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  1. A burning question

    From the title I was thinking, see a medical professional fast! There is burning and burning. Plastic and so forth is bad, although I'd like to see the random bags and bottles gone. I have friends who cook meals over fire, the rice is cooked burning downed palm fronds, scrap wood, scrap paper and their little slice of property has a park like ambiance compared to the close by neighbors. The odor of what they burn isn't terribly objectionable and I can appreciate the waste not, want not attitude. When it turns to mixed trash, I certainly agree with you.
  2. Tax Included on New Car Prices?

    Thanks. Looks like the tax increase has not moved the price that far in the sub million non luxury/sports car market. That's a to me observation, I understand it might look different to a Filipino if it were 6 months wages.
  3. After hearing so much about the new tax rates for car sales, I was wondering if the advertised prices were still all inclusive of tax?
  4. Any Mini-Cooper Fans Out There?

    Minis are fine but you have to keep up the maintenance if you are going to keep it and some of it can be involved, like walnut shell blasting the valves to remove carbon build-up.
  5. Back up Generator

    If your power is really crap where you will be, consider a water cooled generator. Air cooled are efficient, for their weight, efficient for the cost of their engine but they are not efficient at KW per X amount of fuel. Water cooled are also much quieter. Not likely to walk off either. LPG would be my fuel of choice for low maintenance, no gummed up carburetors for the truly lazy who doesn't want to drain carbs after use or clean carburetors because they didn't. I should add that water cooled generator is a significant investment but if you use it a lot, it could be a smart move. Where my apartment is, we once had a 3 day power outage, we ate everything in the freezer over 3 days and I was considering going to a hotel, then the power came back on. Most of the power outages have been an hour or less or scheduled all day. Not really worth getting a generator while I can charge things up in the car or get a room in the city for 1k php a night.
  6. Mitsubushi L300

    Ouch! Bad things happen to good people.
  7. Buy or Rent?

    Finding a nice property to rent can be a pain, anywhere. Good luck.
  8. Budget help

    No secret that rents are cheaper away from the city. It's pretty cheap to hop on an aircon bus if you really want to be in Cebu city for the day. It's not one size fits all, what works very well for me may not work for you at all and vise versa. Be cautious finding a condo to live in because you may not be able to get services at all. There is a guy on youtube who moved into a 30k php a month condo. The cable company owns the wires in the building because they paid for them during construction. They are not accepting new customers....and no other service can use their wires. He bought a Globe rechargeable pocket wifi and a Smart wifi that plugs into the wall for about 2mbps internet. That would work fine for me, generally I just tether to a phone but it doesn't work for everyone. Don't just ask who has service for the building, make sure they are taking new customers.
  9. Real Dairy ( Cow ) Milk

    I have started drinking the Selecta in the box. If you are used to drinking milk from plastic containers it will taste funny, but it does closely resemble the milk from the wax paper carton when I was a kid.
  10. cell phone on holiday

    I find a dual sim phone useful because Smart is best where I live [tower a bowshot away] but Globe is better in the city. Globe has the best deal on data for heavy downloads [pay as you go 5php per 15 minute segment] so I can download a couple of 8GB games [16GB total] for about 50php if I lug my laptop to town. Actually my local Robinsons wifi would let me do it for free but I don't want to be a glutton and abuse their hospitality.
  11. Mitsubushi L300

    Nope, it's the same old reliable 4D56 engine. For the OP buying used, find out about the timing belt having been changed or count on changing it immediately. The 4D56 is an interference engine and can bend every single valve if the timing belt slips. If the belt broke cleanly it would only wipe out about 1/4 of the valves. As Dave said, for the cost, new would appear the way to go if at all possible.
  12. Western union

    Your availability remarks are too true. On the other hand my local SM gives such a high rate on the exchange, I let them convert it and pay in pesos on the spot. I think they are squeezing the other money changers on the rate.
  13. Western union

    I do with WU every couple months, from my US checking account to agent location. The trick with WU is log in in the country where your money is which in our case is USA. If it asks to track me, I deny it. It still goes through, no sense getting them confused.
  14. All told, renewing my drivers license in Naga Bicol took about 3 hours from arrival, medical screening sans drug test. It seemed helpful that I knew my blood type and they took my word for it. I walked out with plastic good for 5 years.
  15. Electrical brownout

    I have a phone charging block that plugs into the mains and it's status LED will stay on for 10 seconds or so after I unplug it. It doesn't take much. Maybe your transformer tripped and some stray voltage was getting through anyway? I would expect that someone would have something plugged in and turned on somewhere that would ground out any stray voltage, Or maybe not it being the Philippines. I usually unplug everything when the power goes out because I expect a surge when it comes back.