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    Anything that holds my Attention, Just a Normal Guy, eager to Learn More for my Future and share with Others, where I can. I have an Interest in Brass cleaning, that I will Pursue, when I retire. My new garden will be calling me too.

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  1. As I stated before they can Do a PLU enter and change the price, who Loses? well does it matter, as long as it it is not US
  2. I have never had a "Flu Jab" but I hear a lot of people swear by them, Always wary now of additional medications with everything else I have to contend with However I am sure you have researched this but incase not and for those that may like to read and think about it I had this stored away; https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/qa/vaccineeffect.htm Seems it may be good for the over 50's so maybe I will heed this Topic and have a Word with my Doctor when I see her next Month
  3. On the occasions (and it does happen quite often) there is a price difference at the Till my wife will find the price checker (Electronic) if they have one and verify. If the Shelf price Pack Price label) [if it has one] is lower than the amount on the Barcode she will ask for a Supervisor. The normal answer is well that is an Old Label, (so change it) she will either have a Go to get it through on a varied PLU ( Input of the Barcode but a different Price) if we are tight for time or the issue is not that important she will just say OH! put it back on the Shelf. Only once has she done this when I have been with her shopping, leave the Whole trolley of shopping and walk away when so many articles were wrongly priced on the shelf to that at the Till. (she never takes her eyes off the till Screen) It is not easy I know to run some retails shops but to my mind, it is bad when they can't do a price check when doing the date checks and Stock Rotation (if they ever do at some places) Jack Morning All
  4. Hmmmmmm Unfortunately although I joined I was in Town all day with the car service and Shopping, my apologies, I guess I missed out?
  5. Just as a note we got 620 peso for the 10 pound Sterling at the Desk in Lee Plaza today we only had 2 Fivers so we decided to cash in. Rate was pretty good we thought
  6. So don't tell them they are about to become Defunct. I mean, would they tell you the 500 peso note they just gave you was to be withdrawn in 2 weeks. NO! They would not
  7. Ain't just about the Truth
  8. As they Do!
  9. Sorry to hear this, No one like to lose anyone especially Friends in this case. I have just lost my MIL and it is a shock still to all. In deed RIP
  10. I have to I HAVE to, there is nothing cheap about the big "A" Discounts maybe but Cheap Hmmm never and I know cos guess who pays for it?
  11. I guess it depends on how many you have, my wife is taking ours to the bank tomorrow
  12. Yeah! I got a bug like that at Home too But have to be nice to her today as I am too lazy to go to the bank and want to go for a beer. Her purse is nearer than the bank
  13. This may be your sticking point with the UK I believe Kevin(Sonjack) has already said but Spain was a Good bet but recently, they have knocked a few Back and with Brexit looming a Schengen may not help even (the UK were never Schengen) My own wife was denied entry on a Philippine Passport to the UK on Financial Grounds but Spain was relatively easy but then as this was a Schengen Visa she still could not come to the UK. Just as a smile, I have been away for so long now I often wonder if they will let me Back in
  14. Anyone, that thinks they can get one over the BI is not thinking Positive but isn't it strange how a Nitpick has made people aware of what I was saying. Whether people like Nit picking or not, it has it's place but some just have to be right, with the BI none of us will ever be right. For me done, as I just don't need one, so just carry on, we can only ever try and help and/or point things out.