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  1. I have never seen one of those for the past few years, but i am told Emma has seen many.
  2. Stocks and shares i have a few, but its been there for over 8 years, it goes up it comes down and thats it. My biggest investment for the future is my savings , yes many say it does not make anything compared to stocks, yes you are right but it does not loose like stocks can either, its safe money for the just incase, and that is why i keep on putting it away in the safe bank too. Next is rental from my house, now that is going to be fixed and for so long too, its going to a member of my own family so its as safe as i can make it. I dont intent to work after i say thats it , so i must have enough cash to last me till i can get my state pension which after my saying goodbye to work day i shall have another 6 years to go to get that pension. I am on target for what i am wanting and i am hoping it should all work out too, there are worries but they are all what ifs , i cannot change what ifs but doing what i am doing now i can to prepare for those. I am not as rich as many of some folks on here and it seems i dont want what many folks on here have too, but i just want to be happy and safe and less worries and stress. Working all my life and having very little in cash terms because of my earnings and having a young family at a young age , being married twice before and loosing out to the system, its taken a long time for me to get back to where i am in control and rather rich in my eyes, its very hard to loose that income i have coming in, to having to live on savings and rental, it will be done once i know i am ready and i mean i am really ready.
  3. Well said that man.
  4. Dont need that to get that wet dream Jake, i just wear dark sunglasses so the wife cant see me looking at every sexy lady that is there wearing that skimpy swimwear. Remember boys this is only between you and me . The last time i was on a beach was at Matabungkay and i was alone taking pictures and the young ladies that came up to me asking to take there pictures, but by the time i got back to our place somehow the pictures was deleted. Nice lens by the way
  5. Thanks boys , as always its good to listen to what others may have been through , as i sometimes open my mouth before my brain engages
  6. After just a few years of being married to my beautiful wife plus the family too i have come to the conclusion that i must say what is on my mind whether this hurts a few people or not, but if i dont say it , it hurts me . So after all this time there has been some ups and downs concerning a few members of my new family, may i just add this that with my own brothers and sisters i tell them the same but we all seem to get on with each other still. Anyway back to the new family, many may know about what i have wrote these past few years and some of the problems that has come our way. I am still not on good talking terms with some members of the family because of what they thought they could do to me and what they have done to my wife, but my wife forgets these things and just moves on, i cant because they treated me as a fool and someone who will be there to bail the family out rather then themselves, and what names they called my wife, then they thought it was good to not speak to her for 8 months, that is why i dont speak to these members. Should i let bygones be bygones and move on and try to stay one step ahead of these folk, i know i may have to do this for the sake of my wife, or do i just ignore the people who have done this. Emma is wanting to go to a family reunion as all the members will be there soon, but i have had nothing to do with these people. It feels so hard having to see these people who have done me wrong but again Emma just smiles and say they are family. I dont want to say lets bury the hatchet , because it might be i my head that it goes.
  7. You have said what many are after in the last few words , A SIMPLER LIFE , is this what we are all after.
  8. You are right on so many things but sometimes people dont like buying cheap, they like to buy a name .
  9. Was we borne from the same womb do you think.
  10. A very good reason too, The younger you can make the move the better, but thats no guarantee you will stay well, so you must make sure you will be able to take care from your own finances. Or you dont make the move .
  11. Emergencies , holidays, maintenance on the house and any other things that may pop up will be from the other pot i keep on mentioning , the savings pot. In this pot will be enough for the big house, the new car , the flights back to England each year but hang about i dont need those , plus what about the credit card for the just incase too. We are all different in what we are wanting and what we need, but some can be living good on little and some need everything what they have already from the west. Me , well who knows until i get there, thats why i am saving very hard to try to make sure we will be fine.
  12. I have not left England yet , so really i am not a expat , but i do feel like a expat living in England these days
  13. I can very easy too, infact a lot less then that i may add, and that is myself and my wife and looking after 2 others. But i must add i have a large cash amount for the just incase plus we dont pay rent . I must add i am not living there yet but i have a budget for the future and how do i know all this, my wife says we can live well on that amount. My future pension may be something like that amount, but it is what you can save for that rainy day before you make the move to where you think you would like to be.
  14. The dreaded CSA, a brilliant idea but was ran the wrong way, EASY TARGETS thats all it went for. I was one of the first few who was on there books even though me and the ex had a agreement what i was paying for my three children but they wanted more.they wanted me to pay for the ex too, so she could be taken of welfare, it was called parent with care. I have so many stories to tell about the CSA, and before anyone gets on there high horse i was paying for the kids from the day they was born and are still paying now they are in there 30s and 20s. nothing changers does it.
  15. Well i am not as rich as many and i have a budget too, but the most important thing for me when i paid to build the house we have over there was that if anything ever happened , i could walk away and start again, just a thought. I have the plans and the pictures and the costing too, cheap skate Steve's building on a budget and sticking to it.