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  1. About the only Fil-Am couples I knew were in my Navy days. And there you get a skewed view anyway. The military divorce rate is already crazy high. But just looking at all the factors (age, culture, religion, money etc) I could easily see the Fil-Am divorce rate being higher than the average. Especially if you take her back to the US...
  2. Our wives /partners

    My wife has no business sense and cannot barter to save her life. She grew working a rice farm in the province... she got no real training. But the whole "let the family use it" is common here and will kill almost any business venture.
  3. Cooking issues that maybe there is a solution to ?

    I buy cilantro when I can find it. I tried growing the local version but with no luck. The local stuff is called either "culantro" or "saw tooth cilantro". It is an odd looking long, wide, leaf with saw tooth edges. Does not look anything like cilantro but works almost as well. I like it better than the wansoy I find here. (they say kinchay works but I have not found that to be true.) Corn and peas are not as sweet. Tomatoes not juicy. I have just gotten to used to it. Where does McDo's get their tomatoes?! Bread is a local thing... try a bunch of local shops until you find one you like. Gardenia is a brand that has an ok wheat bread. Nothing to write home about, but ok. I have a local pandesal vendor that makes a nice bread that is not too sweet. Pan de Manila has a very good pesto/cheese pandesal, but it is triple the price of regular pandesal (like p85 for 6 pieces). I do not buy it often. There is a local German expat that makes very good bread, but also expensive. The sandwich fixings here are so bad I just don't eat much bread anymore. I have had no problem with the local bell peppers. Grocery store peppers are too small and expensive. Wet market peppers are bigger and half the price. We buy them from the farmer when we can (uncle down the road) I eat more pork than beef. We get good pork steaks from Robinson's. For ground meat I use a 50/50 beef/pork mix. The beef is dry, the pork is greasy; combined they are pretty good. I use ground pork to make my own breakfast sausage ("Owens" style, like in the US). We get US chips here all the time (Iloilo). Frito-Lay chips, made in Plano, Texas. I bought Cheetos today. I was not planning on it but they were 2 for 1. I am a sucker for 2 for 1 ha ha I wish cauliflower was not so expensive. For the most part I have been able to adjust most of my recipes for local ingredients. I have started posteing some cooking videos for fun. I really need to work on improving them.
  4. Are people changing/becoming more honest.

    I was at the mall today. Four young Filipinas in matching work uniforms came into the food court, set their backpacks and purses on a table, and all 4 went to order food. None of them stayed with their stuff... no one messed with their stuff... I would not do that in the US!
  5. Are people changing/becoming more honest.

    I have always found most people to be honest. When I first moved over here I lost a cell phone in a skiad. Someone saw that a foreigner dropped it, and since there are so few of us... they were able to find me and return it. Last time I was in Tijuana a street beggar came up to me and returned my wallet, that fell out of my jacket pocket - all money still in it (that did surprise me!).
  6. I guess I am a foreign resident, I am on a 13a visa... but how would Korea know? If I show up with an American passport they will stamp it for 90 days. Even when just catching a connecting flight they give me a 90 day stamp.
  7. What is the deal with responsibility for lazy family members?

    My wife called me suplada before. I smiled and said "thank you". I am sure it is a compliment ha ha
  8. The 6 month contract is responsible for a lot of that. They use the 6 month contract to get out of a lot of benefits. A workers protection law was passed so all long term employees have benefits: SSS, PhilHealth etc. So to get around that - many companies quit keeping people that long. The boss does not care to train you if you are only here for 6 months. You don't care about the job since no matter how well (or poorly) you perform... it is still a 6 month contract. Some places will give you a new 6 month contract, a lot just get new people. I don't know about you, but that would probably wreck my attitude too.
  9. What is the deal with responsibility for lazy family members?

    My wife tried that once. I told her the same thing I told the dentist when he said Filipinos don't get pain killer shots for fillings... "do I look Filipino?" I put her in charge of the budget for a while and she saw how little money we had (although it sounded like a lot to her at first). Now she is on my (our) side
  10. I have 2 male cousins here that have had the same hardware store job since high school (many years). I have no idea how they do it. All the other cousins get 6 month contract jobs - and those dry up after 25 or 26 years old. I don't have any female cousins over 30 that have a job. They all want work, but no one is hiring. Help Wanted: Female sales clerk Under 23 minimum 5' 3" Pleasing personality (does that mean 'pretty'?) college degree Most of my friends with degrees end up working call centers. They hate it, but it is steady work.
  11. A herb plant collection in the tropics

    We have great luck with the small peppers. We also grow bigger and better bell peppers than we get from the market - but they take a TON of water. The herbs...just have not made it...
  12. Momma's Boy

    I don't have a hard time believing it... I just choose not to take part in it. It is their culture - not mine. If I were to give money to anyone to take of, it would be my own kids. I did, when they were young. Now my kids are grown and starting families of their own. If the kids here are not taught self sufficiency and pride (self pride, not the stupid nationalistic pride) I fall back on one of my regular sayings "not my fault, not my problem". They were poor when I got here and will be poor after I am gone.
  13. I never heard of the bells before so I really don't care about them, but to me this seems like just another excuse for duterte's anti-American rhetoric. Which makes me less inclined to give a crap about what he pretends to feel about it. After the Spanish-American war we were ceded Guam, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the PIs. We also used that as an excuse to annex Hawaii. Life is tough all over... but that is the way of the world. I am only 2nd generation American - so not my fault, not my problem. If he wants to act like an ally, maybe we would be more inclined to return them.
  14. A herb plant collection in the tropics

    I have tried both, in the ground and in pots. In the city the mint was in the ground and taking over the whole yard - just like it is supposed to do. Out here where we are now the potted lasted longer than in the ground, but not by much. I have tried like 3 batches of herbs. I want to keep trying though...
  15. What is the deal with responsibility for lazy family members?

    Oh, hell no! I don't give myself p10k a month I sure ain't giving it to anyone else ha ha. They were poor when I got here, and will be poor when I am gone. They are not my problem. The culture says women work their butts off and the boys are spoiled rotten. I don't have to play that game.