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  1. Hey all! Just thought I'd pop in for a few minutes and say... "Where am I..?". Seriously, I try to get on but life has turned into a marathon race for me... I guess that's what happens when the future wife and mother of our daughter is younger than I am... Much much younger... Ok, still no wedding date set... Baptism is coming up mid-December (ouch! P20,000 for church and party after... And, yeah, very very big lechon)... All this after helping with her youngest sister's debut last week... And we finally found a house to rent close to her family... It's really kind of a dump but I can fix it up, add paint, put in more water (only one tap in the the house? Yikes!), and put screens on the windows... But it's ridiculously cheap and, like I said, close to her mom (who she needs near seeing as she's a new first time mom)... And it's only a 10 minutes walk to one of the nice resorts... I have several books almost ready to publish... Just waiting for the new version of my writing software (Scrivener) to release later this month... The current version has issues with Amazon and other solutions either take to long to figure out or cost more than I want to pay... And I'm getting into training now... Online training courses... That I'm just starting... So, for those of you who are wondering, I'm enjoying my retirement years very much...! I'll let you know how much once I can find the time..!!!
  2. If your wife has dual passports, why not come in under a 13 Visa? I would say 13a but I think if you apply outside the Philippines, it's 13d... Or something like that... It's cheaper than doing the tourist visa thing and gives you a few more rights... Such as you can get your license, bank accounts, work if you want to, a lot of things you can't get anymore under a tourist visa... As for the throwaway ticket? I was asked to show it at both the airport before flying in... And when I got here... So if you rent one, I recommend holding on to it until you are here... I actually got a ticket to China cheaper than renting so... Lol!
  3. Hot sauce - keep an eye out

    Google it and you can get the recipe...
  4. Location ideas to recce for settling near Davao City?

    Tagum would actually be the better choice... A couple malls, a pretty good public market, and the place is made to get people out and about..! Short bus ride into town - and a van isn't much more for cost... Hmm.. have to check the van terminal in Davao... Victoria Mall? Not sure... The problem with Carmen is lack of facilities...
  5. Location ideas to recce for settling near Davao City?

    He lies..!!! I am not..!!!
  6. Location ideas to recce for settling near Davao City?

    Hehe! Yeah, Eden is the wrong side of Davao for you... If anyone is interested in going there, leave Davao on the MacArthur Highway going south... When you get to the main intersection in Toril, go one more short block and turn right... DON'T MISS THE BEND or you'll be calling me asking me where you are... (I'm on the river about 4 blocks from where you are lost... Hehe!). As for the OP, he wants to go the other way out of Davao... We've talked about this... ;)
  7. ECC new requirements

    Not sure what you're getting at, Dave... But us tourist class Must go to BI for our ECC-A... ECC-B can do so at the airport...
  8. ECC new requirements

    I'm surprised nobody mentioned the difference between an ECC-A and an ECC-B... Lol! ECC-A is for us tourists and is presently p700... ECC-B is for the rest of you... (And costs more, I believe...). Those of us here as tourists? Don't try to get your ECC at the airport... Not gonna happen...
  9. http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/philippines/consular_services_consulaires/marriage-mariage.aspx How to obtain a Statutory Declaration Canadians must appear in person at the Embassy in Manila or the Consulate in Cebu. The non-Canadian fiancé(e) is not required to be present. At the Embassy, no appointment is required during the Consular Section Client Service Hoursand the Statutory Declaration can normally be issued on the same day. To obtain the Statutory Declaration in Cebu, please contact the Consulate to make an appointment. Requirements your valid Canadian passport or citizenship certificate; the full legal name, citizenship, and residential address of your future spouse; if you are divorced or widowed, an original or certified true copy of the final divorce decree or death certificate. All documents presented at the Embassy must be in English or French, or accompanied by an official English or French translation; and the non-refundable processing fee. As you can see, whoever you talked to was an idiot that can't read. No official documentation is required, the only reason for the information is so that the government has an idea where you might be living if you don't go back to Canada... And in case you try to fake your divorce papers... They will contact the local police and your no-longer bride-to-be and tell her about your scam while you are being led away in handcuffs... And, no, Dave... When I say you and your scam, I don't mean you...
  10. When you go to your embassy, take your divorce papers with you. All they are going to do is give you another piece of paper saying that, so far as they can tell, you can legally marry in the Philippines. Simple. And you avoid any problems with misrepresentation.
  11. Just a reminder for those coming from Canada... You can book PAL... But it's better, if you qualify, to go with Air Canada (and fly on Cathay Pacific as they have partnered)... The difference is for serving or retired service, police, etc... Canadian or American personnel... Not sure about other countries... Air Canada gives you a ton of weight allowance... I suggest going online to Air Canada to get the current info...
  12. Traffic Jam in Canada

    Try driving through Montreal or Toronto during rush hour... I used to call the QEW highway "the Parking Lot"...
  13. Traffic Jam in Canada

    I did that a few months ago... It's worse here in Davao if you want to compare rush hours... Hehe! I was going to stop and say hi but i was only there for a couple hours... Next time!
  14. Traffic Jam in Canada

    I laugh at the traffic here... But not for why you would think... I'm from Niagara Falls, Canada... A city of just over 100,000 people... In full bloom of tourist season? There can be over 3 million people in the city... All tourist... All going "Do I turn here? What's down that street? What side of the road do I drive on again? Is that 50 kph or mph? The bridge should be...". Yeah, it's way too easy to drive here...
  15. Bad Cookies

    I noticed the Cebu Pacific site is a great one for showing one price but, when you click on that flight to check it, the price will jump... Clearing cookies doesn't help... A nice little tip for all... Not sure about the other airlines but, if you search on Cebu Pacific and find your best deal, book it but select the other option to pay (very bottom) and go with the 24 hours payment... Then go straight to your local Cebu Pacific store - NOT just a travel agent but a CP outlet... Have them search the time frame you want... Hmm... Sometimes it works, sometimes it don't... Lol! My Visa Run to Singapore was over p15,000 online (cheapest price from Davao and back - both return and individual tickets) yet I got it for p7200 at the CP outlet... My throwaway to China was p700 online and p8,900 at the store... Go figure!