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  1. Just curious. For those who own their own home/condo (or their wife/so does), how much are the annual property taxes?
  2. I lived in Baguio for 2 years but had not heard of these. Look like they are close to Mt. Pulag. If you want to see old cliff burials and do some spelunking try out Sagada which is a bit further north but better setup to handle tourists.
  3. No. First they would need to gain a great deal of experience in a number of different scientific, engineering and technical skills. Regardless, with the amount of capital required it will never happen. IMHO
  4. TNT?? We don't have CATV so we can't watch Turner Network Television. Ohh... you mean for mobile phones... never used them.
  5. This story just sounds like one of those crimes of opportunity. A robbery of a foreigner by armed criminals on a motorcycle late at night. A similar thing happened in front of a very nice hotel close to MOA that I have stayed at but at 8AM in the morning Could happen to anyone in a major metro in the Philippines. The groom was out with his best man and fiance on the night before his wedding. No fault or blame should be assigned there. If there was any fault it would be if he did not comply and immediately hand over his wallet. I normally carry what is called a throw away wallet. One with old expired credit cards, ids and pictures with maybe a few thousand pesos. Enough to satisfy your average robber without getting my real cards or significant cash.
  6. Industrial and manufacturing plants will have accidents. People are killed every day where they work. If you look at that list in 50 years of nuclear energy the number of people killed in that industry world wide is relatively small, according to that list < 100. Most from Chernobyl. Some deaths are just industrial accidents not due to the nuclear nature of the plant. In one accident at a chemical plant in Bhopal India resulted in almost 4,000 immediate deaths and half a million injured. Yes the US Three Mile Island was a very bad accident but no one was hurt. In fact the containment design was found to work much better than the design requirements. If when the first alarm sounded all the workers had just gone home and left the safety system do its job they could have recovered the plant and been back in production in less than a month. The actions the operators took made the accident worse and resulted in almost a 50% core meltdown. A great deal was learned from that accident which resulted in improvements to design and a policy in the industry of not changing anything unless you know for sure what effect it will have on the plant. i.e. Let the safety systems work as designed. FYI, I worked for many years on Navy nuclear plants in operations and commercial electrical generation nuclear plants specializing in health physics and radiation protection. 3rd and 4th generation nuclear energy plants have much simpler and safer designs.
  7. You are most welcome. As I recall one of those helpers was trying to arrange a tax from EDSA not too far from MOA to World Resort for around 900 peso. Now we did need a larger taxi due to our baggage, even so, that is excessive. I think we ended up finding one for 300 or 400 pesos. Still more than what we should have paid but we just wanted to get away from that bus terminal.
  8. It is not just the beggars but the aggressive helpers. As an example, when my wife and I were flying back to the US a few years ago we had to use a smaller unfamiliar bus line to get us from Subic to Manila. This bus line didn't have their own terminal so they pulled in to a general bus terminal. No security there and the helpers for your bags, to get taxi's, etc. were very aggressive and overwhelming. We had six suitcases to keep track of. 2 large and 1 carry on each, plus purse and backpack. Even with my FIL and a cousin accompanying us. That is one of the few times I have felt very uncomfortable in a situation while in the Philippines.
  9. Did you book the flight with a credit card? Can you do a charge back?
  10. Wow. I thought you were an intractable bachelor. That didn't take long. Congratulations.
  11. It all depends on where you live. There are regional differences in the weather though one thing which is dependable is the increased rain during typhoon season which affects the entire philippines. If you want to avoid the hot and humid weather then find a place to live at elevation. The climate can be very moderate at 5000 feet (1500 meters) elevation.
  12. Darn... my guess was wrong. I thought a male poleman might be a male exotic dancer. Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you will fit in well with the bunch here.
  13. I asked my bank manager in Canada about that and she said that information does not go to Transferwise, it links THROUGH them and goes to the bank. Transferwise does not have the log-in info. She said not to worry because if the bank trusts them enough to allow them to link to your account then they have been checked out and you can be sure of their authenticity. Also, there is a second option. You can fund your Transferwise account transfer direct from your credit card if you need to get a cash advance sent over. They charge 1.5% extra fee for that as they have to pay the credit card company but I found its a quick, convenient way to get a cash advance on my MasterCard and I don't have to give my banking info. That may be true... but I am not willing to take that risk. FYI, my background is in IT, specifically back end hardware/software for providing internet services such as websites and email. This includes dealing with internet and website security issues.
  14. I went to setup an account with Transferwise and decided not to use them after they asked for my account login and password for my bank. No way in hell I am giving that to anyone.
  15. That may only be for USD deposits of 10k or more due to all the US financial reporting requirements.