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  1. Bbq time

    Fixed that part boss
  2. TV Shop Philippines

    I see you availed of the pop up menu this time.
  3. Air filter or air purification unit?

    Maybe you have pop-ups turned off. When I push order now I get a pop up of a pic of a saleslady in a chat box saying "May I help you" so I guess I would have to ask her how much and she would say "up to you" and I would say a low price and then she would give me the real price. At least that is what I am used to in real Philippine shops with no prices marked.
  4. The right fit

    I'm jealous Best deal I ever got on them cargo shorts (the good ones) is 50 pesos and I usually pay 150 to 250 for shorts that really appeal to me.
  5. My Wife wants to Drive the car!

    I used to do that when I was a teenager, but we called them "french safes" back then.
  6. Air filter or air purification unit?

    Yes, and no. My air conditioner cleans and filters the air and its on almost all the time so does that count. I have no dust buildup inside my house due to this.
  7. I had to give that a chuckle. If all we have to worry about is losing 5 centavos then life is good. I am wondering what the fees were for all that hassle. For fun I went to my Transferwise account and checked what I would get for an online exchange and transfer of US$. I would have got an exchange rate of 52.40 but after the fees for the currency exchange PLUS the transfer of money from my home bank account to my Philippine bank account, the effective rate would be 51.83. But when you add in the value of having the money transferred from country to country and deposited to my account within a couple of days (faster if you pay a higher fee) then its well worth it in my opinion.
  8. The right fit

    That reminds me; "A friend" told me that there are some girls who will come and stay with you for a few days and be willing to wash your clothes in the shower (do a good job too) and hang them to dry in the hotel room. With the aircon on, the dehumidifying function will dry the clothes in about 4 hours. It amazes me that so many ladies are happy to do that at no "additional" charge.
  9. The right fit

    Loads of people wear jeans. Mainly the locals though. Expats seem to have a preference for shorts. When I wear jeans I get teased: "What you gettin' all dressed up for?"
  10. The Water meter

    I lived in "small town" Biliran where no one had a water meter. The barangay provided free water every second day. On the days between you were screwed if you had no storage tank. But every where else I have been had a water meter.
  11. Busses, Jeepneys, Tricyclcle,..Oh My

    Thanks, after I wrote it I started thinking she would probably have no trouble finding a guy to push her backwards if needed. But since it has reverse the problem solved.
  12. Time and the Filipino.

    I used to think that all these "hour or two late" Philippine flights were a 3rd world pain, until this January when my Air Canada flight was 9 hours late.
  13. Back up Generator

    And how much does it produce when there is a brownout? I ask because any grid tie systems I know of have an auto shut off when the power goes out to avoid feedback into a downed power line. So unless you have a way to still get power during a brown out, its back to a cheap generator or an expensive battery powered "off grid" solar system.
  14. Busses, Jeepneys, Tricyclcle,..Oh My

    Do they have reverse or will she have to push it backwards out of the parking spot?
  15. The Water meter

    All I can say is: Damn good thing it was not the electric meter reader or your wife would have him roasted on a baboy spit.