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  1. The original posting was for SFO, mine was from the midwest with 2 stops.`
  2. I just checked and found similar low fares from the US midwest, lowest was $534USD with long layovers, but there was a $598USD flight with only 2 stops and 26 hour travel time. Wow, great rates.
  3. I saw something like this being used at a US car dealership last week.
  4. To Retire At 56? Or Rough It Out...

    Congrats on your retirement. Hope the tests come out ok.
  5. Happy B-Day young man!

    Happy Birthdays to you both. I am a bit behind on reading the unread posts. Been busy.
  6. New house

    Congrats Mogo! You and the SO have moved fast to secure your future.
  7. He should be sentenced to serve his time, hopefully the rest of his life, in a philippines prison rather than a club fed prison.
  8. If this is for verifying your birth ask if your passport is sufficient documentation.
  9. I will see the boss

    In Baguio water is a huge issue. With the mountains it is hard to maintain pressure to homes on higher elevations. Water delivery is common there. At the new apartment building I lived in I encouraged the owner to to upgrade the water system because the water pressure was never high enough to fill the tanks on the two days a week the apartment was authorized to receive water from the city water system. The tanks for the individual apartments were on the roof above the fourth floor. Partly my design they installed a tank at ground level that the city water system would fill, then a pump would run to suck water out of that tank to fill the tanks on the fourth floor. It included float valves on the tank to turn that pump on and off. Worked pretty well once the system was tweaked in. Water pressure was supplied by gravity feed from the roof tanks.
  10. Baguio and Vigan City

    Take a look at the Newtown Plaza Hotel in Baguio. Opened 3 years ago and they have a pool, I think it may be a heated pool. It is in the Navy Base area. I lived just a block away. Toured the place just before it opened. Looked very nice. There are restaurants close by. We especially liked Rasa Pura next to the hotel. In Vigan we stayed at a boutique hotel named Felicidad for our honeymoon. Renovated from an old spanish home. Very very nice but very expensive for us since we had the most expensive room for our honeymoon.
  11. Cooking issues that maybe there is a solution to ?

    When I lived in Baguio I could get locally grown/roasted beans at SM for 112 pesos per half kilo.
  12. The exercise bike

    Congrats. She has continued well past the initial selfie pic on the bicycle.
  13. How long did you wear sunscreen?

    I never wore hats until I got a terrible sun burn on my scalp at the age of 42. Now I always wear a hat when outdoors. I only wear sun screen when I know I will be outdoors most of the day or anytime when swimming or at the beach.
  14. AirBnb

    I could understand if the rule was no cooking smoked fish.
  15. PNP Internet Banking (or lack Of)

    It could also be related to the HTTPS (SSL/TLS) encryption between the web browser and the bank's website. It might be a problem with the bank's SSL/TLS certificate.