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  1. Living here in da States in many cases this is true. When we go to seafood city there's very few height weight propionate Filipina's
  2. Let me jump in here before Jake. You say "Emma likes to be dinner too"? Perhaps you may want to edit that. Or not. It's all good.
  3. Here's the problem, the news outlets each state mixed facts. What truly happened is only known the the victim and his buddy who was quoted in the BBC article in the first post.
  4. There are a number of Filipino restaurants along the Washington State I5 corridor between Everett and Olympia. Few last more than a few years due to food quality, service and who knows what. What places would you recommend and what places to avoid? We recommend two, for sure there must be more great restaurants we don't know of yet. 1) Pepa's Lumpia, located in the Auburn Supermall food court. The lumpia is average at best but the other offerings are great. Weekends are best as the selections are extended. Great service fair prices good food. 2) Island Pacific Supermarket, a large cafeteria inside the grocery store. Large selection of outstanding Filipino food. The large basic seating area hosts a lovely over view of the rice bag isle!
  5. I know the area and that mall very well. The mall closes about 10PM, the area nearby is very busy and not very safe even during the daytime. 20 years ago I would walk around "Old" Talisay late evenings without a care about ten years ago it became unsafe after dark IMO. The BBC article says more or less; Standing out in front of a store early hours of Thursday three men on a bike demand his wallet he refused a commotion ended in gunfire. Called an ambulance none came after awhile a "rickshaw" took him to a local hospital. He has no money a go fund me page is started now. He had 500 Peso in his wallet.
  6. Unlike Steve and Em we plan to live in our home country but visit Philippines perhaps spending summers there. I don't want to completely hijack Steve's topic. I've suggested Steve take Philippines for a "test drive" just testing the waters for a few months in order to fully better costs and other unseen stuff. On the other side, it could be we could find visiting during summers is not enough and want to spend more time there. For us it's our boys they will live here and family is our priority.
  7. Love them fast Filipinas.
  8. I'll post a picture later.
  9. Very sorry to read this wish there were something I could suggest or say. Cebu Pacific has screwed a number of forum members here over the years. I will only attempt to fly them if no other choice for short domestic hops using my CC.
  10. Now that that the bird is out of the bush as Jack would say... I can say "Congratulations Dave!" Your gal is one sweetheart thats for sure. We hope you both will find true happiness.
  11. Here I'm giving Steve retirement advice because we are going to retire shortly too. So last week I buy a muscle car. Makes perfect sense right?
  12. Having reasonable assets are necessary to retire in England, Spain, France or anyplace in the world. Like you I am very close to calling it quits too but thinking how much is enough? $$$$$$ Steve, asking questions and thinking things through is prudent but don't over think everything. Simply do your best and step off the........
  13. Only once. It's OK. There are two other places we like better.
  14. Taxes, my gosh I don't know what place would be worse Washington State or Cali. Any good buffet in San Diego Jake?
  15. It's GMA Philippines video feed, I attempted to post it but was unable to do so.