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  1. An acquaintance of mine whom lives quite far from an immigration office has asked me to try an clarify this, I have no face book account so unable to send a message and calling is hopeless. His BB status was about due so he took a long trip to immigration and converted to a 2 month tourist visa plus filled out forms for a ACR card. Unfortunately he forgot to ask if he needs a ECC clearance before leaving the country as he plans to do next month. Perhaps one of the readers here has done similar and able answer the question.
  2. Just returned from Gasanos. The tiny brown ants have been getting into mother board of coffee machine, twice been to the tech, said next time return to service center I Cano long repair. The machine is a DeLonghi and just 3 months old. So, off to Gasanos to buy a large Tupperware and a smaller one, water in large one and sit machine on smaller one inside, unless ants have a bridge or boat think I won. Noticed what I required p120, big sign and smaller one at P90, ok grabbed an off to cashier. Buzzed and it came up at P150, hey says I look the sign says P120, yes sir. Why are you charging me P150, yes sir the register says P150, hey that's Bastos...do something, sorry Sir we must follow register. So what to Do? spend, my guess, at least an hour dealing with....brain deads, or forget the lousy P30......Yup the latter prevailed.
  3. of course you can, to make it even easier gently push the top of of mark and exhale out your nose, air trapped in the mask will most be released, problem solved.
  4. As soon as your under the water just blow a little air out your nose, problem solved.
  5. The rumor mill with aid from social media never stops churning. We must all remember this country has about the worst reporting I have ever experienced. Not to be complacent how ever one needs to be realistic.
  6. Guess it depends on the branch as we use on a regular basis and have never had a problem, never. BPI is often down for one reason or another, have yet to experience China bank ATM to be down here. Maybe in a big city its different.
  7. Great report, thanks a bunch. For sure appetite whetted and reading the comments on sea foods we are all set. kinda planed first a trip to Malaysia do some hiking in Cameron highlands. Very visa friendly and understand less little niggles which seem always under the current here, not to mention the food. Hope hear some more about your travels and the Air B&B sounds interesting.
  8. It comes down to persistence. We once used BPI card at BDO as BPI was not functioning, was a Saturday. two times denied P20K, sure enough P40K came out of account... BPI said must complain to BDO and vice versa, eventually I told BPI manager I am going to camp on your desk until something is done, your card your responsibility. Took over a week of daily complaining, eventually funds returned. Now try stick BPI with card. If stuck will not use BDO as heard of similar problems, China bank seems good.
  9. In my opinion, Dumaguete is the most congested, dirty, crowded and has the status of the worst behaved traffic I have experienced in any city here of a similar size. I emphasize this my opinion based on extensive motorcycle traffic throughout the country. The only time I enjoy here is leaving. Even the famed boulevard unless one walks it at full or close to full tide the stench is over powering, as for the the restos here, over priced and there is far better just south of Robinson, if one cares to play Russian roulette to get there. Sorry dave Jack kev and others how ever this as said is my take and relates to the city only.
  10. Many find hotels get rather tedious after a month or so although they do offer the freedom. Becoming more popular now are Apartelles which one can usually rent for a week or less, AB@B also worth a look. If you find a city which seems to suit it will feel a little more like living there. Cannot belive the hype over Dumaguete, (sorry to ex pats there) to me if I was offered a free apartment would still never live there. Now Valencia that's a different matter.....
  11. This is the point I was trying to make. It is to me inconceivable if on paper your name is not connected to the property that estate duties would need to paid upon your passing. yes joint accounts frozen, understandable how ever cannot grasp they can empower estate duties when the foreigner is not connected in any written way to said property....
  12. The short answer is this; you cant! The BIR will freeze the bank account (even if it is held in joint names). It will only be unfrozen when the estate taxes have been paid. This applies regardless of whether you are married or not. Interesting, if I am reading this correctly even if the foreigner whom name does not appear on the title, how ever has a joint account. The account is frozen, surly not, how can this effect estate duties when all he is done, in most cases is pay for the house and support.
  13. Have you guys checked out orbit remit last week I transferred from NZ, was in my RP bank following am. Rate appears good, fee is $5.
  14. For readers in the Bacolod area farmers market Saturdays the Japanese stall is in operation. We try get there around 10am, the sushi is amazing and just p10.
  15. Yes please keep the reports coming. Also visiting there this year. Heard Delat is a wonderful place beside a lake. Would you ride a bike there Mogul?