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  1. That, in my opinion, is a major plus. I'm assuming the family won't be asking you for handouts?
  2. I would really refrain from buying a vehicle upon arriving to the Philippines. There are a lot of expats that have done so and have regretted the purchase. A scooter (like the Honda 125cc Click) may be more practical unless you decide to live in the Subic Freeport area where you will need a car to get around.
  3. I'm 56 and just retired this year - I have achieved financial independence and traveling the Philippines. I highly recommend you take the time to spend some time in the Philippines BEFORE you retire. I have spent many weeks vacationing the Philippines before I made my jump into retirement. Currently, I am having the time of my life traveling from city to city, but I know the Philippines is not for everyone. Heck, I'm still unsure how I will feel in the long run. The best advice I got was from an expat Vlogger who said "Don't make any big decisions for at least a year" (i.e, buy a house, condo, open a business, get married, etc..)
  4. I am currently spending a month in Angeles City at the Kandi Tower's and I am loving it here. I pay around $550/month for a studio and the internet connection is about as good as it gets in the Philippines, no complaints. I really enjoy the huge pool, great gym, friendly 24 hour coffee shop and convenience store. In addition, I just found out that they do Visa extensions here too. However, I find myself spending a lot more money here when compared to other cities in the Philippines, like Dumaguete, Bohol and even Bonifacio Global City. There are many high end restaurants here - not to mention the relentless bar scene. Being single with money in the Philippines can be a dangerous thing. I don't deserve to be having this much fun...
  5. bows00

    The weather, shoul i be worried

    I can sweat like a pig, air dry the shirt and re-wear it at least one more time before it has to be laundered. I'm lucky I don't have pungent body odor. As hot as it is, I like to take advantage of the humidity by taking long walks to sweat out the Red Horse. I don't deserve to be having this much fun.
  6. The moral of this article should be that expats are not citizens of the country. Whatever the law, you o bide, or you live somewhere else.
  7. bows00

    Dumaguete? Be honest please.

    It's amazing how these dogs know how to avoid street traffic.
  8. bows00

    Dumaguete? Be honest please.

    As mentioned previously, the main negative reason is the air pollution and traffic. On my next trip, I am thinking of renting a scooter and living just outside of the city. I hear Valencia, just up the mountain is not as polluted and cooler. But overall, Dumaguete is a pretty convenient city with most western amenities just a short trike ride away. The reason I keep coming back I really like the ambiance of Silliman University which I am thinking of attending to keep me busy during my recent retirement.
  9. I've been in Dumaguete for the past week. I keep returning to give this place another chance, but the air quality is way too disgusting. But I am glad we are headed in the right direction, now only if they extend the Law to include vehicle emissions - I see several emission check shops throughout the city.
  10. bows00

    Uber-less Manila

    Yeah your right. Recently retired for 6 months now, and my brain is turned off. I'll be brain dead within a year if I don't find something to do...
  11. bows00

    Uber-less Manila

    After spending some time in Bonifacio Global City, I finally realized that Uber no longer works in the Philippines. It has been replaced by the Grab application. I found this out as I was trying to catch a ride back to the Manila Airport. One good tip if your flying to or from Manila - plan your flights on Sundays. Traffic is 10 times better when people are off and attending church. To give you an example, I landed on a Friday afternoon, and it took me nearly 1.5 hours to travel 6 miles to the Grand Hyatt in BGC (metered taxi was 380P). Conversely, the ride back to the airport on Sunday took only 15 minutes (Grab fare was 162P).
  12. bows00

    Sometimes you have to stop and smell the sea breeze.

    I agree, just make sure it's not a location where they are dumping raw sewage.
  13. I did make a copy, just in case. But I didn't have to use it. Passed through immigration with no problem. Thanks everyone. I am currently in Bonifacio Global City and will be moving on to Dumaguete and Davao. Whoo hoo! 3 months in the Philippines man! I love it.
  14. Oh crap.. really? So I should have purchased a throwaway ticket to avoid this hassle?
  15. thank you again. i love the invaluable information available here.