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  1. Jack I"m in the same boat as you are. Have one that starts Sr. High School next month and the other is in high school. I really don't trust some of the Tricycle Drivers here in Dumaguete so I transport them myself which I am more than happy to do.
  2. Jack that is what I was thinking, I wouldn't be surprised if the Chinese are on the top of the list, considering the recent raids on the casinos at Clark.
  3. If anyone can't comply with this simple request they should be deported. Love to see the brake down of what Countries they are from.
  4. Yes thats P320 per person on the open deck. Its P600 per person for the air conditioned deck.
  5. There is a ferry that goes to Cebu every night at approximately 11:30 pm 7 days a week.
  6. There is no official news that say they are here in Dumaguete, although the PNP and Military are on alert, but they do that anytime a major holiday comes around. http://www.sunstar.com.ph/dumaguete/local-news/2017/04/11/pnp-afp-step-measures-while-full-alert-semana-santa-536140 But Bohol is a whole different story http://news.abs-cbn.com/news/04/13/17/bohol-villagers-evacuated-anew-amid-abu-sayyaf-threat
  7. Where did you get your information from?
  8. And I thought he didn't want our help. Well now he's requesting it. http://news.abs-cbn.com/news/04/09/17/duterte-calls-on-us-to-help-fight-terrorism
  9. I guess that they are serious this time. http://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/129248/armed-men-sighted-bohol-town-firefight-govt-troops-ongoing#ixzz4duMGzcVD
  10. The 13A is quite easy to get and no lawyer is needed to get it unless you like throwing your money away. All requirements are on the BI Visa page. Policy hasn't been changed for over a year. Do not follow the blogs, they are all outdated.
  11. Might be good to have her get her Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) issued by the PSA / NSO. That way you can be sure she is not married. Better to be sure than waste alot of money to find out that she can't get married.
  12. You still end up paying the annual report fee. Look at your receipt so you really didn't get out of it.
  13. Well you might find someone in the BI to overlook that, but do you really want to chance that? I can't see giving the BI extra money when I can avoid it. They do have the power to charge you with a overstay which would result in you having to apply for the 13A again. I was told when I got my 13A to keep my visa current or face doing it all over.
  14. No medical tests requirements for applying for 13A in-country for UK residents.
  15. Here's the order regarding medical tests and what Countries do and don't require them. http://immigration.gov.ph/images/OPERATIONSORDER/Dec2014/OOSBM 2014-059-ANew.pdf