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  1. If all they charge you for collecting cheques drawn on US banks is $5 then you're getting a good deal. We used to charge many times that for collecting foreign cheques about 30 years ago.
  2. There was a topic on this very subject only the other week............
  3. Individual offices are not "franchises" but reflect the personality of the top team, especially if they have a lot of freedom in how they run "their" branch. That can result in manifestly different experiences in two branches for the same or similar issues.
  4. Pneumonia is very big here. I'd only been here 5 months when I got it. Fortunately at 56 I was strong enough to fight it off, with a little help from Cebu Doctors Hospital. Had me in there for 5 days though. This warm wet climate is ideal for microbes to proliferate and infections of one sort or another are easy to come by. Previously I was 0 for 20 (years) in hospital visits, here I'm 2 for 2.
  5. Sub SGD300 including baggage would be a good round-trip price, sometimes it's possible to be just over SGD200 if you can be really flexible on your departure/return dates. I try to book between 8 and 6 weeks beforehand but sometimes earlier if the dates are set and I don't expect the website prices to improve.
  6. Well as I live in Cebu that's the easy route obviously . I am either travelling or arranging travel to/from Singapore on a regular basis. You can look at Cebu Pathetic (as mentioned, by the way not choosing the meal or changing the baggage allowance ain't difficult), or any one of Tiger, Air Asia or Silk Air as an alternative to PAL. All have their advantages and disadvantages which can be checked by whiling away some time on the computer.
  7. Queenie, the wife went the other day. Her and the House-slaves' assessment was that essentially it was just S&R without as much choice and a little more expensive. I didn't bother to enquire deeper .
  8. No doubt enforcement would be as effective as with all the other miscellaneous laws they like to pass Still, if you're truly worried just carry a can of air-freshener around with you
  9. These days I count birthdays rather than celebrating them but given the alternative "Old age" is much the lesser of two evils. Happy birthday guys.
  10. But as a result you will now not get your passport back for 3 days when extending your visa. I've just been to do mine and I can collect it on the 12th. I believe for Exit Clearance Certificates it's 5 days, which is causing some consternation to those who are leaving before their passport/certificate will be ready. It's more fun in the Philippines!
  11. Of course Americans have forgotten how to use knives at the table as well. Sure, give them a steak and they'll pick up their knife and cut it into pieces, then the knife will go back down, the fork will swap to the right hand and eating will commence.............
  12. Hmmm, you need to distract her until it's done. See Alan B'stard (The New Statesman) and his wife's timing of a soft boiled egg..........
  13. As someone who drives daily jeepneys are a major problem. They are polluting, badly maintained and badly driven. Traffic on three lane roads (each direction) even runs slow when you get a pod of jeepneys on it. They take up at least two lanes, force slow moving traffic into the other available lane, pull out and cut in without warning, rarely have visible turn indicators and frequently run at night without lights at all at all. Removing them from the roads and having larger capacity (but less frequent) buses with designated drop off/pick up points would be a good start in improving traffic flow.
  14. Turn the dial up on the toaster when she's not looking (worked for me).
  15. You may use any part you want for whatever purpose you need. I'm an open source and unilateral free trade evangelist (but definitely anti-EU).