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  1. There is no gender differential in the language thus the confusion... .
  2. Yeah, I did... That's why I don't use ATMs anymore... If I need cash..? I bring it in using WorldRemit... There are places here I can pick it up 24 hours and it's usually ready within minutes of going to the website and completing the transaction.
  3. Exactly... Because you're using your phone as your hotspot... Open internet... Thus your conversations may not be private as you have no security this way... Exactly what it says... You can carry on and use it or wait until you have a secure connection - which I would highly recommend if you're doing online banking or purchasing... ­čÖâ
  4. Not to mention that most countries we would ship back to require everything to be fumigated and held in special storage... Costs a fortune!
  5. Somewhere, way back, I believe this was discussed... Someone was coming in first time ever who had left as a baby I believe, and bringing his wife... (?). Anybody remember this..? I'm busy ripping DVDs to use with a class I'm teaching later tonight, trying to plot a new book out and catch up on the last couple days of the forum... Maybe tomorrow I could look..?
  6. More like 10 of which 4 are dead, 2 more wounded and a manhunt on for the rest...
  7. My first month in the Philippines was in a hotel in Cebu... With a China Bank ATM out front... I used to go out front and sit on the steps after dinner... Coffee and smoke... And watch everybody cursing and swearing over the China Bank ATM not giving cash (empty) but taking the money from their accounts... Made for an exciting evening...!
  8. I'm having the same problem here in Davao - both with my home internet (Globe) and phone (Smart)... In the last minute or two, my Globe seems to have kicked in... Finally!!!
  9. No matter what bank you deal with, you will have issues sooner or later... Lol! Philippine ATMs are famous for screwing up, so if you want to use them..? Hmm...
  10. KLet's see... $1000 USD is, on a quick conversion, P50,000 a month... If you have a nest egg / credit card or some other form of emergency fund that you aren't going to touch..? Very doable..! Unless you need the big big house with a big big yard in the middle of an expensive subdivision... Eat imported food for every meal... Live as if you were in your home country... Hmm... Could afford to live in your home country on $1000 a month? Those who say no usually have higher demands on how they live... myself? I'm doing fine on P30-35k a month for myself with a katabung while having her cousins visit on weekends and dating at the same time... And, yes, I have access to more but I don't need it... In fact I'm doing a Visa Run shortly I'm trying to budget into my monthly expenses... Just see if it's doable without lowering my living standards... Yes, I've done a lot of traveling lately but that's for business and comes from a different budget but only the travel and accommodations...
  11. One thing many forget to consider... What if the value of the foreign currency you will retire on drops in value to the piso..? Do you still have enough..?
  12. All the best, Tom... Hope you catch the scum...
  13. Guys, don't forget that we, as foreigners, are a prize to many women... Even those we marry are afraid someone may try and steal us from them... Thus the trading of our text messages... As for reading our books..? I have no idea...
  14. Glad I'm Canadian dealing with a small branch in a small city and that my dad banked there for many years... If I have problems..? I call my manager (VoIP Fongo with a true telephone number) and ask her "what the f┬ąck!"... Usually corrected while we are on the phone... And I've only needed to call twice in the early days... :D
  15. As far as I know, you can get your tourist visa extended at any regular BI office... But not necessarily the airports or ports unless you are arriving...