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  1. stevewool

    Seasonal illness

    Seasonal illnesses like the summer cold and hay fever do they happen in the Philippines. This last few weeks my hay fever has been bad, no sleep running nose sore throat and so on , but hopefully it should be over soon, so i was wondering are there things like this over there.
  2. I had a few spare minutes yesterday so i googled map Borocay and walked the streets and how it has changed since i went there, ok it was 9 years ago but i would not rush back there again in what i saw, there are better places to see in my eyes .
  3. stevewool

    Homesick for good Pizza

    Home lone , so its a frozen pizza plus the biggest bowl of ice cream afterwards,
  4. stevewool

    crap tv and crap food,

    Not seen any Korean soaps yet, but there is still time.
  5. stevewool

    crap tv and crap food,

    You can take the girl out of the Philippines , but you cannot take the Philippines out of the girl. Now my Emma works very hard and she keeps a great house, she looks after me very well and i dont want for anything but there is a BUT. When its her days off she does all her chores and once that is done its her time as she says, then its the crap tv program coming from America , American house wife, New York housewife, Atlanta housewife in fact there must be a every state housewife , talk about facelifts and stupid women , and then there is the smell of fish on these days , yes the smelly fish , she does look forward to her days off , i dont.
  6. stevewool

    Oh to be young again lol

    Yes plus a black eye from the wife.
  7. stevewool

    A Hounds Birthday

    Happy birthday Dave, have a drink on me.
  8. stevewool

    The Helpers

    Also could i have a Friday off once a month so i could meet up with the gang,
  9. stevewool

    The Helpers

    Jack could you wait a month or two i know two very reliable people who may fit the bill, will there be free use of a motor vehicle thrown in as well
  10. stevewool

    Oh to be young again lol

    And everyone looks like gods and goddesses with no wrinkles and the perfect pose , well except me they cannot iron out my wrinkles it seems.
  11. stevewool

    Making the move to the Philippines

    33 years, i bet you have seen so many changers in that time. I have just months left and thats down to single figures now, but we will stay in Europe for a little longer sampling Spain or even France, the wife wants to see many more places before she says " lets go".
  12. stevewool

    Making the move to the Philippines

    Wise words indeed.
  13. stevewool

    Making the move to the Philippines

    We have the house in Marikina "the family house" which if i decided could be my forever home and i can always rent long term too, but no more investments in the Philippines, so money wise i think we will be fine.
  14. stevewool

    Oh to be young again lol

    If myself and Emma are out together the phones are banned other then for a emergency and to take pictures with, talking face to face and listening is still important to me, then again we only have been married nearly 8 years " still in love stage " Ok i have tried to text her and even call her from time to time and she never responds but never ever when we are in the same room.
  15. After all the planning and the doubts and have i made the right choice you are living in the place you are calling home the Philippines . But is it what you have thought it would be and has there been things that you did not plan for , maybe the budget you thought you needed was not enough or maybe to much , have your plans changed over the time plus also are there any members here who have tried it and have moved to pastures new or back to where you came from.