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  1. https://davao.mynimo.com/jobs/view/248515?utm_campaign=joraph&utm_medium=organic&utm_source=joraph
  2. I suggest reposting this on Twitter, maybe the most powerful man on earth will see it and take it as his idea.
  3. most of the Filipinos working here I see are kids and women working at macdo. here being Edmonton, Alberta
  4. I would think with the aging tradesman work force in Canada. I will be seeing more ofw Filipino tradesmen in the workplace here and not just in the service industry.
  5. I have only worked with two journeyman Filipino in Canada, they both got the jobs through the internet. . One of the chefs in the camp I am at now is filipino. Problem being getting the red seal certification, and the work visa.
  6. I work in the mining industry. Presently at a mine in northern BC. If you are a journeyman red seal tradesman and do not mind 12 hr days working underground in a camp setting, 2 weeks in 2 weeks out, 3 weeks in 3 weeks out, 4 weeks in 2 weeks out, and expect 45 an hour and up then work should not be a problem regardless of your age. How many Filipinos would jump at a chance at that???
  7. I have seen constructions sites around me also looking for workers. I recently, last week, had a ex gf contact me, saying she was quitting her call center job. She was asking if I knew how she can get another job. I told here o update her resume and send me a copy. Hers reply was resume??? I sent here some info on resume sites and she did send me a copy of a her resume, very professional looking.She has not gotten back to me if she has had any replies to the ones she sent out. So I would say no, most Filipino in my limited experience get employment word of mouth and my friend cousin etc work there. I got a job in Austrailia of a website, although 99% of the jobs I have had have been through people I have known.
  8. In Canada there is a shortage of qualified tradesmen and relatively easy to find good paying employment, regardless of your age. I have worked with a few 70 yr olds recently. This will never happen here in PH.
  9. So my dream of living in a bedsaver and working telling UPS customers to get stuffed, there package is lost, is only a pipe dream!!!!!!
  10. haha exactly go home and starve. I forgot 60 is retirement age here. Or maybe your daughter has a rich kano bf
  11. Walking around Makati I see various ads by companies looking for workers. I also notice many have a age restriction, usually 35. For example I took the Pasig river ferry yesterday, probably 8 workers observed all under say 30. I have also noticed this in the majority of businesses I have been to. So I would say it is easier to get employment age 35 and under, older it may be a different story. I would not like to be a filpino, 60, and looking for work here.
  12. Transitioning to a Philippines Retirement

    I like the Gordon Parson song version of this
  13. Be careful what you wish for...

    That is a very good way of looking at the situation. My frame of mind at the time, was the same as I would of taken if I had seen a apprentice doing the same sort of stunt at work. I would most likley of came off as being very authoritative. I would like to believe that once I retire and live here i can "mellow out" and enjoy and interact within the community here.
  14. Be careful what you wish for...

    I wish I had that wisdom of thought then. I just did not see myself coming off caring but more of brazen ans know it all foriegner. Now if I had know the man personaly I like ro rhink I wpuld of said something