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  1. ..............enjoying the view?
  2. Which TV?

    Skip the app and steam it via your phone/tablet/laptop. I do that often when I travel there and the cable service only has basic channels. All you need is an HDMI cable to whatever type connector your phone, etc has. The last condo I rented had a HiSense TV in it, although I think it was about 40". Remote was a bit buggy, but picture was good. Had external speakers hooked up to it if I recall.
  3. Why? Seems to me that if the LTO and insurance companies don't care, then why would the shipping / ferry companies as well as the Coast Guard (they also require copies of the OR/CR) care? Although I carry a copy of the bill of sale from the dealer for my bike (bought a repo'd one a few years back), I've never been asked for it - whether island hopping or at a PNP check point. It's precisely for some of the reasons / hassles already mentioned that I never bothered to transfer it. I've also rented cars from private ppl and gone island hopping (Camotes and Bohol) and never had a problem.
  4. Condos in Winland towers tend to be cheaper because they're old. Buyer beware. Boots on the ground is your best option. Most of the condos have a billboard where owners and agents post listings. I would check them as often the prices are less then what is posted on the internet - even for the same units. Internet pricing tends to be geared for "rich foreigners and OFW's". A few years ago I found a rental in Guadalupe (Tuscsnia condos) for 14k that was posted on OLX and Craig's List for 20/25k respectively. Might also be a good place to look for units that are for sale - the one bedroom units are about 60+ sqm and the 2BR's are around 85-90+ sqm. But I have no idea about current pricing.
  5. I think at one time TNT (Talk N' Text for those unaware) was an independent company which was bought out by Smart. Btw, just for clarification - I think Smart Buddy are now the data only sims for Smart telecom. TNT now seems to be the budget version of Smart. In addition, as a result of them at one time being separate there also seems to be separate cell towers. I know when my SO visits her mom up in northern Bohol she uses a TNT or Sun sim as there is virtually no Smart signal, yet the TNT and Sun signals are strong (Globe usually works too, but the signal is weak). The same is pretty much true when she visits family on Camotes. As Smart upgrades it's cell towers and those for TNT I think you might see TNT falling by the wayside. In preparation for our visit to Bohol we had to go to several sari sari stores in Mabolo before we found a TNT load card, whereas before they were easy they find.
  6. How embarrassing! I didn't know I got caught on camera - damn things are everywhere these days! What's worse is I dropped my beer - alcohol abuse!
  7. All these fancy explanations and extrapolations of one's status. Though often viewed thru a Filipino's eyes as an ATM machine, I'm really just a dumbass white guy --- or is that a drunkass kano? Depends on the day I reckon.
  8. Raising a half-American child in the Philippines

    Looks like we're in the same boat, lol. Although I'm a few years younger I am also now the father of an 8 month old boy. Dual citizenship is a given, my SO and I plan to take care of that on my next visit (September). Since I've already planned for several years to retire in the Phils, I intend to raise him (and our 7 year old daughter) there. With my projected retirement income we can have a much better life there as opposed to the USA. That includes good schools for the kids. As you mentioned, having the extended Filipino family for support and care is something I too view as a bonus. It's something that we would not have in the USA as I really don't have much family left; at least not any that would be willing to help raise and care for children.
  9. Online Horse Races

    If you think about it, it's not really odd. They also drive on the wrong side of the road in HK, so they've obviously trained their horses to go the wrong way too.
  10. Hello and welcome to the forum. You'd be surprised how well the "Bamboo Telegraph" works in the Phils. Not only that, but social media (especially FaceBook) is like a highly addictive drug to a high percentage of ppl there. For me it's "Risk vs. Reward"; and the risk of getting into a relationship with a married woman in any way, shape or form far outweighs the reward. And if you go that route you seriously think he or her family will never find out about you? Quite true about what you say about visiting other countries with a Pinay and yes, the BOI will give her extra scrutiny. @ Peterfe - don't presume anything when it comes to the law there. Taking a married Pinay to another country for an adulteress relationship could be construed as Human Trafficking (Google it and you'll see the definitions are rather broad). I believe adultery is a bailable offense; human trafficking is not and it could be several years before you even go to trial. Again >>> Risk vs. Reward. If you're really serious about a relationship with this woman, then my only advice would be to go the annulment route. However, as Snowy very righty pointed out it's a long as well as expensive process, there's no guarantee she'll stay with you when it's done and nor is there any guarantee her husband will even agree to it. Frankly speaking, I'd be more concerned of his feeling he lost face and putting a bullet in your head. Life is cheap in Phils. Once again >>> Risk vs. Reward.
  11. Cooking hot dogs

    It's partly tradition and partly (maybe mostly) the cost to retool their manufacturing plants to make caseless hot dogs. When made, hot dogs are basically a slurry that's injected into a natural (or edible synthetic) casing or mold which are then flash chilled. Incidentally, most of your cheaper deli meats are made the same way, such as bologna, turkey, ham, turkey pastrami and even roast beef (Arby's comes to mind). As far the red dye is concerned, all hot dogs once had red dye in them. In the 60's is was thought that red dye was carcinogenic, so most manufacturers stopped using it. However some switched to adding a safe red dye to their hot dogs to keep with tradition, but it's mostly a regional thing now.
  12. Do you have an Expat Medicine Kit?

    Even though I'm not a full time resident I keep a large suitcase at my SO's. Have a first aid kit in it; triple action antibiotic cream (for any small cuts); some antibiotics like a Z-PAC, amoxicillin, cipro, doxycycline, etc; Imodium; Orajel; DayQuil; Benzocaine; ibuprofen; some herbal meds; and of course lots of vitamin V (lol).
  13. In case of an emergency, who would you call?

    Meant me on the stretcher. But I'm sure even if it was the SO then she'd want to join me. But alas, we stray from the topic; so enough.
  14. In case of an emergency, who would you call?

    Lol. Since I don't have much I don't care if it burns down and would actually prefer NOT to be close to a police station. But being close to a bar would be nice, especially if it's on the way to (or right next to) a hospital - can stop and have a cold one on the way.