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  1. A small number of religious fanatics fled England for America. They started a colony but being more or less clueless nearly starved to death. The local indigenous peoples (misnamed Indians) feeling pity fed the hapless intruders and showed them how to grow and harvest local food. Later colonists aided by John Wayne and the 7TH calvery massacred the majority of the Indians for their good deed. Americans commemorate the event by gorging on a large bird with their family members then watching violent team sports on television.
  2. Danny Bonaduce who played David’s brother on The Partridge Family hosts a popular morning music talk radio show here. He gave a heart full tribute to David that was quite touching.
  3. Hello all, another newbie...

    Welcome Joe. I'm not going guess the percentage but the majority of active members here do live as full time Expats in Philippines.
  4. Shotgun Accident

    Hope the poor guy lives. How many times do we see guards with their finger inside the trigger guard?
  5. "Frozen Shoulders" (can't sleep all night)

    I missed the link, thanks. I see your problem Jack, don't get any older. If you can't do that I suggest you lift a number of chilled 12oz weights until you feel better.... or don't feel anything at all. Can't ever remember exactly how that goes.
  6. "Frozen Shoulders" (can't sleep all night)

    Are your shoulders actually cold? Or are they locked stiffly or numb? You used the word frozen. I would see another doctor and have your upper back and neck image taken. Do you get a feeling of mild electrical like numbing in your neck going down your arms?
  7. Frankly I'm shocked this happened to you. Just how long did you plan to stay in the Philippines?
  8. Another Salary question.

    We know four Lasic Optometrists (spelling?) a Cardiologist and a Pediatrician working in Cebu City. Each makes over 5 million peso a year. The Cardiologist well over 5m. We have family and several friends who work for their family businesses that bring home well over 5 million also. Although they are family they each are well educated and intelligent. A small percentage of Filipinos do very very well.
  9. Have no doubt it's a long story that we will never know other than that Lito was has a little extra Christmas budget this year.
  10. Beer kegerator

    Have you contacted a local bar or distributor? They may know. if you don’t mind my asking what type beer 🍺 do you plan on serving?
  11. Another Newbie Introductuion

    Welcome Ron. Lovely area Oslob.
  12. A budget someplace between $2000 and $3000 month out in da Provences IMO would be much more reasonable. What is your idea of "A somewhat expensive home"? Rent or buy is a whole other topic. For sure rent at least a year or more most Expats would agree.
  13. I’m aware of the 4% plan and variations of it as part of a retirement plan. If you’re asking a FIN number for Philippines 🇵🇭 as others have said it’s up to your expectations. We have members here who live a very simple basic life on a budget of ~$800 USD a month. Many Filipino families live on half that or less. A very general lowest number would be about $1200 USD a month. For sure that’s my opinion others will differ.
  14. I don't see any harm it this.
  15. A Good Idea at the Time...

    I too choose to have my dental work done in Philippines. I have a wonderful dentist in Cebu City. A Filipina! Even though we have good dental coverage it's still much cheaper there. My wife and children have their work done here in the US.