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  1. Hi Tommy. I am in Cagayan de Oro. Quite a hike from GenSan. Ken
  2. Welcome to the forum Tommy. I am in northern Mindanao. Ken
  3. I think it is only natural to feel apprehension at your impending retirement. I also had similar feelings as my retirement approached. Despite being very sure it was the right time, I still felt a little regret at leaving behind the security of a long career. Especially as I opted to take retirement five years early. That was five years ago and those feelings very soon disappeared and I can honestly say I have had no regrets. I suppose that the move to the Philippines was made easier as over the years I had travelled widely with my work, and lived in several countries including India and Cuba so I had a pretty good idea as to what to expect. The fear of the unknown is always a little unsettling but provided you have a plan 'B' just in case things don't pan out as expected I am sure things will work out for you as well. If you haven't spent much time in the Philippines then it would be worth living here for, say, six months before you finally decide. Good luck with whatever you decide. Ken
  4. Glad you got it sorted. On a similar note, I recently updated the OS on my iPhone 4s and since then all my contacts in my phone have lost their names. I am left with a phone full of anonymous contact numbers. Even saved SMS messages have lost the names of sender/recipient, leaving just anonymous numbers. Has anyone else experienced this and any suggestions for restoring the names to numbers? I have the numbers recorded in a book but it will be a real pain to have to enter them all manually again! Grrrrr! :( Ken
  5. I have used UMAC on several occasions from the UK. Everything I have shipped has always arrived intact. They have branches throughout the US. Ken
  6. Does your bank do SWIFT transfers? I do a transfer every month from my UK bank to my BDO account here in Phils. It is invariably in my account the next business day. It is a very simple, no hassle procedure. Ken
  7. We have an S&R here in CDO. We do a lot of our shopping there now. The steaks are great, Florida orange juice which is very difficult to get hold of down here is always in stock. it's not just the food but a lot of items such as tools, household items etc. It has a great selection. Often once these items are sold out you don't see them again but a lot of the stock is continually changing which I find is quite varied. Ken
  8. We have been having issues with PLDT since the middle of January. During the day it's OK but between 5pm and 10pm it drops from a rock solid 15mbps and a ping of 15 to 20 down (or should that be 'up') to a ping in the middle 500's and a download speed of about half to one mbps. Absolute rubbish! And PLDT keep sending engineers around but are unable to improve the evening speeds. They just scratch their heads, replace random parts of the local network, etc. This is still ongoing. It's got so bad that we now have Globe as a back-up which seems much more reliable. But even Globe can have its off days! Unfortunately they are our only options here so, through neccessity, we are rather stuck with them. Ken
  9. Hi Snowy. I guess your bags are unpacked now and you're just starting to settle in. You can throw away your duffle coat, gloves and scarf. I can guarantee, you won't be needing them here! I trust everything works out just as you hoped for. Good luck for the future. Ken
  10. Hi Ron. My dentist in Jomtien is a different one. I sent you a PM with the details, but if you like yours then I wouldn't change. I have to say I haven't missed Jomtien and very happy to have moved to the Philippines. Things are different here and certainly not perfect, but I think better on many levels. It does take a bit of getting used to before things settle down, but so did moving to Thailand. Good luck with your move in July. I feel sure you won't regret it. Ken
  11. Hi Ron I had an implant done when I was in Jomtien, in your neck of the woods. As you say, it was around 50k but the surgeon came highly recimmended by several local expats and it was a good recommendation. That was three years ago and I am very happy with it. Now I am in the Philippines I went to my usual (again highly recommended) local dentist about nine months ago with a cracked molar and was fearing I needed another implant. She recommended a thing called 'bio-dentine' which is a very simple two part procedure, a few days apart, where the tooth is rebuilt using a sort of 'poly-filla' type substance. If you're not familiar with poly-filla' its a sort of plaster mix used for filling cracks in walls! I have to say it's been in place for nine months now and is doing the job admirably. It won't help in your case as it needs an existing tooth to build on, but it seems that for some dental issues it is a much cheaper and simpler option that an implant. The cost was around 5000 php. A fraction of an implant! Perhaps that's why I had never heard of it before. Certainly not from any dentists I have used previously. . If you would like the name of the Jomtien dentist PM me. Ken
  12. Thanks Jack. My birthday also is in May and I am usually in the UK around then. Sod's law they send it in December and I have my pension stopped! i will have to give that some thought. Ken
  13. Do you know if the form, if you are selected, is sent out around your birthday? Or are they truly random at any time of the year? Ken
  14. I too have noticed a lot of road construction in and around CDO much as you have described. Work which was long overdue. Good to see! Ken
  15. I have only given my finger prints on the initial issue. I have had three renewals and have not been asked for them since. Perhaps different BI offices have different interpretations of the rules? Ken