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  1. Typically the SO would sleep 9----10 hours at night, if not busy 2 in afternoons, suspect if I not around this increases. Have found same with previous GFS. Plus all sleep like the dead......
  2. I would suggest incorrect installation as we have been through some pretty savage windy wet times without a drop coming in. As said earlier one unit we sent from Brisbane, the other was local.
  3. If really windy we have a lady cover our 2 with a tarp. Rare but has happened.
  4. Yes but Steve maybe has a nice nature, who perhaps even no jealously, why not forward her number to snowy.....
  5. Snowy I have read a few of your posts with interest, from memory you have not been here so long. Wondering if your interpreting the word jealously correctly, meaning Filipinas tend to be extremely sensitive. Plus they are aware foreigners mostly are in demand, not going into the why's and where's. Point is if your using good old Scottish common logic your situation just not gona change, there are always two sides Snowy, I have found if any signs of the so called jealously comes up I do not try to argue it, rather ignore it, bit later change subject. By using logic as your posts seem to indicate an argument can...will occur, even as you have pointed out its obvious this sin never happened end result is....loss of face which should be ovoided at all costs. For many of us living here a few years, the sensitivity is just second nature and I find an automatic reaction an life goes on. Wish you best with this girl and hope it works out.
  6. We fitted 2 of these when we built couple years ago. One I sent out from Brisbane, the other bought locally in citi hardware. Had a few out of the box spinning on the floor to check bearings, surprisingly the citi hardware one is still fine. I think best have an experienced roofer fit them as we did, cost us P3k to fit both, expensive but zero leaks and done correctly, they normally more capable than average so called carpenter. Do they make a difference Here? Well as fitted when built hard to say although I consider not as much as Aussie, why, perhaps the night temp drops more than in Aussie than here. Our main bedroom, with roof fan is no cooler than a smaller bedroom.. Several items must be considered though, we have much more glass, do get more sun early pm and so on. What did make a difference was Styrofor 4 inch, dropped around 2c, also if a scorcher try hosing the roof down around 5pm.
  7. Balikbayan Box Major Rule Changes

    Hope you remember to inform us of the out come. For sure many members interested.
  8. Caring for a very Poorly Dog

    Best of luck Jack, we are also attached very much to our mutt, let's keep fingers xxxxd
  9. Subservient behavior

    This is true Kev to pretty much all of us bought up in a western society. Here it appears to me what earns respect is the presumption of wealth, not education or manners. Some of these fat pieces of shite which I encounter on a daily basis in our world would garnish zero respect. Sadly here people of lesser means grovel to them. It appauls me to see this, reminds of younger times spent in India.
  10. Filipina trouble ahh help

    I would not walk away but run at full speed. Maybe seem hard now how ever your gona be very glad in the long run...
  11. Subservient behavior

    Dave you got it 100% It's very obvious if one pays attention the hierarchy system here would be close to India. It's every where, particularly noticeable is the way locals in their SUVS treat parking boys or others. Beside my gym is a car wash, the way the workers humble themselves when the high an mighty coming in is sad to witness. I see similar every day based solely on appearances, nothing else.
  12. Well apart from the obvious it's kinda nice to wake up and just know, shorts and slippers again.
  13. Divorce

    Strange as never heard about this, makes me wonder why so many spend so much obtaining g an annulment which comes up time to time.
  14. Adventures In Rental Hunting!

    Depends a lot on where you live, example if staying in a touristy area yes it's rampant. More rural area not so. Few days ago I spotted a vendor carrying a large cane basket filled with small pineapples, asked how much, P5 each Sir.