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  1. Twice in two days

    I have lustrous long hair (think Robert Plant circa Led Zep) generally tied in a pigtail and a goatee twisted into a dread. I do not have tattoos or wear sleeveless vests but I do dress comfortablely, this is who I am. Does this mean I'm not on your xmas card list
  2. The ugly embarrassing foreigner

    This too has happened regarding myself. This is not usually concerning behaviour good or otherwise but tends to be more about how I mix in, stop to chat, socialize with locals etc. Rather that some foreigners can be aloof, which gives off the vibe that they feel superior even if unintended. My German neighbour a case in point. What does it take to smile, say hello and treat with respect, my parents taught me that.
  3. What is happening to the Forum?

    I thoroughly agree with you Jack, I like to keep up with world events but I do that through news sites. If it doesn't affect me here I'm not interested so don't really relish having somebody's spleen vented on here. OK, I know I don't have to read it but if a thread is hijacked then I cannot help stumbling across it. I read up on 4 different forums before I settled on this one and the reasons I chose this one is what you outlined in your post, good information and a relaxed easy attitude from members who actually like it here. I like to count myself among that membership. I have my own personal views on things but I try to keep those off here and share them with friends over a beer. You know it makes sense
  4. Mindanao

    A good example of "powerful families". A Canadian guy I know is married to the niece of the local mayor in T'Boli. Shot his mouth off too many times and ended up having to move to Cebu. Family wasn't worth anything when it came down to antagonizeing the local tribal population.
  5. Fastest way to ACR-I card

    I am on a tourist ACR. I had no problem at all opening an account with BPI, a major bank here. I have friends here on the same status that have accounts with other major banks. Also no problem of availing a local driving licence either. YMMV
  6. Mindanao

    Past Gensan there are some lovely beaches in Sarangani province, especially around Glan which is a nice small town to visit. Lake Sebu is beautiful, I have an Italian friend who lives on the island in the lake, living the dream
  7. Mindanao

    I have lived just outside Marbel for nearly 3 years, I too love it here and feel comfortable. I don't have as much security as yourself, a bit Fort Knoxish for me, I do have dogs and a tall bagakay fence. I find the best security is a good relationship with the locals in the neighbourhood. My partner and I do have a friend, Filipina, from Tacurong but I personally have not visited there. However, I am aware that there is always the possibility etc but that can be the same anywhere.
  8. Partridge has fallen out of his pear tree

    I suppose they might pass on the stairs.
  9. Electrical outlet tax ?

    It also helps if the inspector is a batch mate of your partner
  10. David Cassidy has sadly passed away at age 67. He brought pleasure to millions and was an idol to many teenage girls. RIP.
  11. Electrical outlet tax ?

    I have 10x3 plug sockets inside and 3 of same on the exterior. Plus a well pump on a separate line. The only question regarding my usage was whether there was aircon, there isn't, no interest other than that on what I will be powering.
  12. Electrical outlet tax ?

    My local provider is Socateco, they too levy a charge per outlet when they inspect.
  13. Remembrance Day

    "And when you go home tell them of us, for your tomorrow we gave our today" We will remember them.
  14. Beer Time! (Phew and I need one or two)

    I'll stick with the rum because it helps me to remain numb!
  15. Smoking in bars and restaurnts

    The irony of the laws here can be tad odd. For example, I can burn a pile of tyres outside my gate with impunity but can be fined if I smoke a cigarette whilst doing it...