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  1. When my boxes were picked up in the US he had a 2 wheel dolly. Here in the PIs all boxes were carried by hand - and a few were HEAVY! I don't know about Thailand, but here in the PIs, manual labor is so cheap there is no benefit to encourage the boss to make the job any easier, or safer. But enjoy your move. What part of the country did you decide on? Most likely near the wife's family?
  2. The 40% of material costs seems to be the asking price around here too (Iloilo). When we built we were told the same. I paid Uncle and he paid them. The house was almost finished before I even knew we had a contractor. Only reason I heard of him was because for a couple days he pulled guys to work on the big hospital they were building in the city... I thought it was just some cousins building our house. The material estimate was so close to the actual cost it was almost scary. Uncle was in charge of buying materials and made the estimate. The 40% bit was just for the house shell (what they call a complete house). Of course I added foreigner options like a ceiling, windows, floor tile, and paint. That was all done with individual contractors, negotiated separately. Total cost was around p10,000 per meter. I liked the idea of a flat rate for the job because I wanted them to build it and get out, not drag their feet for more days pay.
  3. That is my thoughts too. PhilHealth was never a great service, but at p2,400 a year... anything you got from it made it worthwhile. Now with the higher rate and lower coverage it simply does not seem worthwhile to me. I can't justify p17,000 and still need private insurance - I will just pay the private insurance and be done with it. If the rate increase does not happen, I will stay on my wife's plan... I don't feel it is a good risk to pay 3 years in advance and hope I don't have to "top off" the payment to use it.
  4. You mean we did not discover the British Isles? Actually I have been asked if Sydney (Australia) is near Texas. Yeah... right around the corner....
  5. Guys on Facebook are saying they have been told by PhilHealth officials that we can pay up to 3 years in advance. If paid before1JUL2017 you get the same rate (p2,400 a year). I have not seen anything in writing to that effect, but it certainly may be true. Worth looking into, in any case.
  6. I am from Texas and it would get hotter there, but the humidity was not bad. I did aircon work and spent years in attics and on roofs, and I got used to the heat. Been here over 4 years and have yet to get used to the humidity. I find the longer I am here the more I use the aircon. Also, my wife uses it more too. They do not necessarily like the heat either - most just do not have an option. She runs hotter water in the shower than I do too.
  7. I use some, but the meaning is lost on most locals. You have to have a better grasp of a language to really use idioms or sarcasm well. Someone being 'dumb as a box of rocks' being one of my favorites. There are lots of Tagalog idioms that are lost on me, so no worries.
  8. I have been here over 4 years. I tried a couple different "charity" groups, they were not what I was expecting. I tried the Rotary and the American Association of Western Visayas. Instead of doing actual hands-on charity work, we had funds from the US (mostly) to pay for projects and we just showed up for photo ops. I quickly got bored and quit. They told me most foreigners get bored and quit. Too bad, it seems that there are a lot of us that want to help out. I ended up just doing things on my own. I do an occasional feeding program at our barangay daycare, as funds allow. I also do some fund raising to buy school supplies for the kids. I want to do a regular feeding program, but that would take regular sponsorship. So, I do what I can, when I can. Earlier this month I raised almost $400 to buy and deliver school supplies for over 150 kids up in the mountains.
  9. Yeah... to my table ha ha
  10. I know they are made differently, but everyone here asks for Toblerone. Since it is not very good to begin with... I buy it after I arrive and they have never known the difference. I like bringing the Halloween size bags of a Hershey's mix. ...and they still want Toblerone... Rarely I find Hershey's chocolate chips in the import section here and make Tollhouse cookies (3 times in 4 years). So far everyone loves them. The chips are from the US and are quite good.
  11. I do pretty well with adjusting recipes for local ingredients. My wife has taken a liking to tossed salad (I make a nice vinaigrette). And she actually requests my wiener schnitzel and stir fry (ok, stir fry is not strictly Western ha ha). I make a mean pot of chili, my baked mac is always a hit at parties. I have a cheesy baked mac, and a garlic/shrimp baked mac; my asawaswang lets me know which one to make for which party. (asawaswang is my own "Tagalog" word. It means my wife is a vampire ) I would love to make a nice lasagna, but even S&R does not have ricotta. So, no luck. I am about to order a gas grill from Lazada so I can do some grilling at home. No sense in firing up wood or uling for one steak ha ha.
  12. About the only fish I like is the flavorless white fish at Long John Silvers (bad US fast food). All you can taste is batter and ketchup. Not a big seafood fan. Mahi mahi is ok, because it does not have the fishy taste. I am told they call it dorado here, but I have not found any yet.
  13. I sure don't miss filing taxes. When I retire, in a couple years I will have to start paying again... this being a beach bum is great
  14. I guess I eat mostly Western(ish) foods. I buy chicken breasts and pork steaks. Cut them into 100 gr pieces and freeze them. I use 1 can of corn, mushrooms, and peas along with fresh, chopped, and blanched green beans & carrots (about 1 can worth). Mix it all in a ziploc bag and freeze it. Lunch and dinner are one piece of grilled pork or chicken, whichever comes out of the freezer, and 1 cup of mixed veggies. When we go to the mall it is a mix of local and foreign food. Mang Inasal and Greenwich are very common. The occasional Jollibee's, Floyd's BBQ, Zark's burgers, Burger King. I don't go to McDos anymore because the "Big & Tasty" was the only passable thing they had... and it is off the menu here, now.
  15. For me there is nothing to cope with. "Hey Joe", and "hey kano" are used as "hello". If it is presented in a friendly way - I take it as such. If I were not American I might feel differently. But, since I am, I cannot guess how I would feel. I use it as a greeting myself when meeting a new Joe. Even in Mexico they were friendly... they kept offering me steamed rice cakes... I think... All the time I would hear "puto Americano", but I never did see any dessert. Hmm...