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  1. 3 years ago I did not need a prescription. If a drug store does require one a doctor visit at most locations is only $10 USD, even for a specialist.
  2. I was prescribed the OnBreeze Inhaler, Indacteral Maleate, for daily use when I was diagnosed with COPD while living in the Philippines. This has worked well for me and I continue to use it now that I am back in the USA though I have to buy it from a Canadian Pharmacy. This cost me approximately $70 USD per month. I had a terrible almost constant cough when I was first prescribed this and my cough was almost completely gone within a few days.
  3. earthdome


    Cool pic. I can see the Catholic Church on the hill above Session Rd on the right edge of the pic and City Hall on the left edge of the pic.
  4. earthdome

    Uber and Grab combine

    Thats good advice.
  5. earthdome

    Uber and Grab combine

    I have had several bad experiences with taxi's in Manila. One which had me worried was when a driver did not take us where we wanted to go because he insisted he knew a better hotel for us down a small side street at night. I would use Grab/Uber where available even if it costs a bit more because you likely will have better drivers than some random taxi from the street.
  6. earthdome

    Uber and Grab combine

    ahh learn something new every day I drove uber a bit last year and had a pickup where the destination was 110 miles one way. Over 3 hours drive round trip. It would be nice to know as a driver before the pickup that it was for a drive that long and far away.
  7. earthdome

    Uber and Grab combine

    You know your destination but the driver only knows the pickup point. Once the driver has picked you up the Uber driver app shows the destination. So the driver does not know the destination until after the pickup.
  8. earthdome

    Philippines WIFI issues

    The Philippines uses different frequencies (bands) for data than the USA. So unless you have an international phone with those Philippine bands or buy a smart phone in the Philippines you will get really slow data rates. https://www.techwalla.com/articles/how-to-use-a-us-cell-phone-in-philippines
  9. earthdome

    10 Fun Facts

    For us older and more experienced gentlemen we may indeed be able to do both 1 & 2.
  10. My wife and I visited the new Filipino Seafood City in the NW suburbs of Chicago last fall. It came close to being heaven on earth for my wife. First stop was for some Jollibee, then a long extended shopping trip, then wrap up at the food court with many different types of filipino food. Spent over 4 hours there and filled up our coolers with food for the long drive home.
  11. Great work Paul. Glad to hear the trip went well and all are settled in.
  12. Victory Liner is the best way to travel by bus from Manila to Baguio. The deluxe bus runs 3 or 4 times a day and is non stop, takes 4-5 hours depending on time of day. The regular bus takes 7 -8 hours and makes several stops. If it is holy week it may be much harder to get on a bus. Try to book the deluxe bus online ahead of time. Check out Burnham Park, Session Rd and the central city market in the downtown area. A great place to eat for filipino food is Good Taste. Check out the Ben Cab museum which has both art and historical artifacts plus an eco area. It has a nice small restaurant where you can get coffee and turon. Don't forget the Strawberry fields in La Trinadad. If you like country music there are some country music bars with bands in Baguio. La Trinadad is known as the country music capital of the Philippines. The expat hangout is the Red Lion Pub on Leonardwood Rd across from Teachers Camp. On the way up to Baguio on Marcos Highway there is a resort called Pugad that is great for a day trip. Zipline, ATV's, shooting range, swimming, etc. Bring your picnic lunch and rent a nipa hut. I agree that it would be easier to hire a car and driver for the day. Just ask at your hotel.
  13. earthdome

    Fun with Bells Palsy

    Glad to hear you are on the mend. Thank you for such a detailed report. You seem to be a very happy go lucky kind of guy. It must have been very poor service for you to get that angry with the staff.
  14. earthdome

    Time and the Filipino.

    Maybe this depends on location. Where I live Uber has a minimum charge, a per mile charge and a per minute charge. Driver's here don't like waiting a long time because they make less money at the per minute rate than they make from the per mile rate.