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  1. Figuring out Siargao

    Someone said "DO YOUR HOMEWORK." Better advice was never given. Research all the ways employees, landlords and everyone else can steal from you.
  2. Panglao Island/Alona Beach

    Daytime driving is pleasant on Panglao. I'd avoid night-time driving except in cases of extreme need. Lots of drunk drivers, idiots and motorcycles without lights make it quite dangerous.
  3. Panglao Island/Alona Beach

    It It's not on AirBnB yet. I'll get current pictures when I'm there in February. I can tell you it's at a great central location convenient for exploring Panglao and Bohol. A friend of my sister-in-law, a Catholic priest on sabbatical, is there as a manager. I've found fans to be sufficient so only the master bedroom and one of the smaller bedrooms are air-conditioned. There's a nice restaurant and place to rent motorcycles 500m up the road.
  4. Panglao Island/Alona Beach

    Yes, there are pictures of the place while it was under construction in the building renting & buying section. It's got landscaping now. I'll be there in February to supervise final preparations for renting. I hope to get a generator then.
  5. Another Newbie Introductuion

    Welcome Ronfer! If you look around here you will see it is almost universally considered to be a good idea to live at least an hour's journey from your wife's family.
  6. Panglao Island/Alona Beach

    OnMyWay- how many people? We are getting our 3 bedroom place ready to rent on AirBnB.
  7. JGF is right about the dangers of over-prescribing antibiotics. Why do you thing antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea has been popping up in the Philippines?
  8. Big Head

    Keep in mind that it's the same with motorcycle helmets. If you need a large one, bring your own.
  9. I once had a phone which went through the laundry. I baked it at 140F for 12 hours and it worked again.
  10. Historical WWII Landmarks

    At the museum there is a photo of some of the Japanese who were involved, at their war crimes trial.
  11. Historical WWII Landmarks

    In Puerto Princesa, Palawan, there is an atrocity site and memorial where a bunch of US POWs were murdered and a WW2 museum which has some very interesting exhibits. I was once at the site of MacArthur's return. on Leyte. Can't recommend it.
  12. For a run-of-the-mill user Avast would be adequate. But for an international man of mystery such as myself, not so much.
  13. Avast proved to be insufficient by itself, in my case. Avast combined with Malwarebytes has been doing a proper job.
  14. How long did you wear sunscreen?

    I had a similar experience.
  15. Chairty is it really Good?

    Sell a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man how to fish, you ruin a wonderful business opportunity.