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  1. As an American citizen a 529 plan may be a good choice depending on you financial situation. Personaly we will never have investments or real wealth in any Philippines institutions. My wife was an head accountant at DAR Cebu City for some time she insists the US is much safer.
  2. Likely all she needs to do is the one hand on her hip stern look while doing the lips thing. Bad guys will take with tails between legs.
  3. Sorry Dave, I misunderstood thinking your topic was general lawlessness. My wife after living here in the US for nearly 20 years doesn't agree with the degree of freedom we allow crazy people or drug addled zombies she thinks they should all be permanently incarcerated
  4. I feel your pain nothing you can do. We live in a small town outside Seattle Washington. Seattle hosts at least 100,000 homeless drug zombies and insane people who are provided daily free metro passes enabling them to travel through out the suburbs stealing anything they can carry while taxpayers living their are at work. Then every evening they return to encampments that make Filipino shanties look good. The radical leftists ruling the area have so undermined police that they are unable to uphold the law. The daily gang killings have resulted in a Wild West vibe gun shots very commonly heard. I could go on....
  5. We have a tankless water heater for the whole house and love it. It in fact has a small 2 gal tank.
  6. If Emma were to buy outright from Dad would that honestly change anything?
  7. Congratulations Bob
  8. Reading this with interest and sadness both. Steve, if it were me just walk away from the whole thing now not one more peso. There will be serious s@#* hitting the wall once the property becomes a free for all. Best you and Em are well clear before that takes place. I've seen this from afar in my own family over there this can and will bring out the very worst in some.
  9. Great point and good thing they are looking at the terror angle now. Curious why they wouldn't have all visitors biometric info in the first place?
  10. And Dan will be 63 in a few hours. But I'm willing to be 62 another year!
  11. If Emma were to simply give her the money to buy a 150K junker as soon as anything goes wrong.... like the next day.... it could become "The car you got for me to drive to work broke down now I can't get to work it costs 20K to repair and I missed three days of work can't feed the children need meds for my stress and the rooster quit laying eggs"
  12. Old an in the way.
  13. So very true Jake!
  14. This will be strictly enforced at all times No Exception!!!! Foreigners only. ;^(
  15. This was our thought as well. Manila is a two hour drive worse case?