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  1. Window security

    Except in the shower? Don't drop that soap!
  2. Waiting for a plane

    Looking at this satellite picture, I hope some of that rain can give us a good drench in Subic. We have had very little rain for the past 2 weeks and the garden is getting dry, despite watering. https://www.accuweather.com/en/ph/subic/266590/satellite/266590
  3. Yesterday at my daughter's school Christmas party, I met an American lady who teaches at Brent Int'l school in Subic, along with her husband. They initially had a 2 year contract but have now stayed 7 years as they like it here. This is the second teacher I met from Brent whose spouse also worked there. So I guess they give some preference to qualified couple teachers who will come together as a family. I suspect that Brent teachers make good money, based on the high tuition I see there.
  4. You can get the form here: http://www.immigration.gov.ph/images/FORMS/TouristVisaSection/TVS-CGAF-VE-2016.pdf For the extension, fill it in 100%. There is not much there anymore so it is easy. It used to be legal sized and required more info.
  5. Christmas Decorations

    Here are a few pictures of the elaborately decorated Halloween house, now decorated for Christmas. Not very good pics; taken out of my car window with engine running.
  6. PhilHealth rate increase for foreigners

    Yes, I know. I don't want to open a can of worms by talking to them. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope it will not blow up on it's own at some future date.
  7. PhilHealth rate increase for foreigners

    Tuka started this thread way back in Feb and we have all been interpreting what the new policy said, what has actually happened, what Philhealth has told a few of us, and what the future holds. I re-read the entire thread and it is a bit funny how many times some of us, including me, changed course with our opinions as more information was gathered. This is my latest interpretation... I think Mike J had it about right in his first post which he then retracted. Jack P later said about the same. What they said seems to be what is actually happening. - If you were a dependent on your Filipino wife's plan before July 1, 2017, you are grandfathered in and are still a dependent on your wife's plan. Why do I think this? Because that is my situation and I have made a claim without issue. Regarding expiration of policies, I don't think that concept is correct. There are no policies. You are a "member" or a dependent of a member. The premium payments (for informal economy members) are on a monthly or quarterly or annual basis and may change as time goes on. As some have done, you can pre-pay future premiums (up to 3 years?), locking in the current rate. As long as you make your correct premium payments by the due date, there is no "expiration" in Philhealth. Your payments may lapse and you might not be covered for a time, but there are ways to fix that. - After July 1, if you join as an expat member, you will pay the new, higher premiums. - After July 1, if your wife tries to add you as a dependent, she will be told that you can't be added and need to join on your own as a member. - If you were an expat member before July 1, like AlwaysRt, I'm not sure what the standing is. Have any expat members who were paying old rates before July 1 been asked to pay the higher rates or go away? I have not seen that posted. The quarterly payment would have been due September 30th, 2017. AlwaysRt has prepaid but have others attempted to make a quarterly payment due September 30th? Again, my latest interpretation!
  8. climbing frames and slides etc...

    There are dozens of similar articles in the U.S. and they talk about regulations being needed. Not sure what those would be. Perhaps regulating all the rental places. I amazed at how many of the bad injuries are caused when the wind comes up and the bounce house blows away! If you can't properly install and monitor the darn thing, don't use it. Our small indoor one is put away until the soft helmets arrive. I see bumping heads as the greatest risk in this small one. I put a soft roll mattress in the exit door area and sit there, in case they have a misstep there.
  9. I need a Canadian Income Tax preparer

    SUN still has IDD and I have used it to call the U.S. for about 2 p per minute. Not sure about other countries.
  10. PhilHealth rate increase for foreigners

    Ok, you are describing a different scenario. Sonjack, like me, is on his wife's policy as a dependent. As long as our wive's keep the premiums paid, there should be no change for us. You might get lucky with yours if they consider you as "grandfathered" in as a member of Philhealth before the foreigner rate hike. Good luck!
  11. I don't understand this statement. Can you elaborate?
  12. Google "brokerage closing expat accounts". Here is one of the first hits. https://www.taxesforexpats.com/articles/investments/what-to-do-if-your-us-broker-wants-to-close-your-investment-account-when-you-live-overseas.html I wrote about my Fidelity experience on the forum. If you search you can probably find that and other experiences.
  13. A Door in the Sky

  14. When you are living here full-time that might not be your best option. At some point Schwab might close your account if they think you are living in PH. My Fidelity ATM has the same deal but I would only use it in an emergency due to the risk of account closure if I used it on a regular basis. Checking writing as described is my preferred method, but now BPI and all the banks are charging a $5 deposit fee. So, almost free but not quite.
  15. PhilHealth rate increase for foreigners

    When is a policy renewed? I thought as long as you pay the premiums there is no need to renew anything?