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  1. It's the Philippines, you can have the beer delivered to the hospital room.
  2. Batangas isn't really the province, it's a shipping hub. I expect you would get about the same in Puerto Galera or Calapan, both of which are also shipping hubs.
  3. I don't sing the anthem but I would stand for it when it was played in a theater. I would even invite Filipinos to stand with me...after all, it's their country and anthem?
  4. David, you are a good sort! I might have given him enough for a Redhorse Grande. The ones that hit me generally bugger off because they have no license, registration, insurance, lights...brakes and so on.
  5. Hit and miss is a very kind description in my opinion. There are coverage maps online for LTE and 3G broadband coverage which I consider a necessary backup to anything else you might use. There are coverage maps for broadband online but as anyone could have guessed the better speeds/connection follow main highway corridors and can be found in business/hospital districts. I hope to find someplace on the Highway corridor and broadband can be my only connection because in my opinion, broadband is the most reliable connection in the Philippines because the companies will fix a cell tower [because of zero revenue until they do] as soon as possible whereas cable might not be in such a rush [let's not be hasty here and consider all the ramifications and make a mature and "profitable" decision] for various reasons, they have you under contract, they are actually making more money every day service is out because they don't have to buy blocks of bandwidth for you to use and so forth. Same goes if you need a router and it's sorry, no stock sir, but they can order it and have it in a mere 2-3 weeks. There is no substitute for boots on the ground when it comes to cable. Find out what people have in the prospective area and don't automatically assume they will connect you too, as they might have been filled to capacity and turning away people for months rather than run another line. Once you have confirmed what everyone is using and find it works well enough, then I would go to the office to make sure they will connect you. From what I understand, some condos were wired by a supplier and there is no choice of provider because a single company literally owns the wires. If they are the slowest, most expensive service in town...well, it is what it is.
  6. I think that is where Dr. Google comes in. I know a girl who had leprosy and she went to the doctor and he prescribed the second best antibiotic for treating leprosy, not only the second best, the antibiotic he did prescribe was only to be used in conjunction with a second antibiotic as the one prescribed alone on had a 70% chance of curing while if used with the second antibiotic it was 100% effective. The problem is the doctor didn't prescribe the second antibiotic to go with the first! I cut to the chase and I bought her the #1 antibiotic as recommended by the World Health Organization on line and she was better in days.
  7. Does Tanduay count? I brought a large size buy one get one equivalent to Immodium AD, vitamin C 500mg 500 count bottle. largest bottle of 325mg aspirin I could get. Needing some nasal drops or saline spray and seeing the prices, I bought a little plant sprayer and a bottle of Tanduay for a touch of what started as nasal bronchitis. Don't mix it too strong spraying it up your nose and you can breathe it into your lungs also. It seemed to knock about 10 days off the recovery time from the first bout. GF gave me scabies that she got from her boy. I bought out the pharmacy of permethryn to treat everyone in her house and myself. They couldn't seem to use it properly although I explained at length and multiple times. So even though I got rid of the infestation, I got reinfected. Luckily her sister decided to split us up anyway because it wasn't enough I gave her money for school, she wanted money to go out and party, and I refused. I googled the second best treatment for scabies and bought some Malathion which is basically fruit fly pesticide in the US and for 165 pesos for 1L I had enough to treat/cure a fair sized village. One of the most important things in my Philippine medkit is Dr. Google.
  8. This could be a topic all it's own. So much information can pass with the nod.
  9. I agree, if it works for him. I can even see the appeal if he is an outdoorsman passionate about fishing and hunting or just someone who highly values the safety net.
  10. What duress? You need to explain that. You are using a legal term, are you a lawyer giving legal advise? If you are certain the police are going to be impartial? You can go ahead and do that. I am under no such delusion. You really should read Gary D's post, and Scott's post above. Do you really believe that the police will improve your position? I believe it is equally likely that the police could become witnesses against you, because the one with the most money pays whether it is his fault or not? I won't include multiple recounts of people advising you to settle on the spot [one because they run a Philippines based business and I know how the forum feels about free advertising] and multiple more from youtube because it's easily searchable. If you really believe you need to go to jail until you have paid, I believe you should be in jail also. Does that make you feel better?
  11. I hope so...For her sake! Actually not married but for when the time comes.
  12. The way some people feel about snakes, it might not have had to be poisonous.
  13. I hope it works out for you. Electronics do have a burn in period in which they either settle down or fail. In my experience it has been closer to 90 days, but that was with higher quality components.
  14. No experience with that particular brand, but.... There is always a but. I have noticed that it doesn't pay to buy non name brand big screens. I've seen too many of them develop a dead pixel in the middle 1/3 of the screen and it renders them annoying to watch. I'd rather watch a name brand 40 inch than an off brand 65 inch with a dead pixel.
  15. There are not a great many high speed roads in the the Philippines and while minor accidents appear to be common, the major accidents appear to involve buses and commercial trucks or someone driving off a mountain. I intend to get the cheap insurance that is just enough to get registration when I buy a vehicle, and yield to larger vehicles at all time. Might makes right on the road in the Philippines. Body work for a car is relatively cheap in the Philippines if you shop around. If you survive a bad accident, good health insurance will probably be more important than good car insurance, in my opinion. If you are involved in an accident and you are, or may be at fault, settle it on the spot if the other person is amenable. If they are NOT amenable, call the police and give them your insurance information and bless them and wish them luck dealing with the insurance company. An SUV with a ladder type frame, basically any design that started out as a light truck, is a difficult vehicle to get killed in at 60 KPH. An Asia standard car you could easily be killed at those speeds due to thinness or lack of steel. I'm going to buy a new van when I come back but my mind would be more at ease in a toyota surf/fortuner or nissan terrano. I will just let a few dings and scratches accumulate and put the van in the shop when they get to be too much. It's not all bad to have a vehicle that has what I call Road Cred, a dent or ding or two that shows you will not do absolutely anything to protect your paint. My Toyota Tamaraw FX newly painted seemed to be a magnet for being hit, my M-35 Willys Jeep was never hit because nobody wanted to take the chance of hitting it. I was driving my friends nice looking car for a few days and got rear ended by a trike and a kid on a motorcycle. The trike probably had no brakes and that was his normal way of stopping. The kid was just young and stupid and the road wet. Neither accident did any damage to the car but the kids front wheel really needed to be straightened and the spokes re-laced. This is what it looked like to me from driving quite a bit over a year. I'm willing to take a bit of a calculated risk in buying a van instead of an SUV but it isn't a cabover design and there are the wheels and significant structure in front before passengers would be effected. Those multicab cab-over designs are awesome in their turning radius but there is only a few inches of sheet metal and plastic in the front, nothing structural, between a person's legs and destruction. Happy motoring!