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  1. bastonjock

    Python swallows woman

    There was a very graphic video of this online , the poor woman was eaten head first , a real nightmare of an experience Guess the locals need to kill some of these large snakes
  2. bastonjock

    Isle of Man TT

    I've got a mate who swear by his versis The question I'd like to ask someone who rides in warmer climates ,what protective gear do you wear ? I just don't fancy sliding down the road in shorts and tee shirt
  3. bastonjock


    All of the big institution have ups systems ,banks especially ,I've been I rooms with battery banks that fill the room as part of the ups Yes they will do the trick ,they are basically batteries with inverters and a bunch of fancy electronic So your having a generator installed ,you will need the appropriate switchgear to handle auto change over ,that's assuming that the Genny has auto start etc , the ups will hold the supply untill the Genny kicks in Make sure that you have a set of contactors with mechanical interlocking for your mains / Genny supply ,the power will be supplied via the ups to the various items
  4. bastonjock

    Good helmet, bad driving!

    I hope my new £500.00 gb pounds helmet is better than that lol
  5. bastonjock

    Isle of Man TT

  6. bastonjock

    Isle of Man TT

    Don't know about present day , but I had a crack at it in 82 , the marshals gave your bike a check ,tyres etc ,nothing too onerous and off you went , the tyres on bikes in those days were awfull , I did it on a Kawasaki kh400 tripple , guys were whizzing past me all the time ,you had to have eyes on the back of your head , I did one lap that was enough ,these days you can buy a production bike , retune it and you have a 230 mph capable bike ,you have to be a real adrenalin junkie for that stuff ,There Are plenty of track days available on race circuits around the country, I ride a Honda f6c ( valkyrie ) that's just what I enjoy, no more knee down around the bends for me , just enjoy the wind in my face
  7. bastonjock

    Isle of Man TT

    It's something else the IOM TT ,it. Is not for the faint hearted ,they have a day called mad Sunday , everyone is allowed on the track ,it's madness absolute madness
  8. bastonjock

    How Safe is Philippines?

    I read on the news that there's been another 4 kids murdered in Florida , the shooter turned the gun on himself and shot a cop before that . There are parts of every country that are gang ridden , there are places that you just don't go , I grew up in Glasgow ,the stabbing capital of the UK , whilst getting shot was rare ,the chances of getting carved up were pretty good in the city on a Friday and Saturday night , when I visited my grandmother , I had to have my cousin clear me with the local gang as a non combatant ,same deal if I went to my aunt's Whilst you can't neutralise all of the threats you can take steps to reduce them It could be worse ,you could be living in Mexico ,30,000 murders last year
  9. bastonjock

    Planning my "scouting" trip

    I hope you enjoy your scouting trip to the Phil's , I had my first scouting trip last march ,/April . I flew into manilla ,I managed to get hussled by cab drivers at the airport and an Australian trying to beg money off of me , I did not part with any money other than to buy a jollibee ,I then flew down to Davao and was met by a lady and her mum , we then went up to the boonies at a place called Compostela where I met her family. The following day it was back to Davao where we got a boat to a resort in samal, spent 6 nights there before returning to Davao for a day ,we then went on to pampanga and from there subic I ate at street food places and at restaurants , I experienced no problems My favourite place was samal ,I just chilled out ,Davao was great ,I enjoyed the night market and the mall ,subic was fine but not what I was after ,the trip to pampanga and Compostela was a great way to see how the locals live I would advise against you using a jeepney ,I am.6ft.1 and they are too small for me ,very uncomfortable , you will also find walking in the night market a challenge to your height ,I found it amusing having to constantly block the ropes that are around 5ft 9 from the ground lol As far as security in Davao or samal ,I never felt in any danger , if you speak to people from Mindanao you will get a variety of answers regarding safety , I will go with the flow and say that the western side is less safe than the eastern side I will be back in Davao during July , I found it that scarry ,a lot of people who have never been there will give you bad information , just be cool ,laugh with the locals ,not at them , don't cause anyone to loose face , don't fall in love with the first beautiful girl that smiles at you ,and remember that the majority of them see you as a walking ATM machine
  10. These types of scams happen all over the world , they use what looks like bon afide offices and operate on varying scales , I witnessed one in action in Cambridge. England ,they were linked to the main operation in Barcelona . The cops busted them one day
  11. bastonjock

    Dummagette to bohol

    I'm leaving it all kind of loose at the moment , all I've got booked is a return flight and a flight to davao , then ill fly to dummagette and on to bohol ,after bohol ,ill probably head to Clark and porac , from there ,it's manila and possibly Puerto galera , but that could all change depending on how I get on with a woman from davao lol I'm keeping my options open ,I would like to get to dumma for the meet up and I would like to visit some other places If I need info on travelling ,ill post on the forum Thank you for your question
  12. bastonjock

    Digital Multimeter

    The old analogue meters give you a truer reading ,you don't get what is called a false neutral with an analogue Treat all multi meters as indication only their accuracy is not great I pay about £400.00 GB pounds for a fluke ,I then pay a further £75.00 GB pounds to have it calibrated My most expensive multi tester costs around £1500.00 GB pounds ,that one is used for certifying electrical circuits and I have to have it calibrated on an annual test If I could get away with a 100 peso Chinese multimeter I'd buy it for the savings If your meter has not been calibrated and has a current certificate ,then the readings at best are tough guides
  13. bastonjock

    A Hounds Birthday

    Happy birthday mate
  14. Guess that's also a blessing in disguise ," sorry dear I can't babysit your little darlings " it's against the law
  15. if your gf has young children ,you cannot even babysit ?.