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  1. Caring for a very Poorly Dog

    Sorry to read about this sad news, losing a mate is a sad time but think of all the memories he gave you.
  2. Nothing better then a good debate, but sometimes it can get so heated and even end up fighting, its good to know when to walk away..
  3. I found it hard not to look and comment when seeing this on my first trip to the Phils, and like many have said over here in the west it would be frowned upon. But now i see it as if the person can provide for his partner and child for the rest of there life , well whats it got to do with anyone else, i am still against the ones who like a bit of rolly polly and then move onto the other girl.
  4. Panglao Island/Alona Beach

    I loved being there and was so impressed I wanted to buy a little place inland, even in Bohol, but with the airport being made well my little paradise will be just another over crowded place full of foreigners
  5. Emma is off to the Philippines

    I am sure our partners will be fine and i did practice on Emma the other day about saying NO, ok it was all i was asking and the answer was no every time, so i tried to mimic the sisters voice and still the answer was a big NO, so we shall see.
  6. Life Starts Afresh as a New ExPat.

    So please for you , it was great reading this as what you have said i have all those feeling too, but i have a few more months to top up my savings. If you have the time to write more about how you are getting on it would be appreciated, good luck.
  7. Life in paradise

    Yes it can be, like i have said for now our base will be Marikina for as long as we are wanting that, but touring the islands for as long as we can until we find a place where we both may think this is the place , or the money runs out.
  8. Brown outs

    Lots of you have mentioned these and they can happen anytime it seems and anywhere too, but i have never heard Emma's father mention them at all. So do these only happen in certain places, yes i can understand a local village up in the hills suffering more then others . Marikina is where the home is so being so close to Manila does that help , be interesting to hear from people who do live near by and have you suffered from these.
  9. Life in paradise

    Thanks boys and girls , loud music no proper milk for tea of coffee, rain and more rain, dont sound like paradise really, so if i bring earplugs a umbrella or mackintosh and lots of marvel powdered milk i should be ok.
  10. Life in paradise

    Funny you say that Dave, Thats why i wear very dark glasses when i am over there.
  11. Life in paradise

    The new forest, thats where the other side of the family are living, lucky rich buggers .
  12. Life in paradise

    Have you found your paradise where ever you are calling home. Maybe paradise is the wrong word , but if you are happy well its close enough in my mind. Well my friends over there i am here in England and with the changing seasons i am thinking i am in paradise, Autumn is knocking on the door and its beautiful in the countryside . Just in case you think you may be missing out here are a few pictures for you, but i am sure give it a month or so you lot will be having the last laugh.
  13. Emma is off to the Philippines

    She knows when to shut off and not listen now , but we shall see.
  14. Emma is off to the Philippines

    You know me well jack, all bark and no bite, plus Emma knows that too.
  15. Emma is off to the Philippines

    A nice holiday back to see her dad and the rest f the family , that's where Emma is going on the 22 of this month. Asking her what she is looking forward too ,well first I think it was seeing her dad or it could have been going to jollibee for some chicken, then it was putting up the Christmas tree in the house . I did mention that it will be the first time in years she can visit her mum's grave with the rest of the family for Halloween, that did bring a smile to her face. She has meet ups with friends and the family too I just hope it all goes well for her and our bank account does not take a hammering, but she has a budget she has been warned many times already.