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    Anything that holds my Attention, Just a Normal Guy, eager to Learn More for my Future and share with Others, where I can. I have an Interest in Brass cleaning, that I will Pursue, when I retire. My new garden will be calling me too.

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  1. Tom, you have a good day now @Jollygoodfellow
  2. Jack Peterson

    Rainy Season

    Steve sometimes it does not affect my Laziness it just gives me another reason to be so But seriously, it can be a PIA at times mainly because the Somewhat Idiot drivers still think it is all a race track not realising that one touch of the brakes and off they come or over they go (Cars that is) Should you live up a Dirt Road many get bogged down and cause further problems. Additionally, because of the way our Electric is delivered (Over head cabling) Brownouts can be more common than at other times. Other than that, it gets to be Go with the Flow (Pun intended) Then of course should it be Windy too, we get the cancellation of Planes and Ferries, YET the Motto is still "More fun in the Philippines "
  3. Jack Peterson

    Who or what to blame?

    Done At the far end of the table
  4. Jack Peterson

    Dummagette to bohol

    If it is just passengers you can now Fly to Bohol from Dumaguete
  5. Jack Peterson

    Expats in Philippines choose never to return....

    NAH! Jim can stay and Paint my Sala cos I just know that will be the next project She will tell me
  6. Jack Peterson

    Who or what to blame?

    Well as I have said before, Thank you all that replied, Armed with the knowledge that was clearly not to hand to the Workers I notice had the Subfloor came up to easily to have been any good, However I have the Job done now by the Families Tiler of over 30 years ( he has been at tiling for 50+ years) [He was not available during the Housebuild] Kevin @sonjack2847 was up Yesterday for our weekly Chat and I would think that he will attest that the Job has now been Done correctly. Time to get cleaned up now and start thinking about the next issue Once again G & G's THANK YOU ALL. ( Pity you all were not about at the time of my build in 2012)
  7. My Wonderful Lady Made my day at 5.30am this morning Over the Last few weeks I had a couple of Problems that left me very low Coupled with the Saga of the tiles and Spending a Trip Money on it I was not a particularly Happy Chappy. Anyway, Because of all this I have not been out of the gate (Except to walk the Dog) The car was left in it's carport for some 3+ weeks and with the dry Dusty weather and the mess from tile cutting and uplifting of the Concrete subFloor It was just covered in Thick Dust (It Was washed and Polished Prior to the start of the work) When I got up this Morning Azon and one of the Helpers Had Dusted it Off then Washed and Polished it. Love that Lady but now I know that we must be off out Somewhere tomorrow What I mean to say is Where would we be sometimes without these seemingly Tireless Ladies, Love em, Warts and All Jack Morning All
  8. Jack Peterson

    Who or what to blame?

    City Hardware and greatful Help Well I was somewhat amazed this morning, We are nearing the End of this Saga now but found we were 3 tiles lacking. Not only did they (CH) change 2 Broken Tiles but allowed me to purchase the 3 that were needed (Normally we have to buy a complete Box) so a result (Light) at the end of the Tunnel, a very pleased Wife I have just now but at a cost of 30.000+Peso (Some may say worth the Smile from her) Of course I know what is coming next Honey (She will say) we should repaint the Sala now as the walls are marked and The Grouting will show on the walls I guess she will mean BUT hey G & G's they are worth it EH
  9. Jack Peterson

    Choosing a place to live (expat)

    For a few Dollars more you could have 500 Sq Mtr and this; Just saying
  10. Jack Peterson

    Streaming Sites?

    Seems Scott that many are asking a similar question, here on Negros especially I tend to think the main problem is our Internet connections and the terrible Download speeds are the Problem. To be honest I have not heard many saying that they have found a satisfactory solution. I don't go in for streaming so it just what many are reporting
  11. Jack Peterson

    Lotions and Potions

    Do they ever Steve, then it comes down to "I get spots cos u stress me "
  12. Not really sure what to say here but For me, I would keep it up but then that is just me, The main problem in the Future will be renewing your PI Driving license and or opening another bank account should that need arise I mean Steve, whats $50 to a man like yourself that Holidays abroad Just my thoughts & continuity can be useful sometimes Jack Morning All
  13. Jack Peterson

    A reminder to know the law or risks

    For me, if in doubt Dont do it
  14. Jack Peterson

    Aussie killed in road crash in La Union

    The posters use of an exclamation as he did is his right to make emphasis and For me, Has absolutely no bearing on the way this forum is Run, if the Boss was annoyed then I think that he would have said so already, Techy day to-day methinks