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  1. You sure?
  2. While I think all drivers here are courtois, kind, brave clean and reverent. I will agree that all but me and several others on tracks are crazy and should be zapped with the ray gun I carry. My friends here may don their tin foil hats to escape the effects. You are also correct that detox works..........just look @ me
  3. It also cuts our unemployment rolls.
  4. They will never catch me. Mine don't stink.........never mind what Fe says.
  5. When I last flew out of Cebu through Manila I had a cane and when I checked into the flight they insisted I have a wheel chair. I agreed only to not argue and they wheeled to the gate would not take the 20 peso tip. when we got to Manila a chair was at the gate they took Us to a special bus (yes short) drove us to another terminal called and made sure our luggage was transferred and to the planes door in the chair, again refusing a tip 100 peso. Got the same treatment in Japan. Now I recommend using a cane whenever you travel. All done in Manila in less than 40 minutes 15 minutes before the plan left, don't know if they would have held the plan but we were ahead of 3 other from our flight.
  6. Because only the good die young. happy, guys
  7. If something is not for resale may you have shipped in BB box? Queenie may buy 20-30 pairs of shoes sandals have them dropped at a relative and put in the vox with spam used as filler. No charge for this and other great ideas that many believe are worth twice as much.
  8. Gary is bring his wife and stuff. Not to worry, they have shoes in your size here.
  9. I keep telling Fe that we should be wealthy.......move to RP full time.
  10. My wife won't handle matter how tired I am
  11. Don't shitt where you eat. That was grandfathers mantra. Then they got indoor plumbing. Oh Canada
  12. Do you get a partial reimbursement if they tap you cable line for another customer?
  13. If cleanliness is next to godliness this man has a long way to go. I am opposed to the death penalty, but things like this make me wonder again. Perhaps he may try to escape, from the back of the locked car while cuffed hand and foot.
  14. Well could I pursue my life long ambition of hand fitting bras and panites in an indepent store (away from Fe) on a BB? I too may become bored without something to occupy my minds Shoestring.