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  1. Williamtgriffiths

    Satelite Internet

    Hi, Has anyone got any experience of getting a V-Sat C band satellite dish and good signal? For domestic use only? If so where & who did installation? How much did it cost & what is the monthly fees for what speed, width & volume? Cheers
  2. Hi, Has anyone got any experience with steel frame housing in the Philippines. These are sold a lot as kit housing in Australia. Anyone got any experience of importing kit homes from China (or Australia). I want to build a low set (1 m off the ground) steel frame building on our land in Negros. Am looking for an architect who can design & supervise construction. Any advice or contacts etc Cheers William
  3. Williamtgriffiths

    Drilling Contractor

    Hi, We have just purchased a plot in Dauin, Dumaguette. I would like to get a contractor to drill a borehole so we can ensure decent water supply. Does anyone know of a company in the area that does such work. I'd like to drill, and line the hole so I can put a submersible pump down that I can run off solar pumping into an above ground storage tank. Does anyone have recent prices for drilling? I presume it is by meter (foot?) with some sort of garantee on finding water and a garanteed flow rate? What are prices and terms / conditions that are being paid else where? I want to drill before we do any building / planning to make sure we dont end up with a bore hole in the middle of the driveway etc. Do you need planning permit to drill? Other places I've lived / worked the state charges you per M3 of water you extract, even though you are not on the mains supply. Is this the case in the Philippines? Any advice / comments / experience? Cheers William
  4. Williamtgriffiths

    Big Cc Motorcycles

    Hi, I want to buy a large cc motorbike to use for road trips around the Philippines. An adventure tourer type. There are dealers advertising BMW's, Ducati's, Motor Guzzi's and many other makes. I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with these dealers and what their feed back is. I'm worried that as soon as they have sold the bike the back up, service and spare parts will not exist. Does anyone know of motorcycle clubs around the Philippines. Preferably not Harley based. Thanks William
  5. Williamtgriffiths

    Vehicle Ownership Transfer

    Hi Mike, Thanks. About what I thought too Cheers William
  6. Williamtgriffiths

    Vehicle Ownership Transfer

    Hi, I need some advice on the true cost of transfering ownership. The vehicle (2014 Toyota Frontera) is currently owned by an Filipino. We want to transfer it's ownership to our company. When we ask we get quoted costs of between 7.5% & 2 % of the care value (+/-$30,000) Does anyone know what exactly has to be done to do the transfer & the fees involved? Thanks William