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  1. "Frozen Shoulders" (can't sleep all night)

    My treatment was done in NZ sorry but unaware of any in Cebu although feel there must be several. Queenie try our friend!
  2. Where to Live

    No Dave that does not work. When we built there were very few houses in our sub division which I thought was great. Big mistake, within a year houses were going up over the road and close by. The laughter of the workers still haunts us, sure happy sound however 24/7 it's no longer a happy sound. If one thinks that's bad, we'll when these guys get hands on a grinder believe me it never stops,. Thank goodness we bought the two lots beside us, at least now some piece apart from noisy dogs.
  3. "Frozen Shoulders" (can't sleep all night)

    Jack certainly please do try acupuncture, I have had amazing success here. Not sure but would presume there is a clinic in or around Dumaguete, no fun not being able to sleep. Keep us all posted Jack.
  4. Yes there are many times here when we have to bite the bullet, happened to me a few times. No matter how unjust, corrupt it is the bottom line is IT IS WHAT IT IS........Although not impossible to score a win its tough as others have said and frankly just not worth the stress and hassle. Apart your going to have an enemy for life.....Filipinos that loose face will NEVER forget, NEVER. Move on, live under the radar, do not get involved in any issues here, there is much to do and enjoy.
  5. Its hard to read into your post if this is for personal or business. if personal use only your budget is more than sufficient. Visit some of the larger malls and shop around, we bought a cross trainer some years ago, was under P10K and its used on a regular basis, just replaced a belt. Some similar units were crap so check them out. The mini gyms from memory are around P25K enabling one to do various exercises. dumbbells are also not expensive. like anything here, time and patience.
  6. Hotel Essencia, Dumaguete: A Review

    Yup times change Dave. have often booked a room there as often full, only problem is dealing with desk girl, 50% chance of booking working. By fone only. never seen any sign of payment scale, just a board showing prices, standard is p900, large bed air con and hot shower. if I am busy in town its fine as parking so good, otherwise mostly use Tip Top as prefer this area, Perdices is just soooo crowded.
  7. Hotel Essencia, Dumaguete: A Review

    Not sure Dave, have seen no evidence of this at all. Big factor here is parking, safe and secure, out of site. Just wish could find a hotel where the shower water would actually run down the drain without the aid of my foot.....Now that is a big Ask!
  8. Gotta Get Outta Manila

    I am pretty familiar with Bacolod and Dumaguete, your decision will depend on what your own preferences are, horses for courses etc. As others have said there are many cute smaller towns like Amlan Bacong, close to Dumaguete, often once one is outside the city bounary problems seem to occur more frequently, such as water, power cuts roosters karaoke and such. My own personal choice would be Valencia as I just love nature. Climate wise also plays a part. Appears though to be high percentage of foreigners now living there. Dumaguete proper is very crowded, and traffic is bad, especially brain dead motor cyclists. Seems every visit I almost have an accident. On the other side some great restos... Bacolod for this poster is far preferable than Dumaguete, less likely to have an accident, good shopping and although some pollution it's less than Dumaguete. Big plus for me is IloIlo close by, I really enjoy this city although never lived there. Why not have 3 months in both before deciding.
  9. Hotel Essencia, Dumaguete: A Review

    Also stayed there a few years ago and said never again. Not able recall exactly what problems were how ever were numerous. Very over rated and staff during our time were not very friendly. If one is after a average hotel in Dumaguete I would recommend, Nova hotel (next Lee Plaza) Check in (around corner) and Tip Top close to Robinson's. All under a thousand and have the basics as hot water, flat TV and air con. Of course expect to chase them up for soap, and or remote, and or towels.....The all use OJTS so one rarely if ever finds a room complete.
  10. Another consideration is parking, spending a great deal of time in Bacolod I often end up walking for 10 minutes or so. Dumaguete is not far behind although one enjoys the comforts of a car at times it seems to me to be a burden in a city. Further sitting, sweating in a jeep does come risk free, yesterday in Dumaguete almost clobbered one of the brain dead guys on motor cycle, if or perhaps when it happens it's a major. It's just so crazy what some of them attempt. Public transport no worries. Now we drive A to B mostly park up and use public transport, more so after dark.
  11. Not trying to put a dampened on these comments how ever advise caution. Was told by an immigration officer whom is a friend of mine where a kindly officer gave an ex pat a BB although his wife was not with him. Apparently upon exit, being alone he managed to upset an officer when asked where is wife was. Supposedly after a verbal slinging match immigration produced the flight manifesto of his arriving flight to find ......yup no wife. Sorry do not know end result but suspect was expensive. This would be extremely rare how ever worth consideration. Do know for sure the officer whom gave the BB was demoted and no longer allowed to stamp passports.
  12. Ron I would be very careful going this route. That is unless you have confidence in the seller, knowing some of the shoddy materials and crap workmanship here I would never consider this. We built and are mostly happy, I had zero knowledge but did a heap of research picking brains of many ex pats. Was it stressful, hell yes, from a crooked engineer to numerous other attempted swindles... Was it worth it, at building time NO but now he'll yes.... Believe me your well a able accomplish this project if you so choose.
  13. Would be interesting to know if hotel staff would also report an older Filipino checking in with a 17 year old.

    Wondering Kev how they stack up compared to orbit remit which I use, not sure but believe their rate is good and it's a 24 hours to receive funds.
  15. Malaysia

    We spent most time in Penang and cannot remember ever seeing police, just occasional car go by. Previous times stayed KL but never experienced any checks. Both of us commented on the friendliness of the locals, our experience, it was far more friendly than Cebu, we stayed away from tourist areas so maybe why. Was also kinda nice to find cars stopping when we crossed at a pedestrian crossing.