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  1. Vlogger Steve Montelli told the story a few months ago of losing his wallet. That night a couple of Filipinos showed up at his hotel to return the wallet which they found on the ground outside a club he had been to; as I recall he had the hotel receipt in the wallet which is how they found him. Yes, the cash was gone but the cards and such were still there. Just maybe it's not so rare.
  2. I am surprised that no one has mentioned what seems to be the obvious solution. The guy graduated from bartending school, right? His job within my house would be to serve me and the wife drinks all day. He also needs to use his contacts from bartending school to source cheap booze for me, the wife and all my friends. Problem solved.
  3. Just a quick update on our experience, since there have been questions as to whether you could get an account without an ACR and without a permanent resident status. I figured we would try and if I couldn't, we could start out with an account in my wife's name only. The one piece of advise I read here (maybe from Jack) was to look like a well-heeled foreigner and they might want my biz. Janet took that literally and dressed up a bit and put on her heels. I put on a clean t-shirt! We went to PNB with our passports and rental agreement from the apartment. The woman asked if I had an ACR and I told her "not yet". She checked our passports with the Balikbayan stamp and copied that plus the rental agreement and we were good to go. Well that is except for an hour of paperwork. The only unexpected fly in the ointment was when I explained my strategy of wanting to deposit a monthly check drawn against my US account. I expected a fee but she said there was a $15 fee plus the expected fee of 200-300 pesos, depending on the check size. If true I may have to rethink my strategy. OTOH she emphasized that PNB can take US Social Security checks, so I might go that route as well.
  4. visiting Dumaguete

    I'm too new to have made the most wanted list.
  5. Mogo'a update 1

    Yep the place we are renting also has no pots and utensils nor bed sheets but at least I got a message in advance telling me so; I know what to expect and what not to expect. Glad you are getting settled in!
  6. Probably mostly inertia, since we got used to taking the bus and the bus quality (the buses themselves, not the road) have improved. And also it gives us the option to stop places (like my wife's hometown) along the way. The ferry's a good option also, as is the plane, which we would have taken this time, if it were not for the fact that our baggage would have apparently crashed the plane!
  7. There are definitely parts of the trip south and north that get crowded and can be standing room only. But since you are starting in Cebu or Duma you should have a seat from the get go. The crowd also depends on the time of day or night.
  8. Five (or Ten) Year Plan

    The decision to move abroad or not is totally subjective and there is no one size fits all. Therefore I don't think anyone can really advise the OP as to what to do. It isn't just the factors involved, it's how you weigh them. I have a buddy who likes the Philippines and visits every year but will never move there because of a couple of factors that for him are huge but for me are almost irrelevant. All this said, I do have one piece of advise. If you do decide to move, make the decision as soon as you can, tell everyone so they get used to the idea, and then work hard to stay the course. There will be a hundred reasons and an equal number of people that will try to sway you. I speak from experience. We are moving this week. The past few weeks we have been making "the tour", having lunch or dinner with friends. While I am touched that so many people want to see us before we leave, it is also obvious from the questions and doubts that many think I am nuts. OK they're not wrong on that score. One friend grilled me for a half hour unsuccessfully, then turned to me wife, thinking she must have been seduced by the greatness of the USA and asked "So what will you miss in the United States?" She paused and considered the question and answered, "nothing!" I cracked up. But he wasn't about to give up. "Well certainly there are things here that are better than the Philippines? What about food?" "No," Janet replied. "Maybe the steak." "Nothing else?" he asked. She thought hard. "Well maybe the traffic's more organized here." No matter what, it's a giant change; so is retirement BTW. So there will be well meaning friends and family that will try to talk you out of it. Politely ignore them.
  9. We have taken the bus south many times. Over the years it has improved and it seems like we generally get a modern aircon bus, sometimes with wifi. So now that we are just about ready to get on the plane for the permanent move, I assumed we should take the plane. But wait - 20 kg limit and we each have 2 large suitcases plus my guitar. So back to the bus. But this time we will take our time and stop over in the middle, sleep, have a good meal and then continue to Dumaguete the next day! Bottom line is the buses have improved and it's not bad to take them if he is not in a rush.
  10. New or 2nd hand

    I vacillate back and forth on this issue as well, Steve. I will want a car - eventually. For my maximum budget I could buy a new car, as long as it were smallish and/or cheap. Or I could get a car I might prefer (or the wife might prefer) that's 5-6 years old. I like the idea of new, like the benefit of the insurance thrown in for a while, but don't like the knowledge that it won't look new for too long. In the US I generally bought new cars. I had my own business for years and an unreliable car meant lost money. Then I went to work for someone else with a long commute. Again new was better. But now I'm retired and the car will be for trips to the store; so the need will be less critical. After all there's San Miguel at the Sari Sari.
  11. Big time congrats, Dave! As to Hound driver - thanks for the explanation. I was worried you were some kind of Dog Catcher lol.
  12. Balikbayan Box Major Rule Changes

    My wife read it to me last night. They not only want proof of the sender (and in recipient must be immediate family) but receipts for any new items. I assume they are trying to crack down on people sending new bags or laptops in a BB box for resale. Thank goodness we just shipped our BB boxes for our move a week or two ago. It might be hard providing a receipt for those 19th century tools I have; I'm old but not that old.
  13. Raising a half-American child in the Philippines

    As an old fart who put two kids through a pretty decent US public school system, I would welcome a return to a little bit of rote memorization. My son's successfully studying Electrical Engineering in college and I guarantee you that I can do math in my head better than he can or probably nearly anyone coming out of high school. My city's school system is considering re-instituing the teaching of cursive writing because - kids graduate high school and cannot sign their own name! So while critical thinking is important, a school system is much better at teaching the 3Rs, and that requires some of that good old fashioned memorization.
  14. Philippines Bound #2

    Yeah, I'm a bit slower in my old age! Look forward to seeing you, Jack, Dave, etc. soon!
  15. Living your dream

    Good news - I'm trying to cut back on caffeine!