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  1. Cell Phone Question.

    Even if under contract to a US provider you can have your phone unlocked. Just need to call them and tell them you’ll be traveling internationally. It only takes a few minutes. As others have said, Smart offers the best service in and around metro Cebu City as well as most of the island and most of Bohol too (at least in the tourist areas). I think the best plan to use is their Mega 250. 30 days of unlimited texting to all networks, 180 minutes talk time to Smart, Sun and TNT and 100mb of data for 250 pesos. Simply buy a 300 peso load card (they don’t sell a 250 peso load card) load your phone (instructions are on the back of the load card) and then text MEGA250 to 2200. Keep in mind that most ppl here text and do not call each other. Mainly because the call quality usually isn’t good and often there’s a lot of background noise (roosters, load music, tRaPPik, etc). Very important - Be sure to turn off your cellular data when not using it. Every few minutes your phone pings the server, so even when not actively using data it is being consumed. Your load or any remaining balance will get eaten and the next time you load your phone the balance due (from “over use” of data) may get taken right away. For Internet you may want to consider picking up a pocket WiFi device here. I’d recommend one that can be used with any provider you want. Not one that is locked into a specific carrier - like a “Smart Bro Stick” (USB type device). Pricing for unli data (LTE) between the two majors - Smart and Globe - is similar. About 1,000 pesos for 30 days, 300 pesos for 7 days and 50 pesos for one day (SurfMax on both; throttled back daily to 2G/3G after 800 mb consumed). You can also use one of the SurfMax plans (SurfMaxPlus for Smart) on your iPhone at the same time as the Mega250 plan and use your phone as a hotspot as well. The only drawback is if you’re in an area where say Globe has better data service, then you can’t swap out SIM cards (well you can - but you’d have to have both regular cell and data loaded on both Sims if you want to text and use the net at the same time). And that can happen even within Cebu City. I was just renting a place near the Capital building. Both Smart and Globe had a good cell signal, but only Smart’s data service worked well. Likely due to their tower being only a few hundred meters away. And btw, you can get Sim and load cards at the airport when you arrive. But if your flight arrives in the wee hours the shops might be closed. You can also pay a little more (typically about 5 USD) and get a SIM card and possibly even a load card on eBay before you leave the USA. Just don’t install the Sim until you get here (while in the air a little before you land) as it won’t work US and may want to roam (unless set up you’ll be charged for it - whatever load is included on the Sim may get eaten). In any event - welcome to the forum and hope you have a good trip.
  2. Pinoy Neighborhood Question?

    Have you tried leaving a note on the black car? Something to the effect that parking is for residents only or there is no parking there. Ask your SO to write it in Bisaya. As to the jail van - The gov has no budget for repairs (or it’s used for Red Horse) and the jail is in Guadalupe. The inmates there do repairs in exchange for favors - mostly extra food rations.
  3. Rental accomodation sites for cebu

    Any family or friends in the Phils who can post your ad for you? Or maybe try using a VPN that will show your location somewhere other then where you’re currently located.
  4. Wearing watches ( as a daily issue)

    That must the new style. My SO's says "in a while". Personally, I haven't worn a watch in years. Mostly due to work - no jewelry at all for safety reasons. And when here in the Phils, one less thing to worry about getting stolen.
  5. Stop Spitting At Me!

    A small piece of fiberglass window screen over the end will help keep any insects from crawling in and getting trapped. White vinegar is also a great cleaner and disinfectant plus it has the added benefit of being eco-friendly.
  6. Say whats on your mind

    A reminder for some and tips for others
  7. Say whats on your mind

    A not so subtle hint for you that equates to: If you ever want to again = $$$$$.
  8. Not just if you're starting in SFO; seems fares are down across the board. Paid the same for my October flight to Cebu from Chicago, but on American / Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong. Booked it a few weeks ago.
  9. Pound Sterling to Peso.

    Thanks, first I've heard about that issues. Mine went thru ok, but I know they've been revamping and updating their website. It's been downs lot in the last few weeks and has caused a few problems. That could be the reason some transfers are being lost.
  10. Pound Sterling to Peso.

    It's even up against the dollar. In preparation for my October visit I just transferred some $ to my PNB peso account. And might send more if the rate continues to climb.
  11. Divorce

    Good idea, but can you still test drive other models?
  12. Security Guards are Everywhere in the Philippines!

    Ever take a close look at their weapons? Not just the shotguns. Many are rusty and not well take care of. I often wonder if they would even fire, or worse, misfire and hurt the guards instead of the target (inteneded or not!). Many of them aren't even loaded as they do have to buy their own ammo. I've seen plenty of guards packing revolvers and with little effort you see if the chambers are loaded or not. Frequently they are not. I think they provide more of a false sense of security then anything else. That's not to say they don't keep petty theft at bay and, for the most part, keep the beggars at bay as well. But if the proverbial feces hits the oscillating device, then me thinks the guards are more likely to run or hide then fight.
  13. Hurricane Irma Looks VERY Bad

    Glad to be of help and you're certainly welcome. Also glad we came thru it ok. Plus gave me a chance to do some 4wheeling, lol.
  14. Hurricane Irma Looks VERY Bad

    You're welcome - just waiting for daylight to check the area (need to check some neighbors houses too - elderly and in shelters or still up north)
  15. Hurricane Irma Looks VERY Bad

    Still have power here - it only winked out briefly a few times thru the night and a few surges. Power lines (residential) are underground here so that helped. Yours above or below ground? I have a 4x4 pick up (Raptor) and if you want I can likely go check your place later - just pm me with address. Will already be close as have a friends house I need to check down off 41 near the Pasco county line.