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  1. Yes ,thank you , my buddy has been asking me about the visa system I wanted to clear up a few points
  2. Do you need to show a valid ticket out of the Philippines when you go for your visa ?
  3. bastonjock

    Met a phillipino in england

    Well I was at my Thursday night Jive session and there is a young philipine lady there ,I've seen her before with a guy who is about 20 years older than her , I made the incorrect assumption that he they had met in the Phil's, got married etc and returned to live in England . I had a dance with her and ended the dance by saying Salamat, she looked at me and said Tagalog ! With a smile on her face , we then had a chat about my recent visit and she asked me to try to persuade her man to visit the Phil's, so my assumption was totally wrong , turns out she is a teacher and has a PhD, he's a builder and they met at Jive , it's definitely not a case of her being after the money , it's changed my view to being able to accept that there can be an age gap in a relationship that's not money orientated
  4. As an adopted person myself , I would like to say that your posts have brought happiness to my day , I was given over to an adoption agency at 8 days old and picked up at 18 days old by my parents , well done to you guys for not giving up
  5. Now that I think about it , we have an airbase not far from me ,where they control drones ,an old battle of Britain pilot told me a long time ago about fire and forget missiles ,he ended up flying for the Saudis Get ready for RoboCop I guess
  6. Are you a friend of bill ?
  7. I'm very concerned that this could escalate into a nuclear exchange , these leaders are pushing themselves into a corner with little or no room for diplomacy The use of chemical weapons also causes me to worry about the future use of AI (artificial intelligence) as a weapon ,when you have people such as the late Stephen hawking and the likes of Eton musk cautioning us about AI ,then how long before one if the big powers uses AI as a weapon ? If they can't contain these chemical weapons through international law then how long before we see robot soldiers etc ??
  8. bastonjock

    Important announcement

    Personally I'd settle for one and five ,my mummy taught me how to cook , maybe she had a crystal ball
  9. The cheapest fare that I saw was via bejing , what I'm trying out is their email alerts to see if the flight from London to Clark drops in price
  10. bastonjock


    well the dog was surprisingly tasty lol
  11. bastonjock


    before we met our girlfriends families , we made it clear in advance that we do not drink anything alcoholic not even a small sip of beer ,that was accepted ,with regard to the food ,i tried everything ,even the chicken feet and when the second family that we visited got the Karioki machine out ,we did our best to murder frank Sinatra and elvis songs ,that went down well with the locals . I shall be able to get through life without eating chicken feet ever again lol
  12. bastonjock

    Long Flights

    I was surprised that I did not feel cramped up on my recent PAL flight in an Airbus to and from manila , I always try to leave myself feeling tired prior to a long flight ,I had started work at 5 am that morning and by the time I got too the flight I had been on the go for 17 hours ,I ate a mcd,s before the flight and then had that excuse for food on the plane before nodding off for a few hours then cat napping for most of the flight ,i watched one movie and had a book in reserve ,
  13. bastonjock

    Boracay closure

    I would think that part of the deal for the new casino included a clean up of boracay ,it's a win situation for the government ,they get more big business moving in ,more tax monies , perhaps they are going to regenerate the entire area into an upmarket tourist destination ,in perhaps the same way that Benidorm in Spain was transformed from a small fishing village into what it is today
  14. bastonjock

    my trip to the phills

    My best mate who came out with me to the Phil's is now asking me about visa extensions , he's changed from " I'll come along for a laugh " to ,I really like this woman ,I think I'll go out there for two months next time lol
  15. Hi guys My buddy is a type 1 diabetic and his question is ,how do you deal with the situation in the Phil's, he's hoping that there is a way to have his meds sent out from the UK as our NHS supplies it free, Anyone had to get over this particular hurdle ?