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  1. Life in paradise

    Ah yes the deer in the New Forest and the golden leaves, the cold frosty mornings Iced up windscreens, then later the wife having to walk through snow almost up to her knees To get to work.The UK is also a paradise, Here in the Asian paradise that is the Philippines its rained every day now for 3 weeks With heavy thunder and fantastic lightning ! So you have the Autumn leaves and we have lightning like i have never seen before !
  2. What does retirement feel like

    Once your retired you have to keep the old brain ticking over. My father only lived for 3 yrs after his retirement, all he did was sit in his armchair and watch the tv ! Myself i play games on my tablet which i have to think about. I also go to the yard sales and buy a few things that are not working,clocks,radios,toys etc Which i take apart and try and get working. We also eat out a lot as im retired and so is the wife. But she being a Filipino she still washes clothes by hand even though we a newish washing m/c She also Sweeps the garden and the road ! Every morning. You have to keep the brain tickng over .
  3. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    This might upset some here, but when i first arrived in this country to marry my now wife in Manila Airport I saw a group of elderly men surround a young girl their hands were all over her not sure if she was married to one of them i heard a few comments from other foriegners , it disgusted me, one can only imagine what happened to the young girl after.
  4. Figuring out Siargao

    I think this will give you an idea as to what you are up against !
  5. Living in the Philippines

    My reason was we had been back to the Philippines 3 times after we got married. After looking around several places we decided that where the wifes Mother and Sister lived And the wife owned and had built the family home. But we built our own 2 level home later, after the mother passed the family home remains empty And is mainly used when family members visit. Was the ideal place for us overall., short ride to loads of shops, and the large university grounds. And the view over Laguna De Bay clinched it for me. All the wifes living brothers and her sister all have good jobs, and so do their children. So we dont keep getting asked for money.
  6. Pinoy Neighborhood Question?

    If your Barangay Kapitan is anything like ours he will be related to everyone in the barangay ! We have large folding gates at the front of our compound with 2 no parking signs on the gates They still parked blocking the gates, that is until we got a new CCTV system with one Camera pointing Down showing the road and our gates. Nobody parks there now.
  7. Aah PLDT and their internet ,2 weeks ago we lost the internet on thursday, eventually got thtough to their service centre, who said an engineer would be with us in 2 days ! He arrived sat morning . Said there was a nationwide internet problem, funny PLDT send a thankyou txt when we have paid the bill but wont txt us when they have problems After about 30 mins checking the outside lines and phoning whoever he said we needed a new Wifi Router ! Which would cost us 1300 on the next months bill. He never had one on his van, and said he Would be back sunday with a new router, a different engineer arrived on sunday, new router in hand, When he saw the router we had he said it was better than the new one he bought with him. He phoned someone tested the speed etc, reset the router to the Factory reset, put in the router password on the back of the router and our speed went from 0.25= 0.50 to 2 .70= 3.20. He said if it happens again reset the router and use the router password. Yesterday again no internet ! Did the reset nothing eventually at 7.45pm we had internet Reset the router this morning and good all day. PLDT sadly is our only option as the cable tv Internet is very bad. We have had Globe before but same as PLDT. Just done a speed test and its 2.75 .
  8. We have 3 dogs, numourous lizards,and frogs and at the last count 45 million ants
  9. We're not in West Sussex now Toto

    The land of the rising sun
  10. According to the article in the Daily Mail it is for expats living in the EU. Just more Brexit scaremongering from certain employees of the pro EU British Treasury !
  11. In 2003 while in the UK the little woman was working in the NHS Southampton General Hospital And their computer network got hacked problem was in was in the records dept 5 miles away but as All the hospitals were connected it was chaos, it was never publicised. I knew one of the tech guys there and he told me if you want to keep your files and data safe He advised me to download everything onto a seperate hard drive, which i do to this day. And do not keep a backup folder on your main pc only on your backup hard drive The only thing on my PC is windows 10 and the programs i use daily. Everything i download i check with my virus software and i always use the vpn on the browser And to change your passwords monthly espec if you use Hotmail or Gmail
  12. How much for how long.

    My wife deals with all the requests for help from the locals And she never gives anything ! She says it will never be repaid And if you lend them once they will keep coming back even though They havent paid the first loan !
  13. Brits' just love their hierarchies EH?

    I hate Tea ! Born London lived early days in Northfleet now part of Gravesend until they wanted to be posh and called it Gravesham 😂 coffee and cider man myself
  14. The Huge Filipina Persuasion - the truth

    I came to the Philippines to look at the scenery its everywhere Seriously being a a pensioner in the UK and not being a homeowner Was not something to look forward to . And i was fed up with having worked since the age of 15yrs and being regarded As a drain on the system by Students and others, and then seeing Asylum seekers Being given a bungalow to live in and enough money every month to buy 2 cars And live like Royalty. And me having my Pension reduced by having a forced company pension years ago. The Philippines may be regarded by many as a third world country but its far from it. Yes it has its little quirks us westerners have to get used to,toilet paper,eating with a spoon and fork Celebrating the death of a family member, and November 1st when everybody spends the day At the cemetaries to be with their departed loved ones. Little things i like such as when i go into a hardware store and ask for a certain item and About 4 staff members all go and look for it for me. And you walk into SM and as you walk around the store all the staff greet you. And then theres the tricycles and the jeepneys and pedicabs i love em ! The UK elf and safety guys would have a great time here ! But the main reason i came to the Philippines is the Filipina i married ! Because i love her and we are as one and the Philippines is our home seio
  15. new member here …

    Welcome to to the forum, you will find all the info you want here