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    Anything that holds my Attention, Just a Normal Guy, eager to Learn More for my Future and share with Others, where I can. I have an Interest in Brass cleaning, that I will Pursue, when I retire. My new garden will be calling me too.

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  1. Whatever you do do NOT hire this guy
  2. Not if we are on Top of things & because of this Forum, most, if not all Are
  3. Do you have an Expat Medicine Kit? YEP!
  4. A little story told in Road sign pictures Line one, Top left across to right then 2nd line left to right, Repeat down to the End
  5. with this, I go to my Local Sor Sori each day for my hour away from the House and all the silly little problems of the day, I will talk to anyone. Every now and then, I can get a great guy and we have some good Conversations BUT Sad to say, it always ends up the Same, they will say I will come tomorrow because you are my Friend And you can buy more Beer, even their kids will ask for money. NOPE! As much as I like these people and at times need them, They are never going to be Friends of mine Even my Wife's friends will try it on, lend me this lend me that I know who my Friends are.
  6. As my Wife works full time I spend a lot of my Time on my own, Friends are important but I keep it to a fair Minimum on outings, over the last 7/8 years I have made many Acquaintances and some I would rather not have met, They say Real friends you can count on one Hand and here are two or 3 even 4 of my 5 better friends here. I have many more I am sure to meet yet but some join us and we get a new face once in awhile and hope they will get on the hand or start the other Hand in time, You know them all because you write to them all. Who are my friends? First it was Then it became and now it is We have had more but Photos never seem to have come of it but to those we know and have raised a Glass or two with you are on the List BTW the Shorts in the background belong to Eddie 1 who I know, will become a member of the growing Ring Soon (I hope.) He came down and had Lunch a few days after this Photo. To all our Friends in Dumaguete I for 1 am proud to know you all. It does us good to get things Off our Chests and I recommend it Jack Morning All
  7. Beer, Beer and More BEER Kev ( Sonjack) ?
  8. We are what we are
  9. You know what they say " You can take the lady out of the PI but we will never take the PI out of the Lady"
  10. I like to buy things cheap. I like to think we should buy value for Money but my wife bless her cannot resist what she thinks is a bargain For me, Not always the best here I have stopped equating to the UK now after realizing that it is what it is. I do have every now and then, a problem getting her to Understand that "Cheap" in a lot of cases can be "False Economy" Such is Life Jack Morning All ( Sitting watching "Cheap Pain Dry" in the Bedroom for the 4th time in 3 years)
  11. No dave, that is ASIA Brewery, Owned I think By San Mig but not Connected as a Brewer and Bottler
  12. Geeeze, I hope they have not lost Too much PHOTO Courtesy of Kev (Sonjack)
  13. Not as Controversial as it may sound as it is quite right, one would have to ask these people "And exactly When, did it become YOUR land Where did you get it from? OH! I see, someone else, So are we not all claiming land that was/is really belonging to others
  14. 50 centavos is 50 centavos geezer