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  1. All you can eat buffet.

    This thread has been educational. Thank you.
  2. Help

    Try a different browser. I've had problems with attachments in emails and a different browser was the solution.
  3. Seriously, that is the best idea I've seen in quite a while.
  4. deportation of foreigners

    I often wonder why the PNP are so seldom seen. The phrase "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" comes to mind.
  5. Naysayers...can't stand them.

    A Filipino living here in the US was telling us how dangerous the Phils is. I told him to get a $100,000 life insurance policy on us and pay us $1,000 every year we survive. That shut him up.
  6. Not sure about that. fred lives less than 15 minutes away and put 3 kids through school locally. If you PM him I'm sure he would be happy to answer. The Little Woman decided P14.5 million will be our asking price, not P15 million as stated in the OP. As promised, a photo of the solar water heater-
  7. Here's why I can say it's a safe area. A Danish gent and his Filipina wife have a restaurant, bar and resort 500 meters up the road. (It's The Ice Bear, which hosts a gathering of expats every Sunday afternoon.) He told me that in the 16 years they have been there, no crime happened. An old lady who lives nearby told us she has been there 40 years and there's never been a burglary in that neighborhood during that time. Did you notice the lack of bars on the windows? They aren't needed. Only about half of the expat houses in the area have them.
  8. We've been there just a few months since it was completed less than 18 months ago. Yes, selling it furnished. We've always had someone staying there to keep an eye on things. The kitchen and the roof insulation. Of course there is also a dirty kitchen as well as a really dirty kitchen, which is in a bahay kubo just outside the dirty kitchen. I'll post a photo of the solar water heater soon.
  9. It has earthquake-resistant solid concrete walls with steel rebar, NOT hollow blocks. The roof is insulated, which helps keep heat and noise out. Absolutely the best location in Bohol. We want to sell because it is too large for us. We like the location so much that we want to keep the adjacent 500SQM to build a smaller house on. This property will NEVER be affected by flooding or drainage problems. It is in an exceptionally safe and unusually quiet area. It is semi-rural but only 10 minutes from indoor malls, hospitals and the nearest public beach. It is 155 feet (50 meters) above sea level so it will never be affected by a tsunami. The local government (the municipality of Dauis) is remarkably free of corruption. It has received "Good Housekeeping" awards for its transparent accounting practices. Clean title and generous right-of-way. Mango, jackfruit, dwarf coconut and passionfruit trees! Asking P15 million. UPDATE, now 14.5 million
  10. Foreigners murdered in Philippines

    This website has the Phils at 6.4/100k and the US at 5/100k. Not what I'd call a large difference.
  11. Foreigners murdered in Philippines

    What bothers me most about the "murdered foreigners in the Philippines" situation is that none of the murderers ever seem to be brought to justice. I've read several online PI news sources every day for several years and I've seen nothing about any murderers of foreigners being tried and convicted. I recall only one arrest- a security guard at a dive shop on Malapascua was arrested for killing his employer. I never saw any news of a trial. My wife's relatives in the PI police say trials and convictions happen but they don't appear in the news. I'm skeptical.
  12. Maybe you can go to TripAdvisor and shit on them.
  13. Happy new year !

    A A vintage Christmas card from Norway. It seems more appropriate for New Year's Eve.
  14. Cleanliness of restaurant staff.

    The Purple Helmet Warrior spends 95% of the time safely tucked away. Hands touch a wide variety of not-so-clean things. Draw your own conclusions.
  15. Cleanliness of restaurant staff.

    Last trip the wife ate at a roadside place that had chickens wandering freely. I just sat there. She's lucky she didn't get sick.