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  1. Been there also Snowy and while it hurts and can be frustrating to say the least, as a landlord this is the sh1t we go through but we do it for the returns on our investment, no different to other scenarios and gains or losses. We invest to make money. Cheers Steve.
  2. Philippines - one month later

    Sorry to offend you Jack and that was never my intention, just running with the original post by Ron that had 4 to 5 shared ideas/observations within the initial posted topic and the thread ran with and never deviated from the mans dream (bloody cars) and hate of owning/maintaining ones pride and joy. Hostility? No only questioning and that is what I believe this site is about, I am not asking you to justify what you say only querrying as I have had and still have my conceptions and knowledge not preconceptions with regards to the honesty and integrity within this country (PH) and based on only my lowly experience and observations, obviously seen and expressed/shared by others on this site,,,,,,,,,,, the wife, the family, mechanics, plumbers, attorneys and government practices leave a lot to be desired, misinterpretation of what is fair/right or wrong is totally up to the individual and shared observations (isn't that what this site is about?) may be construed as a belief or an opinion (my right apparently). But honestly Jack we are a target and widely known how to be dealt with in many way shapes and forms. Not trying to get up yours or any other reader/contributors nose and this is only my opinion and none of my posts or contributions are said in jest/OMO,,,,,,,,,,,unless in the joke section. We all have lots to learn and I am no different but some can't see the trees for the forest, while others embrace. Cheers, Steve.
  3. Philippines - one month later

    Cool and what does that mean? Figures crunched by a winning system? That is going too far for me even but each to their own. Cheers, Steve.
  4. Philippines - one month later

    All very well in Oz and as you have supplied info from what I perceive to be a bias Australian company with only a name and sales related philosophy aimed at those who are too lazy to do it themselves, keep in mind that has little to do with the Philippines and the BS that occurs in or out of warranty there. Apples and oranges. Bolts and screws? Should I inspect all 5,000 of them to make sure they serviced the car correctly? I buy many new cars annually, a recent purchase had the left hand steer mag scuffed by a gutter, not me but the better half, I always ask at service time can you please rotate the tyres, yes that is standard with a service, car collection, no rotation, approach the service manager, yes the tyres were rotated, no, yes, no yes. Never purchased from them again and told the principals why,,,,,,, sorry Steve that will never happen again, too late the horse bolted, they are all the same.That was my Mercedes Benz dealer, I know all my cars external looks but can I tell if they serviced/checked the transmission? Did they just blow out the air cleaner or was it replaced as charged? Know and trust your mechanic/dealer, in doubt for the slightest reason move on, there are plenty of genuine operators no different to scammers. Cheers, Steve.
  5. Philippines - one month later

    Your old parts or the repertoire the keep for the gullible? Sorry to sound cynical but hey it is true in most countries. Cheers, Steve.
  6. Service With A Grunt

    Beat them off with pointed sticks, very disconcerting initially but once you understand and accept the salespeople in PH it is refreshing and while they are trying to sell do give extremely good service and as you say Benington, they are there for all to see and mostly offer good and forthcoming sales assistance, very unlike western norms where you have to chase them down when they see you looking for them, say no more. Cheers, Steve.
  7. Service With A Grunt

    Marry your bottle of Black Bush as we do every day, lay back and relax as we do but I have to ask, 40 Mb? Like going into the Sari Sari store with 1 Peso, what can I get for that? Not much. Electronic transfers are spectacular in the/all banking systems and if you need lots of cash, make an appointment with your manager, a phone call for the appointment, a 2 to 5 minute wait and your business is conducted efficiently. Opening bank accounts can be difficult but establishing a repertoire with the boss/manager is easy, have seen the line up of seats and patient customers and one does not need to go down that path. Seems to work for us. Research and more research then the smile and the building of a relationship or what is perceived to be a relationship but makes transactions flow smoothly. Cheers, Steve.
  8. Firstly I think I get the hang of what you are saying here Clermont with your contribution, intuitive like many other posts to the OP. To the OP. Sad I say that but a long winded cry for help/advice from a new contributor that has obviously been involved with a Pinay for perhaps 6? 7? 8 years has now come to an expat site, with a 4 and a 6 Y/O sibling, are they yours or did you inherit these beautiful children 1 or two years ago? Possibly others with an issue that didn't start today or yesterday and from the OP's dialogue has only fought and sought legal advice from overpaid council and a frustrating battle with the ex. A Question, are they/these your children or some other FuXXXXX. It happens in all countries and walks of life as has happened to me and certainly others but not without a firm stand and protection, legally and financially and while it appears you have been around the block once or twice as most of us have. Firstly don't let your mind rule your appendage. Second, know your limits and others., Thirdly as many say eyes wide open, 100% agree before, during and after. Before is very important. Fourth, when a relationship fuxxs your life, both with children/without and an ex partner rules your life and future, if you can take the hard line and walk away, while there may be some though limited support laws in Ph,,,,,,,,,, yep, where are the support laws for children in PH? Estranged wives or battered husbands? Don't supply/make it difficult for your ex and the tune will change. Watch and see. Just reiterating that I personally felt the OP's contribution to this site for members was very left field as an initial contribution and we may hear little or nil hereinafter but only my opinion and the truth will be forthcoming. Others opinions? Or did I miss read? No innuendos OMO on the OP's post. Cheers, Steve.
  9. Closed for Lunch

    Sounds like Italy and Spain. Perhaps we are doing something wrong. Cheers, Steve.
  10. Browned off

    Sad to hear, for us, 11 months odd to get temp residency in Oz, move. Then once in Oz, 24 months later Permanent residency granted. Work, Medicare etc available on arrival, temp resident. Why would your wife want to relinquish her Filipino citizenship? No need. Or are there new laws with dual citizenship? Bengie worked and prospered for 20 months prior to permanent residency, If you love and want to live in Oz then do the hard yards, as I get older we look at retirement and Ph is where we will go, less than 2 years to go, property already secured, simpler life and close to family. As others have said the 13a but depending on your financial situation the SRRV could be worth a look or SIRV, depends on individual finances, wishes and trust. http://www.pra.gov.ph https://www.philembassy.no/consular-services/visa/special-investors-resident-visa-sirv info is here and on this and other sites, this one appears to be the best. Good luck with your choices, I think we have had similar dialogue before but may be wrong. Cheers, Steve.
  11. An interesting question/thought and one most of us have dwelt on, as a general answer from me, lowly and uneducated but will proffer an opinion/dare say, and will say, would proffer/sudest that Filipinos are survivors, lazy Aussies are users of a system that perpetuates and even ingrains lower socio economic backgrounds within a controlled system, totally crafted for the voters, (does thus ring true across the world?) sad yes while abused and used in our country, others also have no real significance, the sheep. In PH there is little choice, work and earn your keep or become? OMO. Most work as there is little choice. Cheers, Steve.
  12. Nope, talk to your lovely lady Azon about this, after what has happened the choices should be mutual and opinions respected. Cheers, Steve
  13. Sorry jack but was it? "I pay for them or is it We pay for them?" Better you employ a non family member, you can disagree and customise far easier than an employed family member to suit wants and needs with no crap,don'y worry I will get the flack for insisting on unrelated help. Cheers, save.
  14. Within acceptable practices and within reason JJ. We contribute what we feel is necessary to go to the family unit and little more or nil. (unless you are extremely wealthy and throw away monies in any country). All should remember regardless of ones wealth or lack of in our home country the fact that we are seen as rich in this country because we are Western, wealthy, Asians etc; Does not change the fact that we do give to the son or daughter within the relationship (our partners,West, East, North or south) a better life no different than myself with my chosen partner and my ability to say NO! Bengie also says what? No! Agreed. So many posts here and other sites overlooked, some people read and don't see, others see and there is no need to comment (not read, overlooked, beating the same old drum pr simply blind) Russia, Australia, Iceland and the Philippines etc; Culture is there and can easily be dealt with. Don't let ones Phallic symbol dictate your life, if it does? Perhaps the wrong choice, extended family second. Partner first with open communication. Every person is a free thinker and needs to evaluate their own choice given dynamics, be a lateral thinker not a drone.These choices and ideals come first in all scenarios, passion, commitment and finally logic. ( the killer) Love your better half and educate each other, communicate as they do with us, (hopefully) a two way street, offend on cultural AKA financial circumstances? Groan, same old story. Don't talk to me about Culture, simply look at what is happening in Australia, when will it end? Because we are perceived as rich? Elite? We too are people no different, equal by what? Who can judge equality? Left or right, who cares. now are perceived to be wealthy, why? What because we are white? Racist? Gay? Islam? A misnomer. Being transparent and succinct works in our relationship so far but obviously not for some. Gods speed and we will all do what we need and when we need.
  15. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink, like another story of the 9 day camel and 2 house bricks. No means no, blame the accountants advice or your attorney as you have also had several bad years and money is tight. As for father figures and testosterone, that deserves another post that I will refrain from starting. As a side I was independent from family and made my own way when I was 16, never went back, grew and prospered, made mistakes, learnt and dealt with my mistakes, hard at times but that was how it was. Is this back to school of hard knocks? Nope that is life and was my life, the generations have softened, not going any further. Cheers, Steve.