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  1. Isn't Saudi Arabia part of the problem? Were not most of the 911 hijackers from Saudi? Aren't the Saudi's the ones who fund the establishment of fundamentalist wahabi schools?
  2. What about Joseph Kony and his Christian Lords Resistance Army in Uganda?
  3. Unfortunately my father gave up his heavy smoke habit and died a terrible and painful death from smoking. Hope you dont go through what he did. Sorry to hear that. I already had the heart attack and lung cancer 7 years ago. That is what led me to retire early. Now I have early onset COPD that all you can hope to do is keep it from getting worse. Don't feel bad for me yet. I am still enjoying life and can still be very active and hopefully have many more years to enjoy life with my wife.
  4. Congrats. Two and a half years smoke free for me. Unfortunately the damage had already been done from 35 years of smoking.
  5. Had a consultation with a specialist at St. Luke's a few years ago. The hospital is very nice and modern. The cost for the short consultation was 1200 pesos. 3 to 4 times more than a normal doctor visit. I concur with what others have said. St. Luke's has the reputation as the best hospital in the NCR. Sorry to hear about your son. Hope he gets well soon.
  6. Welcome to the forum. I have driven through Nueva Vizcaya a number of times driving from Baguio via Ambuklao Rd then north up the Pan-Asian Highway.
  7. It has been several years. As I recall maps were not easy to find.
  8. I know that it is possible to do this trip. I have met someone who did the reverse trip, drove from Davao to Manila. But I don't recall any of the details. For long trips in unknown areas I recommend you get a real GPS to assist with navigation. Your phone GPS is nice but does not work if you lose your mobile phone data signal.
  9. The mail forwarding service I used, Traveling Mailbox, had a service where they could receive shipments then consolidate them into one package to ship overseas. I don't recall the cost. As someone else mentioned, best if you have someone who can receive your shipments and consolidate them into a BB box to ship.
  10. Unfortunately if the prosecutor knows you are an advocate for jury nullification you will be excused from jury duty. Jury nullification is one reason that alcohol prohibition was overturned. It was getting hard to get jury's to convict someone on alcohol charges during alcohol prohibition.
  11. That happened to me. I just contacted the court by email and informed them I was living outside of the US for an extended period.
  12. I wonder how many Filipinos have filed for a import permit. The Pinoys (relatives and friends) I have met passing through Honolulu utilized the more informal method. That may be a workable solution for a filipino returning but I wouldn't want to try that as a foreigner.
  13. How hard is it to get those through customs? I researched this once. It is possible but you have to get an import permit from the Philippines and you have to purchase from USDA approved exporter.
  14. I expect the reason is that there are so many ships 'dead heading' i.e. returning back to asia from the US empty that the costs are minimal.
  15. I lived in San Fernando, La Union 4 years ago. At that time a Smart Data plan for my smart phone worked best. Then I turned the smart phone into a wifi hotspot for my laptop. That worked well for me then. I don't recall what speed I got but in 4 years I expect that the speed will have increased significantly. Probably best if you can get a wired internet service with at least 3Mbs for your streaming video services.