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  1. I had a big toaster oven, with top & bottom heat elements. There were attachments for rotisserie, it was big enough for a whole chicken (1/4 sheet maybe?). It was terrible for baking. Very uneven heat (no fan). We bought a turbo oven and it is great. It works better for cupcakes than cakes because cupcakes allow for better airflow. I bake chicken & pork in it, make baked potatoes, cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. It will do toast... but slowly. I just don't eat enough toast to get a toaster, and the big toaster oven got put under the house... not sure why... I have no experience with the counter top stoves. My wife is enjoying baking and we have looked at them, but not tried one yet.
  2. I think it could be important for sari sari stores and phone accessory shops. It brings in customers and you make your money on something else.
  3. I have a Globe/TM reloader sim. We got a reloader sim for free but it was geo-locked. We had to be in the city to get it reloaded (and I think we may have had to buy loads directly from Globe, but it was hard to get a straight answer). So we got one for p150 that can be reloaded anywhere. That was odd... I did not get it to make money but just so I could carry a larger load around for convenience. On my regular sim the loads I buy expire after a short time - the reloader sim load does not expire. So that is nice. When I send myself, or my wife, a load I make a little commission. Very little. For example yesterday I sent p50 to myself for a 3 day internet plan. It charged my reloader sim p47.70. I made less than p2.5 on a p50 "sale". I would hope that the the lady I buy the load from gets a better commission... but who knows. And where does she buy her loads? Does she get a better price? I load p500 a month on it and it charges me about p475 to use the p500. If I were doing it for profit I would have to sell many thousands a month to make it worthwhile. Of course when my wife carried the reloader sim she gave away more than I do. I will give a load to a cousin occasionally. Not very often, but with as little as the commission is, it is probably enough to eat up any potential profits. If I make about p5 per p100, and give away a p20 load, that is the profit from p400 in sales. Here are a few loads I sent and the cost on the reloader. p30-p28.65. p10-p9.95. p5-p4.78. p100-p95.40.
  4. I have seen those on Lazada and thought about it trying one. I did not think of the extra air being a problem... Only thing I can think of is exhale a lot out of your lungs, but that would limit the time you could stay under. Guess it is just for surface swimming?
  5. My wife an I have been doing it, on less $1,000, for over 4 years. I budget p40,000 a month, which currently is $800. I was paying rent (p6,000) for the first few years but we built a house last year, out of my savings. Now I pay myself p5,000 in "rent" each month to pay myself back for the house. We cannot make budget recommendations for others, without knowing more about you and your comfort needs... but I know quite a few guys that live on less $1,000 a month. I live on $800, but recommend $1,200.
  6. Yeah, the list of countries needing the medical clearance are mostly other 3rd world countries. When I did my 13a I used a template off the internet for the letter. I took it in to immigration and let them make all the pencil changes on it as required. Then I went to a net cafe and retyped it (had a copy on my jump drive to edit). I had all my other requirements so I went to BI in the morning, a net cafe for lunch, and back to BI in the afternoon to turn it all in. Iloilo has virtually no line. A very small office, very helpful and friendly staff.
  7. It is just the way the math works out. You get your first 30 days for free on arrival. I suppose you could pay for a 5 month extension first, then it would even 6 months increments after that... but no real reason to. I knew about the ECC but they never told me at immigration about it. After I got my ECC and was preparing to leave, I found a large stamp in my passport telling me I would need one... but it was way in the back on the last page. Looks like they just stamped a random page, and never mentioned it. Glad I knew about it.
  8. I have lived in Iloilo 4 years and never even heard those words ha ha. All I speak is "jeepney". And I cannot spell any of it.
  9. There are a few borrowed words from Spanish, but surprisingly few. I doubt knowing Spanish would be much help at all in learning Tagalog. Except maybe for telling time... I started learning Tagalog but quickly realized it is pretty much useless down here in Western Visayas. Although my TV does speak Tagalog, the neighbors speak Illongo, and my family speaks Kinaray-a. Tagalog is not popular down here. I have not found any online Kinaray-a or Illongo lessons. So English it is, unless I hire a tutor.
  10. That is the problem... on paper it looked ok. I was comparing the Samsung J5 (best phone camera I ever had) to the My96 (worse camera than the 4 year old Rio). But the My96 quality is way below the old Rio. So now I have a 3 month old phone that I am ready to throw in the ocean ha ha MyPhone My96 Full Seg Digital TV Android 6.0, Marshmallow 5.5" Display 1.3GHz 64-bit Quad-Core 16GB ROM + 2GB RAM 13MP Main Camera and 8MP Front Camera 2800mAh, 4G LTE, Dual SIM Samsung J5 Android 6.0, Marshmallow 5.2" Display 1.2GHz 64-bit Quad-Core 8GB ROM + 2GB RAM 13MP Main Camera and 5MP Front Camera 2600mAh, 4G LTE, Dual SIM
  11. I had a Cherry Mobile (p2,500) but since they are so cheap you are lucky to get about a year out of one. There were 3 of us with Cherry and all 3 phones died within a year. My next phone was the MyPhone Rio. Pretty good for p4,000. The camera was passable. I used it for Youtube for almost 2 years. Then it finally died. Then got a Samsung J5 (p10,000) and loved it! The camera was particularly good. I used it for my YouTube channel for a year - good HD quality videos. Until I got pick-pocketed on chirstmas eve... I did not want to spend that much again and went back to MyPhone. The My96 (p5,000) is absolute garbage! On paper the memory, speed, and camera sound good, but they lie. MyPhone added a tv tuner to all their phones and I wondered what got sacrificed. The camera quality for one. But also battery life is terrible, and it overheats all the time. ...should have got another Samsung...
  12. There are a lot of Filipinos there. Many are from the old Navy days...
  13. They got tents here for less than p1,000! That is good on the budget and cheaper than rent...
  14. Unfortunately since all our piping is plastic... I bet the water heater grounding strap is not connected to anything. Sucks, but such is life here. ...and I was so safety conscious in the US. Ear plugs, safety glasses, rubber gloves...
  15. I did not even bother to have them put in a ground, or 3 prong outlets, since almost nothing you buy here is set up for a ground anyway. The TV, computers, Playstation, refrigerator... nothing except the window unit.