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  1. Halloween Display

    I agree with you Queenie. What surprised me was how the popularity in the USA is being driven by adults! Perhaps people see this as an opportunity to "get crazy" and step away from their everyday lives of work, tedium, and boredom??? I do (sort of) recall going trick or treating with a shot glass one year. The details are a little hazy.
  2. Stairways in the Philippines

    At least there is no pesky hand rail to get in the way.
  3. Stairways in the Philippines

    We had a view deck added above the lanai of our rental house. After the stairs were built and I voiced my concerns to the contractor he demonstrated how to climb down the stairs. He explained that by turning your body and feet sideways they would not hang over the edge of each step. After tearing out and replacement the steps are much better now. In the USA I believe the code calls for a 7/11 step. Each step to me a minimum of 11 inch deep, each step to be a maximum of 7 vertical.
  4. Big Head

    I brought my favorite cowboy hat four years ago. Wore it onto the plane and then carefully stowed it in the overhead during flight. Worked fine. If no room in the overhead the stewardess would probably be willing to put it up front where it was safe.
  5. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    Sounds like the blogger was an insecure male who was probably offended that they would not choose someone like himself. If instead he had asked the slum dwellers; "If you had to pick between spending the rest of your life in stuck in poverty and living in this slum, or spending the rest of your life living in security, safety, and relative luxury, which would you choose?" The second question would be far more relevant than the first.
  6. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    Former president of the USA from 1953 to 1961, Dwight D Eisenhower for those not familiar.
  7. Wearing watches ( as a daily issue)

    The only time I wear a watch is Sunday when I go to church or when we go to Cebu City. In the USA you always have "appointments" and need to wear a watch, here pretty much everything is first come, first served. But my father-in-law who is 84 wears a watch every day! Must to be a status thing as he has no need to ever know the time and I can't say that I have ever seen him check the time. Interesting side note - I have found that with the days here basically being the same length the entire year, my internal "what time is it" seems to be far more accurate than when I lived in the USA. Not uncommon for me to estimate the current time, check my phone and find I am off by 10 minutes or less.

    In the province, maybe medium rare.
  9. Figuring out Siargao

    I can you give you one example of what may appear to be a successful restaurant start up by an expat and his Filipina wife. This is in the small town of Moalboal on Cebu island. The restaurant opened about three years ago and seats perhaps 20-25 if all tables were full. The menu is fairly extensive and contains a mix of Philippine and other types of cuisine. Their food is, in my opinion, very good. A varied menu, well prepared, good flavor and presentation, clean surrounding, pleasant service, etc. Despite this I was almost certain they would not survive because the first year there were very few customers. My wife and I would go to dinner and quite often we would be the only diners during our entire dinner. Slowly the business picked up and it appears they are doing well. I say "appears" because I do not know if in fact they are making a profit. If they succeed I think it is because: Varied menu with a large selection of Filipino food. The majority of their customers are local Filipinos. Rarely "out of stock" Food is consistently good from meal to meal. What I mean to say is that someone is following a recipe and preparing the food in a consistent manner. If you liked it this time, it will almost certainly taste the same next time. Clean - Plates, cutlery, glasses, table, chairs, walls, floor, windows, etc. You feel comfortable eating there - no "ick" factor. Friendly employees Prices are VERY reasonable for the quantity and quality of food. A nice dinner and beverage for 200 peso or even less and the entree may be enough to feed two people. BUT - there is almost always a but when you hear something positive in the Philippines: The expat and his wife both live and work in Sweden and visit the Philippines about twice a year for two or three weeks. So it is possible, maybe even likely, that the restaurant may be making only a very small profit or perhaps none. I say this because the prices are so low that it seems unlikely that there would be sufficient margin to support the overhead. That may explain why the owners still live and work in Sweden! And it almost goes without saying that a business here with an absentee owner has a failure rate approaching 100%. Final word - if there is a business here that is making money, your competition will open a competing enterprise next to yours within a very short time. Customer base drops, prices decrease, profits shrink or disappear until the supply meets demand, then the whole cycle starts again. As others have said, it can be done but success is rare. Good luck and best wishes if you decide to give it a try.
  10. The Blacklist

    That is for sure. I think I mentioned in another thread how I was fingerprinted and questioned by a detective because a person with my name is wanted on multiple charges and also wanted in connection with a homicide.
  11. The Blacklist

    There is a James Barry living in Idaho Falls who is currently listed as a registered sex offender. If you are that individual the following may answer help answer your question. http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/news/nation/364303/immigration-bureau-registered-sex-offenders-barred-from-entering-phl/story/ Foreigners who are registered sex offenders in their home countries will be denied entry to the Philippines as they are deemed a threat to public safety, the Bureau of Immigration said Thursday. In a statement, Immigration chief Siegfred Mison said any alien found to be in the registry of sex offenders will be issued an order to leave. On the other hand, registered sex offenders who managed to enter the Philippines will be "ordered to leave within 15 days," and their names will be included on the Immigration blacklist. Among the sex offenders recently arrested in the Philippines are: American Robert Snyder, 67, who was arrested in Dumaguete City last May 17 by BI agents and US law enforcers. Snyder had been a fugitive for 10 years in connection with a sex assault case. He has been deported. five fugitives accused of rape and child molestation in their homeland were deported simultaneously by BI after their passports were revoked by authorities last February. Mison said that if the foreign registered sex offender holds a visa other than a temporary visitor visa, the legal division shall commence forfeiture proceedings against him or her. The visa forfeiture order shall include the order to leave with blacklisting. Should the alien registered sex offender fail to comply with the order to leave, the BI legal division will initiate deportation proceedings. "The BI shall ensure that the relevant immigration information of the registered sex offender shall be attached to the travel records, alien registration records and derogatory records, and the same will be part of the sex offender file," the Immigration statement added. Also in the statement, Mison ordered that once the BI receives information about a registered sex offender, the office of the commissioner or other BI offices will endorse the offender's file to the BI legal division within 24 hours from receipt of the letter or records from authorized personnel of a foreign embassy. Within 48 hours from receipt of the sex offender file, the legal division shall draft an order directing the offender's inclusion in the BI blacklist
  12. Four years for us. My wife grew up here and she tells me that overall there is now less rain during both the wet and dry seasons. Like you we live on the water and that definitely has a moderating effect on the temperature. Most days we get a nice breeze, in the wet season it comes in off the water, during the dry season it reverses and blows out to sea.
  13. Right to bear arms.

    A little background. I have spent a good number of my years owning firearms. Rifles, pistols, and shotguns, calibers from .22 up to 300 Winchester magnum. I have owned a heavy barrel rifle that could shoot 5/8 inch at 100 yards, zeroed at 250, and accurate out to 500+ depending on conditions. I used the weapons for hunting game, varmint control, and occasional target shooting or skeet. I served 12 years in the military and fired expert in both rifle and handgun. I never had to use any of my personal weapons in protection of my life or property but it was a comfort to know they were available if needed. My question and my frustration is "what ever happened to common sense with the American people?" There is absolutely no need for a private citizen to own an assault rifle. Assault rifles are not worth a damn for hunting, target shooting, and are a very poor choice for home protection or as a "carry" weapon for protection. Assault rifles are built and designed for one purpose only and that is to kill as many people as possible as rapidly as possible. They should be restricted to military and law enforcement personnel. Just my opinion, end of rant.
  14. Ancient Filipino Secret...

    Of course the foreplay consists of yelling "wake up".
  15. Hugh Hefner dead at 91

    I would always buy the magazine when I was younger, but only because the articles were so well written and interesting.