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  1. Brown outs

    Absolutely correct. Battery technology has progressed a lot over the last few years. Each manufacturer will have specific recommendations which need to be followed to ensure maximum life from your investment. The chart I provided was a generic one which will cover the 'average' type of wet cell battery one comes across. It would give a rough idea of the state of charge, or depth of discharge of that kind of battery. Although your battery may well give around 2000 cycles, which is very good, I would still try and minimise the depth of discharge that you routinely go down to. Your battery will thank you for it. And so will your wallet. Ken
  2. Brown outs

    If you have a voltmeter or multimeter you can easily check the voltage of the battery (at rest) to give an idea of its state of charge. A fully charged 12v battery should be a little over 12.7 volts. At 50% state of charge it should be 12.1 volts. It is not advisable to discharge your battery below about 50% to prolong the life of your battery. If you have a hydrometer then you can get an idea by the specific gravity of the battery provided you have access to the liquid inside. Not easy with sealed or maintenence free type batterys though. A state of charge chart is here: http://modernsurvivalblog.com/alternative-energy/battery-state-of-charge-chart/ Ken
  3. Brown outs

    Can't remember exactly, but in excess of 40k php. As I say, not cheap but you get what you pay for. It always starts first pull, has a very stable pure sine output and will safely run anything you plug into it, up to its rated output of course. I think that being a responsible neighbour is also quite important so wanted one that was also very quiet as well as economical. During extended brownouts it also powers the UPS as well as other things such as fridges (not consistently, just an hour or so to keep the temp down) fans, tv, lights, etc. Our UPS system is very similar to yours, with 2x100 AGM deep cycle batteries and a good quality 1000w / 2000w surge pure sine inverter which, as I mentioned, covers the majority of brownouts. Ken
  4. Brown outs

    It's rated at 900w but being an inverter type genny it regulates its RPM to match the load, so if it is only running say, 300 watts then it's RPM will be quite low, so saving petrol. If you google Honda eu10i you can find all info. An example here: https://www.farmers-equipment.co.uk/inverter-generators/803-honda-eu10i-10kw-portable-generator-3573390030201.html Ken
  5. Brown outs

    I got it from the local Honda motorcycle dealer here in CDO. They also supply Honda agricultural machinery. I had to order it and it took about a month for it to be shipped from Honda in Manila. Not cheap, but extremely reliable, quiet and economical. Runs for about 7 hours on a tank of little more than 2 litres! Ken
  6. Brown outs

    We find that a battery back-up system using a couple of 100ah batteries and an invertor handles the vast majority of our brownouts, which generally last less than 2 hours. However for extended brownouts then a small generator is very useful. Maybe, maybe not. Everyones personal situation is different. We do have a small, extremely quiet, Honda eu10i genny which enables my SO to continue teaching online during extended brownouts. It cannot be heard outside of our property so is very neighbour friendly. I do agree that the vast majority of gennys seem to be the cheap, Chinese, NOISY rubbish available from the likes of Ace Hardware. I agree these are a real pain in the butt for the neighbours. Ken
  7. Balikbayan Box Major Rule Changes

    It would appear that the new rules are to be suspended until 31st March 2018 following representations by OFW's. http://www.msn.com/en-ph/news/national/‘common-sense-won’-dfa-recto-hail-suspension-of-balikbayan-box-tax-rules-boc-team-to-craft-revisions/ar-AAt2gnU?li=BBr8Mkn&ocid=mailsignout Ken
  8. Wearing watches ( as a daily issue)

    I very rarely wear a watch since I retired. If I need to know the time then I can look at my cellphone. Ken
  9. Surviving my 1st scheduled Brown Out

    Well I guess anything is possible here. Except publishing an updated list of rolling brownouts! When I move house I think I will move into the same sub-division as the chairman of CEPALCO. That should solve the problem. Ken
  10. Surviving my 1st scheduled Brown Out

    We can all wish, Jack. But is it likely to change? No prizes to for the correct answer to that one! Ken
  11. Surviving my 1st scheduled Brown Out

    Yes, Tom, but those are scheduled maintenence brownouts. They don't include the multiple daily brownouts around the city due to excess demand over capacity. In those cases it just seems to be down to a guy in the ops centre (if they have such a thing?) randomly pulling breakers to match demand with supply. I am still of the opinion that if and when such action is required, it should be done to a particular rota. Consumers would then be aware that during certain hours a brownout in their area was possible rather than the complete lottery it is at the moment. Ken
  12. Belated first anniversary

    Congrats, Tom. Time certainly flies when you're enjoying yourself! Ken
  13. Surviving my 1st scheduled Brown Out

    We have rolling brownouts on a fairly regular basis here in CDO. You would think that the local government would insist that, when required, any brownouts were done to a published schedule so everyone was aware of when a brownout was likely. It's not rocket science, but it seems beyond the wit of the powers that be in CEPALCO. We have a perfectly adequate standby system that works well for us. 200ah deep cycle batteries continuosly charged by a 4 stage 'smart' charger linked to a 1000w pure sine wave inverter. This permanently powers the internet but with a single plug swop also powers the TV, expat TV set top box, DVD player, a couple of lights, three fans and our laptop computer. It will happily power those for about 4 hours before the battery gets down to 50% capacity. If it looks like the brownout is likely to be prolonged then I have a fantastic little Honda eu10i invertor genny which is exceptionally quiet and will power all of the above for around 7 hours on a single 2 litre tank of unleaded petrol. Of course it won't power an aircon unit, but we are very comfortable non the less. So with a little thought and preparation brownouts can be endured without spending a huge amount of money. Ken
  14. Yeehaa!!! Retired today!!

    May I add my congratulations on your retirement. I know you have made the right decision and wish you both a long and very enjoyable retirement. Ken
  15. Intro?

    Hi Bryan It will be good to have another Filipino perspective on our musings. Welcome to the forum. Ken