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  1. No more porn in the Philippines

    I managed an adult shop here in Australia for a couple of years, it lost its appeal to after a while... Law of diminishing returns? Funny little anecdote from a few years ago: Years after our divorce my ex-wife walked in on my then 14yo son on him and he was in front of his laptop in all his glory. Ex: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING????" Son: (dead-pan face and voice) "I'm a 14yo going through puberty, what do you think I'm doing?" Door slams, internet connection suddenly lost, she'd blocked his IP on the wireless router. My ex-wife has always been a bit of an uptight prude and my young fella a bit of a lad, so hearing the different takes on the story from both of them was hilarious!
  2. Bedroom air con size

    Link to a consumer reports size guide for window air con: https://www.consumerreports.org/window-air-conditioners/how-to-size-a-window-air-conditioner/ Link to BTU/hr to kW: https://www.rapidtables.com/convert/power/BTU_to_kW.html Link to HP to kW: https://www.rapidtables.com/convert/power/hp-to-kw.html
  3. Success or failure as an expat.

    For me success is measured in happiness and not "stuff". I just exist here in Australia, but when I'm in PH - admittedly my longest stint has been 3 months - I'm happy. Time will tell as to whether that pans out long term or not. As Anthony Bourdain once said "My life was black and white, then I went to SE Asia and there was colour". Grass is greener? Perhaps. But I'll find out myself for better or worse
  4. Looking for a recommended hotel in Subic.

    Wild Orchid may be an option Eddie, but it's a little more expensive than Blue Rock and doesn't have beach frontage. Subiza is nice (formally Sheevan's). Renovations are complete there now as well. Both are located on Baloy Beach Road close to Blue Rock.
  5. Nord VPN does. Have it on my phone, desktop and tablet for the same price. Pure VPN gets a pretty good wrap too, when I was making the decision I went with Nord only because I prefer the interface so it's down to personal preference.
  6. Nord VPN is great.. Yes there's a monthly subscription but it's worth it. It allows me to watch any country's Netflix etc. I was a little worried on how it would go with internet speeds in the Philippines and it having to go a few extra hops but I watched both Australian and US Netflix without too many issues depending on where I was. For some local knowledge of your area, it worked fine from The Blue Rock at Baloy Beach. Edit: I was using it on a Samsung tablet then Chromecasting it to the TV.
  7. What it's like to be famous

    Some of you may remember about 5 years ago when I was visiting my ex in Angeles, I fixed a few of the neighbours toilets. Word got around the Subd. pretty quickly. It's heart warming to know that I became known as shitter boy
  8. My LDR is still going strong... Ultimately I see it as my firewall. I wonder if it's a Filipina thing that makes them work. I had one with a lady from the US, we met when I was living there, Western woman. Long story but suffice it to say she didn't have the patience waiting for me to regain entry to move back full time again. SAO and I have had many ups and downs, including a long-term break-up (3 years) but here we are happier than ever. To me the real test will come when we are together permanently So at the risk of stereotyping there does seem to be a pattern there; well among my friends and colleagues anyway.
  9. Is Tipping 20% Too Much in the Philippines?

    In the US where tipping is part of life I can see why you'd have this attitude but in countries where it's not the norm even people in less fortunate financial situations are entitled to some joy in life....
  10. Is Tipping 20% Too Much in the Philippines?

    This is why I tip when SAO (Short Angry One) isn't looking
  11. Is Tipping 20% Too Much in the Philippines?

    I only tip when SAO isn't looking and then it's just a single note from my change. Normally 20-50PHP. I come from a culture where tipping is only for exceptional service and not expected but having said that Australian hospitality workers are paid pretty well compared to other Western countries. So if the service and food is good I tip, if not I don't.
  12. Monthly Costs

    Hi Mate, It's not the DVA pension but the old school pension entitlement for serving more than 20 years in the ADF and it's worth significantly more; based on a percentage of final salary at discharge (20 years service is 40% for life and it goes up from there for each year over 20 years served), I did just under 21 years, I left at the second-highest NCO rank.. if you do the research you'll be able to work it out ;). It's administered by ComSuper and not DVA. I am however in a battle with DVA to receive a partial TPI. I won't go into the details but lets just say DVA have been nothing less than confrontational; unfortunately this is the case for many Australian vets with legitimate claims.... A topic for another post perhaps. Edit: Warrant Officer Class 2 Equivalent.
  13. Monthly Costs

    Sigh... Why is it so hard to just respond to a simple request...... Either assist or not. There's no need for all the baggage as well. If this forum isn't here to assist each other (amongst other things) what's the point? To those that have responded to the OP in the spirit it was intended a big thank you. And to those that reminded me of other ongoing costs that I didn't think of at the time of posting a big thank you as well. For those that still wish to contribute that would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Monthly Costs

    And that's all I asked for basically a snapshot, to give me and other members a ball park figure of what it is now. My projected icome will be going up over the years especially as I become an age where I can access things like Superannuation and similar at age 60. I'm only 48 and retiring next year on my indexed navy pension and income from a rental property here in Australia. All that over 60+ stuff is yet to come. So, to reiterate, ball park figures of now are most relevant to me, the guy making the request. I'm sure other's are in a similar boat.
  15. Monthly Costs

    Ah yes, the dreaded beautification process.... That night you met SAO, she'd just spent 3500PHP on that hair colour she was sporting and was also the reason we were so late for the resto! And yes, the rest of it that goes with our girls. Thankfully she doesn't go in for that scam of skin whitening that gives filipinas a deathly palour that reminds me of the walking dead and they're truly convinced anything other than surgical pigment removal a la Michael Jackson will work long time.... Sorry pet peeve of mine.... Gifts, yes, gifts... I'm not putting that in as basic but we'll see how long that takes once I'm there. I'm a sucker for punishment...