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  1. WOW just WOW, James. A true work of art, and nautical engineering. Just curious, but did I miss the narrative on the anchor? Hereabouts the boat anchors are usually fashioned out of 1/4 inch rebar - grappling hook style. No beauty at all, but effective when beaching. Bow to the beach, stern secured with anchor seawards. What about the paddle(s)? The natives here can fashion paddles out of one piece of board. A work of art. Paddles are good for pushing off, and for maneuvring at sea while fishing. And of course, useful at sea when the B&S gets into a tampo. Best wishes for your trial run.
  2. A Coming Of Age ( Debut)

    Jack, from my observations in the few years I have been here, Debuts here are really big deal for those with the wherewithal, and friendly with the bank manager. For those without it's just 'Happy Birthday'. I would suggest (a) keep the language and message simple, adoring, no subtlety, no innuendo. One or two Pilipino words only in the right place might impress, but be sure you get pronunciation absolutely correct, or the gathering might hear something not intended. Pilipinos love irony. You could try: "when we first met.......and now look at her" type of message. Your daughter's reaction will be a good indicator of how well it went over. OR (b) perhaps you might have an appointment which you can't miss on another island far far away. AND It will be fun to read of your account of the 'bash' in fine detail.
  3. James, are you adding a cutwater on the foredeck, or is it not necessary?
  4. Bloke

    In Australian vernacular "shiela" is a woman - same as a "bloke" is a man. Often used 50 years ago, but the influence of American movies changed that. They were later referred to as "dames" and more latterly "chicks". Geeez, you young turks make me feel ancient.
  5. Where in the USA is Sweden or Norway? Are they near Australia?
  6. Sending Money Here(To Ones Self)

    Paul QLD , Thanks for the update.
  7. Sending Money Here(To Ones Self)

    Currently I use WU to send funds to myself from Australia to Phils. BUT WU needs my Credit Card / or Debit Card authorisation to send the funds. When my Credit Card (Visa) expires in May this year, I will need to use Debit Card, which expires in November this year. It's my understanding that Credit Cards are not actually re-newed but replaced, i.e. a new number issued which then needs to be activated once card is received. Therefore I cannot use the old card for WU transactions. I assume World remit, Orbit, and others would have same requirements to authorise transfers. I know that my Bank will transfer funds, but the minimum charge is so exorbitant, it is not worth considering. Or is my information out of date now?
  8. What? No masonry walls nearby? Is it too late to build 'portable' walls to place nearby? Are the stores really 'out of stock,po'? Huge oversight by event planners. :unsure:
  9. Dodging Christmas Gift Giving

    Last week we had 'carollers' singing at the gate. Only two and a guitar. Why do people think that strumming a guitar gives them a great singing voice? Cook caught me giving them 5p each to go away. Got reprimanded for that, and next day she bought a pack of candy. No pesos for carollers. "Each piece of candy is worth 1p. Give them that and they won't be back". Well the carollers were back that night. Gave them a handful of candy, and have never seen them since. Others have come to the gate, got the same reward, and its been quiet now for a week. Word gets around, eh? It's so much more fun in da pilippines. Now I need to head my head around the Christmas Day Rituals, Got a bottle of Red Horse left, that should help.
  10. The last three times I extended my Visa (9a) in the local field office, my friendly ACO advised not to be late extending. I never am - always one or two weeks in advance. But each time, I left the office with the impression that there is a deeper message in her words - a foretelling?.
  11. For me it's not the heat, although bad enough, it's the HUMIDITY. But still more fun in da pilipinnes! -- Government guaranteed.
  12. Many more to go yet, Pittman. All this activity stems from the US funded push to reduce world wide human trafficking. We used to call it slavery, but political correctness applies. Child trafficking and/or abuse occurs all over the world in huge numbers. The Philippines is recognised as an ideal base because of the natives' poverty and indifference or reluctance to interfere with neighbours' affairs. Poverty because parents see riches beyond belief in offering their kids to these dens, and engage a 'psychological disconnect' between their activity and their moral and religious beliefs. Yep, church on Sunday as before. Indifference because neighbours notice these activities but regard them as 'not their business'. And who would they report to, anyway. Recent police activity is pushing these cells out into the provinces where it is more difficult to discover them, and where they are somewhat protected by the 'code of silence' and perhaps a little graft. In some provincial cities can be found whole barangays almost saturated with cam-sex dens, not necessarily child abusers, probably because of the better quality of the i'net signal.. Neighbours are aware, but 'not their business'. These are 'dens' run by ordinary women usually, who are so easily found by young single mums when boyfriend or husband quits his familial duties. The income earned takes the place of social security found in other nations, and in many cases the only means of providing for the kids and themselves. These women are unskilled for any legitimate work. In other cases of course they are 'professionals'. These women too have that 'psychological disconnect', where the danger lies in that they could be tempted to involve their kids in these activities for extra money. .Activities, by the way, which they would not engage in, in real life; only in Cyber conditions. Police ( and NGO) activity may reduce child trafficking, but will not eliminate it here. New methods for avoiding observation and 'pseudo legitimising' the business are constantly being tried. Responsibility lies with society being more aware; with government in improving welfare conditions, job creation, better education for the masses etc; and in any nation this will take tremendous effort and commitment and of course re-examination of the national budget. So, as abhorrent as we may find it, child slavery is alive and well right across Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, and the avoidance of detection is getting more and more sophisticated. Sleep well.
  13. Average Filipino Family Income About 20,000 Pesos A Month

    How can this be so ,when 75% of families earned less than 40,000 per annum.
  14. Well in my provincial city, if you don't have two years study in college in any course, you cannot get a job even as sales lady. So I reckon the kids do whatever course they can cope with, achieve at least two years and apply for jobs where they don't get their hands dirty. From the employer's perspective, the course does not matter, any course will do. .And from personal experience, I can attest that even after two years, the bobos are still there, with tuition fees supported by local congressman. I wonder about the future of this nation if these kids ever achieve adulthood, but take heart when I meet the real Pilipino when they come down from the mountain and off the remote islands. But I digress.............. ,
  15. G'day Dave. I am in Calbayog, Samar, and am supporting two kids in their first year college, and one 22 year old in third year college. Tuition fees depend primarily on the number of subject units the kids undertake, but it seems generally that 30 units is reasonable. Reading from the Certificate of Registration I have here in front of me for a course in BATCHELOR OF ELEMENTARY EDUCATION the fees per semester ( half year) stand at 12,190 peso. This is at 'Christ the King College' here, and it is pretty much the same for the boys here studying Criminology at the NWSSU. I don't know if these fees are any different from Manila fees, but I would expect so, being in a 'poorer' province. I do know that the NWSSU here is not reluctant to cancel subjects in a course, probably because they cannot find suitable teachers. The fees are payable at various times; e.g. for this semester on enrolment 1000p (11/12/13), prior to mid-term exam 4140p (11/27/13), at start of second term 4140p (18/12/13), prior to mid-term exams 1454p (29/1/14) and at end of term 1454p(03/26/14). Of course, there are additional fees and charges for various extraneous activities. Interestingly, my kids cannot seem to give me prior warning of these fees, and invariably make their requests for cash at the eleventh hour. Well 11:59 actually. Hope you find the above of some use.