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  1. Depends if the mother married a foreigner Jack
  2. Kinda curious if other have similar experiences. 18 months ago we hired a woman from the mountains to works as a house sitter, also duties included feeding dog during our absences and generally tidy up. No cooking or cleaning was requested, this was optional. The woman aged around 40 came from a very rural area where she had to cart water, no power or services of any kind. Of course this was a major positive adjustment coming to live in a near new house with all mod cons, including own shower and toilet. Amazing how quickly she adjusted though. At the time she started her employment she was 48 kgs. My SO weighed her out of curiosity, I have noticed she seems to be consumning food at pretty much every given opportunity, further it was obvious as she is now like a mini barrel. Sure enough now weighs in at over 70KG. As its difficult to find reliable live in help so I have done nothing but interested if others have had similar experiences, my SO has mentioned the adverse effect this will have on her health which fell on deaf ears. Finally I would love to report how much she can consume (always in private) how ever with exception of a few hardy long termers like Jack NOBODY would believe me......
  3. Most people here are aware locals shoot quickly, give your wallet if challenged. Friend of mine was approached by a well dressed man in SM car park, he was in car. After lowering window this person poked a gun through and demanded his wallet, like many he had a spare wallet prepared, few hundred pesos and fake cards. The robber said salamat and smiled, walked away, my friend lived.
  4. And your early comments no hassle so freaking easy.....Wow
  5. Ha wishful thinking, how ever sincerely best wishes
  6. Correct, how ever after your review it is sent to the host, it's up to them to decide if it actually appears as a review.
  7. This is also similar to my experience. How ever to offer prospective guests a more broader look it would be fairer to allow all reviews, without the hosts consent, similar to trip advisor. Host of course has the right of reply. My limited experience shows if a unit has consistent excellent reviews it's usually as described.
  8. Very easy to decided if a place is what you want by reading the reviews. This part is not correct as not all negative reviews are published, unfortunately.Personally I have not seen a negative reviews, how ever my experience is limited to Philippines.
  9. Unfortunately this is not correct. Recently my review stated minor criticism of a bathroom in a Cebu condo. Actually more of a suggestion the owner should fit a wash basin and mirror in the bathroom Air b&b advised the review was awaiting my hosts comments, it was never published. Now I take reviews with a grain........
  10. My SO had one P6k lesson in Cebu and after knew more than myself. First Drive in our 2 year old Spin with her good driving mate resulted in less than a meter. Our concrete post jumped out and crumpled the right side guard and rim. No more, it's over. Now it's a tricycle.
  11. Yes just to emphasize a BIG BUCKET OF PATIENCE.
  12. What I have done is open several different bank accounts. Most only allow p20K at one time, depending when you withdraw as to when your able repeat. During my injury last December this was a God send. They seem to run medical services here solely as a a business, nothing else, zero sympathy.
  13. It's my understanding contractors in every country try make some profits on materials, why shouldn't they? They buy in bulk and hold stock, it's their entitlement. I agree entirely with the method Intrepid has used, Jack not all contractors are rip offs. In your backyard my friend in Valencia is screaming the praises of his contractor resulting in another project. We had bad luck as our smooth talking engineer was a rip off, from what we went through I wish I had done more home work as Intrepid did and found the right engineer. 40% labour sounds slightly high how ever knowing the stress involved and reading his posts it definitely the way to go.
  14. I find it convenient to have a motor, one large one smaller plus a car. Car is handy for shopping, great if doing good construction, and a God send in wet weather. As a runabout the little serow is perfect. We live in a mid sized city without the traffic of larger places and do not find it dangerous provided one is aware and paying attention, at all times. This works for us and we no intention of changing.
  15. Has anyone actually received there ECC at Cebu Mactan Airport? If so love to read there experience.