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  1. A burning question

    Pi without the smell of burning would be like PI without the sound of trikes and roosters. Would be nice though
  2. Back up Generator

    True, I guess these things have been so prevalent in Australia for so long now I take for granted the expertise here and tend to project it.
  3. Back up Generator

    So you want to power everything in your house in the case of a brown/blackout? Short of a major disaster there's probably not going to be a need for it. Write a list of things that are essential for 6-12 hours, eg: radio (for messages regarding disaster), fridge/freezer, lighting, cooking appliances if you're not already on gas for this etc then work up from there. Here's a chart of approximate power requirements: APPLIANCE WATTS APPLIANCE WATTS Clothes Dryer 2,400 Television Set 75 - 200 Hot Water Service 2,500 - 3,000 Toaster 250 - 1,250 Iron 900 - 1,200 Washing Machine 500 - 3,000 Kettle / Jug 800 - 1500 Air Conditioner (Non-inverter) 1,000 - 2,500 Lights 25 - 200 Domestic Water Pump See Electric Motor below Radio 60 Electric Motor 0.25 hp* 0.5 hp* 1 hp* 2 hp* 187 375 750 1,500 Radiator 1,000 - 2,500 Welder, 140 Amp(Non-inverter) 5,000 Refrigerator 100 - 800 9"Angle Grinder 2,300 Another option is solar panels fed into Li-ion batteries. Reasonably expensive to set up but has the benefit of saving you on electricity all year around and can give you power for up to two days in the event of blackouts. I'm not sure how readily available these systems are in PI though.
  4. Just an update guys, can't access international Netflix through NordVPN anymore. How long this lasts I have no clue but there's a reason I never sign up to these payed services for more than a month at a time. What's the status of anything anyone else is using?
  5. Foreigner convicted.

    Not drawing my own conclusions here Dave... So by that do you mean he was caught because be became noticed by law enforcement or was he caught because they couldn't ignore it anymore due to his higher profile. One would hope the first and not the latter, but in PH nothing surprises me.
  6. Foreigner convicted.

    Compare the skin palour and the eye-bags.. He ain't lookin' too healthy to me.
  7. Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    Hawaii again?
  8. What is 'Available' here

    I get cramps easily, so I buy the sachets of Gastrolyte or Hydrolyte to help prevent it. Last time I was in Dumaguete the shop assistant Mercury looked at me as if I was nuts when I told her I wanted the entire 40 pack.
  9. What is 'Available' here

    Self-raising flour isn't, it's a staple in most Aussie pantries. Thankfully the problem is solved with a little baking soda. I remember when Dr Pepper first hit Australia during the early 80's to me it tasted like cough mixture. But that's ok, we inflicted Vegemite on the world as revenge .
  10. Hotel required in Angeles City, Luzon.

    SM, Robinson's and to a lesser extent Ayala are the "upmarket" local malls in PI. Generally more expensive than where most of the locals shop but also generally cheaper than the West.
  11. Hotel required in Angeles City, Luzon.

    That's a given Master Chief!
  12. What have I forgotten?

    Does wife know she's number 10? Hahahahaha Short Angry One has already stated I will require a man cave due to my proclivity for the more hard-core aspects of metal and dance music. I'll of course run with this.
  13. Naysayers...can't stand them.

    I experience much the same to varying degrees from different people. My kids, who are well traveled, are happy and a little jealous at the same time; but they also have the attitude it'll give them somewhere to stay in PI, 2 of the 3 of them have been there and loved it so they "get" it. My parents, also well traveled, are happy but a little worried and keep reminding me to stay away from Zamboanga, so at least they're knowledgeable in their caution. For right or wrong, they see Duterte as a bonus on the safety side. Most of my ex-navy mates are jealous, in a positive way, and some of them already live there. My civilian friends' attitudes range from extreme negativity to wholehearted support. This seems to be based on how much they've traveled outside the Western sphere if at all or straight-out parochialism borne out of some accident of birth and their Australian nationality. See a pattern here?
  14. Hotel required in Angeles City, Luzon.

    Hope to be there by June mate, but you know the saying: Best laid plans....