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  1. Happy Birthday AlwaysRt

    I was moving so missed your special day so happy belated birthday.
  2. Gardenia Bread

    Bread only is four cups of flour a bit of salt and yeast. Takes less than hour if not counting the raise. It just turns to fat when you eat it. If you're type II you may be able to cure yourself by giving up carbs and sweets.
  3. My Wife wants to Drive the car!

    I started teaching Fe and she only Sid six thousand damage to a seven thousand dollar car. She has studied for two years to take the written test and attempted it about 8 or 10 time. Each time she does I make the sign of the cross and ask my Angel to talk to her Angel, mine must be very convincing, she freezes and fails. She did get within two points the last two times. If she ever passes HELP. We'll all be KILLED
  4. Have times changed for you

    Mike J says not
  5. Have times changed for you

    Time has changed here but in the fall it goes back to normal.
  6. Learning Tagalog

    bakit hindi..........
  7. Learning Tagalog

    you do very well then...mine is not.
  8. Learning Tagalog

    heck tagalog can't be that hard..............lots of 2 year olds speak it.
  9. Comments on Spinal Issues

    Back to Margaritaville
  10. Balamban Cebu
  11. Is satellite internet or TV viable in the province?
  12. Why 2 CR's are a must!

    Geuss you would find out who your friends were.....doc says you're going to die.
  13. Has anyone heard of Itechie Televisions?

    I use 50" TVs but I listened to Mom and quit as soon as I needed glasses.
  14. Who are your friends?

    The only bonding friend I've had was a Sgt E-6, bailed me out of El Paso jail after I shot the moon at a police officer as sarge speeded past. Took 4 hours and was very happy to be out of the tank.
  15. Does how you feel effect your posts?

    Fe doesn't read mine unless I'm typing when she is here and I don't respond to her. Glad I learned that, Whew