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  1. On my next trip, I would like to spend more time in Dumaguete, then take the ferry and bus to Cebu so I can take a look at the coast line. With all the talk and news of terrorist uprising in Bohol, do you think it is safe to travel this route? Has anyone heard of abductions of tourist buses along this route?
  2. I'll take this over any of the amenities...
  3. Your gonna get me in trouble. I'm at work!
  4. I got a better question - how do you use the dipper?? Could never figure it out. I often kid around with the Filipina's to demonstrate to me how it's done - they only laugh and I could never get an answer from them.
  5. Yes, and this was a big factor in my decision to retire at 56, my retirement nest egg has more than doubled since then. That is how money invested correctly grows over time, it is exponential, not linear. It is all about time and rate of return. If a penny doubles every day, at the end of the week, you would only have $1.24, but at the end of the month, it would have compounded to over $1 million. So my message to all you younger dudes, invest early, put your money in the stock market, contribute consistently, and never pull money out. then you could retire earlier than 56.
  6. And that is why people lose money in the stock market. They attempt to predict the future, which is impossible. The key is to stay invested and ride out ups and downs. You can't get hurt on a roller coaster unless you jump off. And don't put all your eggs on any one stock, but invest the entire US and International Index.
  7. Searched Cebu Pacific Air. One way to Kuala Lumpur is around $80 US. Taipei is cheaper at $48 US. Thanks for the tip.
  8. I am planning to spend 3 month in the Philippines next year once I secure my retirement. I guess the title says it all. I will be flying Philippine Airlines and I am looking for the cheapest throw away ticket. Thanks in advance.
  9. Totally recommend the book "The Truth About Your Future" by Ric Edelman. Personally, I got the audio book so I can listen to it while driving and working out. He is a fiduciary financial advisor who I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn about personal finance. Check out his web sight and watch some of his video's - very well done and informative.
  10. My baby is the Martin D-28 Keb Mo Signature model with Koa backing. Yeah, my baby...
  11. Money may attract the wrong type of girl, but not always. I believe women are not necessarily after the money, but are naturally attracted to men that have the ability to generate wealth. It's built into their DNA and is part of their survival instinct. They are attracted to strength, and money is power. And so is confidence which takes years to develop (another reason why some women prefer older men). Doesn't this make some of you old farts out there feel a little better about yourselves?
  12. Time is the best cure for situations like this - the ugly truth eventually surfaced when my friend eventually realized her true colors. Throughout the month, she was getting text messages from another foreigner - a guy from Australia who she was seeing before we met her that first night. My friend eventually found out this mysterious Australian guy was returning to Manila and she requested to move on to greener pastures. My friend is once again dumped by a woman, and will return to the US broken hearted. He broke the number one rule when partying in these bars - "Don't Fall In Love!"
  13. So if I know I will be staying more than 30 days, I would be better off getting the 59 day VISA before departing. That is what I originally thought. Thanks for clearing this up.
  14. So if your staying for greater than 30 days, you will need to get a throw away ticket?
  15. That is not all true. Once you acquire real estate, I mean your own home, the cost of living in Hawaii is not too bad. Property tax is still reasonable here compared to the east coast. But that is not an easy task. Most Hawaii residents spent at least %50 percent of their take home pay on their mortgage or rent - and that is a conservative estimate. Once my mortgage was paid off, life became really easy for me, even as a single bachelor.