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  1. Logic - No

    That tale reminds me of the sign in a cafe window........closed for lunch!
  2. Any Mini-Cooper Fans Out There?

    Du30 destroys illegal imports....... Pity he didn't just confiscate them, sell them off and give the proceeds to the poor! Only ever owned one mini and managed to write it off (another story) But saw this one while on holiday a couple of years ago
  3. Health Insurance

    Welcome to the forum Reina Hope your move back to Philippines goes smoothly, plenty of advice here on the forum, just browse through. No doubt a few words of advice will follow from some of the members.
  4. Tough decision

    Well 40c-31c-29c who cares, Don't suppose you got room in your luggage for a small fella? Safe journey......good luck with the move
  5. British Passport

    Hi Jim boy Be careful on both counts, my friends wife requires to change to an indefinite visa to stay in UK and now has to resit her exam for ability to to speak English etc etc. If your wife gives up her UK passport, any important change in circumstances may find her unable to return to UK on a permanent basis. Also you yourself would be required to sign a declaration for repatriation, once out the UK more than three month's, unless of course for a short stay. Bottom line, renewing her UK passport will save a whole lot of possible trouble in the future. Good Luck to you both while you bask in the sun.
  6. The other half

    I guess there's always sign language.....
  7. Shopping and more shopping

    You know what they say about Rugby Steve, "Rugby is a game played by men with funny shaped ball's"
  8. Shopping and more shopping

    You mean you were not brave enough to to tell her LIVERPOOL V MAN UTD at 12;30 today! Come on Liverpool........
  9. Am I considered a senior in the Philippines?

    Slightly off topic but about senior discounts My friend turned 60 a few months back, so when we arrived at a restaurant I suggested he try the 2 course meal at pensioner's discount. Thinking the portions would be small he was a little hesitant to order, the main course was smallish but the desert was huge! When we came out and walked back to his car he had a £80 fine for parking on a mobility space! (the only spaces left in the parking area in pouring rain late at night) He has never let me forget that discounted meal that cost him £80 extra!
  10. Brand Bananas

    Bit like sending coals to Newcastle ( English expression for sending stuff back to the place it came from) I can only guess that bananas can taste different just like English apples can vary from imported ones.
  11. How old is too old

    Having experienced pneumonia twice through Air-con versus Humidity. I would take seriously medical advice before travelling to PI. As stated it's in other posts, not the best place to get sick especially with breathing problems.....just my two cents JB
  12. I guess we will just have to bite the bullet.......oh sorry they stopped doing that now!
  13. Bound for a new life in Dumaguete

    Good luck with the move Jeff I'm sure you will adjust to place after a short while.
  14. Billy Graham dies

    The Evangelist Billy Graham has died at the age of 99 Along side the likes of Mother Teresa he will always be remembered for his contribution to society, helping to bring tolerance amongst people of all colours and creeds........Billy Graham RIP. one of his quotes being......."My home is in heaven, I'm just travelling through this world"
  15. cell phone on holiday

    Ghostbuster's.....sorry Dave thought I would say it before someone else did