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  1. expatuk2014


    Thanks guys for the info used to have Fibre back in the UK with Virgin media And that was back in 2001 ! But watching the Pldt contractors running the cables And tying them to the power lines made me smile, think we may go for the 20mbs at 1899 Thanks again guys
  2. PLDT have been running fibre cable along my road and the surrounding area, im already on their Home dsl 1299 plan up to 3mbs, average speed 2.50 mbs is anyone here already using PLDT Fibre and if so is it any good and do you get the quoted speed ?
  3. expatuk2014

    Planning my "scouting" trip

    Well for me Manila is a nightmare ! Even though i no longer drive the traffic is diabolical ! Food wise i never or rather im not allowed to eat from roadside stalls ! For water i only drink bottled water never from the taps ! When we travel we tend to eat at places we know, if you like fast food then your spoilt for choice Theres Burger places everywhere ! A nice place just outside of Manila is Nuvali it has plenty of shops eateries etc not sure if you will be on your own but my advice is plan what you want to do and where you want to go etc and ask the guys and gals here if they know of the best places to stay. A white American 6'6 40s well you will turn the girls heads thats for sure !
  4. expatuk2014

    Living with Filipinos Great experience

    My experience here in the Philippines is certainly a lot different to the life I would have if I were in the UK, here in phil I get treated with respect Everywhere I go unless its a government dept where often it can be a bit daunting But thats where my wife is a blessing as she used be an office manager for a gov dept ! Yes there are relatives everywhere in the road we live there are aunts,cousins,brothers etc In every other house ! In the UK we wouldnt have the standard of living like we have here in phil And both of us being pensioners we would be more or less classed as second class citizens. As the TV advert goes if your with Filipinos your with family !
  5. expatuk2014

    The Helpers

    The helper been there done that got to start all over again ! I insisted the wife got a helper as she was all day cooking,cleaning,washing etc etc. Oh boy what a problem having a helper is ! One wanted us to supply her with a breakfast and toothpaste before she started work Which ok no problem, then she gave us the list of what she would not do ! No cooking,no shopping, no garden work, all she would do was wash clothes ! And for this she wanted 4000 pesos and her tricycle fares! The one we did employ was ok for the first 2 weeks then she wanted a 2000 peso advance which we gave her 1500 she never turned up the next 2 days ! Then she said she wanted 3 weeks off as she was having builders in ! So it was bye bye to her. There seems to be lots of helpers out there but findibg the right one ! So we are still looking
  6. expatuk2014

    A unique tropical plant in my garden

    Its a bit far from Manila but we buy most of our plants from places on the National Highway between Los Banos and Santa Cruz theres many places selling plants of all kinds one even sells puppies ! Look for Jollibees on the right as you leave Los Banos then on both sides of the road you will start to see plants for sale theres many places selling so you can haggle ! , if your into Orchids there is a Orchid place on the just off of Slex on the Tagatay road
  7. Eating out here is like Russian Roulette ! We often used to eat at a local foodie place as the Banana splits were to die for, i used to eat Tempura and fried rice which i loved always arrived freshly cooked nice clean batter etc We would go here often but then i had stomach pains and never ending visits to the small room. The wife vowed never agan ! We often eat out usually places out of the area we were told were good to eat at never had anyProblems in these places , i like fried chicken and there is a place in our town who know us very well and they will cook my chicken for me as we wait ! Its one of the cheapest places in the area and its very popular with the local Robinsons staff and nearby schools. Then theres Jollibee Tuna pie fries and coffee Yummy !
  8. expatuk2014

    Filipinos with more than one wife

    Being married to my Filipino wife is fine with me ! I couldnt afford another Filipino wife with all the Umbrellas and Kipling Handbags And boxes of unused shoes, he he he im only joking my wife is my rock my princess my queen All rolled into 1 neat little package , i wouldnt dream of even looking for another wife ! I look at other woman yes ! There are thousands of beauty queens in the Philippines And me being the most handsome foriegner 🤣 in the area i get lots of smiles Even my mirror " sighs " as i look into it as imcoming my hair ! BUT i only look at other woman !
  9. Been here since 2011 nothing will convince me to go back to the UK ! The Phillippines is my country we even have lots in the memorial park Ready for the day our time is up ! Life is good here i have a large extended family and they have accepted me as a brother. We have a nice home with all the things we need to enjoy life, she has her garden and her " Baby Arnie " As in the photo " Arnie " follows the wife everywhere she buys him chewsticks and he knows the word " Ligo " to which he runs to the downstairs shower ! which he gets a chewstick for ! I have my Tablet and a well stocked fridge with southern comfort,jack daniels,apple beers and ice cold coffee we have a nice car for eating out in different places . And if its a toss up between Bluewater shopping centre or SM mall of Asia SM wins ! Yes the Philippines is hot and its now the rainy season but im here to stay
  10. expatuk2014

    Proof of life form time again !

    Its that time again ! Pension not recieved on or 3 days after date due. Dialled 109 on pldt landline for international calls IDD not on pldt ! gave the nice lady the pension service phone no And within seconds connected to the int pension service ! Pressed a few buttons and got through to a very helpful chap named David. Who told me the POL forms were sent to me in January ! As was the case in 2013 Never got them ! I asked if i could still use the ones stored on my Pc which he said yes And he asked me to send them asap . And he also said he would release my pension payment ! So tommorrow its of to the Hospital to see our friendly doctor to witness the forms for both myself and the wife, and then to LBC. mind you the thing that annoys me is they our have emails and our landline number So why cant they contact us these ways if they do not recieve the forms back within a certain time ?
  11. I take back my comments regarding the use of a certain word. After reading through the comments and replies etc. This site yes is still well run and i am sorry if i have upset anyone.
  12. This used to be a well run site but when it comes to the moderators swearing at the members For something trivial im very surprised!
  13. expatuk2014

    Has rainy season for 2018 started?

    Here in los Banos its the same the other night there was the longest and loudest thunderstorm I have ever experienced ! But only a quickshower ! The water level in Laguna De Bay has again this year dropped very low , there are trees starting to grow In the bay 10 ft from our defence wall, and children are playing in the water and for some the level only comes up to their waist.Friday is going to be another hot day !still im ok ive got 8 cans of Strongbow to cool me down 🤣
  14. expatuk2014

    Dangerous occupations

    Whats being said here is thst most Barangay Kapitans and their council members Are all a foregone Concusion, theres not been anyone canvassing for votes
  15. expatuk2014

    Why Do You Live Where You Live?

    I live in Los Banos because its where the wifes family home is. We have built our home there also which has been ongoing since 2012. Compared to southampton where we used to live in the UK Los Banos is paradise .