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  1. Huggybearman

    ATM limit 10k per withdrawal?? Alternatives?

    My understanding of the OP's original post was withdrawing funds using an overseas bank card. Both my BDO and BPI accounts have a daily limit of 50k. When I opened the accounts the default daily limit was 20k but, at my request, they were happy to increase that to 50k. However, even so, the most I am able to withdraw per transaction is 10k, even just 5k from some BDO atm's My UK debit cards have a £500 daily limit (which I can withdraw in a single transaction in the UK) but the most I can withdraw each time in phils is now 10k, where it used to be 20k. The cynic in me thinks the recent reduction in the amount that can be withdrawn each time is down to the profit the bank makes each time. I am interested to know if Jacks table of limits is a daily one or per atm withdrawal? I would be very surprised, but very happy, if I could get 50k from a single atm withdrawal. Unfortunately we don't have an HSBC here. I have tried getting 20k from each bank in CDO but they are all, without exception now 10k. Ken
  2. Huggybearman

    ATM limit 10k per withdrawal?? Alternatives?

    I have the same problem. It used to be the case that BPI, RCBC and CitiBank would dispense 20k each transaction. Over the last year BPI and RCBC limit withdrawals to 10k. There is no CitiBank in CDO so have not tried them for a couple of years now. The only ones I know are in Makati, near Ayala Triangle and Cebu, near the Terraces entrance at Ayala Mall I think its just down to greed by the banks. They see their income going up for each withdrawal! Ken
  3. Huggybearman


    Would you sell and ship? The problem is getting the good quality components. I brought over the items from the UK. The cheap chinese made rubbish components you find over here are just not up to the job IMHO. if you can obtain the components then any half reasonable electrician could assemble them. Ken
  4. Huggybearman


    I built a system very similar to AlwaysRt. A plywood box containing two 100ah deep cycle batteries, a 1000w pure sinewave invertor and a multistage ' inteligent ' battery charger. It will run tv, expat tv media box, internet modem, three fans and several led lights for about 4 hours before the battery gets down to about 50% state of charge. Battery SOC is monitored by a smartgauge battery monitor. For prolonged brownouts I have a little Honda eu10i genny (900 watts) which runs everything we need apart from a/c.
  5. Huggybearman


    Thats my understanding as well
  6. Huggybearman


    We have had the PLDT fibre package at 2899php/month for about a year now. Generally we are satisfied with it but have two issues with it. The first is quite often the speed drops dramatically in the evening to less than 1mbps. PLDT have sent engineers to find out why but have been unable to cure the problem. The other issue is the modem itself. It only has one usable port to plug in a computer or other device such as a media hub. The other three ports are specific to Cignal, CCTV and a PLDT business only connection. We have found the range of the wifi quite limited so would like to be able to plug in more than one device. PLDT have been very unhelpful in dealing with these specific issues. Hopefully the prospect of some overseas competition might improve things. Ken
  7. Huggybearman

    Rain, rain, go away!

    Still no rain here in CDO. We are having to delay our rice planting. Can we have some of yours please.......... Ken
  8. Huggybearman


    Depending on what you intend to run from your ups be sure that any ups you buy will have the appropriate sinewave output. Most, if not all, of the cheaper ones have a modified (or quazi) output which may not be suitable. A pure sinewave output will be suitable for any type of equipment you may care to run. The other consideration is the power output of your ups. It should be of adequate output to cater for all the equipment you intend to run PLUS any start-up power spikes, which can be quite significant. Ken
  9. Huggybearman

    Cebu to Cagayan De Oro

    I have done it a couple of times the other way, cdo-cebu-manila. Use the stateroom option. Much better than the the other options. But still not fantastic, but quite comfortable. The vessel was the John Paul 2 which is a 1980's european car ferry. With decor to match. If you are aged 60+ you get a 20% senior discount. Ken
  10. Huggybearman

    Oh to be young again lol

    Well I just tried speaking that line to the missus, in admittedly my very bad cebuano, and she took it very badly! Apparantly it came across as her shorts make her ass look big! Are you sure it says what you think? Or perhaps my version of it was very wide of the mark.
  11. Huggybearman

    Balikbayan Box Major Rule Changes

    That is my experience also. All the boxes I have sent (some two dozen now) just state 'misc household domestic items' on the Forex shipping form. The last three boxes I sent were in December 2017 arriving early February this year so is still the current situation I would think. Ken
  12. Hmmmm............10,000 tons of manure trucked in and dumped in fifteen minutes.....something doesn't smell right with that story.
  13. Huggybearman

    Balikbayan Box Major Rule Changes

    Nothing seems to have changed. I shipped three boxes in December 2018 and they arrived with no fuss or bother as usual 9 weeks later from the UK.
  14. Huggybearman

    Singapore air lines

    No, that was Malaysia Airlines. MH17 shot down over the Ukraine and MH 370 disappeared between KL and Beijing. Ken
  15. We always break our journey in Dubai when travelling to/from London and Phils. Dubai offers a great range of things to do and see in a compact area. Travelling around is very easy. Be aware during Ramadan (this year 15th May to 14th June 2018) many food outlets will be closed during daylight hours. Emirates offer the option of the extended layover and make the process very simple. Link here: https://www.emirates.com/english/destinations_offers/dubai_stopovers/dubai-stopovers.aspx Ken