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  1. Beer & Coca-Cola???

    Have not tried the beer / coke combination but what is definitely work a try is Katemba - red wine and coke. https://food52.com/blog/4132-red-wine-and-coke
  2. Special Sunglasses

    Special Sunglasses Special Sunglasses.mp4
  3. Phil Health Price Increase

    We are being given conflicting information about the Phil Health current fee structure for expats who were previous members before 30 June 2016. We were informed that the new fee of Ps 17K was rolled back to the original fee were you a member before the above date. I had paid for a quarter prior to this reversal and initially was told when it was announced that my contribution could be rolled over as advance payment. We were also informed that a meeting last November would clarify the extent of the cover etc etc. This meeting apparently never took place nor has it happened since. We contacted PH this week and were told the roll back approval was still pending and that we would be required to pay another quarter at the increased fee whilst the matter was resolved. Could someone advise on what exactly is the state of play with PH.
  4. Cash or Credit Card comparison

    Do you have a charge for transferring funds from your bank account to Transferwise in the first instant ? How do Transferwise and WorldRemit compare ?
  5. Eye in the Sky

    1984 has arrived. Big time. VID-20171216-WA0007(1).mp4
  6. Phillhealth for existing members.

    We went to Phil Health last week for an update and to pay. Having been told last year that the 17K for existing clients would be reversed we assumed the 4 month upfront payment for this would be rolled over and extended to cover ongoing liabilities - previously a meeting in Nov / Dec to explain all was mooted but this never transpired. We are now told another payment based on the 17K will soon be due until such time as this issue is resolved. Comments please.
  7. Filipinos are visa exempt for 21 days but for a single entry only - if it is more within 3 months then a visa is required for the second entry and has the same restrictions and conditions as other nationalities Here are the fees if applicable Visa Type Service fee Stamp fee 1 month single entry 8 USD 25 USD 1 month multiple entry 8 USD 50 USD 3 months single entry 20 USD 25 USD 3 months multiple entry 32 USD 50 USD
  8. Have you considered a container pool - something along these lines http://shippingcontainerpools.com.au/gallery I am considering one myself and would be interested to hear of any other members have attempted this ....
  9. Burning my DVDs to hard disk

    I use Handbrake - works well and is fast
  10. Global Super Tanker

    Very Impressive ...... 10000000_169095683828089_537524339734478848_n-1.mp4
  11. The current speculative frenzy in virtual currency such as Bitcoin is quiet something to behold. More are climbing onto the bandwagon ..... Cash is being slowly closed down ! Where are we going with this , what are the risks and opportunities of such an investment and how will this impact on ex pat life here or elsewhere.
  12. I called an old classmate and asked what he was doing. He replied that he was working on "Aqua-thermal treatment of ceramics, aluminium and steel under a constrained environment." I was impressed... Upon further inquiring, I learned that he was washing dishes with hot water under his wife's supervision.
  13. If only the world were like this... Great Video - Great Little Girl VID-20170905-WA00131.mp4
  14. Pale blue dot

    Feeling smug or vain? Sweat the small stuff? Believe in 'juju'? This will put us in our place! This excerpt from Carl Sagan's book Pale Blue Dot (1994) was inspired by an image taken, at Sagan's suggestion, by Voyager 1 on Feb 14, 1990. From a distance of about 6 billion km Voyager 1, which had completed its primary mission and was leaving the Solar System, was commanded by NASA to turn its camera around and take one last photo of Earth across a great expanse of space, at the request of Carl Sagan. The accompanying words, written 27 yrs ago are still so relevant today. 2017-07-05-VIDEO-00000014.mp4