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  1. Guarantees eh? Is it verbal or in writing that they guarantee that you will get 8 %? I put brokers in the same league as lawyers.
  2. With the internet cables here, when one is damaged, they don't replace it but just add another one leaving the old one still on the poles, same as for street lights, just add a new one. "Well, he told me to put in a new one....he didn't tell me to remove the old one."
  3. Bring rubber boots and a raft:
  4. He said tourist visa, not green card. Our niece works in Dubai and she complains often about how restricted she is with a PI passport. She gets to go to Iran, Jordan, Zimbabwe, and Georgia but not to any of the G7 countries with her Italian boyfriend.
  5. I say do it yourself online. Don't pay any broker. You can trade for $9.99. Many years ago, I had a few brokers doing mutual funds for me but when I saw their fees whether the funds went up or down, I said stop. I looked at the top stocks in various good funds, set up two online brokerage accounts, and then bought those stocks and held onto them like bows00 says. With dividends re-invested, they have done remarkably well. Look at Enbridge, Transcanada, Alimentation couche -tard, and TD. I also trade 15 or 20 % of the total about 10 or 12 times a year. Lately two of my marijuana stocks in Canada have went up ~300% and ~500% in less than a year and it won't be legal for recreation until July 1, 2018 (Canada's 150th birthday). It is legal for medical purposes now with thousands of customers and some insurance plans cover it.
  6. My meter does not have an off switch but it does have a metal seal. I have heard that some will pull the meter to shut off the power while they do the illegal tie in. Once we were asked by a neighbour if he could tie in to our line until Ceneco came tomorrow but I said no. Ceneco never came and after 1 month or so, they were gone. They had no electric and no water but they had shabu.
  7. Where do they turn it off? Do they pull the meter?
  8. I always have the ticket proper just in case I do get asked. Like return tickets for the two of us cost around $4,500 so why risk anything for the sake of a $48 onward?
  9. I buy Vega Protein & Greens 526g in Canada for $40. I like the vanilla flavor and I take 1/2 a scoop daily.
  10. On April 5, I bought an onward Manila to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia for Dec 30 from Cebu Pacific for P1699 total. AlwaysRT, were you asked to show your onward ticket at check in St Louis and at immigration T1 Manila?
  11. At T2 Manila, there are 4 windows at Immigration for foreigners on the left as you walk in. The window at the left side of the four is the one with 2 people, the back one is the cashier. That is where you pay for the ECC. The supervisor at Bacolod BI does not know that. Filipinos have to go the right for immigration as you walk in after security then you meet at the gates.
  12. You got a good deal. I paid that much but in dollars Canadian to send the NBI application from Toronto to Manila return with Fedex.
  13. You must be rich as the stock market in Toronto has more than doubled since 2009. The index went from around 7,500 in 2009 to around 15,500 now. During the 10 years ended April of 2015, the S&P TSX Index had a rank of 20 with a return of 57%.
  14. My cone drip 45 did not last either. The metal circular tube heater cracked so the water leaked out as it was heated. I now heat the water separately and just use the cone. Has anyone tried the aero press? It is rated the best but makes only 8 oz.
  15. Once the B12 deficiency is under control, here is a list of common foods that would be for maintenance instead of pills or injections: