo-opens-extension-desk-in-clark-pampanga.html
  3. TV Shop Philippines

    Nor do I, thus my post. They are a scam, similar to some booths at malls and even in SM. They also say original price 8000, today only 3999, for a similar blender. As you mentioned, Lazada is a much better option, only 1395 or less for other brands. https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/high-quality-600-watt-blender-and-fruit-mixer-extractor-i160711892-s196244788.html?search=1
  4. Residency

    I don't think it is an issue to travel after you get your temporary visa. They realize that residents travel. Based on my recent experience, the only time that might come up is when you do your interview with the attorney to get your permanent visa. He will probably flip through your passport and if you have some travel, he might ask about it. We went to the U.S. for a month, but the attorney did not ask about it. A bigger pain is that as a resident, you will have to pay travel taxes when you go out!
  5. Residency

    Good point on the NBI. I didn't factor that in because it didn't really impact me. It might take some time to get your NBI clearance, dependent on your personal situation.
  6. Residency

    For the 13A marriage visa, first you have to apply for and get a temporary visa for 1 year. Then you reapply for the permanent one about 2 months before the temporary expires. So at least a bit over a year before you can be permanent. How long each part of the process takes will depend on where you apply. The main BI in Manila is the fastest. Others take longer as they have to shuttle paperwork back and forth to Manila. I just got my permanent last week.
  7. Air filter or air purification unit?

    If you change your profile pic to a cute chat girl picture, I might answer!
  8. TV Shop Philippines

    TV Shop Philippines does not have prices on their website, and clicking on "order now" pops up a chat window. Here is my chat with them. Some of the chat boxes have overlaps in my screenshots. I don't think I am going to "avail my slot" for this product. Typical high pressure sales tactics converted to chat mode. For some questions, like my first one, they are surely picking from list of answers. Or maybe she is the fastest and most accurate typist in the world, because it took her about 2 seconds to type it.
  9. Air filter or air purification unit?

    Silly me, I didn't associate the popup chat box with the mouse click on "Order Now". What a stupid setup!
  10. Air filter or air purification unit?

    You brought up TV Shop and that reminded me that there were a few things I would consider buying there, so I went to http://tvshop.ph/ to take a look. There are no prices there. When I click "Order Now" it does nothing. So the only way to find out anything is to call. Does anyone have a different experience? It appears they are trying to force you to call so they can give you a hard sell. Sorry for the topic diversion.
  11. The right fit

    Men's shorts in pink and lavender do carry a premium price!
  12. The 5 centavos is per dollar which on my exchange was almost $10 usd. I'm still depressed! My online exchange was at BPI online, between my dollar and peso account, so there are no fees except the fee built into the BPI exchange rate, which is not a huge amount. Dollars were transferred by check from my U.S. bank. I know some like to take dollars out of the bank to an outside money changer, but I prefer to do larger exchanges so I am not going to take 5 or 10 k out of the bank. I think typically you can get around the XE at a money changer. Since XE is a mid-market rate, they still have room to make money. BPI in office is usually 15-20 less than XE, and BPI online is usually another 5-10 less than that. So the loss from XE to BPI online would be about p2500 on a $10,000 exchange, as shown in the chart below. Signed: Bored on a Saturday morning Rate Description Rate Amount Exc Amt Rec Loss XE rate or street money changer 52.35 10000 523500 Typical BPI in-office rate, XE -15-20 52.20 10000 522000 -1500 Typical BPI Online Rate, - another 5-10 52.10 10000 521000 -1000
  13. The right fit

    My wife just got back from the wet market area / ukay ukay and she found a really nice pair of shorts for me. Like new. 20 pesos!
  14. My Wife wants to Drive the car!

    Follow up on this. My wife finished her driving lessons, 10 hours in one week and 2 hours class. I'm on the fence on whether it was good or bad instructing. Since then we have been driving around to get her some experience. She does fine but still needs to practice the usual thing that new drivers have a hard time with: parking. I need to find a good place to drill her! I wish I had some cones! She went to LTO and got her license yesterday. It was "easy" because she had some "help". She only got a paper license but she said some of the people got their plastic right away. Doesn't make sense. We were talking to our neighbor's wife and she just got her license, and was bragging to my wife about driving all over. I think that kicked my wife in the butt to go down and get hers. Side note: The American neighbor mentioned above bought his wife an almost brand new Mitsu Mirage. 2 months old, 1100 km, only p300,000! Why? The owner was a friend and died. His wife sold it to my neighbor very cheap because they were friends.
  15. I'm very unhappy with my bank yesterday but I will save the details of that for another rant. Went to the bank 3 times but was not able to exchange. Ended up doing it online and got 52.13. The rate on XE was around 52.34 all day. I probably lost 5 centavos by doing it online.