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  1. Religious Humor

    In the Philippines it would probably be better to ask for a politician and a traffic cop.
  2. Early Xmas Birds

    My four year old nephew told my wife; "Mommy, I want to go to America to see snow!"
  3. It definitely does not happen here in Moalboal. If anyone wants "fresh" beef they go to the wet market on Sunday. The animal is slaughtered early that morning and sold out by early afternoon. There is a small firm here that caters to the local restaurants that serve tourists who come to scuba and snorkel. They sell flash frozen beef from the USA. Expensive but worth it for the occasional treat and that is what I buy when the urge hits.
  4. Filipino driving licence.

    I was very careful not to mention what gauge of shell.
  5. Filipino driving licence.

    Your experience was quite a bit more involved than mine three years ago. I am sitting at a desk in front of the doctor who has my form in front of her. The BP pressure gauge is on the table and the eye chart is about 8 feet away. Dr - "Do you know your blood pressure?" Me - "No" (and I put our my arm) Dr - "Is it normal?" Me - "I guess it is." Dr - "Is it 120 over 70?" Me - The light is beginning to dawn, and I say "Yes it is" Dr - Writes 120/70 on the medical form. Dr - "Can you read the eye chart?" Me - "Yes" (I am on a roll now) Dr - Writes 20/20 each eye on the form. Dr - "Can you see colors?" Me - "Yes" (big smile) Dr - Writes "normal" for color vision and signs the form and tells me the fee. It was a real relief to find a government agency that knew how to streamline the work flow and make the system more efficient. Now if they would just make those urine sample jars larger and replace the burned out bulb in the CR it would be even better. That jar is about the size of a shotgun shell and kind of hard to hit in the dark.
  6. Closed for Lunch

    I went to the mall here in Moalboal to buy a paint roller and tray. It was just after 12:00 noon when I arrived. Inside the mall are 10 little fast food areas/booths where you can sit down and grab a bite to eat. Four of the 10 had their lights off and a sign on the counter "Out for Lunch". Were these folks sleeping during the "Marketing 101" class?
  7. Browned off

    If your wife is Filipina your best bet is to apply for a 13A visa, "Foreigner married to a Philippine citizen". When you and your wife arrive, have your marriage license with you, and and ask for a Balikbayan "BB" entry stamp in your passport. You will be good for one year without any requirements for a visa. Use this time to apply for the 13A. If your year runs out prior to getting the permanent 13A, you will need to get a visitor visa until such time as the final 13A is approved. You can do a search for 13A Visa to find lots of posts about the actual process.
  8. Love is blind they say

    Real whales are never seen in public wearing "tavern jackets".

    About two years ago I was driving south on the National Highway going from Cebu City to Moalboal. I came around a corner and almost messed my pants when I had to jump on the brake. The highway is only one lane in each direction. In my lane is a tent like canopy that takes up the entire lane. Under cover is a table and about 1/2 dozen chairs. Someone has died and they have set up on the highway for the seven day wake! They are drinking, playing cards, etc. As even the locals say; "Only in Da Philippines".
  10. Fat Maid

    My wife tells me the difference between feast and famine in the Philippines depends on who is buying the food.
  11. Start of a new trend I hope not

    I do hope that this was an attempt at humor.
  12. Cheap Cebu Condo wanted

    Or maybe something like this?
  13. Filipino food in PNW

    If you end up in Yakima on a weekend, try the Farmer's Market down town. They have a booth that serves up authentic Philippine food. Pancit, lumpia, bbq skewers, adobo, etc. My wife and I would have lunch there a couple of times a month. We have lived here now for four years so even the Farmer's Market may be history, but still worth a look. It was also a great place to buy fresh fruit and vegetables.
  14. Or you could mount this bad boy security camera on your compound fence. Guarantied to make the criminals think twice and the Christmas carolers to try the houses on the next block over.
  15. Balikbayan Box Major Rule Changes

    The PDF was too large to post as a document, but here is the link to the new regulation. http://customs.gov.ph/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/CMO-04-2017.pdf