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  1. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    Interesting response Dave, so I am assuming you have a different experience in the Philippines? I am a skinny Japanese American that often get mistaken for being filipino, so I never get any of the special interests that white, blue eyed foreigners presumably get there.
  2. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    The same Vlogger made another YouTube video asking 16 beautiful college students the same question, and 15 out of the 16 students went for the old, fat foreigner. So this opinion is far spread, beyond the slums and poverty stricken Filipinas.
  3. Life Starts Afresh as a New ExPat.

    Thanks Eddie, nice to hear another success story. Will be joining you in about 68 days, but whose counting? Just curious, how old are you? And what is your plan for maintaining your VISA? I am contemplating if I should go for the SRRV, but dishing out $10,000 to the Philippines bank feels a bit risky to me. Dumaguete is a pretty cool town if you don't mind the air pollution in the city.
  4. I haven't read the entire thread of responses, but through all my travels there, so far, the only place I find I will need a car would be in the Subic Freeport Zone area.
  5. Yeah, this is information I would to know also. What is a convenient way to travel between Subic Freeport Zone and Barreto Beach?
  6. Big Head

    I feel sorry for the Filipina that has to give birth to your big headed kids...
  7. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    To expand on the responses of the young Filipina's in the video, yes, all of the reasons the foreigner was selected over the handsome filipino were for financial status, but in addition, there were Filipina's that desired the white skin and blue eyes as well. Nothing new here. But let's not kid ourselves - if a young rich man was available - Filipino or Foreign, that would be a girls first choice.
  8. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    Just saw a Filipino guys video (Vlog) on YouTube where he went around a slummy neighborhood and interviewed numerous Filipina's ranging between 18 and 20 years old. During the interview, he asked one basic question "If you had to pick between a handsome young filipino bystander with no job and a fat, old foreigner, which one would you pick?" In all, he interviewed around 20 young beautiful single candidates, and 100% of them responded the same way - they would all go for the foreigner. I was not only surprised with the results, but how the Filipino Vlogger concluded the video by stating how disgusted he feels whenever he see's old foreigners with young filipina's (it intrudes on his sense of Filipino pride?). It made me wonder how many Filipino men feel the same way.
  9. Figuring out Siargao

    Starting a restaurant business is tough enough to do even in the US - the Philippines will be even harder.
  10. I don't think age matters. Heck, I am 56 and planning to retire there in March. This is my number one dilemma also, how am I going to keep busy? It also doesn't matter how much money I will have, without a sense of purpose, I think I will go bonkers, or hit the bottle way too early. My original plan was to attend a college there and take some classes for the sake of learning, but it's different from the conditions here in the US. The students at the Universities I visited seem a bit more immature, and there were no other older guy to be seen. Still work in progress for me. Let me know when you figured it out.
  11. Stupid or am I wrong!!!

    This is another example of what happens when you thinking with the wrong head. And, this is what I may have done when head over heels with a girl - IN HIGH SCHOOL!
  12. Just don't make any big decisions for at least a year of living there. That includes running a business, buying a home/condo...etc. As far as the money, this question has been asked many times before and the monthly income were all over the place, it all depends on your lifestyle, but I can give you one generalized conclusion - if you decide to live on $1200 per month, it may be tighter if you decide to live in the more expensive locations, like Makati, Subic Freeport, and maybe even Cebu. There are a lot of options if you look outside of these cities. And another budget breaker is if you enjoy spending time in girly bars where you could be spending $200/night (so I heard...wink wink...). Being only 35, the Philippines will be an awesome experience for you - I will be starting next year at 56, not as young as you, but with a bigger budget. Life is a compromise between time and money.
  13. Filipina trouble ahh help

    This is another typical case where a foreigner is NOT thinking in terms of abundance... so many filipina's out there you could be happier with. Based on what I have read, I agree with most of you.. MOVE ON!
  14. To Retire At 56? Or Rough It Out...

    I finally reached my 56th birthday yesterday and I have officially declared my financial independence - I cannot put into words the feeling of knowing that I do not have to work another day in my life, only if I choose to. With a guaranteed federal pension and more than enough investments, including a paid for penthouse condo, I have secured enough income to live out the rest of my days in Hawaii, but I have opted for a Philippines adventure instead. But unfortunately, life is not all puppies and roses... I received some bad news from my latest physical results. Based on my blood test, I will be subjected to further testing due to a low blood count. Funny how it takes some bad news to change your priorities and perspective on life - yes, money is NOT the most important thing in life. Without health, you have no wealth.