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  1. Cooking issues that maybe there is a solution to ?

    Yes, dredge in seasoned flour and fry off, then fry off my aforementioned trinity, if celery available, if not then whole baby shallots and carrot, red wine, reduce by a third then stock to boiling then re add meat. This is for a rich beef stew, I like to add red currant jelly near the end but can't find it so use tomato paste with a splash of cider vinegar to give that richness of flavour. Goat, I have only ever stewed or curried so not sure how a roast might turn out, slowly might be best idea. With you on offal, I like pigs kidneys but all the restaurants take all the offal first. My partner's uncle has a pork stall and I can't even get them through him....damn!!
  2. Cooking issues that maybe there is a solution to ?

    Cilantro you will know as Coriander.
  3. My BIL and cousin have both bought new bikes this year and have had their plates in 2 months. Saying that, half the traffic here are on temp plates!
  4. Bruce Forsyth dies

    RIP......89 was a good age to chin up!
  5. Cooking issues that maybe there is a solution to ?

    I use beef shank often in stews and bulalo, sometimes for a curry. The best way to cook it is seal it first then remove from the pan. Add in the other ingredients like onion, celery, carrot etc then add stock, when at the boil return the meat to the pan then simmer on a low heat. After about an hour and a half it will come away from the bone, I then remove the bone cut the meat into chunks and return to the pan for another hour, it will melt in the mouth then. If you are using tomato paste to thicken and enrich add about 15 mins before end of cooking time. If you bring meat to the boil from cold water it will have a tendency to toughen, thickening agent too early can also lead to chewiness. This method also works well for mutten as the goats here can be very hardy. I shy away from pressure cookers as they take flavour out of the meat, slow and gentle is the way to go.
  6. A herb plant collection in the tropics

    Sometimes in the market we get the red chilies, about 1-2" long, will try them from seed. Very rarely they have the dark green finger chilies which I love in Indian dishes, especially Jalfrezi. Scotch Bonnets are another variety I would like for Caribbean dishes.
  7. A herb plant collection in the tropics

    Goes nice inside baked fish too, a bit like Sorrel.
  8. A herb plant collection in the tropics

    Did you get your parsnip from seed? We grew some native tomatoes last year but lost most of them to caterpillars. Tried putting salt around them, like you do with snails, but they walked straight over it. Good luck with your crops.
  9. A herb plant collection in the tropics

    Like Sonjack we put it in the ground, growing quite well. Chili grows easily too, well native chilli anyway.
  10. A herb plant collection in the tropics

    Two by The Move spring to mind, Flowers In The Rain and I Can Hear The Grass Grow.
  11. A herb plant collection in the tropics

    Here we are, put them together for group photo. Bookended by Rosemary, then Tarragon, Curry Leaf, Basil and Oregano, L-R. Thyme and Mint in front. As you can see the Thyme is a poor showing, this happened before in pot so considering planting again because last lot grew strong in the ground. Have warned the dog that he will be planted if he tears anything up this time!
  12. A herb plant collection in the tropics

    Some nice plants there Queenie and good variety. My original plantings of Tarragon, Mint and Thyme got destroyed by one of my dogs, he loves digging. I have now had some herbs donated to me by a chef I know here, in pots this time. I've now got Mint, Thyme, Oregano, 2xRosemary, Tarragon, Curry Leaves and Sweet Basil, the Basil I've now planted in the ground and doing quite well. The Thyme is a bit weak at the moment and I lost Flat Leaf Parsley after a few drenchings and bakings. I would love some Sage but have not found that or Coriander here as yet, sometimes in the supermarket will see if there is enough to root from next time it's in. The Tarragon is going mad so will cut some of that off and air dry it, just need to find some butchers type string for that, nowhere seems to sell that around here. I'll take some pics and post soon. Keep up the good work!
  13. Buying a section of a lot.

    In our case the medical reasons are valid. Their Phil Health only covered the hospital stay and meds available there. Much of the medicine had to be bought outside and cancer drugs are very expensive, as we know. Sadly his wife has passed away now. I cannot comment on other peoples reasons for subdividing and selling their land.
  14. Game of Thrones

    I have only watched the first five seasons, so far, but would like to get 6 and 7 at some point. I also have books 1-5 on my tablet. If you like this you may also like 'The Vikings'
  15. Buying a section of a lot.

    Our plot, of 425sqm, was subdivided from a 2 hectare agricultural plot, with a clean title. It has taken longer than usual to get the title deeds because of change of land to residential. It is all above board and myself and my partner have no worries concerning this but getting the approval has dragged on a bit because the seller has not had enough money to process yet. This is due to him paying huge hospital fees for his wife's cancer treatment. We appear to be getting the approval next month according to conversations my partner has had with the seller, a couple of days ago. I will update when relevant.