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  1. I wanted to buy new, now I will buy used, just to get a plate. Path of least resistance. I believe this is going to cost the economy. My million peso purchase may not matter but I can't believe I'm alone in this.
  2. Cooking issues that maybe there is a solution to ?

    The best meals I have had in the Philippines are home cooked. The most important thing is that whoever does the cooking needs to give a damn and many don't. I may not find the ingredients I want but I will find something that I can make that is more than just something to fill the hole.
  3. Service With A Grunt

    I imagine the guy on the street can counterfeit you any kind of stamp you want.
  4. Actually, I could see you getting married then reporting the change of status for the ACR card and have that breeze right by easily explained as a clerical error. I would see a stack of immigration report forms saying your status is divorced would be more problematical, if you have been in the Philippines for some time. You could only stretch a clerical error so far.
  5. There is the other matter I hesitated to bring up. She may have been with you when the children were conceived in a sense but kilometers away. Mother is an observation, father is an opinion without a DNA test. Many places it is actually the womans husband who is responsible for your children...until it's proven they are yours. I don't think the OP need worry about the state coming after child support unless the annulment proceeding succeeded. Therefore, the purse strings would still be firmly in his own hands, legally. Just an opinion.
  6. Philippines - one month later

    Dealers like to service things to death ....when they actually perform the services they claim, which in my experience isn't TOO often. I used to mark things with chalk in an inconspicuous place to see if they actually even touched something they are charging me for checking.
  7. Early Xmas Birds

    Which dollar? The USD is way up?
  8. UK Beef back in the Philippines

    Beef can be tenderized with electricity.
  9. Walk, hell! Run. Leave no forwarding address. I'm all in favor of people taking care of their kids but your kids are probably off with extended family while your ex is trying to land the next sucker and little to nothing you send is going to reach them. You are finished. If you could find her husband, he might could help you out. Kids would be pretty solid evidence of adultery if you needed leverage. Of course if you start playing by their rules, they might jump to assassins on a motorcycle, be aware. As for the embassy? What did you expect them to do? Loan you money? Personally I think the embassy should let you use the phone to call someone, friend or family to bail you out. The other activities I would endorse are registration of birth abroad and making sure you get due process under the local laws and that your human rights aren't violated. US laws don't apply in the Philippines, any redress you find will be under Philippine law and you should have been aware of that before you entered the Philippines. Not that I don't have sympathy but this is a life lesson you paid full price for and I don't want to cheat you out of the full effect. I hope things get better for you. I'm glad you came here for advise. I wish you had come before things got really bad. There are probably several members who have been where you are and if I were you, I would listen to how they snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, victory defined as living a good life from the point of disaster, on. Welcome to the forum.
  10. Mini trip report

    Wow, all that empty concrete and nobody drying rice on it! I am getting closer to having seen everything now.
  11. Holidays, vacations

    Dave you weren't totally wrong, maybe I should have said perpetual vegetative state instead of dead. The fact is Amtrak passes through many towns and cities but doesn't stop, not even a whistle stop to let passengers off. If you don't live near the train station you might have to take a bus to get to a train station to board a train that passes through your town on it's way to your destination. Trains used to service small town s, now they don't carry passengers from good sized cities in many places. https://www.amtrak.com/find-train-bus-stations-train-routes
  12. Holidays, vacations

    Dave, just because there are a few routes still running? Even dead bodies will twich a few times. With more than 30 train routes throughout the United States, and some in Canada, Amtrak travels to over 500 destinations in 46 states, giving you the best views North America has to offer. Whether you want to visit big cities, small towns or places you can only see by rail, Amtrak can take you there. Big whoopti. I mean 500 destinations out of, how about the tens if not hundreds of thousands?
  13. Power Boats

    Might be fun if you could rent one. I doubt I would want to own one though.
  14. Holidays, vacations

    Sadly, long distance passenger rail is dead in the US. Thank you for the link!
  15. Holidays, vacations

    I used to love a program about great railway journeys. It was rather what you see is what you get, but it was from 25-30 years ago.