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  1. It is the normal double standard for the rich/powerful. Always been that way. Here, in the PIs, we get very few dirty looks (I am 53, she is 29). In the US people would give us all kinds of dirty looks. But look at a list of politicians, businessmen, and entertainers with big age gap relationships and no one seems to care. I don't let the hypocrisy of the double standard bother me. They are not my problem. F* em, I say.
  2. Brown outs

    My wife is pestering me to buy a generator ha ha She complains more than an expat. I think a battery pack would be enough...
  3. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    I am surprised the men did not agree with the women. It sounds like the women have accepted that men just do that. It does seem to be widely accepted here... I am not saying it is right, just accepted.
  4. Reliable philippine charities?

    Actually I meant a local Rotary or Lions club. They may have associations with foreign clubs. The club I was in (Iloilo has over a dozen of them) had a sister club in S Korea that gave lots of money. Also, the local club had a lot of US contacts. Unfortunately I never got them interested is doing any projects - they all seemed to have their own pet projects.
  5. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    We have a cousin in college. A very beautiful 19 year old. She has no interest in old, fat, foreigners... she wants a Korean boyfriend ha ha
  6. Reliable philippine charities?

    I was in a Rotary club a couple years ago, and after Yolanda we built an elementary school for a poor barangay. By that I mean one of our members got in touch with a US charity and they donated the money, so we could hire workers. I have a friend whose charity does cleft lip surgeries, and his money either comes from his own pocket, or from the US. Big projects tend to happen faster with foreign money. If there is a local Rotary or Lions club they may know of some foreign money you can get.
  7. Mass Exodus From Puerto Rico Feared

    I find it interesting that when Japan got hit by an earthquake and tsunami we got the Navy mobilized and there very quickly. They have an even biglier ocean separating us ha ha... It is all about priorities and compassion. We treat PR like a bastard step-child. If they have an option to go to the mainland, I certainly can't blame them for doing it.
  8. Brown outs

    They come & go. In the city (Iloilo) we had brownouts, but not as much as 3 towns away. They did some kind of major repair recently because now we do not get brownouts as often. We just had 3 days of torrential winds and rain. The whole area had a brownout, most for only a few hours. We were off for 2 days, but found out that a tree fell and took out a power line... and they would not fix it until the rain stopped. It seems that no matter where you live over here you will have brownouts. Mostly now we have scheduled brownouts for maintenance work. Welcome to the third world ha ha
  9. Life in paradise

    I spent over 25 years working on HVAC. So I had many many days & nights outside and on roofs. It was always too hot or too cold. I do not miss seasons at all! You can have them ha ha. I just wish Duterte's death squads would ignore drugs and move on to more important matters - noise pollution.
  10. Stairways in the Philippines

    I don't care so much about the size of the steps for each staircase... I just wish they would be consistent on each step. At the malls they are consistent, in most houses each step is an adventure.
  11. Cost of living

    For local liquor I like Zabana. It is a rum made by Emperador. Around here we have 2 size bottles. The 330 ml is about p42, the 750 ml is p84. It is not as good as Capt Morgan, but much better than any Tanduay I have tried. (and Capt is p400 for 750 ml)
  12. A Rant About The New Antibiotic Prescription Enforcement

    Lately they started asking for prescriptions in most of the pharmacies in Iloilo... so we just go to the smaller pharmacies in town, instead of in the city. If all else fails, one of the relatives always knows which sari sari store has some in stock. In the city I can sometimes play my "stupid foreigner" card and get my meds. One of the benefits of being an exotic
  13. What does retirement feel like

    I always knew I was meant to be retired. Too bad I had to wait until I was 48 to quit work. They wanted me to waste my whole life working? I love it. There is nothing I miss about working. My dad hated retirement, but he always identified as his job, I did not.
  14. They have some new'ish (2012) laws that allow the recognition of divorce for the Filipina. The divorce has to be initiated by the foreigner, and then the Filipina has to go through some legal filing to get it recognized. Still not a perfect system, but an improvement. Under the old law the foreigner could get divorced and remarried... and the 1st Filipina would still be married to him, although he was not married to her. It really did not make sense. http://jlp-law.com/blog/judicial-recognition-of-a-foreign-divorce-decree/ https://psa.gov.ph/civilregistration/problems-and-solutions/annotation-effects-divorce-declared-foreign-country
  15. Wearing watches ( as a daily issue)

    I never felt unsafe wearing my Citizen. If anyone is going to grab anything, it would most likely be a phone, not a watch.