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  1. Barcelona

    OK, I will refrain from commenting. Were you a teacher at some point? They also prefer to lecture rather than discuss.
  2. Barcelona

    Now you are confusing me. It seems you are mentioning "new tactics" such as suicide bombers and then you mention they were first used in India. Do you refer to: And if those are the suicide squads are what you mean then its not exactly a new tactic. If those were not the ones you meant (perhaps they did not self detonate?) then I notice that this link < click for wiki link refers to That statement tells me that suicide bombing is not a new tactic. It seems to have taken on a new life and a religious connotation since about the 1980's but the religious nuts just copied something that had already been done. It seems to me that suicide attacks, (remember the kamikazes?) were not previously thought of as terrorism until the extremists started targeting civilians. That is also strange to me as the bombing blitzes of WWII targeted civilians and yet were never given the title "terrorism", were they? When I look at the big picture I wonder if "terrorism" as something created by the media to repackage a type of homicide that already existed but needed a new twist to sell advertising. If not that, then what makes terrorism identifiable from hate crime, lunatics shooting up schools, guerrilla warfare, or just random murder in general?
  3. Barcelona

    There is something in that. Ignorance is bliss. I'm guessing that my parents would have had a much tougher time living through the London Blitz of WWII if current mass media and social media existed to feed panic and frenzy. It would have convinced the Axis powers that they were winning and may have given them the impetus to succeed. My point is that its not just Mass media having a feeding frenzy. Some individuals seem to thrive on sharing the horror on social media or forums. I don't mean this forum. This one seems different and its why I spend so much time here. We discuss things without getting frenzied. If we could teach the next generation the value of keeping a stiff upper lip, and keeping the lower one from flapping.
  4. New car for 17 months still no Registration plate

    It gets worse. I had temporary plates on my motorcycle when I went to do my annual registration. The registration shows that Dumaguete has assigned a different license number to the motorcycle than the original "temporary" one issued by Cebu. So I asked if I should change the license plate number (Easy to do when you pay someone to make you up a plate). I was told not to do that until the "official one" is released. I have since sold the motorcycle and it will probably rot from old age before the "official one" ever catches up to it.

    Yes. You are missing about an inch of topsoil a year. At least that's what I was losing. My first ex and her maids would do that in a house I rented for 3 years and at the end of 3 years there was a drop from the cement path to the top of the dirt of about 3 inches. My constant comment about the importance of topsoil and the use of a flexible rake to get leaves only fell on deaf ears. What had been a lush lawn when I moved in was a muddy, weed infested bit of ground when I moved out. I am surprised the landlady never made a comment but she must have been used to the practice. Moral of the story: If you want to plant a lawn, keep the maids off of it.
  6. Cooking issues that maybe there is a solution to ?

    I have noticed extremes of attitude among old foreigners, even those who come from the same country. Two expats I know each come from the same country and now live in Dumaguete. One can find no wrong in any restaurant or any food he ever talks about. The other can find no good in any of it. Neither are to be believed, for apparent reasons, and both think they are doing the world a favor by saying how good or bad certain foods or restaurants are.
  7. Barcelona

    Since JGF judged a related thread to be too political, you may be correct that this thread is getting too religious. I will trust the members to refrain from commenting further if their comments have religious or political connotations.
  8. Pigs Blood

    Automated members message This topic is now locked awaiting the admins review. Once the topic has been reviewed it may reopen as is or to the admins discretion.
  9. Pigs Blood

    Gentlemen, members. Its been an interesting discussion and I hope everyone had their say, for the moment at least. But it has been brought to my attention that this is the forum for discussing Philippine news and since the only issue relating to Philippines is the use of pigs blood against Philippine Muslims 100 years ago; and since that is actually considered false news, I shall close the topic until JGF gets a chance to examine it and decide if any more needs to be said here. Thank you all for keeping the contributions intelligent and non-confrontational.
  10. Pigs Blood

    I did not find it there. I saw you and Jake were parodying "Make America Great Again", abbreviated to MAGA, which was a campaign slogan used in American politics that was used by President Donald Trump in his 2016 presidential campaign. Thus I continued with the parody.
  11. Pigs Blood

    And I don't think anyone intended to make America grate again, (grate definition: reduce something, especially food, to small shreds by rubbing it on a grater. OR make an unpleasant rasping sound.)
  12. Pigs Blood

    I don't imagine they see themselves as such. Too busy pulling down historical statues, protesting in the streets, and trying to convince people who don't agree that they are deplorable I guess. Maybe they should slow down and say "Hey wait a minute, now I know how those deplorables felt when Obama got elected." And yet when Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Bob Graham (D-Fla.) says it, there is no ridicule from the left, nor outcry that the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee should know these facts better than most. This quote is from Snopes, who declares the story as false. But says there is no evidence to prove it is false and there are enough similar stories that there may be some truth in the story, just that its not likely to be General Pershing's doing. http://www.snopes.com/rumors/pershing.asp
  13. Pigs Blood

    Well said, and I mentioned it a friend who said there is no point in discussing the current POTUS because neither side would be dissuaded from their positions by any amount of facts, logic, or discussion. I used to consider myself a moderate, in a political sense, but seeing the extremes the radical liberals have gone to in attempts to discredit any right wing person, organization, political views or presidents I distance myself totally from them and now see them as opponents. Thus I have fallen off the fence onto the "right" side. I find a lot of distance growing between myself and friends who call themselves liberal, or moderate, or supposedly Libertarian. I tend to stay away from them as their rhetoric gets obnoxious and perhaps they stay away from me as I have sided with the deplorables. Funny thing is, I realize those people were only friendly when I agreed with them. So no harm done. Now as to the pig's blood in the topic. I don't care that a person is not proficient in history. I care what a person is good at. The POTUS is good at getting elected to his present position and that position deserves my respect. EDIT: Seems I am not proficient in history either. A quote from General Pershing's memoirs is available on Amazon that says: "The bodies were publicly buried in the same grave with a dead pig. It was not pleasant to have to take such measures, but the prospect of going to hell instead of heaven sometimes deterred the would-be assassins." Click this link to read the excerpt.
  14. Barcelona

    In the future, a Saturday morning mind fantasy as I drink my second cup of coffee. In the future we will all be implanted with a computer chip at birth. During the course of our lifetime, everything we say and do will be entered into our permanently recorded computer chip. Then the leader of the free world does not even need to know where we are. If anyone is found guilty of a crime against humanity the leader can push a button and kill that individual wherever he may be. With a little advancement it could be programmed to terminate all members of a certain organization or a certain thought pattern. We could free the world of terrorists, serial killers and even religions we did not like. The only problem is . . . . there would be no one left. So the next question is: Is that a defensive action or an offensive action and where is the line?
  15. Barcelona

    We have people in the west who profess to hear God telling them to kill people. We lock them up in loony bins for their own good, (and for the safety of those around them), if they even suggest it. We should do the same for anyone who hears Mohamed telling them to kill people.