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  1. Wondering exactly what this will mean. Arrests at random without a warrant, searching houses the same. Have not read anything about curfews guess it mandatory. Be interested in readers comments here.
  2. Pay P150k for a junker and have regular requests, demands for months...repair monies. Say no have a week or so sour times and over....Reminds me.... BETTER HORROR WITH ENDING THAN HORROR WITHOUT ENDING......
  3. Perhaps Steve if Emma spent a good deal of time reading this and other similar threads she would enhance her understanding of these difficult issues.
  4. Totally agree have also seen them up close on many occasions. Mostly rural areas of Samar..
  5. Still amazes me to see the check points on a long straight. The majority just sit and wait or turn around. Really these enforcers are truly the offenders friend.
  6. Very interesting long drawn out thread here, seems to be filled with the WHAT IS. Personally always remember some advice given to me many years ago. Do not ever invest more than 30% of your assets here. If the relationship which seems so wonderful suddenly goes down the girgler one can walk away wounded how ever not ruined. Regardless of how many legal documents have been drawn up, if things really go sour with hatred, the exs family will get one out. Sadly I have witnessed this happening, the guy was eventually able to depart the country, be it with nothing. The worst part was the ex was prepared to negotiate how ever family had other ideas. Even in our own countries relationships end after many years, how much more so here, family family family....
  7. We will be staying close tomorrow night near the IT park and desperately looking for a bar resto that will screen moto GP around 7.30pm. Called the Emeralds Isle how ever were informed kitchen is closed good by. Any suggestions welcomed, first time booked with airbnb so have a lot to learn, especially TV does not mean cable, also parking available does not mean free parking.
  8. Snowy with respect just had to chuckle regarding your comments about common sense. Best get used to it as rare, as in hens teeth, to meet a partner any different, this is yours, ours ideals of common sense. Imagine what these chicks think of our common sense... IT IS WHAT IS IS......
  9. Passing through Dumaguete few days ago it appeared the long standing Mexican resto Coco Amigos has closed up, not sure renovation or closing down. Perhaps some of the well seasoned Dumaguete ex pats can comment....certain Jack comes to mind.
  10. If one looks back 15-------20 years, my guess would be next to nothing.
  11. Not Jack, Bacolod is business as usual.
  12. Yes that's it, pretty tidy little Resort, he may even work out an attractive short term rental. I am also a semi or part vegetarian and just say to resto staff I have an allogy and unable eat meats, impossible explain vegetarian in most cases.
  13. There is a German owned hotel resort about 5 km from Masbate city, he should be able offer some good local advice, sorry not remember details as was few years since I there, he had invested heavily so I presume still there.
  14. I now have the answer here. If one is staying on after obtaining a BB stamp there is no problem. My friend converted to a tourist visa, 2 months. He was advised to also apply for an ACI card although not essential. As he is leaving the country next month he made very firm inquiries as to if he would need to obtain an ECC, the answer was NO. They informed him as far as immigration goes he has just started his first 2 months the in the country, the BB is irrelevant, hope this info is helpful.
  15. We are on outskirts which makes it impossible to get broadband. A friend about 4 km from us has broadband, 8 down and 3 up.....Doubt it's going be available our area any time soon, so question is what to do.