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  1. I've got three pound coins and they've gone out, or soon to be, circulation....time to find a wishing well
  2. It is on my bucket list too, so one day. Maybe have it as a honeymoon destination when I finally accept the shackles!
  3. I've just seen this thread too. A very interesting read, has there been any feedback from the OP? In my case, we bought and built in a rural spot on the outskirts of Marbel. 425sqm plot, house interior is 88sqm, with wraparound verandah brings size up to 144sqm under roof. We built in clay blocks so no cement screed or painting required inside or out, just very nice pointing work. Bespoke doors, windows and kitchen, all to my design. The fence is 3 blocks base with 12ft Bagakay resting on it, good for 5-7 years and also fits nicely into the environment. The total cost inclusive furnishing etc came in at P1.8m plus P260,000 for the plot. We have no piped in water, too far away from the road, so have a well with electric pump which gives very good water pressure and is also good to drink, negating the hassle of buying drinking water. We are both very happy here and very pleased with the quality of the workmanship in all areas of the build. For security we have the aforementioned fence and two large dogs running loose plus a security light outside above the electric meter. There are nine plots, all sold, at this location. A German guy has bought two opposite us and is halfway through his build. Two of the others have bahay kubo on them, one owned by a policeman the other by a schoolteacher, the remaining plots are still agricultural, fruit trees mainly. There are some neighbours a few hundred metres away who are very friendly and so we all get on and look out for each other. Regarding gated communities, my thoughts on this are "not for me" that sort of living has never appealed to me but to each his own. I have a friend in Gensan that bought in one of those, the top of the range house similar in floor space to mine but over two floors, mines a bungalow, that cost him P6m and in my opinion a low quality build. His plot is so small that he has no garden whatsoever not even to hang out laundry. As for swimming, I am lucky in that there is a resort with pool less than 15 minute walk away that is P35 for use of pool. Which is very quiet on weekday mornings, shut Monday and Tuesday for cleaning pool out, very busy at weekends though. All in all I am happy with the choices I have made living here and am enjoying my retirement, it doesn't get any better than that.
  4. There are a few I'd like to visit but top of my to do is Bhutan and Vietnam.
  5. Somebody very close would have died, no other reason to visit. I have no interest whatsoever in reviewing somewhere I used to live.
  6. Cool, thank you both for enlightening me. It puts a possible new slant on my future status.
  7. I believe that the ex military option is only open to US and Australian ex servicemen. I'm sure this does not apply to UK or other countries of origin. I'm open to be corrected on this.
  8. I have been asked about onward ticket at Davao arrivals, only once. I did not have to produce it, unlike at London, just confirm I had one.
  9. A bit of an update: After my post, and tempting fate, the SO's Myphone gave up. So I bought her the GR5 2017 model, retails at P11,990. We are both very pleased with it and I shall be getting one as well soon. Regarding the Myphone, the SO's son formatted it and it seems ok now, that has been passed on to a grateful sister!
  10. Unsurprisingly yes! There are many called Girly that I know around here.
  11. Regarding peanut butter, we have McKesters here. Sold in KCC and Gaisano.
  12. I don't have a phone but my SO has a Myphone smart phone. Seems ok, everything works inclusive web surfing, messenger etc, camera not bad, cost P1800 about 9 months ago. I am thinking of getting a phone for myself, possibly a Huawei GR5. My friend and his wife have them and they are very good with an excellent camera. The reason for this is that my iPad is a bit clunky to carry around and it is also getting a bit tired now, 4 years old! The phone retails at P10500, a lot cheaper and more convenient than a new iPad.
  13. I agree, when we built the builder made the space for the window, I gave the measurements to the window company then they came out to check the exact size. Then if the window is incorrect when fitted, the onus is on them to replace. I understand it is an upheaval when the house is completed and already lived in. As a suggestion, try a ready made window and have the space cut to that size.
  14. We have two very big ones from KCC, our top of the range place, they are very durable. Have used them many times over the 3 months we've had them. Also use them for laundry runs as they are so big, they cost P10. We also have a hessian one I brought from the uk, care of Waitrose, that I have had for more than 5 years.
  15. We have a couple of bags for life that we use whenever we shop, then it is routine so they don't get forgotten at home. I actually have to tell people at the market not to put my groceries in plastic bags but straight in to our bag, they always seem confused and a bit put out by this, so I tell them I'm doing my bit for the environment.