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  1. Dating Life Rejuvenated at 56

  2. The Water meter

    I have never seen a water meter here. Even in the city, our apartment was on well water. I would assume the city water is still not potable. I would hate to pay for non-potable water...
  3. E-BIKES

    Here in Iloilo we have a few stores selling them (CD-R King was first), but I see almost none on the road. I have seen some e-trikes (or chariots), but almost no personal e-bikes. The signs at the store push the "no helmet, no registration, no license" bit... but I have no idea what the law actually is on them. I would not trust the store ha ha
  4. What?? No Toilet Paper!??

    I have seen more of them lately here. The cartridges must be expensive though... too many places end up just pulling the cartridge out... and throw in a smell pretty chemical block.
  5. What?? No Toilet Paper!??

    I would need a bigger bottle...
  6. What?? No Toilet Paper!??

    They sell it at every grocery store... but it is almost impossible to find in a public cr.
  7. What?? No Toilet Paper!??

    I always carry toilet paper and wet wipes with me... just in case. At home we just use the sprayer (bum gun). We had our fiesta a couple weeks ago and since I knew foreigners were coming over I made sure we bought a roll of paper for them ha ha
  8. Busses, Jeepneys, Tricyclcle,..Oh My

    I am about an hour from the city, by jeepney. We have to leave the city by 4 or 430 pm to get a jeep before they all fill up (the drivers go home for dinner and most do not go back for evening runs). There are many times I wish we had a car. But I just cannot justify the expense, or headache, involved. I have not tracked expenses lately, but have tracked the money before. Last time I tracked it we spent bout p1,500 on jeep/taxis for the month - but it is just my wife and I. We do not have school runs for any kids. Going to town is p7 each, going to the city is p16 or p18 each. Hard to pay for a car as cheap as the jeeps are.
  9. TRAIN Tax Reform

    I read that they are going to be monitoring for price gouging... yeah... good freaking luck.
  10. TRAIN Tax Reform

    It is also (mostly) sugar free tang... must be an Aspartame tax ha ha
  11. TRAIN Tax Reform

    ...and it is starting... Gas has gone up enough that the jeepney association is asking for a rate hike from p6.5 to p10. At the grocers today I noticed that a 2 liter of diet coke has gone from p55 to p67. Tang has gone from p9.5 to p16.75. The clerk actually stopped ringing up the groceries to tell me about the Tang increase and ask if I still wanted it - they must be getting a lot of complaints. This new tax law is going to kill the poor!
  12. Shopping and more shopping

    My wife is such a shopping wimp. She can't keep up with me at all. I can shop all day, every day. She wants to just buy her stuff and go home... so bizarre....
  13. marriage in the Philippines

    The only real wait I remember is the mandatory 10 day wait. They may want you to go to a seminar, and there may some scheduling for that... but it is all pretty easy here.
  14. Am I considered a senior in the Philippines?

    Well... it is off topic, and I apologize in advance... but...
  15. TRAIN Tax Reform

    I think the poorest will be hit hard. Most already pay very little, if any, income tax but now the daily taxes are going up. So far I have only noticed increases on gas and cokes, but I am sure more prices will rise. If not directly from the new tax (like coke & gas) then from delivery prices going up because of the gas hikes. So almost everything will go up to cover the new delivery costs.