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  1. We are being invaded (Fictitious scenario But!)

    Funny, isn't it? Living in Toril (Davao) is still more dangerous than anywhere else... And the army isn't going to help you... Especially at any stop light or downtown... Dodging the millions of yellow tricycles..! Who needs bullets? I seriously gotta walk over and get a picture to put in here...
  2. I'm trying to work but these emails keep popping in... Lol! Somewhere, I'm not sure where now and I don't have time to look, for the purposes of that law, it was defined as currency that could be used to purchase substances such as booze or drugs, as well as contributing to human trafficking... Food was mentioned but passed over due to the Good Samaritan laws.. maybe I was watching something on Congress or the Senate?
  3. The Felcris is a little dingy one... On the McArthur highway just before St Peters college... Look for the Mang Inisal on the outer corner... As for the SM, all I know is the south end of the city (by the Gaisano Grand Mall?) and construction doesn't start until next year with the opening in 2020... Oh, yeah... Chow King is closed for renovations... The day I was first going there.. lol!
  4. For those of you wondering, yes, it is against the law to give money to beggars... Adult, child or dog... But it is not against the law to give them food... And a nice way to find out who the scammers are if you go to an area often... How? Scammers push for money and refuse the food...
  5. Funny how, since the newest President of the Philippines hates red tape, scams and inefficiency, things in government offices run the way they are suppose to..
  6. Jack, you were a navigator, right? Who do you think kept the computers on your nav set working properly? If you guys would only stop spilling your coffee, you wouldn't need to read a map, just follow the little arrows we put on your displays... (just couldn't resist.. hehe!)
  7. Yeah, it's me again... Thought you got rid of me, didn't you? Hehe! I actually had a couple minutes (a whole 3 of them but I'm stretching it to 30) so I can catch up a bit... City or country... Or, as they say here, city or province..? For those of you do don't know, I've left Davao.. I got tired of the water problems in Cabantian (Davao)... Plus I'm getting married shortly... The only question is which comes first... Marriage or the baby (due September 4th)... So, I thought, why stay in Davao? So I packed up and moved... To the big city of Toril... Yeah, I walked across this big city several times looking for a house to rent... Does this tell you how big it is? I love it here! It's got 2 Gaisanos (GMall and Grand) a block away from each other, an SM coming soon, a Felcris (think NCCC), a decent public market, more grocery stores than I can get through, I can't throw a rock without hitting a lechon manok stand or sari sari, beach resorts everywhere, and there are a million tricycles/motors for inner city trips... Jeepneys into Davao seem to run every 5 minutes... Oh, wait, Davao... Yes, Toril is still part of Davao but it's far enough away that you can have small town life with all the benefits of a city... Now the hard decision.. Do my wife and I stay in the city near the water, buy something heading up the mountain, or something between here and Davao..?
  8. Ok, now you've got me wondering... 7 km to an SM... Puts you either towards Toril or going up the coast towards Tagum... 4 lanes? Toril... Cock pit? Tagum... So confusing!!!
  9. Yes, I'm done... Leaving Davao July 1st... No regrets... I've been told by the highest authority in this land I have to go... Yes, I'm moving down the road to Toril where my FA (Future Asawa) is staying with her parents... As LP (Little Princess) is due a couple days into September, we figured it's best to move close by... And here I can actually walk to the beach... Now if I can just find a lot to build on as close to the beach as this place..! Hehe!
  10. I'm getting ready to do my Visa Run in the next couple months and I'm wondering if anyone has had any issues with any if it... Specifically regarding the time outside the Philippines... I'm looking at leaving from Davao with a couple hours layover in Cebu before flying on to Singapore... The issue? I leave Singapore and arrive back in the Philippines the next day but less than 24 hours out of country... I think it's ok... It's a different date than my departure... If anyone has any info on this - or any other issues during their Visa Run..?
  11. First thing is to remember that BI staff only know how to do things so they after today... So, when you left last time, did you hand over your old ACR card..? It will be tied to your new one so they need to see your passport the old one was issued on. Don't ask silly questions like why... They wonder the same thing but have to follow procedure... As for if it's a scam? Record the timeframe for everything, names if possible, and send this info plus a copy of your receipt to the BI big guys office... Either they will explain it to you; or you may not see a few familiar faces on your next extension trip... Yes, the answer is really much longer but I'm not going to write it all out here.. lol!
  12. Sextortion and bad journalism

    There is no gender differential in the language thus the confusion... .
  13. Yeah, I did... That's why I don't use ATMs anymore... If I need cash..? I bring it in using WorldRemit... There are places here I can pick it up 24 hours and it's usually ready within minutes of going to the website and completing the transaction.
  14. Help with Privacy Error

    Exactly... Because you're using your phone as your hotspot... Open internet... Thus your conversations may not be private as you have no security this way... Exactly what it says... You can carry on and use it or wait until you have a secure connection - which I would highly recommend if you're doing online banking or purchasing... ­čÖâ
  15. I've fallen and I can't get up!

    Not to mention that most countries we would ship back to require everything to be fumigated and held in special storage... Costs a fortune!