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  1. What happens when dogs inbreed

    If you look.at photographs of German shepherds they have been bred so that they have shorter back legs this has created many problems The police and military over here in the UK are having problems with finding suitable German shepherds for working dogs They are now using Belgian Sheppard's in place of German
  2. Bored?  Start a hobby!

    I fancy doing a bit of sailing in the Phil's I also enjoy a bit of stargazing Getting off road on s dirt bike
  3. Success or failure as an expat.

    As of yet I have not stepped foot in the Phil's , but I've been doing my research . I did look at moving to France a couple of years ago , whilst I was there I met a group of expats in my area of choice , I was taken a back by their lack of integration with the locals and when they told me that they had chipped in and bought their own English pub ,I thought ???why ?? The high light of their week was fish and chip night on a Friday That's not what I was after , part of the experience imho is to integrate a bit with the locals. The thing that worries me is getting bored ,but I hope to find plenty of things to do and keep me occupied ,I don't hang around pubs etc I'm more of a outdoor person ,maybe an old trail bike and go exploring etc or a small boat for sailing I envisage splitting my time between the UK and the Phil's ,but then again that might change , nothing is set in concrete at the moment ,I'll have a better idea after I do my recce in march
  4. A new long distance relationship - Is it worth it?

    I'm texting a woman in Mindanao ,o know she is not well off and has a son ,she is 40 ,we have been getting along texting on messenger I plan to arrive in Mindanao in march to meet her and to get my first taste of the Phil's Who knows what will happen. ,but she does want to get married
  5. 37 dead in mall fire

    Bad thing to happen at anytime ,made worse by being so close to Christmas
  6. Typhoon vintna

    Looks like it's been a large dumpof rain, ive received pictures of the road outside her business ankle deep in rain water
  7. No Terrorism Connection?

    Our cops nailed another 4 of the barstewards yesterday, they were planning to blow up a Christmas market
  8. Typhoon vintna

    She has been able to send me some piccys it looks very dark and wet with high winds, I think she is okay ,I'll ping her tonight She's in compostella, near tagum
  9. Typhoon vintna

    I've been chatting to my Philippine lady and whilst previously I had no real concerns about typhoons etc , I'm finding that my concerns are growing. I've seen photos of her house after the big one in 2012 hit , and there was nothing left , they house that she is in now is made of wood , apparently the last one had some concrete. She is preparing for this typhoon by putting stuff into plastic bags and raising it up high to avoid flood damage ,then she tells me that her biggest fear is disease , Weil's disease , now having worked in a 100 year old Glaswegian sewer when I was a diver I have a healthy appreciation of stuff like that . So I'm hoping that all will be well but I have not had my usual good morning
  10. Running Out Of Money, is your pension secure?

    I can't make my mind up weither to buy a new house or just hang on to the cash . My son tells me to go and enjoy myself ,my daughter s are not so happy about that At present I also have a pension pot that I can draw on ,not a huge pot but I could live for a long time in the Phil's on it ,I'd probably die before I spend it all I'll be in the Phil's in march for a few weeks to reccy my plan a bit better
  11. How dangerous is a WW2 bomb now

    There's a wreck on the river Thames called the Montgomery ,it's been there since WW2 , it's one of the reason that the Thames barrier was built It's a firmer munitions ship ,it's so dangerous that the navy divers are no longer allowed to go near it ,it would make that cebu bomb look like a fire cracker if it ever went off There are teams of navy divers who are constantly dealing with UXB,s along the Thames and eastern coast of the UK ,there are parts of the North sea where the allied air forces would dump their in dropped bombs if you go sailing around the UK coast , there are constantly updating bulitins on UXB,s
  12. How dangerous is a WW2 bomb now

    Depends on the size of the bomb and the condition of its trigger mechanism. In Germany a few years back they found an unexploded "grand slam " this was the biggest conventional bomb used in WW2 they cleared an area of several kilometers as the risk was too high The guys who took it away had detailed files on those bombs Even today they are having to deal with unexploded ordinance from WW1 ,there is a real and ever present danger from UXB,s the high explosive is still potentially live ,the stuff that you need to worry about is the low explosive ,high explosive needs low explosive to detonate , like I said it all depends on the state of the trigger mechanism
  13. One foot at a time.....

    It could be a Canadian "Sonny Bean" Many years ago in Scotland on the solway firth people would go. Missing and the odd body part turn up on the sand ,locals formed a millitia to try and find out the reason ,they eventually discovered sonny bean and his family They were cannibals a lot of the children had been born of incest They were all hung Except the ones that were reported to Canada
  14. Grounding Appliances

    These days in the UK we are up to the 18th edition that snowy referred to Clamping earth wires to metal pipe work is referred to as equipotential earth bonding ,these wires should run between pipes and link up the pipe work Earth wires 16 mm in diameter should be run from the fuse board to the water mains were it comes into the building and the gas main With regard to plastic water pipes ,the water itself is an excellent conductor so find a metal fitting For earth rods it is best to use 4 or 5 and in preferably wet ground ,a 25mm earth wire connected in a star configuration will give you a decent earth , I can't remember the technical bumf on measuring the impedance to ground RCB,s or RCBO,s are best for protection ,you also need an expensive instrument to measure the impedance to ground Electricity takes the path of least resistance ,make sure that's not you Tomorrow I will isolate 11000v so that I can fix a dangerous supply in a medical center , I take electricity seriously and I'm still alive and unburned after a life time working on systems up to and including 33000 volts
  15. Power Induced Sexual Misconduct

    My eldest daughter is blonde blue eyed and gorgeous , I told her that if any man becomes a pest to let me know ,her reply was ,but dad I couldn't do that , you'd kill him ?? You can't win