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  1. When i was flying Macao to Manila april 19th, I needed to show a onward ticket from Manila before they would issue me my boarding pass. I used the printout of my flight confirmation Manila to Taipei.
  2. the Venetian was fantastic, the SO and I did not want to check out. There is nothing quite like a suite in a 5 star hotel too spoil oneself. I can not think of one bad exp. The airport and customs went smooth, PH and Macao. The taxis in Macao were clean, efficient and plentiful. Played a little at the roulette wheel, had a few whiskeys. Went to see the old church and the fort. It always amazes me when I look at place like these and how it was possible to build such structures back in the 1500s. I love the Philippines and love my Filipina, but why does it seen everywhere I go in Southeast Asia, the PH seem to be the poor cousin. It is not the work ethic, the brains, is it because the PH was a province of Mexico?? Anyway it is good to be back in Makati.
  3. my new mantra is retire by 65 or die trying hahaha
  4. thanks for the input jpbago. we will be staying at the Venetian. the no English should be interesting to say the least.
  5. here in Makati 1.01mbps download, .74mbs upload, fyi I do not no what that means hahaha
  6. I have been to doing my darnest to stay away from the house the mouse built. I do like the eat drink and make *****. I would prefer to maybe take in a show, a little gambling, maybe a market or two .If and when I go to the house the mouse built, I wish to be in the company of my gf's younger siblings or my grandsons.
  7. the gf and I are heading to Macau on Monday. Does anyone on here have input on things to do there? Beside the obvious gambling. We are thinking of applying for Japan visa again, does anyone know if there is a maximum one can apply?
  8. About 4 years ago I was using a stand alone BDO atm , My card was not returned and no money dispenced. After numerous anxious and very nervious minutes I phoned the number on the machine. I was informed there was nothing that could be done until the following Monday. This as Saturday evening. I would need to go to the bank branch which controlled the atm. So I spent sat. night and sunday fretting over my delema. Monday I tood a jeepney then a trike to the said bank branch, where I spent the next 4 hours waiting and explaining myself till finally received my card back. No reson was given for the atm keeping the card from BDO or my bank in Canada. I have had my card cancelled since then and had to call my bank to get it realeaseda few times since then but never had my card not returned.
  9. Turned 60 on the 12th, retirement hahaha, somehow I will make it work
  10. mahal na mahal kita, [ I love you] masarap manok, [ delicious chicken] what more do you need than this, I can tell a driver to go eft or right or straight.and a few other words not evan close to ever having a confo.I am always trying to increase my word knowledge
  11. There is a Canadian mining company (B2Gold). they operate Masbate Mine, They are one of the few not shut down by Duterte.. Hopefully they can continue to mine responsibly.
  12. I flew Edmonton to Vancouver Air Canada, Vancouver to Manila Philippine Air, same in return for $1128.20 Canadian. Edmonton to Winnipeg is on the company dime.
  13. I am in Winnipeg now waiting for the plane to take me to work. Temp -21 aaaaarg. Now where the h*** did I put that tuke
  14. I flew out of terminal 2 yesterday with PAL, airport was clean, efficient customs all was good.