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  1. lonewolf

    will be arriving

    will arrive may 21 10 30 or there about will be staying consolacion at inlaws good people.
  2. lonewolf

    I've fallen and I can't get up!

    thanks jack
  3. lonewolf

    Rabies and seizures

    good luck hope all turns outwell
  4. lonewolf

    I've fallen and I can't get up!

    no its not crazy. that's how I found my ana.
  5. lonewolf

    Core Pacific $ Changer New Rules

    making you pay to copy bills is more on their profit margin
  6. lonewolf

    My 4 Moods .....

    I think you guys just have a shitty outlook on life. he he
  7. lonewolf


    I almost couldn t stop laughing
  8. lonewolf

    Looks like yours

    that's like thinking she said stand up when she really said shut up. same results
  9. lonewolf

    My 4 Moods .....

    and it don t mean shit
  10. lonewolf


    to absent comrades all those who fought for freedom!
  11. lonewolf

    To jab or not to jab

    I never had the flu until I had the shot.
  12. lonewolf

    Renting a house in Cebu City

    yes and I didn t want others to think I was taking credit for there quote
  13. lonewolf

    Renting a house in Cebu City

    mogo51 I wish I had said that quote but alas I didn t I tried to find who did but failed, I just didn t want to take credit for something someone else quoted. I meesed up on the quote system yesterday.
  14. lonewolf


    you nail it
  15. lonewolf

    A trip to HCMC Vietnam

    its been 48 yrs ago I guess I d get lost now for sure. would like to go back for visit just haven t done it yet. some good and some bad memories there. was I corp area