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  1. Tough decision

    Marbel is around 34 most days recently but with the humidity the heat index is 40, in town. Around 3 less where I live.
  2. Busses, Jeepneys, Tricyclcle,..Oh My

    We use trikes, usual cost is around P300-P400 weekly. This is for two of us depending on how many trips. No jeepney routes where we live.
  3. Parents selling land.

    The land my partner bought was agricultural. It took best part of a year to change it to residential for the title to be released in her name as a residential plot with permission to build. All the relevant changes are only done in Manila.
  4. Generika meds

    Asia I would surmise is lightly regulated but Europe has very robust regulations concerning medicines and food.
  5. ECC new requirements

    Both in Gensan and Glan offices
  6. ECC new requirements

    I'm on tourist visa, this October my 36 months are up. I can get my ECC in my local field office. This was confirmed to me this week when I did my 6 month ext.
  7. Foton Pickup?

    I need a 4x4 to get to certain places I need to go, a 2 wheel doesn't cut it. Nothing whatsoever to do with status. Being ex army I have plenty of off road driving experience.
  8. Foton Pickup?

    My neighbour bought a one year old Foton pickup for P650,000, this was the price he paid in Manila. He doesn't like it, he says, because it is only a 2 wheel drive, why not buy a 4x4 then thinks I. When he first brought it back here it got stuck outside his gate, his karma for not fixing the road, as promised, after his build. I'm thinking of buying a 4x4 in the future, I shall go with Isuzu as I believe they are the strongest and best for the, mostly, off road environment I will be using it in..
  9. cell phone on holiday

    Check which is the best coverage for your area, it does vary, then just buy a sim load up and register the load to get the best plan for your money. Your partner will help you to do this I'm sure. Do make sure your phone is unlocked, if not you can buy a cheap phone here. Happy holidays, hope all goes well for you and you like it here
  10. Hi everyone -

    Greetings Doug. Sultan Kudurat is only around 45 minutes from me. I'm in Marbel in the next province.
  11. Western union

    For small amounts I would suggest using your ATM card, best exchange rate but fees can be a bit much, with HSBC anyway. For larger amounts I would recommend World Remit over W U anytime, better exchange rate and lower fees, instant for cash pick up.
  12. The last Temptation of Dennis

    Great song and singing by David Ruffin.
  13. Dennis Edwards, lead singer with the Temptations, has died aged 74. No cause of death has been announced. Originally with the Contours, Edwards joined the Temptations as lead vocalist in 1968, taking over from David Ruffin. He brought a more funky psychedelic sound to the group on such hits as Cloud Nine and Papa Was A Rolling Stone amongst many others. He will be sadly missed. RIP
  14. What have I forgotten?

    Just the retired expat mindset, the rest is just ancillary.
  15. Please welcome Myrtle Pia to the world

    Congratulations to all of you...