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  1. Quite happy with that. I was surprised to find it on Facebook, but then we know that much of whatlittle moderation Facebook practices is done at BPO outfits in the Philippines, so maybe I should not have been surprised.
  2. Going abroad or going to sea are by far the simplest ways to get ahead, if you were born on the wrong side of the tracks. I do have friends who have "made it" into the upper middle classes without doing either of those things, but they had something in common - parents who were pretty determined. Often, but not always, one parent or grandparent was ethnically Chinese...
  3. Warning- horrible image. Here is the picture that was posted. It is the way in which Filipinos are coming to accept this sort of thing that troubles me. Still, I suppose that they can snap out of it. The Cambodians experienced much worse...
  4. I feel less safe. I have just been looking at a picture posted to Facebook by a middle class Filipina friend. I did not re-post it. It shows a profusely bleeding corpse lying near a shop front, just behind a Coke truck, with a trike nearby. That's not the disturbing part. The disturbing part is that there are a dozen kids aged say seven to twelve just sitting looking at the still bleeding corpse, with attitudes of unconcern. They don't look shocked or surprised. That picture is giving me nightmares.
  5. 14 year son: "mutter grunt back to video game" 21 year old son: "Well done, Dad!"
  6. Now, these snaps don't actually come from a dating site, but they do make a point! 1. My wife, snapped by a professional photographer: Same lady, within a few days, selfie tweaked with a Photoshop type app on her phone: Now, I very much prefer the "wholesome" version, but then I'm married to her, not looking to date her. But to say, these days, that "the camera cannot lie!" is absurd!
  7. My ex is Filipina! (she left me, so I brought in the proverbial younger model). They don't get on, but are polite to each other if they meet in the street.
  8. "Half of Papa's farm..."
  9. K and I were going to an industry dinner in London so we travelled up early to do some shopping. She could not find a dress so we went into Liberty and found ourselves in their "designer" section, where we very soon found three that she liked.... until she asked the prices... "We could buy half of Papa's farm for that money!" Ever practical, she made notes of the construction and got me to take lots of pictures - all sent to her sister who is good with a sewing machine...
  10. Yes; it's humorous! Well remembered, Jake! (as may be seen, even ferocious aswangs remember to Skype their Mama every other day!)
  11. You think you are getting this: and all of a sudden you find you have this:
  12. What is it about Filipinas in cooler climates and BOOTS! (9 pairs in one year... and counting...)
  13. K's Mama. She's seventy. I think I am safe..
  14. Thanks. Yes, I can comment on the UK and I think other European countries are very similar. Jack is quite right - you cannot marry on a visit visa and stay here - in fact you will be deported very smartly... K and The Stepsprog came here on a Marriage Settlement Visa (K) and a Visa To Accompany Parent (the Stepsprog). This is the Full Box and Dice - the fee is huge and there is a language test, TB test, proof of earnings,etc. It was valid for six months and at the end of that time we had yet more bureaucracy and an even bigger fee to get the next visa, which is valid for two and a half years, and allows K to work and to benefit from the National Health Service, although for that we had to pay £500 each for the Immigration Health Surcharge.. But.. when we married, K's Maid of Honour, Elizabeth, an old friend, was here on a Visit Visa, her second, and she will be here again in the Spring on another Visit Visa... How? Well, Elizabeth is a professional yacht crew, working on super yachts in the Med. She was here to upgrade her Master's Certificate. She has a well paid job, was attending a serious course at Warsash, has the means to support herself, did not have a love interest here, and had a letter from her employers requiring her back on "X" date. So she has got two Visit visas so far with no trouble.
  15. Flowers and flattery...