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  1. Furniture and appliances can be cheap... 32 inch flat screen with remote at Unitop for 60 bucks canadian......dvd player 25 bucks. etc......
  2. Some one had to say it !!! 😀. My advice to him would be go for a 59 day visit then go home and think it over.
  3. Sounds to me like he has never been to the PI or even met his intened so who knows what he believes. It would be a costly mistake on his part so it is worth clarifying.
  4. Your “ modest house cost in a subdivision for 1500 p ” is way too low.
  5. I use a Smart wifi card in my dual sim Samsung and it works well most of the time.I can tether my Ipad to it and have wifi in most places in and around Cebu. But there are so many people on line uploading and downloading pics on FB and playing games that the bandwidth gets crowded sometimes and it can be hard to get a good or fast connection.
  6. Lou49

    Long Flights

    I flew Cathay March 4 Cebu to HK, then HK to Vancouver. I had power bank in my fanny pack, no problems at all. I did however get my bic lighter confiscated by security at Cebu check in but I bought another one when i got inside the terminal.
  7. Lou49

    Long Flights

    I fly out of Vancouver to Cebu so i try and layover for a few hours in Narita or Seoul which is about ten and a half hours, then the final leg is five or so hours to Cebu. ........aspirin does help for dvt.
  8. Victory Liner from Manila, about 5 hours non stop, air con, cr, and airlpane seats on board. Microtel is a half block from bus station and is very ok. Beaches in La Union and San Juan are about an hour away by bus, very nice beaches along the coast there. Fun day trip.
  9. A friend of mine is thinking of starting up a small carenderia with his gf in the Dumguete area, Sibulan I think. He asked me what i thought the startup costs would be... I told him I have absolutely no idea but that i would ask around. Can anyone shed any light on the subject ? TIA.
  10. Lou49

    The right fit

    I arrive in the PI with the clothes on my back and a small carry on backpack. No luggage. The backpack contains an Ipad,an Iphone, a small shaving kit, 4 pairs of sport shorts with mesh liner,4 “dry-tek” t shirts, and a pair of flip flops. No underwear necessary. I can buy whatever else I need when I arrive and I can give it away or throw it out when i leave. My clothes are so easy to wash that i do it myself in the hotel sink, it only takes a few minutes cuz my stuff is wash and wear, no ironing required. I have done this for about 9 years, my longest visit in the PI was 13 months. Anything I need I can buy at the local Gaisano or most large malls.
  11. Lou49

    Hello! Anyone around Dapitan?

    You will most likely find noisy squatters, videoke, noisy roosters, and barking dogs just about anywhere you go in the PI. The exception might be an upscale gated community.I have travelled from Davao in the south to Baguio in the north and this has been my observation.
  12. Lou49

    Hello! Anyone around Dapitan?

    Hi Joanna. I am not in Dapitan but I am considering a visit since my gf has family there. What is Dapitan like and how are u liking it there ?
  13. Lou49

    Citizenship or Not

    Are u saying that a retired ”foreigner” married to a Filipina can own a residential plot of land in his name ?
  14. Lou49

    Is this Normal

    Better if YOU are in control. Get a good night’s sleep when u arrive. Meet them all the next day at Jolibee cuz they will probably order the most expensive items on the menu plus takeout for the cousins who couldn’t be there. Do not give / lend any money. Just say no budget. Save the exotic restaurant for when it is just you and her.
  15. Lou49

    Uranus Activity

    Do they send ghay astronauts to uranus ?