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  1. The other half

    I'm thinking about 15 minutes drive would be nice... I'd love to eventually build right here but the damn plywood factory belches very heavy black soot 4x a day.... I'm going to investigate the other side of Toril along the coast and also St Jude's which is the other side and upwind of the plywood factory... Unless I can persuade one of the fish ponds between me and the resorts to sell...
  2. Busses, Jeepneys, Tricyclcle,..Oh My

    This was just before I met Charmaine... Lol!
  3. Go to where you will get your marriage license... Every city has different rules on what they will allow or even do!
  4. Sweating

    Don't forget the mustard!
  5. Is this Normal

    Of course it is! It's Fiesta here today... Guarantied rain for both of us! Weather forecast is for heavy rain and thunderstorms all week... If it's as accurate as always, well, stock up on the suntan lotion! Word of warning..! When Compostellians have to put up with foreigners and it's raining? Danger! They will attack you with Tanduay and Red Horse!
  6. Busses, Jeepneys, Tricyclcle,..Oh My

    Eden is beautiful but then you're out in the country... No longer in Toril! More like on the mountain... Lol! I just moved a few months ago from Cabantian... A 25 minute walk to the market in Buhangin... That was my morning exercise... From Countryville to the 7-11 by the market... Hot dog and Coke for breakfast while watching the ladies... Then the 35 minute walk back up the highway... I'm not sure what it's like now that the Grand Mall is open (it is open I think) but rush hour really sucked if you don't know the short cuts. Forget about heading to the malls then... (Hint: cut from Diversion Rd through to SPMC via NHA and then straight through Agdao to get downtown. Avoid SM, Abreeza, Victoria Mall, GMall... Or take Bacaca Rd if you have to go to one of them) The rest of the time it's ok.
  7. The other half

    We just moved. We were next door to her parents. Now we are much farther away... About a 45 second walk... Hehe! She wants to stay here (Go to Canada? Why? Lol!) and I love it here so...
  8. Busses, Jeepneys, Tricyclcle,..Oh My

    Davao has 24 hour jeepney service. Same for Toril to Davao. In Toril itself, there's always tricycles nearby, no matter what time of day. And there's always the Intercity bus to hop on. I think they short one run a day with just one instead of two leaving every hour.
  9. Busses, Jeepneys, Tricyclcle,..Oh My

    In Davao, if you aren't driving, the jeepneys really don't have much of an issue. As for driving or taxis, there's enough alternate routes that it's not too bad. Maybe an hour in the morning and one at night for the most main routes. I'm in Toril (furthest town south of and still part of Davao). Jeepneys to downtown Davao are every 3 or 4 minutes but good luck getting on during rush hour. In town it's all tricycles. Rarely do I have a problem getting one.
  10. Buy or Rent?

    Might I suggest building a small house on the MIL's property? Even if things don't work out, you aren't out much. And, if they do, design it for expansion and you'll have a beautiful home when you're ready to move.
  11. Back up Generator

    I agree with forgetting about a generator. I don't even have a fridge anymore. The caranderia cooks with gas, the sari across the street ices their beer. And I know at least 3 of the closest 7-11 stores have generators so coffee, drinks, their food, just about everything is going to be the same. I can even charge my phone there.
  12. What?? No Toilet Paper!??

    I'll stick to the... It takes forever for my shorts to dry otherwise...
  13. Katy is 4!

    I'm a little late but... Happy Birthday!!!
  14. Yeah, but a couple ferry rides is a bit too far...
  15. All you can eat buffet.

    There is a little carinderia in my village that the food looks like that in the Spice Restaurant pic... I'm completely addicted to their hinalam soup at p25 a serving that's actually big enough for three! It's great food and the place is clean as it's scrubbed twice a day. And I swear half the village eats there daily!