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  1. Thanks very much Jamie for sharing your knowledge and time not only on the Webinar but also on this forum. Definitely a lot to take in that's for sure and plenty of things to think about, it was difficult to grasp the logic with some of the Filipino laws relating to ones demise so I may also flick you a private msg relating our situation and see what you think and which path you recommend if that's ok. Again thanks for your teachings. Cheers, Steve.
  2. "Everything has a "sell by" date these days" LOL, that probably means me too but hope not. Good info Dave. Cheers, Steve.
  3. As said this happened to me only once but after talking to my better half about it there appears to be some trepidation as to the reliability of these ATM's according to him and his friends experiences in PH. (No banks named in particular) While I personally have only made 60? 80? 100 withdrawals from ATM's in PH and only one bad experience I have used ATM's in Oz and many other countries hundreds if not thousands of times since the inception of these wonderful (job cutting) machines and never had a problem,,,,,,,,until. On the other hand they are fantastic, remember the days when you had to race to the bank before closing to draw out money, stand in the queue etc. so you had enough cash for the weekend or buy that special thing that you didn't want to put on your credit card if you had one back then, the shopping on Saturday morning required cash (in God we trust, all others cash). Times have changed in banking in my opinion for the better, ATM's, telephone banking and internet banking save so much time and frustration. For me a once off with a dud machine, while frustrating it's minimal in the scheme of things, an hour or two lost and a little anxiety but I got to interact with the nice bank staff. Saying this, if it happened frequently I would consult our friend google, find out which were the reliable banks with ATM's. For us after research years ago we picked BDO and while difficult for us to set accounts up (I was a terrorist with only an ACR1, some power/water bills, a permanent address, passport and visa) was worth the fight/experience and to date this bank has been good. Cheers, Steve.
  4. TY kind Sir. Cheers, Steve.
  5. My bad JGF, looks like I was trying to quote a "quote", should have just copied and pasted. Cheers, Steve.
  6. We certainly have but other things dictate our lives at the moment, as said after we settle into our new home in a couple of years Vietnam is a priority, cheaper also to fly from the Philippines. Hope to catch up for a beer one day. Cheers, Steve.
  7. I think there are a few problems in the system with this thread, can't quote a topic. Regardless I will go on and hope it ends up in the system. I have absolutely no knowledge of Cebu but Manila yes, relative? Also yes given large cities. 4 or 5 years ago I temporarily moved to Manila for 12 months, Bengie my better half worked for PNR based in Tondo, yes bad area but that is where PNR headquarters are based, where he worked, we looked in and around Makati and while affordable meant travel times for my better half quadrupled, 60 to 80K per month was not an issue, we decided to look closer to his work, (all this was done on the internet) boots on the ground came later. Celedon park in San Lazaro Santa Cruz came up many times, some 3 Kilometres from his work, good area, opposite a large mall and only 30K for a 3 bed 2 bath condo on the 18th floor with views to Manila bay from the 2 balconies, we looked at others there but were not so good, this one ticked the boxes. We negotiated directly with the owners as this add was found on OLX and offered 25K per month paid for 12 months in advance, 2 months deposit as surety etc. Yes we got our 50K bond back no questions asked. We did all this and many other locations while based in Ermita for a month so I did lots of travelling while Bengie was working. Agents could sell you the world, (Ice to the Eskimos etc) owners sick of agents will negotiate to secure their investments and are generally found on OLX or other like sites, boots on the ground in the end is a must, never purchase/rent a property site unseen, spend time looking at the properties and the area where you may end up stuck for a long time. The same goes for where we purchased, not exactly where we wanted to be initially, but on reflection a far superior property with twice as much land 10 minutes north but one third of the price, a quiet area on the beach surrounded by mansions, worst house in the best street etc. Live where you want, do your research, compromise if needed but don't lose sight of why you want to move to the Philippines and what your aspirations are. Everything is negotiable. Only my opinion. Cheers, Steve
  8. An old post yes, one I only found because another member hit the like button, restart or continue totally up to the powers that be but I found it interesting with some great stories and info, Nephi that must have been an interesting time in your life, brave man. The topic is where to stay, I go along with Queenie O for my choice but as many members point out every ones milage is different. Rent/buy, family, location, affordability/budget, commitment, geographical problems etc. Other members wisely point out in this thread and others that neighbourhoods can change very quickly so renting gives an easier out as opposed to buying. The difficulty for us and others is finding a decent house to rent in the location you want. For us we wanted ocean front, large lot, close to markets, hospitals, very quiet neighbourhood, LOL some travel distance to the 5,000 relatives but not too far. For 3 years we looked at rentals and sales, not one rental even close to what we wanted, plenty for sale, many that suited our needs but with ridiculous prices to boot. We all make our choices both good and bad through life whether personal or financial, thank God we are all individuals and can communicate our experiences. Nephi/readers, where we live in Oz we have Coastal Taipans, King Browns, Browns, Red Bellied Blacks, Roughies etc, scorpions, 200mm Centipedes, large Huntsmen spiders seem find their way into our house from time to time, a rendered brick veneer house with all openings screened, got me how they get in but they do. I am sure we will have many nasties on the beach in La Union as well as Typhoons and possibly Tsunamis the later we hope not, gotta die of something. Cheers, Steve.
  9. Vietnam has been on my bucket list for 7 or 8 years, met many Vietnamese people in Oz over my life and they are wonderful, the food is fantastic as is the culture gleaned from these friends and reading, one day I will get there,,,,,,us now. My world travels stopped 6 years ago when I first went to the Philippines, met my better half and now our travels are consumed by family, friends and property there. I am sure once we move in a couple of years travel will begin again. Until then all others heading that way, enjoy. davewe, are the motorbikes any worse than Thailand or the Philippines? Curious. Cheers, Steve.
  10. Hi Jamie, I tried to register but kept getting error messages that My Phone number was wrong, any ideas? Cheers, Steve.
  11. I'm moving for many reasons Snowy, I see where Australia is going, the retirees battle, cost of living and property prices are out of control, can't really see my 27 and 21 year old children purchasing property now, (when I die probably) I could retire here comfortably but realistically I have to keep working until mid 60's so my super is adequate to keep me in the life I am used to. I know this is off topic but for me I look at the changes here but really focus on the changes and realities in PH. Our family are there, our family are here, for me family in the Philippines has a lot more meaning than in my home country, I rarely see my kids as they live 2,000 odd kilometres away and they are busy with their lives,,,,,,,,, no different to my own life and choices. Retirement is easily achievable now in the Philippines for me, my better half will work, I will be the donkey at home, for all the time I have spent in PH I want more, the people, Filipino time and the mere fact that I can retire there and have a simpler life, family, friends and an affordable lifestyle on the beach that I could not dream to have in Australia unless I could come up with another million bucks. Changes in Manila where we lived 4 or 5 years ago are amazing, the smog is thicker, the taxi drivers are cheekier and yes the prices are rising, the earthquakes seem to have become a weekly or fortnightly norm and between you and I the Mall of Asia or Robinsons in Ermita are no different to any other shopping centre in the world, wet markets are my choice and something we don't see in Oz unless you are in the hub of things,,,,,,,Sydney, Melbourne etc. Where it is so expensive to live, Philippines? Every province has a wet market and affordable food, and realistic property prices, lower cost of living and a great climate including all 20 odd typhoons annually. Personally I am looking forward to the change in countries and watching/learning the changes in my new country, thank God for expat sites. Sorry for the ramble. Cheers, Steve.
  12. Here are all the contacts, call and ask. Good luck and enjoy, jealous but my turn is coming. Cheers, Steve.
  13. Bows, some 4 or 5 years ago I got a 12 month multiple entry visa, AU 140 back then, it gave me 59 days then I had to leave the country and back to get the next 59 days etc. Too hard I as I didn't leave the country but simply went to BI every 57 odd days and played the game. I was there for a year and chose that system thinking I would save money but didn't. I have also done the 59 day visa extension at the airport a couple of times and that works fine if you are only staying for that amount of time, saves going into BI at 27 or 28 days to extend. For me if I was planning longer stay than 59 days I would take the free 30 day and then go to BI and extend 2 months? 6 months? Up to the individuals needs, good luck and enjoy. Cheers, Steve.
  14. Off topic but yes looking fwd to that beer, then we can really bit@h about our home countries and rejoice in the new found land. Cheers, Steve.
  15. Reading about? You are a Canadian living in the Philippines, or so your bio states, you never encountered these problems personally? Nothing different to Canada? I see all of these issues in Australia,,,,,,,tut tut, if in the city we don't hear roosters, my bad. Rhetorical? Somewhat. Regardless we are comparing cheese and chalk. Back on topic, I noticed cigarettes prices have gone up yet again in Australia. fuel prices are the same and they dropped the speed limit from 100 down to 90 clicks on my road, happier to fight the tricycles and Jeepnies doing 40. Cheers, Steve.