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  1. White Guy Says he Is Filipino!

    Pernod. Perhaps..........or just a lot of beer.
  2. Duty almost done

    Just returned from Gloucstah Massachusetts where we ate lobstah, yep. My youngest daughter just got married. So we missed this years trip to Fil. Fe turns 62 next Aug. so the next 10 months will be spent finishing the home we bought...big downsize but still managed to overspend. Will put Fe on the dole (SS) and try to start the build in Balamban next fall. She wants at least 6 months stateside mostly for friends and doctors. Me makes not so much difference where but more with who and a new adventure sounds interesting. Figue I' ve got a couple left. I love traveling with her. I hadn't been to New England since the mid 70s so was a great trip. Forgot the tides are much more extreme there. We went to a beach just south of Maine and it was about 18 feet. here it might be 2-3. Seems I was at a place in Canada with Mom and Dad in the 50s and they were like 60+feet. Fe was more impressed with the lobster dinners 1.5 # $15 next night two over one pound 25. $9 brought a huge serving bowl of mussels. Strange the seafood there is much less then here. Gulf shrimp here are $8 # at dockside but in Chicago shrimp from here are $5 in store. I will try and meet some of you next year God willing and the creek don't rise.
  3. UK Beef back in the Philippines

    On the diet now up tro about 80-129 carbs a day srayed 20-40 while dropping over 50#s low carb high fat diet was started on late 1920s for epileptics. It stops seizures also induces your body to burn fat instead of store it. You must onjest the fats though. Is a bit hard to eat all the bacon cheese cream coconut oil olive oik and wall nut oil....o beer or bread or pasta are the downers. I went from obese 255 to merely a bit over weight 204. dropped weight in 3 months and have kept off over 4. debating weather to drop the last 5# would mean a large outlay in clothes again and I feel great now. might do it after holidays or might just stay around this weight. Anyway O enjoy eating all the fat a watching my sugar go from 6.4 to 5.2 cholesterol from 230-`174 do have to take an iron supplement though body might be adjusting to less bread as the veggies seems to pass faster now. I'll give it till spring then invest in iron skillets. Off 4 perspirations now only two left. one atenolol (beta blocker hi BP) and my little blue buddies. My DO went on same diet last month after my check up, my VAS doc is upset says diet is bad.........he could stand to loose about 50 himself. so replaced him with nurse practitioner..she was familiar with the diet and eats a modified version herself. Goggle diet doctor all the bacon you can eat isn't that bad
  4. Reliable philippine charities?

    You can donate to Jerry's Kids Dad............I promise I'll write answer emails etc.......
  5. How come it’s always “our” fault?

    You must have a tall dog.
  6. How come it’s always “our” fault?

    NAH, I would be sleeping with the dog in a strange bed then.
  7. Filipino time

    Should have said It's 1300 o'clock huh?
  8. How come it’s always “our” fault?

    It used to be my fault that Fe forgot where her glasses or phone was. I knew she had them and I must be getting dementia for not knowing. Then would come 15 minutes of muttering about how she would have to care for me. Eureka!! rather than trying to reason with her or disagree and have TAMPO except with more muttering I would blame the dog. It is the dogs fault, she hid your phone and put it on silent ring so you couldn't find it. Dang terrorist terrier.........9.5 #s of trouble hid your glasses too. we then walk through the house looking for the phone she gets her glasses out of her purse (dog hid them there) puts them on and sees her phone in her purse. She wants to bring the dog to Cebu next year instead of leaving her with friends. Told her her sister might put her out with the other dogs if she hid her phone. the other dogs are normal sized and Fe is afraid for them as Jules will attack strange hounds barking until she gets behind them and sniffs what they had for dinner. Some of these may not be amused as our neighbor's pit bull is afraid of Jules and hides when she is out. She thought she would bring her anyway then I told her she could but it would take at least two weeks to one month to get her out when we return....dang American bureaucrats......sofar she believes me. Seems she cares more about that hound that hides her glasses than her husband.....
  9. Victory declared

    Great than we can put more in Niger. The RP army will get those cool hats too.
  10. Are Filipinos Racists?

    Shouldn't you be called TIO JOE
  11. Nursing Shortage Again In USA.

    They can work here if they pass the state boards. These differ from state. The ones we know here in Florida take a refresher course of 3 months to one year. Some don't pass and sit for lpn test. We know at least 6-8 RNs that have passed.
  12. Nursing Shortage Again In USA.

    Maybe so........bet if we brought more lawyers their pay would go up too. When I was in high school there were more attorneys than gas station attends ( probably more congressmen now) of course the only good one is mine ( attorney not representative)..don't have a service station attendant heard New Jersey has a couple though.
  13. Our baby's hospital stay

    Do you have to buy your philhealth separate from wife and family? Glad the little on id better.
  14. Nursing Shortage Again In USA.

    With the unemployment at a historic low bringing migrant nurses and other specialities makes sense. They will not be the ones sucking on the public teat. They will be the ones funding our (especially mine) Social Security and medicare that the Senate and previous administrations borrowed (stole) from. Bring them the doctors the engineers........leave the attorneys
  15. Caring for a very Poorly Dog

    Sorry for you and your family. Be happy for Shadow, "All Dogs Go To Heaven"