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  1. Caring for a very Poorly Dog

    So sorry to hear you losing Shadow, Jack. must be a difficult time for you,
  2. Beer prices up ( Dang and Blast)

    buy mine in crates San Mig 560 pesos delivered free.
  3. Big Head

    Try lazada Hats & Caps
  4. My Internets fine too, but Facebook takes ages to load up.
  5. Just gotta try these, anyone seen them about

    and a nice big beef tomato
  6. Wearing watches ( as a daily issue)

    Never worn a watch for over 15 years, stopped wearing them when I first came to the Philippines. Heard stories about don't bring attention to yourself. Even in England I stopped wearing them, just used my phone.
  7. blacklisted

    Hi, whereabouts do I look on the BI website to see if I have been accepted for the 13A marriage visa? TIA.
  8. The benefits of beer

    Beer is not just for Christmas, it's for life.
  9. The benefits of beer

    I love god then, if it's true!
  10. Thanks all for the info, might not have enough time to do the 13a this time, I can avail the BB stamp this time as wife will be with me, but when I re-enter PH next I will have to do the 13a route
  11. Hi, I have question about Balikbayan privileges. I know most rules of this, been using it with my wife for a decade. But next year I will be entering Philippines with her but I will have to leave the country on my own and visit again the same year. Now this is the problem, will I still be able to use the BB stamped on my passport to avail the BB?
  12. Hisense Smart TV Model 32K220

    Download the manual, tried here in UK but only could find the UK version User Manuals | Support | Hisense UK
  13. You'ed be in jail for 3 years before a sentence was given. So slow the Philippines judicial system, unless you give the judge a hefty palm grease.
  14. How To Get Woken Up Dalaguete Style.

    I get the "white noise" free 24/7 it's called Tinnitus.