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  1. Had a hard time finding borax - never did actually, but did find the Terro ant killer. Worked very well - a few drops here and there the ants were gone in less then 2 days. Retreated about every 2-3 weeks. Can usually be found at Ace or True Value hardware stores; think I paid around 200 pesos for it (last time I bought / needed it was in early 2014).
  2. Not fully there yet - only a month or 3 about 2-3 times a year, but when I return to the USA I seem to notice how fat all the ppl are. In addition, higher prices and smaller packages.
  3. Well you're going to have to go to the Hong Kong Pinay capital of seflies/picture taking for FB places = Disney! Other then that, eat drink and make - errr - be merry !!!
  4. My SO is also from that area - up the river and about halfway to Sagbayan. Her mom (who back in the day had close ties to the NPA), sister and many cousins still reside in the area (mostly in/around Sagbayan). Her mom has a working coconut farm on the river as well; and some of her cousins work for the PNP and NBI. From what I was told by her the group must have some affiliates in the area who would've sheltered and hid them - the search for said affiliates is already on. In addition, the possibility of them snatching a soft target for ransom was likely, but was what was also more likely was an attack on (or bombing of) a Christian hard target such as one of the historic churches. Lets not forget that this is holy week and ppl will be flocking to church; especially on Easter Sunday. I'd hate to see an attack occur on any of them, but especially on the one they're trying to rebuild in Lobac (was just there and up to see the family last month).
  5. Technically what I make is more of a cured fish or Gravlox. I only hot/cold smoke fish and meat when I'm home in the USA as I don't have, nor I care to invest in, the necessary equipment. Don't know where on the forum I can post my recipe for Gravlox (I don't see a "recipes" section), but if you're interested I can PM it to you. Most of the recipes on the net use way too much salt and depend on exact curing times (otherwise the fish comes out as hard as, and tasting like, a salt lick; or just the opposite - soft and mushy). Mine only uses a 35/65 salt/sugar ratio. It comes buttery in texture as well as only mildly salty which allows the flavor of the fish to shine thru.
  6. I second that - thanks as well! Estate planning and wills are something many of us think about, but don't always act on or keep up to date with. Thanks for bringing this topic to the forefront. Perhaps you might just save some us - or our heirs - a lot of aggravation in their time of grief.
  7. In addition to some of the things you mentioned, such as tarter sauce and spice rubs, I also make cold smoked fish like Lox (Salmon) and Mackerel. It mostly depends on the kitchen in the condos I rent, but I do find that I generally make more things from "scratch".
  8. You can always rent an RV - A 30 day rental for a 30 footer (7 passenger) would run you about $2,500.00 plus a mileage fee of around 0.35 cents per mile. On the surface it sounds pricey, but an average hotel room in the area's you mentioned will run you around $60-80 a night (if not more and without extra person fees) and then you need to add in cost of food at restos (breakfast might be include at many hotels you stay at) plus snacks, drinks, etc. Having the RV allows you to stock up at say a Wal-Mart, cook some of your own meals (even if just sandwiches for lunch would save a bundle) plus not have to unpack and pack at every new destination/night. Note: I have no interest in the RV rental business, but I did do a similar road trip many years ago and I still remember the hassle; swore I'd never do it again.
  9. Me too. Me thinks it's just an excuse for the families to party and get drunk. Or could be a conspiracy between the costume/gown companies, the companies that make those silly medals (which every kid seemingly gets for something like "best at eating crayons") and the bakeries as well as San Mig - can't have a graduation without them!
  10. Makes me glad that I usually fly to/from the Phils via Cebu. Guess if I was traveling from the metro Manila area I'd be looking for flights from Clark or even via Cebu to avoid the debacle at Ninoy Aquino.
  11. I think there's still an abandoned car right behind there. You can stay there; the empty building lot next to it will be your common CR. Joke Lang. Although I can't help you - others here might be able to (as long as they don't violate the board's rules about posting classified ads), but it would be helpful to know your budget, size of the place you're looking for (bedspacer, studio, 1BR), etc. Have you tried searching online on websites like OLX?
  12. Interesting blog post, but I think the potion is designed for use with a regular razor and not an electric type. Oil is what an electric preshave lotion/gel is designed to eleiminate/reduce. Depending how sensitive your skin is, you could try using rubbing alcohol or something like Purel hand sanitizer. But it might be advisable to also use some type of moisturizer after your done as alcohol could dry out your skin. Found this article interesting: Another option might be to order your preshave or even your old type razors online.
  13. Make your own then, its very easy to do. Tip: Warming up the peanuts first (can lightly roast them in a frying own - even if already roasted) will warm up the oils in them and make them easier to blend and it ups the creaminess as well.
  14. Got my SO a Cherry Mobile Flare about 1.5 years ago. It works very well, processor is fast, takes pretty good pics and she's never had any serious issues with (it freezes up occasionally - just have to shut off and restart). For peanut butter - have you tried the Swiss Deli? I know they carry a small selection of imported foods. I can get Jiff or Skippy branded PB in Cebu at the Metro or Robinson's store in Ayala. Forget how much it costs, but not cheap.
  15. I get those "Eco-bags" at Fooda stores - 10 pesos only sir! In addition, they're great as dirty laundry bags.