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  1. Funeral Photos?( just not into this But!)

    The only white guy I see is in the middle of the front row... unless there is some joke I am missing?
  2. PhilHealth rate increase for foreigners

    That does seem to be how it is working - it is certainly not the way the new rules are written. I like this interpretation better, so I am not complaining ha ha
  3. Bamboo Guns. 'Sports & hobby' or culture category?

    Around here it seems to be a holiday thing. They come out about this time every year, and stay until right after New Years. I have seen some that look more like cannons. I want to get one of the guys to teach me how to make one ha ha
  4. It goes on both ways, all over the world, but yeah I have seen it more here than in the US. I know expat vloggers that have all said they had to quit putting their girlfriends in the videos because other guys would track them down online and try to hit on them. Also, I know a lot of ladies here who get compromising pics of their husband from the other girl and it says something like "you thought he was your forever". Seems to be part of the crab mentality here (locals and expats can have it). If I cannot have something nice... why should you? Never made any sense to me, but people have never made any sense to me. Not the same, but this is a confusing example: There was a lady back in the US I liked (and she seemed to like me), but every time I was about to ask her out she would throw out her long distance boyfriend from Europe. So I never asked her out. Years later, at her wedding (not to the LDR guy) she said she always wished I asked her out. I told her I was put off by her talking about her online boyfriend. She said that was supposed to make me jealous and want her more. I laughed and said she would catch low class guys that don't respect relationships like that. I guess I should have asked her out at her wedding! ha ha
  5. Running Out Of Money, is your pension secure?

    I have a County retirement that has got to be safer than any bank fund, I think. My job was no big deal, but the fund is a State wide fund full of judges and politicians. They will not let it fail, for their own sake ha ha. It is guaranteed by law not to make less than 7%. Back at the end of the Bush years when everything crashed - I was still earning 7%. Nothing is for sure, but since so many politicians are in the same fund I am, it is about as safe as you can get.
  6. Hotel bookings online.

    I use Agoda for comparison prices, but generally book with hotels(dot)com. I get a better price, and every time you collect 10 nights you get one free.
  7. Expat Sugar Daddy’s, right or wrong?

    How say others? Well I, for one, would have a harem if money permitted. I felt the same in the US, as well ha ha. ...but it has not happened yet.
  8. Expat Sugar Daddy’s, right or wrong?

    Nothing wrong as long as everyone involved is consenting adults. It is really no different than all the bunnies living at Hefner's house. Anything that can be freely given away, should also be able to be sold!
  9. SRRV -worth it or not?

    They just want to see if you will fit in here. My standard answer to the "do you have family?" is "I am married ...but don't have a girlfriend yet". It is the most Filipino thing I could think of to say. All the locals get a good laugh out of it. They know what they are like ha ha. To most of us, those questions are tactless, and no ones business, and of course they would never ask such things in an US interview. But... this ain't the US! They know nothing of tact here.
  10. SRRV -worth it or not?

    I know you can buy a condo with the deposit money - unsure about long term lease. The PRA has people that help you get your SRRV. You do not pay them, the Dept of Tourism pays them. The expats i have talked to that are on it say the folks are very helpful. They should be able to answer all your questions. One of the big differences between the 13a and SRRV is international travel costs. I talked to a young(ish) expat and he said that he traveled too much for the 13a to be cost effective for him. On the 13a you have to pay around p3,000 every time you leave the country to get a return authorization; it keeps your visa active while you are gone. It is good for 1 year, but only single use. On the SRRV you can enter and leave without losing the visa. This expat still traveled for work and left the country 3 or 4 times a year for work. So for him, the SRRV made more sense. I rarely leave, so the 13a was fine for me. It only cost p11,000 to get the visa and ACR card.
  11. Kickass Torrents offline

    I have had no problems with pirate bay in a long time. Just got something this morning. They have tons of pop-ups and my adblock won't block them, but the downloading works fine. thepiratebay(dot)cr
  12. Christmas is coming, what gifts

    Get the bags at Divisoria ha ha. For christmas we are going to Boracay, so my wife says we do not even need to decorate the house or buy gifts for anyone, because we won't be here. Makes sense to me. The week in Boracay is our present to each other.
  13. Partridge has fallen out of his pear tree

    I was surprised to hear he already had alzheimer's. He seemed a bit young for that.
  14. Problem with Xoom

    I have never had a problem with them but have talked to people that have. It seems they have little to no customer support. When it works, it works. When it does not... you are on your own. Not a great way to run a business if that is true.
  15. Electrical outlet tax ?

    Seems like people here would just put one outlet per room... then after the inspector leaves add the rest ha ha.