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  1. Gerald Glatt

    Android boxes internet TV

    You can get a US IP address and not be censored on netflix
  2. Gerald Glatt

    American arrested for drugs in Dumaguete

    meaning they were STUPID in first place.........I know that addiction can be an awful thing and that it is not just drugs that one can be addicted to....still this is no excuse to go to a part of the world where you can and will be put to death or imprisoned for a very long time and then say help me or it is not an offense where I live ...no skin off my nose as it improves the gene pool
  3. Gerald Glatt

    Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort

    You're marrying Marine.......Free bar?
  4. Gerald Glatt

    Health insurance

    As a disabled vet You can use VA instead of part B and get the $134, but I'm not sure as to how much the premium goes up should you opt to return to plan B on your return to US. Should be some compensation for not being in system while out of country.
  5. Gerald Glatt

    American arrested for drugs in Dumaguete

    Suicide huh?
  6. Gerald Glatt

    American arrested for drugs in Dumaguete

    help is free and easily given in the States if a person is dumb enough to use in Asia.....well you can't fix stupid
  7. Gerald Glatt

    Bail money

    Thought they were criminals not colonials.........no tickets there
  8. Like I told rhe wife I'll get to it, only been 8 months
  9. Gerald Glatt

    American arrested for drugs in Dumaguete

    Hope they jail him in Fil would just get a fine and probation here.
  10. Couple of tears ago it was $1.05 USD to $1.00 Can and both were 47+/- PhP don't think Canada US exchange has that much to do with it. Just lots more USD coming over.
  11. Gerald Glatt

    Illusion or not

    JGF I think there is a building in Italy like that too/
  12. Gerald Glatt

    Lets get to know.

    Wow y 2 Even better bandages are inexpensive here
  13. Gerald Glatt

    Illusion or not

    Would the units sell at a discount?
  14. Gerald Glatt


    If he's blind how can he be offended at you? If he is whats he going to do follow you home in his car?