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  1. Wearing watches ( as a daily issue)

    I have a pocket watch I carry at work. I have a Bulova I used to wear as jewelry. The strap broke and it spent 8 weeks at the jewelers. Since I got it back I have worn it very seldom. My SO bought me a Citizen watch, which I promptly lost aaaarg. Now I use my phone when I need to know the time.
  2. I know a Filipina and Canadian married in Canada. I went over to their place to maybe sell them a few bike parts I have and asked her when they were going to PH?. She replied I would go tomorrow ,cept my husband would prob. meet us at the airport and shoot us both. The Canadian just laughed at this.They are actually trying to bring her 18 yr old son over to Canada as soon as he is finished his schooling. If/when dIvorse is legal in PH there will be a stampede to the divorse court.
  3. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    Everyone needs to live his life as he sees fit. Some need lots of friends and constant companionship. Some find solace in solitude. Myself I am content to go read my paper and have coffee sitting by myself, Once in a great while I will invite someone to accompany me. Having spent the better part of the last 8 years living out of a suitcase and in various work camps, I have come to very much enjoy this lifestyle. Could make for a small funeral party. I remember my old dad saying best to have six friends, you never know when you may need them to carry you. Which is why I will probably be cremated.
  4. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    ya know you've gone native when you start rocking the whitening cream
  5. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    I know no filipino men here (PH) I would consider a friend. I worked with a filipino in Au, I considered a friend, but I would not say we were close friends. This is exactly how I feel also about all the non filipino men I know. I have acquaintances but I do not consider then close friends. I have my partner we are friends/lovers/partner I need no other relationships in my life. I also have family I am close too. So my opionion of filipino men is I treat them respectful and expect the same in return.
  6. Right to bear arms.

    Awww but the human element is still there, be it a clumsy clot or not
  7. Right to bear arms.

    Still takes someone to swing the gun
  8. terror attack Edmonton

    When he was refused refuge status in the USA and put on a deport order from same. Should not of the Canadian authorities arrested him and send him back to the USA when he surfaced in Canada? Crazy crazy world we live in.
  9. terror attack Edmonton

    seems as if the killer was supposed to be deported from the USA in 2012. He went on the lam and surfaced in Canada. Where he was given refugee status??????http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/edmonton-attacks-refugee-screening-1.4326952
  10. Right to bear arms.

    It makes me think how is democracy going to continue if the governments of the day cannot pass legislation to protect it own citizenry. Not only gun control but also the terrorist element.
  11. Right to bear arms.

    haha it still takes someone to pull the trigger r
  12. Right to bear arms.

    guns do not kill people, people with guns kill people
  13. terror attack Edmonton

    The part I find most disturbing is we keep letting refugees in, with little or no checks on them. Not that any amount of background checks are going to keep terrorism from occurring. The same arguments are said over and over and then some more innocent people ae killed or maimed. Since the terrorists are claiming the Muslim religion as there rallying cry then muslims will have to do the heavy lifting and purge there ranks. If they are unable or unwilling to I fear we are in for a long long season of more attacks, before the population says enough is enough and votes a government in that will attach the problem, suspend rights, arrest without warrant, close the borders and deport, what ever it takes,{ sounds Donald Trump like]. With our political process the way it is, not very likely, we would need a very popular leader with a large majority in parliament and balls the size of PEI [Prince Edward Island]. I wonder if we can borrow Duterte for a season.
  14. terror attack Edmonton

    Again a so called lone wolf www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/edmonton-don-iveson-terrorism. Another one so close to home, I have a daughter and 3 grandsons living in Edmonton. Says the police had him on there radar in 2015. Isis flag in his car and out to kill. The Israeli response, go after the family , taken further, denounce there citizenship, conviscate there home buisnesses up to the seventh generation. Harsh yes and unrealistic in Canada but what else do we do? The police cannot protect us from this plaque. Not the way they are doing it now.
  15. You may always go to the fruit store and purchase her a apple, I have heard the apple 8 is in season and very delicious. That is if the rice thingy does not produce the drying results one expects.