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  1. Life Starts Afresh as a New ExPat.

    Congratulations Eddie, the life of now starts for you...have fun and rewarding times
  2. land

    I paid cash for my plot but all the other buyers arranged staggered payments with seller, including a foreigner. Maybe worth broaching that option with the vendor, very popular way to buy down my way.
  3. Beer prices up ( Dang and Blast)

    Just gone up to P30 at my local too. Grande better value at P75, presently. Mainly drinking Zabana rum at home, costs P79 a bottle and generally lasts at least three sittings!
  4. What does retirement feel like

    Is it Monday? My days have lost distinction! Sorry if you're feeling a frustrating one coming up. I'm off to the cinema so need to wrap up warm!!
  5. What does retirement feel like

    Succinctly put by Queenie and others. Retirement is the time that you step into your own world and just dedicate yourself to whatever you want to do. Money helps but depending on lifestyle it has much less of a demand on your general wellbeing.
  6. Dignity in death

    Cremation and ashes scattered for me....job done ( hopefully )
  7. Are Filipinos Racists?

    I would surmise that they are no more racist, probably a lot less than, many people who are brought up and live in any number of western countries. My own take on some people, more than will admit it, in the UK is that after years of multiculturalism, 2000 and counting, there are still many openly racist people and far more covertly.... It's still a paki shop and a chinkies to many, usually poorly educated but not always!
  8. It rains everyday here so quite easy to acertain on that basic level. The real skill comes into what time it will rain and what type of rain. Still working on that one!
  9. I am sure this subject has been dissected many times but today's experience lends me my take on it. Apart from the fact that it smells like a death you would rather not have, what does it have going for it? Today, a case in point, I was happily 2 hours in to a deep trance mix, I DJ, when I became aware of what I can only describe as a very disturbing olfactory hallucination. It transpires that my partner was eating the aforementioned 'fruit' on the rear verandah, I was 12 metres away in the sala and the smell, for want of a more lucid description, was overpowering. After I donned my biological warfare suit and approached her to discuss this unforeseen fetish she has, she advised me that 'if I hold my nose it tastes nice'. If I have to hold my nose to eat anything I might as well eat my own excrement and drink from a Martian sulphur lake. ' It tastes like custard' she says...Sauce Anglaise it ain't. The upshot is I have no interest in trying this, even though my palate is open to most things. What about the rest of you? Inerestingly I have just noticed that this is my post number 666. I leave that up to anyone who reads this to evaluate their own take on that possibly mystic coincidence.
  10. Wearing watches ( as a daily issue)

    I haven't worn a watch for over 20 years. I don't have a clock in the house either, with enough devices I have with the time/date etc what is the point. I understand that watches are quite often fashion accessories for some people, everybody has their personal reasons for wearing or not wearing them. As for Filipinos and watches, I believe they are all set at 'soon' regarding their timekeeping
  11. Tom Petty

    So he has succumbed, very sad to lose two musical Toms in the same day. RIP
  12. Tom Petty

    Maybe they got mixed up with the folk pioneer Tom Paley who has died. He taught Ry Cooder and Jerry Garcia amongst other achievements. RIP to this Tom.
  13. Window security

    We have a high Bagakay fence and dogs. Good relations with the local neighbourhood including police and prison officers living near to us. I refuse to have my house like a prison, I certainly don't feel intimidated to live in one, if I did I wouldn't be here. In fact the only place I see bars on the windows here are in subdivisions, where most burglary crime gets committed.
  14. Yeehaa!!! Retired today!!

    Well done Eddie, enjoy your retirement.
  15. Recently I have invited 4 family members, all female, 2 adults 2 children, to live with us temporarily as their house is derelict. The adults both work and contribute to the household expenses/chores.This helps them when in need which is always a good thing. To be honest it is quite nice having them here as they are good people and fun to be around.