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  1. Green Card? Traveling with her American husband then should not be a problem
  2. I agree with Queenie. Both those hospitals generally have more knowledgeable doctors. I would think they would better providing that care or know who can.
  3. Dual citizenship I would bet. It's how we do it
  4. Interesting, do you plan to visit any other country someday or simply remain in Philippines?
  5. My gosh those are lovely, amazing craftsmanship!
  6. I agree with Steve! Go for it.
  7. That mask was not designed to dive under water only for surface use with a flotation device. It's useful in that the user may prattle along the surface while keep their face looking down
  8. I visited Cebu City after being away two years the changes were amazing numerous new large buildings many more new cars on the roads.
  9. For those Expats who have returned to their home country for a visit what changes have you most noticed?
  10. What a train wreck. Not that I don't have room for improvement.
  11. Wait a week or two.......
  12. Sorry I wasn't very clear. ( I'm known for that!) It's fine to ask questions here that is what the Forum is all about. You don't do anything wrong. In Jamie's first message he stated that he's willing to work with folks one on one. I was suggesting you could contact him in that regard.
  13. Sadly the world is a dangerous place, also beware of speeding busses taking those to celibate Holy Week! edit; Celebrate, not celibate what ever 🤷🏽‍♀️
  14. Best to contact him yourself as detailed in his message