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  1. Figuring out Siargao

    Curious, what type of menu do you have, local meals predominately or some foreign recipes?
  2. This is my fourth revision on the left side, been there done that you could say. This is the last sibling, I said to the wife oh well maybe one of the older kids will soon be my next wedding opportuntiy (currently aged15-18) she said better not be they have study to do (four of the kids in the last six months have all started realising what the opposite sex is all about all at once) LOL
  3. Emma is off to the Philippines

    I'm in the same boat steve, my wife is going home for her younger sister's wedding in November for two weeks, let me know how your bank account goes, Mae has promised me she has more than enough budget for this trip and wont be taking home pasalobog as this came up earlier than expected.
  4. Haha thanks for the support you two! Defintely would have been advantageous to be there when this all occured Jack, but there was a rush on as Mae's youngest sister is getting married next month so they wanted it all done and dusted before that, so the few extra $100 we didnt account for was well worth it looking at the final pics. Annoying thing is I've been in and out of hosipital the last 12 weeks having a hip taken out and replaced 9 weeks later and wont be able to go back for it, Mrs is going alone. Was looking forward to attending my first filipino wedding ... and so has it the groom's family are the local district caterers, can imagine the food now!
  5. All good info, thanks. Update, for now we have decided not to go with the whirlygigs, reason being the ceiling install from the pictures we received didnt leave too much roof cavitiy space, so decided to leave the whirlygigs off for the time being. Hopefully the ceiling alone (plus insulation) has decreased some of the heat .... plus as if I didn't expect it, we ran out of budget. But somehow the initial budget quote blew out to include an entire inside paint job and new floor coverings, luckily this pissed off the mrs and for now she has said "no more money, I'm sick of their demands always". Can someone advise how long will last before she sends more money across?!
  6. Aussie immigration rules for asawa?

    Also make sure you have good quality documentation of your time together, photos in front of landmarks, photos with other members of family, receipts for hotel stays, flights, bus fares etc. Wont hurt to start keeping a brief diary of small events to include in your application.
  7. Hi RBM, I am also wondering if it would make a difference, mainly due to the humidity maybe not as much as here, but for $100 I reckon it is worth a try especially now that the ceiling is being put in. The styrofor is a in ceiling insulation?
  8. Pretty sure it will if we don't provide . .
  9. Labour cost is fantastic in phils - the ceiling install including materials and a few other odd jobs is going to be less then P40K. We could get it done cheaper by using the local barangay labourers, but the quality will be down and the job might takes weeks or months and possibly never be 100% completed. The outside skilled workers should be done in a week or less apparently.
  10. I must be losing it, didn't even think to look for a price guide ... and now that I have, couldn't find it! Mind passing me a link please. I didn't think wind was needed for the non-powered whirligigs. Cant recall seeing mine on the house in AU never rotating, thought the heat from inside the roof made it rotate.
  11. FOREX Currency Trading

    Usually when I place a trade Always Rt it goes the opposite, so I am still losing .
  12. How much were the solar extractors JDDavao? Half looked at them, but think the whirligigs should be good enough.
  13. Aussie immigration rules for asawa?

    Not too sure if you'll get all the info in a good concise format, but this link might be a start. Clicking on the read more in the link gives processing estimates. http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1?SRCHIntent=9811e37b-9ad0-415e-88bc-38b1225b94bf&SRCHQ6=b1d61254-6172-47ac-baaf-f6538fe4597b&SRCHQ7=83113d61-f52c-4d37-8f08-b1dc18a27289&mode=search&sheader=pnlPopularIntent:The+visa+type+I+want+is:Permanent+resident+(PR)~Q6:The+type+of+visa+I+want+is:Partner+or+spouse~Q7:When+they+apply+the+applicant+will+be:Outside+Australia Have fun processing all that info .
  14. Why Bother Yourself With Internet Dating??

    They're are definitely difference in any relationship and adding a cultural difference only exasperates this - don't give up Snowy79, unless of course you decide this is best for you. I said for many years I was not cut out for long term love .... after changing some of my expectations of want I want from a partner (and of myself as well) I am happy. Don't forget, she is still a woman and they are great at annoying men (no offence intended towards the females board members, sure the feeling is mutual . )
  15. When I installed one one my home in rural QLD it made an easy 5-6 degrees difference inside the house and that was pre-insulation. Leaking ... yes, the roof already has leaks and if they don't fix these properly before installing the ceiling, this is going to create a whole new set of problems. Why is it Filipinos think of an outcome first, but not the steps involved of how to get there efficiently. Finding credible information locally in Phils when your in AU is so frustrating, especially when they are not aware of the usefulness of products such as these. Wife said, we don't need, lets just do air conditioning next after ceiling! The blank stare when I said, this plus insulation may alleviate the use of air conditioning completely ... shit they survived on fans this long, dropping 5 or 6 degrees all day long for very little long term outlay can only be a bonus and no increase in electricity costs due to air cond.