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  1. I was there in April and met a chap in the coffee shop in Robinsons mall and talked a bit. He's been living long time down in Davao, but was checking out PP as possible next spot for him and his Asawa. He'd done some research and talked to others and he related that the place is still pretty far behind many others in terms of strong expat groups such as you seem be looking for. Ironically, he said the place to go is Dumaguete and highly recommended that location, and indicated that's likely where he'll be headed next. Good luck on your hunt...please let us know if you find something in PP that matched up to your search.
  2. And an apparent Soc Security "bonus" for some as well. When we hit that point in about 4 yrs, going straight into a college fund.
  3. I believe Credence Clearwater Revival sang about it...."It was down in Louisiana, just about a mile out of Texarcan, in them old cotton fields back home".... No Thanks! ....And I say that having grown up in a nice lil hill town in North Carolina. Still, If it works for him?...well more power to him, but I'll take the PI for sure.
  4. Now THAT'S What I'm talkin' 'bout ! Can't wait for My time to be My time and that of my Asawa and son.
  5. This old Corona beer commercial sums it all up best....
  6. Right behind you and Some similar thoughts or emotions as I punt and hang it up end of Sept, But I know I am going to be much happier more all-nighters to even 48 hrs of no sleep responding to operational calls, cases, etc. The Only thing I will miss, much as you hear pro athletes say, is the "locker room", but I figure time to start a New locker room with other expats and get back into diving, etc. Heck, if I could walk out Today and have the pension pay start up soonest, I would....just Tired. More importantly, knowing My Time is MINE and My family's with more time to spend traveling, doing fun stuff w/ Asawa and with our 2 yr old watching him grow, etc, And that money should never be an issue once we settle in PI, is Priceless. Now I finally get to do the things We/I wanted to truly do And never worry about I've only got 10 days to do it all, then back to the work grind, and never really being "away" from work on 24 hr call back status, the Crackberry leash, etc. That all said, I have no fear or trepidations; just wish I could get there to PI sooner, but likely Spring 2018 while we get Asawa's citizenship for US finalized. So, see you soon on that other side! Best of luck.
  7. Low T ! LOL. ...seriously though middle age spread is often directly related since the low T happens to all of us. Another thing worth checking out if want to keep it down or off is "4 Hour Body"....same guy who wrote the "4 Hour Work Week", etc...Google it as all sorts of blogs and info out there. Book title is actually more about the workout which was basically the super high intensity weight training routine by Arthur Jones (creator of Nautilus equipment) and his experiments w/ Casey Viator and the Mentzer brothers of 70s-80s bodybuilding fame, but what took off and made it best seller on it is the Diet, which is sort of low carb with lots of beans as replacement and red wine every night, But a eat & drink all you want cheat day every week. I can tell you It Works....have used it and seen others really use it longer term. Easy to drop 20 or more and keep it off, esp the trunk/belly fat.
  8. Yeah, I Really screwed up first yr my wife was in US and introduced her to Realtor by name of my Ex Wife! Yikes! Yeah, that has not been forgotten 4 yrs later! Old habits die hard.
  9. And sorry to all to sound like the "known it all" on this and the testosterone thread....I'm just repeating what the very good doctor told me in Seattle and I always pick his brain during visits. Thought worth passing on what he had to say.
  10. My Asawa ....and I at least feel somewhat comfortable there after living there 89-92 (Subic) and 20+ visits since then because of her. Think my other choice would be Thailand or Malaysia.
  11. I get mine in Seattle from a compounding pharmacy, but sound like avail in PI from above post. If doing b12, then you need to also take Folic Acid. For B12, you Really want to use B12 Methylcobalamin oral vice Cyanocobalamin (a synthetic form of B12 ) as it's the most bio available form for your body and much more absorbed. The under tongue version Reboot mentioned is best and sometimes can find liquid drops versions. And for the "Folic Acid", you want FOLATE vice. Folic Acid, as first one is natural form and the later if synthetic. Sometimes label will say Folic Acid and small print will say something like "as Folate" or look on the contents label itself. With the testosterone I mentioned in other post, Doc has me on B12 and Folic Acid injection 1x per week, and take the tabs daily on the other 6 days. Makes pretty big difference for red blood cells. I've gotten by on orals for 3 months when unable to get back to US to resupply, and if doing the injectable version, it has to be kept in Fridge (I transport in luggage with a cold pack and freezer block).
  12. Each person is different, but generally late 40's to early 50's....harder to keep weight off, especially belly fat; reduced libido or ED perhaps, moodiness (male menopause as they call it) and reduced energy. Problem used to be when getting one's T measured, normal doc's would say it's in the "normal" range and that meant "normal" for that age, but certainly not healthy or normal feeling. A good doc/clinic/endocrinologist who specializes in this area of medicine can work wonders. It's not a cure all, as still have to watch what ya eat, stay active/work out, etc, but it's a Huge plus. Still even if doc gets your level to that of a 30's yr old, don't expect to party like a "rock star" and recover like you did when younger, or to be able to "go" and knock bottom of it 4-5x in a night. Still, as Toby Keith sang, "I'm good once as I ever was" ! Also, I regularly travel w/ the meds and insulin type syringes, etc with no problem everywhere I've been. Just get a travel meds letter from Doc and put it on top of meds near top of bag since TSA, etc likely going to check it our when they see on xray. I've never been questioned since it's all prescription stuff and no different than a diabetic traveling w/ insulin meds. Find the right doc/clinic and life's a whole lot better, "I guarantee it."
  13. Just about anywhere new you go, Especially the "Third World", you are going to get sick beyond "the norm." I'm still fit, and way even more so when I landed in Iraq in 2009, when a retired DEA guy told me, "This place is going to challenge your immune system like nothing you've ever known." Well, he was right, we all got pretty sick here and there, and even more sick when bunch of us ate that "fresh" Tigris river carp with MajGen Taha over at MOI (Think Jaba the Hut being Taha!...Pretty sure they're related) , that was tank fed/kept for a few days before... oh yeah, That will work!....felt like death for 3 days. Then the fecal matter in the dust there made for plenty respiratory infection issues. After short stay/return to US, off to A'shita'stan and that was Worse. Got blasted by some debris that caused some minor leg cuts, and days later sleeping in nasty conditions, got a blood infection, which docs being brutally honest there, said if the infection reaches this point upper thigh he marked, we're gonna remove your leg. Ummmm, Okay! thanks for the encouraging words doc! Fortunately the IV drip kicked in and killed the bugger over next few days about 2 inches shy of the mark. Same respiratory infections, etc as well, that actually seemed worse that Iraq. Then got MRSA a yr or so later once back in US, which I'd never had, all likely from the beaten down immune system related to deployments. Point is, there are bugs and such in places like PI that can kill the healthiest of individuals or make you damn sick, And getting exposed and sick Does wear down your immune system over time if repeated. Death or result of some missing body parts, etc, is a real possibility as stated above about possible demise...And the need to seek Good medical care Early when sick. Then again, life's an adventure and if going to feel miserable and just monetarily "surviving" where you are, why not go for it? I Think my own system finally recovered and For me, it's worth the risk to give it a shot, but always have the plan B. ....And that pneumonia shot sounds like a solid plan!
  14. Having worked in law enforcement for 31 yrs, I can tell you that although the record is expunged, etc, it will Always be in NCIC data base for the arrest; so, bottom line, report it.