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  1. Pinoy Neighborhood Question?

    If a filipino did not like her parking there then her tires would be flat when she came back. But I guess the boot is just as good.
  2. Nursing Shortage Again In USA.

    I suppose that's what happens when you "Make Healthcare Great Again". If its great and its affordable then people are going to actually use it and thus you get a shortage of nurses and anything else that goes along with great healthcare.
  3. Cell Phone Question.

    If your IPhone is locked to your US provider it would be wise to buy a cheap phone here. IMHO Smart is the best service in urban areas and Globe is best in rural areas but most filipinas have cells from TM or Sun or whatever the deal of the week is. Thus, IMO, there is no "best" cell service but Prepaid Globe or Smart are the normal sims to buy.
  4. Caring for a very Poorly Dog

    R.I.P. Shadow. It is sad to hear of the passing of Shadow. We were all hoping he would find his way back to health, but since that was not to be then I know you did the best you could for him. On the bright side. We are all pleased to hear from you. It means you have power and Internet and are not underwater.
  5. A Rant About The New Antibiotic Prescription Enforcement

    Thank you. Within a few days of taking the antibiotic that I self-prescribed I was right as rain. And rain it has been doing. Still going. DelugeMaguete is still wet, but I am well. Thanks for the good wishes.
  6. Brown outs

    Yes. After your post I once again re-read that extensive manual and they provide a graph showing number of cycles of life vs depth of discharge and it proves your point. Thank you.
  7. Brown outs

    Batteries have changed so much in recent years, due to the different demands from different applications. My "12 V" battery, which is the same as AlwaysRts, peaks at 13.75 Volts in practice but the manual says it can and should go even higher every 2nd week of regular use by applying a 16 hour "equalization charge" of 14.46V. It is considered fully charged at rest when it stays at 13 Volts. It discharges to 12.2 Volts at 50% state of charge, which is considered the normal state of discharge under standard operating conditions but it will discharge to 30% charge without harming the battery provided you follow the correct procedure to recharge it. The above is stuff I have been studying from the manual (yeah, who would have thought that modern batteries come with a 12 page manual that you really MUST read so you don't harm your investment). The biggest mistake I was making, before AlwaysRt guided me in the correct direction, was to assume that all deep cycle batteries were the same. They are not. EDIT: In the same way, all inverters and all chargers are not the same and since the battery and inverter and charge system are intimately linked it is important to match the 3-some so they all play nice together.
  8. Norton security warning

    Good ol' Norton
  9. Subic Bay Condos

    That means to me: If you have to ask then you cannot afford it.
  10. When living in Canada, I dated a 20 something year old white, Canadian girl after my divorce. I was about 46 at the time. My brother and his wife were throwing a New Year's Eve party and invited me, saying I could bring a date. My brother and wife were both about 39 at that time as were most of their circle of friends. Now here's what happened (as I remember it): My young date did not know anyone else but me at the party. So the other guys wives all went into the kitchen to "hen party" and my date sat quietly on my lap for the evening as I sat and visited with the guys. All the guys were thrilled with my date and as we left they all gave me a pat on the back and said they were glad we could come. My brother gave me the thumbs up of approval also (she was quite cute). So two days later I get a phone call from my brother. I am not allowed to bring that girl to his house any more because his wife and all the other ladies did not like her. No further explanation was given, draw your own conclusions. My summation? I) Its not just filipinas that go for older guys 2) Its the women who get their nose out of joint 3) Canada is more prejudiced about age gap relationships than any other kind. By that I mean they accept interracial, same sex, and multiple partner relationships more easily than age gaps.
  11. Do most Expats have cars?

    I have not heard of scammers running into the back of cars, but lots of idiots do it. Your point about not wanting to live in the sticks is a good one. I know a lot of people who live in Cebu without a car. Its actually cheaper to get around in taxis than to pay the depreciation and maintenance on a car in Cebu. If you want to get out of the city you can rent a car. I am sure it works out cheaper in the long run than the cost of buying a car and keeping it running. But that option ain't available in the sticks.
  12. Austrailian Dollars

    I was wondering too. On my screen your post came up as a series of translucent abc's. Screen shot here. Its only ever happened once and only in your post.
  13. Brown outs

    We just had an hour brown out here but I am all sorted with deep cycle battery and inverter. So much so that I forgot to turn it all back to the mains when the power came back on. I'll do that after I write this. But here's the bottom line: I can "survive" without power, with a small budget, without certain comfort foods BUT I came here to be happy in my retirement and brownouts do not make me happy so I will do what it takes to maintain a steady power supply.
  14. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    I can tell you that I don't get any of the "special interests" that you mention unless I actively seek it out. The girls who come up to the white, blue eyed foreigners and make the first move are rare. They are usually hookers, scammers, or roosters (any-cockle-doooooo) I suggest that you may need to change your approach. If the responses on here are any indication of "why" the girls go for white blue eyed foreigners then all you have to do is point out that you have all the qualities they are looking for. And yes. my experience is different. I have seen filipinas who prefer black, Korean, Japanese, Iranian, and various other men and have relationships with them. I have also seen situations where girls will date all of the above and really do NOT care so long as the guy is a foreigner and can give them dreams of a ticket outta here or a better life. So I am sure that it is just your approach. By way of example, I know a blue eyed, older, wealthy white, American expat who lives in Cebu and could not get laid if his life depended on it. Its all in his approach, and a lot of his attitude is a bitterness towards females that comes out in the first two minutes of conversation between him and a girl. EDIT: You mentioned you look like a filipino. I used to hang out with an American/Filipino when I lived in Cebu and we went carousing together a few times (well more than a few ) and he had more "luck" with the ladies than 9 out of 10 of the other expats I know. He knew where to go, how to act, and above all: when and where to flash the cash. Its all about the money when the only thing the girl knows about you is that you are single, you are interested, and you want some love at first sight. Oh yeah, there are a lot of guys who say they respect the girl too much to want "love at first sight". Sometimes that works and sometimes . . may I refer you to the " blue eyed, older, wealthy white, American expat who lives in Cebu and could not get laid if his life depended on it." to find out when and why it does not work.