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  1. Those who know me would say - "35? You finally went after an older one." But to give the obvious answer - yes, many people are judgmental about it. BTW, some guys married to Filipinas are judgmental about it which I find odd. After a bit most of my friends and relatives (though not all) settled down about the age gap thing after we were married. However I did have several women friends say they were OK with my marrying Janet but please don't have any kids with her; all the typical "it's not fair - bla bla bla." The advantage of getting older is not only do I not care what other think but since both my hearing and eyesight are not what the used to be I don't hear or see most of the negativity. In all fairness I do also have to say that many people were very positive about our marriage, so the judgmental thing is not universal.
  2. Panglao Island/Alona Beach

    We were there and had a blast 3 years ago. Stayed a couple blocks away from Alona to keep the prices down. I told my buddy about the place and gave Alona Beach a very positive review. He and his wife decide to go there on their next trip. Now unlike me he believes in spending serious bucks for a hotel. They went on AirBnB and rented a good sized condo at the end of Alona Beach. Took various family members of hers + his brother. He and his brother basicailly went from the condo to a nearby bar, which they adopted as their hangout for the week. When he returned to the US and I asked how he liked Alona Beach, he said he'd liked it well enough and liked the Chocolate Hills but "where was that white sand beach you raved about?" I looked at him like he was crazy. "Well all of Alona is bascailly white sand beach!" Turned out since he'd gone from the condo to the bar exclusively, he'd never actually been to Alona Beach proper!
  3. Life Starts Afresh as a New ExPat.

    Hi Eddie: Congrats. I am just a couple months ahead of you and this is all deja vu for me, including the Hermogina Apartments, where we to landed. Look forward to meeting. Dave
  4. I am one of those people who like trikes. I'm small enough to get in them (well sort of), they're cheap and I have not had many of the terrible experiences some have had. Overall it's a lot cheaper than owning and driving a car. All that said, I knew I would be buying a car in the Philippines and we did just that within a month of our arrival. Yes, I like trikes, but there's a limit. I now take one occasionally but we mostly drive. Plus, now that we are living in Valencia, trikes are no longer nearly as cheap and easy as within the core of the city. As Jack said, the key to driving is planning. For example, I expect to park in Robinsons and take a trike to meet the gang for beers this week. This past weekend I finally bit the bullet and took the car off the island for a mini vacation to Moalboal. The Roro was convenient, we drive an hour north to Alcoy for a day with the family and then drove maybe three hours around the island to Moalboal. On the way back we just headed directly to Liloan, saving me some energy. I still like driving but after a couple hours I am tired and it loses its charm. Now considering the buses are pretty convenient to all of the places we went I may not do the car thing if we ever made such a trip again. But it was nice to have the option. Yes you can absolutely live in the Philippines without a car or motor bike and many do. But for me the car makes life a little easier.
  5. Everyone has to do it in the way they believe is best. I certainly visited the area I was considering moving to multiple times. For some that might mean moving to the country and then deciding on the best city for them. For others it might mean deciding on a city and then coming and finding a rental. For other it might mean buying a property in advance and shipping all their stuff from their home country - that's not my fave BTW. For my wife and I we did it the way that seemed best for us based on lots of research. I guess my point was that despite my years of research, once I was here we changed our minds on several major areas. However one decides to do it, flexibility still seems important.
  6. For years the standard answer for everything from everyone was "boots on the ground" until it drove me crazy and yet now I have to say the same. Based on recommendations from our very own folks here we rented a month to month apartment so we could with "boots on the ground" decide on a house rental. Despite years of planning, several things became obvious early on; for one we didn't want to live in Dumaguete proper. We explored Valencia, Bacong and close to Sibulan and liked them all for various reasons. In the end the house we rented did not have several of the things that were on my list of requirements or near requirements. But it had a lot going for it that was not on my list. So I believe you are best off targeting a general area and then "with boots on the ground" you can get more focused.
  7. Are Filipinos Racists?

    I don't think Filipinos are more racist but I do think they are more open and almost matter of fact about their feelings. If you ask my wife what she thinks of Japanese she will say she doesn't like them; they destroyed her hometown in WW2. When I remind her that WW2 happened decades before she was born she said it doesn't matter; she knows what they did and doesn't like them. When we lived in the US she worked in a supermarket. I gently tried to warn her to be careful of what she said and to whom because the US was a much more politically correct environment than the Philippines. Somehow, and I don't know how, she managed to remain herself and still everyone loved her there. She routinely blasted her American co-workers as lazy bums - and they not only tolerated it but promoted her.
  8. This is the beauty of language but I think we're all saying the same here. The word means enough or good enough, meaning not too little and not too much; like Goldilocks says "it's just right." In the context of Western culture, which I cynically think is about excess - more than enough, sakto means it's adequate, enough, just right, good enough. Which I suppose was my original, if convoluted point; that if we can accept things that are good enough we can thrive; but many people cannot. So that 6 ounce Coke? It's enough, sakto. Robinson's Mall - again it's enough. But my observation is that many of us come from cultures in which enough is just not good enough.
  9. Wearing watches ( as a daily issue)

    Your point is well taken and as I mentioned before I dumped all my expensive watches just in case. That said, I know I could be a target for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that other timepiece many of us carry - the smartphone.
  10. Wearing watches ( as a daily issue)

    That's why the wife has pepper spray - to protect the watch.
  11. Agreed Jack. And I like both Robinson's and Hypermart. Hell I've given them plenty of my money. Combined they are adequate for my needs and more. I just want to manage expectations that neither is perfect from Western mall standards. And yes, we're getting hit with some nice rain - which for the wife means it's karaoke time!
  12. Yes, that Valencia. Actually it's a reasonably quick shot to both Robinson's and Hypermart from where I live. Neither would make it as a great mall in the West but both are sakto.
  13. Good that you clarified. You would be fine in Valencia. The waste pick up is for biodegradable and non biodegradable.
  14. Wearing watches ( as a daily issue)

    My cheap Seiko was always my travel watch because it was cheap and waterproof. I've worn it to Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, Mexico, etc. specifically because it functions well but I don't worry about losing it or getting it stolen. All that said, one of my 1st trips to the Philippines, someone I met admired the watch and gushed about it. So Jack may well be correct. But nonetheless I've never felt like a target - at least not based on the watch.
  15. According to my wife, Coke Sakto refers to the tiny cokes, because in fact it is "good enough" for one person.