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  1. Brent International School is most likely the best. Don't know what it costs, likely pretty expensive. Here is a link: http://www.brentbaguio.edu.ph/home/
  2. CNN Hoop Nation Philippines - Willie Miller

    My wife and I started watching the series from the first episode. Interesting. The episode with the bakla's vs the midget's basketball game really gives some insight into filipino culture. Thanks for posting this.
  3. The real problem you want to solve is opening a bank account. You may be able to open a bank account without an ACR-I card. Back in 2012 I was able to open a bank account with BPI four days after arriving. I opened both a USD and a peso account. I did have to do my first visa extension, which I was able to do four days after arriving. The bank wanted to see the good conduct letter you receive each time you renew your visa. Each bank and even each branch in that bank can have different policies regarding opening of an account. One tip someone mentioned is visiting the bank dressed well and asking to see the manager. If you have a nice sum to deposit on opening like 3k-5k USD they may be more flexible in their requirements for opening an account. Good luck.
  4. Get Off Your Butts... Learn Tagalog!!!

    My wife speaks three filipino languages. The native language of the area of the mountains where she grew up. Ilocano which is a regional language on Northern Luzon and Tagalog. She also speaks English. From my observation the language used can be generational. Lolo's and Lola's where she grew up generally only speak the local native language. Those who are middle aged know the local language and some ilocano and tagalog or english depending on their level of education. Young people are more likely to have the best English skills and are more fluent in Tagalog. The Philippines has dozens of distinct languages and hundreds of dialects. I can't speak my wife's native language at all but I can tell when it is being spoke because it is very distinct from either Ilocano or tagalog. Hasn't tagalog only been the official language of the Philippines for 30-40 years?
  5. PHILPOST. I am amazed Today

    In the US there are online fax services. You upload the documents to be faxed enter the phone number and poof your fax is sent. There are a number of free services that let you fax a small number of pages at no cost. I used this while in the Philippines to send a fax to a US phone number. Perhaps there is a similar service in OZ you can use.
  6. Most filipino's do not leave their home unattended. Someone will always be there to look after it and make it less of a target of opportunity for break in and theft. A condo which has building security is an example of a place I would feel comfortable leaving with no one there. A home in a gated community with a good security I may leave unattended. The type of place you are interested in with up to 10 acre's is not a type of place I would leave without someone there.
  7. Back a week and its rice

    This sounds like it might be a form of bulalo. A carabao (or beef) bone broth soup. We make that often here in the US using beef soup bones with a lot of meat on them and some veggies like pechay or baby bok choy cooked in a pressure cooker. Very good and healthy soup.
  8. Canned Cranberry Sauce?

    I ran across bags of dried cranberries at the SM supermarket in Baguio. They were in the aisle with the baking goods. Love to add dried cranberries to my salads.
  9. A Good Idea at the Time...

    Over a year ago my US Dentist who I have used for over 20 years recommended I get two teeth repaired based on what he saw from the xray and his inspection. His quote for this work was almost $3000 USD. I decided to wait and get the work done on my next visit to the Philippines. The wife and I can both fly to the Philippines from the US and I can get the work done on my teeth for less that what my dentist wants. It has been 16 months and I still haven't had any problems with those teeth. Hope they last until we visit next summer.
  10. Is this gentleman a veteran? I think there is an American VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) post in Angeles City. Vets from many different country's will hang out with each other at the VFW post. Here is a link to their facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/VFW2485/
  11. Newbie introduction

    Hi Perla, You can get a tourist visa on entry good for 30 days. If you can provide proof that you were born in the Philippines you can get a balikbayan stamp good for one year on entry. If you show proof that you and your husband are married you may be able to get a balikbayan stamp for him on entry if you receive one. Not sure on this but it wouldn't hurt to ask when you enter with your husband. You should apply to restore your Philippines citizenship and become dual citizen of the Philippines and Germany. Then your husband can apply for the Philippines 13A spousal visa since your long term plans are to stay and never leave the Philippines. Best wishes for your husbands health and an easy move.
  12. A reminder to know the law or risks

    They are doing huge human trafficking stings in the US now. Rarely do they actually find a real victim of human trafficking or even someone underage. Mostly just arresting john's and their adult prostitutes. They have just turned your normal run of the day prostitution conducted between two adults into a national crime. It gets law enforcement at all levels headlines and makes it look like they are doing something so they can get more money in their budget from law makers.
  13. MOA Trip

    That's it!
  14. MOA Trip

    Up on the second floor towards the bay side? Can't recall the name but we enjoyed the food there also.
  15. Smoking in bars and restaurnts

    I can match you medical research for medical research. The medical researcher you are quoting is lying. E-cigs are dramatically less harmful than real tobacco. Here is a report from WebMD, a source of health information many people use and trust. https://www.webmd.com/smoking-cessation/news/20140730/benefits-of-e-cigarettes-may-outweigh-harms-study-finds#1