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  1. Old55

    American arrested for drugs in Dumaguete

    I agree Kev. A number opiate addicts got addicted taking prescription medication. Some people get addicted very quickly from what I have read.
  2. Old55

    Best domestic beer Philippines

    Well sounds like we have a starting place.
  3. Old55

    Best domestic beer Philippines

    I could just see myself stumbling down those stairs at night. Hope it makes it. Will look for that place later this year.
  4. I drink a little beer sometimes...... It's nearly summertime! San Miguel Premium All-Malt beer is a great local beer. Are there any new ones on the market worth testing?
  5. I'm sure Jack or some of the others may have more useful things to add. Critical thinking skills are not taught in fact it's frowned on. My wife says grades do matter but some cases a parent or helper will do all the homework and help out in class.
  6. Old55

    American arrested for drugs in Dumaguete

    I hope he could get some help to quit using. Off topic rant; In the city of Seattle open dealing and possession of small quantities of narcotics is acceptable. In fact police are instructed not to issue citations and if they do will may face disciplinary charges. The city will soon open a free injection center. A trained health professional will assist intravenous users. Like Oldutot pointed out the city is overran with drug users from all over the US, Canada and Mexico. Cheap drugs free food and a hard leftist government who spent 60+ million tax dollars on "the homeless problem". 2018 spending may go over 120 million. One communist city counsel member wants to assess a head tax on large businesses in King county to help "share" because of their "inequality". Punish working people who pay taxes and destroy their jobs.
  7. Decent university in Philippines or Europe? My wife said generally it would be best to change from one school to another during summer break. Things are a bit different in Filipino schools she said and not like here. She thinks our public schools are better but lack discipline. There are some darn good schools in Philippines.
  8. Old55

    Illusion or not

    Only if you have an angle.
  9. Old55

    Illusion or not

    Perspective view. The right side of the building looks to be 90 degrees vertical to the horizon. The left side is a slightly open angle from the ground up along the left wall. What's interesting are the other features on the building and buildings in the foreground that makes it hard to reference. That and the shadow on the building behind it causes me to be unsure exactly what.
  10. Congratulations on your marriage. Dual citizenship is not possible for you but in many cases a Filiina can become a dual citizen. Not sure how laws are in Russia.
  11. Old55

    Changes at NAIA

    Four passenger terminals on one runway?
  12. Old55


    Sadly in many cases a "street musician" is most often loud and annoying and is basically extorting money from others to go away. As in your example a few musicians with real talent showcase in a polite respectable manner. In those cases I have been pleased to contribute. Most filipino are kind and giving but are unwilling to be conned by the players. It is illegal to give money to beggars also can be dangerous.
  13. Welcome! Please post each of your questions into their own topic. Asking many questions at one time is a bit overwhelming and difficult to get answers.
  14. Old55

    Lets get to know.

    We have single members. It’s true that this forum isn’t a dating site.
  15. Old55

    Lets get to know.

    Hi Jean, Welcome to the forum. Just so you know there was nothing wrong with your introduction but as others have stated this is an information sharing forum so we would be pleased to have you join us here.