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  1. Guy F.

    Bohol mayor killed

    That should be "just say no to cock BLOCKERS."
  2. Guy F.

    Survival Skills in The Philippines

    Carry a book or electronic bookreader around with you to help kill time while waiting in line.
  3. Guy F.

    Boracay closure

    That line of thinking occurred to me as well. Then I read someplace that they have already purchased the land, 23 hectares of it.
  4. Guy F.

    Long Flights

    Melatonin works but doesn't wear off quickly enough. I still feel 'off' 12 hours later.
  5. Guy F.

    Long Flights

    The secret to dealing with jet lag is Ambien. Ask your doctor for a prescription. Taking a couple during a long flight will make it bearable.
  6. Guy F.

    The right fit

    Ukay-Ukay stores are OK-OK. The first time my wife saw me shopping at one she had to Facebook with a photo because her family would not otherwise believe it. The stores which have their stock at least partially organized are worthwhile. The ones where you have to dig thru piles are not worthwhile, imho.
  7. Guy F.

    The right fit

    It's too hot & humid for long pants. I would never bring a suit- not even to get married or buried in. Invest in a Barong Tagalog. THAT is the regulation formal wear in the Philippines. Formal occasions will hopefully be air conditioned, so nice slacks are indicated.
  8. Guy F.

    The right fit

    Don't know if you need to be told, but forget about "aloha" shirts. They are the equivalent of painting a target on your back.
  9. Guy F.

    The right fit

  10. Guy F.

    All you can eat buffet.

    This thread has been educational. Thank you.
  11. Guy F.


    Try a different browser. I've had problems with attachments in emails and a different browser was the solution.
  12. Seriously, that is the best idea I've seen in quite a while.
  13. Guy F.

    deportation of foreigners

    I often wonder why the PNP are so seldom seen. The phrase "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" comes to mind.
  14. Guy F.

    Naysayers...can't stand them.

    A Filipino living here in the US was telling us how dangerous the Phils is. I told him to get a $100,000 life insurance policy on us and pay us $1,000 every year we survive. That shut him up.