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  1. Electrical brownout

    I have a phone charging block that plugs into the mains and it's status LED will stay on for 10 seconds or so after I unplug it. It doesn't take much. Maybe your transformer tripped and some stray voltage was getting through anyway? I would expect that someone would have something plugged in and turned on somewhere that would ground out any stray voltage, Or maybe not it being the Philippines. I usually unplug everything when the power goes out because I expect a surge when it comes back.
  2. PLDT Fibr vs SkyCable Fibr

    Maybe they decided there wouldn't be enough greater profit off you Dave since you already were a customer? They want to lure new customers with the fiber?
  3. The "white nose tax."

    Having watched videos on youtube by some Americans that happen to be black, it seems to run the gamut from ones saying the Filipino is the most discriminating people to those who say they have escaped racism entirely by moving to the Philippines. I tend to fall on the side that if they discriminate against foreigners (not all do by a long shot), I believe they discriminate equally against all foreign race, creed, color and nation of origin, and I'm ok with that, it's their country after all. Unrelated to Dave's question, I had a trike driver want 70 pesos to transport me home 2 km away. I offered 40, and he said no. I just wished him good luck with that business plan and walked home with a grocery sack in each hand. It was just after sunset. I think the trike drivers get a little more predatory after dark. I usually have my own vehicle and that means I rarely have to deal with such nonsense.
  4. Divorce

    Maybe people get married too quickly? Possibly a 20 year trial period before marriage would work.
  5. Bubble Photography

    I figured as much. The dinosaurs at the island never stood a chance.
  6. New house

    I know the feeling. My chiropractors assistant put me on the vibrating roller table once and forgot about me for an hour. She asked why I didn't call out? I told her it was the best visit EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Cost of living part 15 section 4 underscore 11

    I suspect I will spend 350k php including vehicle purchase the first week, possibly 450K the first month. From that point, my guess is only slightly better than anyone else's, I don't think I will have to sleep in the car though.
  8. Cost of living

    I think I see your point. If everything down to the absolute smallest detail, including all air molecules within 5 cm of your left nostril, the cost of moving should probably be considered a downside. I don't think the average reader of this thread is getting that deep into it but would be satisfied if goods, services and accommodations are comparable within a close frame of reference and whether one place or the other costs less to live within that frame of reference. When I leave my house in the morning, the house isn't exactly the same when I return in the evening.
  9. Renting v Owning

    Having been relieved of my home when I was paralyzed and during recovery and not buying another makes it really simple to move to the Philippines. Several times I have heard budding expats saying/praying the house needs/will sell and it sometimes takes several months or years. Then too there was one fellow who planned to have a house both countries and he figured he needed 15K USD a month and was worried about running out of money. He said he refused to sell but I think it was more like he was afraid to take a beating on the sale. A big ticket item can own you as much as you own it.
  10. Cost of living

    If it was cheaper? This is a cost of living thread after all?
  11. Cost of living

    Coca Cola is my preferred poison and I find the best value is the glass, liter returnable bottle. it seems to have more caffein than most local coffee and a truckload of sugar which is bad for you but if you are staying up really late for you so you can communicate overseas, it does the trick for me.
  12. Hurricane Irma Looks VERY Bad

    I hope so too but they get pretty big. No telling what speed the edges are but I bet they aren't 185mph. Maybe the better monitoring equipment makes them look bigger? Or possibly a full size Andrew wouldn't fit in the picture?
  13. Hurricane Irma Looks VERY Bad

    Mike, quite understandable. Hope everything turns out ok. I remember some good storms from when I lived in Land O' Lakes in Pascal county. I happen to know a guy who was knocked unconscious from a windborne Palmetto bug, it's no laughing matter. I hope the pet weathers the storm. Best wishes go with you.
  14. Hurricane Irma Looks VERY Bad

    Well, actually I was commenting on the people stripping the stores bare. It didn't have to be about you, but take it however you like. [edit] This got me to thinking, if you thought I was impugning you here, you yourself say"Did I say it had to be bottled water?" which I assure you you did not, but now you think I was trying to say you did say it? I wonder what made you jump to that conclusion? I wonder what other conclusions you have jumped to? Seems your impression of me is set now and there is no help for it. I will try to bear that in mind and be more clear in the future.
  15. Cost of living

    Still too much variable unless you live the exact lifestyle, accommodations and all.