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  1. Angel1403

    Which TV?

    Thanks for the info......
  2. Angel1403

    Which TV?

    Thanks for the info.....when we were in Manila in June we noticed some content on Netflix their that we dont get here lol......3 seasons line of duty available their......only 2 here..... Cheers Allan
  3. Angel1403

    Which TV?

    Thanks for the reply.........That's great we will organise that once we are their. I assume I can just pay a little extra a month on Netflix to get the 4k content, same as in UK. I guess Sky or other cable companies will introduce 4k content soon.....if not already hehe We might end up using asound bar too, as I cant imagine connecting up my Denon av receiver unless I can hide the cables hehe Cheers Allan
  4. Angel1403

    Which TV?

    Is there 4k cable in Manila yet? I think its just HD on Sky.......4k is great for sure hehe...looks great on Netflix.....Oh I wonder if you get 4k Netflix in Philippines? Cheers
  5. Angel1403

    Which TV?

    If your planning to keep the tv a long time I would go either Sony, Samsung or Panasonic.... My 2 last "smart" tvs were Sony.....55in, current is 65in....great picture and Netflix etc work well. We noted during our time in Manila that there are good discounts for cash payments.... Cheers Allan
  6. Angel1403

    Living costs in makati

    Hi Ann, Did you make the move? I'm just curious if you did how you are enjoying life in Manila? Cheers .
  7. Angel1403

    Moving to Manila July 2018

    Hi Thanks for the info. Yes I guess I will now go the 13a route after I have been in Manila for a few months. Really useful info . We will be in Manila also.....We had considered renting at Grass Residents in QC, but I think we may go to Eastwood City. However, its not set as yet. We will be in a few areas during this years vacation, checking out each location. Any tips you have I would appreciate if you have time to message me hehe I'm sure we could learn from your recent experiences. Cheers
  8. Angel1403

    Moving to Manila July 2018

    Great, thank you. Yes i think we would make it a short holiday, a few days. Cheers ?
  9. Angel1403

    Moving to Manila July 2018

    Thanks for the info. I think I get it, as in the Balikbayan privilege is only valid for a year.....on receipt of that my options are then.... 1) leave with wife before the first 12 months is up, fly to Singapore or similar for a few days and then return and my wife then requests Balikbayan privilege for me again for another 12 months, or 2) before the first 12 month Balikbayan privilege expires move onto tourist visa for maximum of 36 months in total, including the 12 months of Balikbayan privilege. Then before the end of 36 month period leave Philippines with wife visit Singapore or similar close by country for a few days and then return to Philippines with wife and she request Balikbayan privilege for me again. Is that correct? Thanks for all information ?
  10. Angel1403

    Moving to Manila July 2018

    Ah ok thanks for the info.....good advice re vary the date.....and I will consider the extension route up to 36 month before flying out of Country then back in for Balikbayan privilege. However I would hope most immigration officers would be happy/willing to grant the Balikbayan privilege. Cheers ?
  11. Angel1403

    Moving to Manila July 2018

    Ah ok so as Robert K said.....the 1 year Balikbayan is less "hassle" as in no reporting to BI every few months. Thanks for info
  12. Angel1403

    Moving to Manila July 2018

    Great information here....thank you everyone, very useful. I think we will go the Balikbayan route meantime. From reading the posts it would appear that our Balikbayan options are :- 1) stay up to a year, fly out of country with wife and return a day or so later and start the Balikbayan process again, or 2) stay up to a year then extend the max up to 36 months, leave country with wife before 36 months and return and start Balikbayan process again? I'm assuming option 1 is less complicated as no 9a Visa to process? Cheers ?
  13. Angel1403

    Moving to Manila July 2018

    Thank you for all the great advice. Now I understand why many people choose the Balikbayan privilege route. Cheers
  14. Angel1403

    Moving to Manila July 2018

    Thanks everyone for the advice......very useful for sure. My initial plan was to go the Balikbayan route, then 6 months later while in Manila apply for the 13a. I don't like medical tests lol hence my question re medical tests when done in Country. I am sure UK passport holders were exempt according to this OPERATIONS ORDER NO. SBM-2014-059-A SUBMISSION OF BUREAU OF QUARANTINE (BOQ) MEDICAL CLEARANCE FOR VISA APPLICATIONS OF CERTAIN FOREIGN NATIONALS Maybe I am wrong lol......If so I will reconsider my options hehe. How about decent medical insurance....any suggestions? Thank you all very much .
  15. Angel1403

    Moving to Manila July 2018

    Hi folks, Thanks for the info. Yes my wife is Filipino, sorry I forgot to mention that. I am thinking of going the Balikbayan route on arrival and then processing the 13a in Manila. Dave, why is it a pain to process where you are? That's annoying ........ I'm not sure it's immediately permanent now if processed in London Philippines embassy, and also they ask for x rays etc? Thanks again for any advice. Cheers Allan