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  1. BrettGC

    Filipino Cigarettes

    Same shit, different shovel so it would work :)
  2. That's almost Pythonesque... (A scene from a Monty Python movie or show).
  3. BrettGC

    Good name for a motel

    That's what we in Australia call a Wombat as well... Wombat Hotel?
  4. BrettGC

    Filipino Cigarettes

    Is this the one Tom? If so it's an Australian gov app that's cross platform, I've been using it for... Well you can see how long I've been using it for
  5. BrettGC


    Interesting, I know Australian military still receive it as routine when you first sign up.. I still have the scar on my arm from my dose. But it's the same in Australia for the general public, it's not routine as it was thought to be eradicated but there have been a few documented cases in the last couple of years.
  6. BrettGC

    The weather, shoul i be worried

    I live in Cairns, Australia, in the tropical North. The summers here are similar to say somewhere like Dumaguete - Mid-30's C, 80-90% humidity, not much below 25-27 at night. Thankfully our winters (such as they are) are much milder than Phils, down to 15-19 at night with maximums of 27-29C during the day with negligible humidity so we do have a couple of months relief, unlike Phils where the "winter" is only marginally cooler than the summer. I grew up around country NSW where it was normal for the winter temp range to be -3 - -5 up to 9-10 during the day but the summers were in the low 30's sometimes spiking to 40ish C, but that was a dry heat so a different kettle of fish altogether. Phils in the months surrounding Christmas is ok, it's from April to September that knocks me around a bit but I do get acclimatized over time. I think most people do.
  7. BrettGC

    Filipino Cigarettes

    My recommendation is quit as I did a couple of years back and started vaping :) But prior to that I just kept it simple and went for the Winstons from the 711. About 200PHP for a pack of 20's. PS Please don't start a discussion about the pros and cons of vaping anyone. I'm not in the mood to justify my decision to people that live by the popular press.
  8. BrettGC

    Fight Anyone?

    Bit like when Manny loses, it's always someone elses fault.
  9. Brawl breaks out between the Australian and Philippine Basketball teams: https://www.news.com.au/sport/basketball/coachs-instructions-that-led-to-disgraceful-basketball-fight/news-story/98a084a69c357e95ca06e7e5a73ad3bd
  10. BrettGC

    US Bases In The Philippines

    I know some Aussie SF types that were recently assisting in Mindanao and they were keeping the knowledge of their presence very low key until it hit the news here and even then information was extremely limited with regards to all aspects or their deployment.
  11. BrettGC

    The Short Angry One (SAO) In Australia

    Not sure yet, looking at bridging then 800. I've had a run in with the ATO so plans put back yet again.
  12. This is probably better suited for a blog entry but I just thought I'd share this on here: A little background on Aines, AKA The Short Angry One (SAO): She comes from a relatively well-off family of tobacco farmers North of Dumaguete that made a killing when they sold the farm to a well-known international tobacco company in the late ‘90’s. In the interim, fortunes have waxed and waned, just like many of us. She fell pregnant at 16 and out popped Jhona, who is now 20, she eventually married the father, but he was killed in a motorcycle accident when Jhona (AKA Mini-me – and this is so true) was 4. SAO ended up as a PA to a Dutchman and his Filipina wife who exported traditional Filipino jewellery and as a result, travelled the world with them investigating new markets. She’s actually better travelled than me and I served 20 years in the Australian Navy so that statement is a big call. We met on an online dating site in 2013 and were together for a couple of years but due to artistic differences we split. We reconnected last year mainly thanks to Mini-Me and I spent October/November with her there, jollying around PI. She’s now here, on a tourist visa and we’ve finally worked out we’re in this for the long haul. She is way smarter than this ex-Royal Australian Navy Chief. She calls me her “man-child” and I just go with it. All adult clothes are too big, even adult size 6. She watched game of thrones, absolutely loves it; gives us another thing in common. But now wants a boob job. Her new thing is “You know nothing Brett Jordan” (no relation to the worm that ripped Tom (JGF) off). I’m clean, but a little untidy at times. You can eat off my floors, now there’s nothing on my floors. Ever. If it doesn’t move, clean it. If it does move, stop it and then clean it. Hot water shower is a novelty, I’m dreading my next electricity bill. She’s a 10th degree blackbelt in the ancient and deadly art of “Filipina eye roll” and can deliver it with varying severity. She loves her some Jesus. I guess I knew this intellectually and it was on display on for the month we spent together last year. This time she’s here for about 3 months and one of the first things we had to do was find the local Catholic church and service times after which I had to sit through an hour of mass – something I haven’t done voluntarily since my teens or when my mother nags me enough that I give in and go occasionally with her. Weddings and funerals excepted of course. Needless to say, my mother and SAO get on very well. More on that later… I now have a bidet installed. Nuff said. I now wear “slippers” inside. All the time. Always. Nuff said. I love watching movies or TV series with her, the completely unself-conscious audible and physical reactions to funny, sad or thrilling tickles me, even in the cinema in public. It just makes me happy. I now have “at home” underwear and “out” underwear. I’m a tad confused by the logic as to the criteria how what ended up in each pile but I’m just going with it. She’s a sports nut. It’s amazing the things you don’t know about someone until you live with them day-to-day. She now screams as loud as I do for The Blues in the State-of-Origin and the Swans in the Aussie rules and had a genuine tampo attack when Australia was kicked out of the world cup. Yes, I’ve brainwashed her with regards to certain codes 😉 The cost of living here compared to Philippines is now a harsh reality. It didn’t matter how many times I told her how much more expensive it is here compared to home, until she lived it, I’m pretty sure she didn’t quite believe it. Her previous travels were funded by her boss so not really impacting her as to the actual cost. The size of Australia is still a little beyond her – She’s travelled extensively around Europe and Asia and to a lesser extent Africa. She’s finding hard to grasp the fact that it’s at least a 5 hour drive to the next major town from Cairns (Townsville) and ever harder to accept it’s a 20 hour drive to the Gold Coast to see my parents and still be in the same state. These are just my observations so far.
  13. BrettGC

    Uber-less Manila

    Ah ok. Just did some quick reading, they were only banned for a month then spat the dummy it seems and did as you stated. The disrupters were disrupted.
  14. BrettGC

    Uber-less Manila

    Last year all ride sharing companies were asked by the PI government to suspend operations for a few weeks whilst related legislation was finalised. All of them but one complied. Guess who didn't? Uber. They copped at least a 12 month ban from memory so they should be up and running in PI again by about November. I found Grab a little odd, particularly in Cebu; the app basically ordered a taxi for you. When the Short Angry One and I were in Cebu, every time we ordered a Grab, a taxi would show up and meter us on the taxi meter.
  15. BrettGC

    crap tv and crap food,

    I'm in two minds with relation to both.. On the one hand they both evoke many fond memories of my time in PI. On the other hand it's the reality of them...