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  1. Mactan dentist

    I just want to add that your experience in that area is the opposite of mine but it may be a matter of perception. All of the dentists I have found to be reasonably good have had practices outside a mall. Any I have tried inside a mall have been the kind who want to sell cosmetic dentistry, lots of fillings, and expensive caps. But again, just an opinion. Maybe you got lucky. Maybe I got unlucky. There are some good ones in malls as MikeJ pointed out.
  2. Waiting for a plane

    Careful. She may also figure out there is a plane this afternoon
  3. Window security

    Lemme guess, hmmmmm, drinking and driving in the UK?
  4. Waiting for a plane

    Welcome to the forum. I shall return the "gladness" the first time you have to be somewhere and the ferries don't run Just so you know how much that means to me, I lived in England in the 1990s and I would not presume to tell people who lived there now what they should and should not do in this present era. But by all means carry on.
  5. Waiting for a plane

    Yeah I thought about that. Its even possible the boats could be running by now. But I had to be sure to get there so I booked a plane ticket just in case lots of others had the same plan. I needed to be sure I could get a seat so no time to piss around.
  6. Mactan dentist

    You are right about that. Sinulog festival runs from about 11 January 2018 to 21 January 2018 and there will be business closures at their own discretion, mainly depending if the dentist or staff want to go to any of the festivities. As for recommending a dentist, I have found that each expat has their own favorite dentist and seldom reach an agreement on who is best. There is often one that stands out in each given area but nothing comes to mind in Mactan itself. Ya pays your money and ya takes your chances. Dentistry is not a real refined art in Philippines but its cheap. If I were you, being as its your first visit and all, I would surely take the advice of MikeJ and go into Cebu city to Ayala Mall. But thats only because it will take a while to figure out which dentists are good and which are selling fillings and caps at high prices to foreigners.
  7. This is a bit of a rant, so bear with me. I am sitting home waiting for a plane! Why, you ask? Well I am glad you asked that, you see I was planning to take the boat from Sibulan to Santander so I could catch a bus up to Cebu. Here is what happened. I get to the ferry terminal and there is no rain, there is no wind, there are no waves, and there is no boat. Someone wiser than myself decided to post a Signal 1 storm warning because of a storm hundreds of kilometers away. Many people were waiting around the port in faith that someone with a brain would lift the signal 1 and allow the boats to go but I have seen this before and I cannot afford to take the chance that someone would grab a brain and see that there is not a chance in hell that the water could get rough during the 20 minutes it takes to cross the channel. So I came home and booked a plane to Cebu, 3,000 pesos instead of 300 for the boat and bus but they don't cancel planes during a typhoon. (I once took one from Cebu to Tacloban during a Signal 3 when all the boats were cancelled but it takes about a signal 4 to shut down the planes). Sometimes I wish I had the patience of Filipinos to hang around ferry terminals for hours or days until someone decided to let them go on the boat and cross to the other side but I just can't handle stupidity. Don't misunderstand me, I know that the Philippine authorities used to do it the other way and let the ship's captain decide if it was safe to go. That was up until 2009 when the Princess of the Stars sank in a typhoon. Now they shut down the boats if there is a storm anywhere within some hundreds of kilometers because it is better to be safe (as in keep their job) than sorry (as in get fired). PS. For those who are thinking that maybe the the "authorities" knew something I don't, it is now 2 and a half hours after I left the port and there is still no wind, no rain, and no storm. Maybe it will come tomorrow and then they will be able to say: I toldja so!
  8. Foreigners and Filipino children act

    Just don't hurt their feelings. All it takes is one to take offense with something you have said or done and go running to the correct authorities and you will be guilty until proven innocent. But not to worry, your friends will bring you food in jail . . I laugh about it but if memory serves then its a non-bailable offense so you are not only guilty until proven innocent but you may be in jail until proven innocent.
  9. Changing Dollar's to Peso's

    First of all, I suspect she meant the Airport "Money Changers" as they are not banks but profiteers. Second, she is not only right but extremely right. You will get ripped off anywhere from 3 to 10 percent on the exchange rate when you exchange at a Money Changer at any Philippine airport. On the other hand, Money Changers scattered around the major cities will often give great rates, better than the banks even. But you have to have boots on the ground and do some searching and comparing.
  10. opening bank account as a tourist

    With any of those banks, did you go to the manager and say "My friend XXX has an account here and he suggested I come and talk to you about getting an account here my own self" Or did you just go to one of the lackeys who will always say no.
  11. Foreigners and Filipino children act

    Too bad the law doesn't work. You should have seen the hassle we expats had on Thursdays trying to get those Filipino minor children to get the **** away from our group of foreigners. We were trying to hold a conversation and did not want their un-requested presence. Most of our group were tolerant of the little beggars but at least one of our group got quite exasperated that we just could not convince them that they were not allowed to be in our presence. Seems like the law ain't working.
  12. Bitcoin - Virtual Currencies and the future of Cash

    On sarcasm? Keep stocking.
  13. Bitcoin - Virtual Currencies and the future of Cash

    Great point. The first universal credit card, which could be used at a variety of establishments, was introduced by the Diners' Club, Inc., in 1950 So, where are they now? Point is don't get involved with the first one to come along. Wait until the second or third generation when they get the bugs out.
  14. Bitcoin - Virtual Currencies and the future of Cash

    My opinion, and its just a gut feeling, is that buying Bitcoin now is like investing in Commodore computer stock way back when. It was the rage of the day but in the long term was overtaken by bigger and better managed companies. My gut feeling says that crypto-currencies have a future, but that future will be in the hands of the big monied corporations. When one of them goes mainstream it is time to get on board. Here is a list of the 6 frontrunners, but as I read it I am reminded that Sony Betamax was a much better machine than the VHS when video cassette recorders came out, but we all know which one made money. This stuff is too volatile for me.
  15. Grounding Appliances

    I have seen tvs in "foreigner wired" houses fried during lightening storms in Philippines. It seems to be because most of the houses have no lightening rods or ground rods so lightening will hit the electric wiring and on rare occasions fry anything electronic that is plugged in. The circuit breakers don't seem to help in that case. Of course if your rental units have a ground rod and a lightening rod then there is not sense unplugging anything. Notice I admitted that is rare, but it still does not hurt to unplug anything valuable when not in use and when severe lightening is expected.