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  1. frosty (chris)

    Philippines Driving License

    Went to the LTO at Lapu-Lapu for licence renewal yesterday. Drug test (pee in the bottle) medical test (you are alive sir, yes) 450 pesos. Took results to the office they let me sit inside because the medical was so exhausting. The cashiers came to me for 733 pesos for 5year renewal, took the best part of 30 mins to do, a lot of business and other government departments could learn a lot from the way the LTO and Immigration Dept treat their customers.
  2. Hey I didn't say he had to use it just giving him some idea, 3000 pesos is around U.S $30, gee that's a big amount for some piece of mind, From now on I will keep my opinions to myself and just let you answer all the posts, Good luck to you
  3. frosty (chris)

    A trip to HCMC Vietnam

    I have been there a few times and what you read is correct, the boulevards in Saigon are maybe 6 - 8 lanes wide so it is a bit of a distance to walk especially with thousands of moto's passing by. I was told when there, you just pick a spot on the other side of the road, step off and just walk at a brisk pace, do not deviate, do not move your head too much, let the moto's go around you, works ok with them not so good with cars, buses and trucks. Another good trip was the Chu Chi Tunnels was fascinating to see how the V.C infiltrated Saigon during the war, also a day tour of the Mekong Delta was a good day trip.
  4. frosty (chris)

    Cell Load Reselling

    My girl does it or used to at her Sari Store, she would just go to BPI and deposit say 1000 pesos into the account of Company that had the licence to sell the load, she would then just sell the load and top up the 1000 to keep her account going, I did ask her what was her commission but always got the " I only make a little money " answer from her. As Dave has said the family and friends soon get into " give to me and I will pay you back next week ". To me it's more trouble than what's it's worth.
  5. Air Asia has a promo on atm, you can get a flight out of the PI for around 3,000 pesos.
  6. frosty (chris)

    A Bar Girl Stealing Your Heart?

    The country is full of them, the dirty white ants that they are, never ever trust your good lady around one of those low life Aussie's, steal your woman and worst drink all your beer despicable people. Trump has a battle fleet close by, maybe they can use some practice, ask him to nuke Oz, problem solved Wouldn't trust an Aussie with my shoe lace.
  7. frosty (chris)

    Could You Live On Just $32,000 Per Year?

    Depends how and where you want to live in the PI. It's doable. One person would be pretty easy, with a girlfriend/wife would be a lot harder.
  8. Brings back memories, I remember one Christmas my girl asked me to make Bolognese for the family dinner so I cooked up a batch with white wine, bacon, celery etc etc in a big pot. We went to the family home and her sister had made filipino style same, so instead of having two pots to choose from the sister just mixed them both together. I just drank more SML's and tried not to blow a gasket.
  9. frosty (chris)

    Sad day here in Junob (Dumaguete)

    Condolences to you and the family Jack, may she rest peacefully in the arms of God.
  10. Where we used to live before, the houses in the Sub Div had separate car space beside the house, I just used to drive in and back out, easy peasy, but for some strange reason here they back in, anyway granted it is a bit tight but manageable, one lady some times would take nine goes to get her car in and it was only a small 2 door thing. I used to get a beer and watch hermaybe that's what she needed.
  11. Must be why I have been waiting nearly 2 years to get the new plates for my car.
  12. I had a signage business in days gone by, you could have the numbers printed and applied to plastic/acrylic plates with really just a basic set up done by anyone, no special skills needed. I am surprised that some smart thinking local hasn't set up a print business and that the LTO tells you that this is the place you must buy your plates from wink wink.The cost would be minimal.
  13. frosty (chris)

    Annoying habit

    Again it's a case of them just not listening or listening and ignoring the advice that is given. My girls Mum died at 52 years from Diabetes, her 2 brothers 25 and 28 both suffer from it also her dad and for filipino's while not grossly overweight they are all carrying a few extra pounds. I think it all has to do with the culture here. When S was just at home I could get her to eat reasonably good food with little rice, her family didn't visit so often and I suppose she ate about 1/2 kilo of rice a week. Now she has the sorry store and her brothers and sisters live in the adjoining house she eats rice 2 or 3 times a day because that's what they all do. I have told her that some of her family won't make old bones but it's like water of a ducks back, won't listen or understand.
  14. Oh Jack, this happens to me every time I go out the Sub Div gate, she either learns forward so I can't see the traffic or uses the side mirror to put her make up on but much better than my 2 daughters that used to use the rear view mirror to apply the slap
  15. frosty (chris)

    Why is it not considered rude to read over your shoulder?

    Mine was the same but has mellowed over the years, now only checks my phone once a day .