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  1. I flew back for New Zealand earlier this month and on the day of my flight went to a travel agent to book the "throw-away" exit flight. They very handily booked me on an airline they could reserve for 48 hours without payment which was sufficient to get me on the flight. Immigration here just asked how long I might be staying this visit and once I explained I lived here and was married to a Filipina they weren't bothered.
  2. Well if it were me and I had a 12 hour layover I'd go and annoy my daughter and stay for free but if you haven't got one of those I'd go for the cheapest hotel I could find in the Changi/East Coast/Siglap or similar areas. The food courts are fairly cheap for eating and drinking and there are some interesting bars if your tastes run that way.......
  3. Just flown to Wellington, NZ, with Singapore Airlines. Silk Air from here to Singapore then SA via Canberra and vice versa on the way back. Price is as good as anyone else, layover at Changi is manageable and if you're going to be stuck at any airport that's the one to be stuck at. Excellent service as usual. Even managed the no cost exit flight option thanks to a very good travel agent in Wellington.
  4. They have speed limits? Who knew? (Except the SRP). Don't think I ever get past 80 kph in and around Cebu City and mostly it's not over 60 kph as it just doesn't feel safe given the propensity for unsignalled u-turns, sudden jeepney stops, erratically driven motorbikes, bicycles where they've no business to be, errant pedestrians, unlit vehicles of all types, suicidal dogs and other inexplicable road hazards. Road repairs without warning signs have become the latest favourite.........
  5. DavidK

    Cebu General Medical Doctors

    I buy my blood pressure medication without prescription and never have any problem at pharmacies. If you need a doctor, then as someone has said, go to one of the hospitals and see one of the doctors (in your required area of medicine) who operate from there. Which hospital you choose probably depends upon where you live for ease of access. I usually go to Our Lady of Perpetual Suckers just off Gorordo.
  6. DavidK

    Philippines Driving License

    Did mine recently, no issues except no plastic so "Have a bit of paper sir". No problem as I know I'll get the plastic version eventually. However when it came to the eye test in the "Medical" - "Stand at the line Sir", yes I can do that, "Take off your glasses sir", "But I drive in them", "No matter sir", "OK then", "Cover your right eye and read the chart", "I can't", "Please start at the top sir" (a giant "H" about 8 inches (10 cm) high). "I can't" (sight in my left eye is terrible without specs). "Oh well, change eyes sir...........". What that told them I have no idea. Next time I renew I'm going to really fool them by wearing my contact lenses.......
  7. DavidK

    Customer Service

    Generally speaking "Customer Service" is an oxymoron in the Philippines. Part of the after round entertainment with the beers is the discussion of the latest example of inept and incompetent "Service" one of us has experienced.
  8. DavidK

    How dangerous is a WW2 bomb now

    It's about as dangerous now as it was then.
  9. Well I got a 6-month extension last month and although the form I fill in states "married" it doesn't say married to a Filipina. Nor was anybody interested to ask.
  10. DavidK

    NFL options ?

    Well I watch it on NFL.TV using Cignal Fiber with similar internet speeds without too many problems. Don't know anything about your other option though.
  11. DavidK

    New or 2nd hand

    With new you get the obvious peace of mind benefits and if you can afford it easily then why wouldn't you? However I decided given the traffic conditions and the likelyhood of bangs and scratches I would hate to do that with a new car (plus the wife had a new one) so I looked for a used one. Found a six-year old Mitsubishi Lancer with 28,000 km on the clock advertised by a local second-hand dealer and got it for a very reasonable price. Touch wood have had very few problems with it (except batteries don't last more than a few years here) and yes it's received a number of dings from the careless and motorbikes. You pays your money and takes your chance..........
  12. DavidK

    Buying a car

    Last "accident" I had was a motorcycle driving into the back of me when I had to stop fairly quickly to avoid hitting the motorcycle in front. His first words when I got out were "Give me money". My response of "Well you ran into the back of me how much will you give me?" met with blank looks. I passed him a couple of thousand peso and pissed off promptly. Waiting around would likely have cost me quite a bit extra.
  13. DavidK

    Bank Deposit Fee

    If all they charge you for collecting cheques drawn on US banks is $5 then you're getting a good deal. We used to charge many times that for collecting foreign cheques about 30 years ago.
  14. DavidK

    Landers superstore

    There was a topic on this very subject only the other week............
  15. Individual offices are not "franchises" but reflect the personality of the top team, especially if they have a lot of freedom in how they run "their" branch. That can result in manifestly different experiences in two branches for the same or similar issues.