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  1. We have our car now for 17 months from new and the LTO has still not released the Registration number ! How incompetant is that ! What a difference from the UK, i used to work for the Wadham Kenning group And it was the dealer eho fitted the registration plates to the new cars ! Just think of all the new cars, motorbikes etc sold every yr here And the registration plate no is paid already Methinks someone st the LTO has some explaining to do !
  2. Service With A Grunt

    Luckily my wife is a senior Citizen which helps a lot, paying the water bill monthly She just walks up to the senior counter and is usually out in 5 mins ! My wife has 2 credit cards which we pay in savemore, And we pay Meralco and Pldt in Robinsons Even Robinsons and most other Supermarkets have senior lanes. But overall i find the service here brilliant although saying that Recently our Universal Cable channel was changed to E! We asked the cable co when we were going to get Universal back The customer sevice girl couldnt really understand what my wife was saying. So they sent 2 engineers out the next day who checked the TV and the relevant channel showed it was universal although it was actually showing the E! Channel with aome Korean program. After a couple of phone calls he told us the Universal channel no longer on !,,,😭 I later discovered that NBC are no longer transmitting Universal to Asia !!
  3. Sorry to hear about this, but its part of the risk you take when marrying a Filipina. I agree with others here you need to walk away, far far away. As if this woman and her family know you have money they Will look for you using all the excuses they can to get your money. Bearing in mind the Filipino will always be the winner here. Another point mate is you really need to get far away from where the pair of you lived as another thing these woman do is tell other woman about you, so you could soon be chatted up by one of her friends..
  4. Bad Cookies

    Yes it happened to me also i read the online Daily mail from the UK And it was always showing me ads from Lazeda i did the same turned offtracking and use a ad blocker Problem solved
  5. Stock Out!

    A little off topic but my biggest gripe is when you go into Waltermart or Robinsons In mycase to buy cherry flavoured drinks only to get to the cashier who says " Im sorry but we are not allowed to sell these ! " So why was it put on the shelf ?
  6. Browned off

    My advice is if you can go to the Philipines embassy first When i applied the Embassy needed triple copies of both mine and the wifes birth certificates Bank statements , police report, a medical report and XRay for me which had to be put onto a cd. Funny thing was the medical dept in the bi in Manila couldnt use the Cd as they were still running windows xp ! It took 2 trips from Southampton for me. Got my 13a visa on the second trip . Its a lot better than the immigration in Manila. And theres no fixers However you may stiil have to go to Manila to get your 13a ACR card Im told these may be available soon from the BI satelitte offices in your area. Then of course theres the Annual reporting where the rules change every year ! Once you have settled here my advice again if its possible is to do as much as you Can such as Annual reporting etc and any immigration problems in the same BI office each year Stay away from Manila unless you really have to go there
  7. New or 2nd hand

    We bought a 10yr old nissan urvan from a friend of the family. Me being me we had all the lights replaced and a new battery. Ran like a dream. After 4 yrs we sold it to a brother. Then last year we bought a new Suzuki Ertiga. Came with a years comp insurance which cost us 22000 to renew this year. Which is insured with BPI insurance, we had an accident when one of the folding gates broke off as it was being closed, and fell onto the back of the car, within 2 weeks it was repaired , we had to pay 3200 pesos. Thinking now of maybe trading it in next year in March for a Nissan Navara if the wife lets me 😂
  8. My budget has been blown up.

    I keep a monthly acct of what we spend we have what i call the "Fixed payments " Which is Water 382.75 pesos for 2 homes,Electric 1993 pesos for 2 homes ,Phone/Internet 1565 pesos for 3 homes ,Cable TV 700 pesos for 2 homes. Our shopping which includes eating out was 35000 pesos for 3
  9. Finding a Sense of Purpose in the Philippines

    As like many here i am retired, we travel around a lot as the wife and sister want to visit as many churches as they can and i get to try different kinds of coffee and goodies from each place. Such as peanut brittle from various markets. And different coffees, and it gets the wife out of the Home and stops her washing clothes. And compared to the UK i am much happier here
  10. In parts of Los Banos the Municipality have a no parking ban ! And they have mobile patrols to enforce the ban not sure of the actual fine so many rumours. Problem is though any bit of flat empty offroad space suddenly has tricycles and cars Parking on it regardless of whose land it is, still the road is now clear, any other places have parking bans ?
  11. Severn years today

    Your a lucky guy like me 15yrs ago my angel flew into Heathrow on a Jumbo jet ! Well she was aged 51 and her wings were a bit rusty. She was and still is my angel i love her very much.
  12. Looking through rose tinted glasses

    Just to add where we live we are surrounded by cousins and there is a lot of jealous And all around us there is poverty and families living in wooden shacks with dirt floors And we often get asked for money which we often give . When we retired we added a car port and large security gates mywife was soon told Some are saying we were showing off ! Since then we have built our home bought a bayo kubo, then bought a urvan Which we later sold to a brother and we then bought a new car ! We have been improving things even today we have a builder laying floor tiles in an extension which we rent to a student the garden which i call the jungle is full of flowers and a small orchid house. Fo me its all about keeping the little woman happy and seeing her smile.
  13. safe way to carry funds

    I still have a Nationwide bank account in the UK as one of my pensions is only £50.00 a month and the company wont send it to the Philippines, i normally let it build up to £200.00 then withdraw it using my Nationwide debit card charges are £2.50 for int withdrawls. Like others have mentioned have a old wallet for the robbers and a money bag around your waist although i have been told the robbers know us rich Kanos do this, which is why if we do need large amounts of cash we always use the brother as our driver and we split the money between us. And yes there are a lot of places that do not take credit cards or debit cards, my advice is if you have to use a ATM m/c then look for a savemore store or Mercury drug stores these are everywhere or SM where the ATM is in view of the security guards.
  14. Looking through rose tinted glasses

    A late brother was in the police so we knew all the ins and outs of how the police work her And he said when we finally arrive here full time his advice was to live as though everybody else regards us as rich and always think that everybody wants what you have ! Which is why one of the first things we did was to have heavy duty folding gates fitted to the front of the compound and a high sea wall at the back which we raised by another 3 feet later. No vaulables are kept downstairs and all of the wifes jewellry is kept upstairs in a safe We never let anybody upstairs that we do not know and most visitors are entertained in our bayo kubo we now have a 24 hour recording CCTV one camera facing the front gate and the road, a second camera facing the walkway between the 3 homes, and the third camera facing the back garden and the sea wall. We also have 3 dogs who freely roam in and out of our home and the sisters our own dog is called Arnie as he is big and he thinks the world of the wife everywhere she goes so does he .my daily watch is a 16yr old seiko i have others which i only wear on special occassions. Overall i feel safe living here
  15. A great honor!

    I love Jollibee have been well trained since arriving here, i normally have a yum burger,fries,sarsi And I order a champ takeaway which is ready by the time we have eaten great for quick microwave meal later. I hate drumsticks ! But where we live is a place called Ellens where we buy chicken breasts or fish The chicken breasts are nearly always 99% meat and the fish is very good we often eat there , so for the 2 of us 2 meals and a bottle of soda it costs 135 pesos.