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    Anything that holds my Attention, Just a Normal Guy, eager to Learn More for my Future and share with Others, where I can. I have an Interest in Brass cleaning, that I will Pursue, when I retire. My new garden will be calling me too.

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  1. opening bank account as a tourist

    It depends on the bank. The manager and if his wife has upset him or her that morning
  2. After annulment can my Filipino gf remarry

    Come on Guys let's not start this in Xmas week or even
  3. Waiting for a plane

    JGF, I do believe you have been reading too many of the recent Monologue Posts
  4. Foreigners and Filipino children act

    I doubt that who ever wrote the script would not even know what that meant. They forget all the laws they make in the past that are never enforced, then create new ones and OH! let's go foreigner Bashing again As said, a very badly written section 3 especially and a law that needs some re writing, A Spanish Town Mayor once told me, if you really want to find the truth you must look to your own, In fact, last week a 50 year old (Local) in our Barangay was arrested for raping his 16+ year Old niece. NO! damn right we did not hear about it Officially But....................... Not going to sour my day even thinking about this. Jack Morning All
  5. Foreigners and Filipino children act

    So we come, we marry and take on a family (Well a lot of us do/did) we obtain our 13a and get permanent residency and then some twat says OH No! You can't take the children out, Bollocks what are these people thinking about? YES! I am angry at this
  6. Foreigners and Filipino children act

    Racist at the very Least
  7. LUV it Luv it but it's all good in the end. Even with the Google bit
  8. OH! I would, untill all places have Bio Equipment they may still need hard Copy Photos, Remember where you are coming to
  9. At my age now, I think I will settle for this one the rest is just above my head this morning
  10. Funeral Photos?( just not into this But!)

    Nah! not my turn yet or Near I hope I am still in my own box but Thanks for the thought
  11. Funeral Photos?( just not into this But!)

    No Tim it was just me trying to state the Obvious but it got lost somewhere along the way It was what (our daughters) classmates said that made me howl, as if I should not have been there [You pays you goes EH?] Jack Morning all (From a Wet and Windy Dumaguete)
  12. Don't Answer That Question!

    OK Steve, now tell the TRUTH
  13. Funeral Photos?( just not into this But!)

    Steve , Steve Steve, Love you to bits but