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  1. For the expats, it's just a matter of showing proper respect, like taking off your hat, etc... But what if your an expat that looks Filipino? Will a corrupt police officer clobber you and take you in for questioning? Then demand a ransom?
  2. General Santos? Cool. Would love to visit down south, but as an American, I have some travel concerns in Mindanao. You feel safe there? Any concerns for you?
  3. Totally agree because I love my beer. This is my No. 1 concern and this is what I see a lot of expats doing there, from 10 in the morning.
  4. At 56, retirement is finally a reality. It hit me yesterday when my boss refused to assign me any new projects, but instead, assigned a new engineer to mentor and pass on 31 years of experience that is packed in my brain - which is currently full of mixed emotions. I had envisioned this point of my career to be a happy one, especially when I have a plan in place to travel the Philippines, but the psychological ramifications are not that simple. And the finality of retirement is worth a second thought. Once I pull the trigger, there is no going back. Is it just fear of letting go of a structured lifestyle? Or the fear of possibly experiencing the 3-D's that some men go through in retirement - Depression, Drink and Divorce... Or is it just cold feet? I am about 80% sure I will eventually like my new life, but nothing is guaranteed in life. Anybody experience something similar? Or were you absolutely sure of your decision?
  5. Isn't Puerto Galera a touristy party town? With go-go bars to boot? I think $1000 there would be border line.
  6. There are many stories out there of older men taking a much younger Filipina back to their home country. There are happy endings, yes... but the majority of the stories I hear end in despair. I am 55 and I wouldn't do it. Too risky. Especially marriage. In addition, it would be difficult for me to live with the american cultural acceptance of large age gap relationships. If you want to have a relationship with a much younger filipina, and especially if you have no money, why don't you opt to live in the Philippines instead?
  7. Best part of the news so far is that it is not associated with terrorist. Martial Law invoked throughout the entire country would be devastating.
  8. Just got word that a gunman opened fire in Manila. I have a friend (first time in the Philipines) staying near the airport at the Hyatt City of Dreams. Any word on the latest?
  9. yeah, I revisited this thread to confirm my decision to retire at the end of this year. Funny how time flies, even when your NOT having fun (at work).
  10. I'm 55, single and never married and no kids. At my age, having kids seems like a lot of work - I cringe at the thought of changing a messy diaper - vomit comes up my throat at the thought. But I would like to experience the miracle at least once - pending I find the right Filipina that is. I better hurry up!
  11. Oh boy, it's time to have that dreaded talk with your wife - ASAP, before your roots get any deeper. Does she even have a clue what you are feeling? Can't believe I asked you that - I feel like Dr. Phil...
  12. Was he referencing me??? Lol... No, can't be, I'm not a butterfly, yet (wink, wink). But based on your budget, you should be ok, but it may be borderline if you decide to live in the heart of Makati - man, things can get quite expensive there. And I also agree with the other post that mentioned you have to minimize your bar fining at the bars. At $3000P a crack, it can add up fast - you might find yourself eating a lot of balut towards the end of the month. With a pension coming in every month and $40K US in the bank to back you up, how bad could it get - right? Keep us posted on how your adjusting because I am right behind you man, I will be retiring at the end of the year (to become a butterfly-ha!).
  13. I re-read the original post just to make sure I was on topic. But I guess a more accurate statement would be that "Money alone, cannot buy you happiness". And once you have enough, more money doesn't really add much more to the happinest scale.
  14. Lack of money causes worries and stress... how can you be happy with that?
  15. I bet you would've been more stressed if your funds were low. And happiness and security is on the other side of stress. Studies show you need a certain amount of money to cover your essentials and at least some of your discretionary needs to be happy. Anything more is just bonus.