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  1. RBM

    Best domestic beer Philippines

    I had a SM at the pyamid a couple of months ago, was around 8pm, remember as shocked by the price compared to most places. Almost as bad as a calamansi juice at the social club.....they really sock it in. Yet quite a few places in IT park where one can find reasonable prices. The Baguio craft beer from memory is P300 a glass, not a big glass. Some of them are indeed excellent so let's hope it stays open for a rare treat. Have not eaten how ever heard food is excellent.
  2. Once again the city of gentle people is in the news, all for the wrong reasons. Wonder if it was a local how much publicity would of been given.
  3. RBM

    Health insurance

    As per the example of Dave and my own experience it's vital to have sufficient cash on hand. Preferably in quite a few accounts so ATM access is available, like it or not your partner GF what ever needs to have access. Many insurances like mine require one to pay and apply for reimbursement. No cash no care, have heard it's illegal what they do as not allowed to with hold care how ever would be most reluctant to push it
  4. RBM

    Best domestic beer Philippines

    There is a place in the IT park Cebu selling g a large range of craft beers, extremely expensive, belive they are brewed in Baguio. My preference by far is SM super dry.
  5. RBM

    Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort

    Looks amazing and a quick look at the site convinces me to go. From Visayas guess best is to fly to Manila and make the way down by bus? Any comments appreciated.
  6. Kev great progress, if they stick to budget previously mentioned your on a winner. Congrats.....
  7. RBM

    Boracay closure

    Robert perhaps your just a tad to negative here. Have never seen stats, doubt they ever exist, on foreigners loosing homes here. Knowing many people here whom invested in property very few have lost everything. As been discussed many times there is limited protection one can do when paying for land, for those dumb enough to marry and trust some little floozy we'll it's just caveat emptor. Boracay is a one off, I mean who would of invested knowing the risks, normally if one has a title it's considered safe. Let's hope some form of justice will come out of it although knowing the country a little it's doubtful.
  8. In regards to your mortgage payments I would personally advise follow up in person with the highest ranking bank personal your able to see. At times perhaps it will be necessary to push through the front desk staff. If questions not answered try seek out a recommended attorney in your area. Sorry not able help in your second part how ever for sure advice will be forthcoming.
  9. Luv to hear from some Dumaguete residents just what is the improvement in driving around now. I have found dead the city very congested and accident prone. Especially the number of idiots on motor cycles, it's great to read something at last being done so question is what kid of an improvement do we have.
  10. RBM

    Boracay closure

    This should really be an example to us just how fragile all our investments are here. We always tend to read about the wife or GF doing what ever, or family issues. Sadly its much more wide spread than the obvious. As the words of wisdom goes..never have more than 30% of your total assets here.
  11. RBM

    Who says you cant get deported?

    if the Dutch government is so eager to pay makes one wonder why there so many foreigners sitting going crazy in the Bicutan detention center as surely most western governments would react same way. https://businessmirror.com.ph/extortion-and-deportation-at-the-hands-of-the-philippine-bureau-of-immigration/
  12. RBM

    Who says you cant get deported?

    Yes Kev correct, that is Talisay Cebu., and yes again not married and knew exactly what he was doing was not legal. Guess the guy being in uniform, in the office convinced him all was OK.
  13. RBM

    Who says you cant get deported?

    A Belgium acquaintance of mine, obtained (he said) a 1 year BB stamp during a routine visa extension. He paid from memory P20K for this, it was done by a supposedly BI official in the office. When he was exiting from Cebu some months later he was apprehended at the airport by the BI man and brought to a detention center in Luzon. Said many foreigners there some crazy after many years being held. He is not with out means how ever still was held 6 weeks before being told to buy a ticket out.......He was availing of an attorney specializing in this field. Ended up due to a short warning having g to fly business class and fought the black listing from Belgium with same attorney. In short said total costs were just over 1 mill. Almost all deportations black listing are due to breaches of the immigration act, not criminal, unless of course the individual is on a wanted list and interpol are involved. Normally an argument with a local cannot get one deported, of course exceptions how ever rare. As said earlier wheels with in wheels. The cost to a local of having to go to a special BI court in Manila in futile attempt to try have deported are possible but pretty much non existent.
  14. Yes although the area with the recliners is like a back packers paradise and one can forget to ever obtain a chair let alone a recliner. My question would be for an arrival at 9pm and departure 12 hours later is it worth while lining for a taxi and have a few hours at a hotel or just rough it in perhaps the worlds best airport. Transit hotel is always fully booked in spite of the price.
  15. RBM

    Who says you cant get deported?

    Unusual situation where in the justice department must off applied to the BI for deportation. Or wheels with in wheels........... My guess is there is much more to this than the typical lousy reporting we are accustomed to here. If he is the same Dutchman whom owns a Resort in Comotes it's no surprise as he has been involved with land disputes for some years, especially the rite of way.