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  1. And Iligan city is only 40 minutes drive away from Marawi !
  2. Once bitten twice shy........that is the last time I walk off the road for a leak! I just hope eagles don't like walnut's, otherwise I don't see a problem on the beach.
  3. Not being a Facebook fanatic, I rely on you Guys n Gals, for the day to day stuff as Expats. Sometimes it pays to have on the ground news rather than relying on bias news sites. The members are a good bunch and then there's Jake No not really. This is a well balanced forum and interesting to learn from the members experiences. So give yourselves a round of applauds
  4. A couple of trips back I was introduced to Filipino Gin, can't think of the name but it was pretty strong stuff and went down like nectar. Now that would worry me, I could see that becoming a habit if not careful. I mainly stick to soft drinks these day's to cool down and drink alcohol in moderation, sorry if that spoils the party Guy's.
  5. I have heard of the expression wrapping yourself in cotton wool but never bubble wrap! Learnt my lessen years ago in fact in my 20's, Rum and Black never touched the stuff since. A couple of beers and that's it for me or wine with a meal.
  6. Don,t worry distilled some left.......
  7. Well he certainly got up your nose JGF Sorry JGF, anyway what you doing up so early?
  8. Yes Robert I got that far then skipped to page seven as I noted it was last August 6th 2016 our friend Fandango posted. Turn out to be an interesting Thread after all. Question being, was it a chip on his shoulder or a large potato?
  9. Sorry to butt in guy's but I fast forwarded a bit.......so what happened to Fandango?
  10. Mike, I'll take that as a pat on the back, much better than a chip on the shoulder.
  11. Onions, Chocolate Chips, Fish n Chips. All this is making my eyes water and my mouth water and I haven't had breakfast yet! Me, I'm walking on eggshells all the time, talking about food...see you later (I hope your not talking about ME )
  12. Thought you might like some chips to go with it JGF
  13. I always knew you were a smoothie Mogo, sending flowers to a lady. I have an Orchid plant in the front room, it's all leaves and no flower's any tips anyone?
  14. Yes; Gratefuled, I visited Leyte after Yolanda, apart from road repairs at that time, very little could be seen to have been done. People were still living in tent's just a few hundred yards from the beach near to the Gen;MacArthur statues. Spent my honeymoon on Camiguin island, it wasn't till I asked how they warm the water I was swimming in, that I found out we were next to a volcano, apparently one of seven on the island! Beautiful place to visit and recommend it, out of eruption season of course
  15. When Yolanda hit Leyte a little while back 2014, the devastation continued inland some distance. It's a case of choosing to be on the coast or further inland and risk earthquakes. Some areas are less proned than other's to Typhoons. Mirror mirror on the wall...if only we could predict the future