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  1. Wow where do I start had my flight delayed 6 hours Manila to Kalibo 2 had my flight changed from Kilabo Airport to the Catalian Airport and if I had a problem TS, 3 Cebu flight to Kalibo canceled at the last minute had to fight with them to get a hotel and meal ticket, had to fly out the next day, this is just a few I could go on the problem is that Cebu Pacific is the only airlines that flies some of the areas and you are at there mercy and ask them if they care, PAL is very good at the same thing
  2. Dave Yes they told me so I asked this June 2017 or June 2018 you should have seen her face
  3. I waited for 2 year to get my license plates for my car
  4. The same just renewed my licence i went on line to see what I needed , I went and had my eyes checked need new glasses had a form there they filled out for me for LTO, then went and saw my Doctor had him sign his form for my medical release for LTO went to LTO all happy had everything I needed to renew my Licence, WRONG they would not take my papers from my Doctors they had a special form that had to be filled out, so back to the Doctor with there form which which was a form that had 3 boxes that need to be checked off saying I could see, saying I could hear, saying I was breathing, and a place for the Doctor to sign and give his information which he had on his form , I know you are going to ask why I did not just go to the Doctor at LTO the last time I went she really pissed me off all the Filipinos ahead of me stood up in front of her she looked at them asked them 2 questions signed there paper and on there way , my turn she made me do the eye test, blood pressure, checked my heart, and my reflexes , I looked at her and asked what was up why she checked me out and not the other Filipinos, as I felt that was not right, the look I got would have killed most people she was not to happy with me signed my form and I left, so I will not go back to her, ever, so off to the LTO to renew my licence, the ladies remembered me from the day before I got the VIP treatment, showed them the form went to the 3 windows must have taken maybe 10 minutes I was done told to come back in June to get my Licence as there was no plastic, it cost me 750 peso and good for 5 years, that was my experence at LTO here in Kalibo
  5. Wow very good I am very impressed I do the same as you I want to make or buy corn tortillas but no luck here in the Philippines not much on soups as my sweetheart does not care for them , here is a little trick I all ways used in my minestrone, navy bean, soups , depending on how much soup you are making, grind bacon, garlic, and parsley and add to the soup in the last 20 to 30 min of cooking the soup the favor will blow you away an old Swiss Chef taught me this and I always made my soups this way through out my career as an Exe. Chef in America bacon 1/2 pound, garlic 6 cloves, parsley maybe 1/2 a bunch grind until like a paste I liked it everyone wants to know what the favor is
  6. Scott I live in Kalibo Aklan does Shop Wise have a phone number or an email address
  7. tortilla I can not find them make the flour but would love to have corn can not even make them can not buy the makings for them make my own BBQ sauce I love Cattle mans so that is the one I make very easy to make and really taste great, Pinto Beans have not seen them here, different flours have to special order them Whole Wheat, Rye,Yellow Corn Meal, it is just a pain, this is just to name a few
  8. I live in Kalibo not to far from Roxas I like Kalibo not big I hate big city big enough for me Manila is a 45 minute flight away if I want to go to a big city I have Globe WiFi works great cost is 1000 peso a month I bought a Sateilight for my father in law and just have to pay for the plan each month I feel this is the best way no contract, my rent for 2 bedroom apartment is 7000 peso per month great neighbor hood everyone is friendly only bad thing it is a flooded area so be care full were you live make sure it is not a flooded area, when it comes to ladies keep your oppstions open as there are so many ladies here i found my lady on line but I all so had 2 ladies I met in the neighbor hood that were great also I could have anyone of them and been fine take your time and do not rush the true colors come out very fast so you will know good luck wish you the best if you have any question please just ask this is a great forum and all straight shooters
  9. I have the same problem went and made a complaint they are going to check the meter , I have had trouble when they turn the power off to fix the lines when it comes back on the meter runs crazy they have replaced the meter and now they tell me if it continues it could be the wires in my apartment my usage has doubled which is wrong so we will see
  10. I do not know about driving in Cebu i live in Kalibo really the only bad thing is the tricycles and once in a while you get a car or truck but on the up and up not that bad compared to Thailand that is were they are nuts drive at night with no lights I think they like to play chicken what amazes me is that there are not more reckes when they are passing you better pull over as they are going to pass that car and do not care if they hit you head on
  11. What about RJ he plays with his band on Friday nights in Manila looks like it would be fun to check it out and maybe have dinner there before hand
  12. first of all Obama needs to learn how to act with more diplomatically than Duterte as he thinks everyone owes him which is so wrong and so are you sorry , Duterte just uses hard language but he tells the truth and calls a spade a spade as were Obama does nothing but lie and not honet with the America people and wants his way like a little kid and when someone stands up to him he gets very upset, remember being a leader of a country big or small you need to show respect to the other leaders and be honest with them and do not act like you are better than them, remember they both put there pants on the same way one leg at a time so to me they are equals lets see what happens in the Philippines in 6 years got to give the guy a chance and the last thing he needs is some leader start telling him what to do if asked for help is one thing but to just tell them what and how to do it is so wrong.
  13. Jimmy that is a great price please keep us up to date as I find the very interesting
  14. Dave you are so right the McDonalds here in Kalibo there drive thru is really a joke i have been through it all wrong order because they do not understand you or you can not under stand them when they have a person who speaks English great seems they put them inside at the drive thru window filling orders or sweeping the flours I got into it with the manager one day and told her how I felt and asked why did they do this , no answer just I am sorry when I go thru the drive thru now and I do not understand what they are saying I just drive up to the window and ask for the manager and give them my order if no manager I just drive off some of the workers there laugh and wave at me when they see me at the pick up window and always bring me a paper i do not understand why they do this you have workers that can speak and understand the English very well why they are not at the work stations where you need them just blows me away
  15. i just wanted to try an do something for the family to make a few peso to help out with the bills and maybe buy some food for the family it blows me away what they can do with a couple of thousand pesos how far they can make it go, so for now it is a hobby it would be nice to have a small milling business for the family this is seasonal not full time so you have down time but that is ok , write now my sweethearts father is running the milling machine, what happens is that the neighbors come over to the house and have there rice milled when needed they like it this way as they do no to do a sack at a time they do what they need helps them save money also, so for right now it is a win win for everyone time will tell, you could have 1 person come over or 10 or more most of the time it is in the afternoon when they come over, my sweethearts father some time does it for some of the rice if the person has no money or is short which other places do not do that time will tell the cost for everything the machine the motor and the scale and other small things that were need to do the work was under 50 thousand pesos, so you see it was not a lot of money