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  1. Barcelona

    I started this thread because of what has just happened it's as simple as that. Now I don't read up on past history much and who did this and who did that and to tell the truth I don't give a dam, I have been put on this earth to look after myself and my love ones the best I can. Will these people stop me from doing this no they will not, only the people we elected may do this if it's to get them votes. It's always the case, after the facts that they seem to know everyone involved in these atrosities and they have even watch a few maybe, but we are civilised here in the West and you are free to go about your business even if that means killing people and why is that , well they have rights too.
  2. Barcelona

    The little boy has been identified as one of those who was killed by the van.
  3. Barcelona

    Again as i said at first a terrible event that happened, and like many have said it can happen anywhere, just look at the last few days what has happened in Europe. It will not stop me going on holiday , it will not stop me from going about my business too. I just hope the government services get these people who they already know and do something about it, i am not bothered about religion or politics , i am concerned for my family first.
  4. Our wives /partners

    Retraining , your having a laugh, maybe best to do what you mentioned in another thread, just live and be happy in our retirement
  5. Our wives /partners

    You can take the Filipino out of the Philippines but you cant take the Philippines out of the Filipino , or something like that.
  6. Our wives /partners

    I am sure that many of us are older and maybe in our eyes wiser too in many things we share with our partners , well thats at first then i am sure we are surprised how quickly they match us and even take over us too. But are there things that your partner just cannot get there heads around. Take my case for instant. Emma has no business sense in any way , she just seems to go along with me in what i am saying then she will throw something in which is a "shake your head time", then i think why bother. Take this Condo thread, yes a great idea for some and if you have the funds and its all above board well why not, but trying to talk about it and the costings and so on it seems its all coming from me and i dont know anything about it all really, then those magic worlds comes from Emma, " we could let the family use it". Thats the end of my great idea for our future.
  7. There will be always two sides to a story. The house both sides of me are rented and i have had one very bad experience and that took 2 years to sort out, noise , mess and language and dont give a f---k . You report it to the company who rents the house, but the seem nice people plus we have a 6 monthly check in 2 weeks times, plus they have sent a letter to the people saying they are coming in two weeks time, and yes you know what they did, in two weeks time the house was looking great, the extra people who was staying there had moved out for that day and everyone seemed so nice. It took me ages to find the owners of that property and they had no idea about all my reports to the letting agency. After the people had left it cost the people thousands to put it all right, plus i have there direct phone numbers now for the just incase. Anyway back on the subject, if i was younger i would be following this and buying a place too.
  8. Barcelona

    Lots of answers here on what we could do or like to do too. Europe is Screwed, maybe , maybe not , but you must include the free world in this sentence. More armed police even special forces walking our streets and make sure that if anyone attempts an attack will be killed. Like i have said we was walking down the same road and the armed police walking in twos machine guns held , i felt very safe and i dont have a problem seeing this in our streets , airports or anywhere , but you do get the few who would think this is wrong. Singing songs holding hands even burning candles will not stop these evil young people killing you or i, but a bullet to there head will. Again maybe these people was known to the police ,but as a free country you cannot do anything until they strike, maybe that has to change.
  9. Bruce Forsyth dies

    A great age and a very nice person too. Lots of famous catchphrases and great shows too, Good game good game, Nice to see you to see you .... nice Higher higher, lower lower. What do points make Didnt they do well Dont forget the Cuddly toy
  10. Barcelona

    Terrible just terrible what we are seeing around Europe. We was just there a few weeks back and our hotel was right where the van was stopped, it could have been us on that street. Walking down that street you get the local works vans driving down with there lights on and they just stay behind you, you have no fear at all that they would cause you any harm . What is the answer to all this, i have no idea , many of these people are taken into the country and cared for , and this is what they give in return, is anywhere safe in this world i wonder.
  11. I thought it was, We have been to the other place and we was offered to buy too, but just like you say it was a big no no, great place to stay and great appartments too. Infact with my timeshare we could use the said place this October if we wanted.
  12. Where is this place that you have brought, or have I missed that. The figures you are quoting are good and I may have 2nd thoughts, but my biggest problem is trying to get Emma interested, "what ever" springs to mind sometimes .
  13. In 20 years time most of us may be dead, think of today and tomorrow first, t must be hard if you are trying to plan for your families future , but we just have each other and its a little cheaper that way for me.
  14. Its funny you never think of it this way until someone writes it down. We have said if the peso does reach the dizzy heights of 70 to pound we shall buy a lump sums worth , but i hve been waiting a long time .
  15. If i was younger as the saying goes plus maybe a family too, this is something that we would have gone into or bed and breakfast . But i am none of the above and i have to be careful with the cash we have have, i dont want a income coming in or not coming in, i dont want to worry about this, plus i dont want family and friends to think they could have a great holiday at my expense , who knows what we will have in a few months or so, but we are all different . Good luck to us all in what we are doing i say.