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  1. Kuya John

    Health insurance

    BlkJack Thanks for taking the time to reply as I'm sure you are busy in preparation. You will find that this site is one of the most easy and friendly ones to be on. If we have knowledge of any aspect asked, we try to help. Enjoy your time in Philippines keep a low profile and stay safe regards JB
  2. Kuya John

    Birthday boys. Jack and Dan

    You are only as OLD as you feel JACK.......happy birthday to you both from me too, keep it up and you'll both be as old as me.
  3. Kuya John

    Health insurance

    Hmmm, what makes everyone think that i haven't looked up, read every posting on several boards blkJack Have a safe journey, sorry if we wasted your time, the advice came free, regards JB
  4. Kuya John

    Car bought

    My 4X4 didn't cost anything like that.
  5. Kuya John

    Who or what to blame?

    Sounds like the house that Jack built......sorry for the pun Jack. Actually my wife and I experienced the very same thing while sitting having refreshment's in I think, it was Robinson Mall in Cagagayan de Oro, Just after we married we were sitting on the first floor cafe area. when I heard loud popping sounds, I looked across the open area, to my surprise I saw the tiles exploding coming towards us, i turn to my wife and said look what's happening are we having an earthquake? No reply, she just up and ran towards the escalators (closely followed by her new husband I may add) glamouring down an escalator coming up shouting earthquake........earthquake. To my utter surprise nobody took any notice, we stood outside waiting for something terrible to happen, when it didn't I approached the security guard nearby to explain what we had experienced and he casually said..... " It's happening quite a lot because the building was newly built!"......Boy did I feel foolish
  6. Kuya John


    Snowy I went to the Doctors too yesterday I said doc can you help me out.....he said which way did you come in? I said no, I keep thinking I'm a pair of curtains....he said pull yourself together man.
  7. Kuya John

    Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort

    While staying in Manila I had the pleasure of visiting the place it really is attractive and cultural. Would recommend it for a day trip or now knowing there are lodges available, also great place to stay My trip in May 2014 | Flickr
  8. Kuya John

    Health insurance

    Apart from the Healthcare, I suggest you look up Threads on relationships too!
  9. Kuya John

    Brit, Unlucky Thief ?

    Sounds like a hit and run, maybe he was knocked flying into this fish pond? Nice guy's don't steal and it's sounds that he was well known and well liked.......just my two cent's JGF
  10. Kuya John

    Sorry what did you say

    Now that's funny.........
  11. Kuya John

    Sorry what did you say

    An old couple are in church.... The wife turns to her husband and say's.....I have just done a silent fart. The husband replies I think you need to change the batteries in your hearing aids
  12. Kuya John

    0+ Blood required

    Please to say my brother in law is now stable and it points to a possible perforated ulcer. He awaits further tests......thanks for the concern, advice and to those who give blood when required.
  13. Kuya John

    0+ Blood required

    Thanks for the offer Dr Shiva, we are waiting further news and it is my wife who has a contact number for any updates. but thanks for your thought's ......John
  14. Kuya John

    0+ Blood required

    Thanks JGF and those who have shown concern or PM advice to me. They managed to source 2 pints of blood, but no word of his condition today as yet. I wish you all good health, take care, thanks again...... John
  15. Why not ask Mark Zuckerberg his opinion ( he didn't know his data was being sourced ) Maybe there is life elsewhere in the solar system...will the last person leaving Planet Earth please turn out the light's