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  1. Bird jokes

    That's why I always take a parrotchute with me
  2. Being agresive and knowing when to leave

    Someone always gets hurt when it's horse play......
  3. And here's me thinking he was gay! I don't think they would be noticed in Philippines, unless the zimmer frame was a bright colour. In UK they might get a second look, depending on how old they both appear. ( Don't worry she's my carer, it works everytime )
  4. I need help

    How true is that......... YES Trouble is, Gold goes up in price the longer you delay!
  5. Good morning Jack, No disrespect was intended, I know you are very concerned about one of your pet dogs. My one liner was a lighter reflection on what Sonjack / Kev said, a pun. I understand that Vet's use the same treatments for pet's as a Doctor would use for Human's, however I would like to think that the hygiene in the preparation was to the same standards as required by the Medical Profession for human consumption. Cheers buddy enjoy the rest of your day. JB
  6. Big Head

    Here's another solution......
  7. Anyone who takes antibiotics from an animal food store must be barking mad!
  8. Dignity in death

    Yes Gary, I had the pleasure of paying for the same thing for the wife's Mum n Dad a few years back. A couple of years later when visiting the family, I was the only one who could remember where in the new cemetery they are buried!
  9. What does retirement feel like

    Steve, Best to get in practice now for retirement Washing dishes Ironing clothes Shopping Cooking Decorating Gardening Chauffeuring.......... etc etc How did I ever have time to go to work I ask myself Money I never worry about it only the lack of it Steve baby take the money and really start to Live
  10. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    I recently took part in a discussion about contentment, being happy with what you have or what you have achieved. However, not everyone one has the same opportunities and before the more successful members start shouting life is what you make it. Put yourself in the other fellows shoes.....America might of been the land of opportunities, these days it has never been more noticeable in the World, than the rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer. So that brings me back to the OP by bows00. Young Filipina's are going to be attracted to older men who can offer them comfort and security, that includes plenty of older Filipino men too! If I was a hard working Filipino young man, but poorly paid, with no foreseeable future, seeing this happening, I might just have contempt for those guy's. Most successful Filipino men tend to marry Filipino women and vice visa for successful Filipino women! Everyone else survives or succeeds by whatever means are available. My philosophy, treat others as you would like to be treated yourself, bless others as you have been blessed and never, never, give cause for others to envy you. ( in other words don't throw your wealth in front of their face ). One thing I don't see on the faces of young people in the UK very often, is the smiles I see on the faces of the young kids in Philippines. Give them hope for the future, a friendly word, encouragement, it all goes along way towards determining their future point of view and how they perceive us foreigners. I have been poor and I am never going to be rich, but I'm sure glad I made this far. I have always had full employment, food on the table, roof over my head, a pension in my older age and been blessed with the love of my family, all of which I never take for granted, how many Filipino's can say that? Opinion of Filipino Men???........no different than anywhere else. As my signature says Always consider other peoples point of view
  11. Durian: Fruit or Chemical Weapon

    Yeah, I just can't get passed the smell of Durian, Jackfruit I find OK, either way certainly wouldn't one to fall on my head.
  12. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    A little bit of a suntan and your made Jack
  13. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    Personally, I don't know why we look like Movie Stars, yesterday when I was young Before and after.....
  14. Are Filipinos Racists?

    I dont think the Filipino's are anymore racist than anyone else. However I have heard them refer to lazy English workers and they have used the racist card to their advantage when in dispute here in UK. As already pointed out the term negro is a Spanish influence referring to colour. You will of course be aware that some members live in Negros Occidental has this any bearing with refence to the subject? There is of course offensive terminology used in most countries, ( like long nose ), but who cares life goes on.
  15. Yeehaa!!! Retired today!!

    Good luck Eddie hope it all works out. Hope its all up to speed excuse the pun.....JB