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  1. Pinoy Neighborhood Question?

    As I read the OP's posts and the responses from experienced members the clincher/immediate decision for me would be be to find another property. Russell, sorry to be blunt and it may be a nice position etc. but if it doesn't suit what you want because of the peripherals then move on as you are the newcomer and like me an alien to boot, we ain't going to get a look in and at this level and appears trivial to the neighbours let alone the Barangay Captain who is busy enough dealing with He said/She said important b**ches. Before you sign the lease if you are happy with the potential property, approach the neighbour with the offending chattel, explain that you are new to the area and considering your particular property and that you have a larger vehicle that needs access, would it be possible to relocate his/her property to accomodate all our needs? A face to face neighbourly approach wins every time, spare the time to compliment the surrounds, your, the offending culprits house, slowly and tactfully and you will be the nice foreigner and they will be your friends, only my experience but rings true to any country or culture. Good luck with your decisions and prospective abode. Cheers, Steve.
  2. Or "I'd like you to meet my adopted daughter/son" works in some situations, But at the end of the day let the gossip roll as long as the couple are happy and comfortable in their relationship and are accepted as a couple by those that matter. Cheers, Steve.
  3. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    A little off topic but your words ring in my ears. I am in film and TV and for many years we had theatre blacks,,,,,,,,,as in black outs, grab/get some blacks, we need to cover/disappear this situation,,,,,,,,,, these days we can be asked asked for or I asked for colours but it's the same non colour that has been used no different to green etc. as time goes on with CGI the requests become less but the theatre black request was never derogatory and was a non colour to achieve a goal and naught else. Times change. Money and looking like a prince, again in the eye. No disrespect but the simple names we used as kids identifying known situations have been politically corrected. Cheers, Steve.
  4. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    Hugs Queenie. I hear you. Cheers, Steve.
  5. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    Security yes Queenie but definitely maturity, and ones own observations of the needs coupled with a desire to achieve not only self recognition but their inner desire and reciprocal appreciated observations/input for happiness within a selected relationship based on honesty and definitely transparency whether 50's Brando or 80's Ford, or just me. As said in another post not only by me, "beauty is in the eye etc" Know your partner and relax, build your life from experiences and prosper.. BTW Queenie, I am a dead ringer for Steve McQueen so I've been told countless times and personally don't see that but see the love, frustrations and hope in my life as does my better half, a life together and shared. Yes I too have a Filipino Man. One day we will meet my good lady. Cheers, Steve.
  6. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    Alluring and sexy to some ladies. Cheers, Steve.
  7. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, fat, skinny or Adonis, when you meet your match you/they succumb and run the course. Money? Looks? Mostly and the relationship builds from initial lust/needs from all of the above. Only an opinion and one that may bring plenty of flack but an observation from being burnt, burning others and getting on with it, good bad or ugly. Cheers, Steve.
  8. Austrailian Dollars

    Wisely so JGF and we should enjoy a beer and reap the slight benefits of an elevated Aussie buck that goes toward an easier lifestyle in PH. until it slides back again,,,,,,,,, as it tends to. In the mean time we all monitor and try to invest wisely for our own future within this chosen country. Thanks for your honesty mate, a treasured commodity around the world. Cheers, Steve.
  9. Austrailian Dollars

    "This is the second time you brought up the same thing in this topic. Take it to a PM if you want a reaction from Castaway. Did I post the same thing twice JGF? My bad if I did and if I did was not intentional, I went through all my replies within this topic but couldn't pick any other responses in this regard so perhaps inadvertently I double posted and the moderators removed the double up accordingly. Cheers, Steve.
  10. Austrailian Dollars

    We all have typos and I am no different but phonetically? I love this site for the input by the members and the acceptance of opinions and input, Sorry Castaway but correcting a mis spelling or a misteak in spelling is petty to say the least. Cheers, Steve.
  11. Life in paradise

    Something I too have to accept Ron, never been through a typhoon or weeks of rain but have been through drought, bushfires, dust storms and dry 40 plus degree heat for weeks. Paradise or somewhere to live is an individual observation/choice, While Oz is my home country and served well for nearly 60 years I too am moving on to hopefully (fingers crossed) live my/our days out in a comfortable stress free environment with real people and all the tripe that goes with it, frustrating in PH? Nope, all countries have a down side but few can live up to the acceptance and tolerance of the people of the Philippines regardless of the law, wealth and poverty experienced. Hey in 10 years I might be living in Laos, hope not. Good to see you are settling in to your piece of paradise Ron, looking for pointers when we catch up. Cheers, Steve.
  12. Life in paradise

    Mostly green works for me Queenie, better than a concrete jungle. (but each to their own) I have to learn a new way of gardening when we finally move to our house on the beach, mostly sand, and salt air. surprisingly there are many fruit trees, bamboo and flowering shrubs all doing well in a medium that I never considered would support such. I am looking forward to maintaining a smaller lot in our chosen paradise After looking after 50 acres with 3 acres of garden for the last 20 years, it was a labour of love but now is too much as I gain age with work commitments. LOL, created a rod for my own back. Time will tell but in the mean time we do hunger for our little piece of paradise and the fruits that come with it. Both good, bad and interesting, neighbours included. Cheers, Steve.
  13. Austrailian Dollars

    As sonjack said, WU, we use to send smaller amounts to our accounts and the outlaws account and they work well, imagine it would be the same back to Oz from any country,,,,,,, one would hope. For larger amounts we use an online broker to secure a better rate (talking over 10K) but you need to set up an account and if a once off visit may not be worth it. Can, if you trust a relative in Oz direct transfer to their account, send yourself 500 bucks with WU or exchange with a broker in PH before you fly out? Enjoy the wedding scott and hope you get a chance to do a bit of sightseeing. Cheers, Steve.
  14. Stairways in the Philippines

    Obviously for photo shoots and the wine cellar beneath is a bonus, clever. Cheers, Steve.
  15. Stairways in the Philippines

    The bed is the landing JFG, The top floor with the view and no stragglers stepping on your head is a higher rent. Location, location. Cheers, Steve.