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  1. Ah family and money, my wife was a government employee when we met, and she built the Family home And furnished it with narra furniture. And everything was fine until she announced out of the blue she was going to get married and to a Foriegner! This caused a row between her and her mother, so my wife built herself a small house at the back of the compound My wife moved to the UK with me, and between 2002 = 2011 we sent money to the Philippines for medical Expenses , college fees etc , the mother realised she was wrong eventually. We retired to phil in 2011, and one of the brothers mentioned the ownership of the family home, another row ! So we decided to knock down our small home and build a two story home which we did. We paid all the utility bills and bought the mothers food and medicines etc . Sadly after a long illness the mother passed on . Which has left the family home empty. It needs all the window frames replaced as they are like paper thanks to termites. I wanted to replace the windows and was told by the brother its not my house, its the family home ! So we have decided not to repair it and wait and see what comes up next Then there is the question of our house and garden, and extension etc if the wife goes before me Our home is worth approx 1.5 million pesos not including the family home. I think i will move out and rent a place. Even when i pass on if i make a will it can be classed as not applicable As i am an Alien.at the moment the family are fine they all have their own homes . But when it comes to money !,
  2. Funny thing happened to me and the little woman saturday, on our way to Robinsons We were held up by 2 sales reps from PLDT who were working from a tent which was all covered in In PLDTS Fibre advert priced from 1899php a month when i asked about installation and reliability of service, we were told " oh sorry Fibre is not in Los Banos yet, we are selling DSL and Family cams " !! After Robinsons we went to Centro Malls Campus Blvd for food and me being a handsome white guy😂 We were soon haressed by two young ladies offering us prize tkts! They got a bit upset when we said no thankyou and we already know about Greentop Marketing sales tactics. Monday we are again going to Robinsons, so watch this dpace
  3. I can highly rec a Huawei i have owned a p9 lte for over a year cost 9999 php new Leaves the wifes apple 5s standing
  4. Had the same problem here in Los Banos, used our BDO card only m/c working was bpi, but no cash,but receipt. Which showed we had withdrawn 10,000 pesos Went to to the bpi bank staff very friendly and helpful turned out its a common fault with bpi m/cs had to wait 3 days but money back in the account the next day.
  5. Please give my condolances to the family from my wife and myself we lost the mother of the family so we understand how you feel she was 86yrs
  6. Brilliant 🍻
  7. What has been the outcome ? Was someone stealing your power ? Just a little bit to make some of you laugh, our power company is Meralco. We live in our own home average monthly bill 1600 pesos The sister lives in her small home average bill 400 - 700 if using a/c The late mothers home remains empty however the carport has 2* 3 watt bulbs That are on from 5pm each night until 5am each morning , And our carport and main gate security camera is on 24/7 And the bill is also in my wifes name and after discounts etc the monthly bill Is only 5.67 pesos ! Meralco have checked the meter 3 times , and the guy they sent was not convinced the home was empty, and the wife showed him into the house , the empty cupboards etc And explained to him the only time the home is used is in November when family Arrive from Legazpi and Dubai for All Saints Day, he still was not convinced and asked The neighbours !! It will increase from next month as we are adding more security cameras !
  8. I met my Filipina wife online in 2001 married her in 2002 here in the Philippines. And due to my work i only had 3 weeks here in the Phillipines and had to leave my new wife Here , she was a Gov employee and had a lot of things to sort out before she was allowed to retire And leave the country, she eventually joined me in the UK in August 2002! But her mother hid away from her on the day she left! As they had had a row as her mother did not Want her to go to the UK ! The wife got a job with the NHS 4 months later we gets a phone call From her younger sister as one of her brothers was ill and needed money ! The response from his 4 brothers was" Mercy killing " which had my wife in tears . The next day we wired 1000 pounds to her sister, the brother who was ill was the mothers favourite He got better and we gets another phone call from the sister, and the mother asked to speak to my wife And the mother apologised to her, and up untill 2011 we paid for 2 nephews to go to college . Sadly the brother was ill passed away in March 2011. We retired to the Philippines in October 2011 we lived in the wifes small home at the back of the family Compound her yonger sister lived in her small home, and the mother lived in the main Family home Which my wife had paid for to be built. Overall the family know how much money we get a month and from the day we arrived we paid all the utility bills And bought all the food etc for us , the sister and mother and soon the mother was telling all of her friends How good my wife and i was ! But like the UK it takes a family death to show who is who! The eldest son died and there was a row over who was going to pay for the funeral etc. And then 2 years ago the mother died after a long illness, and again a row about who was going to pay And this was on the evening after the funeral ! One of the brothers ( G ) got upset and began accusing my wife Of not caring enough for the mother i literally blew my top! And as my wife and i had spent thousands caring for her mother ( inc 24 hour nursing care special milk at 7000 pesos a time , 3 times a week, hospitals bills etc ) i took my wife out of the family meeting. I later went back to the meeting where the other brothers were all rowing, as i walked in they stopped rowing and i told the bother ( G ) " You should be ashamed of yourself !", " We have just buried your mother and yes my mother also !, And here you are arguing about money, you disgust me ! " This shook the rest of the family who considered me to a quiet shyish man ! And as i turned to leave i said " i personaly will pay all the funeral costs on behalf of myself and your sister " Brother ( G ) has not spoken to me since. As far as i am concerned l married my wife because i love her and family problems are all part of life No matter what.
  9. If i were you I would phone the immigration office that you applied to ask if your visa is ready As not all applications are listed .
  10. Well i am not rich never was, when i met my Filipina wife i had just started a new job after being unemployed for a year. I lived in a rented flat, had an old car,no savings, i used a credit card to fly to the Philippines to marry her. And one of her best friends paid for the wedding as a gift to my wife. I am by Filipino terms a " Rich Whitey " but all i get is my UK pension an 2 private pensions as does the wife. So all i can say is if i am not rich, it must have been my stunning good looks that she married me for!!
  11. I hate jeepneys !! They first of all were built for Filipinos and me being 5"6 means when they hit a bump in the road my Head hits the roof !? and when my wife says 2 seniors I get funny looks from the other passengers and some comments as well ! Nobody walks anywhere here even the students use jeepneys for a 100yrd journey. Health and safety rules non existant, the smoke tests are a joke ! But hey its the Philippines ! Live like a Filipino !
  12. Luckily for me when we moved here we lived in the wifes modest small home ( 1 bedroom-1 kitchen/diner living room ) all legal and titled. the problems started when we decided to knock down the home and rebuild a 2 level home !! went to the City hall and they wanted this and papers for that ! we had to get architect plans drawn up for everything-building-electrical-plumbing. had to have a city guy come and inspect and measure the land ! and we had to pay 35,000php for the building permit before we could begin construction ! one thing we learnt was ask the builder for a list of the Materials he needs for the week and go to the builders merchant and buy it yourself ! and keep an eye on the number of tins of paint and paint brushes you buy and Nails and rivets etc etc as they tend to fly to Cebu !! mind you our builder and crew were good. the thing that surprised me most was the number of men at the front gate asking for work !! where we live on the edge of Laguna De Bay we have built a sea wall at the back and around the compound as the water level can get very high. we spent just over 1.4 million Pesos on the rebuild which is equiv to approx 25,000 pounds UK !!we have 2 floors-2 bedrooms a balcony 2 CRs-a large living room upstairs-a kitchen/diner downstairs. we are very happy here
  13. love Willie Nelson also George Jones
  14. Thats where we are going tomorrow S&R Nuvali Ist thing is a slice of their garlic prawn Pizza and a large coke, yummy ! then do the shopping bulk buying soap powder and rice and bars of soap and course the most important thing my bottle of Southern comfort, and some of their cakes and cookies ! then at the end another large refill of coke ! Then its off to the JOs doughnut shop before we go to the Japanese surplus in Santa Rosa then SM, oh what a busy day !
  15. Welcome to the Forum, And as members have said so far The internet here is not very good unless you live where there is a fibre service which is mainly in Makati and high end Residential areas. we pay for up to 2mbps and get on average 2.60mbps Culture shock when you first arrive ! And be very wary of the Baggage checkers etc at the Airport wanting payment for letting you exit the Airport !just an intro to the kind of thing you can expect! dont get me wrong I have been here since 2011, and I love it here luckily my wife is genuine and so is her family ! but beware some of the stories about expats and the laws here can be very upsetting. Have a look on you tube and you can see most things about the Philippines both good and bad. hope you enjoy your time here. any advice you need just ask all the guys and gals here are very friendly and helpful ! good luck