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  1. Is it a domestic product?
  2. Foreigner convicted.

    If he and his wife used underage children as changed a Filipino jail is much too good for for them!
  3. Billy Graham dies

    Well said John. Truly a great man.
  4. Caring for a very Poorly Dog

    Sorry to hear if another loss so soon Jack.😥
  5. Good Morning

    Welcome to the forum glad to have you here with us.
  6. What is 'Available' here

    Jerry, Red Mill brand organic products a commonly found at upscale supermarkets in Cebu City. I saw corn meal and corn flower as well as my oatmeal there.
  7. Is this Normal

    It depends on the lady and her family no clear answer. Certainly don’t think it’s unusual though. Good luck.
  8. We test drove a new car recently featuring lane departure and collision avoidance technology. Curious how that would react in typical Filipino traffic? What other technology not exactly suitable in Philippines 🇵🇭?
  9. Game Time: Open General

    Thanks Allan. So it will play nicely with windows 10 or Mac? I’ll take another look.
  10. Drafting/Drawing Board

    I respect your dedication to craft. I’m old enough to remember all our prints and drawing were handmade. I’ll make a quick orthographic sketch at work once in awhile and the youngsters will think it’s some kinda magic trick.
  11. Hi everyone -

    Welcome Doug!
  12. Postal Service

    Suspect ulterior motivates as well.
  13. BBQ Smoker wanted

    OLX google = Philippines #1 buy and sell website
  14. Game Time: Open General

    I played that game years ago one of the very few PC games I ever got involved with.
  15. Jack Peterson you cheap skate! Every princess should have her own car! Didn’t you know that?