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  1. Gerald Glatt

    Another way to make Honey Ko Happy

    I bought my first wife a dyer and an iron for our anniversary once.........just once
  2. Gerald Glatt

    crap tv and crap food,

    Has to be better than here,,,,,,,,TPC or GMA tired soaps at least are duped but the news that I might like is not and Fe gets upset trying to tell me what is said in the Taglish they speak.
  3. Gerald Glatt

    Living with Filipinos Great experience

    I'm still curious as to a 1964 Camaro........thought they came out in 69..may hace been a bit earlier as I was not in county then. ustang hit in 1964 1/2 introed as 1965. big engine was 260 V8 same as Sunbeam Tiger.
  4. Gerald Glatt

    Anthony Bourdien Dead apparent suicide

    Maybe he drank he wrong wine with the slugs err snails. Like Jake I'll miss his show......he wasn't always accurate though....he liked Jollibee spaghetti
  5. Gerald Glatt

    Do you remember White Castle Hamburgers?

    I was told White Castle was the oldest food franchise in US. We looked at the investment before getting into bw-3. At that time 1992-3 they grossed about 800k in an extremely small footprint. Was more like buying a job than most higher grossing franchises.
  6. Gerald Glatt

    Pili nut tree

    HEY, I resemble that remark
  7. Gerald Glatt

    Car batteries: High Cost, Low Lifespan

    The new electric semi from Elon Musk?
  8. Gerald Glatt

    Oh to be young again lol

    They may be texting the deceased or sending their selfies to him. After all he gets a rake from the poker table.
  9. Gerald Glatt

    Power and Freedom Brings Out Who We Really Are

    Doubt that would happen as you would not work for such a low wage. Many more workers than jobs is to blame.
  10. Gerald Glatt

    Filipinos with more than one wife

    Would the child be able to become a citizen with a DNA test regardless of place of birth?
  11. Gerald Glatt

    Homesick for good Pizza

    16 pieces for a 12" pizza, can you get that cut in 6 pieces? I could never eat 16.
  12. If you say too close to home there are incest laws that very from state to state
  13. Gerald Glatt

    Aussie killed in road crash in La Union

    JGF Cats as well as sheep lie.
  14. Gerald Glatt

    Black Dollar Scam

    Hard to cheat a honest man........me however would offer to throw the cash in the wash and use cycle