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  1. virginprune

    ATM limit 10k per withdrawal?? Alternatives?

    I regularly draw 20k from a BPI ATM, using a BPI bankcard.
  2. virginprune

    ATM limit 10k per withdrawal?? Alternatives?

    If you have a local bank here you can get 20k from the ATM or as much as you have deposited over the counter. If you do not have a local bank have you tried sending money to yourself for a cash pickup via world remit online. If they will not allow to send to yourself do you have anybody in your home country that can send it to you? There are many options if you look for them. Good luck.
  3. virginprune

    Met a phillipino in england

    Where I live, Marbel, a Barangay is a district within the town/city boundary, like a parish. Outside of the town/city these areas are known as a Bario. A country girl to me is from a Bario.
  4. virginprune

    Living with Filipinos Great experience

    You have actually quoted part of the post from Rich Wood, not me. I quoted his statement and challenged it, in a similar vein as yourself. If you read my post you will notice your error.
  5. virginprune

    Living with Filipinos Great experience

    The 'back in my day' analogies are a bit of a red herring. Surely todays prices are a reflection of todays wages. I know how prices were many years ago but I also remember what I was earning.
  6. virginprune

    Water refilling stations Beware

    When I lived in town I used my own rectangular blue container which I filled at my local filling station. Now I drink the water from my own well, no problem in 2 years. I fill my blue container from the tap and keep that in outside fridge which I then use to replenish a couple of carafes for the in house fridge freezer. We wash these thoroughly every few days.
  7. We eat mostly at home, I usually cook, that is mostly about knowing the ingredients used. We do eat out sometimes and at parties and never get sick. I did get the squits once about 4 years ago, eating out, I narrowed it down to the seaweed on a fish dish that was probably washed in tap water. We don't really eat at places like Jollibee and Chow King, if I'm feeling a bit slutty I might go for a KFC, about once every few months. I have never got sick from watermelon or pineapples, I eat a lot of the latter. Maybe it depends on where it is grown, Tupi near me has the best pineapples in the Philippines also papaya and guyabano.
  8. virginprune

    Cash Or Card?

    I use BPI Debit card on supermarket shop and other smallish items in the mall. Larger purchases we have a BPI Credit card for. I do occasionally use my HSBC Credit card as they like you to keep it active, there are foreign transaction fees on this, but I keep this mostly for emergency use. The market and smallish shops obviously cash is the only accepted payment.
  9. virginprune

    Philippines Toilet Etiquette

    Topics dealing with lavatory use here seem to come up quite often. I wonder why that is. As a seasoned traveller I know of many countries that do not use paper, or are allowed to flush paper, a number of them in the west. It is what it is and you learn not only that perceived squeamishness reduces in time but also the washing versus paper comes out as more hygienic.
  10. virginprune

    OH BOY! I wonder if he is trying to keep it QUIET?

    Belated Happy Birthday Tom. Hope you enjoyed yourself....
  11. virginprune

    Expat-to-be...A few questions

    My bank card, HSBC, expired this month and my credit card with same back in February. When I moved here I changed my bank address to my daughter's, the new cards are sent there which she sends on to me via DHL, takes 5 days. I then activate the new card online, really simple.
  12. virginprune

    Choosing a place to live (expat)

    I would surmise that Mindanao is bigger than Cebu, it doesn't get good press though.
  13. My home is here. The UK I would never consider living in again.
  14. virginprune

    Foreigner convicted.

    It's not about hiding names, most people are known by and use their nicknames. Many people here also have western names anyway, my partner and most of her family is a case in point.
  15. This renewable has been available for quite a time. Not all offices will do this so best to check at your nearest field office.