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    Anything that holds my Attention, Just a Normal Guy, eager to Learn More for my Future and share with Others, where I can. I have an Interest in Brass cleaning, that I will Pursue, when I retire. My new garden will be calling me too.

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  1. Leeching Lime

    We had this problem in 1 Room recently, so we washed the walls with neutralizer then again eith Muriatic Acid, then Flat paint then colour, so far it has worked, Sugar soad would have done the Trick But alas, I could find none here in the PI
  2. Caring for a very Poorly Dog

    Cheers for the Words of Comfort Dave, Not quite under water here but the bridge (Spillway) to the BOI has gone and photo is the last part of the offending piece of Forest that did the Damage.;
  3. Caring for a very Poorly Dog

    Sad to say that our Lost Boy "Shadow" Passed away in the early hours of Thursday 19th Oct The Night before gave us a clue that it may happen as he refused to Drink, Eat, and take his medication. Stubborn to the End but he went Quietly and in no pain Lost and Gone forever now but will never be forgotten. Buried in one of his favorite sun spots at the back of the House it will be a constant reminder that he was a family Member not just another Dog. RIP our Friend "Shadow."
  4. Brown outs

    Tim, you need to talk to Dave "H" or Alwaysright
  5. Reliable philippine charities?

    Hi Doc Good Morning, Well I think you have to look at this in the way it is said "Charity begins at Home" so to this end I feel you must look to Philippine Businesses who do have a charitable section, just Google up any big business in that Area or national, Cebu Pacific, PAL, any of them and contact their charity page. also to help in your quest I put up the two Local/Philippines pages of those Clubs. https://rotaryphilippines.wordpress.com/about-us/ https://tpb.gov.ph/alpha-listing/lions-club-international-md-301-philippines/ Hope all this is of some help to you Jack Morning All
  6. Opinion of Filipino Men??

  7. Reliable philippine charities?

    Never assume my friend, where there is a will there will be away, presume all things can be positive if we know where to look http://graduateinstitute.ch/home/research/centresandprogrammes/globalhealth/about-us/governance/role-of-switzerland-1/directory/rotary.html https://www.lionsclubs.ch/en/multi-district-102/home.html
  8. Reliable philippine charities?

    Very sad, we saw the Mother a few days before she ( the child) Died but the information we had to hand was too little too late. Best of luck mate but as others and indeed me have said it will be a long hard road BUT did you think about Tim's Idea Worth a couple of emails or calls
  9. Reliable philippine charities?

    Doc, if this is the little girl I went to see in Silliman children's ICU for you, I am sorry that we could not do more on that day or that week as we had Norbert (Nutz2u2) so ill upstairs in the Adult ICU but I am sure what we left was at least a means for the Family to Eat for a few days. @Dr. Shiva @Nutz2U2
  10. Paul, how long is a piece of String? before I retired I had (and many more too I would guess) did the same thing But it was always the same story, Ran out of Budget. If I had to do it all again, I would do nothing until I was on Site to see just what is happening. There is no easy answer but at least your wife is a aware of the Overspending and that mate is 85 % (if not more) good for you. Your mileage may vary but in the main, to the Local, Budgets are for spending on things Today as there never seems in their minds, a Tomorrow Best of Luck my friend
  11. Do most Expats have cars?

    No mate I was never meaning that at all, it is just that over the last day or two we seem to be having a Hit on Misspelling and I did not want to appear to be the petty one on your original quote
  12. Do most Expats have cars?

    Ok, Ok, I will leave this one for another you ask?
  13. Do most Expats have cars?

    Having said all that in my last post, I would add that we are fairly Lucky in the Main, Dumaguete is not a Big City and can be walked in an Hour or so. Once Parked and you can get you Need to do in Order, needing the Car during the Visit to the City is just not necessary, Wise shopping and route planning on Foot is the way to go. My biggest peeve when shopping with "A" is her back and forth places we had no need to go back and forth for. Yeah OK, when they need a new dress, shoes, Bags then they must and they will, I just bribe tm to go with her and then text me where they will be Life can become easier if we plan
  14. Do most Expats have cars?

    I try not to go to the City at Busy times and certainly will not turn into the Drive around Brigade We tend to park up by the PNB by the Jeepney Stand (Usually plenty of Parking as the Locals don't use the area as it is Too far to walk back) 5/6 mins walk to Lee P, we shop and take it over with us to Robinsons and leave at the Customer Services, Downstairs for the Dog Food at handyman, Do what we need in the Supermarket. Leave it all at Robinsons. Do what we need to do (have a Coffee usually) Then I walk up for the car and "A" gets the lads to help her down with the bags to the Entrance and all I have to do is pull up in the Drop off Zone and Whalla, All done and let's go home. Obviously we do what else we need to (Pharmacy, haircut and things) before we do any food Shopping. I don't take the Car when we meet as not only have I had a beer, Parking will always be a problem in the City. Better I ride down with Kev (Sonjack) (by Trike) and we share the cost and all is well