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  1. Thanks for the cab info. We'll give them a try in May. Did you ever try Uber while in Metro Manila?
  2. Happy Birthday, Queenie!!!
  3. She does the planning and the contingency planning, which we discuss at length. Same page, and all that. Makes for fewer arguments when we share the same goals and keep those in sight. Personal freedoms are available to both of us, but never abused. That's because we truly do prefer each other's company and really are the best of friends. So, who calls the shots? I would say that most of the time, she does. She does it well, so no qualms from me.
  4. Kuya is generally a term used to refer to an older male. Some might use it loosely to refer to someone of a higher rank (in which case "sir" would be more suitable), but as a rule, be careful not to use Kuya with someone younger, lest he take offense. I think "Ading" is more Ilocano than Tagalog.
  5. I am "homesick" for the buffets in Manila. We will be there in the Philippines in November, with the last 5 days spent in Manila. We will bypass our regular buffets (Vikings, Buffet 101 and Dad's), and try Spiral (in Sofitel Hotel, with an incredible cheese room) and Alba (Spanish buffet). Yes, I am a Canadian whose home is in Toronto, but I think of the Philippines as home as well.
  6. When we were in Manila last year, I saw that uber choppers were to be available some time soon.
  7. You would never say that about my wife. There is a 100-item food and drink challenge out there, and she's had all but 5: squirrel meat, snake meat, dandelion wine, umeboshi (a kind of Japanese plum), and phaal (the hottest Indian curry). She has a fair idea of where to get the first 4, but the 5th one just eludes her. She's phoned Indian restaurants all over Toronto, and the folks she has spoken with have never even heard of phaal. The only restaurant she has found that does serve it is in New York. The umeboshi, she may have already had, but she's not sure.
  8. Great attitude! Just reading about your ordeal got me all worked up! I hope that when it's my turn to go through hoops like that, I will be just as gracious.
  9. Traditional Chinese lauriats are still done that way, if the hosting family is Chinese (which we are not). We know to expect it, but we still grumble in silence. Be it in the Philippines or here in Toronto, each time we arrange for a lauriat, we always ask for the rice to be served after the soup, along with 2 entrees. The noodles can be served two courses after that. By the time we get to the 8th course, we usually need to ask them to bring out more rice, to eat with the courses still to follow.
  10. I am married to someone who never leaves home without hand sanitizers and wet naps. Anytime she touches anything that is borderline questionable, out come the wipes or the squeeze bottle. She carries some tissue too, but that's more my department.
  11. I was thinking along the same lines. Meals cooked at home are served hot, when only a few dishes are served. For parties where eight or more dishes are served, it gets tricky, unless each dish is served in its own heated chafing dish. Chafing dishes cause a different issue - food must be periodically stirred, or else the food at the bottom gets crusty.
  12. I heard a new term to describe irresponsible journalists. It's a play on the word "press" - or, "prestitutes".
  13. Ylang-ylang is similar. The scent is activated at around 5:30 pm, and is gone the following morning. Perhaps because it is not as heavily aromatic as dama de noche, it does not set off my wife's allergies. That, or it could be that the blossoms are so high up that all we are getting is a diffused aroma. Stranger still is that the ylang-ylang, which I have seen and smelt in sampaguita leis, retains its aroma in the daytime when plucked. Don't know why we are not able to smell it on the tree in the daytime.
  14. My first encounter with Dama de Noche was at a resort in the Dominican Republic. It has a very heady smell that my wife is allergic to! So very strange that in the daytime, she'll pass the trees without changing her pace, but will just hold her breath and practically run down the corridor at night. Actually, her reaction is not too severe, just a lot of sneezing and almost instant puffy eyes.
  15. Thanks for that info. I am sure it has presence in cities as well, but perhaps not to the extent of its representation in rural areas. I guess it's because there are more recreational pursuits to be had in cities.