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  1. Road trips around Philippines

    I suggest you take the LST from Hagnaya Cebu to Santa Fe Bantayan and drive around Bantayan love that place. Roads to Hagnaya from your location are good as are the roads on Bantayan.
  2. Actually this lifestyle would have been kinda epic when I was a much younger man. Pointing the finger at another culture for "making us this way" is like a "Get Out Of Jail" card the perfect crime.
  3. I'm sure Jack was attempting humor and utterly failing. Normally I'm the one posting then everyone goes "What the heck!?"
  4. World to end this month. Drink up

    Well I guess we can say this prediction came true. For Steve, after calling his wife "fat".
  5. 20 years ago

    We all have much to be thankful of.
  6. Is propane completely compatible with compressed natural gas? 🔥 I would be cautious and use an approved adapter. Gas leakage is hazardous. 💥 Ask my poor wife she knows! 💩☠️
  7. 20 years ago

    Last week was the twentieth anniversary of my devorce, totally forgot until now. My wife has made our lives so loving and good today there is simply no comparison to the past. I take it forganted sometimes. Just had to share a happy thought this Friday morning..
  8. I'm curious how many hours your Filipino or Filipina partner typically gets. How many hours will they sleep if they have opportunity? Is it true the real reason Filipinos marry Foreigners is it typically allows them more sleep?
  9. Several homes in my folks subdivision have dogs kept in cages just large enough for them to turn around in. I find that inhumane in the extreme. It's difficult to understand how humans can be so thoughtless.
  10. blacklisted

    Hi Rosemarie Welcome to the forum. In order to answer your questions we need more information. Is your friend an Iraq citizen who attempted to enter Philippines but was turned away?
  11. This is very true from what I've been told. In general women look for a reliable man who is willing and able to support a family and men are looking forward to sex.
  12. Queenie are those three pets called Askal (spelling?) dogs? My family had a German Shepherd but he passed some time ago, infected with heart worms. I would take him for long walks on lead halarious the reactions the locals would run away jeepnees stop passengers looking mouth agape so on. The children nearby knew Insept and would pet him or hold my hand and walk with us for awhile. Good memories.
  13. Please don't advertise your location it's unimportant to your initial question. In metro Cebu City some Korean Japanese and Chinese Expatriates sell prepared food from tables in a small mall. Very popular they have an arrangement to sell Sunday mornings. Perhaps this could work for you too. This forum has strict rules in regards to advertising. Please read the rules. Contact JGF in this regard.
  14. Filipina trouble ahh help

    Clearly you don't come first in this "relationship" if you're happy what ever keyboarded warriors say is unimportant. If on the other hand you consider it a serious relationship you're going to be hurt. My opinion.
  15. Character actor dies

    Repo Man. Thanks now I know what to Netflix tonight. Great movie.