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  1. Borax stirred with sugar until sugar melts add a bit of water just enough to make a paste. I put the concoction in water bottle tops and placse anywhere i see ants. also window edges and near electrical outlets little burgers are so small can hardly see them unless they ake their 8 lane trail to and from a dead bug or piece of food dropped. Put a loaf of homemade bread in plastic and by next day 36 hours they had a hole in the plastic and a borrow over half way down the bread about the diameter of a .50 piece. Works for many types of ants........not fire ants though. Gave up and bought a large bag of commercial fire ant for about a month or more before new hives appear
  2. Try broaxo laundry additive
  3. and we nuke'm too
  4. You can get it at the airport when you arrive I think.
  5. Jake, I would normally defer to one of higher rank and much more experience, but, the arms dealers will have a tough sale until we leave..we give everyone guns tanks some planes etc,etc, just to be on winning side or to let them kill each other thus no problem. I'm not much of a secret society, motive buff. This is our government we are talking about. As you stated Iraq war us getting all that oil, sigh, just gave it back. Heck before we would jump in another country I would type the manifest, equipment jump orders of sticks, where who droped so heavy drops (large eq) would hit right area. We had to load for summer and winter weather, The battalion exo and co had no idea where we dropped or when. So the big day comes everyone wonders where we are going.....we jump clear the dz heavy drop reenter dz unload equipment and proceed to our rendezvous....and there are all the food turcks from the base sometimes 500 clicks away.......secret. Hope no one gets so upset that they leak a real mission because they don't care for the commander or the president. Like Sgt Keys shot them all god can sort them out. Just do them first!
  6. Dr. Strangelove, or how I learned to love the bomb?
  7. Sure it was a test, after that he used some nasty canister bombs and US said that's not nice either. Ture let's off everyone in a nice way. IMO if Putin is assured of a port in Syria he would turn on Assad in a minute. Think we should launch every time gas is used maybe fly one or two into palace window. We have troops and fire power to set up a sanctuary already in country, let the good refuges in, let the rest fight it out, let Russia boot or keep Assad in exile and pick who they want. Turn the Israeli lose on Iran and let them take out the nuke facilities. Let the Turks and Saudis run the rest of mid east and get the hell out.
  8. One of Fe's friends from Duma told Fe it was in the news there. Of course they also said 50 landed in Bohol, you're on the ground there is there any special precautions being taken for Easter? Fe is saying we shouldn't go this year, I'm thinking abu botched it and all should be well.
  9. I m bob, did you read/hear that 40 or so abu landed on Negros south of Duma and are in hiding/waiting?
  10. Jack they love all the medals they award each other. The job itself is not that hard, "Sargent take those 3 soldiers scout the town and engage all enemy troops, oh don't forget to bring back at least a dozen prisoners." not hard at all. Best to be boss.
  11. Sorta like the US eh?
  12. JJ do you feel that 90,000 miles here in the States ls much aafere than 50,000 km in the Philippines. May your family and you live long and postpone those inheritance laws until
  13. Don't need set-up, what can one do but pay what they say,
  14. Dollar shave club.........Henry's...........Gillette has a new mail also. find some on the way and have 6mo-1yr supply brought, takes very little room