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  1. Back up Generator

    It depends on the size of your A/C units which will probably be your biggest draw. A 1hp unit will draw around 1kw whilst running and possibly up to three times that on start up. So you would need around 5kw just for those. (Assuming you are not going to start all the A/C units at the same time). Or more if they are more than 1hp. Another 1kw should cover the rest as you are not cooking by electric. As Doc suggests, you really need to do a power audit to be sure. Do you really need such a large generator? How often do you suffer brownouts? How long do they last on average. Large generators are expensive to buy and expensive to run. Especially if you want one that will come on line automatically. Will it produce a pure sinewave output or a quazi or modified one? A lot of electrical items do not like modified sinewave output. To say nothing about the noise. How will your neighbours react to your generator? Another alternative if brownouts are not that common is a much smaller generator to power just the essentials. Here is CDO we tend to suffer brownouts about once a month, generally for around an hour. For that we have a small Honda invertor generator (Honda eu10i) which powers everything we NEED except A/C. It outputs a very stable pure sinewave form which will run any type of sensitive equipment up to its rated output of 900 watts. It will run several fans as well as things like TV, internet and lights. It will also run the fridge freezer as well if the outage is going to be prolonged. What more do you need? It is exceptionally quiet and economical and the neighbours won't even know its running! It will run for about seven hours on just two litres of unleaded petrol. Just a thought! Ken
  2. Wanting a Filipino bank account but based in UK

    My UK Paypal account has never worked in the Philippines. I have tried several times to use it for purchases on Lazada but it has always come up with an errror message so I guess it is not possible. You might be able to use it to fund a Philippines account from the UK, I have never tried that. I always use my UK banks SWIFT transfer facility which always arrives in my Phils account the next business day. Ken
  3. LTO driving licence department

    Interesting that you had a medical screening. In CDO they just require a very cursery eyesight test. No medical or drug test. It would seem that various LTO's have (or interpret) different rules. Where have I heard that before.... Ken
  4. My First Month into Retirement.

    Not sure if it is the right time of year but there is a resort on the east coast of the island that arranges boat trips to see/swim with/dive with/ whale sharks if that is your thing. https://bluestardive.com/ Ken
  5. Back in January 2016 I obtained my Phils driving licence which expires in May 2018. At the time the LTO had no plastic cards so my 'licence' was just a piece of paper with an official stamp on it. I was told at the time to return in a few weeks to receive my plastic licence. I sort of forgot about it until this afternoon when I was driving past the LTO office in CDO and thought I would pop in to see if they still had my plastic licence. It was about 3-45pm. The office was not at all busy. Yes they had my shiney new (old) licence. The issuing officer noticed the expiry and asked if I would like to renew it? She handed me an applcation form and sent me next door to have my eyesight test. 5 minutes later I was back at the counter and paid the fee. Next counter I had my photo taken and signed an electronic pad. "Take a seat Sir". About 10 minutes later my name was called and I was handed a new plastic FIVE YEAR licence. The whole process took less than 30 minutes. What a result! I certainly wasn't expecting that.
  6. Foton Pickup?

    Quite possibly, but I don't know anything specific about the Cummins. Diesels have received a bad press over the last couple of years regardless of country. They are considerably more polluting than we were previously led to believe. Hence the recent scandals of the likes of VW, et al, in attempting to circumvent emmissions tests by fitting 'cheating chips' in their software. Perhaps petrol is the way of the future. Or electric of course but I have yet to see an electric pick-up truck. Other than a milk float, possibly. Now there's a thought! Ken
  7. Foton Pickup?

    The Foton Thunder seems to be the exception to the rule that, generally, Chinese made vehicles are rubbish. Foton seem to have taken a long hard look at the competition and the Thunder is probably the first to be built to a reasonable standard. The choice of a Cummins turbo diesel unit is probably a good one, the main consideration would be resistance to bodywork corrosion. Chinese steel isn't renowned for its quality. They do offer a five year warranty though, so that should say something. The Thunder does seem to offer good value for money. Certainly warrants further investigation. Ken
  8. Hi everyone -

    Hi Doug. I hope enjoy your first visit to Phils, and Mindanao in particular. I live in northern Mindanao and can honestly say I really enjoy living here. The Philippines does take a bit of getting used to, but it really does grow on you. All the best. Ken
  9. Not sure I agree with you, Dave. My good lady used to work in a call centre for JP Morgan in Cebu. Earned good money with bonus's but was burnt out within a year. A full time , very full time, job with many night shifts to align with customers in the US. She also had to live within commuting distance of the call centre in Cebu with commesurate increase in cost of living. She earns more teaching from home online here in CDO with a lot less hours. Her 'commute' is 30 seconds with a cup of coffee in her hand! . She also has spare time to run her farm here as well, which she couldn't do whilst living in Cebu. As I say, teaching is not for everyone, but if it fits your personality you could do a lot worse. Ken
  10. Not a business as such, but there is considerable demand for online tutors teaching English. The hours are very flexible and averaging around 3 to 4 hours a day would put you in that income bracket. As a native speaker (UK, US, etc. ) the pay is around US$10 per hour. Not for everyone of course, but if you have a teaching background it could be a good fit. Ken
  11. In my experience most forums have a 'probationary period' for new members which have a few restrictions such as not permitting PM's until a certain number of posts have been made and the vetting of content posted by new members. I think you will find that this forum has a very reasonable attitude to moderation. Welcome to the forum by the way. Ken
  12. Expats in SM Santa Rosa

    I believe the Santa Rosa in question is in Laguna, south of Manila. Ken
  13. Dehumidifier

    Some dehumidifiers hava a drain outlet. (just a plastic tube that pushes onto the pipe that fills the water container) If you site the dehumidifier on the draining board next to a sink and leave the end of the tube in the sink it will constantly drain and not fill the tank. Ken
  14. Inactive account time limitations

    Both BDO and BPI have service charges of 300php /month if your balance drops below a set level. I think it's around 3000php. So we always maintain greater than that and have never been charged bank charges and in the case of BPI have often not used the account for more than six months but the money has always been there. However 1500 euros is a significant amount of money, around 90,000php, so I would be very surprised if it would just disappear. As Dave Houndriver says, it is probably still available somewhere. Would the Philippine banking ombudsman be able to help? After all they run a scheme that is supposed to protect balances up to I believe 500,000php. If your friends account was a simple savings account then I don't think that the bank can simply help themselves to that kind of money. They could conceivably close the account on grounds of it being uneconomic to administer but I bet not many accounts have a balance of 90,000php. Something doesn't sound right here. https://www.imoney.ph/articles/savings-account-in-the-philippines-the-basics/ I would certainly investigate further. Any idea of the name of the bank involved? I would be very wary of having an account with them. My very good friend is a BDO branch manager so I could always get his advice but he would probably need to know what type of account your friend had and with what bank. Ken
  15. samal island

    I am sure you are aware that there was a very unfortunate kidnapping and execution event from a resort in Samal Island a couple of years ago. It would certainly pay to do your 'due diligence' before deciding to stay there. https://globalnews.ca/news/2661185/timeline-of-john-ridsdels-kidnapping-and-execution-in-the-philippines/ Ken