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  1. topcat72m

    Sub-standard plywood

    Maybe substandard 12mm or 1/2" was the answer. A bit late now but the engineer could have redone the calc for 8mm and increased the amount of bars accordingly.
  2. Assuming you can get either. A SRRV or Quota. Which one is best and why.
  3. I'm a bit confused. Can someone explain the benifit of the "Quota visa" over the "SRRV classic" I' planning my retirement for 3 years. I'll be in and out of the country up to that point. I want the best option available to me and as I am from Ireland I doubt that there is much demand on the quota 50 per year from Ireland. I imagine I'll qualify for it if it' better than the SRRV
  4. topcat72m

    My Filipina indulges my dirty habit.

    Since we're doing confessions.
  5. You and I don't know much about any success or otherwise because it' not done through the media. That the whole purpose of them.
  6. I don' think it' the fact that social media is being used that's an issue. But the way it's being used is what's being discussed. I am not from US so I have no vested interests. I have to say there is allot I like about Trumps method of leadership. He often wears his colours on his sleeves. He is not afraid to tackle controversy. The world needs more of this straight talking and less PC crap. However most will agree that diplomatic relations are best not performed on social media. A leader of a powerful nation generally shouldn't pick fights with other nations (North Korea/ Russia) over the internet. There are ambassadors and diplomats for that.
  7. We don't hear about them because they are not the president of the most powerful nation in the world. What left or right wing politicians do is insignificant when compared to what the leaders of nations do. You don' read about the tweets of other world leaders because they are measured in all their media encounters. They are aware of the impact of their words.
  8. My point is. He is using social media like a kid shouting across a school yard. Putin has not and will not respond in kind because it's totally inappropriate and foolish to do so. Putin is no fool.
  9. I don't understand Trump and his legions of deciples. It appears to me he is a school yard bully shouting across the yard at the big guy hoping to impress his minions. Not realising that the guy he is shouting at is merely resting and should be left alone.
  10. It may be worth a visit to the Philippines consolate before you decide to do anything. Get answers relevant to your specific circumstances. There is no embassy in Ireland but they have outreach from london through the ( some nationality ) consulate.
  11. topcat72m

    Looking for a condo

    I think houses are better value than condos but you need a work around.
  12. topcat72m

    Looking for a condo

    I agree they will also look for market price I have been looking and seen very few bank sales I'd be interested in. But at least they are market value and not a special foreigner price haha. The best prices I have seen have been from other foreigners looking to cut their losses.
  13. topcat72m

    Looking for a condo

    My wife (from cebu) sometimes asks me if we will buy a place in Cebu. I tell her the same as I say to Pat. I will live there for 12 months min renting and looking around before I buy anything and I'll be looking for a foreclosure or fire sale. Not the newest and flashest unit.
  14. topcat72m

    Looking for a condo

    I am talking about locals in the Philippines. I have no statistics to back it up other from friends and family of the wife. I see pinay here in Ireland and UK showing off there latest condo units at parties while the women show off their latest Michael kors or LV handbags.