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  1. I have to agree, walking is getting 'out of fashion'. The last Pub Crawl I went on, all the guys took taxis from one pub to another. AND . . . it was a walking club going on the pub crawl
  2. Is massage a sport? I like it if she is a good sport about it
  3. My spine is fine most of the time. Gets a little weak when I have to tell some girl to hit the road.
  4. You got lucky. There are wise words in what you say here. Perhaps, instead of only praying, we should also get checked out by a few docs when things are going well so we can find one we trust, who we are confident knows his sh1t, and when an emergency happens we have his emergency contact number. But I'm just fantasizing. Its something we should do and yet I still have not got around to doing it. I'm still content to prescribe my own antibiotics for run-of-the-mill stuff and if does not work, then find a doc.
  5. A couple of times. But you are pretty much on your own. When I wanted the police I had to go to the station and get them (no gas or no vehicle). When I wanted an ambulance I could not find the number (I should have been better prepared). I have some very good friends I can count on but almost all of them are smart enough to turn their phones off when they go to bed at night (I do the same) so in one case I had to drive myself to emergency, on my motorcycle, trying not to black out and I got lucky. I have come to the conclusion that there is a reason people believe in God's Will. No one else is gonna help you at 4 in the morning if you have an emergency. There is one thing I have learned. If you live in a subdivision with a good guard service, and if you have a live in partner, and if she can possibly race to the guard's gate house and wake him up, then he/they will help.
  6. Just an update on this. The lady who owns the business came back from the US and has been back for a month or two. It shows when you go in there. The boss is back, her customers will come back . . if she stays. I just had a nice long chat with her and in the hour I was there only one customer (a friend of the owner) came in. It just proves the point that you must be hands on if the business is going to make a profit.
  7. This is exactly the same as another thread so I have merged the two and changed the title as perhaps some do not know what a "tipple" is
  8. Thats good! Not out in in any of the provincial areas I know. You must be in a built up area to get that. I'm thinking of islands like Camotes, or Biliran as "out in the province" and all you get is data on a stick.
  9. As in Philippines "über alles" ?
  10. Unlikely to find stream-able Internet outside the major urban centers but there are slim possibilities. I would say good luck but Leonard Cohen says it best:
  11. Have you been to a Philippine doctor for antibiotics? "Lets try this one and see me in 7 days. (7 days later) . . Oh that one didn't work? Lets try this one instead."
  12. That's the current ideology, according to Time Magazine. http://time.com/247/millennials-the-me-me-me-generation/
  13. Open front door, look left, then look right. If you don't see someone with a skin infection then you are not in Philppines. Just ask them to come to the doc with you and give them a mickey of Tanduay.
  14. Yes. I love it that the majority of meds I use daily are not prescription meds here because in Canada they are, which requires tedious doctor visits so he can make his money for prescribing what I was going to buy anyway. Even here, the doctor's prescription for antibiotics is a joke. At Generics pharmacy you can go in there with a skin infection and get a 7 day supply of antibiotics. Cost for prescription 100 pesos. You can take the prescription to 10 different places and get it filled (careful as some will write on the prescription that it has been filled but most won't). Then you take them home and stock your medicine chest or put them in your sari sari store and sell them at a profit to people who don't want to go to the doctor.