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  1. I would respectfully disagree. The STORE is required and expected to charge the lower of sticker, advertised, or scanned price by law. The clerk IS NOT allowed to, nor expected to, change the price by his employer. The clerk who, when acting as a agent of the employer, fails to follow the law, it is the employer and not the employee who is at fault. That is why I say the system "sort of works", because you have to get management involved to get the lower price.
  2. I hear what you are saying and used to think the same, but I changed my mind after being here awhile. I am now convinced that the stores are doing this to protect themselves from the customer. If the clerk is allowed to charge what the sticker says instead of what the computer says, how long until you would be able to buy your own price stickers on every street corner? I am convinced that you would have a flood of people putting their own stickers on products and demanding the lower sticker price. I used to get frustrated when I would buy a light bulb, a flashlight, mixer, television, whatever - and out of the box it came. "See sir, it works." I was thinking "Well hell yes it works, it is brand new in the package. Why are you wasting my time, and how are you going to get all that crap back in the box?" I now realize they do this as a protection against the customer coming back the next day with the old burned out bulb and claiming the one they bought was defective. Another example - in the USA if your restaurant order comes out not to your liking and you speak with the waiter, you will almost certainly get some type of consideration on your bill, or the food replaced. One time I asked the server to come to my table and showed her a "lip print" on my wine glass. She took it away, brought back a new glass of wine, and explained that there would be no wine charge on my bill. Again if you did this in the Philippines, people would start to carry their own lipstick so they could get free wine, soft drinks, etc. The USA model of customer service, designed to create repeat business with the customer, would simply not work here in the Philippines at this point in time. There would be way too many people who would want to "game the system" and take the business for ride. Please understand that I AM NOT bashing the Philippine people or Philippine business. I absolutely love it here and have no desire to leave. The retail system here "is what it is" and it (sort of) works for both retailer and customer. I just don't expect it to change any time soon.
  3. I always got flu shots in the USA. I had a private office but I was in contact with quite a few people each day and in the fall and winter it seemed like there was always someone who brought illness into the office. I have not gotten the shots since I retired here. In the four years I have lived in the Philippines, I have had the flu one time. That came about 4 or 5 days after I had to visit the emergency ward in Cebu City due to kidney stones. Easy to say, harder to do, but the best way to avoid the flu is to avoid being around stranger during the flu season.
  4. Clerks in the Philippines have no discretion when it comes to prices, what the till rings up is what they have to charge if they want to keep their job. So - If it is a relatively small amount and/or a small percentage of the total I just pay it. The time and possible frustration involved are just not worth the hassle. If it is not a small amount I just tell them in a polite/friendly manner that I have decided not to buy it at the higher price.
  5. If you could see me sitting here at the computer laughing to myself people might wonder WTF is he reading? It is because the original post instantly brought to mind a song I learned in first grade. Maybe some of you learned it also, so all together now sing: I'm a little teapot Short and stout Here is my handle Here is my spout (Don't forget to put one hand on the hip for the handle, and raise one up and out for the spout) When I get all steamed up Hear me shout "Tip me over and pour me out!" (Make sure you tilt toward the spout side) (This last verse has always been part of the song, it has nothing to do with being Bi-Sexual/Trans sexual etc. Thought I would explain that right up front because I was sure Jake would ask.) I'm a clever teapot, Yes it's true Here let me show you What I can do I can change my handle And my spout Just tip me over and pour me out!
  6. Try a hardware store and ask for welding flux.
  7. In my original post I forgot to mention one thing that is important when working with epoxy paint. You need to keep the workplace super clean and uncluttered. You don't want to be searching for a tool while that expensive paint is setting up in the can!!!
  8. Thought I would follow up on the pool project. It is really going good, I did the second coat of blue today. Now all I have left is the clear coat. This guy, I forgot his name, stopped by today and was talking about how he painted his pool. He was giving me some advice that I thought I would pass on. 9 - When doing the second coat, the colors will blend perfectly and the shiny 1st coat will look almost like the 2nd wet coat. He says you need to be really careful about coverage, etc. Good advice, but then he goes on says something about it being a "real bitch" to get epoxy paint out from between your toes. Seemed like kind of an odd statement to me. Who in hell would ever get epoxy between their toes. Anyway, I am thinking the pool is looking so good, I may just do the deck boards as well. As you can see from the picture they are getting pretty faded. Simple and should not take too long. Well - got to go, my wife says she needs to talk to me about something. Hard to say, you know how wives can be sometimes.
  9. Makes you wonder where all wires are going.
  10. I have had my temporary paper license for 11 months, I gave up checking a few months back. Maybe they will have plastic when I go to renew this time. I am still waiting for the metal license plates from two years ago. "Sorry sir, but out of stock but you still have to pay the fee."
  11. I spent the last few days in prep work and putting down the primer coat to get the pool ready for new epoxy. The color is called "Clear Blue" and it looks really nice. I did learn a few things about working with epoxy pool paint. 1 - Plan your work and work your plan. Have a good idea of what the coverage is for a full gallon of paint. That stuff is expensive and once it is mixed it has to be used or thrown away. 2 - If you get near the end of job and you have a little of that expensive paint left, be creative with the plan and maybe you can use up that last little bit. 3 - There is an art to getting out of a pool if you paint yourself into a corner, even if the pool is only three feet deep. 4 - Epoxy paint is REALLY hard to get off the bottom of your feet. 5 - You can grab one of your wife's not so new T-shirts out of the laundry basket and use lacquer thinner to clean your feet. Who would have guessed it was one of her favorites. 6 - After the lacquer thinner you can use that soap that has the small volcanic grit in it. In the USA they call it "Lava Hand Soap". I have no idea what it is called here, it was what I found at the outside sink. That soap is just amazing, almost like sandpaper, and it will "grind off" anything that the lacquer thinner missed. 7 - If you accidentally step in some more epoxy after following steps 5 and 6 above, and you decide to repeat step number 5 . . . you are in for a world of hurt. Remember how the soap "ground away" that last little bit of paint? I think it may take a little skin at the same time. If you think you "can just tough it out" and still move on to step 6 you may be dumber than a box of rocks. Just don't do it! 8 - If the bottom of one foot is kind of a splotchy blue color, keep both feet on the ground at all times and no one will ever notice.
  12. Wow, beautiful work! I did some research and reading on CITES. The vast majority of the treaty is designed to prevent the import/export of endangered animals, insects, fish, and other sea life. With respect to "Flora" everything that refers to trees "appears" to me to relate to "logs, sawed woods, extracts, chips, etc" . The primary purpose to prevent the excess import/export logs and/or lumber of certain exotic hardwoods. I don't think you will have the slightest problem with bringing in your guitar. Could be quite the opposite, I bet it will attract a lot of admiration and positive response from any inspection. Also I think inspectors will be looking for animals, sea shells, etc. As long as you don't have a leather back baby turtle in your pocket you should be fine. Here is the link to the CITES treaty. Like most government attempts to regulate it is long, verbose, boring, and contains language that only lawyers and politicians seem to prefer. Read at your own risk. https://cites.org/eng/disc/text.php
  13. I would say pump boats are not slow, but not really fast. I guess you could say they were "half fassed". Did I spell that right?
  14. I had to read it carefully a second time to determine if the victim was male or female. After a third reading I have decided the victim was female but the police inspector thought the victim was male.
  15. S & R is very much like Walmart. Membership fee, warehouse style buildings, volume packaging, low prices, etc. I would be surprised if Walmart chose to go head-to-head with S & R since they are already established and it is basically the same business model. Funny story. My wife had only been in the USA a few weeks and had taken the bus to Walmart while I was at work. At dinner my wife ask, in a serious voice; "Why do all the fat people shop at Walmart?"