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    Anything that holds my Attention, Just a Normal Guy, eager to Learn More for my Future and share with Others, where I can. I have an Interest in Brass cleaning, that I will Pursue, when I retire. My new garden will be calling me too.

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  1. Seems that there is a Need for that Phone after all, if only to be in one's own World| Yes i know it could have gone elsewhere but I thought it was too good to waste
  2. Hello! Anyone around Dapitan?

    Life is good now the A/C is fixed But unless one of the "Dumaguete gang reminds me I have a problems knowing what day it is, They say it is age but I guess you just can't fix Stupid
  3. Time and the Filipino.

    Year man, we need the Year
  4. Hello! Anyone around Dapitan?

    Seems I forgot to say Sorry it's late but it's OK, a few of us have adapted to Local Time
  5. Time and the Filipino.

    This my Friend is maybe the only way they will learn " when it hurts their pocket"
  6. Time and the Filipino.

    Of course not, the meter is running
  7. Citizenship or Not

    Good Point. Not sure we ever investigated that but then I am also not sure if Any Foreigner has attempted it that we have heard of.
  8. Time and the Filipino.

    That is a good strategy but we know how disastrous it can be in the long run
  9. This just came in; ****Over a joke, security guard shoots fellow guard dead in Dumaguete City*** http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/news/regions/647291/over-a-joke-security-guard-shoots-fellow-guard-dead-in-dumaguete-city/story/
  10. I am getting some unconfirmed reports about a Shooting in the "Metro Bank" in Dumaguete yesterday. It appears that one of the guards shot & killed his Partner over a misunderstood Joke as soon as I can get some reliable information i will Post. Jack Morning All ( sad Days EH?)
  11. E-BIKES

    They are using E-Bikes in Bacolod and District as Tricycles. They are lightweight and very slow that in some cases dangerous, As a solo machine I can see the novelty and advantages but you will not be going Far or fast on one. Our neighbour had one but the batteries let him down constantly. He said that as the battery got worn his Electric Bill skyrocketed due to Charge time of bad and/or Old batteries
  12. Time and the Filipino.

    Now I am not talking about the actual time ie; 1,2,3 o'clock i mean time to do things You see i have over the years come to believe. ( I would like to say Understand BUT) Time really is not important to pour beloveds. IT is the most valuable and costly thing we have, TIME BUT When Oh when, will they ever learn that their total misconception of it, costs us Money & they will be the First to moan about it. Budgets. I will say no more as I know this will draw some pretty good answers.
  13. So After 2+ years and much Cleaning I had to have Polaris up Today to Investigate a Problem with our A/C. It appears that when the Cleaning has been done (By the same man each time & pretty Good, Too much water and not enough Drying of the Washed Parts, This had now turned to some mildew and corrosion of wiring and a burnt out Motor vave in the outside unit. So we have decided that we will in future go to the main people for servicing & Cleaning. I am not saying our usual man is not good because he is BUT and there is always a but, He always seems in a rush and we have ended up with the product of this rushed work. So working out all the costs we can actually save a little as we now only need 3 cleans a year (Albeit dearer) instead of the 6 we have been having done at a lesser cost overall for the year. The Polaris van of course carried spares as the Cleaner did not and although he is an installer just did not have the fault finding equipment, we do live and learn and although he may or not miss our Job he quite understands or reasons for going to the main Contractor. All in all a good day so far cos I really do need the A/C in the Room
  14. Beer & Coca-Cola???

    Well I have heard of Rapid detoxing but I dread to think about it if I tried this Each to our own I guess
  15. Beer & Coca-Cola???

    Local? Sounds like a clean out job to me Jack Morning All