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  1. Almost there, I think you have a good topic here and it deserves it's own thread. Ironic that it is directly under JGF's post about starting new threads for different topics. My impression from passing through Baise a few times was that it was cleaner, less crowded and less traffic than Dumaguete. I would describe it as more of a sleepy little burg not unlike what I'm looking for but I want a larger city than Dumaguete at about the same proximity for when I need what you need a city to find.
  2. I used to put mothballs by the doors, where electric cords touched the floor, in trash cans ect. Seems to repel them pretty well.
  3. They don't trust us so they hold the funds for weeks after the money comes out of the account so I think the first attempt would fail.
  4. I kill fire ants with gas. Put some gas in a spray bottle and lightly mist over their hive. Do not light it as that will draw the fumes up and it's the fumes that will sink in and kill the hive. It only takes a tiny amount, I have killed hives without killing the grass that grew up out of it.
  5. Elevation and drainage are very important as said in the post above. Cebu City suffered a drought last year and many people just had a trickle of water for a couple hours a day. The price of plastic barrels to store the water skyrocketed. Do lots of homework and as Dave says, don't rent sight unseen.
  6. If I can get a RT ticket with return 11 months out for $150 USD I get it. I consider it cheap insurance against the future and I have used it once! One way from Philippines to the US is not a cheap flight. That said: I like the Expedia or ticket renting ploy but we are talking a 20 to 28 hour trip in total and I just don't get the secure, warm, fuzzy feeling racing the clock to get through immigration before I have to cancel the ticket or have it expire.
  7. All protein powder that I saw in the Philippines would break the bank. The stuff isn't as cheap as it used to be in the US either, all foodstuffs have gone up.
  8. Any office could give you the ECC if you had been in the country 6 months but less than one year, is what I was told but Bacolod doesn't have ECC listed. Dumaguete BI made it clear to me that if I had been in the country for more than 12 months I would have to go to a larger office, this was August 2015. Your second link does not say the Bacolod office issues ECC at all. I would feel more secure in the knowledge if your first link mentioned anything about more than one year but Immigration has been easing up. For me it is still inconclusive and I would make more inquiry until I was completely certain. Not like BI has never omitted something and not having the correct answer could be expensive and ruin your week. But you could be right
  9. You can just mix it with sugar, or peanut butter as mentioned above. As long as it's mixed with something they really want, I don't think you can go wrong.
  10. I believe he will. Once you convert from the BB it is like you have been a tourist for a year already and counts against the 3 years you can stay on tourist visa. I think the important facts will be... in the country more than 6 months and on tourist visa. Also more than... 1 year and unable to get ECC at the airport. I believe he will have to travel to a major BI center ie Cebu or Manila ect to get the exit clearance within 30 days of departure.
  11. Has anyone said, Eenee, Meenee, Minee, Moe yet?
  12. I doubt immigration is going to have many wood experts.
  13. I believe Jake had a typo and meant Thermite. Personally I would have went full conventional and AIMED for the chemical weapons. It's on their military base after all.
  14. Lonewolf, I believe your wife became an American citizen, I believe she could apply for and get a Philippine passport so you could qualify for the Balikbayan visa waiver of one year. Probably involve some travel to a Philippine embassy though, which are few and scattered in the US.
  15. Short story in Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles, "The Blue Bottle" the blue bottle could give you whatever you wanted but everyone who got their hands on it disappeared, until a drunk got it and it was full of whiskey. I think there was a moral in there somewhere about people asking too much.