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  1. Same here, my best friend here is my wife, well she is the reason i am here in phil. Dont have any expat friends here the ones i see locally are Americans shopping with their wives. I see you are in Santa Rosa which we visit often ( SM snd the Japanese surplus stores on the Nat Highway ) In fact we are going to SM mon morning to get a picture cleaned then off to Nuvali to pickup some New cctv gear and buy dome jco doughnuts😆
  2. Our car is insured with Bpi Msi insurance first year was free , second year it was 18,900 pesos Fully comp There is a 3500 peso amount you have to pay towards any claim.
  3. My main tipple is Strongbow Cider, but as im living in phil now theres no chance of that espec at 145 pesos a can- So my main drink now is San Mig Apple beer. And also Southern comfort. And when she who must be obeyed is asleep its fundador light. Did want to try Lambonog on the bro in laws insitance, bought a small bottle but it was poured down the drain With a few choice filipino words fro her !
  4. I have 2 rechargeable self sharpening razors 1 Philips 3 head ( 3500 php )and a cheapo from Lazeda At ( 700 php ) the philips i only use if we are going out for a meal or a wedding etc as the batteries after a full charge only last 1 shave !! The cheapo last 3 days ! Trying to buy new blades for the Philips is like winning the lottery ! I sharpen the heads on both using emery paper works a treat
  5. Aah the Philippines and the heat, even when its pouring down its still hot! But whats better than sitting back in my rocking chair overlooking the bay Drinking a nice ice cold beer ! Never again having to go to work at 6.30am On a cold frosty morning , or having to walk through snow up to my knees. I feel sorry for those back in the UK🍺
  6. Personally for me i buy my own ( Cdo ) burgers and chicken ( purefoods ) chicken nuggets. For Filipino food its Barrio Fiesta. I love fish and chips and the best by far ( so far ) is from Sulyap restaurant Just outside San Pablo its Cream Dory but its the size of a large Cod and comes whith potato chips. Another thing i love is Tempura which i first tried in a place near our home. Which is expensive at 5 for over 200 pesos. Then i found the Tempura stall in SM got 7 got for 99 pesos ! Only fast food i eat is Jollibees Champ.
  7. Have seen it , very good movie, Robert De Niro as always very good
  8. Myself i worked for 19 years for a paper company, before being made redundant. Travelled to Florida with my son an daughter as i was rich then😁 Then 7 years at a car dealer,made redundant again. Then 9yrs at a vending company before retiring to the philippines with help From the banks and their ppi refunds. Which also helped us build our home. Thing is before i met my wife on the net i had no idea about the Philippines I would never have dreamed of going to the Philippines let alone retiring there. But retire here we did, and i love it here.
  9. I took the plunge and moved to phil back in 2011 when we arrived the mother lived in her own home ( owned by the wife ) The younger sister lived next to our home, The nearest close relative is a brother who lives down the road. Then there are the many cousins i can stand outside our main gate and can count 15 within 2 blocks ! But no problems, we live comfortable eat out often and the sister often pays. Yes we do get the odd request for financial help but the wife deals with it. Between us we have 2 UK pensions and the wife has a small gsis pension. Life is good, i have no regrets and there are no plans of ever going back to the Uk. We have already bought our memorial plots!
  10. I love S&R , its a treat for me as the first thing we do is eat, my fav is the Garlic prawn pizza And never ending coke. Yes its a bulk buy store and you have to watch the prices . But there sliced ham, and peppered beef may be expensive but its worth every peso. And they sell southern comfort, and colombian coffee that actually tastes like coffee.
  11. Ah family and money, my wife was a government employee when we met, and she built the Family home And furnished it with narra furniture. And everything was fine until she announced out of the blue she was going to get married and to a Foriegner! This caused a row between her and her mother, so my wife built herself a small house at the back of the compound My wife moved to the UK with me, and between 2002 = 2011 we sent money to the Philippines for medical Expenses , college fees etc , the mother realised she was wrong eventually. We retired to phil in 2011, and one of the brothers mentioned the ownership of the family home, another row ! So we decided to knock down our small home and build a two story home which we did. We paid all the utility bills and bought the mothers food and medicines etc . Sadly after a long illness the mother passed on . Which has left the family home empty. It needs all the window frames replaced as they are like paper thanks to termites. I wanted to replace the windows and was told by the brother its not my house, its the family home ! So we have decided not to repair it and wait and see what comes up next Then there is the question of our house and garden, and extension etc if the wife goes before me Our home is worth approx 1.5 million pesos not including the family home. I think i will move out and rent a place. Even when i pass on if i make a will it can be classed as not applicable As i am an Alien.at the moment the family are fine they all have their own homes . But when it comes to money !,
  12. Funny thing happened to me and the little woman saturday, on our way to Robinsons We were held up by 2 sales reps from PLDT who were working from a tent which was all covered in In PLDTS Fibre advert priced from 1899php a month when i asked about installation and reliability of service, we were told " oh sorry Fibre is not in Los Banos yet, we are selling DSL and Family cams " !! After Robinsons we went to Centro Malls Campus Blvd for food and me being a handsome white guy😂 We were soon haressed by two young ladies offering us prize tkts! They got a bit upset when we said no thankyou and we already know about Greentop Marketing sales tactics. Monday we are again going to Robinsons, so watch this dpace
  13. I can highly rec a Huawei i have owned a p9 lte for over a year cost 9999 php new Leaves the wifes apple 5s standing
  14. Had the same problem here in Los Banos, used our BDO card only m/c working was bpi, but no cash,but receipt. Which showed we had withdrawn 10,000 pesos Went to to the bpi bank staff very friendly and helpful turned out its a common fault with bpi m/cs had to wait 3 days but money back in the account the next day.
  15. Please give my condolances to the family from my wife and myself we lost the mother of the family so we understand how you feel she was 86yrs