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  1. http://www.totalwastewatersystemsuk.co.uk/treatment-plants-60-300-pe There are numerous companies that make sewage/water treatment plants. I have worked on numerous remote work sites with anywhere from 20 to 500 man camps that had there own water/ sewage treatment plants. It can be easily done.
  2. canadamale

    the king is back

    If Roddy gets his federation and resigns like he says he might. Manny may be tempted to take over the palace. Personally i hope not, I like Manny I am not sure I would like president Manny. This is getting way to political for me. May the boxing champ/ senator live a long and happy productive life. Thank you Manny and congratulations on your win
  3. canadamale

    the king is back

    Fishmonger to President/King. At 39 he has lots of years left. He is still a young man.
  4. canadamale

    the king is back

    Manny was declared winner. Why Matthysse seemed to give up so easy I do not know. When Pac Man hits you it is going to hurt. Maybe he was hurt. Matthysse can retire now. Manny should retire now. Come home Manny build some more low cost housing around General Santos City, be a hero to the people, be senator for life. From pushing a fish cart to earn a living to Senator only in the Philippines they say.
  5. canadamale

    the king is back

    https://www.msn.com/en-ph/sports/boxing/pacquiao-kos-matthysse-in-7th-round-in-dominant-win/ar-AAA5e9I?li=AAb280R&ocid=spartandhp Knockout by Manny. I need a case of Red Horse to celebrate. Nice to see him win. Congratulations Manny. 39 and still got it.
  6. canadamale

    Family allotment

    Maybe it is only that the parasites get the attention, so it puts a bad look on all. Surely there are some that do not get noticed that are not so leechie.
  7. I was walking along Gen Payat Ave in Makati yesterday. When a ford f350 ambulance came along, siren blaring, lighys flashing. Traffic in both direction stopped and rhe ambulamce drove down the center of the ave and through the intersection. My thought at the time was " hope they are not only going for coffee". I have also saw an ambulance stuck in traffic on Edsa not going anywhere. Light snd siren on, 6 lanes of traffic on a 4 lane road. What i have observed, like said by a earlier poster on here, most drivers want to get out of the way. Sometimes there is nowhere to go !!!!
  8. canadamale

    Good name for a motel

    The All Inn
  9. canadamale

    Good name for a motel

    The Bing - A - Bang Inn
  10. canadamale

    Good name for a motel

    Snorr Inn
  11. canadamale


    A few years back prob 5 or 6 I was walking from Hotel H2O to Mall if Asia. Thus is a fairly long walk. It was hot so as I was walking along I removed my shirt. The street I was on was deserted, except for this trike with 3 police aboard. They pulled up beside me and asked me why I had no shirt on? I replied because it is hot. One policeman laughed, the other said, quite sternly this is against the law put your shirt on now. I replied thank you po, I did not know. Put on my shirt and slowly started walking away hoping I did not get arrested. Scary to think I could of been in a cell.
  12. canadamale


    If you want nice white teeth with little or no plac and fresh breath rince with hydrogen peroxide after brushing
  13. canadamale

    Power and Freedom Brings Out Who We Really Are

    The more time I spend in PH the easier it seems for me to not give to beggers. Sometime when I see a women sitting on a piece of cardboard or such with a couple of babies I will drop some peso in her cup. In the PH if you want to eat you have to work and I see begging as working.
  14. canadamale

    Car Emergency Kit

    Model 1911 chambered in 9 mil, that and a sleeping bag small saw,matches flashlight. This is in Canada, in PH prob. some cash
  15. I believe he has been in jail since his arrest feb 20 2015. Still alive.The PH can seem very strange at times. Hopefully life sentence means life sentence.