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  1. Robert I have just watched the news on Al Jazeera again showing the same footage of a spokesman from the Manchester Muslim Community speaking out against the bombing at the concert. His name was clearly written underneath while he spoke, he was also surrounded by other members of their community. I got the impression that you could not accept what Gratefueled and myself were saying, sorry if there is any misunderstanding. I admire those who are brave enough to speak out against the terrorist elements within their midst. I understand where you are coming from with regards to prevention methods and from all accounts the police were informed about this guy stemming back a few years sadly there is not enough forces to cover all angles. Respectfully JB
  2. Robert Just type manchester muslim community leaders denouce suicide bombing or bbc iplayer the one show (tonights 7pm) Or BBC northwest news uk to find what you can't seem to accept.
  3. Robert Once again my answer is the same no! But it would go a long way towards helping those in genuine need, not all people have the same opportunities in life That,s why anyone successful should count their blessing and blessings are meant to be shared By the way just seen two Muslim young ladies on TV condemning the act in Manchester Also the horrific act just been condemned by the Muslim Centre in Manchester on Al Jazeera news channel
  4. Yes Jack very important point......$80 billion spent on weaponry would of gone a long way to solving the desperate plight of Arab/Muslims instead choosing to leaving it up to the West to sort the problem out and take the blame.
  5. Since my wife decided a couple of months ago to spend this coming Christmas back home Mindanao, I have had an uneasy feeling of accompanying her. Much as I have always wanted to experience Christmas in Philippines, I have had apprehension about the idea. Recent event's both here in UK and in Philippines, have now confirmed that I will not join her trip back home. If my wife still chooses to go, I'm sure I won't rest easy while she is away. Had the family lived in Luzon or elsewhere I would more then likely gone with her, this World is certainly becoming a dangerous place.
  6. In answer to your question no. However distribution of wealth in the context of eradicating poverty instead of creating weaponry yes. $80 billion arms deals for example
  7. A lot of good points being said, I am just using one above. Another point mentioned was multicultural integration, fact is, all over Britain there are towns and cities were they live in closed communities. Immigrants and refugees tend to live together and become close knit, shunning the British way of life. Even Filipino's do it to, socialise mainly with Filipinos! Young people today are becoming disillusioned, those who are not academic face a poor future and unemployment is rife in most western countries. The minority groups feel they are victims not because of the worldwide situation, but because of their colour race or creed this then becomes a breeding ground for radicalisation in the poorer communities. They come with set idea's of what life will be like, only to find in reality you only get out of life what you put into it. I worry for my Children and grandchildren if only that their future is so much unsure than I have experienced in my life time. Give people hope for the future, give them a fair distribution of wealth, give them a purpose in life. Don't blame religion for the worlds woe's Peace on Earth to men of good will, Amen brothers and sisters
  8. If this wasn't a tragic situation Dave I might understand your humour. Maybe it's just the only way you can handle it
  9. Woke up to this news this morning. Total as of now, 22 have died and 60 injured, terrible news especially as Manchester has a multicultural community. I hope there will not be backlashes after this horrific attack on young people attending a concert. My deepest condolences to those who have lost family and my thoughts and prayers go to those facing terribly injuries
  10. In other words keep that lock and chain on your wallet Renting makes more sense now after this thread....JB
  11. You mean the President? Well Bob good luck with the move and may all your troubles be little ones
  12. How true Jack.....we might need that warm coat, there is talk of means testing the winter fuel allowance too!
  13. I'm afraid Steve this is a cultural thing. the old saying "Blood is thicker than water" My friend and I were out walking and the discussion turn to Chinese culture. His Chinese friend told him, in an argument he would be expected to take the Chinese side, even if he didn't agree! I guess that is the way it is in Asia.
  14. Off subject really, but the Government here Steve are talking of any property over £100.000 being charge for care bills for any remaining spouse in the event of no longer being able to look after themselves!! It certainly looking "It's more Fun in the Philippines" 'New tax' on INHERITANCE: Outrage as Government proposes 'death tax' to fund social care | UK | News | Express.co.uk
  15. Families at war......Trust me Steve I have had a little taste of this discussion with in-laws. My wife spent 9 years looking after first her Dad, then her Mum, she took care of them both in later life before we met. After her Mum died, surviving her father by a few years they all came out the wood work. First one of their farms was sold and shared, then after we met and married the second farm was sold and divided out, leaving my wife out (Because she married a foreigner) the family house was rented out for a while till we decided it was in bad repair and had it knocked down. My wife and I have discussed building a new house on the lot, now we realise to do that everyone else would want a stake in it, so the lot remains empty. It was agreed that the old house should go to the wife after much discussion, no way am I chancing any future claims, so there it remains empty.