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  1. Word to the wise don't joke with the security guards!
  2. deportation of foreigners

    Most of the people they are talking about are not expats, but the tourists that like to come here and think they own the place and that the rules don't apply to them. Dumaguete has a high volume of tourists and is a college town that brings it's own problems. I'm sure most of the expats living here in Dumaguete agree with the Mayor, and would love to see these trouble-makers gone.
  3. Tourist visa getting harder?

    There is currently a petition going around to change the United States policy of worldwide taxation. https://mailchi.mp/12c8c8f8d63b/sign-the-2018-ttfi-petition
  4. PI drivers

    The law isn't new it's been in effect for over 2 years. Like everything here it depends on what LTO office you go to.
  5. You need to start the process yesterday and yes they will conduct another interview.
  6. Dog laws

    Well I'm not going to wait for the government to protect me from a aggressive dog. I have yet to encounter any here in Dumaguete but I carry a can of mace with me in case. Best to be prepared than to go through the cost and hassle of those shots. Mace is legal in the Philippines. https://www.wikihow.com/Handle-a-Dog-Attack
  7. Dog laws

    With 100,000 filipino's being bit every year seems this law has no effect. 200 to 300 die every year from these bites. Just look at all the stray dogs here in Dumaguete. The city has said they were going to fix the problem. I won't hold my breath for this to happen. http://www.pchrd.dost.gov.ph/index.php/news/library-health-news/6174-all-you-need-to-know-about-rabies
  8. Looks like express lane fees will return with the New Year. https://www.rappler.com/nation/192365-duterte-immigration-express-lane-fees-overtime-salary
  9. After annulment can my Filipino gf remarry

    There may or may not be hope for things to change when it comes to divorce in the Philippines. There is currently a bill in Congress for changing the law. Only time will tell if it happens. http://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/154713/dissolution-marriage-bill-ok-christmas
  10. Should be able to. Both Dumaguete and Cebu fall under LTO Area 7.
  11. ECC Confusion

    All 13A approvals come from Manila. Other offices can process the paperwork and send the paperwork to Manila.
  12. Murder and Suicide

    Antidepressant and anti-anxiety do have a history of abnormal behavior in some people. https://www.cchrint.org/psychiatric-drugs/drug_warnings_on_violence/recent-murdersmurder-suicides/
  13. Murder and Suicide

    Under Obama there was 15 mass shootings. So what's your point? http://time.com/4058841/obama-mass-shootings/

    Killing of a dog to eat is illegal here in the Philippines. It has been a practice in the past and some parts of the Country it still goes on mostly on Luzon. https://www.rappler.com/science-nature/life-health/63186-national-action-plan-dog-meat-trade