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  1. Time and the Filipino.

    Being retired time is something i need not worry about. But then again being married to a Filipino time is very important As i need time to listen to the wife and her sister chattering away every evening and weekend While im drinking my san mig lights.
  2. Busses, Jeepneys, Tricyclcle,..Oh My

    Our car expenses for Feb inc trips to Divisoria,SM STA Rosa 4 times , inc driver,meals toll fees etc and fuel Was 4300 pesos. We like eating out and trying new places, and i hate travelling in Jeepneys ! For most i need a crash helmet getting in and out of them ! For me the Distance we travel in Jeepneys For me is walking distance ! But its anti Filipino to walk😀 We use the brothers tricycle for local trips and we pay him 150 php and feed him depending aon where we have to go.
  3. I thought Rats and Mice were anti-social?

    We have had an ongoing problem with rats getting into the Kitchen and the loft. The Kitchen i can understand as the doors are open all day We even had one that got into the tumble dryer and chewed the Filter to Shreds. But the one in the loft was the biggest problem, our odd job guy went up there and couldnt find where they were getting in but he found that they had almost chewed through the phone and internet cable ! He later found they had been getting in by a gap under the guttering which he sorted so we thoughso we bought some bait ! But the bait worked as we found a dead rat on the roof of our extension just below the guttering. So far no sounds of the scurrying feet in the loft ! Or guy is back again this weds to check the loft again and to do some tree cutting And also some more building work.
  4. The other half

    Moved in 2011 we live at the back of the family compound we live in our own home which we built, the wifes sister lives in her own small house. The Family home has remained empty since the mother died 2 years ago. And we are slowly repairing it bit by bit , replacing window frames etc And changing switches and sockets etc. The wifes family ( Brother lives in Legazpi ) along with 2 sisters in law. Another brother lives down the road, and another brother lives in the town. In our road as we stand outside our main gate across the road is a cousin, next door is a second cousin Across the road to the right is an Aunt, and a little further down is another cousin and yes there are lots of parties they all respect me and there has been no problems most of them work for themselves or work for the Government in some way, so its rare we get asked for money.
  5. Shopping and more shopping

    My wife and her sister when they go shopping espec when its for clothes Me and the brother leave them to it in the mall until they txt us, we will normally go to Starbucks or similar, because with tbe wife and sister this is the norm. They will go into the shop pick up a few things look them over ,if not happy They will go to other stores, with the end result being they will go back To the first shop they went in and buy the first item they picked up !
  6. Am I considered a senior in the Philippines?

    Im 71yrs old and the looks i get when we ride a jeepney and the wife says 2 seniors ! In our local Robinsons we are well known by the staff and the security guys, and my wife insists on going to the front of the tills as she is a senior, which embarresses me ! The thing is though the security guys wave us through to the front of the tills. Cant argue with that !
  7. Divisoria Manila

    Went to Divisoria today left home 5am arrived at 7.15am. Breakfast at Mcds then went to buy some Curtains, and some foam cut to size To make new cushions ( both the little womans idea ! ) got myself a large rechargeable torch And a "cheap Casio G Shock Watch 😊) Torch cost 200 pesos and the watch 490 pesos. Both work fine. But what a place ! Everything is for sale there almost ! Came away with bags of fresh fruit and Hopia But the people ! Its like going to a chelsea football game ! But a great morning !
  8. Foton Pickup?

    Foton is trucks is a joint venture Mercedes thats what the bro in law was told When he bought a new Foton mini bus in Legazpi. Foton itself is a chinese state owned company
  9. Postal Service

    Im sure LBC would do a deal with you or Air21 espec if they were your only delivery service here in the Philippines.
  10. Not Microsoft office.

    I use apache open office its free its great for spreadsheets and documents and you can download many templates.
  11. The Old Lady Who Makes Bets

    Brilliant !🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  12. Price comparison public markets

    My wife goes to the local market 2-3 times a week mainly for fish and vegtables and eggs and brown rice for the dogs ( mixed with liver or pork ) She always goes to the same vendors . And she buys me my favourite Biblinka cakes there as well. For me however since having the funny belly probs when we first arrived in 2011 My food as she calls it are beefburgers, either from S&R or the cdo pack of 4 Or from robinsons which always sell out, and purefoods hotdogs with Angus. She makes me sheperds pies , and we buy cordon bleu from a local caterer And i eat a lot of chicken. I never eat food from the roadside places.
  13. A question for 13a Visa Holders,Annual reporting 2018

    Update went back to Santa Rosa BI office on weds arrived there 08.10, lots of parking places . Into the office at 08.20, everything done by 08.30 ! I was a happy bunny ! Went to McDs Calamba and had a Egg Mcmuffin ! Then later in the eve a wedding anniversary lunch at King Bees in Nuvali ! Not ours the brothers Oh what a great day !
  14. Expats in SM Santa Rosa

    Changed my mind now, if i see them i will just carry on.
  15. Expats in SM Santa Rosa

    As i said they were sitting in a coffee shop under the escalators , would be very hard to look up skirts unless they had glasses on that could see through metal. And they were sitting facing away from the Escalators My point for asking was i was interested to know if they were members of this forum so i could introduce myself to them and buy them a coffee while the wife Explores the clothes shops,no other motive some here seem to think