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  1. Of course Americans have forgotten how to use knives at the table as well. Sure, give them a steak and they'll pick up their knife and cut it into pieces, then the knife will go back down, the fork will swap to the right hand and eating will commence.............
  2. Hmmm, you need to distract her until it's done. See Alan B'stard (The New Statesman) and his wife's timing of a soft boiled egg..........
  3. As someone who drives daily jeepneys are a major problem. They are polluting, badly maintained and badly driven. Traffic on three lane roads (each direction) even runs slow when you get a pod of jeepneys on it. They take up at least two lanes, force slow moving traffic into the other available lane, pull out and cut in without warning, rarely have visible turn indicators and frequently run at night without lights at all at all. Removing them from the roads and having larger capacity (but less frequent) buses with designated drop off/pick up points would be a good start in improving traffic flow.
  4. Turn the dial up on the toaster when she's not looking (worked for me).
  5. You may use any part you want for whatever purpose you need. I'm an open source and unilateral free trade evangelist (but definitely anti-EU).
  6. Up to 9 years now. If I wasn't with my wonderful wife I wouldn't be here in this all-year-round golfing paradise which comes complete with cheap beer. And that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  7. Because we don't know when we're well off?
  8. Well I watched it later on NFL.com. No adverts and all over in a reasonable time (I didn't know the score before I started watching). Great game and Atlanta will still be asking themselves how they lost when they report for pre-season training........
  9. My supermarket of choice as well. I think they have the best quality/choice of meat (especially beef) in the area. I prefer to use the Banawa outlet though as there aren't that many foreigners using it and buying all the choicest cuts. Plus it's a free car park, never too busy and easy to get in/out of.
  10. Many times in many places. However there is less fuss here about buying in one place (food or drink) and eating/drinking it in another than most other parts of the world I've been.
  11. Of course they have a rule book for driving, it's just that it's very short:- Rule 1. There are no rules. Rule 2. Might is right. Rule 3. DWD (Driving whilst white) is an automatic offense. Rule 4. In case of dispute see Rule 1.
  12. Indeed and I have done it, although more recently they appear to be more keen about this requirement (but if you have the onward ticket the conversation becomes moot anyway). However that doesn't assist one at check-in where the airline counter staff have apparently been told "No onward flight exiting the Philippines then no boarding this flight going there".
  13. A. I am not complaining about the Balikbayan. It is indeed a courtesy and very kind that they offer it. B. The onward flight though is a nonsense. I have heard of a least one person who books said flight, prints the itinerary to show to the check-in counter and customs and then promptly cancels the booking. C. I am not aware there was a multi-entry visa easily available, if so I would get it. I am aware I could get a 13A or even a retirement visa however it has not been convenient to do so at the present time, my bad I guess.
  14. It is a nonsense though. I currently have a Balikbayan stamp in my passport which allows me to stay until this time next year. However when I go to play golf in Vietnam in April (without the wife) and return I will become a "Tourist" again. As such and despite having a stamp "valid" until January 2018 I will get the standard month and be expected to have an onward ticket. Said ticket can be to anywhere, for any date and no one will ever check if it's used or not. A simple examination of my passport will show that I'm a long term resident here and the Balikbayan stamp evidences that I'm married to a Filipina. However needs must when the Devil drives............
  15. Compulsory Purchase orders work well in the UK where ALL land belongs to the crown anyway. In the Philippines land belongs mostly to the wealthy so they make sure they get not just what it's worth but all possible ancillary benefits as well...........