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  1. I could not agree more. You will also have much more in common with a person closer to your own age.
  2. Anti Americanism? Obvious?? I have been a member of this forum for quite a few years. I do not recall ever seeing a post that I felt bashed Americans as a group, or for that matter, any other country or nationality.
  3. Mike J

    Has rainy season for 2018 started?

    We are south of you in Moalboal. We are having clouds most days and the occasional heavy thunder showers in the past two weeks or so. Interesting the difference in our weather even though we are both near the water and on the same side of the same island. My wife, who grew up here, says the weather is much different than when she was growing up. She says the summers are longer and much less rain now.
  4. Not sure how the OP got the quote he did, but I decided to check the UPS website. I registered and requested a quote for a standard size BB box weight of 50 kilo and valued at USA $100. The shipping cost was quoted at $707.50. As for UPS sticking to a quote that does not make any sense, good luck with that, unless of course all your things are in a single box? Calculate Time and Cost_ UPS.pdf
  5. Mike J

    Facebook Icon

    Yes. But that is okay, you are among friends.
  6. The challenge is finding a builder(s) who know the code and will follow the code.
  7. Mike J

    Dangerous occupations

    A common way to hide or justify bribes in the Philippines is to say the money is for gas and/or snacks.
  8. Mike J

    Dangerous occupations

    You "promise" to vote for a certain candidate in exchange for a payment. When Lani ask her dad if he actually would change his vote, he just smiled. Reminds me of a story I heard a couple years back. The day of the barangay election local sari sari stores saw a huge uptick in sales and almost everyone was paying with 500 peso notes. The following day the sari sari stores discovered the notes were counterfeit.
  9. Mike J

    Dangerous occupations

    A few years back we built a nice new house in a different barangay for Papa and Mama to live out their final years. When local election time came around, Papa ask us to take them back to their old house for a couple days to visit with neighbors. It turned out that he and mama wanted to go back so they could sell their votes for 500 peso each.
  10. Mike J

    Early humans in Philippines

    They ate the rhinoceros into extinction here so I guess they were Pinoy in appetite.
  11. Mike J

    Why Do You Live Where You Live?

    The family of my wife does live here. That is a mixed blessing. Yes, I just love it here. The people are warm, friendly, and accepting. I have always felt welcome. No real connection to my country of origin (USA). I know only a couple of expats, one of whom is a USA citizen. Medical - extremely limited here, closest real hospital is Cebu City (2 1/2 to 3 hours away). Expense - Between provincial and big city. Reasonable by Philippine standards, but not cheap. Environment - We live in a somewhat secluded area by the sea, nice breeze, clean air, almost no traffic, very little noise.
  12. I cannot speak for Sonjack, but let me clarify my original post. It was not intended to suggest that someone should provide lifelong support for a temporary girlfriend after your death. My post was intended to provide after death care and security for a wife who has been a committed and loyal partner during years of marriage. What assets she brought into the marriage, or helped accrue during the marriage is not relevant. How she "got by" prior to marriage is not relevant, how she will "get by" after my death is VERY RELEVANT. Just my opinion of course.
  13. Another consideration for the OP who says he may marry a Filipina, and also for those of us married to a Filipina. We need to consider not just how long WE need our money to last, we need to consider how long our spouse will live after we pass. This can become a challenge the greater the age difference. My wife is 16 years younger than I am and I have always taken that age difference into our financial plans. Also her family seems to have "good genes" with her father already 83 in good health, and mother late 70s excellent health until a stroke 3 years ago. For those of use married to younger ladies . . . . They will take care of us as we grow old, the least we can do is make sure we also take care of them as THEY grow old. This applies even if we are no longer living. My opinion of course.
  14. Mike J

    Survival Skills in The Philippines

    Mmmm, now that we have built Papa and Mama a new house we do have a bedroom there. Before, no way! You do not need to live like the family to be respectful. My opinion of course, and I wonder if your asawa's family may have been more affluent than ours.