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  1. I don't have two CR's but having a large wet room was my requirement, 9sqm. I don't like it if I have to squeeze in next to the lavatory to have a shower. Just cold water for me, I boil a kettle for my bi-yearly shave.
  2. I have met a number of expats here. We used to have regular group meet ups but that doesn't really happen much now for various reasons. Some have moved away, some still work abroad so have sporadic visits and some are just knobs so are avoided. There are a couple I meet up with on a one on one basis, a Norwegian and an Australian, I enjoy my time with them, with the Australian I tend to drink a bit too much, who would of thought!! There is a German guy building opposite me, he seems ok, we shall see how that pans out as neighbours. I spend much of my time with my partner and family members, I get on well with all of them, they all speak good English. Her brother and uncle I especially like conversing with because they are both ex seafarers and so a bit more worldly than most locals around here. Most of my time though is spent with my SO, at home. I do go to gatherings now and then but I've found that as I get older I prefer more intimate socializing to large group affairs.
  3. My SO's parents both died before we met. Her eldest sibling is 50, I'm 62, we just call each other by our given names. All the younger members of her family call me Tito.
  4. For the past few months I've had a bit of a love affair with Emperador Light. Started as a few slugs but soon progressed to a whole litre at a sitting. I drink it neat with a glass of water on the side for the odd sip, sometimes have a pot of coffee with it as well. I have now cut it out as I was not getting drunk and certainly no hangover which set alarm bells regarding alcoholism and possible liver disease. I have now changed back to a couple of Pilsen Grande once or twice a week. Funnily enough I feel a bit more tipsy on my new regime.
  5. Further to my earlier post, the reason I sacked the engineer was twofold. Firstly he was ordering more materials than was required to boost his money, something to really keep an eye on. Secondly was his consistent changing of my plan withoutconsulting me. All you need an engineer for is the actual drawing of the plans and as requirement for building permit. Find yourself a good foreman/tradesman who can read plans andyou are good to go. Two important things that I have seen some expats here not do are pay the gain tax on plot before commencing the build andbe sure to get a building permit. Good luck for the stress ahead!
  6. When I built we started on the % route. After a couple of months I sacked the engineer, I designed it anyway, re employed the workers I wanted and negotiated a daily rate with them. The rate I paid was slightly more than he paid them, I saved money and everyone was happy, apart from him.
  7. I've always been fairly thick skinned, I'm a scouse so I've had to have been. I have met some expats that have a thin skin, whether they have developed it here or they have always had that tendency is open to debate. Some of the posts on the 'Hey Joe' thread are quite revealing regarding this.
  8. That's exactly what they told me and showed me the relevant directive pertaining to this. I believe they have also added more caveats regarding what a foreigner can claim, such as certain diseases/treatments. This info is available from your local office. That is why I have decided not to renew, as I stated in an earlier post.
  9. Hi, welcome to the forum. I was in Gensan today for imm. I live down the road in Marbel, about an hour away.
  10. Update: Going to immigration today in Gensan, when arriving at army checkpoint we all got off bus as usual but this time everybody had to show ID. I showed my ACR card and was asked where I come from and what my business was. I replied that I was a retired tourist, he then asked if I had a visa and could he see it. I provided him with my passport and he skipped through it and asked me if I came and went often, I replied that I had been here for two years. Then my SO joined me from the female queue and his mood changed to affable and told me to marry her and make her happy. My point is that on another thread I pointed out that since martial law foreigners were required to carry passports for ID. This post was dismissed by some that insinuated that I didn't know what I was talking about! However, today's experience lends credence to my original post,especially if passing through an army checkpoint. What would the outcome have been if I had not had my passport with me? This is relevant in at least two provinces in Mindanao so it is quite realistic to assume that it is widespread, at least on this island.
  11. I did my immigration in General Santos today, whilst there I read a new directive for ECC concerning all foreigners that have stayed here longer than 6 months on a 9a visa. Whereas before the clearance had to be applied for 72 hours before departure, now it has to be applied for 2 weeks or 10 working days before exit.
  12. I have decided not to renew, I went in two weeks ago and they informed me that foreigners are now to be billed P17,500 per annum. Exceptions are people holding a retirement visa wherein they will be billed P15,000 per annum. I paid quarterly and even though the first two payments were at the old rate, any future payments would be at the new rate.
  13. I think you mean scotch eggs!
  14. Similar. Sometimes grouper is available but I've not seen snapper which is also in the grouper family.
  15. Curfew from 11pm until 4am and no ID no entry imposed in Koronadal City from today. This is posted on the Koronadal City Facebook page. Please don't ask me to supply a link as I am a Luddite!