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  1. canadamale


    Simple answer is that no one else is doing it and there is money in it actually there are numerous bottle pickers here, most I have seen are native., first time I saw a pinoy picking bottles here.
  2. canadamale


    I had a very strange occurrence occur to me today which has some relevance here. I was leaving out my daughters back gate here in Canada. I was getting in my truck as a homeless looking women came up to me and asked if she could look in the garbage for bottles. I told here go ahead as I think there is some in the bin. As I backed out with my window open she said thank you po. It took me driving to the corner to realize, what she had said, and I was not in PH. When I got to where I was going I thought why would a pinoy be picking bottles in Canada? I recalled a friend of mine, married to a filapina retelling me the story of a pinoy friend of his let go from his job and then let go from his next job because he was working under the table to support his family and a coworker got jealous and threatend to report him. Hard times can fall on anyone anywhere, but anyone who can stand on street corner and play like Hendrix is not one of them.
  3. canadamale

    Changes at NAIA

    they do have a free shuttle between terminals. At least between terminal 2#3 I took this shuttle in March. It was easy to locate, followed the signs, signed in at the kiosk and was clean modern and effiecient.
  4. canadamale

    Lets get to know.

    beep beep
  5. canadamale

    Billy Graham dies

    My mother also, I can remember seeing his revivals on tv. George Beverly Shea singing, also my grandmother watching
  6. canadamale

    Is Tipping 20% Too Much in the Philippines?

    I think a 20 % too is too much anywhere. I have noticed in Canada when using a debit card the tip choices start 15, 20 25 % . Or you can choose your own %. I choose 10%, unless the waitress is very very cute, then maybe 15. I PH I usually round up to the nearest 50 or 100 peso. Whichever seems most appropriate. With service charge no tip or very small tip for exceptional service or very cute staff. The cute staff tips may seem sexist, I cannot help myself.
  7. canadamale

    Changing Dollar's to Peso's

    I carry a small amount of peso with me on the plane. Enough to get to where I am staying and a few san mig.. Before I leave Canada I use western union to send myself a larger amount. I also use atm machines while in PH. I try to refrain from this as much as I can. Because of the exchange rate and bank fees.
  8. canadamale

    Was I right not to ?

    I would say when a citizen picks up a foreign flag and attacks his fellow countryman. It is a declaration of war against his country and should be dealt without prejudice,if that includes martial law so be it. In Canada we have the war measures act [martial law] it was last used in 1970 when we had the FLQ a terrorist group causing problems. I very much want to go back toOzamis City and maybe if time allows Davio City. Hopefully as you say crime seems to have decreased it will continue the same after martial law too.
  9. canadamale

    Was I right not to ?

    I did not think martial law was set up because of crime such as you find in Manila, but because a armed force took over a city
  10. canadamale

    Was I right not to ?

    I went to Ozamas City, shortly after martial law was imposed. Long before the recent troubles with the local Mayer. I stayed at a little resort closets town got two nights. Very nice I have mention this all another post some where so excuse the vagnous. My friends picked me up and dropped me off at the resort and when we went to eat. I walked into town one looking for a place to buy a local newspaper. It seems they do not read a lot of newspapers here. I was unsuccessful. I stopped at a small road side cafe for orange soda. The only one who noticed me were a couple of trike riders who offered me a ride.I walked all the way. On a side note my gf refused to accompany me. Said it was unsafe. I would not advise anyone to go into a area under martial law. I was a long way from where any action was
  11. canadamale

    Twice in two days

    I would think the same fate awaits (deportation) awaits the gentleman I met. I am surprised, if he was saying the truth of just getting out of jail. He did not have to prove he had the means to support himself to the authorities while in Ph. Two many parts of his story did not seem probable. Sadly, mostly for me, I left Makati later the same day I met this gentleman so I am unable to provide an update. Hmmm I wonder what would be a sufficient amount. Per day for funds?
  12. And here I was thinking it was these nice, scantily dressed young ladies GIVING these poor lonely kind gentleman a warm body to lay there tired, creaky bones next too.
  13. canadamale

    The Filipina and aircon (Filipino even)

    Just the opposite for me the gf will sit in front on the air con with her jacket on. I am always complaining that it is too cold and turning the air con off
  14. Not to sure where or how to say this but here goes. I have been staying at the AVenue Suites on Makati ave. I have been staying here on and off for the last 4 years. In the last two days, I have encountered two foreigners down on there luck. The first came up to me and asked for my spare change. While I was standing on the curb hailing a taxi. I gave him a hundred peso bill I had. Which he took and run off before I could ask his story. The second time was this morning. I was going into Wendy's resto to by burgers to take back to the condo for lunch. There was a caucasian man sitting on the step He says to me can you speak English. I say yes and he exclaims wow finally someone who speaks English. Asks me for 350 peso so he can go the American embassy. He says the embassy will give him 200 peso a day but he has to pic it up in person. I says if I not believe the embassy gives out cash. Then his story changed to he just got out of jail and was broke and wanted a room. I asked why he was in jail and he said his gf charges him with malicious intent and stole all his belongings. Then it started to get weird. One of the street kids came up,a it of maybe 7. He tells me he has hired the street kid to track his ex when he spots her on the avenue. He says before he was arrested he stashed money in his mattress and he is convinced the gf has taken the mattress back to here place. When this kid tell him where the house is he is going to break in, get his money back and go back to the house he has in Thailand. Believe me I could not make this up. He than asks me if I have any spare change to give the kid because it is his corner. I said no and went inside to order my burgers. I watched from inside and saw him pass the street kid a 100 peso bill and then try to grab it back and argue with the kid. No way the kid was giving up his hundred peso and just walked away. I came back outside and wished the guy all the best. He said thanks for sure and did not seem too stressed over the matter. Maybe it is a full moon and only me. Not to sure what I am wanting here,only wanting to vent. Thanks for allowing
  15. for me here in the Philippines, the second times the charm. She is actually pouring a orange juice now. OOOPS she seems to have poured only one for herself. I will show her, I will walk to 7-11 for coffee. Magandang umaga my fellow expat forum members.