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  1. For this reason I decided not to use gas, just electric cookers. Sure runs up the power bill how ever gives peace of mind when away knowing our over sized maid will be stuffing herself all day.
  2. I have a friend whom was in this situation a year or so back, he stayed on for 5 more months after his BB prvilidge ran out. Dumaguete immigration told him he required an ECC clearance, J mall said not necessary. This is what he did. Using Facebook he wrote to Immigration Manila, was surprised how fast they responded, stating no he would not require an ECC. He printed this out. Upon departure he was told by the officer he definitely requires an ECC, he explained immigration at J mall stated not required, was only after he showed the facebook letter it was accepted. Seems the left does not know what the right is doing.
  3. RBM

    Philippine Stock Market

    I had a look at it, with BPI a Filipino can open a trading account to trade much as we do in the west. Some of the larger stocks have pretty attractive divi yields, moment some emerging markets are showing negative signs which may well spread so holding off this time.
  4. RBM

    The Helpers

    Ha, she started with us as a house sitter 2 years ago as we're always away, that time 50KG now fast forward she weighs I over 70.....read I to that what you wish.... It would be struggle for her to fit in to my chair, although sure she manages it but even to suggest a nights frolic sends shiver down the spine big time.... .
  5. Exactly my point, thanks for high lighting this. If any adult is with an underage kid in what an enforcement officer deems to be suspicious circumstances he should be questioned. If as in your high lighted case, the person provides ID and the minor states, say, it's my mums friend and other questions answered it goes no further. With luck this may well catch a few of these pedifilers. Look there are thousands of males living with their partners whom have kids........Is this grounds to arrest them all. Some people to me appear paranoid over this law, personally I believe it's good although like any law subject to abuse by a very small minority of unscrupulous officers.
  6. No this whole saga gets exaggerated to the extreme. For example if your seen alone say checking into a hotel, bus terminal or in a situation that could raise suspicion sure your going to questioned and perhaps arrested. The normal guy giving the neighbours kids a ride to school with his kid, or taking them for an ice cream is not arousing suspicion of any nature. These arresting officers must have grounds and it's a judge whom makes the final decision. The whole subject discussion goes to the point of ridiculous. Not with standing there are of course shake downs and over zealous woman organization whom cloudy the waters. Every time while my SO is in the bank I am playing with the kids in the local plaza, as said unless suspicious is aroused there is no issue.
  7. We are growing successfully lettuces from NZ and have more than we can eat. Our tomatoes our now around 1.20 high and being effected by aphids which turns the leaves white looking, we are not great gardeners how ever wish not use insecticide. Have been spraying with a weak vinegar water mixture. The plants are flowering how ever after flower the stem is breaking off. One local whom seemed knowledgeable says its lack of sun. Comments welcome.
  8. RBM

    The Helpers

    Jack you have my sympathy, there is no easy answer to this age old situation. Basically what ever the master has I shall also enjoy. Our maid is older than my SO and quite decisive, so much so I often have the feeling she semi controls the domestic situation minus finances. Few minutes ago I came down from the terrace to find her, together with my SO using my glass and drinking my drink.......It's one of those glasses that has a gell inside which is frozen....I am aware she sits in my lazy boy, uses my shower, drinks my drinks during our absence but this during my presence here was to much. She tried to hide my glass but to late........I was so close to firing her on the spot which would of caused a huge domestic.......perhaps even fatal. To be honest I often feel my SO puts the maid on a higher scale than myself, be it her age, nationality or stronger will I do not know. I always try remember my opening comment what ever the master has so shall I the maid enjoy.... During our absence air con remote is hidden, the rest like my lazy boy an shower is unfortunately a little large to hide. Here maids are very hard to find, especially as my SO is from Cebu
  9. RBM

    Digital Multimeter

    My digital multi meter from Ace lasted less than a year with little use
  10. RBM

    Making the move to the Philippines

    Yes your one of the many is this respect, as another poster said it is what it is. Once we invest in our house which for most is the majority of our savings we are committed as not easy to sell. The only consolation is take a visit to Ace hardware and in the tool department they sell excellent rubber ear plugs...I should know caus I use them most nights due to dogs.......Like you when we built was quiet no more........
  11. RBM

    Making the move to the Philippines

    Steve from my perspective an observation one of the singular greatest problems here for expats is patience. No amount of researching can properly prepare one for life here, , the patience required here for the smallish matters can, is, very frustrating. Your correct initially not to have your investments here. As snowy has explained, investments can quickly turn sour. I have seen quite a number of expats change after a year or so, many turn inwards and isolate themselves. Some hide behind massive concrete walls believing a robber is waiting. We should ask ourselves, what are our reasons for living here? Most Filipinas I know married to an expat prefer to live and work abroad. My reasons prImarly would be climate, lower cost of living plus many obvious additional benefits. Still I leave the country mostly twice a year, would find it difficult if I was unable. It's not with out its challenges.
  12. RBM

    Birds in my garden

    Yes agree we had about a dozen of the black headed munia just now on our grass, tried get a picture but they very shy. Guess that is what keeps them alive.
  13. RBM

    Birds in my garden

    Queenie the little brown bird in your pic we often see here early am, do you have a name for it, could not find on google. Is it in the sparrow family?
  14. I just replaced a heavy duty Bosh battery after 21 months. This time bought a cheaper motolite expect about same life span. It is what it is.......
  15. RBM

    10 years down the line.

    I have read your opening post an this one, wonder how often you get out of the country. Personally I would have problems if not departing at least yearly although mostly it's twice a year. Have a nice mixture of expat friends, gym regularly, play tennis and hike a lot. Curious how many clubs or sports your involved in. Mostly I am looking for time to get it to one of my many good books. Boredom tends to be quite a problem amount expats and can lead to other issues.