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  1. Possible House Build

    Well seeing as lot is almost at the water's edge that might be a good idea.
  2. Was I right not to ?

    Bows00, I have sent you a PM
  3. Possible House Build

    Strange that my post has cropped up again at this time, as my wife will be paying the taxes on the lot while home for Christmas. Would still be interested in any new estimates of a possible build costs of 120 square mtrs house near CDO.
  4. Was I right not to ?

    Allen, I appreciate your thoughts along with everybody's too, I have always enjoyed travelling from place to place, I have a few fond memories of meeting the family in Iligan City on my very first visit there. They taught me to sing after a few Tanduay ....... never to be forgotten. We have spoke since her arrival and less than 24 hours later I'm already regretting my decision not to go. Don't get me wrong I have family here in UK who are already inviting me round, it's the thought of writing cards and presents from us both, and I know I will be invited to Filipino party nights even without my Pineapple Princess. ( but it won't quite be the same.)
  5. Was I right not to ?

    My darling wife arrived in Manila this morning before flying on to spend Christmas with her family in Mindanao. I'm sure I will miss her badly as this will be our first Christmas apart since her arrival in UK in 2005. However it has appeared on UK news that DU30 has extended the curfew for yet another 6 months. So question is, was I right to decide not to accompany her ?
  6. After annulment can my Filipino gf remarry

    Shaun It's some time since I had all the hassle and things may of change. My friend married his Filipina G/F in Hong Kong with very little trouble. One thing was pointed out to me at the time I married my wife was it did not give her automatic access to a British visa to come to England As I recall I had to prove that I was capable of supporting her here in UK, so having taken early retirement to marry her in Philippines I flew back to England and found a job ASAP. I believe the criteria now is, she would not be entitled to any benefit's ( healthcare etc for a stated amount of time) and you would need to have an income of a certain amount. This all needs to be looked at and I'm sure there will be others who can enlighten you further. My last option would of been to sell up and live in Philippines, which was very nearly the case. check this out and research as much as you can of the legal entry to UK.......Family visas: apply, extend or switch - GOV.UK
  7. Paul looking at the situation, it might be a temporary thing, but the option of staying with his sister in the UK might be his best option for recovery. Then at a later date reunite with his wife either in Philippines or UK if possible. (I would be so proud to have a friend like you in that situation.)
  8. After annulment can my Filipino gf remarry

    Shaun, not put a damper on this, but marriage does not guarantee a visa to UK. In a similar situation my then GF tried twice as my fiancée and failed and once as my wife. It was only when I got my local MP involved did we make head way. Apparently it is easier to marry in Hong Kong and obtain a visa there.
  9. Expat Sugar Daddy’s, right or wrong?

    More a case of familiarity breeds contempt......they are all the same but come in different sizes Did I just say that
  10. Expat Sugar Daddy’s, right or wrong?

    To borrow the heading of another Thread. " Something I said I would never do but I did"...... ..........Was to get married again!......when love comes along vows go out the window Just clarify I was a widower for 10 years, nobody got hurt while making this statement
  11. You big softy Jack, now I really do believe in Santa Claus. Kindness always brings it's own rewards well done mate.
  12. What is happening to the Forum?

    O/P What is happening to the Forum! Say it as you see it, I thought we were all getting along just fine, did I miss something? Having reached page five I've forgot what this Thread was about It must be my age.
  13. Mindanao

    Simonuk, It always makes me smile when people talk about places, then mention the security they surround themselves with, like you mentioned... Is it to keep people in or to keep people out? My wife's family live in a small community not far from Iligan City, she will be travelling home in two weeks time. This will be the first time I have decided not to join her.My reason being, the close proximity to Marawi. Yes Mindanao has some beautiful places but unfortunately I have never had the chance to see some of them because of the risks involved as a foreign tourist. You mentioned Samal island which I had the pleasure to visit, yet for those less fortunate people who were kidnapped it turn out bad. We are aware of the risks in any major city these days throughout the world, as was stated earlier if the foreign office say don't go, you are not insured whatever the circumstances, for me that is not worth the risk. I hope you continue to live in peace and enjoy your time there regards JB
  14. Seasons Beatings

    Keep the oil in your lamp full.........coming back to a place near you soon. Tis the season of good will .
  15. Wait Just there Ems

    Poor old Steve, Welcome to the Logic Club! ....Or should I say the no Logic This is all quite normal..... my little darling has lived in UK 12 years and she still goes to get in the driver's side of the car! I wouldn't mind but she can't even drive