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  1. It may be worth a visit to the Philippines consolate before you decide to do anything. Get answers relevant to your specific circumstances. There is no embassy in Ireland but they have outreach from london through the ( some nationality ) consulate.
  2. Looking for a condo

    I think houses are better value than condos but you need a work around.
  3. Looking for a condo

    I agree they will also look for market price I have been looking and seen very few bank sales I'd be interested in. But at least they are market value and not a special foreigner price haha. The best prices I have seen have been from other foreigners looking to cut their losses.
  4. Looking for a condo

    My wife (from cebu) sometimes asks me if we will buy a place in Cebu. I tell her the same as I say to Pat. I will live there for 12 months min renting and looking around before I buy anything and I'll be looking for a foreclosure or fire sale. Not the newest and flashest unit.
  5. Looking for a condo

    I am talking about locals in the Philippines. I have no statistics to back it up other from friends and family of the wife. I see pinay here in Ireland and UK showing off there latest condo units at parties while the women show off their latest Michael kors or LV handbags.
  6. Looking for a condo

    Just be very careful about buying property in the Philippines that you cannot afford to walk away from if shit hits the fan. Selling is not as simple as it is in Ireland. I know of a few nice condos for sale in Cebu that are still for sale after 2 years. The ones that sell are those that take a sever haircut on price. As much as 50% The trend is for people to buy the newest condo with the highest bragging rights. But as others have said often going into arrears and having bank foreclose later on when it is no longer as desirable.
  7. Looking for a condo

    If over 50 you may get a SSRV http://www.philembassy.no/consular-services/visa/special-resident-retirees-visa-srrv Worth looking at if you'e serious about long term as visa extensions can be tedious if not living near an immigration office and relatively expensive. It' straight forward enough to get extensions. Just pay and fill in the forms.
  8. Looking for a condo

    Php40k per month will rent a very nice place. In fact I have seen nice places for half that. That' €400 to €800 per month. Well achievable for a €80k investment outside of Dublin. However I agree with the potential headache. You have to balance that with the potential for headaches in Philippines. It also means you have somewhere to come back to if you ever need to for personal or health problems.
  9. Looking for a condo

    4 million Paso will easily get you what you want outside of the city's. However I would also consider spending that 4 million €80k on an apartment in Ireland and using the income from rent to pay for rent in the Philippines.
  10. Looking for a condo

    Hi Pat. I' also from Ireland and considering doing the same but I'm not yet retired. I spent 4 months living there November 2014 to Feb 2015. I loved it. I stayed in Cebu city primarily but travelled about Cebu island Bohol and Negros(Dumaguette). I would hold off buying yet. I would spend a year travelling around a bit. Stay a month or two in a few places. Get a feel for where you like. I found the different places to be very different. Also it will depend on what you want to do and if you like big city' or small towns or somewhere inbetween.
  11. Not Microsoft office.

    I don'tunderstand why anyone (on a budget) would pay for MS office. There are many open office alternatives available for free and compatible with MS. Then there is Google Docs which can do alot also. I like Libre or Kingsoft.
  12. Any British vets?

    Green neighbour. still serving but not for long.
  13. If you have an income of more or near to $1500US pm you could be quite comfortable in Cebu. I'm 45 and considering same. I've been there for some extended trips 2-3months. Considering a move now. I have met a few Vets on that money and they are reasonably comfortable.
  14. Cheap Cebu Condo wanted

    I was looking at them myself. My thinking is to get two and make a decent size apartment. I know Banawa. Not a bad area. Convenient.