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  1. Have we ever looked inside the toilet tanks? Ours is black slimy. The water supply is not good.
  2. The two Canadians that had their heads cut off last year were working in the area for 8 years so likely they did not feel threatened until they were kidnapped by being in the wrong place at the wrong time similar to most crimes of opportunity.
  3. That is good if the hospital allows it and if the meds are real meds and not fakes. Some hospitals have had troubles with fakes so they only buy from a reliable supplier. Some people have brought in meds that did not remedy the problem at hand. I would think that St. Lukes would not allow outside meds.
  4. Our daughter was in Riverside Hospital, Bacolod for 15 days, 2nd time with dengue. The bill was ~Ph 130,000 of which Philihealth paid Ph 8,000. Riverside does not allow meds from ouside the hospital.
  5. It is the same in Canada, but, if you have money, you can choose a nicer place, if that might be a concern when your marbles are gone.
  6. Another Bert, maybe? Congratulations Bob. I didn't think that you had it in ya. Well, I guess you never.
  7. 100 % agree. One bus = 50 less tricycles/motorcycles jamming up the narrow streets.
  8. My parents smoked rollies for 20 years, then quit and lived into their mid eighties and did not die from cancer.
  9. There are many stages of development in the PI. Manila is so different from the provinces and the mountains or deep rural are so different than the provinces. These new laws are certainly a step in the right direction. The ticket in the mail works in Canada, even for red light cameras and photo radar. I just read in the Visayan that Bacolod has a new tow away zone law but in the 6 years that I have been here, never once have I seen a tow truck in Negros. This tow away law is a good one to stop people from parking any and every where.
  10. In the topic on the new law against texting while driving, some one posted that the police will mail the ticket to the offenders. Well, with no license plates, and often no mailing address, that is not likely to happen.
  11. In Bacolod BI, the Chinese and Koreans use agents to bring in 15 to 20 passports at a time for extensions so this should not bother them.
  12. It takes 8 years of psychological training to be a jihadi fighter.
  13. You might be able to run 4 inch pvc from the sinks and showers to the street. Not expensive. I keep ours clean by running a submersible pump discharging (one inch) from 3 five gallon pails every month or so. Our pipes are under the driveway. Other times, if we get a heavy rain and the catch basin is flooded, then I pump that water into the 4 inch pvc. At the moment, the city is installing covered concrete drainage on both sides of the street, about 2 feet in diameter with clean out catch basins every 15 meters. It pays to have a retired city manager next door and former vice mayor across the street. We had it on our side before but not completely to the next street downstream.
  14. If you mean the closed septic system, grey water will kill the bacteria and over flow the system. If you mean the 3 meter enclosed section in the OP, it is grey water in that system that he is concerned about. Well, not really grey but that is what it is referred to.