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  1. I am starting to form the opinion that religion is not the common denominator in the terrorism and suicide bombings going on today. Fanaticism is. I quoted your point because I am willing to bet there were a lot of Christian marines and other military men who said a quiet "Hallelujah" when Fat Man and Little Boy killed all them children and their parents and put an end to WW2. Their religion and the war were not intertwined and I am starting to believe that Muslims are not all part of the terrorist drama. I say that because I believe it is the monsters who want to commit atrocities who try to put on a cloak of respectability by saying they are Islamic Fundamentalists. Then, when they do horrid things they can feel some justification. When I look around the Philippines I see a lot of Catholics and Muslims just quietly going about their business and getting along with each other. Not all the time, but enough to know its only the fanatics who are causing problems. So the question becomes, how to deal with fanatics, and the answer is to get respected Muslim leaders to ostracize the fanatics. That is not as easy as it sounds. Picture Germany in 1940 if you were a respected member of the German community and tried to denounce Nazis as fanatics. How long would your life span be? I hope I am getting my point across. We are targeting too large a group when we target all Islamics.
  2. I find that there are lots of lizards following me around. Sometimes you can even hear them and smell them but they are hard to see. Damn lizards!
  3. I cannot say because when it has happened to me I just gave the ticketing officer 500 and asked him if he could pay it for me when he goes there. Seemed quite happy to do that. Less hassle than trying to find the place myself. This is not to say I am bribing him, just asking him to pay the fine for me and keep the change. I was tempted to do that in Montana decades ago. The state trooper gave me a speeding ticket that was only $10 and I REALLY wanted to say "Can i give you $20 and then you don't have to bother to stop me next time?" But that would not go over well in the US. Here it seems to be fine.
  4. Sorry. I do tend to handle tragedy by injecting wry humor. I will edit my post so as not to offend those who do not think like I do.
  5. Holy shite it was at an Ariana Grande concert. Who doesn't love her? She's lovely. .
  6. One of my best friends went to the PhilHealth office in Robinson's Mall to ask them how much truth there is in all this. The reply he says they gave is: "Come back and ask in June as no one is able to confirm that it will happen for sure."
  7. Now that is confusing me. I thought that with all the mandatory inheritance laws and the laws where foreigners cannot own land that it only passes to the husband when there are no other mandatory heirs? Am I confused again? I mean lets put the shoe on the other foot, Say I get married to some sweet young thing and take her home to Canada whereupon I spend "my children's future inheritance" on a house for the young wife. Do you think my children are not gonna kick up a fuss when I die about what is "rightfully theirs" and what my wife gets to keep according to the law? I know it happened to a friend in Australia. When he died, his grown kids contested his will by saying his filipina wife is only entitled to half of what their dad owned, (whether he was alive or dead by Australian law), so now he is dead they get the other half. Last I heard they were winning that fight but I do not know the end result.
  8. Steve, since you saved all that money by not buying a car for your wife's family can you buy me a car? After all, we are all family on this forum ain't we?
  9. That would be a very close metaphor if you planned to kiss that person's ass later. My ex smoked (secretly she thought) and then blamed me because I could not enjoy kissing her passionately. For anyone who smokes and their wife does not, ask yourself how you like to kiss her after she's had a meal of dried fish? Just my thoughts as an ex smoker.
  10. I read the article and it mentions countless times about how kids can't go to school. It does not take much reading between the lines to see that the mayor's real concern is that people are going to start bugging him to spend some city money on school busses, which he should be doing anyway.
  11. Yep. Been there done that. I got a snide remark from the BI guy checking me into the country. Somethings like "You know this is a tourist visa and not a residence visa. It is not meant to be used like this if you plan to live here." I gave him a smile and some song and dance about gonna get married but ran out of time so had to leave and come right back. He just grunted but seemed to swallow that line. It was kinda true. I was living with a lady "like" we were married but we were not gonna tie the know.
  12. Yes. Due to mandatory inheritance laws, the biggest rats, who did the least to help while the parents are alive, will scream for the largest amount when the death happens. And they will get quite a bit. It does not seem to matter how much you did or what is written down, the inheritance laws are mandatory. No one can sign anything to give you or your wife the rights to something that "belongs" to someone else after death. The forum owner has a thread on this that you need to read in depth if you want to know how it applies.
  13. Your whole post is quite informative and this last bit is enlightening. I am worried about carjackings, which I do not see happening here but I believe it will catch on fast among the "bad guys" who have no trouble riding up to someone on a motorcycle and having the back rider shoot the car driver. Soon they will learn they can push the body over, get behind the wheel and drive the evidence away plus make a profit on it. What I wonder about, is why you can program your IPhone so it will not work without your thumbprint but you do not seem to be able to do that to your car.
  14. That sounds very good but it does not explain: So either the thieves are not stealing modern cars or they know more about what they are doing than we think. Additionally, there are a lot of 20 year old vehicles around Philippines that are still worth more than a new motorcycle. These are not being stolen in Dumaguete (according to the verbal advice given to me by Dumaguete police). Lets hope it stays that way for as long as possible.