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  1. I'm not sure if they give me clearance in hand at Main NBI office (were you asking question?). I was hoping someone had recently been through that process at that office could tell me. The NBI website says I do get it immediately. If true, then our plans to take bus overnight to Manila, arrive at Main NBI office at opening, stay overnight and take bus to BI office in Angeles Marque Mall for 13a application. I wanted to avoid the Main BI office in Intramuros, since I've heard it's very crowded.
  2. I've given some thought about just trying to submit 13a with my FBI clearance and local US police clearance and see if they notice I've been here more than 6 mo's. If they require the NBI clearance, then we can just head over to NBI office at Olongapo, just a skip away from Angeles.
  3. Well, I guess there is no avoiding Manila. The local NBI office is for Filipinos only, I'll have to make trip to the main NBI office (Ermita?). Problem is next week they have ASEAN meeting, so most government offices are closed and May 1st is also holiday. Does anyone know what happens if my ACR-I card expires (May 11) before I'm able to obtain NBI clearance and submit 13a application? My tourist visa is good until July 6th. My new plan is to schedule NBI appointment online (new requirement) at their main office. I'll book room at Bay View hotel (across from US Embassy) near NBI main office too I believe. My asawa and I will take bus overnight from Cabanatuan to Manila so we get to NBI office by opening time. Then we stay night and next day travel by bus to Angeles BI office to file 13a. Think it will be faster than filing 13a at Intramuros BI office.
  4. That must be the foreigner "surcharge" At least it's not as intrusive as OPM process for TS/SCI clearance. I had former co-workers and neighbors asking me if I was in trouble. Apparently the FBI shows up at former associates and asks, "What can you tell us about .....?" They don't mention why, just want to know about what they say about me.
  5. How long does the 13a process take? Do they keep your passport when processing the 13a? If so, it would make it difficult to extend visa without my passport in hand. The BI official made it sound like it was an easy process. I just needed to bring all the documentation that is listed on the checklist.
  6. Fresh intel update from the Angeles BI office. Just got back home and things weren't what I expected. 1. They offer only 2 mo's tourist visa extensions, not 6 mo's. Cost was P4,600. Not much more than the 29 day extension @ NAIA. 2. I was notified by BI official my ACR-I card expires on May 6th, wasn't an issue as you will read in #3. 3. They offer 13a visa processing. So all I need is to obtain my NBI clearance, bring my Asawa with our NSO MC and her BC. So in two weeks, we plan to travel to the Angeles BI office (inside Marques Mall) and submit 13a visa. BTW - My asawa told me her cousin is going to help get my NBI clearance. Apparently, word is that some officials at NBI office want a little extra money from Kanos to "clear" them. Always helps to have family that works in the local government.
  7. I'm just going by what was listed on the BI web page for LSVVE costs. It listed p13,900 with express lane and ACR. Still cheaper than the 18k I paid to extend it last time going through a local travel agency here in Cabanatuan.
  8. Thanks Steve! Going to the Angeles office this Wednesday, couldn't get hold of them on phone. It costs 14k PHP (with express lanes) for 6 mo extension. I'll ask them while I'm there if they process 13a visa there too. If Angeles office is closed, then I'll go to Clark One Stop. I'll let you know what they say about 13a visa. Anyway to avoid Manila BI is preferred .
  9. Sorry for writing again. I previously posted a topic regarding where I could obtain a 13a immigrant visa in Central Luzon (outside of Manila). I was hoping that the Angeles BI office could process it, but was told Baguio was only other BI office outside Manila that processed 13a immigrant visa applications. In addition, since my 6 mo tourist visa expires on May 6th, I was told that I need to extend it before applying for 13a visa. That it requires a minimum of 2 mo's before visa expires to process 13a visa. So does anyone know if the Angeles or Clark BI office(s) offer LSVVE (6 mo) visa extension? I will need to go there this week or next before my visa expires. Many thanks!
  10. Since I now have to get my tourist visa extended before filing for my 13A, can I get my tourist visa extended at the Angeles BI office? Has anyone from forum recently gone there? Just want to get an idea on how long I should expect it to take.
  11. Hello, My 6 mo tourist visa extension ends on May 6th and I want to apply for 13A residency. I read some of topics in this forum and on BI web site, but didn't get enough information to make a fully informed decision. Can I apply for 13A at the BI office in Angeles? Is a medical clearance required if I'm US Citizen? The US isn't listed as one of countries in the BI's "SBM-2014-059-A", Bureau of Quarantine Medical Clearances". The application package mentions a letter is required from both the applicant and Filipino spouse. What do we have to say in these letters? What happens if my tourist visa expires before my 13A is being processed or issued? Thanks!
  12. Jake, et al, Sorry I for not responding earlier to your posts. I've had a lot going on the past few weeks. Asawa ko's lolo passed away a few weeks ago and been busy with pamilya events. However, in the time since I posted my comment, you can now see in the current news that President Trump's administration has called out China on NK actions. President Xi is scheduled to meet with President Trump this week. I guarantee you that Trump will issue China an ultimatum to either enforce the UN sanctions against NK and muzzle your dog Kim Jong Un or the US will help arm its East Asian allies (SK and Japan) and begin to impose economic sanctions on Chinese. China is caught with its proverbial hand in the cookie jar. If they don't successfully get their attack dog back on a tight leash, the US would act unilaterally to neuter their dog. China does not want a united Korea or heavily armed Japan on its borders. Trump is callling China's bluff and giving them a way out to save face. I bet it will include provisions of dismantling their military bases in the South China Sea too. Otherwise, the US might start helping out some of the ASEAN countries too. Lots of bad blood between Vietnamese and Chinese, I'm sure Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, even PI's Dutuerte would also be open to President Trump's offerings. China can't afford to get involved in regional conflicts, as its own internal problems are starting to surface. I see someone mentioned Project THOR or "Rods from God". It was a black budget program for a space based conventional weapons platform. It can drop tungsten rods the size of telephone poles from orbit to any target in the world within 20 minutes. No warhead, just a guidance system to steer the rod to its target and deliver the equivalent devastation of a low yield tactical nuke to its target. Undetectable, no defensive countermeasure and no radioactive fallout. Imagine what one of these "Rods from God" would do to one of those Chinese bases in the Spratly Islands.
  13. I would first point this out to the OP, I moved from California to PI's exactly one year ago this month. Why? Because as a former intel analyst, I could forecast a lot of instability within the US during 2017. Now it looks like that cold civil war between deep state factions may go hot. The current climate (economic, political and social) in the US isn't one I'd want to raise a family. Unless President Trump is able to MAGA, I won't even consider moving back to the US. Now as far as NK is concerned, if I were President Trump, I would tell China two things. Go pound sand in regards to the US deploying THAAD systems to our allies in region. It's defensive and China's own fault for allowing their attack dog the Norks to act so aggressively. Any attack by NK upon any US ally in East Asia would be considered in attack by China and the US would respond accordingly. NK doesn't do anything without China's approval. I guarantee you China will back down because they are looking like the schoolyard bully in world opinion right now. China is testing President Trump's resolve. I guarantee you his advisers are telling him that China is really a paper tiger and on the verge of an economic collapse much like Brazil and Venezuela. China has been desperately trying to keep this a secret, hence their currency manipulation. If Duterte were smarter, he would've waited until after the US elections before making any decisions regarding China. He gave away a big bargaining chip in the UNCLOS court decision. He did an Obama, Bush and Clinton move by selling out his own citizens future to another country.
  14. While I have yet to make a road trip up to Baguio, I've found 15hp is enough around here. Most the time I spend winding through traffic around 20-30 kph. Occasionally, I get enough open road on the Maharlika Highway to open it up. It is surprisingly quick from 0 - 80 kph as I race through 1st-4th gears. Anything above 80 kph is when the lack of hp becomes noticeable. It takes some work shifting between 5th (redlining @ 10k rpm)/6th gears to top out at 110 kph. Add a passenger or 40 kg's of extra weight (to my 85 kg) and it really starts struggling at 5th gear speeds. Funny to hear myself talk about shifting into 5th gear at 80 kph (50 mph), most of my previous racing and street bikes start hitting their powerband in 1st gear at that speed. Not to mention having the front wheel lifting up in 3rd/4th gears under hard acceleration with all that torque (50 ft/lbs) and 100+ hp at the throttle. Now, I'm just thankful to have made it to 52 years after all the stupid stuff I did when I was young.
  15. Exactly! Those drivers of those province buses drive those things like they are Formula-1 cars, weaving in lanes and you see cars, bikes, peds all getting out of the way. I've seen a few nes videos where those buses plowed into a crowd of people or missed a turn and flipped over. I had one close call where I knew the bus driver intentionally cut me off because I was looking right into his eyes through the door. I almost did a "stoppie" braking so hard.