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  1. After annulment can my Filipino gf remarry

    Yes off topic as the OP is English. I think we both diverged as this thread is about annulment. I have no idea of the pension laws there, you may. You may also have knowledge about my wealth or lack of it, well done with your supposition, my reasons for moving to PH are clearly stated in many posts if you care to research Clermont. Simply I have a family in PH and none in OZ. I can retire very comfortably in PH now or work another 5 or 10 years in OZ. a no brainer at 58. The grouchy face can be interpreted in many ways, (I am a dumb blond) perhaps a new thread related to your ideas is in order on pensions and lifestyles in a particular country, say Australia? Cheers, Steve.
  2. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=14&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjOoezZ74vYAhVGWrwKHQNDAJYQFghqMA0&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.goodreads.com%2Fquotes%2F1284197-sarcasm-is-the-lowest-form-of-wit-but-the-highest&usg=AOvVaw3VMshVTpQZJgpdetHqqn2q Apparently guilty as charged. Cheers, Steve.
  3. JGF is correct with exchanging money once you land. Ain't going to happen so before you depart go to your banker/money changer in your home country and get minimum PHP 10K, your 59 day visa waiver with immi will cost you about PHP2.5 K. BTW PHP 10K won't last long once in your hotel. For me the pay at airport extension saves a trip to Intromouros or your local BI office after 29 days to meet the 30 day free visa when staying longer. This gives you nearly two months to consider your options. Good luck and enjoy, It's more fun in the Philippines. Cheers, Steve. P.S. We are there once sometimes twice annually and always return to OZ with 10 to 20K ready for the next arrival.
  4. Welcome to this forum Northern Lights, plenty of info and input from members as well as the BI sites. Congratulations on your marriage and I am sure we all wish you well and that you both prosper. Cheers, Steve.
  5. PhilHealth rate increase for foreigners

    That was long winded mate. Cheers, Steve.
  6. After annulment can my Filipino gf remarry

    Laws are set in motion to protect the country and the inhabitants no matter the country, why should my "working in Australia partner be entitled to a full pension if only working here for 5 years? I have worked and paid copious amounts of tax for over 40 years and will never receive a pension as I worked and saved to have a better life, wrong to me yes as my taxes seem to support a glutenous government and too many loafers. My better half secured the right to work with his temporary residency and has secured his position with permanent employment and with permanent residency the right to claim a partial pension, to what? Something he or I will never see, the available bucks within industry and private enterprise outweigh social welfare for the astute. Forget a pension in Oz unless you wish to live like a pauper. Cheers, Steve.
  7. Bluesmart Suitcase

    Scapegoat? Cheers, Steve.
  8. A Door in the Sky

    Saw this on FB the other day. Balls definitely, thanks for sharing. Cheers, Steve.
  9. There in lies the answer and to reiterate do your research both internally and externally. I have worked in PH twice and was paid in US bucks (tax free) to my Aussie bank account no different to GBP or Euro's in other countries. My obligations are to report external incomes and pay the taxes accordingly within my own country, tax treaties certainly come into play as well as duration of (employment/consultancy). Your circumstances may be different, perhaps an account in a tax removed country, who knows. Cheers, Steve.
  10. One foot at a time.....

    "Lame" https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Lame Or perhaps legless as happens. Cheers, Steve.
  11. Welcome to the forum SunChaser, hope you find what you are looking for. Legalities dictate who you will/should pay taxes to and written in black and white no matter the country, do your research well, due diligence etc. Risk factor? Your question appears open ended and as a "consultant" should know the answers. As JGF stated don't be posting links that you are perhaps trying to sell or perhaps naively added, you hit the wrong market if that was your aim and if you read this forum will be met with scepticism and no easy sales. If perhaps you are genuine and offer realistic valuable info from personal experiences to the members do the yards on this and I can assure you other sites, earn your merit then there may be a different reaction. Sorry to be sceptical but your initial post smacks of phishing. Hope my views are not out of line moderators, OMO. Cheers, Steve.
  12. I Need A Good Domestic Helper

    Ditto Ron. Cheers, Steve.
  13. I Need A Good Domestic Helper

    Yes we can be, as said educate early. Cheers, Steve.