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  1. Our nephew works at the local hospital, (he has a tricycle and a m/c), our neighbour and niece work at the health center and our nephew in law drives ambulance. The 1st nephew came to our house once at 1 AM to borrow 2,000p to take the ambulance driver (the 2nd nephew) to the hospital who had gotten into a m/c accident while driving drunk.
  2. Here again, it is who that your wife knows that can be of a help to the foreigner.
  3. I know of a guy here, a cousin, that returned after 6 months in Texas because "there are too many rules". He likes to drink everywhere, smoke everywhere, drive his unregistered unlicensed m/c with no helmet, and not have to work. His aunt spent lots of money to give him an opportunity yet he blew it. He says "Life is good in the Philippines", in Ilongo. He doesn't like to speak English either as it gives him a nosebleed.
  4. As drunk as you were, your eyes are focused on the lady to your right.
  5. We have the same new laws here too but the advantage is living where your wife grew up and has friends or batchmates in all departments. Some people choose to live far away from the wife's family but I have found it to be very beneficial to live nearby over the years for many different reasons.
  6. And 387 dead. 4 men were caught with 30 million pesos in boxes leaving CDO heading to Cebu. They said that they were bankers, maybe not related to the crisis. I am surprised that this is going on for so long. Must have been prepared.
  7. I usually get an upper respiratory tract infection from the pollution in the 1st month of my return and after being treated with azithromycin (zithromax), when I get the same symptoms, I know what to take. I keep a spare 6 pack on hand, no prescription.
  8. Do you mean a local Filipino or a local Kano? It seems that nobody has a local Filipino friend other than their wife. It is different cultures. I had a local Filipino "friend" for awhile but all he wanted to do was drink. He was the only one that spoke some English.
  9. Do you get the settlement signed off on the spot? What if they come back for more? They signed under duress? Might be better to make the settlement at the police station.
  10. Has anyone heard of Itechie Televisions? The name seems like the Chinese version of Hitachi.
  11. My wife is the youngest of 10 so our MIL has 20 years on me. FIL passed on near the birth of my wife. Two bros are near to my age.
  12. I do that once or twice each year, bank to bank in pesos.
  13. I like that Strongbow Cider too but there are 2 or 3 other ciders from Niagara Falls and British Columbia that go for about 75ph or $2 C in Toronto. The gin that Kuya J mentions is likely Ginebra, very inexpensive so that would be a risk.
  14. Bacardi Black or Pilsen for me. The risks are that the BB is hard to find here, so I buy two at a time.
  15. Dubai has had 2 high rise fires recently, last April and in New Year's eve, 2015. Dramatic fires have hit skyscrapers in Dubai and other fast-growing cities in the United Arab Emirates in recent years. Building and safety experts have cited a popular type of cladding covering the buildings that can be highly flammable. Authorities say they have changed fire safety rules to address the danger, but have offered few details.