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  1. Am in need of a pediatrician for my 8 month old son and was just wondering if any one can recommend one in metro Cebu City; preferably one who is also trained in Neonatology. I've done the google thing and there are plenty of pediatricians to choose from, but would like to have a personal recommendation.
  2. Hope you enjoy this as much I do. Note: the photos I included are from the time I made it with lime slices in between the filets. As noted below in "Options" I found it was too citrusy for me and took away from the delicate flavor of the fish. But I wanted to include some photos and these were the only pics I had. Gravlax Ingredients: 800 gram skin on filet of salmon, thin strip along the belly removed (use it for another recipe such as frying it and adding to an omelet). 1 1/2 tablespoons of finely ground sea salt is best, but regular table salt is also ok (do not use course salt like Kosher salt as it won’t dissolve proportionately with the sugar and the fish will likely be under cured) 3 tablespoons of white sugar Also needed: Plastic cling wrap, rimmed plate or shallow baking dish large enough to hold the filet (when cut in half crossways) and some paper towels. A note on food safety: Both wild caught and farm raised salmon may contain parasites / tape worms; although it’s less likely with farm raised. If the filet is fresh and never been frozen, then it’s best to freeze it first to kill parasites. The USDA recommends 7 days in the freezer for consumers as most home (non- commercial) freezers don’t get cold enough (-4C). Also be sure to thoroughly clean all surfaces where raw fish come into contact to - both before and after - as well as to thoroughly wash your hands both before and immediately after handling any raw fish. Directions: Mix the salt and sugar together in a small bowel and set aside. Check the filet for pin bones. These are the small bones that run down the center of the filet (projecting out towards the skin). If they are present then remove them - using tweezers or pliers is usually the easiest method. Rinse and pat the filets dry with paper towels. Set aside on a cutting board. If already not done so by your fish monger, then cut away the thin strip of flesh along the belly. Cut the filet in half (crossways) into two equal pieces - try to get it as close to exact as possible). Put a long strip of plastic wrap (about 5-6 times the length of the filet) on the plate / dish you’re going to use. Don’t skip this step or you’ll only make a big mess later! Put one of the filets onto the plate - centered. Gently pour the salt/sugar mixture down the center of the filet - put a little more of it towards the thicker end and allow it to taper off a bit as you pour it. Don’t worry about trying to spread it out - it’s not necessary. Place the other filet on top - thick to thin if applicable - to make a salmon “sandwich”. As tightly as you can, wrap the filets in the cling wrap you put under them. Wrap them in at least two more layers - both lengthwise and around it. Make sure the filets are fully touching each other with no airspace. It’s easiest if you lay out a big sheet of cling wrap and roll up the filets. No matter how tightly you wrapped them they’re probably going to leak a little - so put the filets onto a rimmed plate or shallow baking dish/cake pan and place it into your refrigerator. The bottom or lower shelf is usually best. Do not put it into the crisper. You do not need to place a weight on top of them (like most recipes tell you to do), but you do need to turn them over periodically in order to keep them basted. I usually turn them over in the morning and evening. Now come the hard part - waiting 48 hours until it’s ready and remembering to turn it over about every 12 hours. Set a timer on your phone or calendar reminders if you’re absent minded like me! Unlike traditional recipes the curing time does not need to be exact. The filets do need a minimum of 36 hours to cure and can go for as long as 72 hours before you’d notice any significant change in taste or texture. 48 hours seems to be the best. After 48 or so hours remove the filets from the fridge, unwrap, and rinse under cold running water. Pat them dry with some paper towels and place onto a cutting board. Cutting thin slices on the bias (diagonally across the grain) will give you the largest pieces. You can either carefully remove the skin first or simply cut down to and then away from the skin. Options: Dill - you can add some fresh chopped dill (about a small handful) before curing. Only pour about half the salt/ sugar mixture onto the bottom filet, add the dill and then pour on the rest of the salt/sugar mix. (Note: I tried it once and felt it took away from the flavor of the salmon, but my mom loved it - so depends on how well you like dill - I prefer to make a dill cream sauce and serve it as an accompaniment to the lox). Black / white a peppercorns - sprinkle a few around after you’ve poured the salt/sugar mix onto the bottom fillet; about 10-15 of them is enough. You can do the same with fresh ground pepper too - just a few turns of the grinder - too much will overpower the taste of the fish. Ground or whole juniper berries - same as above - just be careful as their flavor can be strong. Spirits - a shot of good quality gin, vodka (like lemon flavored) or aquavit - recommended to add before the salt/sugar mix; most onto the bottom filet and the rest spread onto the top filet just before placing on top of the bottom one. Citrus fruit - limes make a very tasty addition. Best to use the zest from half a lime. Just add it to the salt/sugar mix and stir to incorporate it. If you don’t have a zester then you can use slices: slice very thin and you must use a barrier between the fruit and the fish, otherwise the acid in the citrus fruit will “burn” the flesh of the salmon - it leaves unsightly white marks/blotches. You can use cheesecloth - put half the salt/sugar mix onto the bottom fillet, a double layer of cheesecloth (cut to fit - slightly smaller then the filets), the thinly sliced pieces of lime (3 center slices is enough - I’ve tried it with more and too much is not good, too “citrusy” and acidic), another double layer of cheesecloth, rest of the salt sugar mix, continue with rest of above instructions. You can also use dill as a barrier - same steps as for using cheesecloth, but make sure the lime slices will not come into contact with the fish. Update - put the lime slices on the skin side, 2 on the bottom and 2 on the top. As the filets baste the lime flavor will work it’s way in. Or just buy a damn zester! Lol For a more smokey flavor - add about a half to full tsp of liquid smoke rubbed onto the filets before adding the salt/sugar mix or use smoked salt; just make sure it’s finely ground.
  3. Be it hot weather or cold, it's one thing if your playing and quite different if you've got to work in it. I despise working and driving in the cold weather (think ice and snow, not just cold temps), even though I enjoy winter sports. But I'll take the hot weather any day.
  4. Never heard of it. Where's it at and what type of goods do they sell? I have been to Unitop on Ozmena down near Colon St. Fairly large discount department type store with a lot of cheap goods. Good place for housewares. Is Landers anything like it?
  5. Thanks Queenie. If you do try it I'd be interested to know if made any difference. Good luck and keep up the good work, your garden is beautiful and is certainly a reflection of your passion as well as your dedication. I didn't know the name of those orchids my little guy was so fascinated with, but I am extremely glad to learn they're called "Dancing Ladies" and not "Dancing Lady Boys"! If you ever visit the Tampa Bay Area of Florida then a must see would be the Marie Selby Botsnical Gardens in Sarasota. Largest collection of orchids in the world. My last visit there was about 10 years ago and I still recall the breathtaking beauty of the gardens.
  6. Beautiful orchids Queenie! My great aunt who lived in Venice, Florida had a very nice collection of orchids. I recall her making her own fertilizer for them. She'd boil a large potato (grated; with the skin too), about a dozen egg shells, a mashed ripe banana, some molasses (maybe a tablespoon or two) and pinch of epsom salt in a large pot. After letting it cool and steep overnight she'd pull out the egg shells. She would also sprinkle some bone or fish meal into pots and then add her special brew. Commercially available fertilizer already has the right mix of nutrients so I doubt adding egg shells would provide any noticeable benefit to your orchids. My SO's mom puts eggshells over new buds and over the stems right after the flowers drop off (she lives in the northern part of Bohol). I asked her why and she gave me two reasons - the calcium and to protect them from slugs/snails. She also buries any leftover fish around her garden. Our little guy was fascinated with grandma's orchids. But we had to be careful as he would try to eat them, lol.
  7. Been trading Forex on and off for years - more as a hobby. Haven't done much lately as no time. The best hours to trade here in the USA are around 2-3am when Euro and London exchanges open and until recently it wasn't possible for me to be online then due to my work. Long learning curve and lots of patience required. There is no "get rich quick" with Forex, but rather a slow and steady building of wealth. Don't fall for any of the so called "guru's" who sell those $49.99 programs or worse, the very expensive mentoring programs. I have a friend who mentored me when I began and I also learned a lot on a website called "Babypips" (link - The link should take you directly to their learning center. It'll walk you through the basics of trading, tell you about the common mistakes new traders make and teach you how to avoid them (hopefully, lol). It's a good place to start and once you've learned the basics you can move on to more advanced trading styles and methods. I presume you're trading on the MT4 platform? What broker? Due to the stringent banking laws in the USA I'm currently limited to using OANDA. They're a good broker as their spreads on the major pairs are reasonably low and they are reputable. I had a demo account with an Aussie based broker, Pepperstone (, but being a USA resident I was not able to open a live account. I liked them much better then OANDA as their spreads were better and they're based on a NY close. Perhpas one day I'll try them again, but open my account from the Phils. Each of the brokers I mentioned will not allow you trade beyond your account limits/balance. By that I mean you will never really have to worry about margin calls, which potentially could wipe you out (and not just your trading account, but your personal wealth as well). One thing I learned is to never chase a bad trade. Sometimes things look great, you enter and the trade goes against you. Hopefully you've learned about stop losses? You get stopped out and only loose a few dollars. The mistake comes when you try to make up for the loss, panic and re-enter too fast. That almost always leads to another loss. Once you've found a method that gives you good results (70-80+ % win ratio), then stick to it and always follow the rules for entering a trade (the rules of your method). Some days the market just doesn't present you with right setup, so just don't trade! I think a few other members here also trade and am sure we can help you get started. But as always, YMMV and by no means am I a professional trader. For me it's just a hobby where on a good day I can earn a little extra for my retirement.
  8. Agree. But I also see it as an investment. Not one for me personally, but rather for them and perhaps for their country. I've helped and fully sponsored a few students over the years. Right now am sponsoring my SO's 16 year old cousin so she can complete high school, her 6 year old niece and of course our own 7 year old daughter. The two younger ones go to school in province (Camotes). Although uniforms are required they are simple - white button down shirts and dark blue skirts (trousers for the boys of course). But they will allow kids to attend even if they don't wear the exact required uniform - white t shirts and dark pants / skirts are acceptable.
  9. I'm more of an "eye for and eye" type of person. They kill one of ours, we take out 10 of theirs. They bomb a building here, we bomb a mosque there. Where is there and who is they? Places like Iran and those who sponsor acts of terror. Our respective governments know who the bad actors are and where they live, but are too PC and too worried about getting reelected to take any definitive action.
  10. Hopefully you're not flying on British Airways, otherwise you could wind up spending a significant amount of your month there in the airport cuddled up to your carry on. Then the rest of the time trying to track down your checked bags, lol.
  11. Florida has a prepaid college / uni fund. Am sure many other states offer the same type plan. Enrollment is only available for a few months per year, the plan locks in tuition, etc at current prices and it can used at any college/uni within the state. They advise starting it when children are about 7-8 years old (roughly 10 years prior to being of typical college age) and you can get the money refunded if the child does not attend. It's paid with post tax dollars so there's no tax advantage, but nor is there a tax penalty if you cancel the plan (but I think there some minor fees for terminating it). It can also be used in conjunction with a 529 plan, which IMHO are good, but can present a risk depending on the type of investment(s) chosen. The prepaid plan is essentially risk free as it's guaranteed by the state. Note that I have no vested interest in the above plan - I'm only providing info about it. Up to you to do your due diligence to determine if it's right for you.
  12. Yeah - he said could be for a year or for a month. I interpret it to mean until he resolves the issue. Things have certainly heated up with the taking of a priest and a dozen or so non combatants as hostages. I doubt D8's response will be a gentle one.
  13. Sounds like a plan. Hope you don't overlook the type of fasteners you use - grade 8 galvanized or stainlesss screws. Otherwise they'll just rust away in the humid climate. A couple of thick coats of rustolium paint over them will help too. Also, instead of nylon rope how about using braided or twisted wire rope? Of course with the appropriate clips and turnbuckles.
  14. Agree. Very tragic, especially considering the majority of the fans are young teens and preteens. Am now at Detroit airport awaiting a domestic flight and have noticed a significant increase in security here. Those of mid eastern decent are being scrutinized even more so then usual. So even though the attack happened thousands of miles away, it's impact is being felt here.
  15. That's your answer > fiesta time. The enforcers need money to pay for red horse and party favors (read into that whatever you wish).