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  1. Bruce Forsyth dies

    Didn't he do well........RIP Brucie
  2. Barcelona

    Steve there is no answer to it all mate. It can happen anywhere and anytime, what is the cause, hatred, why I do not know, I was always taught never bite the hand that feeds you. They should of been left alone to kill each other instead of the West interfering. Religion has no part in any of this, for a truly religious person could not deliberately kill innocent people. As Jake's comments have inferred in the past......It's a ticking time bomb, Armageddon.
  3. Juan Luckey...welcome to the forum Sound advice being given here, although I would question how you have survive this far according to your story. Nothing I can add to what's been said so far , personally I would be on the next flight back to the US. Good luck
  4. UK Beef back in the Philippines

    Hey JJ, Most UK lamb is Welsh bred, believe it or not, it's cheaper to purchase New Zealand lamb in UK! Scottish beef is quite tasty at around £4 a steak (8-10oz)
  5. Question, why didn't the cafe owner take possession of the wallet knowing the customer would come back looking for it? A happy ending anyway and the boy's honesty was well rewarded
  6. Power Boats

    For that price I would expect it to be a six wheel drive amphibian!
  7. Holidays, vacations

    Robert there is a ex MP Michael Portillo He has done a series of Railway journeys both in UK and abroad, the latest one being this.. a new adventure in brand new BBC Two series
  8. UK Beef back in the Philippines

    Well that's some good news for the UK economy for a change JGF Let's hope it signals the start of a World export drive post Brexit, the UK has been bogged down for months with doom and gloom. Beef Adobo on the menu I guess
  9. Recommend a place to live in PI??

    Subsky, Welcome to the forum Guess it's down to what suits your needs best and safety is a priority for all of us. This will be the first year I have not travelled with my wife to Mindanao. Like you said there are plenty of choice, one place I quite liked was Bantayan island and it's closeness to Cebu. Looks like you just beat me to it Old55
  10. Holidays, vacations

    Sounds like you found the contentment most people are looking for Queenie. Not a lot of people know this ......The Third World Boy Scout Jamboree with Baden Powell took place where I am living now
  11. Momma's Boy

    Momma's boy's? I feel there is a difference between Western and Asian stay at home's In Europe right now we have a situation were young people are struggling to get a foot on the property ladder, also because of this, rented property is expensive. I personally feel very sorry for young people right now, less advantaged than in my day. However, not in all cases, staying with parents is the only option for those less educated in lower paid jobs. There is also the fact that quite a large number of young people are looking after sick parents, even while still at school! If we look at the Asian population in UK, they certainly feel an obligation to look after their elderly parent's or grandparents. Philippines is a country were it is a way of life, to care for siblings or parents, OSW are expected to send or provide money to help. I was lead to believe that after a certain age, without qualification's, it is very hard to find work in Philippines, is this true?
  12. Holidays, vacations

    Sounds idyllic just where you live Queenie, Point being, is there a time when you feel homesick ( for USA), or get the wanderlust, even when where you live, is all you dreamed of? Is it just me, but each place I visited, wherever that has been, always seemed to offer that something I didn't have back home. Maybe it was the freedom from the daily drudge trying to fit everything into a working day. Now I'm retired, life is more relaxing and travelling is part of looking for that hidden gem which might just tempt me enough to throw caution to the wind sell up and go. Chasing your dreams keeps you young, even if you never catch them......JB
  13. Holidays, vacations

    Maybe that's the thrill for me, when over in Phil visiting the wifes family, to travel to other places also. With 7000+ there is still a few I'm yet to visit. Have never got bored apart from circumstances that found me in Manila for nine days in humidity that was unbearable. Next trip would possibly include El Nido Palawan or Oslob Cebu so much to see and do, maybe that changes when living there permanently. Cheers guys n girls
  14. Holidays, vacations

    Found and read the article Dave. I see by the same article we have a few ornithologist's also. Suggest they bring their own seats....
  15. Fighting!

    Dont think the damage is covered by insurance!