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  1. Had breakfast recently at Alima, as per the OP was very good. Thoughtfully they have plugs adjacent to each table for the lap tops, unfortunately the internet was hardly working during my visit. Met the owner, lovely woman, very sincere, once she went out service turned to show......Pity as its a nice spot, easy parking and very pleasant.
  2. I have been nominated to source the above, some where around P400k. From searching through OLX seems like about a 2003---6 model 100K up km, who would really know. Being non mechanical was wondering if some of the more knowledge members here could perhaps advise any common faults with these units which I could look out for. It's doubtful unless one knows a mechanic that I could get any help from locals, the old commission word springs to mind.
  3. As I stated, I certainly do not begrudge him his profit, what bothered me was being told the wine was Imported when in fact it's available locally.
  4. Food here is out standing, not cheap but worth it. My damper here was the owner whom plonked himself at our table during our meal explained how he imported his wine hence price was P800. Following week spotted same wine in our Bacolod wine shop for P400, do not begrudge him his profit but deceit is another matter.
  5. Pray tell me Mr Hounddriver how can 1 bedrooms fit into 32 Sq Meters?
  6. Is this Normal

    Best apply now for excess baggage as your sure going to need it. If it was me, my ground rules would be set immediately, big no no, need settle into my hotel and relax before venturing into her territory. Probably mean sleeping alone to begin but what the heck, get your rest.
  7. Glad your enjoying, sure are some great spots to eat in Dumaguete, my favourite is Kri, just need to wrap up well before entering. Ice cold inside. This is my first trip here in about 4 months and wow has traffic deteriated, it's getting more like Cebu on a mini basis. Enjoy the delights but careful if driving or riding here. Side note some lovely little restos up here in Valencia, especially Coffee Grove what a treat.
  8. Verenary Bacolod

    Unfortunately after arriving back here from a couple months abroad found my rotti in a bad way. Although my partner seems to display heaps of affection to him some how some way she was unable to pick up on the fact the dog was seriously ill. I understand often locals have different ways of interpreting animals suffering how ever was very disappointing. Made enquiries and ended up at Bacolod Verenary Clinic, amazed at the efficiency and company of staff. Complete blood test, thorough examination, injection plus meds for P1k. He has a mange virus plus caught some bacterial infection. His weight had dropped 40% since my time away. I expect him to make a full recovery and do recommend this clinic.
  9. All you can eat buffet.

    Agree with all posters, most locals appear more concerned with quantity over quality. Total waste of time and money. Half the buffet is left overs.
  10. wonder if anybody on a tourist visa has obtained their ECC at Cebu Airport
  11. Not my near death how ever a near death. In car on the la castellana La carlota road, noticeded group of kids on rioad side chatting. Doing I guess 80km, suddenly without warning a kid runs across road, was over before hit brakes. For sure thought I had hit him, even no thump. Nothing could of been done, some how missed him, stopped kids gone. Seem recall reading regardless of circumstances driver is guilty, not sure penalty but gona be costly.
  12. Not, reduce your risk using common sense and living under the radar. Philippines is not for everyone, many here have enjoyed countless years by following simale guidelines.
  13. As stated previously sadly we shall never know the truth. One would never know if he unintentionally slighted some local whom days or months later hyped up on what ever sought his twisted revenge. Jealously, family, many factors, my bet would be financially motivation is behind this horrible despicable act, for certain paid hit men did it.
  14. I remember reading some where. Contrary to public opinion the number of foreigners killed in Philippines was exceptionally low per cap compared to sign I large 3 world country tries. Sorry u able recall exactly where I read this. On this forum alone there is enough good sensible advice by many long standing expats to assure a good long Innings here.
  15. Now, let me get this right your looking good for an HONEST Attorney?