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  1. Totally disagree. If I didn't give a hoot about the subject hobo, then yeah - eat my food, live under my roof, etc... wouldn't matter. But It's not about my money but it is more about the kid growing up to become a respectable adult.
  2. As the old saying goes, "An eagle that doesn't leave the nest ends up becoming a turkey"" He needs that extra push to leave the nest. Something magical happens when you live on your own and start paying your own bills. You transition from boy to man. And sometimes it takes guidance from a father figure that this "sister whipped" boy probably never had. Some call it tough love - i just call it love.
  3. My budget has been blown up.

    Personally, I find that budgets don't work. I quit doing them. There will always be unaccounted for expenses. But then again, I never go overboard on expenses, unless I am on vacation...
  4. Bottom line, are you happier now?
  5. With retirement coming at the end of this year, I find myself thinking of how I will be spending my time in the Philippines. i will be 56, single, financially independent, and commuting from Hawaii to various locations until I find my ideal place to set down my roots. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to find myself - to have a clean slate in life to discover who I really am. I will spend a year looking within, and in my past... evaluating my strengths, and facing what I dislike and love to do. Stephen Covey said it best - "You DETECT, rather than INVENT your purpose in life". Growing old does have it's benefits when done right and money is no longer a concern. I will try to make the most of my new freedom in the Philippines...
  6. Fat Maid

    When compared to other SE Asian countries, I think filipinas are on the bigger side. I can tell the difference, especially after a visit to Taipei and Bangkok.
  7. AirBnb

    I tried to use AirBNB to visit a California ski resort but was turned down because the owner found out I was Asian. Just Kidding!! Current news can be false when you find out the background behind it all. I used AirBNB on my first trip to Dumaguete. The service was just great, including airport pickup and drop off. Will not hesitate to use it again.
  8. Raising a half-American child in the Philippines

    So cool man. Good to know guys like you. At 56, it keeps my dreams alive to have a family of my own someday.
  9. How do you spend your time in retirement?

    I am set to retire at the end of this year and have been pondering this question for the past five years. I will be set financially, and this could be a curse for me. A life of total leisure would be a recipe for an early grave with boredom and drinking setting in. On the positive side, i could pursue my number one priority - HEALTH. Currently, my work schedule makes it difficult to do my daily exercise. But when retired, i can "eat that frog", first thing in the morning and enjoy the post exercise benefits throughout the rest of the day. Unfortunately, my daily exercise routine, which consists of running, weight lifting and swimming, only takes up at most, 1 hour of my day. As of now, I am contemplating taking business classes, but I am not sure I will fit in with the Filipino college students there. This is a tough question... Be a part time bartender? Seek the filipino culinary arts? Learn Tagalog? Make some babies? still working on it...
  10. Living your dream

    This is just another budget thread... But the title is about "Living Your Dreams". Money, to me, is only a fraction of MY dreams. Is it important? Hell yeah! But only a fraction. I am set to retire at the end of the year in the Philippines and I find myself concentrating more on personal fulfillment. A sense of purpose. Things to do to keep me occupied so I won't get too bored and hit the bottle at 10 am. Maybe my solution is to find a Filipina I can wake up to every morning - maybe even having my own kids? Or living on the beach and surfing every day... There is more to life than money.
  11. For the expats, it's just a matter of showing proper respect, like taking off your hat, etc... But what if your an expat that looks Filipino? Will a corrupt police officer clobber you and take you in for questioning? Then demand a ransom?
  12. Hello from General Santos City

    General Santos? Cool. Would love to visit down south, but as an American, I have some travel concerns in Mindanao. You feel safe there? Any concerns for you?
  13. Totally agree because I love my beer. This is my No. 1 concern and this is what I see a lot of expats doing there, from 10 in the morning.
  14. At 56, retirement is finally a reality. It hit me yesterday when my boss refused to assign me any new projects, but instead, assigned a new engineer to mentor and pass on 31 years of experience that is packed in my brain - which is currently full of mixed emotions. I had envisioned this point of my career to be a happy one, especially when I have a plan in place to travel the Philippines, but the psychological ramifications are not that simple. And the finality of retirement is worth a second thought. Once I pull the trigger, there is no going back. Is it just fear of letting go of a structured lifestyle? Or the fear of possibly experiencing the 3-D's that some men go through in retirement - Depression, Drink and Divorce... Or is it just cold feet? I am about 80% sure I will eventually like my new life, but nothing is guaranteed in life. Anybody experience something similar? Or were you absolutely sure of your decision?
  15. How about PG on a $1000/m?

    Isn't Puerto Galera a touristy party town? With go-go bars to boot? I think $1000 there would be border line.