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  1. Just a thought on sa Sunday night...

    Growing old together, i think me and Emma are growing younger together.
  2. Katy is 4!

  3. What?? No Toilet Paper!??

    I was caught out once on my first trip and i told Emma i needed a toilet quick and as we was close to the national museum near Intramuros so in we went and because i knew the toilets was there i sort of calmed down a little. Anyway when the time was ready off i went into this big room with sinks, and 3 cubicals against the wall, in i went and did my business and then looked round for the loo roll , there was none, no bucket either, well nothing in my pockets so up came my shorts to knee high and i waddled into the next one no loo roll but a bucket of water, well i had to wash my for the first time rather then use paper, having never done this before other then having a bath or shower it was such a different experience, am i touching the right bit to clean i started to wonder but after a few finger touching areas i thought all was well. Then it was over to the sinks and to wash my hands , and yes there was no hot water or soap, we live and learn things some very quickly i must add.
  4. Tough decision

    You must be use to this crap weather by now.stop complaining.
  5. Tough decision

    Make your way there right away.
  6. The other half

    Not just our partners .
  7. The other half

    You could be right there Jack, she cannot understand why i am a tight git when her family has given so much to help each other out, she cannot understand why i will not live in the family home as it is ours too, she cannot understand why i will not go out with the other ladies for a meal chewing bones and fat, but she does understand that i love her dearly .
  8. Shopping and more shopping

    Well that was a waste of time, but the better side won.
  9. The other half

    My thinking too, the lady traveled half way across the world and she understands other people very well.
  10. The other half

  11. TRAIN Tax Reform

    So what is the price of fuel for a vehicle at this moment in the Philippines .
  12. Am i lucky or unlucky

    That pulled at my heart strings after reading this, i was just about to send some cash .
  13. The other half

    I am pretty good at those signs with the fingers .
  14. The other half

    How many of you have moved to the Philippines to be with your partner in there home town or have you and your partner moved lock stock and barrel to another part of the Philippines and how have you both managed to be with out her family being so close and does she mind too. Now myself i can start a conversion with a stray dog if i had too, and yes its better to talk to someone and maybe listen the odd times too but what about your partner, can they start finding new friends and someone to talk too if they are not from that province . Emma has mentioned about different dialects in different places that do not seem to far from where she would call home, and she says she does not speak that language but they all can seem to speak some sort of English , I have noticed when here in England and we are at a party with other Filipinos they all seem to be talking and getting on very very well, and Emma will say she is from another part of the Phils and they speak another dialect, then again someone from Liverpool ,Birmingham and Newcastle i cannot understand and thats just up the road, so she may have a point.