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  1. No one's mention a cup or two of tea,
  2. Like many have said our partners are our best friend's, Here in England I have one true friends b, but he has gone to Spain now, but as many day Facebook works well. I like to say I have made a few more freinds on here too.
  3. Here in England summer is here and its hot, 30 degrees and its hot Yes we should not be i the city waking and looking at the sites but we are on holiday. This got me wondering with such a difference from month to month living here we are not use to it being so hot anymore. So with the heat over there how do you cope and have you got us to it o you dont even think about the heat anymore
  4. Who's done the mile high club then, I have not ,and trying to get my gut in there and another person ,well it will never happen for me.
  5. Whats a 40- 40 club, i have heard about the 18-30 but that was a long time ago.
  6. Sorry Jack as usual i jumped in to quick its nothing to do with me being overweight and a fat git. Its all to do with my height, i have just looked at the height/weight chart and its all down to being short not fat, if i was 6foot 6 inches i would be perfect . The western man, funny teeth and a saggy belly is all we have to offer, a fat wallet helps though.
  7. Middle age spread is this a medical term or is it just a fat person. Over the last few years have seen my weight go up and come down , it comes down usually after a few weeks in the Philippines. Yesterday i noticed on a picture that was taken my belly has grown again , I exercise , i eat well yes i am a bugger for biscuits but am i wasting my time to try to stay slim and exercise or just get on with life being happy with my fat belly.
  8. This Steve did not want to know so much detail , any advice on gritty soap.
  9. Nothing better then people watching on our streets , but calling large people whales
  10. You caught me out Jack. Yes it is sometimes better to add a little pun to a thread or else there may be all out war sometimes .
  11. Like i have said its nice to think i would like this and that, but what i do is wait a week and if i am still wanting it , i may buy it, now i will say wait a month to Emma, either she has by then moved on to another item or she has brought it herself.
  12. Bloody spelling .
  13. Everyday there is a sale somewhere, and everyday i say do you really want it, and the same answer "ITS A SALE".
  14. I always try to discuss everything in the mirror first and if it sounds and looks good then i try it on the wife, sometimes it works sometimes it backfires, then i may have the tampon
  15. On my first trips over there i placed the tip on the table and Emma use to say that is too much and then would remove it and place a smaller amount, in the end i just let her leave the tip as in my eyes it was not enough. She did try to explain that leaving what i was doing , then the waitress expected others to leave the same , i understand but it was hard leaving pennies rather then pounds like here in England .