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  1. Dave Hounddriver

    Aussie killed in road crash in La Union

    If you consider it trivial, to take the unfortunate demise of an Australian motorcycle rider, drive it off topic and make trollish comments without any thought or care, without any feeling that a fellow expat has just lost his life, then we have different definitions and I make no apologies for the tone of my response to lobojohn. I do regret the use of the "f" word if that is the only part you find offensive and I apologize that I did not use a less impulsive phrase. In fact I shall edit my response to use a more acceptable synonym.
  2. Dave Hounddriver

    Noreco II revised Brown out

    trees. . . money grows on them. pick some then see above . . done and done and done
  3. Dave Hounddriver

    10 years down the line.

    Automated members message This topic is now locked awaiting the admins review. Once the topic has been reviewed it may reopen as is or to the admins discretion.
  4. Dave Hounddriver

    10 years down the line.

    Moderators note: A bunch of posts were hidden awaiting the boss' decision. We generally do not encourage this kind of back and forth bickering. Now I shall close the topic until @Jollygoodfellow has a chance to review it.
  5. Dave Hounddriver

    Aussie killed in road crash in La Union

    Please read more carefully before replying. This has (edited word) "nothing" to do with riding a trike. From the article: I have emboldened the parts related to the topic and highlighted all the typically faulty Philippine reporting BS that has nothing to do with the topic of the unlucky Australian motorcycle rider, may he R.I.P.
  6. Dave Hounddriver

    A reminder to know the law or risks

    Many times I have been "warned but not charged" in different circumstances in Philippines. I was "warned but not charged" when I was with my (then) 20 year old partner because she looked young. I just brushed it off. People meddling in other people's business. I was "warned but not charged" about entering the Philippines with an exit ticket beyond the 30 day free visa. I just brushed it off as an officious BI official throwing his weight around. I was "warned but not charged" about coming back to Philippines so many times as a tourist when I have no wife here so I must be doing something illegal. Again, I brushed it off an an officious BI official. I was "warned but not charged" with breaking the HOA laws in my subdivision and threatened with having my water and other services disconnected. That one required a letter from my lawyer to straighten out. Bottom line is, as the title of this thread suggests, be DAM* SURE you know the law and/or the risks of every action you take here. There are laws that are not enforced. There are times when there are no laws but you can still get killed for doing something somebody did not like. There are many, many times when the crab mentality of others will try to stop you from doing something that they do not like but they have no legal legs to stand on and it is too trivial for them to find a pair of motorcycle assassins to take you out. Such are my opinions, personal experiences, and observations only
  7. Dave Hounddriver

    Noreco II revised Brown out

    Nah, joke lang. We don't shoot the messenger around these parts.
  8. Dave Hounddriver

    Noreco II revised Brown out

    That's just looney. 8 hours and the food in the ref is still cold enough. 12 hours and there goes the groceries.
  9. Dave Hounddriver

    A reminder to know the law or risks

    If the "adult chaperone" is her 20 year old sister then that excuse does not get past the judge. But feel free to try it, tell ECPAT International what you are doing, and give us a report back. The Philippine culture is one of acceptance but the international bleeding hearts are the ones to stir crap in cases like that.
  10. Dave Hounddriver

    Foreigner convicted.

    One could also ask why filipinas seem to have money with no visible source of income and why so many foreigners find "single" girls on line that they feel obligated to send money to. Its bizarre how easy it is for the girls to get money with a facebook account, some pretty pictures, and a membership on a few dating sites. But these girls are never accused of any crime, in fact it is S.O.P. here.
  11. Well there's the trouble. People can say anything they want on "other boards" but in all seriousness we would have to see a link to show the BI offices offering this new service and what the conditions are before us old skeptics are gonna believe. Until then it is just a rumor. So can you supply a working source to a legitimate news agency or to Philippine Bureau of Immigration? PS. This is the reason @Jollygoodfellow is constantly telling people to "quote the source" when posting a link as the opening post did. The link on the opening post is not working so chances are they made a mistake and changed it immediately but it would have been interesting to see what was going on.
  12. Dave Hounddriver

    10 years down the line.

    Not me! I don't follow the orders of my lady! (Unless she asks nicely )
  13. Dave Hounddriver

    A caution about plastic car and motorcycle covers

    Almost all the parts are plastic, thus the need for model airplane paint. Yes it did but the fabric lining was so thin that the plastic cover melted right through it. I bought it at Unitop so you can understand I shoulda bought one at Handyman but now I just throw a thick bath towel on top of it and it works.
  14. Many foreigners own houses on leased land. Depending on the conditions of the lease then those houses may be available to rent out via AirBnb as would a condo that a foreigner owns. Passive income is not considered working. There is a fine line between passive income and working at a business. For example, you own a condo and rent it out for 6 months while you go touring around Philippines. That is passive income. But you own 20 condos and rent them out and it would likely be considered a business. Where does the line get drawn? Ya pays your money and ya takes your chances and let the lawyers work it out OR you just set up a business and declare that income.