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  1. A lot of popular jeepney stops have self appointed barkers trying to coax you into the jeeps. There are some that work parking spaces... anything they can think of for a tip. Most of them don't really seem to be trouble makers, though...
  2. Tukaram (Tim)

    ATM limit 10k per withdrawal?? Alternatives?

    I still have a BPI account but never use it. I do not trust these franchise banks or the whims of the management at all. My money is doing just fine in my US credit union.
  3. Tukaram (Tim)

    ATM limit 10k per withdrawal?? Alternatives?

    I have not carried traveler's checks in many years, but I do have an AmEx that no one here will accept. The Discover card works at larger stores/hotels. The MC & Visa work everywhere. I use the AmEx online only now.
  4. This. A round trip ticket shows an exit. That is all they want. The time frame is not applicable (I have used one a year out - used the same ticket twice actually)
  5. Tukaram (Tim)

    ATM limit 10k per withdrawal?? Alternatives?

    I pull p20,000 out at BPI (using a USAA card) twice a month. Any BPI machine in town, no problem. And, good for me, USAA refunds the crazy ATM fees (up to $15 a month per account). On my local BPI card they only allow p10,000 per x-action, but with no fee that is no problem.
  6. Tukaram (Tim)


    Depends on where you live... A brownout is a reduction in power, intentional, or not. The lights dim, fans slow down, electronics overheat. It is usually pretty short. A blackout is a full loss of power. In the PIs, not so much. Power dims, goes out for 5 minutes, or 5 days, they still call it a brownout.
  7. Tukaram (Tim)


    I have an AVR on the TV and her laptop. I upgraded my PC from an AVR to a UPS, with built in AVR. I really like it because on a short brown out I do not lose the PC. On a longer brownout (what we would call a blackout) I have time to shut it down properly (My UPS in the US would shut down automatically, this one is not smart enough). Before I got the AVR I had a power supply burn up on my PC from a brownout (actual brownout, not what they call brownout). The electronics have more problems with the low voltage of a brownout than voltage spikes. The low voltage will burn out boards quickly.
  8. I agree. For just 5 months I think the tourist visa is the easiest (if traveling with a Filipina spouse you can get a 1 yr balikbayan stamp.) On a tourist visa you get 30 days on entry, and can easily extend it at any BI office. One thing good here is that the PIs has a very easy visa for tourists.
  9. Tukaram (Tim)

    How Safe is Philippines?

    We had a raid in Leon, Iloilo last year. Some terrorists mountain bandits robbed a police station. They took guns and a patrol car. We had a mass shooting last year in Dallas, Texas, at a peaceful protest. It can happen anywhere... Someone on YouTube asked me the other day how I can go out of the city without being killed. I asked him if I came across as a butthole ha ha. He basically said he heard that all provinces were dangerous - the cities are the only safe places. I don't know where some of these stories come from. It ain't all bad.
  10. Tukaram (Tim)

    Planning my "scouting" trip

    Our night life is woefully inadequate. I am married and I am bored here ha ha Our grocery shopping is more limited, but getting better. I needed some paint for a model ship I was building... I had to go to Manila for it! Housing and internet are about the same as anywhere else. You get what you pay for. I tell people Iloilo is a nice place to live but I would not want to vacation here
  11. Tukaram (Tim)

    Planning my "scouting" trip

    The biggest problem with budget is no one else can tell you what your comfort level is. My wife and I live on $10,000 a year. We find it comfortable, and quite easy. I have been here 5 years and our expenses have not really changed. I do think over the coming years I will probably have to increase that amount... time will tell. I do not have a lump sum, I have a dependable monthly amount.
  12. Tukaram (Tim)

    Planning my "scouting" trip

    It may or may not be safe... but I am always amused when people (like big D) quote the Numbeo poll saying Davao is the "safest". Back when Dude first started quoting the poll there were under 100 respondents (85, I believe). Today there are 892 respondents. Worldwide Numbeo has only 50,000 respondents. Hardly a scientific, reliable, poll ha ha. That being said... last year, here in Iloilo, we had a police station raided by "terrorists", for guns and a patrol vehicle. Most really aren't terrorists per se, more like mountain bandits. Staying close to any large city should be safe enough.
  13. Tukaram (Tim)

    Planning my "scouting" trip

    Yeah... be careful with that ha ha. I said, in a video, that Iloilo was a nice, but sleepy, town. Oh I sure upset some locals! They think this is a thriving metropolis. When I did my scouting trip in 2011 I only went to Cebu. My plan at the time was to start in Cebu because it is big, but not Manila big. Then branch out from there. Maybe Bohol, Dumaguete... whatever. Of course that never happened. I met a girl from Iloilo and here I am. I like it, but if I were single I would go someplace with more nightlife. I am fairly young still so medical is not yet a major concern. Iloilo is ok on medical but I have heard Cebu is better, Manila is best. I like the shopping in Cebu. It is not as good as Manila but better than most other places. I never been to Davao, and my wife will not go to any part of Mindanao.I hear it is not *that* bad, but she knows we will both be killed at the airport ha ha. As for sticking out - don't worry about it. You will stick out no matter what. I am only 5' 8" (172 cm) and I stick out as much as a 6 footer. Just rely on your situational awareness and it is really no worries.
  14. Tukaram (Tim)

    Do you remember White Castle Hamburgers?

    Never was a Texas thing. I saw them in movies. Never saw one in person. We got Angel's here in the PIs... is that about the same?
  15. That is a big boat. I read that they are trying to get cruise ships to come to Iloilo. My first thought was "why?". I think Subic is a better choice.