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  1. That is a very good way of looking at the situation. My frame of mind at the time, was the same as I would of taken if I had seen a apprentice doing the same sort of stunt at work. I would most likley of came off as being very authoritative. I would like to believe that once I retire and live here i can "mellow out" and enjoy and interact within the community here.
  2. I wish I had that wisdom of thought then. I just did not see myself coming off caring but more of brazen ans know it all foriegner. Now if I had know the man personaly I like ro rhink I wpuld of said something
  3. Sorta to do with this topic, todau i was walking along on my to maccas for coffee and read my paper. When I came upon a man using a cutoff saw to cut some angle iron. No gloves, glasses, only slippers and shorts on. To make matters evan worse he has a young teenage boy, probably his son, holding the steel for him. The boy is watching the saw and the sparks and metal shards are flying toward his face. I felt like walking over and slapping him upside the head. Telling him to smarten up and at least turn his face away from the cutting. I knew it would only cause i heepful of trouble, so I told myself, move along nothing to see here, move along. In canada i would of said something.
  4. I have heard all Daves look alike
  5. I did forget to mention, we went out for dinner, my last evening in Ozamis. Mooon restaurant, mexican/filipino restro. Fried chicken, pasta with Bolognese sauce, and I had 2 beef burrito and corn soup. The corn soup had very little corn, considering the amount of corn grown here. My beef burritos were very good for me, the service was lets say not stellar. All and all we still had a very nice dinner amd I would recommend the place.
  6. Did not get to swim with dolphans seems dophan island is under renovation.Everything else was very good. As for martual law, never saw any soldiers or road blocks or for that matter and police anywhere, everything and everyone seems life as normal. Now back to the madhouse known as Makati. I am going to miss Ozamas.
  7. I made it to Osamiz, arrived this more abord Cebu Pacific, staying at the Bethany Gardens Resort, all good good so far. Visited my brother earlier and we took his new multicab for a drive up the mountain, tomorrow morrning going to swim with the dolphins
  8. Maybe a emotion support dog will help with your affliction
  9. I will be traveling to Ozamiz City second week of june and was wondering if any members had a recommendation for a resort to stay at. Prefer close to beach.
  10. When i was flying Macao to Manila april 19th, I needed to show a onward ticket from Manila before they would issue me my boarding pass. I used the printout of my flight confirmation Manila to Taipei.
  11. the Venetian was fantastic, the SO and I did not want to check out. There is nothing quite like a suite in a 5 star hotel too spoil oneself. I can not think of one bad exp. The airport and customs went smooth, PH and Macao. The taxis in Macao were clean, efficient and plentiful. Played a little at the roulette wheel, had a few whiskeys. Went to see the old church and the fort. It always amazes me when I look at place like these and how it was possible to build such structures back in the 1500s. I love the Philippines and love my Filipina, but why does it seen everywhere I go in Southeast Asia, the PH seem to be the poor cousin. It is not the work ethic, the brains, is it because the PH was a province of Mexico?? Anyway it is good to be back in Makati.
  12. my new mantra is retire by 65 or die trying hahaha
  13. thanks for the input jpbago. we will be staying at the Venetian. the no English should be interesting to say the least.