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  1. Lou49

    Got burgled last night

  2. Lou49

    Old is when . . .

    Old is when your hair was brown and your teeth were white.
  3. Lou49

    How Safe is Philippines?

    How long have you been imprisoned there ? What was your crime ? Do they let you out for an hour a day ?😀
  4. Lou49

    Dipolog Dinging Dinners

    How are u liking Dipolog so far ?
  5. Lou49

    Acclimatize, of not?

    The only place in the PI that I felt acclimatized to was the cordillera region of Baguio, Banaue, Sagade etc..otherwise fuggeddaboudit.
  6. Lou49

    Isle of Man TT

    Mad dogs and Englishmen.........
  7. https://www.canada.ca/en/services/benefits/publicpensions/cpp/cpp-international.html
  8. Lou49

    Cash Or Card?

    Except for airline tickets I always pay cash cuz I am anal about having my credit or debit card comprimised while i am in the PI.
  9. Lou49

    Expat-to-be...A few questions

    You are a young man of 31. You can squeak by on 70k per month for now but inflation will reduce your purchasing power over time. You could be in very rough shape if you live another 40 years and only have 70k per month to live on. Think about it.
  10. i have had a return ticket dated 364 days out. I have had to explain to the airline that i can easily extend a visa for that length of time or that i can shorten the return date to whatever i want. Never had a problem at immigration.
  11. Lou49

    Korean War Over

    Lets not forget he killed his brother.
  12. Furniture and appliances can be cheap... 32 inch flat screen with remote at Unitop for 60 bucks canadian......dvd player 25 bucks. etc......
  13. Some one had to say it !!! 😀. My advice to him would be go for a 59 day visit then go home and think it over.
  14. Sounds to me like he has never been to the PI or even met his intened so who knows what he believes. It would be a costly mistake on his part so it is worth clarifying.