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  1. yes and I didn t want others to think I was taking credit for there quote
  2. mogo51 I wish I had said that quote but alas I didn t I tried to find who did but failed, I just didn t want to take credit for something someone else quoted. I meesed up on the quote system yesterday.
  3. you nail it
  4. its been 48 yrs ago I guess I d get lost now for sure. would like to go back for visit just haven t done it yet. some good and some bad memories there. was I corp area
  5. sorry guys sure don t know how system work. but dave I like your edit thought it was a good touch, would tlike to do that to if on selling end.
  6. yes there are good ones out there. mine just wanted someone to love her, was wondering why she did have any boys interest I think she scared them off because she a no nonsense type of gall very hard work is a demanding job, I told her you have to put yourself out there to be found the you got to slow down so they can catch up with you. she is a loving woman who thinks I m great. takes great care of me. no complaints from me and I not a prize catch financially . but I take care of her also. shes protective of me when it comes her family , I don t get money draining request from them.she used her accumulated money from when she left her job to set things up to help her family and uses her money for their needs. and she is a beautiful woman can t under stand why she was still unwed , but am glad I not in greatest shape, gave her two chances to back out but she wouldn t have it. said she kill any woman that tried to take me.
  7. also it makes them eligible to apply for some civil service jobs
  8. my asawa s cousin just reapplied for her dual citizenship and passport. she did have to surrender her original phil passport the day she took her oath. she also registered her son birth to embassy so they could apply if they wanted to for a dual citizenship, I was there when she did it.
  9. thanks everyone glad to see things are sailing along. we re coming back for a month or two to visit family and friends, going to family home in consolation. hoping to go to camotes island, and Medellin . my asawa is the greatest she is a pleasure to live with, going to try to spend more time on forum.
  10. thank you on my way appreciate the info
  11. I need to know how long I can get visa for, and about visa for husband coming in with wife
  12. I was a truck driverand team drove because of a mechanic problem we were late for our delivery in riverside California, we d just got checked into a room at best western I called wife and she said turn on tv, turned it on and was watching second plane hit. for me as with all combat veterans it was a kick in the teeth. it still is, for kennedy I was in 4th grade class in Oregon,il teachers were called into office they came back crying.
  13. I sure remember the holy socks jack the tops fell down ankles and wadded up in shoes jack